The Best NEW Science-Fiction Movies (Trailers)

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Included in this compilation are
00:00 The Best NEW Science-Fiction Movies 2021 (Trailers)
00:03 Skylin3s
02:01 2067
03:49 Occupation: Rainfall
05:18 Reminiscence
07:57 Infinite
10:24 The Tomorrow War
12:48 Venom 2: Let There Be Carnage
15:10 Superdeep
16:47 Monster Hunter
18:57 Palm Springs
21:32 Godzilla vs Kong
23:50 Morbius
26:24 Sputnik
28:20 Ghostbusters: Afterlife
30:40 Ascendant
32:26 Underwater
34:39 Space Jam 2: A New Legacy
36:57 The Suicide Squad
39:16 Archive
41:08 Tenet
43:52 Vivarium
45:19 Black Widow
47:11 Attraction 2: Invasion
48:47 Bloodshot
51:07 Songbird
53:48 Max Cloud
55:48 Bill & Ted Face the Music
58:01 Color out of Space
01:00:10 The Colony

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13 Ağu 2021




Yük bağlantısı.....


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TopGames 4 gün önce
What the f is SF in Palm springs?????????????????
Julian Kirrin
Julian Kirrin 7 gün önce
Infinite was the biggest pile of steaming garbage ever. Pity, the premise has potential, but it was just so crappy.
Gabriele Charlebois
Gabriele Charlebois 15 gün önce
My God , just apocalyptic movies ,I 'm so tired of this BS so called entertainment.
Gerry Bird
Gerry Bird 20 gün önce
There better be a reason why we don't have air superiority in "Tomorrow Wars". They can't fly right?
pa uhan
pa uhan 22 gün önce
Minta bantuwax ya???
Bill Buyers
Bill Buyers 24 gün önce
ScFi truly is fantasy in the sense that idiotic selfish humans could ever survive without an easy environment to live in.
Daniel Avila Freaza
Daniel Avila Freaza 24 gün önce
The Best NEW Science-Fiction Movies????
Light Theory LLC
Light Theory LLC 24 gün önce
Time stamp 0:32 seconds.. Chic wit a Dick.. or Female looking man basically.. Pause video and see said trig and berry bulge on women in stretchy dark grey pants..
Ottakring 1963
Ottakring 1963 25 gün önce
i would call it repeat the repeats and repeat this one just with less acting and mor CGI animation and explosions
Edison Lima
Edison Lima 25 gün önce
Ok, so 2067 has blown up the plot twist that the protagonist can't save his time, that every other character is already dead and that he is actually there to try saving the future and restarting humanity in the trailer, huh? I would call it a bold move, if it wasn't so dumb.
Coyote9Tnine 25 gün önce
that first trailer... aliens rip off
lazzy gamer
lazzy gamer 29 gün önce
Few good movies and lots of 💩, looking forward to see Venom 2 and Morbius
Vincent Thorn
Vincent Thorn Aylar önce
For those stupids who STILL didn't realize: instead of your stupid logo, you could put NAME OF THE MOVIE! (which stays all the trailer)
Imm8rtal Thanos
Imm8rtal Thanos Aylar önce
gotta admit Lindsey Morgan is hot
thomas he
thomas he Aylar önce
Nice movie
Ninja ni funny abra's vlog
Beast Aylar önce
What is the movie in the thumbnail
Charles Forbin
Charles Forbin Aylar önce
Andrew Munro
Andrew Munro Aylar önce
Already saw skylin3s so I’m thinking this list may be a little outta date lol
moccachino Aylar önce
Samoyed Aylar önce
Fantasy is not SCI-FI. F...k Marvel and DC!
croissis Aylar önce
im sorry for laughing but the superdeep is the most gen z title ive ever seen in my life xD
Moss Ryder's Polywog
Hmmm. I was gonna say genX.
darknessurrunding Aylar önce
Vivarium übelster krankhafter mind fuck Warum hab ich mir das gegeben fuck nooo
Anon Itachi
Anon Itachi Aylar önce
2021 - More egotistical, sexist, divisive, man-hating, Hollywood tripe.
