The 1975 - All I Need To Hear

The 1975
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The 1975 - All I Need To Hear
Recorded live at Real World Studios, supported by TRvid Music
Being Funny In A Foreign Language
The new album. Out now

I get out my records when you go away
When people are talking, I miss what they say
Because it all means nothing my dear
If I can't be holding you near
So tell me you love me, that’s all that I need to hear
I sit in my kitchen
with nothing to eat
With so many friends I don’t want to meet
I don’t need music in my ears
I don’t need the crowds and the cheers
Just tell me you love me, that's all that I need to hear
I’ve been told so many times before
But hearing it from you m
eans much more
So much more
Reply to my message
Pick up my calls
You see, I wrote you a letter
It was no use at all
Oh, I don’t care if you’re insincere
Just tell me what I want to hear
You know where to find me
The places where we’ve lived all t
hese years
Tell me you love me, that’s all I need to hear


Director: Samuel Bradley
Creative Directors: Patricia Villirillo & Matthew Healy
Production Company: Amelia Studios
Stylist: Patricia Villirillo
Creative Producer: Jamie Glydon
Producer: Alice Ellis
DOP: Eoin Mcgloughlin
Featuring: Jamie Squire & John Waugh
Label: Dirty Hit
Makeup Artist: Elaine Lynksy
Hair Stylist: Matt Mulhall
Post Production: Pundersons Gardens
Edit: Toby Heard
Grade: John O’Riordan
BTS: Jordan Curtis Hughes
Music Recorded & Mixed by: Oli Jacobs
Assistant Engineer, Monitor Engineer: Dom Shaw
Assistant Engineer: Bob Mackenzie
1st AD: Elle Lotherington
2nd AD: Rory D. Bentley
1st AC: Emmy Robinson
2nd AC: Ada Wesolowska
Camera Trainee: Alex Stanley-Ruthven
Gaffer: Nathan Mathews
Spark: Christian Smith
Spark: Beau Wilkinson
Styling Assistant: Nelima Odhiambo
Styling Assistant: Rafaela Roncete
Live Tech: Jack Hughes
Sound Recordist: John Thorpe
Production Manager: Keaton Williams
Production Assistant: Natnael Dawit
Production Assistant: Lyza Anderson
Runner / Driver: Juliette Hagg
Video Playback Op: Steven Toft-Sharpe
Medic: David Baker
Camera Equipment: Emmyland
Lighting Equipment: GLO Film Lighting
Film Stock: Frame24
Film Processing: Kodak

Special thanks to the whole team at Real World Studios



20 Eyl 2022




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I‘m so in love with this era it feels like this is the most honest and happy they’ve ever been. Such a beautiful group of guys..eternally thankful they’ve found their chosen family in each other and I can’t wait for this album I think it’s going to be the most wholesome one yet.
TienTruong 2 saatler önce
I get out my records when you go away
Addictive Lofi
If you listen to it when you're happy, it's peaceful, if you listen to it when you're sad, it hurts...
Hannah H.
This is probably the most sincere love song they‘ve written thus far.
Frances alexandra
matty explaining how he has been in this band longer than he has been alive is so heart-melting.
M.Keren.L Z.García
M.Keren.L Z.García 17 saatler önce
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Bilal Syed
This has 'If I Believe You' vibes. Love it. Probably my favorite song so far from the album.
Patrick Bateman
Let's be honest, after all the singles we heard, we can surely say that "Being Funny In A Foreign Language" is probably their best work.
First dances at weddings will never be the same after this banger
Charlotte Lyons
I love how this song is so raw and real, no flashy effects, no big performance, it hits just right, the intro was perfect I loved how authentic it was... no smoke and mirrors, just honesty! Even more excited for the album 🤩
This song feels like I'm sitting at a cafe at night, watching the city lights and feeling content.
This title of this song is how I’m feeling about the entire album, cause honestly Being funny in a foreign language is all I need to hear.
Michelle Medeiros
Michelle Medeiros 14 gün önce
Heard this for the first time at the Connecticut show, instant tears through the whole thing! Very powerful
Silence in the house. Two lovers, absolutely adoring each other, in cozy home clothes. Exhausted by hugs and completely happy. No need to pretend, no smart words are needed, only sweet laziness, a bit humor, some food and the love.
Emildon Elegado
This is my song right now. I miss you, K. The only person I know who loves this band as much as I do. Come back to me when you're ready and we'll talk about our favorite band for hours until we get tired. I'll be waiting <3
This is solid. Their slower stuff isn’t my favorite but they pull it off well so I give credit where credit is due. Their more upbeat dance-type music is what I love about them. Or whenever they get weird, I like that as well.
Janea Sills
This song gives me goosebumps. Ive been a fan since the beginning and this just takes me back to when i first found them 🥹❤️
The 1975 never disappoints 🥹♥️
Sara Argese
Sara Argese 14 gün önce
This song is a masterpiece
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