The 2014 QB Class... 7 years later

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7 years ago, there were 5 quarterbacks selected in the first 2 rounds of the 2014 NFL draft. How did their careers go?

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Outro- The Fix by Aldous Young




24 Kas 2021




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Adam Klownzinger
Adam Klownzinger 2 aylar önce
Its weird to me that Jadaveon Clowney and Derek Carr and OBJ and all these guys are certified NFL veterans…for some reason in my mind I envisioned they’d be 25 years old for forever lol
SCJ 22 gün önce
I still keep on thinking Rogers is 33 he’s been like 33 to me for the last five years
divine obsidian
divine obsidian Aylar önce
06 Boyz💪
Desean Jackson Out of cal
Exactly how I looked at Desean Jackson, Patrick Peterson, Khalil Mack, AP, Reggie Bush
Not a cat
Not a cat Aylar önce
@Bob Bob both 🤣🤣🤣 definitely both
Bob Bob
Bob Bob Aylar önce
@Not a cat uh ok is it because of the rape thing or the fact that hes a mediocre quarterback at best now
Brett Rossi
Brett Rossi 2 aylar önce
Through everything the Raiders have gone through, I feel like Derek Carr has handled himself pretty well.
timesachangin 10 gün önce
I would agree. The guy has been kicked in the nuts way too many times.
Mr.Sarcastic 12 gün önce
Carr is insane he got this horrible team to the #5 seed and playoff spot
Z Dot
Z Dot 16 gün önce
I still think this thread doesn't genuinely pay attention to carr that much. He has the ability to be an incredibly efficient QB... And is. He does his thing every season, and I don't think he needs to leave the raiders I just think the raiders are gonna take a solid 2 years minimum.
Send to Dev/Null
Send to Dev/Null 17 gün önce
Super underrated.
JR Prossen
JR Prossen 21 gün önce
Moopert 2 aylar önce
Bortles picked the perfect year to stop turning the ball over constantly, and he got a lot of money off it.
daniel correard
daniel correard Aylar önce
he had a big year in his contract year like so many other players haynesworth stubblefield moreno rypien after they went back to the pitts players like that really tick me off because they had monster years in their contract years which means they could've done that through their whole careers.
Donovan Williams
Donovan Williams Aylar önce
@Go Birds I thought they turned the corner and would be a decent team and not a bottom feeder like the Cleveland browns are. It was disheartening to see a great running back like Maurice Jones Drew have to play on so many losing teams and have his career wasted like that. That's why I was glad when he came to New York Jets as they were a middle of the pack team and Curtis Martin just retiring. Jets didn't get terrible until that blowhard Ryan destroyed them with his love affair with Marc "Buttfumble" [Can't] chez
Go Birds
Go Birds Aylar önce
@Donovan Williams yeah man that defense was special and I wasn’t even a Jags fan.
Donovan Williams
Donovan Williams Aylar önce
@jjroffler3 Russell Wilson?????? Drafted in 2011 or 2012 Came along for what pertaining to 2014 QB draft class
jjroffler3 Aylar önce
Because Russell wilson came along
Mark Webster
Mark Webster Aylar önce
The Browns benching Hoyer was such a mistake. An actual NFL pro that was playing well
Evan D
Evan D 6 gün önce
@Mark Webster nah Baker will be fine. And if he isn't next year then we'll see what happens then
Mark Webster
Mark Webster 6 gün önce
@Evan D It happens 🤷‍♂️ Manziel looked awful so it was still a downgrade. Now they’ve got a QB problem again 🤔
Evan D
Evan D 6 gün önce
Something changed with Hoyer the moment the browns were 6-3 at the top of the division. Loses the next game, BARELY squeaks out a win vs the falcons then loses 3 or 4 more games and Manziel comes in after that. He looked bad.
Evan D
Evan D 6 gün önce
@Big Papi thank you tom brady lmfao
BEN DIESEL 20 gün önce
I was legit thinking the same thing as I watched this video.
James DirkVanDirk
James DirkVanDirk 2 aylar önce
That Fresno State team was so fun to watch because Carr and Davante were incredible.
enrique bravo
enrique bravo Aylar önce
@Luke Norman we’ll see what Rodgers does
Lawrence Shim
Lawrence Shim Aylar önce
@TC Jr idk if “replacement” is the right word. It’d be a huge upgrade. Itd be cool to see that reunion though
TC Jr Aylar önce
@Luke Norman like I said, we'll see. If Davante loves being underthrown by Jordan Bum for the rest of his career, then that's on him
Luke Norman
Luke Norman Aylar önce
@TC Jr I don't think it will happen. Davante is too content in GB because they don't get whooped by a horrible Chiefs Defense and lose a lot.
