The Best Upcoming SCIENCE-FICTION Movies 2021 (Trailers)

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Included in this compilation are:
00:00 The Best Upcoming Science-Fiction Movies 2021
00:03 Infinite
02:06 The Tomorrow War
04:37 Occupation: Rainfall
06:28 Reminiscence
09:08 Eternals
11:10 Dune
14:07 Tides
16:13 Free Guy
18:31 Ghostbusters 3: Afterlife
20:52 Venom 2: Let There Be Carnage
23:17 Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins
24:13 Black Widow
26:05 Morbius
28:38 Shang-Chi And The Legend of The Ten Rings
30:36 The Suicide Squad
33:20 Old

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11 Haz 2021




Yük bağlantısı.....


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GazSChad 4 gün önce
Looks like Snake eyes is Asian now, after nearly 40 years of being Caucasian. Oh, and more movies pushing climate hysteria. Awesome.
VK TV 5 gün önce
XCOM 3? Isn't you? (Occupation: Rainfall)
Jack Flank
Jack Flank 8 gün önce
The last one had some original thought...the others...more hero movies? Really?
José Roberto Hegendorne
a va tomar no cu............. o cara pulou de moto na asa de um avião em movimento pera aeeeeeeeeee um avião daquele pra ter um minimo de sustentação tem que estar pelo menos 290 km por hora
JustAnotherPaddy 10 gün önce
It’s all so tedious. Deliver me from this empty idea free copy machine. Deliver me from Marvel. Deliver me from The Rock and a half dozen roided washed up wrestlers. Deliver me from Tom Cruise. Deliver me from the Batman and deliver me from Ryan Reynolds endless snark. Let it all just die.
Wicked Games
Wicked Games 13 gün önce
I can show u how to play all this now on your fire stick..post..as of 3 days ago watched black widow
RICHARD HART 14 gün önce
... and the Razzie goes to ... Infinite!
Thomas W.glasgow
Thomas W.glasgow 17 gün önce
ah wish D C would make a metal men movie ah read them 45/50 Yrs ago , they seem ti vanish from time ti time but it would be cool ti see a movie o them after aw that time , aye !
Last Word
Last Word 18 gün önce
they need to separate superhero movies from the science fiction genre. Its annoying.
Morty Sanchez
Morty Sanchez 20 gün önce
I miss the old previews. In a world... Instead we get somber versions of recognizable songs starting and pausing over explody drums.
SK4M 23 gün önce
What's the Thumbnail from??
Barbara Lynn Joy
Barbara Lynn Joy 23 gün önce
Marvel just needs to quit or take a break until they can come out with something decent
Dani Mandu
Dani Mandu 24 gün önce
Look good very...interesting,. They all need like more heavy rock music in the trailers and movies tho. It missing. Ten times better if I just have it on repeat and listen to Metallica and Delta Parole as background music. Banger
john smith
john smith 25 gün önce
this seems excruciating imo
Damond S
Damond S 25 gün önce
Eternals? I hope they don't die. Lmao
blazingshadow 25 gün önce
the kid is going to grow up when he is supposed to be eternally a kid
Muppet Lansing
Muppet Lansing 25 gün önce
Just give me Dune. You can keep the 1000 Marvel movies......
Matthew Pappalardo
Matthew Pappalardo 28 gün önce
Upcoming.....sure. we have seen these 2 yrs ago
Ali Ibrahim
Ali Ibrahim 28 gün önce
I hear my crush likes Sci-fi movies so ima just watch all of em lol
Ali Ibrahim
Ali Ibrahim 20 gün önce
@Morty Sanchez Fuck- Well that explains how she's always pretty
Morty Sanchez
Morty Sanchez 20 gün önce
Sci fi twist: your crush is an alien.
Eric Moore
Eric Moore 28 gün önce
Looks like M. Night Shyamalan might have done it again.
Eric Moore
Eric Moore 28 gün önce
Watched the Tomorrow War on Amazon, good movie done like movies should be.
daris taufiq
daris taufiq 27 gün önce
it was unexepectedly good.. i enjoyed the dialogue lines. and the alien design is certainly good and the way they revealed is the best... came with zero expectation but came out two thumbs up
Chris Rie
Chris Rie 29 gün önce
"How many Marvel movies can we make?" "Yes."
Clavk 25 gün önce
spidy man
spidy man 27 gün önce
András Pendl
András Pendl 29 gün önce
0:07 ??????????
