The ACTUAL Computer from the Saturn V Rocket - ft. SmarterEveryDay

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We got an exclusive tour of the Saturn V Rocket's on-board computer system. So awesome!!
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16 Jul 2019

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Yük bağlantısı.....


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SmarterEveryDay Aylar önce
Thanks for coming to Alabama Linus! Dang good job explaining the computer.... especially the power systems and the heat management system. I had honestly never thought about these for the Saturn V. For those asking, I'm currently in Germany on a last minute trip so I didn't get to finish my video yet. Coming soon!
JustWasted3HoursHere 13 gün önce
You guys should team up more often. These two videos were both extremely interesting!
Norwegian Smores
Norwegian Smores 13 gün önce
@ger traba i do not. and i dont care much for the flat-tards either. good day.
Neil Graham
Neil Graham 13 gün önce
Destin is awesome.
ger traba
ger traba 13 gün önce
@Norwegian Smores of course U are right , the astros were closer to GOD and saw his divinity while going to moon and they are afraid to say what they saw, hence their beliefs the almighty you do believe in GOD RIGHT?????
ger traba
ger traba 13 gün önce
who hooo, been looking on info on this part of the V stack, maybe U should mention it was this unit that kept the APOLLO 12 moon mission on course when a few secs after liftoff in Nov 1969 LIGHTNING STRUCK the rocket and knocked out all systems except this one, kept it going to orbit and complete themission............... trvid.com/video/video-aaby2oe0N-4.html
Nabil Essadiki
Nabil Essadiki Gün önce
Stop fooling people nasa's parrot liar
Zombie Hyperdrive
4000 years ago... Let’s build pyramids with a chisel? 4069 years later... Lets put a man on the moon with that! 4119 years later... Did we really build the pyramids? Did we really go to the moon? Did that text go?
Olgert Fantozzy
Olgert Fantozzy 5 gün önce
Russian computers of the 60s. For example, Gagarin’s flight was calculated on the Strela computer 1961. Use a page translator. zen.yandex.ru/media/vilianov_com/kompiuter-dlia-gagarina-sovetskaia-evm-strela-na-kotoroi-rasschitali-pervyi-polet-v-kosmos-5accc15457906afe5de74262 www.great-country.ru/articles/sssr/sov_delali/00003.html
hex1c 6 gün önce
Alot of tech for something that never went to the moon lol
Anthony Efx
Anthony Efx 7 gün önce
I just watched the smarter everyday video and Linus deserves some serious props for the way he listened to Luke first then explain it in this video like he works at the space center. Very impressed
k re
k re 7 gün önce
50 years! WOW!! I was 9yrs old when Armstrong stepped on the moon. I watched it on TV and still remember it well.
Raymond Collins
Raymond Collins 8 gün önce
I thought it sounded kind of nuts that those batteries were 5,300ah (2:15). Other sources say they're 350ah, that sounds closer to reality. For a little context, a 125lb lead acid truck battery is more like 150ah.
aaron stone
aaron stone 8 gün önce
Of all the places to learn how cooling in a vacuum works i learnt it here.......... not sure how i feel about that.......
metalperslfx 8 gün önce
the only thing i hate about ltt videos is the comment section.
Noodle Boi
Noodle Boi 9 gün önce
So this is what a big brain duo really looks like.
Fouren Fouren
Fouren Fouren 9 gün önce
Thank you, Linus, for making this video and taking the time to explain most of the things, We are so lucky to live in our generation it's not even funny and we do take is for granted altho not everyone.
Yawhatnever 10 gün önce
12:22 would have been a perfect space shuttle (Endeavour) pun
lynchmob72 10 gün önce
Yes, but how many FPS does it get?
Jessica Germain
Jessica Germain 10 gün önce
Hey Linus! I've watched Destin's channels for several years. I don't always understand the scientific info, but I welcome the chance to learn. I'm now 70 yrs old. I watched the moon landing with my mom and her oldest sister! There is a silly aspect to the tale... We went to Aunt She's house in the middle of the night, to watch it on her color TV... It was however, broadcast in black n white! LOL Thanks for your scientific explanation! I'll be watching your channel too. Thanks, Jessica
Earl Deuna
Earl Deuna 10 gün önce
A cooling system that dissipates 9000w?!
ChuckFromPoland 10 gün önce
No RGB? meh...
