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Wow it sure has BEEN AWHILE, right??? Despite being legally declared dead by a physician, @GLITCH and I have been working on a crazy 3D animated pilot about a rogue AI that relentlessly torment-has fun adventures with six human souls. Written and directed by ME??? WOWIE!!!

Stay tuned around here and at Glitch’s channel: / glitchprod for more info on the series and its development!

Also huge shoutout to @TemmerTunes for the insane animation on this lil teaser!



26 Oca 2023




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Gooseworx Aylar önce
OH GOD OH MAN! Turns out I was lying about only working on the music for Hazbin, as I was also secretly recruited as a showrunner for Glitch Productions, an Australia-based, insanely generous conglomeration of incredible talent! They asked me to pitch them a show, and by golly, I pitched them what can only be described at 'I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream' with the aesthetic of an I Spy book. The entire team has been doing incredible work at bringing my playskool fever dream to life and I can't wait to share it with you all. The pilot will premiere over on Glitch's channel: trvid.com/u-glitchprod sometime late 2023 So go subscribe to them, and check out their cool Murder Drones show while you're at it! (It's really cool) "Now hold on Goswerk, what about the Pink City? Didn't you say you had all the dialogue recorded for the second Darly Boxman, as well as a Vondu cartoon, and an office cartoon in the works? And don't even get me started on Horde of Heroes chapter 3!" Those aren't going anywhere, and I WILL return to them once I'm more freed up. I just don't think in my heart, I could pass up an opportunity to create a fully studio-produced animated series in which I retain full creative control. That would be absolutely silly. Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... SEE YOU THEN!
Oceane 5 gün önce
@Frogggy100 I have D - R - O - C - S - I - D (TRvid doesn't seem to like when I say this name and erases my comment so I wrote it backwards), my pseudo is Oceane and the number is 1920. For the Smol Beans yeah, you could change at anytime with the press of a button, well except in a few cases where one of the characters may not be available for story reasons. For the Lorefolks, yeah, it'll be online. I intend to not put much NPCs and let players fill the world. There would still be a story/solo campaign as well though. As I said, there's still a lot I want to figure out about what I want to do with this one. And it's okay. I don't feel any rudeness in this reply either.
Frogggy100 5 gün önce
@gars random thats breaking the 4th wall and therefore not connection. It might just be that those VA are very good so they are hired a lot
Frogggy100 5 gün önce
@Oceane ​ ​ ​ First off, I would like to get in touch with you some other way so we dont fill Gooseworx’s reply section. She does obviously look at it. Email or discord, perhaps? For the smol beans, one thing im wondering is - can u just change characters any time, or is there some sorta station? How would that work? For the lorefolk, would it be online? I can see that being huge. Code in a few bots while waiting to build a playerbase, and it could be really popular. I apologize for any unintended rudeness in this response. I also apologize for not responding in a while. I think my previous response just didnt send.
Cadon_slayer 8 gün önce
I didn't know ur working on Hazbin music omg I love that show so muchh
Ismael games
Ismael games 10 gün önce
Question will it have dubbing in Latin Spanish
Kevin Temmer Tunes
Kevin Temmer Tunes Aylar önce
I loved animating your wacky characters! Can't wait for the world to see the rest of them!
mofumbo 10 gün önce
Dark Metal
Dark Metal 15 gün önce
Oh hey I knew that animation style was vaguely familiar. Man if they have you as an animator it's definitely gonna look awesome.
Cybernetic 17 gün önce
Hello Kevin Temmer, Creator of the hit song, “What’s the matter Martha?”. I expected you to be here.
SomeStupidAnimator 21 gün önce
All I can think of rn is "whats the matter Martha? "
Cybernetic 21 gün önce
Hey I think I saw u before
Firebrand128 Aylar önce
I'm calling it now, Ponmi is gonna be on the merch and in the fanart. She's just so cute and mentally traumatised.
Ultimate Swagpion
Ultimate Swagpion 9 gün önce
​@daxolotl that falls under fanart
s5RE07TI0 13 gün önce
BreadToasterGamer 14 gün önce
*"the fanart"*
Wohao_Gaster 18 gün önce
@Rocco Socko Studios OFFICIAL I mean in the art people make
Rocco Socko Studios OFFICIAL
@Wohao_Gaster N doesn’t smoke
Aidan GoodJourney
Aidan GoodJourney Aylar önce
I love how she was just in the middle of eating and then all of a sudden some rouge AI is throwing knives at her.....this show is gonna be great.
