The 2006 Jaguar XJ Super V8 Was the Ultimate Luxury Jag

Doug DeMuro
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Jaguar XJ Super V8 review! The Jaguar XJ Super V8 is one of the coolest Jags -- an ultra-luxury car with big power and TONS of equipment. Today I'm reviewing the XJ Super V8, and I'll show you all the quirks and features of the top Jaguar of 2006. Then I'll drive the XJ Super V8 and show you what it's like on the road.


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21 Eki 2021




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PT Cruiser
PT Cruiser 5 saatler önce
I want one
Nils D.
Nils D. 6 saatler önce
i would drive the car. 😁😊
John Ward
John Ward 13 saatler önce
Jaguar died after the 2003 model year in the US. That was the last year of the all steel REAL Jaguars. The “Jag” in this video is a pile of aluminum crap. Unsubscribed.
Raul Lopez
Raul Lopez Gün önce
trunk is perfectly designed to carry borrowed oil paintings
Infinity Plus1
Infinity Plus1 5 gün önce
The key is basically a ford key from late 90's to somewhere in the 2000's...I think
kastelange 5 gün önce
The j-gate is really the only thing i don’t like about this car
Fernando Mendoza
Fernando Mendoza 5 gün önce
Fun fact I get my regular xj8 to give me 33 miles per gallon
Dave B
Dave B 7 gün önce
Is it worth getting this car ? What’s the downfall like pros and cons
S & L
S & L 8 gün önce
Missed quirk: The J shifter goes from 2-6 gears. D is the 6th gear.
jakub drabarek
jakub drabarek 8 gün önce
i like it
jakub drabarek
jakub drabarek 9 gün önce
dobre, z charyzma auto trzeba kuic
Matthijs arends
Matthijs arends 9 gün önce
I think the reason of the steering wheel first going up amd then down is to get te slack out of the gears so it doesn't drop further when you stop adjusting. Atleast that is what you need to do with a planer for woodworking
jakub drabarek
jakub drabarek 9 gün önce
trzeba buy
Raka' 9 gün önce
guys i think doug wants to say this is a SSUUPPEERR VVVV 8888
jakub drabarek
jakub drabarek 9 gün önce
auto z duszą
Konan Pine
Konan Pine 10 gün önce
Back when ford sold $130,000 dollars brand new jags
Simon Webbon
Simon Webbon 11 gün önce
If you see one of these roll up outside a bank…RUN.
car 12 gün önce
i've got a Jaaaag.
Gmony I
Gmony I 12 gün önce
It failed because it was perceived as an old man car
Gustavo Costa
Gustavo Costa 12 gün önce
Bring back regular gauges
Gazza 3501
Gazza 3501 14 gün önce
I quite like doughs reviews but ……Abysmal scores for this Jag that have no credibility I’m afraid.
Josh 14 gün önce
This car screams buy here pay here
Denvee Pierson
Denvee Pierson 14 gün önce
I love tryskits m.trvid.com/video/video-1dOLmulsj2M.html
Oiv 14 gün önce
How much is it?
Absolute Longplay
Absolute Longplay 14 gün önce
Modern Jaguars look so damn cheap.
D J 15 gün önce
This really looks top notch classy.
Cheema Bai
Cheema Bai 15 gün önce
One of best and smooth car I ever drove Highway drive and suspension is like floating on Water
Ricardo Leffering
Ricardo Leffering 16 gün önce
I just love the XJ. My uncle had the X300 Daimler Double Six LWB, such an awesome automobile. I just got my driver's license and my uncle allowed me to drive his car. I will never forget that experience, supreme comfort and power overload.
qmpel 16 gün önce
Extremely shitty and cheap Ford models from this era also have the same ignition key...
John Locke
John Locke 17 gün önce
Ugly, terribly ugly, Jags before this were the last in a great line of cars; from here onwards they were wretched, they got better but nothing like the 19xx-2002.
Ramone Cloyd
Ramone Cloyd 17 gün önce
It's still stunning car I will love to have this car
likimark 18 gün önce
Jaguar, boop the snoot.
Ken Shaw
Ken Shaw 18 gün önce
You lose that key that cost 500 to get another one made in program
Dewayne Chester
Dewayne Chester 19 gün önce
Review a 2003 jaguar S type V8
Jos sa
Jos sa 19 gün önce
My Baby
Rotating apple On kitchen floor
Do a review of the x type
Anthony Lewis
Anthony Lewis 20 gün önce
You can open boot on the key without touching the button on the boot
Carl Pelz
Carl Pelz 20 gün önce
Beautiful 😻 Cat. Btw, i own a XJR 08 and is super reliable, no problem, just regular maintenance, besides the edging normal replace stuff. It is my daily drive, feels luxurious and sporty, super fast and responsive, the steering is good and feels like an sport car on the curbs of the country roads, in the highway my cat is the king and turn lots of heads or all ages everywhere i go 👌🏼.
