That one McDonalds employee

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25 Kas 2021




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Rotorious Aylar önce
I had a coworker at mcdonalds do this in the exact same tone lmao
RoRo Aylar önce
They need to get fired
April Sutton
April Sutton Aylar önce
That's bad.
Queen.D95 Aylar önce
tas_ello Aylar önce
@•puppydogface• k ty
•puppydogface• Aylar önce
@tas_ello don't reply to them cause they can take your info and hack your account just report them
Amanda Aylar önce
it's true, all fast food employees have clinical depression.
Amber Penland
Amber Penland 27 gün önce
I was happy at work always (Taco Bell) but I was a line cook, I didn’t have to deal with other humans (customers) and I guess that’s why. Because i have major social anxiety. So I loved being in the back away from everyone 😃 that and I got to eat what I wanted when I had time between rushes. 😂 I had munchies a lot. But I worked late nights and we didn’t stay very busy at all, we had the same people that would come at the same time every night (our regular customers we knew by name and I knew their orders by heart) give or take a couple random customers.
Bruh Moment
Bruh Moment Aylar önce
Not me
Tiffany Miner
Tiffany Miner Aylar önce
Chick-fil-A: BE HAPPY BITCHES *employees finnnne* *puffs weeds* okay we good let’s GO.
Mama Jay
Mama Jay Aylar önce
as a previous fast food worker, you are absolutely correct. lmao
Alex Aylar önce
As a fast food employee I can confirm this
Trap Card
Trap Card Aylar önce
As a ex McDonald’s employee this is 100% accurate
Owen Brady
Owen Brady 17 gün önce
Working at McDonalds is like building the containment dome for Chernobyl, it gets more hazardous for your health the longer you stay
Trap Card
Trap Card Aylar önce
@Sayk12 I wasn’t really bragging plus that’s just how McDonald’s is I personally wouldn’t be rude to a customer as I worked at many different places during high school I was able to just see that most employees especially managers just hate their lives it’s honestly a depressing work environment in fast food where your underpaid and usually asked to work overtime and longer hours and sometimes even have to stay till 2 am just to close the store. I don’t see why you felt the need to tell me I was bragging about something lol
Haeojah Aylar önce
As another exMickieDs slave, agreed. I chose to work in the kitchen after a certain point of my shifts because I could feel the apathy sinking in and my patience crumbling for everyone, customer or coworker.
Sayk12 Aylar önce
@Carpe Diem lol where the fuck did you even come from?
Nova night
Nova night Aylar önce
@NUCLEAR Phoenix1 true
Sunhopie Aylar önce
Unrelated but in the McDonald's near my school, it always has a ton of people there but it's clear there's a shortage of employees. There's this legendary dude that handles all the customers, helps the kitchen continue working and runs to the cashier when there's a line forming. It was obvious he's very stressed but not once was he rude to anyone and still made sure the others weren't doing a sloppy job
light & sound
light & sound 4 gün önce
Hopefully he's a manager or shift lead and gets paid well.
Tearsofblood25 12 gün önce
When he quits he can put that he worked at McDonald's. It's pretty good having that on your cv during the shortage of employees nowadays. I got hired at a right after my interview was done.
PotentiallyKor 13 gün önce
I think we live in the same town lmao. And I also think you're talking about my boss......
Mofo BeanCake
Mofo BeanCake 15 gün önce
He was prob on sum addy
P. consuela banana H.
P. consuela banana H. 15 gün önce
These people are the glue holding everything together
Crystul Aylar önce
McDonald's is overrated but the my heart goes out to the employees
Ais.T. 29 gün önce
@Sakura Falls yeah, The other day i watched this Italian guys i think they are channels name is lionsfield or something. So, they went to Italian McDonald’s where they got beer i was surprised by that
sean1 the1
sean1 the1 Aylar önce
McDonald's isn't overrated, it's just convenient almost anywhere you go on the globe. No one else even comes close to that sort of convince.
Andromeda VA
Andromeda VA Aylar önce
Thanks I needed to hear that 🥲
•S o f t i e •
•S o f t i e • Aylar önce
@Sakura Falls omg its so different here 😡😭
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Dam Aylar önce
this is exactly how fast food is from a fast food worker’s perspective. after 1,293 karens you become an emotionless being. feels like the fucking savannah.