TC Jr Aylar önce
@MonkeeC Rodgers is leaving GB after this season lol. I doubt Davante would wanna have Jordan Love as his new long term QB
Jonathan Hill
Jonathan Hill 2 aylar önce
You should cover the RB recruiting class of 2005, Jonathan Stewart, Darren McFadden ,LaMarcus Coker, Jamaal Charles and Rashard Mendenhall
Bill Blaski
Bill Blaski Aylar önce
@User Name you remember when Ray Lewis broke his shoulder lol
Not a cat
Not a cat Aylar önce
Not Rashard 😭😭😭
Heir To The Promise
@John Harris - As a Raiders fan I concur with that name. His skinny legs as a RB always made me nervous. He would fall after first contact. I believe it may have been 09’ when he had that monster game in Denver. But that was it. I still say they should have traded him for a draft pick and kept Michael Bush. Oh well.
New Jersey Aviation
And Reggie Bush
Jonathan Hill
Jonathan Hill Aylar önce
@Brady Maher he would've been 31 or something close
TheDan14 Aylar önce
That Sacksonville team was so fun, huge bummer how fast it fell apart
Archeluas V
Archeluas V 17 gün önce
@BooMz N BladeZ definitely seems like it was fault all around - coughlin needed to let go more like he did on his championship runs but the young kids really needed to get serious.
BooMz N BladeZ
BooMz N BladeZ Aylar önce
young kids who hated Coughlins demand for punctuality, Coughlin too old to understand the lax nature of younger guys. and an owner who is too quick to try and people please that ends up in everything going away.
Andre Persson
Andre Persson 2 aylar önce
Best from the class: 1. Carr, 2. Garoppolo, 3. Bridgewater Teddy was definitely my favorite from this class, and he might very well have turned out to be the best had it not been for that devastating injury, but he's still been able to carve out a decent NFL career for himself.
WarlordofBritannia Aylar önce
@Trashcontent.gaming YT Yknow what? That’s a fair point tbh And I’d honestly take Carr at this point in their careers, as he’s proved the most durable
Trashcontent.gaming YT
@WarlordofBritannia Carr has always been a Mvp dark horse while only having a single good team unlike Jimmy and Teddy who had multiple good teams and were no where near mvp candidates
Brent Devader
Brent Devader Aylar önce
@Paco JuanRico you are on crack! Go look up the stats. You must not have followed closely lol
Kevin J
Kevin J Aylar önce
It goes 1.) Derek Carr 2.) Jimmy Garoppolo 3.) Teddy Bridgewater
Jameson Bolen
Jameson Bolen Aylar önce
Am I reading this right? Carr is way better than both those guys. Teddy Bridgewater threw 28 TDs in 2014 & 2015 combined Carr threw 32 in his 2nd season..
Emma Bonn
Emma Bonn 2 aylar önce
I do hope Derek Carr gets a playoff win in his stint with the raiders
Emma Bonn
Emma Bonn 8 gün önce
@Sharks17 Not this year But hopefully there’s next year
Sharks17 8 gün önce
Narrator: He did not get the playoff win
Emma Bonn
Emma Bonn 19 gün önce
@Jason Moore There’s half a chance they play each other.
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ 24 gün önce
@Sam Heard unfortunately yes…
Jason Moore
Jason Moore Aylar önce
What's more likely Carr winning a playoff game with Raiders or Bengals winning a Playoff game lol
Kingsfan 92
Kingsfan 92 Aylar önce
I’ve always felt Carr has the potential to be a Matthew Stanford type of QB. The only issue is the Raiders don’t give him enough weapons. Teams double team Waller and Renfrow and he has nobody legitimate on the outside. Where it was the opposite when he had Cooper and Crabtree.
Daniel Meeker
Daniel Meeker 14 gün önce
You are both right. Carr is a passing yardage leader, because the O-line is horrible -- there's barely a running game to speak of, forcing Carr to throw the ball more.
Janny Aylar önce
He leads the league in pass yards
Siannodel 2 aylar önce
Can't wait for five years from now when her does one of these on the 2021 QB draft class with Lawrence, Wilson, Lance, Fields, Jones, and even Mond
North East
North East Gün önce
Ik it’s been a month alr BUT WE FORGOT BOUT TRASK, whose literally learnin under the goat right now
David T.
David T. 18 gün önce
Don't forget mills
Montages 26 gün önce
@Dr Stupid LOL 🤣
Dr Stupid
Dr Stupid 26 gün önce
Lawrence has bust written all over his face ........He looks like a transvestite on his Subway commercial lol
Montages Aylar önce
Jones is doing pretty good
E J 2 aylar önce
It blows my mind when I watch the draft knowing that most of these guys are gonna be mediocre or bad in the first round, yet we still hype up the draft and players every year lol.
Christopher Hickman
E J Aylar önce
@Low Tier Trash oh hell yeah it is. There are so many factors. It’s blows my mind how people can be good at this. That’s why I’m never hard on people who make predictions.