ACB! 16 gün önce
​@AAAAAAAAAA She looks like she was eating something, she even looked into her hands and saw that her food was gone after the curtains opened
AAAAAAAAAA 19 gün önce
@Balthazar Giuggioloni if everything that she had on her was transported, wouldn’t you think something she was holding would be transported too?
Balthazar Giuggioloni
Balthazar Giuggioloni 19 gün önce
@AAAAAAAAAA Yes maybe the sandwich vanished?
AAAAAAAAAA 19 gün önce
She appears to be eating nothing, there’s nothing in her hands
Balthazar Giuggioloni
Balthazar Giuggioloni 20 gün önce
Ponmi also said wait what? If you hear closely.
Hangry Cryptid
Hangry Cryptid Aylar önce
"Don't worry my dear! You won't even die horribly" The most quotable line I've heard in ages
Jagger Guth
Jagger Guth Aylar önce
Caine: For my First trick... I will make something for you son... We have... a Giraffe! Here ya go kid now get out of her your bothering!
Neohedron 512
Neohedron 512 Aylar önce
It's definitely the cheery "doop do dah doop da doo" he says plucking a knife from his other hand for me.
Marshmallow Aylar önce
Hehe boi
CatBatRat Aylar önce
Star maker 75
Star maker 75 Aylar önce
I like how this show premise is “what if AM, but instead hating stuff, he has some fun and is genuine enjoying the horrible things”.
buddylurker gaming
buddylurker gaming Aylar önce
I feel like whoever made him might actually be using him for entertainment,but in a sense where they enjoy watching him failing to realize what he’s doing.
Matthew Mason
Matthew Mason Aylar önce
@Tkdboy2000 actually I think he was programmed to feel nothing full stop. He developed his hatred for humanity because of that and so he may also be able to develop some form of satisfaction regarding his torment otherwise why else would he keep four or five alive to make his playthings?
JoKeR Aylar önce
@Exil Desert goose confirmed it
Tasty Potato
Tasty Potato Aylar önce
Kevin Temmer, Alex Rochon, and Gooseworx is such a weird combo of people that I've found in different times of life that I wouldn't have expected to all be working on something together
Dg5678 17 gün önce
And let's not forget Smg4 and his brother Kevin at GLITCH.
Michael Bradshaw
Michael Bradshaw Aylar önce
Kevin's animation and Goose's character designs make for an incredibly bouncy and unique aesthetic. I can't wait to see the rest!
Anonymous Bob
Anonymous Bob Aylar önce
*hears the voice for the teeth man* *inhales and exhales deeply* SPAMTON G SPAMTON
woody and friends
woody and friends Aylar önce
Silksong Release Date
@woody and friends Like Luke of Glitch Studios? He's probably just the person helping give the show enough resources to produce their content.
woody and friends
woody and friends Aylar önce
What does Luke do? 🤔🤔
Tony the Talking Clock
@Ryan Miller I knew I recognised that voice
Azrael Immortal
Azrael Immortal Aylar önce
After seeing the torture Pomni was put through in this teaser alone, I already get that feeling of "Mus protec smol child" for them, even though they're likely meant to be an adult. I just want to save them and the other 5 souls that were mentioned
Adrubb Adventures
Adrubb Adventures 7 gün önce
@anastasia I'm going to be 25 in April...
TJ436 Aylar önce
@Kayden HR Tan easily replaceable
Mega 666
Mega 666 Aylar önce
@hopeless spaghetti actually 6 including Pomni… UNDERTALE
Kayden HR Tan
Kayden HR Tan Aylar önce
Pomni might have been dead by now...
Kayden HR Tan
Kayden HR Tan Aylar önce
Darien B
Darien B Aylar önce
It's so crazy to me hearing Alex Rochon do professional voice acting, as I used to watch his top 10 videos back when he as the AutarchOfFlame like over a decade ago! Seeing his journey of how he went from doing those alongside people like Joshscorcher (who's still doing top 10 videos), to hearing him as the main villian of a Kickstarter project thar sadly didn't get off the ground, to becoming the voice of the internet's favorite scam gremlin, to voicing in big professional projects is just mind blowing. Sometimes life can take you in crazy directions.
SonicDa TalkingBall
SonicDa TalkingBall 21 gün önce
Oh he’s the va of spamton?