NayburhoodSnipa 16 gün önce
@Infamous_one™ Fuck her feelings, she fucked your feelings first. I don't care how civilized society becomes, societies are made up of people, people need to earn respect or get shit on.
sean1 the1
sean1 the1 Aylar önce
I worked fast food and was never like this, I didn't like the people I worked with, but I really enjoyed interacting with customers. If you're customer service oriented you'll never have problems with them, but you have to have a high energy level for this, and I know most people don't have a lot of energy.
kydovincent Aylar önce
Aw look, a groomer
Maxi C.
Maxi C. Aylar önce
ASDAPOI Aylar önce
@Zeldagirl If that happens so often maybe you’re the problem? :-P
Bryan Hawn
Bryan Hawn Aylar önce
That sounds like every McDonalds Employee I have ever encountered
Little Aether
Little Aether Aylar önce
@(Old) Ronell Rayn hahaha same, the more annoyed I am at work. The more ik go like this :D
Little Aether
Little Aether Aylar önce
My mcdonald's isn't like that xD we're actually even HAPPY with our jobs and each other, who would've expected that 😳
(Old) Ronell Rayn
(Old) Ronell Rayn Aylar önce
And my boss was horrible x.x
(Old) Ronell Rayn
(Old) Ronell Rayn Aylar önce
I've worked at mcd... I was super polite, I worked fast and I always had a smile on my face, even when the customers and my coworkers irritated me... felt like my smile only grew wider the worse my inner annoyance was. 😁
Rafia Munchies
Rafia Munchies Aylar önce
Bryan hawn is that you in ur profile pic ?
*30 years later* I’m still waiting for my chicken nuggies-
Harley Jaine
Harley Jaine Aylar önce
All good lol, I recieved 6 and a half, one bitten 🥲🥲🥲 delicious.
Teddy bear cupcake
Teddy bear cupcake Aylar önce
I just scrolled down the replies I don’t even wanna read stop arguing on how people talk accept people the way they are for once
Teddy bear cupcake
Teddy bear cupcake Aylar önce
nuggies is kind of cringe but don’t make such a big deal about it god
Dat bish with no pfp
@「sky aiko」 *NUGGIES*
MikJR1010 Aylar önce
@Oh-oh Stinky u gay dude jk
Blackpinkandbtsfan Aylar önce
Kudos to the employees who genuinely try there best at fast food restaurants
lolaBee9 12 gün önce
People don't realize how stressful working at McDonald's is. It's a little annoying that some customers expect us to be cheerful and get upset at us for being any less than that. Sorry but I'm juggling 3 people's jobs by myself at 2 in the morning while my lazy manager is standing around yelling at me for not being fast enough. I try my best not to take it out on the customers but I'm not getting paid enough to put up with all of that while also stroking your superiority complex. The people you meet in drive throughs sometimes could test a saint Please just pay for your burger and get over yourself. I don't stop being a human when I get on the clock
Tearsofblood25 Aylar önce
You try your best but only get screwed over in the end by your managers. I've had managers use the bathroom and sleep for two hours while I called them for help. I had to man the drive alone and the front counter with one employee in the kitchen. I had to take the orders for both places, pay the orders and hand out the orders while I make sure not to burn the fries. I had to also make sure everything was in order. Like having enough cookies , apple pies, salads,etc. If I ran out I had to make them myself, out them in the oven, etc. I had a manager who would talk on the phone during his shifts. That was the only thing he would do. He would state at you if you would ask for help. They would rush me in drive thru while everyone at the front were walking around doing nothing because no customers came inside. I was stuck in drive thru for hours. Nobody would switch with me. I would be inside that room sometimes with no heater and it would be -40°C. I no longer work there now.