Edward Valivonis
Edward Valivonis 20 gün önce
The best jag
Extra 20 gün önce
The ultimate, financial bancraptsy solution. Lol!
Lavagreat The great
Lavagreat The great 20 gün önce
My dad's ford fiesta had a key like that, it's a ford thing
legioner9 21 gün önce
I believed you would give a 7/10 for the features. It has quite a bit of tech.
Davey R
Davey R 21 gün önce
JAG- WAAAR, Americans are so funny. It is pronounced JAG-YOU-ARE in English.
M Scott
M Scott 21 gün önce
It's pronounced Jag u r. Not Jagwa.
Zarviroff Serge
Zarviroff Serge 22 gün önce
the screen is more responsive and less laggy than in eqs lol
Randy Carmichael
Randy Carmichael 22 gün önce
One of the most beautiful cars ever made.
john burrows
john burrows 22 gün önce
Jagwar , jagwar, jagwar…..no more jagwar please. Unless you can tone down the twitchyness….and learn how to say Jaguar…
Noemi Cubol
Noemi Cubol 22 gün önce
It a very nice car
Kyle Rollins
Kyle Rollins 22 gün önce
Doug calls it pushing a Jaguar’s face, I call it booping the snoot
Dan Melia
Dan Melia 23 gün önce
Normal people: Jag U ar Americans: Jagwharrr
Martin Knoke
Martin Knoke 23 gün önce
4:26 I don not like the trim-line... :(
Pastoor Anderson In Het Nederlands
Help. This (but not supercharged) for about $12k or a 2003 previous shape Daimler 4.0l v8 for about $6k?
Pastoor Anderson In Het Nederlands
In South Africa.
Mikael Mirzoyan
Mikael Mirzoyan 23 gün önce
I have the 2007 whitee VP...a dream car..I wouldn't trade it for any car...well only to sell it and buy more of these jags....absolute boss car
Mac Hicks
Mac Hicks 23 gün önce
Gotta love an American Jagwar
BUMPY JOHNSON 23 gün önce
cool they still go with the dungeon style key
BUMPY JOHNSON 23 gün önce
xjr looked better
Herp Mc Derp
Herp Mc Derp 24 gün önce
Car located in Corona XD
Sean Linnan
Sean Linnan 24 gün önce
I sure wish the modern jags still had the bumpy hood lines and the jaguar leaper hood ornament. The new jags don't look like their predecessors enough. The look like Buicks.
Suj 24 gün önce
theretrogamerno1 25 gün önce
I like this interior; but I prefer the XF's.
mithril weaver
mithril weaver 25 gün önce
trvid.com/video/video-kt8ycEtNeFE.html I owned until recently a 05 super V8 like this one that was Jaguar racing green. I think it handles a bit better than he would indicate. It does not feel like you are driving a large car (206 inches long: same as a Lincoln town car). They handle VERY well given their size. Being an American I loved the classic styling but I gave into temptation and put racing stripes on mine. Hey, art is subjective. I have owned several jags from this era. If you have the financial means I highly recommend picking any of the 2004-09 supercharged models up. I did a video featuring the sound of the car and how it looks with tinted windows and a stripe.
Yanni Tsl
Yanni Tsl 25 gün önce
The key is a Ford key of this era!
Sampath Karunathilaka
Sampath Karunathilaka 25 gün önce
Love how Doug reduces the volume of the video when he lowers the volume of the entertainment system!
Dawn 666
Dawn 666 25 gün önce
This was the last Jaguar I liked. They all suck now
Kristjan Vendelin
Kristjan Vendelin 25 gün önce
The key is just a Euro-Ford key. They used it on every car since the 1980s at least. Jag at least at that time was owned by Ford.
Jazzmaster Jay
Jazzmaster Jay 25 gün önce
The "Jaguar V8" was actually just a Ford.
Thejas KS
Thejas KS 25 gün önce
Well this is what a "wealthy people" would drive! Not by "rich people"
Everett Schram
Everett Schram 25 gün önce
Hey Doug, just fyi, the Super V8 actually debuted on the prior X308 body-style for 2002 as a farewell for its last couple of years of production for an ultimate halo car, combining the XJR and Vanden Plas models.