Some NEET Aylar önce
Oh shit, didn't know the guy who's top 10 videos I was watching in middle school does voice acting now.
James Pfrommer
James Pfrommer Aylar önce
This series looks so good
Dolly Aylar önce
well, I can definitely say that a teeth headed eyeball man throwing knives at a scared confused clown girl is something I've "never seen before" 😂 really looking forward to this ❤️
CatBatRat Aylar önce
Lizzie Freeman, in the Instagram post where she announced her role as Pomni, said "Now, give Pomni some head pats and a hug. She needs it." I agree 100%.
Jagger Guth
Jagger Guth Aylar önce
@CatBatRat One of the few things Pomni actually loves during her time in the circus.
CatBatRat Aylar önce
@Jagger Guth How do you know?
★• 𝙆𝙚𝙣𝙣𝙮 •★
"Don't worry! You won't even die horribly!" I can tell I'm going to love this
Foognificent Aylar önce
The character designs are on point! GLITCH and Gooseworx are the literal PERFECT collab. I can’t wait for this show to come out!
Ninja Red Doggo
Ninja Red Doggo Aylar önce
@BourbonChicken It’s the animation company he and his brother Kevin (Voice of Boopkins) co-own together..
RayPlaysGames RPG
RayPlaysGames RPG Aylar önce
@BourbonChicken Always have been for like the past 5 to 6 years.
Ag3nt-MC Aylar önce
@BourbonChicken and Kevin temmer! He animated this!
Pero1495 Aylar önce
Any animator with glitch production is a perfect collab
Thereisnohope Aylar önce
Truly I hope this will be an epic Collab
Rat Distributor
Rat Distributor Aylar önce
"You won't even die horribly" was one of the funniest quotes I've heard in a while. So excited for this to and I hope it kicks off!
The7thDraconian Aylar önce
I love Ponmi so much in just the few seconds we see of her thanks to the incredibly expressive animation and voice work. Her look of traumatized shock at the end sells it.
Ren Joku
Ren Joku Aylar önce
0:24 I love the little detail that she was clearly eating a sandwich or having lunch before these events transpired. It’s the little things that count. ✨
BreadGaming Aylar önce
I've seen this teaser more than 5 times and I never get tired of it. That's how you know you've made a good job at making a teaser Edit: I think i'm addicted to this teaser help
Sparka64 Aylar önce
Daniel Plok
Daniel Plok Aylar önce
I just adore the dynamic of these two, I am excited to see their absolutely normal wacky adventures!
LaggyNoob Aylar önce
The golden age of animation is once again upon us.
Star maker 75
Star maker 75 Aylar önce
I would called this “digital age of animation” or “online age of animation”
Jake Alexander
Jake Alexander Aylar önce
@Yee Oof Her voice is sounds familiar I think I know who the voice
Fallout Boy
Fallout Boy Aylar önce
@Tekken and gaming I love it when 3D animation is pushed to look as wacky as 2D animation
The Nostalgia Teen
The Nostalgia Teen Aylar önce
Don't you mean, the Golden Age of Glitch Productions!
Dragonit Aylar önce
@ethyn no...please
IshaBoiAlex Aylar önce
This is made even more insane and exciting when you remember the animator behind this previously worked at Blue Sky
Undead Prince of Chaos
@IshaBoiAlex wait, for real?! Damn, that’s quite a bonus for Glitch.
IshaBoiAlex Aylar önce
@Jagger Guth I know lol
Jagger Guth
Jagger Guth Aylar önce
But Blue Sky is no more...
🎀𝓑𝓾𝓫𝓫𝓵𝔂 ɕℓσυԃ☁
i havent Seen pomni for more than a minute and I’m already in love with how adorable they are, and also is it just me or is this giving serious poppy the performer vibes
Bulbasaur Aylar önce
R.P. 29 gün önce
The animation is so bouncy and full of life! All the little details from the facial expressions, to the body language, to the pupils dilating go a long way towards telling the audience everything they have to know about these character's personalities! This is probably some of the best 3D animation I have EVER seen.
ronnie ruud
ronnie ruud Aylar önce
It's like hazbin and helluva boss all over again. And artists I've been following for years finally making a show they dreamed on doing some day. Amazing
atcb259studios the transformer x lalaloopsy fan94
gooseworks + kevin temmer tunes + glitch productions = a pretty damn good show
Rinko the L A D
Rinko the L A D Aylar önce
Gooseworx’s characters are either fairly normal people or creatures that would be found in an acid trip from wonderland. And I love that. Really adds a bit of diversity to the generic character styles companies have been going with.