Elena Galli
Elena Galli Aylar önce
Thanks bro, appreciate
Annie Mannie
Annie Mannie Aylar önce
Yep, I never knew there are employees like this in other outlets. Every McDonalds near my house have really nice, human like employees
jai-ln Aylar önce
lmfao i don’t make enough to genuinely try.
tiara Aylar önce
we really aren’t employees, we’re prisoners of ronald mcdonald (pls save me)
Ryan Parkhurst
Ryan Parkhurst 26 gün önce
Tiara, would you rather would for Ronald McDonald the Clown, or Pennywise the Clown?
tiara 29 gün önce
@DIG GER lol where are y’all from because it’s impossible to get a decent paying job here
DIG GER 29 gün önce
@H0LOdm if you work at Rotten Ron's, you can easily get a new job at another fast food chain. They're crying for help right now.
H0LOdm 29 gün önce
@DIG GER not that easy to get a new job
DIG GER 29 gün önce
You can leave at any time. There are plenty of other jobs out there.
“And a soda” No, don’t bother telling me what kind
PotentiallyKor 13 gün önce
For in lobby they usually get their own drink, we just give them a cup
kristina angelisse
kristina angelisse Aylar önce
or the size or how many nuggets
Jacklyn Yeh
Jacklyn Yeh Aylar önce
Auto coke :/
Zee Arts ⛄
Zee Arts ⛄ Aylar önce
@Sonja Sundberg Same here in Greece
M S Aylar önce
@The Sky Today unless it’s a drive through, doofy.
_A_ Aylar önce
honestly this is understandable, i really feel for fast food employees because their entire job is used as an example of being a failure in life. Must be tough on your self esteem when parents are always like "work hard in school or you'll become a Mcdonalds worker" and you end up actually working there.
Just a Teapot
Just a Teapot 18 gün önce
@Blu3 Savag3 dude, shut up lmao
Shriderpoople Square
Shriderpoople Square 19 gün önce
@Belladonna Plumb when I can't heat the because they speak quietly in the drive through and they scream at me
Belladonna Plumb
Belladonna Plumb 19 gün önce
@Shriderpoople Square once had a guy straight up tell me i didn't belong there, when I misheard him when ringing him up.
H0LOdm Aylar önce
@Blu3 Savag3 seethe
Jeanne Ann 啊音
Jeanne Ann 啊音 Aylar önce
@Blu3 Savag3 you sound so sad what is wrong with u :(
Jason Kowitz
Jason Kowitz Aylar önce
I worked at a McDonald's in the late 90s for a summer job. After watching this video, reminded me of a girl that I worked with who was so much like this. The funny part was as soon as we got out of work her demeanor completely changed. She was very outgoing and goofy. I believe that every time she pulled into the parking lot and seen them golden arches she went straight to Moron mode. 🙄 Oh what fun times!!! 😂😆
Shareen Kaur
Shareen Kaur Aylar önce
I love her videos so muchh! She's so entertaining and she always brightens up my day! ❤😭
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~-M a d d i e  B.-~
~-M a d d i e B.-~ Aylar önce
@Juleha Beby ewww
Alois Trancy
Alois Trancy Aylar önce
I worked at one of these hell houses, I actually did try my best for every customer that was kind to me. I met a veteran the day before Christmas and became good friends with him, he had trouble eating the burritos if the bread was stiff so I always made sure to put "fresh" for his breakfast burritos. And there was Lary the public transit guy, he always got coffee and was one of the first customers. And Scott the single dad who worked for the local landscaping company, I knew his order by heart. But if you were one of the ones who were mean to me I treated you like the girl in the video because I had no respect for those who didn't respect me and my coworkers.
Panda MilkShake
Panda MilkShake Aylar önce
Oh wow, it's almost like if you don't pay people enough money to even survive, they won't really care about the job at hand. It's almost as if you give indecent wages to your workers, they'll just barely be there to get the work done.
Belladonna Plumb
Belladonna Plumb 18 gün önce
@Panda MilkShake precisely
Panda MilkShake
Panda MilkShake 19 gün önce
@Cora B I wish I had the audience to say it louder but I don't, so...
Panda MilkShake
Panda MilkShake 19 gün önce
@Belladonna Plumb Yeah, I see...and from the replies I also see that the privileged ones won't let that change.
Belladonna Plumb
Belladonna Plumb 19 gün önce
@Panda MilkShake yeah..it sucks here
Panda MilkShake
Panda MilkShake Aylar önce
@ZERO "You're being paid what you deserve"...you Americans really make me laugh, honestly...