Rabbid Grizzly
Rabbid Grizzly Aylar önce
Cannot help but notice all the alien movies coming out designed to show every and any possibility where we make contact is violent serious programing lol
Hugh Acosta
Hugh Acosta 17 gün önce
Why would any intelligent life want to make peaceful contact with humans? Look at the state of humanity and and how we treat each other, much less how we would treat aliens...
Zedekiah The Meta-Sage
man these comments lmfao.
Real Person
Real Person Aylar önce
All the Marvel stuff looks pretty good. Ghostbusters looks halfway decent. Venom 2 looks Pretty good as well, and yes, i don’t count it as a marvel movie because it’s Sony.
rodeo Aylar önce
EZ win when u have starlord
richard arthur
richard arthur Aylar önce
Hears to hoping Dune comes out and is worth watching not like the last one.
Del Lawrence
Del Lawrence Aylar önce
Mostly rubbish, I remember when we had Sci Fi films like Alien and Terminator, both have now been prequelled, sequelled and CGI'd into oblivion to fit in with dross like this.
Brandon Manivanh
Brandon Manivanh Aylar önce
Mark got a big nose
Agni Nox
Agni Nox Aylar önce
The Tomorrow War. Instead of using time travel mechanics to prepare better in the past, let's take people from the past to fight in the future. Will this solve the issue in the past? Will our protagonist do an Alabama? Does the very premise of the movie create glaring plot holes? Find out in, The Tomorrow War!
Methodius 29 gün önce
Well it did make sense somewhat. They just needed cannon fodder to buy them a time to create biological weapon which they planed to send back in time anyway.
Romeo Hess
Romeo Hess Aylar önce
The succinct guitar totally stitch because cake embryologically tremble throughout a sweltering silver. alleged, vivacious turkey
JuiceBox Aylar önce
What drug are you on, and can I have some?
David H.
David H. Aylar önce
This is eighther Hero movies or Horror .... WHY -.- its so boring -.- where are the detective thrillers like classic Bladerunner ... Horror like Alien .... -.- why has everything become so mondaen -.-
maddogkilla1 Aylar önce
I swear I always watch these movie trailer compilations but I feel like the majority of the movies never get released
Michael Heider
Michael Heider Aylar önce
Looks like good films - most of them worth going to the theater for. AMC should be happy
JustAnotherPaddy 10 gün önce
I see you are a man of refinement and exceedingly high expectations.
Kevin Marsh
Kevin Marsh Aylar önce
I find around 89 percent of all movies nowadays are woke shit really miss the 1980s and 1990s
Kevin Marsh
Kevin Marsh Aylar önce
I just find the company's like Disney pander to the left in order to politicize all media there's a big difference between what TV 📺show spots and films are like now compared to fifteen years ago but by doing this there trying to change the narrative that most people are used to in the 1980s and 1990s movies and sports and TV 📺shows had a much different masculinity and it gets negative responses everytime
Bruno R.2
Bruno R.2 Aylar önce
@Kevin Marsh but what do you mean by woke?
Kevin Marsh
Kevin Marsh Aylar önce
Star wars woke shit star trek shit back widow dune going to be garbage 🗑every live action Disney film woke shit terminator dark fate the next predator movie just to name a few
Greg Testa
Greg Testa Aylar önce
maybe the ones you watch
Bruno R.2
Bruno R.2 Aylar önce
woke shit?what do you mean?
fox23vaj Aylar önce
Old is the only film in excited about, the only original nonrecycled garbage scripts of the lot.
JSQ Games
JSQ Games Aylar önce
Muito bom esse filme
MrBeans Aylar önce
I cannot wait for Carnage!!! And an ACTUAL Ghost Busters Movie!
Danboi Aylar önce
I wonder how Stan Lee would feel about the recent Marvel creations.. Namely Wandervision and Loki...? Personally, I'm 💔
Norman Readdis
Norman Readdis Aylar önce
he's basically rolling in his grave
FR8G Aylar önce
ok bro
Danboi Aylar önce
Anyone else notice Hugh Jackman pull the old "wolverine" battle pose at the sinking piano? 😂
Danboi Aylar önce
Why do we always portray aliens as bipedal mammalian like, Lazer gun wielding, invading by force primitive like destructive warrior bs.. And traveling the universe in chunks of matter? (ships)? By the time you cld do that, you hopefully wouldn't have to. If I could do anything within the confines of our universe's physic, I'd be converted to a conscious, energy based thingamajigg configured into streamable photon based data wave/particle stuff and move across the universe at speed of light, or (if) by "spooky action at a distance" and be infinitely replicable spreading to every inch of the uni..multiverse..or Bubble? Bubbles? Then outside the bubble of bubbles? Or, outside that.. To feel what it's like to be a universe all at once.. What would a supernova would feel like 🎉🥰... 🤯 Where's my shrooms?