Low Tier Trash
Low Tier Trash Aylar önce
Honestly,all we could do is just actually watch the film on the prospects,take in consideration some statics,and make the best judgement. Gotta take in consideration what kind of team said player should be on to get the most out of them. It's a complicated process.
Blake Francis Boggs
Sports fans aren’t that bright
i2Shea Aylar önce
That is the risk of the draft and all you can do is scout and hope that player works well with the team, surroundings, atmosphere and the coaches involved.
Chris Joseph
Chris Joseph 2 aylar önce
The fact that Blake Bortles went before Khalil Mack and Mike Evans is crazy but I understand why.
Cheese Puff
Cheese Puff Aylar önce
@Michael O still hurts
Htown Q
Htown Q Aylar önce
How the hell did Florida even miss on him staying in Florida how tf he ends up in buffalo smh they failed on that one
55BucsFan99 Aylar önce
I am grateful. I remember the talk “Manziel is the reason Evans is getting drafted so high”
Michael O
Michael O Aylar önce
I’ll never get over the fact Khalil Mack went to Buffalo and I was screaming for my bills to get him and we drafted a glass bowl in Sammy Watkins 😑
Joe Feihel
Joe Feihel Aylar önce
Michael Gentry
Michael Gentry Aylar önce
Remarkable how Derek Carr is still with the Raiders despite all that's happened. From busts to scandals
Bill Russo
Bill Russo Aylar önce
And the fans saying he sucks and put Mariota in
MaleficOverlord 6
MaleficOverlord 6 2 aylar önce
Cant wait for a retrospective on the 2018 QB draft class. That was one of the wildest QB drafts
Tom Lombardo
Tom Lombardo Aylar önce
@thelegendsqb1 Even on opposite day Baker is still just okay.
Chris Kelly
Chris Kelly Aylar önce
@Dox Lamar taken extremely late and is ballin out ....how many teams kick themselves. Not as bad tho as Brady's draft. Remember the CARMAZZI pic ? Like 120 pics before Brady ,😅😅
Chris Kelly
Chris Kelly Aylar önce
Definitely ....plz do 2018.
ladawg81 Aylar önce
@Dox other than allen and lamar there's nothing special lol
ladawg81 Aylar önce
Can't wait for a 2021 draft class retrospective. Who knows what will happen.
Cody #Warhawk
Cody #Warhawk Aylar önce
I wanna see Teddy have a ton of success in Denver with the Broncos, to be honest. The offensive coordinator we have there right now is terrible and has no idea what he's doing with any of the players. With the right coaches and the guys to compliment his play style, Teddy could thrive in Denver, and that would make Broncos fans very happy. He's certainly not bad. He's better than guys like Paxton Lynch and Brock Osweieler, guys whom I don't miss that played for Denver.
Kevin J
Kevin J Aylar önce
Teddy hasn't looked good this year especially against the Raiders when he threw like 3 ints
Timothy Quirk
Timothy Quirk Aylar önce
With the right team, Teddy could play like Ryan Tannehill. Good enough to be a competitive team, but not good enough to be their best player. Give him an elite running back, and some good possession receivers. He'll thrive
Timothy Quirk
Timothy Quirk Aylar önce
With the right team, Teddy could play like Ryan Tannehill. Good enough to be a competitive team, but not good enough to be their best player. Give him an elite running back, and some good possession receivers. He'll thrive
empire Aylar önce
The Raiders are a tough team to be the face of, so Carr has definitely lived up to expectations
Josh Howe
Josh Howe 2 aylar önce
Johny Manziel is a legend. A true inspiration to all busts everywhere, entering the Hall of Infamy with JaMarcus Russell, Ryan Leaf, and potential 1st ballot candidate Henry Ruggs III LOL
coned 8 gün önce
@Joe Bachaalani nah, he's 100% a bust. top 15 pick to out of the league before his second season is over makes him a bust, regardless of why he's out of the league.
Josh Howe
Josh Howe 8 gün önce
​@Joe Bachaalani It ended his career, thats a bust. Just like ur excuse, a bust.
Joe Bachaalani
Joe Bachaalani 8 gün önce
Ruggs is not a bust, just a poor decision outside of football
Rocco Centolanza
Rocco Centolanza 27 gün önce
@Paco JuanRico how could mark Sanchez be the biggest bust in history he went back to back years making the afc championship game with playoff wins at peytons colts and a win in New England most qbs don’t do that
Michael Miller
Michael Miller Aylar önce
@Eazy E Manziel popped his girlfriend's eardrum hitting her in the head, but okay...
Yay Hay
Yay Hay 2 aylar önce
Teddy bridgewater would have been amazing if he never got injured
Brent Devader
Brent Devader Aylar önce
@John Davis having to rely on the kicker though doesn’t say amazing qb play to me.