Pandii -
Pandii - Aylar önce
i worked at chick fil a as my first fast food job, then mcdonald’s as my second. i was actually astounded at how some of my coworkers would talk to customers. it’s truly not that hard to be nice to someone, even if they’re being an asshole to you
NicoNiiUDead Aylar önce
Fr! My first job was taco bell and everyone was talking to the customers like absolute dicks. They were rushing through orders, skipping half the steps, not greeting, and even forgetting to say the damn total price. The half-assedness was disheartening to see, sadly even though i tried my best to keep a happy impression with customers our store reputation was known for being bad so i was often treated bad. That made me leave and head to wendys which is the whole opposite and i love it now, people are nice to the customers and vise versa, and hard working people!
DoubleDS9 Aylar önce
Once I ordered a burger in Chicago and the poor guy was exhausted just trying to type the order in the machine. I guess he was working multiple jobs. I ended up with a much larger meat burger than expected but I really felt for him.
Franky Ineus
Franky Ineus Aylar önce
Employee: you want a free ice cream cone The girl: yes! Employee: oh, the ice cream machine is Down. Me: *Then why did you ask*
Carpe Diem
Carpe Diem Aylar önce
@Mitzy Sandi Vallejo Yeah youtube only censor what they want to censor. They don't even take down racist comments when it's reported.
Mitzy Sandi Vallejo
@Franky Ineus I reported them every time, annoying bots with spam
Franky Ineus
Franky Ineus Aylar önce
Stop putting those links please
Franky Ineus
Franky Ineus Aylar önce
@Frostbites oh
Frostbites Aylar önce
She only offered the cone
Tony Riccio
Tony Riccio Aylar önce
That's me at my dunkin job. I'm like yeah here's a free donut while the other workers are on break
Tony Riccio
Tony Riccio Aylar önce
@BassFartz hahaha yup!
BassFartz Aylar önce
@Tony Riccio and when the other workers are "on break," it usually means they're behind the dumpster smoking, doing some sort of drug, dealing some sort of drugs, or eating crappy food in secrecy while they question their life decisions :D WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
Tony Riccio
Tony Riccio Aylar önce
@BassFartz you ain't lying and getting transferred. I've been moved around like 8 times already within the past 4 years
BassFartz Aylar önce
I work at dunkin as well and it's this combined with swearing at the order screen in the sandwich station
End of an Era out NOW
Hwasa’s Cake
Hwasa’s Cake Aylar önce
I went to Mc Donald’s last summer and the employee was honestly so cool, she was banging on the metal counter and hit every single beat when a song played but overall she was so happy, ecstatic and just gave off positivity, she was a real bestie.
Ghostly Aylar önce
I personally work at McDonalds. I try my best to make each customer laugh or at least have a good time instead of talking to a brick wall, even if I feel like absolute dogshit that day.
ツLisa Aylar önce
@cabinet I do. nobody cares about your fucking comment. grow up.
ツLisa Aylar önce
thank you so much ❤️ I‘m sorry that some customers and McDonalds treat you like shit, I really appreciate your hard work! :)
cabinet Aylar önce
no one cares
Ropey Aylar önce
@_A_ same for me except it's starbucks
Ghostly Aylar önce
@_A_ Nah, I'm still in high school so it's not bad
Jasmine Schatzschneider
the guy saying “i’m on break” took me out😭
Skye Aylar önce
As a current McDonald’s employee I can agree this sounds about right. Like the machine will be down in the morning but we will just ignore it the rest of the day.
Stan TheBoyz
Stan TheBoyz Aylar önce
@Junie You're childish. Maybe they should do their work. It's selfish of them to not want to do to something that they LITERALLY being paid to do. Its pure laziness
Junie Aylar önce
@Blu3 Savag3 lol don't you have better things to worry about than some random McDonalds you've probably never been too Karen?