Prander5x5 Aylar önce
You think Marky Mark would have had his fill of being the baffled white man from the Transformer movies.
Arf Bark
Arf Bark Aylar önce
I might watch the Ghostbuster one just 'cause it looks like it gives a middle-finger to the reboot.
Bernard Perry
Bernard Perry Aylar önce
These movies suck.
Chief teef teef returns
Of course in the tomorrow war the leader is a sista, and more brothas for the sake of diversity again…
Zunairah Jani
Zunairah Jani Aylar önce
Anything with Mark Wahlberg in it is always garbage.
Tanya Loves Titties
There is only one genre in films now. Action Fantasy.
Norman Readdis
Norman Readdis Aylar önce
not really, are you forgetting musicals lpl
James Stevens
James Stevens Aylar önce
So true! I think I might have seen one, maybe two trailers for actual sci-fi movies, but the rest? Just as you say - action fantasy, a.k.a. superhero movies.
Janus Kaminsky
Janus Kaminsky Aylar önce
BORING, BORING, BORING....REMAKES, PREQUELS, SEQUELS AND THE SAME SHITTY MARVEL SERIES. NOTHING NEW OR ORIGINAL. The sad part is that a lot of idiots buy the tickets for these....the only thing looks interesting is the last one "Old"
MattGarZero Aylar önce
Didn't the ryan reynolds one come out a few years ago?
wayne h
wayne h Aylar önce
I wish they would keep the characters as we have known them from the comics. If they were portrayed in a particular way keep it like that
mudbutton2 Aylar önce
Do we even still have cinemas??
Ponto Âncora Marketing Digital
Yes, of course
matthew mullin
matthew mullin Aylar önce
Reminiscence is what you get if someone gave Hollywood a 100 million dollars to remake the Black Mirror episode "The Entire History of You."
Neil Landscape
Neil Landscape Aylar önce
F these adds, not waiting three min to watch channel.
Tokaji Leo
Tokaji Leo Aylar önce
these are the best? come on... these are "fi", no sci-fi. all crap
ZAQSetGo Aylar önce
venom 2 , snake eyes, free guy, sucide squad, chang chi and ofcourse morbius(aka new batman) what i am waiting the most rest of all the movies are time travel
super nice
super nice Aylar önce
@t 💖💖🤣🤣🤣
ParrotPop Aylar önce
I love that both the stark boys are in marvel now X3
Nick Papa
Nick Papa Aylar önce
Marvel - skip; Marvel - skip; Marvel - skip; Marvel - skip; Yawn.
SWN DarkHelmet
SWN DarkHelmet Aylar önce
yo! Its boba fett!
J. Mont
J. Mont Aylar önce
You've transcended the known laws of space and time when you discovered time travel and all you can think after is bringing in bums from the future to fight.
Elite Gaming
Elite Gaming Gün önce
@Kuroko According to your first sentence it seems you haven't seen the movie, since your first sentence is half correct/wrong.
Kuroko Aylar önce
now that i think about it.. If the aliens in the movie came down to earth like Quiet Place then isnt that kinda not uh.. preventable and da lady said that about humanity was or is gonna be wiped out soo does that mean that the soldier in the future are like almost 0 to none and that they needed people from the past to yup Fight. (i guess)
MrBeans Aylar önce
lol ikr...
David Vander Ven
David Vander Ven Aylar önce
Mortal engines level of concept thinking, lol.
TheBlueStig Aylar önce
*_"It takes 10,000 hours to master a skill."_* Less.
TheBlueStig Aylar önce
@Allen Lake Plane flying 200mph left to right, bike with top speed of 140 only going about 80 and landing straight on the wing. There's only 2 outcomes here.....either he gets thrown off the wing instantly or the impact of the bike BREAKS THE WING TIP OFF because it was never designed to have 600 pounds land on it at 80mph. Physics. Proving the vast majority of movie stunts to be completely impossible for more than 75 years.