John Davis
John Davis Aylar önce
@Brent Devader to be fair they should have beat the Seahawks in 2016 no excuse for an NFL kicker to miss that kick
Brent Devader
Brent Devader Aylar önce
He threw like 15 TD’s and 10 INT his best year before injury. He was not good! The Vikings had a great defense and that still got them a first round exit in the playoffs
OGs Aylar önce
LMAO preseason..........💀
Space Ghost
Space Ghost Aylar önce
Bo Jackson would have been amazing if he never got injured.............
Poon King
Poon King 2 aylar önce
Remember this was the draft where the Browns paid 6 figures to get an analysis of who would be the greatest QB. The report said Teddy Bridgewater…. The Browns still chose Johnny Football.
Trashcontent.gaming YT
I believe the Browns were looking at both Johnny football and Derek Carr, but went with Mr Money
Donovan Williams
Donovan Williams Aylar önce
@Chad Robbins Both elway and Bo Jackson played for the teams that drafted them Broncos was where Elway was headed and he wanted to play baseball. Once Denver said he can play in NFL off-season agreement was made. That's only reason he didn't want to be drafted by certain teams ,he wanted to go where they had football and baseball and Colorado didn't have a baseball team as yet in 1983. Also when he had terrible rookie season with Broncos and talk was there he wasn't one of the better Qb's in draft he left baseball alone and focused on football. Remember QB draft class of 1983 has largely been considered the best QB class in NFL HISTORY Elway, Marino , Kelly Bo Jackson was th he same he wanted to play baseball as well and told all teams ahead of draft he fully intended to play baseball in off-season and if they not in agreement do not draft him So you can't compare those 2 who would've been at professional level in MLB to eli manning situation he wasn't some great player in any sports . He was a game manager qb at best who didn't have MLB teams beating down his door offering MLB GUARANTEED CONTRACTS unlike NFL football contracts where only part of it was guaranteed. That's why eli manning shouldn't be a hall of famer in any regard. Much less a first ballot one. Hell no, no way. Drafted 04 and become starting qb game 7 or 8 from Kurt Warner Plays 16 years and only 2 playoffs appearances, missing 13 of 15 as starter. Oh yeah but the 2 playoffs Giants have top 3 defenses and 2 lucky ass terrible passes one caught by David Tyree (helmet catch) in first SB and if I'm correct the Mario Manningham save in 2nd SB Without those catches he ends up being the Trent Dilfer and Joe Flacco of starting SB Qb's to win.
Chad Robbins
Chad Robbins Aylar önce
@Donovan Williams I guess the same reason QB Jon Elway and RB Bo Jackson didn't want to play for the team that was going to draft them.
Donovan Williams
Donovan Williams Aylar önce
@RN 87 No way is Carr better than Bridgewater. Carr is a game manager who is 5% higher than mediocre. Bridgewater lost 2 full years because of that 1 knee injury so while Bridgewater is on shelf carr got to put up stats for 2 additional years. Not even close This is what year 8 for carr and still hasn't made playoffs until what 2019 or 20 he got hurt and had to miss playoff game with the decent year they had. As for 2016 Superbowl while Brady still with patriots highly unlikely he could get past that obstacle. Bridgewater is the the better qb hands down.
HayatoRPG Aylar önce
@YankeesFan0620 noooooo 💀😭😭😭
BliXXardStorm 2 aylar önce
“People were starting to wonder if Carr’s future was in Oakland.” No, his future wasn’t in Oakland, it was in Los Angeles and Las Vegas.
Dr Stupid
Dr Stupid 26 gün önce
Bolt Up !!! ⚡⚡⚡
Jonathan Pusar
Jonathan Pusar Aylar önce
Sad but true. Live in Oakland now and I'm still surprised how many Raiders caps I see. Personally, if I was a fan of the team and they moved I would be pissed. My dad was originally a Dodgers fan when they were in NYC and burned his cap when they moved. Think that's an appropriate reaction lol
JayFree 2 aylar önce
How did a video about the 2014 QB class end with highlight from Tom Brady😂 Just amazing
Joe Feihel
Joe Feihel Aylar önce
Rock Nation
Rock Nation Aylar önce
It actually wasn’t Johnny fault when the AAF closed doors . The league couldn’t afford to pay the players.
Jeff Scott
Jeff Scott Aylar önce
As a Bronco fan, I despise the Raiders, but Derek Carr is the real deal. He'll never be in the same discussion as Manning, Brees, and Brady, but he's a guy who can win games for you. I so wanted him to fall to the Broncos in the second round that year, but he didn't and they wouldn't have drafted him anyway with Manning starting and Osweiler on the bench as the heir apparent.