Blu3 Savag3
Blu3 Savag3 Aylar önce
@Skye unfortunately your answer is my concerns. Usually with a store that your receiving poor service, lies the management that has poor values and morals. The employees that do the labor get overlooked as their opinion doesn't matter. But as you said once the machine is cleaned and Finished you should be selling that product but instead you just would rather irritate and lie to the customer that had done absolutely nothing but keep you in a job. Without the consumer you would not have a job. But let's look past that and say is it morally right denying somebody a product simply because you don't want to do what your being paid to do. Maybe you need to contact corporate and tell them. Give me your store location and I'll do it for you
Skye Aylar önce
@Blu3 Savag3 yeah I usually bring it up to management but only a select few actually do anything. If I knew how to fix it I would try but I wasn’t trained for maintenance.
Blu3 Savag3
Blu3 Savag3 Aylar önce
Yeah sounds like good business practices
beany Thompson
beany Thompson Aylar önce
After standing for 8+ hours 7 days in a row I think I was probably a giant asshole to customers id give them whatever they want just to stop talking because I was so exhausted
Blu3 Savag3
Blu3 Savag3 Aylar önce
@NicoNiiUDead Appreciate you all! Some people will never get it, but I'm glad someone understood
NicoNiiUDead Aylar önce
@Blu3 Savag3 that’s why i chose the navy, happily serving as a Hospital Corpsman nowww
beany Thompson
beany Thompson Aylar önce
@HOLLYWOOD NaBil good luck you can do it!
beany Thompson
beany Thompson Aylar önce
@Blu3 Savag3 I quit that job around 2 years ago now I'm a mortician
Blu3 Savag3
Blu3 Savag3 Aylar önce
Yeah I know right I work 16hr days 14 days in a row and have 48 hrs off to R&R. I hike until I can't hike no more. I dig line until I can't dig no more. If you feel as if you don't have a purpose in your workplace I would try a different work environment.
Michelle M
Michelle M 23 gün önce
I recall having a coworker like this at a few different places, yet they're the ones usually going to get the promotion in those jobs (you know just so that the company can keep an eye on them better). The same company then wonders why they have issues
MainManMooky Aylar önce
That's why I always tried to be positive with customers. You never want them to make the experience good for themselves, it's on you as the employee to treat people right
ツLisa Aylar önce
thank you so much ❤️
Blue Eyez
Blue Eyez Aylar önce
“Im on break.” “Yeah. Its broken.” *Me: Can I get the ingredients for the chocolate ice cream*
splashto Aylar önce
Before the customer walking into McDonald's was the number one priority, now you walk you're very the last thing on their mind. You're waiting behind the Uber orders, Mobile Orders, and Orders from who knows where else.
splashto Aylar önce
@Junie yeah i mean the ones without the drive thru. at least that is how it is at the one i live close to. talking about walking up to the cash and ordering.
Junie Aylar önce
When I worked there drive through was always priority.
Frankie !
Frankie ! Aylar önce
At least she’s doing her best lol
reborn Aylar önce
i relate to this a small amount, was working for my second time and i didn’t mess peoples orders up, but i ended up making people wait way longer than necessary. this one lady on the phone was ordering a bunch of stuff i didn’t know how to plug in to the computer so i had to make her wait like 20 minutes on the phone until someone else was available to help me.
Tails Aylar önce
Haven't worked at McDonald's in years, and I can say when I was a teen this was true
J A Aylar önce
Hahhahaha this is so accurate. I worked in the fast food industry and I can confirm this is how stuff gets done
Darrell Smith
Darrell Smith Aylar önce
I love how she serving nuggets and fries but still got the breakfast menu up😂
Liah #RoadTo440!
Liah #RoadTo440! Aylar önce
The fact that I’m eating Mac Donald’s right now is just-😂
aliensarecool Aylar önce
@RandomHuman .
RandomHuman Aylar önce
@unsure Lmfao calm tf down. Stop replying to me😐 That won’t change the fact that gacha kids need to die.
unsure Aylar önce
@RandomHuman you’re older than me? You think that’s a flex? Not with that behavior
RandomHuman Aylar önce
@unsure And you really care enough because you literally keep replying to me. Calm down
RandomHuman Aylar önce
@unsure I’m sure that i’m older then you.