Super Productions
Super Productions Aylar önce
Andrew Basa
Andrew Basa Aylar önce
Now try to imagine the types of characters animated by the meme lord himself. This is going to insanity and a pack of peanuts
yumi Aylar önce
Greg vs. The World
Greg vs. The World Aylar önce
@Rinko the L A D Looks like a bot spamming their crappy comment, just report them as spam.
Rinko the L A D
Rinko the L A D Aylar önce
@Repent and believe in Jesus Christ go away Robo-Jesus.
Burntrap Aylar önce
Ive watched this teaser for 10 times now and It never gets old.
Yishaizuk Kol
Yishaizuk Kol Aylar önce
Same thing here!
GLITCH Dubs Aylar önce
So excited to see this when it comes out!!!!
Aww! The Jester character is so cute! I hope we see more of them! 😊
alida flus
alida flus Aylar önce
Seeing GooseWorx, Kevin Temmer, and Glitch Productions working together to make a show has got to be the crossover of the century!
J Aylar önce
Seeing Goose's character designs in 3D somehow makes them even more surreal and terrifying
That Guy With The Kobolds
I know! Isn't it great?!
The Hicks Family
The Hicks Family Aylar önce
Kevin did a amazing job to make this so surreal
Luka Man Comics
Luka Man Comics Aylar önce
Bro they look cute
Mr. Moron
Mr. Moron Aylar önce
@Nameless Moth🏳️‍🌈 you're joking, but from what we have seen from "funnie teef man" and from whats in the bible, "funnie teef man" is genuenly less evil.
Fizzlebean Aylar önce
@Repent and believe in Jesus Christ no, I like funny tooth man
Axios Aylar önce
I can already tell I'm gonna love this show.
Luka Man Comics
Luka Man Comics Aylar önce
Oh so you think this is funny Excel Atadoga. well pick on someone else sunnyboy
Luka Man Comics
Luka Man Comics Aylar önce
Excel Atadoga Rude😡
Luka Man Comics
Luka Man Comics Aylar önce
Me 3
Manny's Gaming World
Green Freak
Green Freak Aylar önce
I can hardly wait for this show. Being a fan of circuses and clowns makes me super excited about this. Honestly I kinda hope we see another teaser sometime this year to keep the hype strong!
HalfGuest Aylar önce
My favorite artists joining together to create a series is something awesome to see. You guys are the best!
GeneralKT Aylar önce
Love Alex’s voice acting! Seriously surprised more people aren’t talking about it.
Saturns and Jupiters
Yeah I thought I was just imagining it! Weird how there’s no credit or anything tho
Carter Sumner
Carter Sumner Aylar önce
This Will Be A Hoot And A Holler For All! (…Who Love Surreal Comedy!) ❤️
Bebop&Rocksteady Rulez
I love the voice acting of Pomni so much. Brimming with personality in just a few seconds.
Anthony Smith
Anthony Smith 29 gün önce
Don't know why, but the way she said, "What are you doing?!" Sounded a bit brittish. Wonder if she'll have an accent?
Idk Aylar önce
She kinda sounds like Ena
Hagfly Zombie
Hagfly Zombie Aylar önce
@Mr. Moron sounds like she said WAIT A SECOND!!
Mober Aylar önce
@Mr. Moron While screaming she said “WAIT A SECOND, WHAT ARE YOU DOING!” “I DIDNT AGREE TO THIS!” Also when you first see her she was actually trying to eat something but it disappeared which is why she said “Where wha…”
Universal Soldier
Universal Soldier Aylar önce
i summon the rule34 devil upon this woman
The Berserker
The Berserker Aylar önce
The design of Pomni is just amazing Loved it
comic_snas (comic_snas)
"You won't even die horribly!" definitely the funniest thing ive heard all day😂
AdultSwimRobotomySOSouthParkAnimationLover #2019
I think this series might be a new amazing thing! I bet it’s gonna be funny! 🃏
Brunoki22 29 gün önce
The fact that Pomni was eating an "invisible" sandwich like a mime right before being shown up for the first time, and then follow up with a surprised reaction wondering where the sandwich went, leads me to believe that the sandwich was real and that she wasn't really on that stage before but was in fact teleported there, probably without her consent, but without her sandwich. Either that, or her sandwich just disappeared as soon as the curtains opened.