Edward Merriam
Edward Merriam Aylar önce
Fun fact: if Derek Carr hits a 100+ passer rating, he would be only the 4th quarterback in NFL history to have 3 consecutive seasons above 100+, after Philip Rivers, Drew Brees, and Peyton Manning. Derek Carr had a monster 2020. His defense was trash though and he constantly had to bail them out. He lead the team on a game winning drive vs KC and TWO game winning drives vs Miami only for his defense to choke it away.
Joe Feihel
Joe Feihel Aylar önce
Antonio Kauley
Antonio Kauley 2 aylar önce
Is it me or back in 2011-2015 QB’s in the nfl got an extremely long time to get their act together!
Daniel Clark
Daniel Clark Aylar önce
@Low Tier Trash think about rg3, sam darnald, Daniel Jones, drew lock, teddy Bridgwater etc. Most qbs that get put in there early usually dont develop and their confidence is ruined or they get injured bc the line sucks
Low Tier Trash
Low Tier Trash Aylar önce
Can we also ask why most QBs drafted these days now are required to just sit on the bench to learn rather than jump into action from Day 1?
Xelltrix Aylar önce
It helps that the league makes it harder and harder to play defense against QBs every year without getting a penalty so that their moneymakers don't get injured.
NxFxKW Aylar önce
I think nowadays most guys just don’t get a fair chance… you could play 5 games and if your bad you won’t get another chance. This is why I think there needs to be another pro league or a development league of some sort.
Daniel Clark
Daniel Clark Aylar önce
@orlandofl704 cam had plenty of help. He had the human check down, one of the best receiving tight ends then Robby Anderson was a good receiver. . He could never throw the ball outside the numbers anyways so why waste money on good outside guys.
TheGrossMeta Aylar önce
Jimmy G has been the best thing to happen to the Niners since the 2012-2013 Kaepernick days... considering how many QBs we've gone through over the past couple decades, Jimmy has provided some stability to the QB position and given us the best chance to win, despite his questionable injury prone status. Don't be surprised if he leads the Niners to another postseason appearance.
nathan c
nathan c 2 aylar önce
The ⛴️ is still a UCF legend. He needs another NFL chance. He can't carry an offense, but give him the weapons and he can produce! I.E. 2017 Jaguars.
Xelltrix Aylar önce
BOATLES will forever be in my heart as the QB of my graduation year that lead us through an amazing season. I wish I got to see him play more in the NFL... even if he wasn't the best. :(
Joe Feihel
Joe Feihel Aylar önce
Sports n' stuff
Sports n' stuff Aylar önce
@nathan c yeah modern teams are being way too impatient with developing quarterbacks
nathan c
nathan c Aylar önce
@Sports n' stuff he really needed to sit under a starter before getting his chance. We see it way too often, a QB who's not NFL ready yet getting thrown into a situation and never capitalizing on their potential.
Anthony Graham
Anthony Graham 2 aylar önce
@dtice naw. Maybe for 1 season.
Derek Monger
Derek Monger Aylar önce
As a Viking fan, I still wish we would have gotten Carr…
WunderVideo Aylar önce
A friend and I who are both UCF alums just facepalmed when the Jags took Bortles. We knew he was super raw and would need to go to a team that would let him sit and not be pressured into a starting role. Of course, he was forced to start and did not have the coaching staff to foster his raw abilities into franchise QB material.
John Harris
John Harris 2 aylar önce
Cleveland passed on Derek Carr, twice in this draft.
Some Person
Some Person 2 aylar önce
Cleveland is so bad at developing QBs that Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady might be busts if they went there. Carr dodged a bullet twice.
RaisinxBrand Aylar önce
I swear if Jacksonville just released Bortles after that amazing 2017 season they’d still be good today. Bortles is absolutely awful
Krabz 2 aylar önce
Bridgewater was Matt Cassel's backup in Minnesota.
Jaden Molter-Castiglioni
It's only been 7 years since Johnny Football was drafted? Damn I'm old
John Davis
John Davis Aylar önce
Seems like just yesterday everybody was doing the money sign back in highschool fastforeward and I’m about to b 26…… man how time flies
Saving Souls Ministries
@thelegendsqb1 I played little league ball with Sean maguire QB and OL chad Mavety. And Ryan Izzo TE went to school at our in town rival!
Z Z Aylar önce
Now he's playing in the FCF
Legend of Khaos
Legend of Khaos Aylar önce
Damn it seems like longer
Joe Feihel
Joe Feihel Aylar önce
Bad Opinions
Bad Opinions 17 saatler önce
There is a mistake at the beginning of the video. Jimmy G went to Eastern Illinois, not Eastern Kentucky. As a guy who went to EKU… I wish we had Jimmy G when I was there haha.