Lorenzo Camacho
Lorenzo Camacho 2 gün önce
This is absolutely ridiculous and hilarious, I know this is how it is though and I see it all the time.
lizzie Aylar önce
Haha, I used to work at a different fast food chain but I honestly never really stood around doing nothing. We were quite understaffed so there was always something to do... i sometimes had to let people in the drive in wait bc otherwise i wouldnt have been able to finish cleaning everything in time :/ i often gave out some fries or sth when people had to wait for too long
ProPixelGaming Aylar önce
“Mc rib is back” “On the breakfast menu” 🤣
Little Prairie Library
I worked at McDonald's for 2 years and can confirm you do reach a special level of dead inside.
Molly Master
Molly Master 25 gün önce
I genuinely gave so much to the McDonald’s franchise and worked so hard to make sure customers were happy and satisfied, that my employees knew they were appreciated, and that the times on screen that we were forced to care about more than literally anything else were more than sufficient for the GM and the owners. I was a manager. ...key word. Was. I got taken advantage of so often despite desperate attempts to stand up for myself, and it wasn’t the customers and it wasn’t the crew members, it was ABSOLUTELY the higher ups. You don’t get to treat good employees like 💩 and expect them to put up with it, especially for the pay and amount of hours they work.
Jaysia shanks
Jaysia shanks Aylar önce
When i worked at McAlister’s i was big on the “oh I’m sorry about that would you like a free tea” instant happiness everytime. Plus the way we made that tea, it was not worth the 5 dollars we charged
Val's Video Corner
Val's Video Corner Aylar önce
I quit McDonald's after two days but I still understand this video on another level
For a second I was like “wait the ice cream machine isn’t broken”
🤍Alex🤍 Aylar önce
The machine is never broken when u go there
OrangeCrumbs Aylar önce
THANKS to food delivery apps! dealing with such employees is just nerve wrecking 🙃 we all work to put food on the table, no one's better
pucca 25 gün önce
Hehe i feel sooooo happy that most of the McDonald's employees were so kind and had beautiful smile while serving
tony 16 gün önce
I once had an old dude hold up the entire drive-thru line cuz he couldn't fathom that there was extra change on a $3 fry
Ana Rivera
Ana Rivera Aylar önce
Wow, I have never seen a McDonald's worker act like that 😂
Le A
Le A Aylar önce
Believe me, I had this same encounter the other night in a drivethru and I literally started laughing at home monotone the guy’s voice was.
risk Aylar önce
30 years later I’m still waiting for my chicken nuggies-
Titans 27
Titans 27 Aylar önce
Love answering yes or no questions with “I’m on break” lmao
Angry Bird
Angry Bird Aylar önce
Her impression kills me every time!!
Strafford Saints
Strafford Saints 7 saatler önce
It was 100% me until she said the ice cream machine was broken. I knew the manager code and unless she was right there I'll just give you the free cone or drink or nuggets whatever. Like just whatever to mildly screw over McDonald's at every turn
Brittanie Washington
This is why I always try my best to be the happiest person I can be while at work. I swear some people can’t be pleased. I enjoy working at McDonald’s for the most part at least. 🥰
ツLisa Aylar önce
thank you so much ❤️🥺
Lovely Lina
Lovely Lina Aylar önce
As a McDonald’s employee this is accurate I do do this 😂 but I’m funny about it
Mask Identity
Mask Identity Aylar önce
As a MacDonald employee I feel very attack 😂
Señoritas Top's
Señoritas Top's Aylar önce
It is not true that all fast food employees have depression.😁😅
Junie Aylar önce
Working at McDonald's as a teen would tell me otherwise.
Preetham Uthappa
Preetham Uthappa Aylar önce
i Mr. Jetpacks
i Mr. Jetpacks Aylar önce
This shit is scary accurate 😂 Damn... she's good 🤷🏾‍♂️
crumb Aylar önce
As someone who works at a coffee shop I can relate to how dead inside you feel and how annoying happy customers are. /lh
Alex Aylar önce
Honestly, working in customer service, especially fast food is sort of primed to turn you into an unfeeling zombie
Wynfir Aylar önce
Lol, I work at mcdonalds and I can totally relate to this
Jacob Hires
Jacob Hires Aylar önce
As a previous employee of mcdonald's - this is the second shift. They honestly couldn't give less of a fuck and you wouldn't either if you made 8.00 an hour in 2017.