KeB3i Aylar önce
Okay so Kevin Temmur, Alex Rochon, Gooseworx, Glitch Productions… h-how many talented people do they even need for this show??
Jagger Guth
Jagger Guth Aylar önce
Bryce Papenbrook?
☆彡彡 jay ミミ☆
☆彡彡 jay ミミ☆
Alex-GamerBro Aylar önce
I thought it was Alex Rochon! Okay, now that I got closure on whether or not it is him, I can sleep happy.
I'm Hungry! Let's Eat!
And Lizzie Freeman as Pomni!
Rolly Butters
Rolly Butters Aylar önce
I. Cannot stop watching this, This has me so excited, the expressions, characters, voice acting, this looks SO GOOD
Jeff scrungle
Jeff scrungle Aylar önce
Holy fuck, this is incredible, the characters look fantastic, the animation is delish, looking forward to seeing Slapster Sollomon make an apearance!
GardenWuz Aylar önce
Man, rewatching this is so fun, really loking for the series premier. Also, my favorite line is: "Dont worry dear! You wont even die a horable fate!"
GardenWuz Aylar önce
I also love pomnis traumatic expression in the end
Lost Engine Productions
Glitch Productions, Gooseworx, and Kevin Temmer is a combination I never could have expected in any lifetime
can of beans
can of beans Aylar önce
This is giving such insane Psychonauts vibes, and I LOVE it!
SuperWiiBros08 Aylar önce
I love how this feels like Gooseworx 2D Animation style but CGI-fied by Kevin Temmer
EAEG // Stop The Charter School
When's the next nintendo direct parody video
Blahaj Gaming
Blahaj Gaming Aylar önce
Zoomie Aylar önce
Spamton’s deranged cousin got a show. In all seriousness, this looks amazing. Character design, the idea of the show, even the music.
Juan Rodriguez
Juan Rodriguez Aylar önce
I adore the designs, and the art looks promising as always
Jojo the Bard
Jojo the Bard Aylar önce
I’m legit geeking out about the voice acting! I actually subscribed to Alex Rochon since his heydays as the Autarch of Flame, which is long before his turn to voice acting (and I’m talking about the “Top ten list” era). It’s refreshingly wholesome to watch one of the first TRvid channels I ever subscribed/viewed to become a professional voice actor.
mr.whimsicott Aylar önce
Una animación espectacular, sin duda se ve prometedor
weegee Aylar önce
Glitch is really on their way to collect all indie creators like infinity stones and oh boy am I here for it.
they def needed it tho, there is a bunch of super talented indie animators that don’t get paid for most of the stuff they do
anastasia Aylar önce
This is the best comment I've seen on the internet today, lol.
Some MorTal
Some MorTal Aylar önce
Indie creators on their way to demolish the AAA animation scene:
Zack Buildit
Zack Buildit Aylar önce
@The Wizard i hate that this could be up to 3 references in one sentence
ZackuFrez S.
ZackuFrez S. Aylar önce
Hopefully the Avengers don't win
Jiles Jones
Jiles Jones Aylar önce
Two of my favorite content creators work together to make somthing in a network with one of my favorite shows
Onette Aylar önce
0:46 the fact that they just look down silently without saying anything is just 💀
Random Axolotl
Random Axolotl Aylar önce
This is the third time I watch this video (on each individual channel) AND I CANT GET ENOUGH OF IT! Cant wait to see a full episode of your wacky characters!
Antoniort Aylar önce
This is going to have so much potential, everything about this animation by very high skilled animator I know and the unique characters are really standing out, definitely going to watch this series!
Mr.Pig4031 Aylar önce
I feel like I wanted a surreal abstract show like this that *AT THE MOMENT* doesn’t seem overly bloody and violent or…Teletubies.
