The Backrooms Mod in Among Us

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We add a Backrooms Mod in Among Us
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⭑ @Nicovald
⭑ @Sigils
⭑ @Henwy
⭑ @GarryBlox
⭑ @Zud
⭑ @Mitzefy
⭑ @PatP
⭑ @helloiamkate
⭑ @Biffle

Mod by : doublejump.com/

• Video Editor ► Russell

• Thumbnail Maker ► Flash

• Animator ► David

​​• Music by Ninety9 ► LivesTobu - Such Fun
Video Link: www.youtube.com/watch?v=d3Oc2...
Channel: 99l.tv/Subscribe
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1 Haz 2022




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Gundham Tanaka
Gundham Tanaka 2 aylar önce
Honestly I would love to see a mod where SSundee Uses a soundboard so the crewmates think that person is the imposter.
LionLiam 13 gün önce
@Zerø it was socks for 1
Martin Sweeney
Martin Sweeney 14 gün önce
Cat backpack 😺
Cat backpack 😺 23 gün önce
Oh wait socksfor1
Cat backpack 😺
Cat backpack 😺 23 gün önce
He’s already done that
owen unold
owen unold 25 gün önce
Ashley Robbins
Ashley Robbins Aylar önce
I would like to see an infinite Ikea mod where the crewmembers have to find an exit by doing tasks and when they do that they get hints for where to go next, the imposter would be the manager and he can do things such as spawning workers NPCs to help him, transforming crewmembers into workers to help him, make it turn nighttime, and much more, if this comes I would love to watch it
bowen voowy
bowen voowy 2 aylar önce
I think the thing that should’ve given away that fact that zud was disguised as Sigils is that he didn’t have anything above his name telling how many lives he had left.
Jacob 2 aylar önce
This is genuinely the coolest mod I've seen because of the grouping tactic. I'd love to try this out someday.
münevver doğan
münevver doğan Aylar önce
how can we even play one of those mods
Kathryn Frei
Kathryn Frei Aylar önce
These mods are so good Ssundee! I love this!
futuristic mac&cheez
futuristic mac&cheez 2 aylar önce
SUCH a cool map, props to the map and mod maker. Very good mods are coming out and the content is amazing!
Shann H.
Shann H. 2 aylar önce
darkness h
futuristic mac&cheez
futuristic mac&cheez 2 aylar önce
@BLOCKY B̶E̶A̶N̶Z̶ I don't know if you don't like his content or if the mod is just not good, but whatever it is, I enjoyed the video and enjoy his content.
Cassie 2 aylar önce
I can’t believe you are still making this many views of these, I used to watch these a few months ago, and you are still topping trending for gaming!
hello_mr.yomi66 Aylar önce
I have a sneaking suspicion you're a bot
Bobby Brewer
Bobby Brewer Aylar önce
Actually, when you are in the backrooms, you can get out by no-clipping again, but you are in the air.
Arkthunder Aylar önce
the map is great, the mode is great, the acting, not so much
Riley smiley
Riley smiley 11 gün önce
I would love to see another random roles mod
PNG_ Nicky
PNG_ Nicky 2 aylar önce
Please keep playing as both roles it’s fun to see both perspective.
Lynda Jones
Lynda Jones 2 aylar önce
Wood Creeper
Wood Creeper 2 aylar önce
yes pls keep doing that
Blank 2 aylar önce
Yess pls
Edward Loor
Edward Loor 2 aylar önce
He finally is doing this again
Jace 2 aylar önce
michelle deh
michelle deh 29 gün önce
I love the part when Kate tells Ian to say "bottle of water" and he says "Bottle water" and kills Kate😂
Your_local Id!ot AKA king of symphony
No it’s “ bOtle wAtA
FADI SABAH Aylar önce
the fact nobody at all noticed that when the imposter disguesses it doesn't show how many lives they have but if its really a crewmate it does show how many lives they actually have.
Howling Hallow
Howling Hallow 2 aylar önce
Backrooms level 0: Class 0 no entity's pretty safe. Level 0 is the most common backrooms level,you can not see other people in the level accept of the red room a room with only a chair and a table M.E.G left a folder and documents to help people escape level 0.The only way to get in to level 0 is by no-cliping through reality,the only way to escape is by no-cliping through the floors or walls or by finding a door leading to level 1.This is most of the info the public has so far of level 0.