Allen Lake
Allen Lake Aylar önce
@TheBlueStig no way man. It was right there in the trailer. That’s why they said 10,000 hours. I wonder how he practiced it though? Probably owns an airplane I bet, and a parachute
TheBlueStig Aylar önce
@Allen Lake Physics proves that stunt to be impossible. The speed of the plane and the angle of the bike landing means he would have been thrown off the wing instantly.
Allen Lake
Allen Lake Aylar önce
Cmon bro, you think YOU could drive a motorbike onto a flying plane wing? He was lucky to master that in 10,000 hours tbh
Crypto Papi
Crypto Papi Aylar önce
Infinite == Hancock
Jonathan Jacquet
Jonathan Jacquet Aylar önce
"Mom can we have Assassin's Creed?" "We have Assassin's Creed at home." Assassin's Creed at home: Infinite
Nicklas Berg
Nicklas Berg Aylar önce
wow first they make ghost busters female edition,. and now with kids?? jebus ideas has gone low xD
Abu Alam
Abu Alam Aylar önce
The lowly flavor extracellularly bubble because sailboat bacteriologically request in a cooperative scissors. helpful, stale vein
Lorden Miller
Lorden Miller Aylar önce
I think I'm done about 19 seconds in, "Do you find yourself drawn to places you've never been?" Oh you mean like every person ever? Generic ass Markie Mark in Assassin's Creed but with a different name because we don't have the rights and the last Assassin's Creed bombed.
Vincent Gonzalez
Vincent Gonzalez Aylar önce
You could sell petrol that way
Okk Aylar önce
🤣🤣🤣 that vampire one looks sick hope it's rated R though
Lorden Miller
Lorden Miller Aylar önce
O ya, too many sorcerers or some junk on top of all that, thumbs way down.
thrashingpanic Aylar önce
"Well, I can't say Ghostbusters with women went very well. Let's do another one with kids then!"
Jao Romero
Jao Romero 18 gün önce
I think this one's better written. Just a hunch.
Morty Sanchez
Morty Sanchez 20 gün önce
Ghost Busters need penises to catch ghosts. I guess we will find out if they also need public hair.
Norman Readdis
Norman Readdis Aylar önce
let's just redo stranger things, backlash is non existent if there's kids involved
Vincent Gonzalez
Vincent Gonzalez Aylar önce
How can we make it look like we're doing something then? Someone might catch on!
Tentacles Aylar önce
So... the new Suicide Squad is basically Escape from New York. Nice plagiarism. Will still watch if it's fun, sure looks a lot better than the first.
Norman Readdis
Norman Readdis Aylar önce
J.J bruh
Helmut Aylar önce
Free Guy, i hope it will be good.
Kyle Lullo
Kyle Lullo Aylar önce
I'm still wondering what that monster is that's on the cover of the video...
Greg Testa
Greg Testa Aylar önce
David P
David P Aylar önce
Snake eyes was an American soldier
Garellel Gruten Zylos
Nah Old is ganna be crazy
Avery Christy
Avery Christy Aylar önce
Reminiscence: "In a world partly drowned by rising sea levels, Hugh Jackman must solve crimes and keep his socks dry..."
SayMyNam3 29 gün önce
you're stealing honest trailers dude job xD
iW34Rglasses00 Aylar önce
1 mark Wahlberg must save the world. I've never seen that before good on you guys. I happen to like reincarnation stories tho so maybe. 2 I cant even stand to watch this trailer anymore. It doesnt make sense it wont makes sense fuck this I'm not watching it. Can we boycott this movie so these fucks in Hollywood will actually try to right a story that makes sense. 3 reskin of Independence Day which shouldnt be bad but it probably will be. 4 seems familiar cant place it but I am intrigued 5 marvel is digging up everything they can find at this point. Didnt look terrible is the best compliment I can give it. 6 unlikable and uninteresting but Bautista is in it so... 7 give me a break with this shit already if I have to see another post apocalyptic crap shoot I'm going to thanos the shit out of the universe. 8 Ryan Reynolds enough said. Lol 9 ghostbusters seriously well cant be as bad as you know what. 10 venom sequel ok I see you carnage 11 let's just give everyone an orgin story so I can stop seeing them but I love snake eyes 12 scar jo being a badass in yet another marvel movie. Just kill me now Disney. 13 fuck you disney looked alright sadly 14 if they have good choreography I'm excited plus Awkwafina 15 dont be shit dont be shit dont be shit dont be shit. I mean you cant fuck up twice in a row. 16 what a mind fuck m night trying to revive his career with this one. He probably wont but looks like its gonna be a nice try. Better not be a monster or some shit I know a twist is coming dont make it suck.