Cody 26 gün önce
Rick Simpson
Rick Simpson 26 gün önce
Looks better in person
T J 26 gün önce
Guy's in America had Cadillacs. Guy's in Britain had Big Cats
Sarthak Sharan
Sarthak Sharan 26 gün önce
Looks such a nice car but con is that many innocent life’s have been charged over making a leather. But for sure we are going to a positive objective while many automakers are opting artificial leather to save planet and animal Let’s opt for cruelty free leather. Just to save a life and enjoy a skin free leather
Shivaal Tiluk
Shivaal Tiluk 26 gün önce
It's not REAL wood.
chrisphoenix77 26 gün önce
I want a jag like this so much.
420BudNuggets 26 gün önce
I thought the wheels were after market 😂 looks like a hood jag
libertarian45 26 gün önce
Kms to miles button. "Not much use for it... maybe in Europe..." Err, how about traveling between Canada and the US?
T Shields
T Shields 26 gün önce
M Salzberg
M Salzberg 26 gün önce
I've owned a 2004 X Type, a 2015 XF, and a 2018 XE. All perfectly reliable cars.
Gooey123 27 gün önce
I might be wrong, but I get the sense that Doug likes the engine.
The Dim Reaper
The Dim Reaper 27 gün önce
It was one of my favourite cars i have ever owned. It just done everything well. Better than the two M5s by far.
Chillednfunked 27 gün önce
Why are you saying Jagwar - it has a u in the word
Dantel Lewisham
Dantel Lewisham 27 gün önce
I have an 98 XJ and 04 XType. I use the J Gate going into and out of corners all the time. love it
Evo1122 27 gün önce
Jaguar XJR
NYC moto life
NYC moto life 27 gün önce
Veyronp87 27 gün önce
i didnt care for these when they were around but i will say they've aged really well
Johnathan Leonardo
Johnathan Leonardo 27 gün önce
Since Ford owned Aston Martin, Land Rover and Jaguar as well as Volvo but excluding volvo Ford used alot of the Jaguars AJ motors and intertwined them. Jaguar also uses Fords Diesel in Europe until 2019
Christoph Spall
Christoph Spall 27 gün önce
Key's nothing special - every Ford had a similiar key at that time in Europe.
eduardo visinoni
eduardo visinoni 27 gün önce
A cada ano que vc faz esses videos, os carros antigos se parecem melhor que você. arrume alguma vida para viver de verdade antes de virar sucata.
scottboof 28 gün önce
That key isn't unique to Jagaurs of the time -it was literally in every European Ford for the previous 15 years!
Andrew Olson
Andrew Olson 22 gün önce
As a sheltered American, I can say that I have only ever seen Jaguars use those cylindrical keys. So, they're quirky to us. It does seem pretty odd that Ford would use such a different key design in some markets and not others.
HonJazzz 28 gün önce
Definitely a modern classic. Buy one now while they are still cheap!
HonJazzz 24 gün önce
@A S Yeah that can be true haha
A S 24 gün önce
They’re not cheap mate. It cost 15k to buy one but 30k to keep it running every 3 years
Hasan & Vic
Hasan & Vic 28 gün önce
That keys seems a bit ford dont you thing?
Keith 28 gün önce
These have aged well.
Mars Mellow
Mars Mellow 28 gün önce
The key is really just a cheap thing from Ford. Same as all the buttons in the interior.
kraenk12 28 gün önce
I cannot get over his pronunciation of Jaguar lol.
Peter John Ayton
Peter John Ayton 28 gün önce
Love the way Americans pronounce the word JAG - OOO - AAGH. Really not concurring with the miserly scores out of 10 - should be in the upper quartile on most points . Not much will beat it for looks
Seve Sellors
Seve Sellors 28 gün önce
Beautiful car had the pleasure of driving this car on a few occasions lovely ,comfortable, and excellent vision. Along with the E type, series2, my favourite Jag, I certainly prefer it to the current saloons. Greetings from 🇬🇧
Holy Trinity School San Pedro
We had a 2006 XJ beautiful car especially wood interior but reliability terrible. Notice in Doug's car headliner and even sunvisors material is separating and drooping. If Ford would have put in the V-12 from Aston Martin and V-8 from Mustang instead of developing Jaguar 4.2 V-8 they would have had more resources to make the rest of the bits reliable and it would have been a collectable.
Christian Haselwanter- Grasl
The funniest thing is how you Americans say Jaguar… Jaguuuaaaaar 🙈🤷‍♂️ sorry but for me as a Brit it’s funny to listen
Letsgo Brandon
Letsgo Brandon 28 gün önce
I had a s type v8 man I miss that machine
ridgebackdk 29 gün önce
jagUar .... there is no w ...#
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