Shadow.King_monsta 26 gün önce
At the end I noticed Sigils didn’t have the life thing above his head so I knew immediately
Danny McQuaid
Danny McQuaid 2 aylar önce
The fact that Ssundee was nice enough to ask Sigils (Zud) for info instead of escaping is definitely a good trait
Isaiah Unknown
Isaiah Unknown 5 gün önce
@Autumn Ashabraner it did not
hello_mr.yomi66 Aylar önce
@Autumn Ashabraner it's funny it got through Russell usually bleeps it out if it's there he's good at his job
Autumn Ashabraner
Autumn Ashabraner Aylar önce
@hello_mr.yomi66 it said fine
hello_mr.yomi66 Aylar önce
The fact that the f-bomb at 6:02 didn't get bleeped is crazy
münevver doğan
münevver doğan Aylar önce
true well it is kinda stupid
ShyZul Aylar önce
Has anyone noticed how his among us mods have been slowly gain more quality each bud
you can see that the “howler” disguised as someone by looking at their lives, sigils didnt have any lives above his head so i knew he was the “howler”
Railnbow Steve
Railnbow Steve Aylar önce
The entity you're playing as is called "The Bacteria", anywho, love the mod
Cristina Gomez
Cristina Gomez Aylar önce
7:58 Biffle just bursted out of himself, like an alien chest-burster
Jayden Wong
Jayden Wong 2 aylar önce
I love the fact that ssundee and the others don't realize that if the imp disguises, it doesn't show how many lives the imp has
Fantasy_Spark Aylar önce
Same, haha, also that the imposters don't leave footprints 👣
Enough! Gaming
Enough! Gaming Aylar önce
I don’t get that
Panzer 999
Panzer 999 2 aylar önce
And the sound around them still plays.
gd player lol
gd player lol 2 aylar önce
exactly what i thought
Shawn Smith
Shawn Smith 2 aylar önce
@Alexander Elderhorst ya
🔷BlueCross🔷 Aylar önce
I always knew in the future there was going to be a backrooms mod and it came true
Emily An
Emily An 2 aylar önce
Ssundee should do a soundboard with his friends when there is a next among us mod, so that when he morphs to someone he can use the soundboard
Joe_FortnitePro Aylar önce
SSundee I love your videos keep up the great work
Knightingale Aylar önce
In backrooms lore, the entity can be called a howler, but it is officially called a bacteria. It can also just be called entity or whatever I kinda don't care.
Knightingale 23 gün önce
@Mr cats battlefield Sure, but make sure you have the n word pass. Last time I saw it Carl had it.
Mr cats battlefield
Mr cats battlefield 23 gün önce
Even the n word?
Pixiestar_edits 2 aylar önce
“ I still have 16 seconds till I can make him birth himself” -SSundee
Toby Klein
Toby Klein 18 gün önce
They didn't fall through the ground they had hazmat suits on which means they're the people working in the back rooms to figure out what the back rooms is and how it exists
Y n0t
Y n0t 2 aylar önce
In the beginning ssundee’s mistake made me feel smart 😀
The Noob
The Noob Aylar önce
The entity you play as in this mod is called a Howler. And the crewmates are ASYNC Explorers.
mikoy huio
mikoy huio 2 aylar önce
I really like this mod! You should make a backrooms themed adventure map and you advance by traveling to new floors to escape the backrooms.
Disappointment_Man 21 gün önce
This entire channel is a certified bruh moment 💀
Derpyee Aylar önce
Something I noticed is that when it doesn’t show their lives up top, then they are the back rooms monster in disguise.
hello_mr.yomi66 Aylar önce
I noticed a f-bomb at 6:02
Istabraq playz
Istabraq playz Aylar önce
He never forgets to say “lets do this”
Sandman77 Aylar önce
I wish I was in this mod I love how SSundee wins evry match he plays
akbir kaur
akbir kaur Aylar önce
Not every he records each match and uploads the one he won
sChillies 2 aylar önce
Ssundee should do a soundboard with his friends when there is a next among us mod, so that when he morphs to someone he can use the soundboard
James Tran
James Tran 2 aylar önce
Now that is op op my guy
PricedRoom 2 aylar önce
It makes it less funny
Galace 2 aylar önce
And his friends must have too!