Woo Forever
Woo Forever Aylar önce
Woo Forever
Woo Forever Aylar önce
Micheal Bay is the best producer ever lived! I want to see all his movies 🍿! Dude is the god of movies
FR- TigerHiss
FR- TigerHiss 29 gün önce
@lazzy gamer Difficult to be heard and understood by a ten year old... 🤣
lazzy gamer
lazzy gamer 29 gün önce
Lmao, erase your comment man, people laughing hard on it 🤣
FR- TigerHiss
FR- TigerHiss Aylar önce
@Sté So right! You feel like you're suffocating under an overload of stupid SFX that serve absolutely no scenario whatsoever when you sit and watch one of Bay's movies... It's that bad!
Sté Aylar önce
He is. When you're ten years old.
Francival Santos
Francival Santos Aylar önce
xpectatives and desires about movies , works like prays, any time this energy will form and materilizes all these creatures, but not from others planets, but yes created by the onw humans minds working together for it. Year after year, decade after decade, human idiots are modeling these creatures within the planet itself, and one day they will emerge endowed with all the powers and abilities that humans themselves conceived for them. what idiots is the human race.
John Brow
John Brow Aylar önce
Crapcrapcrap. & some more CGI crap.
m Stuerke
m Stuerke Aylar önce
Ekantika Ekroop
Ekantika Ekroop Aylar önce
The likeable bronze wailly flower because apology postnatally wait around a easy body. pricey, languid basement
Morena Blight Hlatshwayo
Aaaaah..gone are those days when science fiction...was about Science....fiction... Not CGI
Marcel Melchers
Marcel Melchers Aylar önce
A lot of times you need CGI to get the image you need, you couldn't do movies like Arrival otherwise but I miss the thoughtful ones like the one I watched yesterday : Kubrick's A.I. All those lame 'action' ones that are just about shooting up the monstrous alien are so boring and predictable. I hope Dune and/or Foundation will save 2021. (Denis Villeneuve is so good with setting the mood)
ovidiu bugariu
ovidiu bugariu Aylar önce
Did someone notice that all the SF movies seems to prepare us for something what will come?
Dark Nyte
Dark Nyte 2 aylar önce
Great apes can't swim. As a result, zoos have to think twice about using water-filled moats around their compounds because they could easily drown.
Suman Das
Suman Das 2 aylar önce
Wow ♥️nice 👌🏻
Grant Andrew
Grant Andrew 2 aylar önce
Any title to attract viewers
Kris Aylar önce
Yup and it seems to succeed too. *facepalm*
Grant Andrew
Grant Andrew 2 aylar önce
Venom is definitely not science fiction
Rajani Isa
Rajani Isa Aylar önce
Venom is a symbiotic alien creature that landed on earth. It's science fiction even if set in a "modern day" equivalent universe that also has magic.
420Effect 2 aylar önce
So how is Palm Springs a scifi movie and why r u posting trailers from movies that came out and everybody saw months ago? Lol
xxtiaan 2 aylar önce
lol new? Ive already seen half of these...
Tannisha Cooking Studio
Movie name?
Anurag Sinha
Anurag Sinha 2 aylar önce
Vivarium ? Bro that movie was released 2 years ago. How that comes under new ?
Anurag Sinha
Anurag Sinha 2 aylar önce
90% movies are old and are rated below 5 on IMDB.
nikos An
nikos An 2 aylar önce
Ben 10 new teaser trailer bro?
Green Wolf
Green Wolf 2 aylar önce
Most of these have released ages ago, not sure why you would tag it as new or best. Some of these movies are just a waste of your time.
Lexxel 2 aylar önce
Who else is looking for sequels 🤞🤞
Panta Rei 83
Panta Rei 83 Aylar önce
PHEO 2 aylar önce
wdym new science fiction mvie 2021? monster hunter is 2020
Wridge Fynder Libag
Wridge Fynder Libag 2 aylar önce
Why is Venom like so funny now, i mean in Venom 1, Venom was serious.