Henrique Medrano Silva
The jokes are well timed and well animated Hope the show has the same quality
Deadmansaltshaker Aylar önce
Okay three of my favourite artists collaborating for a animated series now THIS I have to see
Marsel Egan
Marsel Egan Aylar önce
There's something I love of the design of the character here. Not sure why, but it's something of a vibe of me watching one of my favorite animated shows when I was eight.
banana360 Aylar önce
I never thought there would be a collaboration with Glitch and Gooseworx I can't wait to see this series!!
kevin temmer, gooseworks, and glitch creating a show? this is gotta be the best show ever
what •20 years ago
The fact that this was made with creativity and that it's actually really amazing freaks me out!!!
karimitic kaeloo GREAT TEM LORD
@Faine212 Ah fuck
karimitic kaeloo GREAT TEM LORD
@SamsUndertale Ooohh
IdioticLight Aylar önce
@Dylan Bunn ok, nobody cares.
Faine212 Aylar önce
@karimitic kaeloo GREAT TEM LORD Read description
SamsUndertale Aylar önce
@karimitic kaeloo GREAT TEM LORD It's the premise of the show in the description
cursedlane Aylar önce
MEU DEUS ISSO TA MUITO BOOOOM! Eu amei a Pomni, o cara dente também achei super dahora e tudo está bem harmônico, tô muito ancioso pra assistir mais pois adoro esse estilo e tudo que envolve circo, personagens carismáticos simplesmente PERFEITO!
Stre Led
Stre Led Aylar önce
I can't decide if I'm more amazed or scared that you've managed to create a somewhat 3d effect without stereoscopic effect...
Fluffy Saftaru
Fluffy Saftaru Aylar önce
Esta futura serie se ve muy buena, no puedo esperar a que salga :0
Leonardo Aylar önce
X2 se ve muy prometedora
ScotTV Gamer
ScotTV Gamer Aylar önce
0:04 I thought this joke was weird since it didn’t seem like it would work well as most people would answer the question with “Yes”, “Yeah”, etc., but I showed this teaser to my brother and he ended up saying “no”. It was great.
RandomCube Aylar önce
Everything about this is just perfect in everyway.
Cinnamon Toast King
Oh my god! The details of every little movement of arms, bodies, eyes, head mouths, EVERYTHING! All the extra bends, twists, shakes, and rolls in their movements add so much extra character and expression to all of it! The backgrounds looking as lovely as they do and the music tying it all together! This is just insane for a teaser no less!? Everyone involved has seriously outdone themselves!
octo Aylar önce
kevin temmer truly is probably the most underrated animator ever and I'm so glad Glitch hired him
The Hydration Man
The Hydration Man Aylar önce
Thank Kevin
Josh Riley
Josh Riley Aylar önce
This is so awesome, I love it! These character designs are so fun to look at, and the movements are so cartoony and lively!
LightShine Aylar önce
Can I just say I’ve watched this an unhealthy number of times to the point I lost count. Please and thank you, I needed this
Willigma le tard
Willigma le tard Aylar önce
Honestly the animation is pretty good and stands out really well
Chopperbros advance
Sometimes I forget that TV could actually be good if studios paid for good TV shows
CSX64 Aylar önce
I literally cannot unhear Alex’s spamton voice it fits so well and Lizzie is doing an amazing job she did very well with meggy and now she’s come back cannot wait for the show to release
James Pfrommer
James Pfrommer Aylar önce
Plamy looks adorable
Exi_M Aylar önce
@Fnafworks hell yeah there’s gotta be a spamton
Fnafworks Aylar önce
So help me god if there isnt a spamton reference- even just a background poster or smth that advertises "big shot autos"
The Enigma Bureau
The Enigma Bureau Aylar önce
YES! YES! This is awesome, andI can’t wait. Plus, you’re working with Glitch, who have made nothing but primo content. You sold me my ticket to the hype train! AlsothemusicisgonnabeCRACK!
AverageYoutuber Aylar önce
Love this so much! This sounds like it’ll be right up my ally! Can’t wait to see it.
Lucas Dagon
Lucas Dagon Aylar önce
Glitch and goose working together? I'm so excited for this.
Карл Бах
Карл Бах Aylar önce
I love the presenter and the aesthetic so much! ❤️❤️❤️
B E Aylar önce
I just love the little flick the host does to one of the knives in Ponmi, I can't tell if he actually thinks it's all a joke or if he's intentionally torturing her and just pretending to be innocent.
Azriel Dalusong
Azriel Dalusong Aylar önce
@Danieru gyaragā that sounds familiar.
Zdark ™
Zdark ™ Aylar önce
@Danieru gyaragā oo-oo-oohhh oo-oo-oo--ohh oo-oo-ooh the story of the undertale
Jolf Aylar önce
@Danieru gyaragā so, omega flowey?