Cuttlefish_gloving 2 aylar önce
Call Me Stone
Call Me Stone 2 aylar önce
@CrystalJade ok
MikeyM AUTTP ATHDTC ATSPL (Mikey Marciniuk) 2022
I still remember the creepy Backrooms myth
Shrek saxaphon
Shrek saxaphon 2 aylar önce
Mod idea: superman imposter can use lazer eyes to kill. Also use freeze to stop players from moving. Super breath to push to the wall and kill. Minigame idea: imposter chooses spots to lazer eye and crew mates need to dodge winner gets invincibility boost for 1 min
The Noob
The Noob Aylar önce
In the backrooms, the Howler cannot see people who are standing as still as they can.
Blaze000XD Aylar önce
7:09 ssundee kills kate on her last life after saying “boh el o’ wah eh” as henwy
Glaze-eta 2 aylar önce
If you're doing more horror-related mods, then i recommend the mandela catelogue, or the walten files as good horror things.
F4tal_Err07 2 aylar önce
@Red_Reaper also they have already done a mod on that Thomas the tank engine creepypasta thing
F4tal_Err07 2 aylar önce
@Red_Reaper exactly why I want a mod of it :)
Red_Reaper 2 aylar önce
@Sayor yes
Red_Reaper 2 aylar önce
@F4tal_Err07 no it's really not unless you wanna give children PTSD
F4tal_Err07 2 aylar önce
@Red_Reaper what it's a good idea
Marlies Oremus
Marlies Oremus Aylar önce
I know you have already made one, but make number two, for celebration. Since season 4 just came out, and make all of the monsters as mods. Please! It’s such a good idea!🙏
JeffreyTheAxolotl Aylar önce
how to know the backrooms imposter when they transform: JUST LOOK IF IT SAYS HOW MANY LIVES THEY HAVE
The cold
The cold Aylar önce
Mod idea: order 66 Imposter is a Jedi who has to grab parts to build a ship if the planet Crew mates are clones who have to hunt down the Jedi Basically like the grim reaper mod you did a while back with the ten lives and the weapons. The map could be the Jedi temple or just a forested planet
William Yoder
William Yoder 19 saatler önce
I love how he does this video even though he knows Among Us died
Kelly Gentes
Kelly Gentes 2 aylar önce
What if Ssundee did a mod where it's like a coloring page, and the more tasks the crewmates do the more the page is colored, and the imposter is trying to keep the page blank, like pencil vs. eraser type think? I think that would be cool, but good work with everything you do Ssundee!
Cauti Caluka
Cauti Caluka 2 aylar önce
Brandon Aldridge
Brandon Aldridge 2 aylar önce
​@Jade Lynn qqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqq.
GorillaTagGod23 2 aylar önce
Superbakkas122 2 aylar önce
Jade Lynn
Jade Lynn 2 aylar önce
thats a really good idea
CamCP Aylar önce
I’d like to see a mod similar to this one but it’s in Level 1 and the entity is a Smiler
FuryousD 6 gün önce
this makes me think Stranger things would work well in Among Us
Pug Playz
Pug Playz Aylar önce
Military imposter : can call in air strikes go in a tank and explode groups of people and the imposter can draft people into the army so pretty much convert them
Eda Cosan
Eda Cosan Aylar önce
We need more backroom videos!!
Zane Obie
Zane Obie Aylar önce
I would love to see a Mario cart mod👍🏻
Morgan Middleton
Morgan Middleton Aylar önce
you should do survivor mod where you have to dig out before the map caves
Jennifer Lao
Jennifer Lao Aylar önce
To enter the backrooms, you must no clip out of reality. You might be able to do it by falling or climbing up stairs, you are unable to do it on purpose.
Bobbie Buckingham
Bobbie Buckingham 28 gün önce
You have a 1 in 1000 chance when walking into a dark wall
Bobbie Buckingham
Bobbie Buckingham 28 gün önce
You are
Silde Aylar önce
Lots of errors according to the backrooms but a well made mod
Grace Ruediger
Grace Ruediger 2 aylar önce
I love the videos that he shows the crewmate and imposter versions like this one. But let’s Al appreciate all ssundee does to provide entertainment for us
Quantum Tabby largo
Yes let’s Al appreciate it.
