The Best NEW Animation & Family Movies (Trailers)

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Top NEW Animation & Family Movies 2021 Full Trailer Compilation | Subscribe ➤ abo.yt/ki | More KinoCheck.com

Included in this compilation are
00:00 The Best NEW Animation & Family Movies 2021
00:03 Monster Family 2
01:56 Turning Red
03:40 Master
04:59 Disney's Encanto
07:01 Fireheart
09:06 Rumble
10:47 Hotel Transylvania 4: Transformania
13:08 Blush
14:02 The Addams Family 2
16:10 Ainbo: The Spirit of the Amazon
18:25 Clifford the Big Red Dog
20:24 Ron's Gone Wrong
22:42 Paw Patrol: The Movie
24:43 Space Jam 2: A New Legacy
27:01 Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway
29:21 Luca
30:42 Dreambuilders
32:42 Raya and the Last Dragon
35:04 Red Shoes and the Seven Dwarfs
37:23 Dragon Rider
39:25 Onward
41:43 Soul
44:00 Tom & Jerry
46:19 Scoob!
48:37 Artemis Fowl
50:51 Smelliville
53:02 Ghostbusters: Afterlife
55:22 Black Beauty
57:24 The Secret Garden
59:34 Monster Zone
01:01:17 My Spy
01:03:25 The One And Only Ivan

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30 Eyl 2021




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Betul 28 gün önce
The secret garden deserves a movie, im happy they did it.
DreamToon - Official Channel
Praying that everyone falls asleep quickly and has a peaceful sleep. Hope you all wake up happy and well rested 🍊😘😜
fireheart actually looks really good
Christina Allen
Christina Allen 28 gün önce
Rumble actually looks good to watch
jaziel de la cruz
Massive masterpiece of release films animation
BlockxBuddys - Kinderfilme
Really good animations sooo awesome. This all looks amazing
KD Creek
KD Creek 14 gün önce
I love them all I'm buying all of them.
- FrėšhVįńtågė -
Lets all be honest,…..we would love to be able to turn into a giant red panda
Mahe Jensen
Encanto is in the Disneyverse when you least expect it
Clifford the big red dog with dynamite as the song is just a masterpiece already😙👌
Wowwww 💓💓💓mesmerized.. All r good.. Especially master...
I recommend ya'll to watch "ron's gone wrong" its so nice😭
Check out our XXL compilation for the best new animation and family movies! Please note that most of the release dates shown in the trailers are not accurate anymore.
carol mhlanga
We need more black female superheroes. Can't wait to watch it
Pea Pea
Can't wait for the Hotel Transylvania and I really love how they design the characters in Turning Red
i donm't need reviews, i need new trailers
Chase is just batman at this point
mike daviix
Return To Zootopia | Full Fan Film
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