Dylan Hagerman
Dylan Hagerman Aylar önce
I honestly think it's a bit of both
Arbitrary individual
@Danieru gyaragā Now where have I’ve heard that before? Oh wait flowey- (Like he isn’t a rouge ai but still)
Ya Boi Shelton
Ya Boi Shelton 26 gün önce
I can tell this show is gonna be popular.
Matheus Prado
Matheus Prado Aylar önce
I havent checked the Glitch Productions channel in a while but when i saw that Gooseworx and the Glitch Productions team are gonna do a new wacky animation series, i got pretty excited lol
CNStudio Aylar önce
This really is quite the performance! And the soundtrack is so funky, I just love it all! Can’t wait too watch!
KkOtherAcount N Stuff
glitch, kevin temmer, and gooseworx themself are all amazing creators, sounds like a decent series!
Broccoli Jr.
Broccoli Jr. Aylar önce
I love the mid-late 90s CGI style this show has
Newto Aylar önce
What is mindblowing is that this being on TRvid means it's going to be available for free to everyone who wants to watch it. This has the potential to be one of those shows you would pay a Netflix subscription just for it, you guys truly deliver nothing but high quality 🙏
king of awesome A
king of awesome A Aylar önce
I'd still pay
ready player blue _
@kera we need more big mouth
Mr.Style_223 Aylar önce
@Maniac 123 how is that base when he just stated something
Mars Makes
Mars Makes Aylar önce
@Maniac 123 wdym based
JolttronTitan Aylar önce
Much different looking then Goose’s regular but has the perfect energy we know
Sai Garden
Sai Garden Aylar önce
I just screamed goose works when I saw it for them first time on glitches channel. It's really nice how unique her wacky style has become and I love it
Cocolapagus 123
Cocolapagus 123 Aylar önce
Holy shot all of the infamous animation people were secretly working together this whole time, mister Pixar animater, mister wacky Elain animater, and mister murder robot animater.
maxler 5795
maxler 5795 Aylar önce
WAIT ITS BY GLITCH?! dear god this company never ceases to amaze me.
FlufferMuffin Aylar önce
Love the animation! Can't wait to see more!
HexterXD Aylar önce
This whole concept looks like pure eye candy that I cannot wait to witness. Been wanting a weirdcore esc show for AGES!
anastasia Aylar önce
@Neo_Neooom EXACTLY!!! We've got Hazbin Hotel coming out in Summer this year, ENA: Dream BBQ is coming out, Murder Drones EP3 is on it's way, and now the Amazing Digital Circus.
Neo_Neooom Aylar önce
AND Can you belive joel g just released the dreamm bbq trailer too?!?
Nemokrad Aylar önce
3D goosworx animations are something I didn't know I needed to see, I love this so much
Mikeepic4 Aylar önce
I kinda love how I can always hear a little bit of little runmo as a reoccurring melody!
Chloe Sibilla
Chloe Sibilla Aylar önce
Man that animation is smooth! It is really hard to transfer something really stylized from 2d to 3d but yall did it flawlessly
jonah tejedor
jonah tejedor Aylar önce
Cant wait to see gooseworx and Kevin Temmer Tunes working together!
Alonso Gallardo El Mejor Cientifico
this guy and spamton would definitely make a great show together
Huh Neat
Huh Neat Aylar önce
I can't begin to describe the feeling I get from the line "You won't even die horribly!"
King Orion
King Orion Aylar önce
@Prompthorizen 12 Yeah considering the series is supposed to be based on I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream, it seems like they’re being kept alive to be toyed with. Literally unable to die horribly.
buddylurker gaming
buddylurker gaming Aylar önce
As I said in my own comment technically he was being truthful,never said he wouldn’t hit her with the knives.
Goldsparks Aylar önce
@Huh Neat man(or woman) of culture nice pfp
Deadly Dingus
Deadly Dingus Aylar önce
This line has meme potential.
Some MorTal
Some MorTal Aylar önce
His VA is Alex Rochon, who does a lot of memes as Spamton from Deltarune. And that line gave me such hardcore Spamton vibes, I burst out laughing. This is going to be a god-tier show.
Leslie Snell
Leslie Snell Aylar önce
I love the animation and the characters both have a cute look to them
Apollyon Aylar önce
Oh man this is beautiful! If excited to see more of this project down the line, even though it last less than a minute, it has an undeniable charm
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