the 2019 macbook pro is perfect

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My review of the 2019 8-core 15" MacBook Pro running the i9-9980HK processor.
Available here: amzn.to/2Es7aIv
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25 May 2019




Yük bağlantısı.....


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Dave Lee
Dave Lee Yıl önce
Aftaab TEGM
Aftaab TEGM 12 gün önce
EightSeven6 21 gün önce
dude for that money you could get a laptop that also had better cooling and a damn graphics unit in it.....
张大大 Aylar önce
Billy Matchwood
Billy Matchwood Aylar önce
Dave Lee best intro ever
ajhwb 4 aylar önce
Good Morning Mr. Cook Butterfly
Komal Jain
Komal Jain 12 gün önce
Nice Information you shared, this one also very helpful trvid.com/video/video-PakFK0H3WHs.html
Pablo R Hodgson
Pablo R Hodgson 13 gün önce
Was that the police knocking on your door? Dude
Anirudh Chandrasekaran
Have been watching some of his reviews, and honestly this video's intro made me hit that subscribe button.
Roy Clay
Roy Clay 18 gün önce
Brilliant ;)
Valerie Tan
Valerie Tan 25 gün önce
100Kth liker
Shreyas 26 gün önce
Hes a shawty
Mark T
Mark T 29 gün önce
Super mislead title, I took this dude advice and went and get it with the I7 and it have heating issue and a few months later the 16 release. Never took this dude advice again. :(
Acoolrocket Aylar önce
For anyone curious, here's where the wallpaper comes from: sobeston.github.io/
StealthTech Aylar önce
Copied Linus Tech Tips LOL
Finn Suratt
Finn Suratt Aylar önce
I loved the intro!
David Xiong
David Xiong Aylar önce
i hope nobody bought this one..... honestly pretty fucked up apple released this version right before the 16” update
Mark T
Mark T Aylar önce
thanks to this review i got one and a 16 come out a few month later... dude at least can predict the new 16 is going to come out. As a tech expert, I found this guy to be below average.
Juchille Aylar önce
why am I just seeing this review 😅
HungmanX XXX
HungmanX XXX Aylar önce
LOL ..... most Creative review everrrrrrrr!
Peter Pan
Peter Pan Aylar önce
That was pretty good acting. Was it easy?
ClassyCactus Aylar önce
Who would pay 4000 dollars for a laptop that has to limit its performance and has a bad keyboard, even if it doesn't break?
ClassyCactus Aylar önce
On my old Lenovo, I definitely didn't get keyboard replacement services. I ended up going to BestBuy, because my A and D keys broke, and they said it would cost 215 dollars to fix. They actually tried to scam me that hard. So, I bought a nice keyboard and plugged it in. However, I still think Lenovo has some of the best keyboards on laptops.
Patrick Tague
Patrick Tague Aylar önce
does anybody know how to record using a line in? on my old MacBook I could change the headphone port to a line in to record a sound. I am struggling to do this on my MacBook Pro 2019
Michael Ali
Michael Ali Aylar önce
How's the keyboard on the 2019 ?
MadMachinist Aylar önce
same question...Would like to by 15 instead of 16
Tamara Peterson
Tamara Peterson 2 aylar önce
_This product matched my expectations◇.◇>__JustU.Faith/Mac-Book?鈍__ although I haven’t had the chance to use it for a long period yet so I cannot attest to the battery life_
Anderson 2 aylar önce
LOL "Good moorrrrning"
Iris Lamb
Iris Lamb 2 aylar önce
🤣🤣🤣 the beginning
Joshua Pradeep
Joshua Pradeep 2 aylar önce
That ending thoo came back again after months just for that ending 😂😂
Francesco Bellino
Francesco Bellino 2 aylar önce
Good bye MAC.......
Henry 2 aylar önce
v_vishh vardhan
v_vishh vardhan 3 aylar önce
Hey. I'm a big fan of u 😃 I always go through your channel for recent Tech Updates 😁 Can u suggest few laptops which are more than the mid-range and less than the premium laptops? Here's the thing. The device which I'm gonna purchase is not for everyday browsing. It should be powerful enough to run some high end softwares that are used for software coding. And it also should be durable enough for Atleast 3-4 years with a good battery life and a larger screen(14-16inch). I hope you'll suggest few laptops with these requirements 😊 and Thank you 😉
joytekb 3 aylar önce
Killawott 3 aylar önce
Bozhidar Shirov
Bozhidar Shirov 3 aylar önce
Dave Lee Hey :) Can you do a review on long term reliability on the laptop? How’s it now? Keyboard? Regards :)
Suraj Gangoni
Suraj Gangoni 3 aylar önce
wallpaper pleaseeee
Truth 7
Truth 7 3 aylar önce
Dave Lee : Apple why don’t you apply it this way Apple : We are way ahead of you.” it’s all about the money Duh.”
Ar1F 3 aylar önce
Wait... He was standing?
Vian Roy
Vian Roy 3 aylar önce
Check my shop for MacBook Pro 16-inc: shopee.ph/product/221242680/3619890594/
Lou B
Lou B 4 aylar önce
For that price, it’s not worth
Sebastian Trif
Sebastian Trif 4 aylar önce
Gavin Hung
Gavin Hung 4 aylar önce
that's funny XDDDDDD
Melonie Jen
Melonie Jen 4 aylar önce
Bryan Robinson Null
Bryan Robinson Null 4 aylar önce