AnamDraws Aylar önce
I did this once at mcd’s. It was really busy and we were understaffed. This lady came in just wanting a sundae so I made it and handed it to her for free cause I did not have the time to ring her up. She was happy
Shelby Aylar önce
I’d get a cheeseburger 😂 I get so much childhood nostalgia from them
dakoi Aylar önce
this is exactly how fast food is from a fast food worker’s perspective. after 1,293 karens you become an emotionless being. feels like the fucking savannah.
dakoi Aylar önce
@ツLisa he copied me
dakoi Aylar önce
@Teddy bear cupcake he copied me first.
dakoi Aylar önce
@Teddy bear cupcake who?
ツLisa Aylar önce
not you stealing another persons comment 😐
Teddy bear cupcake
Teddy bear cupcake Aylar önce
kani Isadora
kani Isadora Aylar önce
I had my worst experience at a fast food restaurant today What happened was I went through the drive thru and they told me to park in the waiting bay (my order was small) Me and 2 other cars were all waiting. 30 minutes later, yes. 30. A worker comes out and asks all the cars "is this your order" it isn't. This happens 2 other times with different orders. It had been 40 minutes now and so I went inside to see what was going on. They hadn't even started making the order, I asked the lady and she said they'd make it now. They made it, however messed up the order 4 times. I had to tell them what they missed. 1 hour later, I had finally left with my meal. This should have taken not even 15 minutes. The poor manager, none of the employees knew what they were doing. Worst experience ever
Janka Krizsán
Janka Krizsán Aylar önce
in my country, the experience is that burger king employees are like this, and mcdonalds employees are actually way friendlier. they are all student workers in both places
Salissa Aylar önce
I automatically go into my high pitched customer service voice with most customers unless I'm specifically pissed off.
Sim z
Sim z Aylar önce
I never get upset when fast food employees are in a bad mood or act annoyed. Anyone doin this job, getting paid pennies, has the right to be.
ghost kitties
ghost kitties Aylar önce
I was that employee as a teen. Lol. They didn't pay me enough to be working pretty much all the stations at once; but I had to anyway.
Scout gaming
Scout gaming Aylar önce
When you go weeks working 8 hour shifts with no breaks, you kinda start to get this way 💀
Aku from the future (jmm)
So spot on. You must have worked there at one point with someone like that.
BunniLoom Aylar önce
Facts I use to work at a McDonald’s and this was the whole vibe of the store
Katie Rowbury
Katie Rowbury Aylar önce
Okay the moment has finally come. I'm going to say it. Perfect time, perfect place...here we go: Time to "build a better mousetrap". By that I mean time to invest in better ice cream machines. Ones that are easier to clean, to operate, to maintain and repair and so on and so forth. Am amazed there was an actual investigation into this. Oh, if only this moment had come sooner😞. Never had a chance to speak up and save a lot of time and effort. Thank you everyone who's read all of this, I feel so much better now. If you do reply know I might not see it. Also please keep it respectful to those who serve the public in any capacity.
Mrs. Martins
Mrs. Martins Aylar önce
hahahahhahahahahah so true OMG, it never fails with the ice cream machine being broken and the worse part is that I still have to stay in line behind other cars because there's no way to get out of drive thru- I never understood that. What if there's an emergency. lol
Sterling Lowery
Sterling Lowery Aylar önce
"When your born into this world, your born into a freak show. And in America, you get a front row seat." George Carlin
Ita Corcoran
Ita Corcoran Aylar önce
Even when the customer does everything right there’s no way to win this game of attrition!!!!
♡ 𝕯𝖊𝖒𝖔𝖓 ♡
This is accurate every time I go to McDonald’s something like this always has to happen to me or they always get my order wrong 💀✋
Matthew Waller
Matthew Waller Aylar önce
Had this tone except with a smile as I complained about waiting 30 minutes just to be told the fryer hasn’t worked since this morning and I was getting any food, after being reassured my order was almost ready every 5 -10 mins.
phil Aylar önce
Yo this is exactly how my store was. The manager was always hiding from customer complaints when the general manager wasn't there
4534534 5345345
4534534 5345345 Aylar önce
Thank you to those who try a bit, and to all those who whine and just make life harder for those who try, and those who want some food who are nice about it, please just do something else, go stock shelves at Walmart. Go get into a trade, go learn something, get a ged. Jesus… can’t stand those who stay at the job and say “I don’t make enough” then fuckin’ leave.