Wridge Fynder Libag
Wridge Fynder Libag 2 aylar önce
Most of them i really want to watch but well, u know COVID.
GANESH MUKANE 2 aylar önce
Tomorrow war is already realise
jaziel de la cruz
jaziel de la cruz 2 aylar önce
Why repeated other films past??? What that means for upcoming films🤣
Kris Aylar önce
Yeah for example, Tenet is a movie that was released a year ago in August 2020. We've been baited!
Mustafa S.Kadhim
Mustafa S.Kadhim 2 aylar önce
Wow so many bad shity movies
Adam V.
Adam V. 2 aylar önce
Damn...I thought The Superdeep was going to be that Short film by Oats Studios called Zygote. Even the noise sounded like it. Go take a look.
Kris Aylar önce
I liked several of those Oats Studios tryout short films so I agree with Adam V. that they're worth checking out. I'm sure there are many websites where you can see them but I got them for free on Steam and watched them with great interest. I remember at least two that I would love to have seen become a full-fledged series or at least a full-length movie but after all this time it seems that won't happen :-(
Riccoh 2 aylar önce
Can’t wait for venom 2
Blank 2 aylar önce
Me too
thealonsoul 2 aylar önce
Great stuff bro 💙😉
anfini0027 2 aylar önce
Which movie is the thumbnail from?
trevor 2 aylar önce
@anfini0027 my pleasure
anfini0027 2 aylar önce
@trevor Thanks, Trevor. You're the best, bro.
trevor 2 aylar önce
The tomorrow war
rickmb07 2 aylar önce
Stretching the meaning of the words "best", "new" and "science fiction" quite a lot, are we?
mang4 5 gün önce
This channel could be done by a bot full of bugs, same result
Happening Good
Happening Good 27 gün önce
Project rainfall is really project blue bean
Arkness Aylar önce
this whole channel is a big mess. like do they even know what they're doing? what new means? do they know what "that movie came out already" means?
Anon ymous
Anon ymous Aylar önce
@Emriys Well considering how films are consumed and made, a last year film is still quite new. Is just that people expect upcoming films or currently releasing when they hear new.
FR- TigerHiss
FR- TigerHiss Aylar önce
Agreed. That's a hellabig mess!!
kevingston 41
kevingston 41 2 aylar önce
TA Raviraja mani
TA Raviraja mani 2 aylar önce
Tomorrow war🔥🔥🔥🔥 wow good 😍😍😍😍😍
Ssiddu Siddhartha
Ssiddu Siddhartha 2 aylar önce
Astraton 2 aylar önce
New?!?!? Why are there so many old movies in it?!? And why the heck is SpaceJam 2 and Palm Springs in this trailer list?!? Anyway, even the few movies which I still don't know are not worth to pay a cinema ticket for it :( Bill and Ted3?!? Sorry, but the trailer just sucks. And the rest? WAR WAR WAR. Not one story we haven't already seen a hundred of times. Shame on Hollywood for their stupid storywriters.
Elitezer Soldier
Elitezer Soldier 2 aylar önce
That's how the new life is
SBJ CREATORS 2 aylar önce
TRICKSTERGAG 2 aylar önce
Tomorrow war 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
ഇരിട്ടി_ കാരൻ_[M K11]
RaptorCD 2 aylar önce
Sam Fisher
Sam Fisher 2 aylar önce
Hi guys
Waipin Napasin
Waipin Napasin 2 aylar önce
Review film2 comedy a
Husky Passion
Husky Passion 2 aylar önce
i don't have the same definition of 'new'
Kris Aylar önce
Yeah for example, Tenet is a movie that was released a year ago in August 2020. We've been baited!
PK For You
PK For You 2 aylar önce
This pandemic is shit
AdaKur Fireworks
AdaKur Fireworks 2 aylar önce
Ben Issa
Ben Issa 2 aylar önce
KinoCheck International
Lean back and enjoy our compilation for some of the best new & upcoming science fiction movies! Please note that the release dates shown in the trailers are not accurate anymore.
ParMax 2 aylar önce
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