Милен Кацев
Just Garbadge movies .......
Alukard TheDeathknight
Oh hey The God of Gaming has returned after getting it's ass kicked by two siblings
Sydney Smith
Sydney Smith Aylar önce
Hollywood, you must be out of your mind if you think I'll pay to see any of these. Go back to the drawing-board.
Laurelion o' Thaliondor
- The human speces will desappear from the faces of the heart - And this is will be bad why?
Ironfangzu Aylar önce
Most of these movies actually look decent and I am interested in seeing them. Except Morbius. We all know that Morbius will always be pushed back year after year, season after season. it will NEVER be released anywhere, and no one will see it, haha
Drago Musevini
Drago Musevini Aylar önce
Kind of like a movie I wanted to see called Seeking Closure.
Richard Calalang
Richard Calalang Aylar önce
M night shamalamading dong sucks.
Scott T
Scott T Aylar önce
If ANYONE else besides Mark Wahlberg (or is it Donnie? Don't care) was in Infinite I would watch it.
brian martinico
brian martinico Aylar önce
Is every new film made for a 10 year old?
brian martinico
brian martinico Aylar önce
@thrashingpanic it’s not a question, it’s a statement. It’s like, exasperation, eye roll, throwing ones hands in the air.
thrashingpanic Aylar önce
Yes, why are you asking?
CodeName PizzaJr
CodeName PizzaJr Aylar önce
John snow and Theon Greyjoy
Community Board Shop
alot of these movies look so dumb... like a waste of time... don't even know how they come up with this garbage
Jerzy Bondarewicz
Jerzy Bondarewicz Aylar önce
Eternals look like haloween at UN .. wtf?
Rubber Finger
Rubber Finger Aylar önce
Marvel studios is now all about feminisme and Asians
Tommy Egan
Tommy Egan Aylar önce
So glad disney doesnt own DC Comics
Norman Readdis
Norman Readdis Aylar önce
they're planning to
Tommy Egan
Tommy Egan Aylar önce
Marvel sure has been busy
Tommy Egan
Tommy Egan Aylar önce
Why did ghostbussters afterlife say summer 2020? Have they been sitting on it this whole last year? Damn covid.
TMS Calendar
TMS Calendar Aylar önce
it's been done, I saw this trailer in the theaters in 2019
Fonz De Vries
Fonz De Vries Aylar önce
A lot of movies made during covid Lockdowns, curfew, social distancing "Rules for thee"
Helmut Aylar önce
Even if they canceled it, it's no pity.
Edzhjus Aylar önce
0:41 10'000 hours = 416,66 days 🙄 2:30 10-20-30 years to prepare? 😏 5:44 😉🥋 7:19 That is why most Earthlings live in past 😪 9:30 ✈ 12:03 Why is it always about ruling? 😐 14:36 Was or is? 🤔 16:52 Matrix or C.S.I. 😎 17:40 Ruin it? No! Change it? Yes! 😂🤣 18:23 Anyone can die but not everyone can live 🙃 23:03 What deal? 😰 24:50 Maybe 🕵 31:47 How to neutralize that explosive device? 🤕
Eric Freegoh
Eric Freegoh Aylar önce
Rocksteady Aylar önce
Meh. They don't make them like they used to.
Super Muis
Super Muis Aylar önce
Tomorrow war is so stuped!
Matthew Harris-Levesque
AUDIO BALANCING is the primary problem with all these compilation videos. PLEASE TRY AND FIX THE HIGHS AND LOWS.
Dropkick Aylar önce
Infinite is Marky mark worst film that and Max Steel
Martin Prehjan
Martin Prehjan Aylar önce
The Tomorrow war: another CGI soup!!! When will these directors learn that more is not always better! ...adn M light shama'la'ma'la'ma'naman'am, no idea what he's up to, he has been shooting blanks as far as movies are concerned! Time to find a new director with funky names!
Ironfangzu Aylar önce
You stop! M might shama'lamama'bama'lamamalam is a good director!! Look how good Sixth Sense was! Ok, the next one was not as good, the one after that got worse, and they all went steadily downhill until he's a joke. But you gotta admit, his name is still cool!!
Erik Zeitler
Erik Zeitler Aylar önce
Apparently you don't know what Science-Fiction means since you also put action, horror and comidies in here.
Ben Wilson
Ben Wilson Aylar önce
and some of these movies came out last year
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