Zed anide
Zed anide Aylar önce
I feel bad for Mettenberger. I had high hopes for him that he'd do good
Kevlim256 2 aylar önce
Love that you included Greg Papa's call on the Carr 2 pointer, great video
Aaron Voorhees
Aaron Voorhees Aylar önce
I'm shocked by how fair you were . As a Raiders fan I wasn't expecting much lol. Nice content bro
Jeb Barrett
Jeb Barrett 2 aylar önce
I've been watching your videos for a long time, and I have to say I really love and appreciate how respectful you are to other youtubers. You always give credit where credit is due and it doesn't go unnoticed :) keep doing what ur doing man!
Edward Thibodeaux
Edward Thibodeaux 2 aylar önce
As a UT Fan, want to give thanks for Johnny football becoming a giant bust and for KTO making a great upload as always
the Winger
the Winger Aylar önce
at least we have Myles Garrett, Von Miller, and Mike Evans. who do yall have? earl thomas and….? justin tucker ig??
Abner Corvera
Abner Corvera Aylar önce
@Eazy E Vince Young was a bust but at least he did make a pro bowl
Eazy E
Eazy E 2 aylar önce
Lmao yall have Vince Young who is an even bigger bust..but i guess a lack of intelligence couldn’t allow that to resonate with you
BS314 2 aylar önce
I noticed that Logan Thomas was also drafted as a QB in that draft, but he's a TE now for Washington
John Harris
John Harris 2 aylar önce
The Raiders were going to pick Borltes if he was there at #4 or take Garapolo if Carr was off the board. The Problem with Derek Carr is that he does not play defense.
User Name
User Name Aylar önce
he's not able to transcend a horribly run team. good qb, but will never end up in canton.
Jonathan Pusar
Jonathan Pusar Aylar önce
Yep. I remember thinking exactly that during his 2nd ever career start against the Jets. Horribly painful game, but I thought Carr looked legit behind a terrible team.
Noah Wulbrecht
Noah Wulbrecht Aylar önce
Keep an eye on Central Michigan University running back Lew Nichols III. Led the nation in rushing yards this year and is only listed as a red-shirt freshman. Could be a great topic for a story!
John Chedsey
John Chedsey 2 aylar önce
Given what Teddy Bridgewater endured, I hope he has an 18 year career even if most of it is a backup. I love that he recovered from his injury (that apparently nearly cost him his leg) and is a viable NFL QB again. I suspect his role is like the Saints where he can be counted on to handle himself for 3-5 games, but probably not a full time starter. Ain't nothing wrong with being a high quality backup.
thejtd21 2 aylar önce
Especially after this year Derek Carr is solidified himself as the guy for the raiders
Gorilla Pimp
Gorilla Pimp 4 gün önce
Lmfao carr sucks wake up
Micha G
Micha G 2 aylar önce
My theory: Brady absorbs the youth of the qbs the pats brought in. Like in Hocus Pocus. just slurps the energy right out of them, they become awful and he stays elite. Look at how many qbs looked good in NE and then were awful when they left...
Peter García
Peter García Aylar önce
on a better team, i firmly believe that Manziel could’ve been good. As well as letting sit behind Hoyer for longer
Ryan Wilson
Ryan Wilson Aylar önce
I wonder how good Bortles could have been with a different team and different coaching staff to train him.
Richard Halter
Richard Halter 2 aylar önce
I love your work. Would you be up to making either of the following ideas into videos? A full first round review of the 2014 first round draft class and/or a video reviewing all of the Biletnikoff Winners drafted. Everyone talks about the Heisman winners but what about the Biletnikoff? What about the best College Receivers?
angellorenzoa Aylar önce
Derek Carr has done great for being a raider. Raiders are extremely disfuncional 🤣 most quarter backs would be horrible. He goes to a good organization; he is going to win a lot of games.
CritShot Aylar önce
Would love to see a video on Stetson Bennett, QB of UGA. His story is interesting. Look into it KTO
JR Swish
JR Swish Aylar önce
I remember being upset when the Texans had a DIRE need at quarterback and Derek Carr was literally right there but they drafted an OL 😂
Mistie Babin
Mistie Babin 2 aylar önce
Still love the vids as always KTO , I really love your content and I have for years now , I just wish you could upload more. Of course you have your personal life. But thank you for posting and always keeping me entertained. Happy thanksgiving 🦃🍁🍽
JBXyooj Aylar önce
Man I remember Vikings losing Bridgewater that year. Shit was so Sad... Then Sam Bradshaw and Case Keenum Happen.
Romy Galdamez
Romy Galdamez Aylar önce
Thank you for making this, I remember being so hyped during the 2014 draft class
Lombremic Aylar önce
If Tom keeps playing until 50 and wins some owls on the way, I might start believing him to be a messianic figure
Feed Us Fetus Fajitas
Feed Us Fetus Fajitas 2 aylar önce
Brady's Ty Cobb slide was savage. That's how you break up a double play!