Aleksandra Palalic
Aleksandra Palalic Aylar önce
Make a jigsaw mod very good mod I like the backrooms the tactic with the group's ain't always the best and if the howler sees Where You Are it's a little harder The way I love it
Måns Sundström
Måns Sundström 2 aylar önce
The backrooms anomaly that you are playing is a bacteria that is most common in level 0 aka the tutorial level.
Maximum1.0 Aylar önce
This is something i would watch while eating toast.
Shrimpy Aylar önce
I thought of this mod just now and I would love it if you would make a tele tabby’s or a beach party mod where the imposter has different ability’s likes drown is ocean and get knocked out by a beach ball
Luke Freeman
Luke Freeman 2 aylar önce
It's been a while since he's done a crewmate round, nice to see the other perspective.
DanSquadDan 2 aylar önce
Also has been a while to see Ssundee lose the crewmate round.
Kesler Dunne
Kesler Dunne 2 aylar önce
ream900 Aylar önce
If the impostor transforms the way to tell them apart is that they don't show lives like a normal crewmate.
Evelyn Tephana
Evelyn Tephana Aylar önce
I'm so sad he didn't convert Garry first.
Ryan Dlima
Ryan Dlima 27 gün önce
Ssundee could have seen on top of sigils name that it was showing he did not have any lives. Great map and content
JaydenEpilouge Aylar önce
How to tell who’s the entity: if they don’t got anything above their username (the lives count) they are entity.
Inclite 2 aylar önce
Ok but is it just me or is ssundee going on a content rampage every day it feels like he’s pumped out 7 videos
Death 2 aylar önce
@Walter White *No can do I'm afraid, I follow a VERY strict schedule and this won't be on top for quite a bit.*
Walter White
Walter White 2 aylar önce
@Death to kill this game
Death 2 aylar önce
@Anthony Cash *Well I'm not God, but I'm the next best thing! What do you need?*
Anthony Cash
Anthony Cash 2 aylar önce
On god
Mohamad Nasrah
Mohamad Nasrah Aylar önce
15:08 that was ssundee fault. the entity disguise doesn't have any life bar and crewmates have life bar.
Alex Erickson
Alex Erickson Aylar önce
נטלי נאמן
נטלי נאמן Aylar önce
when the imposter disguises you cant see the lives left above their head
Bit Aylar önce
I have a mod idea: Soccer mod; Everybody is a player dribbling around with one secret goalkeeper.
Leif Coolio
Leif Coolio 2 aylar önce
Mod idea: Everyone has a power based on their personality and theme. The Impostors Job is to kill everyone and put them into a machine to get their powers. Every Crewmate also has a own zone on the map and when the impostor copies the power, the zone of the specific Crewmate gets „corrupted“ and the Impostor gets new powers there too. And as more tasks are done, the Impostor also gets even more powers. The Crewmates Job is to do their tasks, with that they get like hints who is the impostor. When all tasks are finished, they have all the clues and can vote hin off. If the Impostor gets all powers, he can insta-kill everyone. Video 3 of giving this idea
FREAKin_gamin' Aylar önce
its like DEVOE form flash s4
Vikki Matthews
Vikki Matthews 2 aylar önce
Good idea
Walter White
Walter White 2 aylar önce
wow can’t wait to see this exact comment by someone else here soon
MineEternal 2 aylar önce
Good lord this is goid
Waffleh 2 aylar önce
@Creatively Kidz yep totally dead game not getting views and becoming one of the most popular game due to mad additions
L.Mikallie Anderson
How was I able to tell that the person guarding the door wasn’t an actual person?
Ayesha Malfoy
Ayesha Malfoy Aylar önce
Mod idea: Flower mod! You start as a seed and need to grow yourself into a rose, the imposter is and evil gardener and has to stop the flowers growing and destroy them
CreepJacobCreeper Aylar önce
The entitie level 0:Bacteria or howler. its an entitie of level tutorial. it makes howles when they activate the trigger such as like "DONT MOVE STAY STILL" they will be forced to chase you even if they dont want it. it looks like a liquid robot. Thats all folks!