Jim's videos
Jim's videos 11 gün önce
The hand-laced wire bundles though
James Anderson
James Anderson 11 gün önce
Awesome video. Great information well presented. A far cry from the NCIX days. 🙄 Job well done! Kudos.
Team Black
Team Black 11 gün önce
1.1K people don't believe humans have walked on the moon
Steve the Bartender
Steve the Bartender 12 gün önce
The moon isn't real fight me
ILOVEPIE 12 gün önce
Just FYI Spacex runs a custom version of linux on their rockets.
ILOVEPIE 12 gün önce
You should check out the Apollo AGC that just got restored, it's really cool.
Huesan 12 gün önce
Can it run fortnite?
First Last
First Last 12 gün önce
Truly astounding.
Gustavo Medrano
Gustavo Medrano 12 gün önce
considering the thousands of years humans have been on this planet and knowledge that have been forgotten or destroy (library of Alexandria, the Mayas...) i think we are behind, i just hope 1 day humans stop hating, discriminating each other so we can give a bigger jump forward and even do more huge advances...
Hanz Fox
Hanz Fox 3 gün önce
Let's be real here, If it wasn't for the white race, this rocket wouldn't have existed. Things like this don't just appear due to tolerant ideology, but people and culture is the machine behind it.
Ruben Vatle
Ruben Vatle 12 gün önce
you didnt even try to run a game of fortnite on it, in 4K? No benchmarks? dude did you wast your time thre or what? jk btw :)
Enkhe Bathsaihan
Enkhe Bathsaihan 12 gün önce
Let's hit the Cinebench.
CranJo Games
CranJo Games 12 gün önce
America really did land in the moon, i believe you because you said it linus, i believe you! i believe you!
Enrique Berrios
Enrique Berrios 12 gün önce
I happened to come across your channel because of SmarterEveryDay. You just won yourself a new subscriber.
King 12 gün önce
I would like to meet the chief engineer behind this.... this.... Maybe it was Howard Stark.
rashaunny 13 gün önce
Luke Tali is so great wow so much charisma
Charles Cavatoni
Charles Cavatoni 13 gün önce
Linus Rocket Tips
UltraMind 13 gün önce
The Indecisive Hobbyist
Just finished reading One Giant Leap by Charles Fishman. It goes into great detail on the design and creation of the Apollo computers and the rope core memory that was used it was great. Also on Audiobook.
Calvin Giddens
Calvin Giddens 13 gün önce
Small correction - radiators DO work in space, and are used on most missions. The method of heat transfer you’re referring to, where air flows over the radiator, is actually convection.
felix mendez
felix mendez 13 gün önce
So this is THE computer that didn"t take anyone to the Moon.
zach 12 gün önce
Mauricio Aceves
Mauricio Aceves 13 gün önce
50 year old tech and I still dont understand any of it lmao
mac berry
mac berry 13 gün önce
I was sad but than I remembered thanks to Elon we have rockets that land themselves back on Earth
Niels Nauta
Niels Nauta 13 gün önce
So one arduino is enough
allthesevens 13 gün önce
Would love to see you have a crack a a sublimation based cooling system!
Kyle Gruber
Kyle Gruber 13 gün önce
Guys, imagine if Linus dropped it.
drekfletch 13 gün önce
If you want to buy a rocket, call your Senator / Representative / MP and ask them to support NASA / CSA funding.
Fireblaze x
Fireblaze x 13 gün önce
10:00 i wonder how many pounds of zip ties they used.. if they would have cut that number in half they probably could have saved like 30lbs at least
Ben Bachmann
Ben Bachmann 13 gün önce
Here's the other video for those looking trvid.com/video/video-dI-JW2UIAG0.html
John Manderson
John Manderson 13 gün önce
Thanks a megaton ✅✅✅👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 This was sooo interesting and informative! 😀
Anduril 13 gün önce
Linus: casually brings up moon landing conspiracy. Also Linus: nah brah, we landed on the moon.
Sahil Singh
Sahil Singh 13 gün önce
Those memory modules are called core memory, and that's where we get core dump term from.
Joseph Zins
Joseph Zins 13 gün önce
Interesting to see Linus do a video sort of Tom Scott style!
Eric B
Eric B 13 gün önce
outch Projector has 2 1\2 star review.