Seraphim 35
Seraphim 35 2 aylar önce
Carr is the best of this class by far
generic_sauce 2 aylar önce
I'll still rock my Manziel jersey on occasion; as a reminder of how far the team has come since then (and because new jerseys are kinda expensive)
Tom Lombardo
Tom Lombardo Aylar önce
TBF the team hasn't come that far.
The White Wolf
The White Wolf Aylar önce
Same with my Bortles jersey
Joe Feihel
Joe Feihel Aylar önce
Ninja Electivire
Ninja Electivire Aylar önce
I love Teddy style QBs. Intelligent and hard working is what I’d look for as a GM.
HankDude HD
HankDude HD Aylar önce
as a vikings fan i felt so sad when teddy got hurt, i still to this day think he could have been amazing with us :(
Joe 2 aylar önce
Tom getting a first down run is honestly top 10 play of his career 🐐
joshdaboss 23 gün önce
F brady
Joe Feihel
Joe Feihel Aylar önce
coned Aylar önce
as a bengals fan, i didn't exactly wanna see the browns do great with manziel at QB but...man. i didn't see the on the field stuff going like it did. he was one of the best college QBs of ALL TIME. absolutely electric, able to win games basically on his own. i didn't think he was gonna be a hall of fame guy, but i thought he'd be kinda like baker is now. juuuuust good enough to stay on the field and win some games.
Luc Aylar önce
I scout for fun every year and remember that draft well. Many of us had Bridgewater graded as the best QB in that draft. He was even ranked 1st for a while during the pre draft process but fell late. He turned Louisville's program around. Mainly it was the UF game that I liked. He got his head taken off but came back in the game and won the sugar bowl. Bortles was clearly a project. Carr was solid too. He fell bc his name was linked to his brother.
CCS216 Aylar önce
The story of this draft is the WR class. Amazing class, but strange in how it got there.
Bobby Williams
Bobby Williams 2 aylar önce
This man jimmy has been impressive the last 2 weeks especially with the win over the rams
M.C.Martin Aylar önce
As a 49ers fan, I’ve learned Jimmy G performs best with NO EXPECTATIONS! So for the rest of the year, I’m turning off my Niner Brain and going to enjoy whatever happens. Aside from the fact his week in and week out performances are random as hell!
Joe Feihel
Joe Feihel Aylar önce
Mike Aylar önce
he gets so much undeserved hate, kirk cousins too
E 13 gün önce
“Bortles was reckless and a turn over machine.” I feel like that statement can be applied to well over 50% of all NFL quarterback.
Gorilla Pimp
Gorilla Pimp 4 gün önce
Definitely applies to russel wilson 😂😂
Jack D
Jack D Aylar önce
teddy's knee injury is one of the most gruesome things I've ever seen. I'm just happy he's still an "elite" athlete. And Carolina has to still pay his contract lol
John Fischer
John Fischer Aylar önce
I thought this was going to cover the entire QB class but I was sadly mistaken. Such disrespect for Zach Mettenberger.
Paxton Gerhart
Paxton Gerhart Aylar önce
Derek Carr being the best QB from this draft is still odd in my mind lol
Nick Messner
Nick Messner Aylar önce
This was the year I learned to trust my own rankings over the media rankings. I said back then that there were only 2 starting QBs in this draft, Teddy Bridgewater and Derek Carr.
Nick Messner
Nick Messner Aylar önce
@Jameson Bolen A fair point, but you're just looking at stats in a vacuum. Bridgewater (and Carr even more so) had a significantly worse supporting cast. If you replaced Jimmy with me or any random off the street, that 9ers team could've won 10-12 games.
Jameson Bolen
Jameson Bolen Aylar önce
Garoppolo threw 27 TDs and went to a Super Bowl. Bridgewater threw 28 TDs combined as a 2 year starter before injury
Gardening Tips
Gardening Tips 2 aylar önce
On this day, we are all thankful for a KTO upload
Joe Feihel
Joe Feihel Aylar önce
Coaster Craziness
Coaster Craziness Aylar önce
Can’t believe you made it on trending! Great job KTO, you are a legend. Great content
SchulzET Aylar önce
1 - The Raiders losing Carr at just the wrong time reminds me of how the Bengals probably should've won the Super Bowl the year they lost Andy Dalton. Just sucks (for the team and their fans; if you hate them, not so much). 2 - It really triggers me when people talk shit on Cook like you saying he proved to be a liability. I mean, it was his only start, in the playoffs, against a defense that made Tom Brady look like absolute dog shit the next week. I liked Cook coming out and thought he could've been an Andy Dalton/Derek Carr type, in the right situation. I'm not sure I was wrong. Seems like holding that game against him is remarkably unfair to him.