Mark Rose
Mark Rose Aylar önce
The invisible mod where everyone's invisible so it's like harder
Daniel Caven
Daniel Caven 2 aylar önce
Notice how whenever the imposter turned into someone else, they did not have the “lives left” thing above their name. Yet when it was a real crewmate they all did. So if ian noticed that he would have walked passed zud (as sigi) and escaped.
Ben Idk2
Ben Idk2 15 gün önce
oh 29 gün önce
i noticed that too
Tanner22w 2 aylar önce
i wonder how they fall for it
Freelancer837 2 aylar önce
Yeah, it was pretty obvious even with us only even seeing the clipped version, idk what they were thinking
Eden Podisingho
Eden Podisingho 2 aylar önce
hi hi
hi hi Aylar önce
The bottle of water got me so hard lmaooo
Nadia Herrera
Nadia Herrera Aylar önce
This video doesnt scare me, it makes me laught like always
error 7 gün önce
Me noticing that when the imposter hides as someone you can't see their lives
RobloxAx0l0tl Aylar önce
7:14 i laugh so hard SSundee said that 🤣🤣
Lfc_zk 2 aylar önce
I can’t believe you are still making this many views of these, I used to watch these a few months ago, and you are still topping trending for gaming!
BpiNeAPle!! Aylar önce
This is probably the first, AND ONLY time ssundee will lose as cewmate. Natural disasters mod: AM I a joke to you?
Edwin Clarke
Edwin Clarke 14 gün önce
I wonder how SSundee gets the imposter every single time.
geast4748 Aylar önce
The Backrooms monster is called “The Bacteria”
Kori Silva
Kori Silva 2 aylar önce
I love the backrooms so much its so fun and among us is too both of them cobined is awsome i would love to have a mod on among us i just dont know how to get one or make one
Ian Moore
Ian Moore 2 aylar önce
I will say that the backrooms isn't actually this dark. It's mostly pretty well lit but that's a very tiny detail it's still a really good mod.
Ian Moore
Ian Moore 2 aylar önce
@Yusuf yeah makes sense.
Yusuf 2 aylar önce
Well this one take the inspiration from Kane pixel, and yes that was so f different from the original backroom lore
Anna Murawska
Anna Murawska Aylar önce
Dodam mleka🥛 dodam cukru🍚 wróżę do miksera 🎵
Chad Fowler
Chad Fowler Aylar önce
I`d like a mod where everyone is wearing a tie die t shirt and the imposter is trying to take away the color.
Big boi shrek
Big boi shrek Aylar önce
The imposter disguise had no lives it was petty easy to tall
Wiktor Manger Persson
You know that the entity is called the bacteria of level 0 "The Lobby".
Blue 2 aylar önce
Something the mod creators need to fix: whenever you mimic someone the crewmates have footprints the mimic does not so there is a chance they know its you
Pedro Bolacha
Pedro Bolacha 2 aylar önce
and also mimic doesn't have lives
General Grievous
General Grievous 2 aylar önce
Honestly I think that makes it balanced
Luke Schertenleib
Luke Schertenleib Aylar önce
I like the way you trap the spawn area LOL
Bumbleb33 Aylar önce
You should do a mod based off of Cells at work it’s an anime and basically half are Red Cells doing tasks and passing oxygen across the map and the white cells protect the red cells and the imposter is the bacteria killing the red blood cells and if all the red cells die game over
Dean Guerne
Dean Guerne 2 aylar önce
The whole mod is very good but the thing is basically you can see if the impostors someone because they don't have like the voice on top of their head.
ashlen ly🍀
ashlen ly🍀 Aylar önce
heres my logic if someone didn't talk and don't have a life count at their top that means its the monster :)
Nugo Aylar önce
play more of the bedwars mod, it was lovely and SO entertaininh
WolfdeathnoGames 24 gün önce
that moment when you realise its an evil dude because you can hear the noise...
Imagine them playing among us in Vr
Random Chaos Stuff
Random Chaos Stuff Aylar önce
Troy Knight
Troy Knight 2 aylar önce
This looks amazing! Keep up the good mods!!! 🔵🔵
Inesa Kazlauskaite
Inesa Kazlauskaite 22 gün önce
scary and cool among us backroom map. do more ssundee
SSundee: hey, do you need information? Sigils/Zud: yes Sigils/Zud: *kills SSundee* SSundee: wha- ouch, that must have hurt when you tried to help but instead died
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