Bogil Geunelope
Bogil Geunelope Aylar önce
Bruh I know someone who had almost the same experience and it mostly happens during summer since high schoolers are looking for jobs and they wanna get it over with
uhm dont mind me
uhm dont mind me Aylar önce
ur videos are hilarious 😂
Ellie Clarke
Ellie Clarke Aylar önce
As a ex McDonald’s employee this is 100% accurate
Sky blue
Sky blue Aylar önce
Your shorts are so entertaining they brighten up my day❤️
Ives Aylar önce
Sad part is... I can relate to this.... Ordered my usual meal of a mcdouble combo with an extra mcdouble and they literally forgot about me... for 20 minutes... when I was the only one in the store... People came in afterwards but still, kind of ridiculous. I was so busy talking to friends I didn't notice the time.
• k i t t y   P a w s •
I remember that i was in McDonald’s and this lady forgot my fries and she gave us all free dessert and i said it was fine ik how hard it is.
rudeminnesotan Aylar önce
Having worked at 4 different McDonald's at several different points in life: Yes. All the yes.
party tiddies
party tiddies Aylar önce
I got pretty grouchy working at Taco Bell too. I would only be nice because I wanted good surveys so the GM would leave me alone. (Always do the surveys please. The workers are just as annoyed about it as you are). I ended up giving away a lot of free stuff too. Its a multimillion dollar company, I did not care lmao
Scout Pratt
Scout Pratt Aylar önce
I love it! Its very funny. I have always loved ur videos!!! There awesome. Love you Snerixx.
Funny Bunny
Funny Bunny Aylar önce
I ended waiting longer for my meal today which I don’t mind so I asked the worker how much longer it will be I guess she felt bad because she gave me an extra small fries
Nevaeh rose Prettyman
Lol soo relatable I wish that I could get a free idem I'm so craving McDonald's rn
Veronica Diaz
Veronica Diaz Aylar önce
This is so real 😂 I worked at McDonald’s 2 years
JGames Aylar önce
Its the "im on break" that got me 🤣
Cat burger
Cat burger Aylar önce
As someone who worked in fast food for 4 years this is very true
Gabriella Amaya
Gabriella Amaya Aylar önce
omfg when a customer asks “what do ypu recommend” then they try to order it and you hit them with the “ooo sorry we are out :(“
Xaleypoo Aylar önce
I went to McD's one time and waited an hour for my order. I went back up to the register and they said they didn't even put it in.
Bigfourzer0Nogla H2MooWildRiser
That Guy is Hilarious !!! "I'm on Break" 🤣🤣🤣
Taldren Aylar önce
McJob is still a thing unfortunately even now while things are changing for the better. I'm loving that nearly ALL McJobs more specifically fast food, retail and convenience store industry are making huge changes to work environments. It's just horribly sad that they only did it after the COVID pandemic hit us and most of us in those industries found ourselves unemployed with time to think and meditate about how we hated that lifestyle so much. I hope we remember how much power working people have over employers after COVID becomes a memory. While I'm not against unions, it's why unions came to be in the first place because of shit like this. I'm still seeing it now, however it's quickly removed and replaced with a HUGE sign on all 4 sides of the restaurants and on the drive thru windows. I even visited a Sonic that spray painted it in their curbside parking spots that they're hiring at $20 an hour with benefits. We all have a voice and we're using it. Let's keep using it so this doesn't go away and never think you're not worth any job you want.
Flea Baguette
Flea Baguette Aylar önce
I've been a manager at McDonalds for the last year, at a store that is constantly understaffed to the point that I work eleven to twelve hour days. Although I would never have this kind of tone with a customer, I can confirm that I am in fact, dead inside.
Frank Käuver
Frank Käuver Aylar önce
I'm sorry to hear that, you shouldn't be pressured into so many hours of work, ugh ;(
Kirk Leeuwrik
Kirk Leeuwrik Aylar önce
Having worked at mcdonalds this is literally how it is.
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