Dominic Salvo
Dominic Salvo 13 gün önce
"if you believe in that sort of thing" lmfao immagine engineering all of that, spending all that time and money, and pouring your heart and soul into keeping your fellow man safe on a journey to another astral body for some dickhead neckbeard to say it was fake, and portrayed by Hollywood on a soundstage. Fuckin excelent as always but you forgot one important question! CAN IT RUN CRYSIS!? even low spec I won"t judge I just wanna know lol :P
A1BASE 13 gün önce
The viewsonic X10! Super expensive and decidedly average! Buy it now!
CircleNoob101 13 gün önce
Destin uploaded the video already, come on, put the link where it's supposed to be!
Aliticx 13 gün önce
Whether we landed on the moon or not, this is an engineering marvel.
Randal Wilson
Randal Wilson 13 gün önce
here bc of smarter everyday
Steve O
Steve O 13 gün önce
Dude!! Easily one of your BEST videos!! The engineering that went into the Saturn V never gets old! 🚀🇺🇸🚀🇺🇸
karl williams
karl williams 13 gün önce
lmao nasa quote we lost the tec to get to the moon and how many kbs jokers,best one is lk at von brawns calculations on how much fuel needed case closed
Michal_King 13 gün önce
But can it run crysis
Cable management is kind awesome
jd52wtf 13 gün önce
Wait!!!! Who let this guy into the US?! ;) Great video BTW!
Evobrubaker 13 gün önce
You scared me at 10:49! I thought surely he doesn’t believe that we DIDN’T go tot the moon! Next he’s gonna say that the Earth is flat!!!
Satu Hogosha
Satu Hogosha 13 gün önce
But can it run minecraft?
daniel berrett
daniel berrett 13 gün önce
Smarter every Day! trvid.com/video/video-dI-JW2UIAG0.html
unfa 13 gün önce
The real question is... Can it run Tetris?
Ultra Joe
Ultra Joe 13 gün önce
*Alabama has entered the TRvid comments*
Earthquakeize 13 gün önce
All of this was build and engineered just to sell the lie that the earth is round and the moon landing wasn't faked. you cant fool a smart person like me.
Your Face
Your Face 13 gün önce
That projector is like $1,800 and has terrible reviews, lol.
Lucas 13 gün önce
Is this the end of the world? No arguments between real/fake moon landing? whats happening here? a video of a guy talking about moon landing and not even one argument on the youtube comment section!
Francesco Fagnani
Francesco Fagnani 12 gün önce
are you surprised that those people are not on a channel that teaches you how common technology that you use every days, like computer or smartphones, works or progress... but at the same time their existence and their numbers are based so terribly on those much to makes you question, have we really done a good thing in making internet access easy and accessible to everyone? :D
Burgerplayer 13 gün önce
Can it run Crysis ?
490o 13 gün önce
Is the height of Linus accurate or did the editors play a prank on him?
Samudra JS
Samudra JS 13 gün önce
Nice video quality
BWX 13 gün önce
But they faked it.... right? LOL.. why would they have all this if it was faked. Any conspiracy theorist would have to ask themselves that, and come to the obvious conclusion.
Chad Kennow
Chad Kennow 13 gün önce
jason bourne
jason bourne 13 gün önce
Larry The Roleplayer
Larry The Roleplayer 13 gün önce
great job making destin wait a fuckin week before he put his video up, which is way more interesting than yours...
Thunderland 13 gün önce
Linus is 1.6 meters?
boltonky 13 gün önce
Thanks for video. Gutted when i found out i couldn't get software due to needing an @ company address (get it). If i could afford everything that comes with starting from scratch again in life/business i would be a rich man indeed....and its always the thing you least expect that screws you haha
rufioh 13 gün önce
Destins video is out. Where’s the link Linus?
Marshall R.
Marshall R. 13 gün önce
horizontal black bars on my 16:9 monitor vertical black bars on my 21:9 monitor why are you doing this to me?
Marshall R.
Marshall R. 13 gün önce
@DUKE NUKEM should be able to Google different modes, although stretching is pretty much never worth it so fair enough
DUKE NUKEM 13 gün önce
@Marshall R. mine extension does not stretch video although i lose some of the image if i watch 16:9 videos on 21 9 monitor , but i got used to it , its much better alternative to having black lines
Marshall R.
Marshall R. 13 gün önce
@DUKE NUKEM yea i have that, but it would either be stretched weirdly or lose the edges since its done aspect ratio in between, id guess 18:9 thanks tho
DUKE NUKEM 13 gün önce
you can install Ultra-wide video extension for google chrome it will automatically size any video to your screen aspect ratio
Mervman2000 13 gün önce
Linus reaching for his phone... "No. Not now."
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