Dustin Moore
Dustin Moore 2 aylar önce
Jags were the best team in the league in 2017. Miles Jack wasn't down, that DPI call on Bouye (his only all year) and that garbage head to head call on Barry Church were classic refs in NE pockets. This team would have crushed Foles in the Super Bowl.
thrilla manilla
thrilla manilla Aylar önce
Derek Carr best QB in that class no doubt and back to his MVP form! RaiderNation!!
Gorilla Pimp
Gorilla Pimp 4 gün önce
Hahahaha imagine thinking derek carr is a sb qb 🤣🤣🤣
cole shields
cole shields Aylar önce
With how long QB's are playing and how well they are protected now days I can see some of these guys making a possible comeback learning behind the right coaches.
norsk jeger
norsk jeger Aylar önce
It was so sad when teddy bridgewater got hurt. And it was awesome to watch that second year with him. Too bad his career went the way it did.
Jabronylin43 Aylar önce
Derek Carr was the best QB in the 2014 class
Gorilla Pimp
Gorilla Pimp 4 gün önce
Which ain't saying much
Janny Aylar önce
Teddy gave me life as a Vikings fan. Was so excited for that season he got hurt.
Jacob Pollan
Jacob Pollan Aylar önce
Teddy Bridgewater would’ve been the franchise qb for the Vikings had he not be injured… and I’m a packers fan. Much love to teddy
Chris Cam
Chris Cam Aylar önce
I remember watching that draft and every time Manziel was passed over they zoomed in on him. Also, I just know that Jerry Jones was itching to draft him but cooler heads in that FO prevailed.
The Cool Kids
The Cool Kids Aylar önce
11:38 I wouldn't say Carr's efficiency went down. But he is a mixed bag though. He needs good coaching staff to be successful. He's not that kind of QB that's gonna pull a rabbit out his ass.
Jayyysmoove 2 aylar önce
Seriously though I said this DURING the 2018 draft the Jags should have drafted Lamar Jackson… I stand corrected
Jarred Aylar önce
The 2016 QB draft class would be a good one. I remember wishing the Cowboys would have picked Connor Cook because of how he played at Michigan State. I guess it worked out for them. 😂
Shooting Hoops With Noah Smith
Awesome video! It’s fun to see how these guys turned out!
Papa T
Papa T Aylar önce
That one run by Brady was more impressive than anything any of the others did.
A Silly Goose
A Silly Goose Aylar önce
crazy to think that within 5 years brady went from the most hated in the nfl to one of the most loved players
Aser Mpoyi
Aser Mpoyi Aylar önce
I hope one day Teddy returns to Minnesota, even if it’s for sentimental value. I remember coming home from school and being devastated when I heard the news.
Drew Matt
Drew Matt Aylar önce
When I saw them getting set up to kick I just immediately felt sad, I’m a Vikings fan.
Choi Yat Lam
Choi Yat Lam 12 gün önce
Congrats on Derek Care finally getting the playoff debut he deserves.
VanYoshi Aylar önce
I remember when teddy was a QB for the vikings, man I loved it when he was qb
JJ Aylar önce
I firmly believe that Manziel was two or three years early for the NFL. He was his worst enemy in the end but he was also in an extremely toxic QB room.
Ian McManus
Ian McManus Aylar önce
That Teddy Injury was just heartbreaking I feel so bad for the guy
Alex Schultz
Alex Schultz Aylar önce
Teddy two gloves had some great potential with the vikings it sucks that that injury happened to him. I think if it hadn't happen it might be different now an he'd still be a viking I believe
Randomness 2 aylar önce
I'm still mad at the Vikings for taking Bridgewater a pick before us
Randomness 8 gün önce
@Shaun Oneil i am, but it would have been strange to take him first. We shoulda traded back and taken him
Shaun Oneil
Shaun Oneil 8 gün önce
You should be more upset that the Texans didn’t take Donald #1 overall
Randomness 2 aylar önce
@Thriftyknight8_ _ Texans
Thriftyknight8_ _
Thriftyknight8_ _ 2 aylar önce
What team?
Joker Smoker
Joker Smoker Aylar önce
In a draft stacked with all Pro Talent and 2 first round picks, the Browns selected Justin Gilbert and Johnny Manziel
bioLarzen Aylar önce
What an instant playoff classic - Connor Cook v Brock Osweiler... :D
loute29372 Aylar önce
You should cover the RB recruiting class of 2005, Jonathan Stewart, Darren McFadden ,LaMarcus Coker, Jamaal Charles and Rashard Mendenhall
Santiago Gomez
Santiago Gomez Aylar önce
You should cover the RB recruiting class of 2005, Jonathan Stewart, Darren McFadden ,LaMarcus Coker, Jamaal Charles and Rashard Mendenhall
itsgonnabeme Aylar önce
#40 on trending. That's awesome dude! Congrats. You deserve it!
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