1:19 6:12 6:14 6:21 GOOD MORNING!
HeiderTV 4 aylar önce
Think Different or don't think at all
icerocket 4 aylar önce
Stop waffling and get to your points.
aa nuton
aa nuton 4 aylar önce
Huaren 4 aylar önce
aa nuton how Long u deciding to use it for?
Alec Gentile
Alec Gentile 4 aylar önce
Jayson Geronca
Jayson Geronca 4 aylar önce
The Apple Macbook Pro won the Best balance of speed and battery life Award by CNET. SHOP HERE - amzn.to/3a4wEJn
Pinapple Space
Pinapple Space 4 aylar önce
Naaa man you are perfect
donald 4 aylar önce
best intro ever
Bhawesh 4 aylar önce
It's been almost seven months , do you have anything to say about the 13"macbook pro 2019 keyboard ? Wanna know.
Vanessa Nigley
Vanessa Nigley 4 aylar önce
wow... I just got some apple products through sterissa12 on 1G.. he's a life saver
Pulak Boro
Pulak Boro 4 aylar önce
at the beginning i thought xps dave was badly beaten up by someone
Sandeep N Bhandarkar
Sandeep N Bhandarkar 4 aylar önce
6:16 does he stand?
Altanado Komisyonculuk
amzn.to/2u1dZyA I bought it from this site. The price is very affordable. If you buy from this site, you will get a minimum $ 350 profit guarantee. recommended
Amazon Deals
Amazon Deals 4 aylar önce
LOW PRICE MACBOOK PRO-2 left!!!!! ​@t​
Akshar J
Akshar J 4 aylar önce
where'd you get that shirt?
Billy Atkinson
Billy Atkinson 5 aylar önce
Apple 13" MacBook Pro Touch Bar (2019) (Space Grey) - i5 2.4 GHz Quad Core (8th Gen.) Turbo Boost up to 4.1GHz 8GB Ram 256GB SSD Intel Iris Plus Graphics 655 - Touch Bar & Touch ID - Four Thunder
Renzo C
Renzo C 5 aylar önce
wait, Dave, you're standing here!
David Meroth
David Meroth 5 aylar önce
Fucking clickbait.
Venj Palomo
Venj Palomo 5 aylar önce
hi sir dave what is the best for adobe Razer Blade 15 base or mac book pro base ? thanks :)
Gimberg Preval
Gimberg Preval 5 aylar önce
Still can’t get over the fact that he’s been staring this WHOLE TIME
anthony._l 5 aylar önce
Gimberg Preval standing*
Ranjith Menon
Ranjith Menon 5 aylar önce
Thumps up for your creativity..👍👍👍 Well I didn't expect Tim in here..
PakiBuzz Vlogs
PakiBuzz Vlogs 5 aylar önce
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PakiBuzz Vlogs
PakiBuzz Vlogs 5 aylar önce
hi, hope you will be all fine i wanna buy powerfull macbook pro, did i select correct one kindly check it. amzn.to/2Rsnaju
Vanessa Nigley
Vanessa Nigley 5 aylar önce
Wow...I just got a cheap MacBook pro through sterissa12 on 1G...so amazing
吴杏脯 5 aylar önce
my macbook turn off when battery is 99%,help me
吴杏脯 5 aylar önce
@fngsdy53 that a new one.......
BSH 5 aylar önce
Fuck outta here my guy. Bought it just over a week ago and took it back. Speaker was popping constantly. I didn’t get the earlier ones because of keyboard issues, now I spend 2800 on a base mbp 16 and apple care to have speaker issues? It cost too much for ANY problems like that. I’ve been with Apple for about 10 years now. Never again. And I’m getting the Samsung s20. Fuck Apple. And Tim Cook- It’s on sight.
Alex Tabata
Alex Tabata 6 aylar önce
Fantastic.. love honesty and impartial review....
啟安徐 6 aylar önce
guess what there is the 16inch version
Pavel A
Pavel A 6 aylar önce
It has a scissors keyboard, doesn't it?
Dominique Wheeler
Dominique Wheeler 6 aylar önce
Jose Salazar
Jose Salazar 6 aylar önce
Now that I know that he's sitting for all of these on the ground, the background makes more sense.
Ralph Cristofer
Ralph Cristofer 6 aylar önce
Came here because of that FREAKING CHAIR! LOL
Victor Ajibade
Victor Ajibade 6 aylar önce
I came here from the 2019 Q&A video and come on! This table is vertically adjustable
Jacob Khu - old acc.
Jacob Khu - old acc. 6 aylar önce
Who's here after after Dave revealed he's been sitting the whole time before 2020? I'm so mindfucked now.
khanturr 5 aylar önce
why the fuck would he be standing?
Norman Lim
Norman Lim 6 aylar önce
Came to confirm he was standing
Fawaz Shaikh
Fawaz Shaikh 6 aylar önce
This is one of my most favorite videos on youtube!
VnRaito 6 aylar önce
Who else came here to see if he's really standing or sitting...
Nandi X
Nandi X 6 aylar önce
Who came back to check whether he was sitting or standing after his latest video?
80408AN 6 aylar önce
Who's here after the 2019 Q&A
THE PUBG MAN 6 aylar önce
@Noor Ambia yah I think so
Noor Ambia
Noor Ambia 6 aylar önce
@THE PUBG MAN Bcoz I think His Table is Adjustable and Hence He shoot some videos By standing and some of the Videos by sitting...
THE PUBG MAN 6 aylar önce
In this video Dave was standing but on the Q&A he was sitting that's confusing
Niladri Sen
Niladri Sen 6 aylar önce
Came here after last video of 2019....camera perspective or something idk...Dave Lee review your desk please ..i can live without knowing your stance
Joseph Hernandez
Joseph Hernandez 6 aylar önce
Anyone else came from his Q&A video at the year end to see if he really sat in all of his videos?
1ro 6 aylar önce
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