that new Cinderella movie is the dumbest thing you'll ever see...

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The Kissing Booth 3 is hilariously dumb...

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He's All That destroyed my last remaining brain cell

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14 Eyl 2021




Yük bağlantısı.....


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ftssh Saatler önce
Why dont they just make a NEW disney princess story thats packed with the new day pc culture instead?! I mean they had princess and the frog. But what do i know
wing 2786
wing 2786 3 saatler önce
i preferred the hilary duff version
vlove562 21 saatler önce
The first thing I thought 20 minutes into this film was: "Where are all the people that look like ME?" - i.e., European white features. OH, that's right. That's "racist" now. In fact, European values are mocked and trampled on while white people are painted in the worst light possible. Couldn't stomach it.
Tina Crisostomo
Tina Crisostomo Gün önce
I hate how people perceive “strong women” as outspoken, loud and aggressive. Girls with feminine qualities are strong as well. In fact, Cinderella’s kindness, diligence and perseverance is what makes her one of the strongest disney princesses. Embracing your femininity is not a bad thing. It’s a huge blessing and is something we should be proud of.
Tomás de Lima Freitas
I mean... Camila could climb onto my grandfather too, and I would still be into her. But I still wouldn't watch this thing.
Tomás de Lima Freitas
Crb0715 Gün önce
The gay dude in this movie makes me hate gay people even more
iggy lee
iggy lee Gün önce
You don't need to fix anything that is not broken. Cinderella is cinderella.0
Gillian Fleischer
The only scene I liked was the whatta man and the seven national army crossover scene
Twinkie Star
Twinkie Star Gün önce
Can you review the horror movie “The Farm” it has shit reviews, so I’d like to know your opinion on it.
Cyberella Who
Cyberella Who 2 gün önce
thought this would be a trash movie and it is!!
JESUSDIEDFORYOU 777 2 gün önce
They totally ruined the original Cinderella 🙄 so lame all the signing and in the beginning “Rhythm nation” really..
June 2 gün önce
imagine if they cast Shawn Mendes played the prince
ImRuka 2 gün önce
This movie is just a glorified Dhar Mann video
Divine Ukoko
Divine Ukoko 2 gün önce
10:45 hahahahahaha
Meimeixing88 3 gün önce
I can't belive that a black, bearded male plays the role of the Fairy Godmother and literally no one says anything, like really????
Nehemiah Dangerfield
Matt_91 3 gün önce
1973 CSSR/GDR version > any Hollywood real life version
Karl Franz , Emperor of Mankind, chosen of Sigmar
Hollywood: *sees European folklore* "How about i ruin that ?'
One4thHorse 3 gün önce
"Girls are always in various states of pain."
Aly J
Aly J 3 gün önce
omg was that Minnie Driver? that was Minnie Driver
Strxwbxerry :3
Strxwbxerry :3 3 gün önce
the movie itself was mediocre but honestly, I find this Cinderella character more interesting than the others just because not only is she kind, wants to go to the ball, and leave her stepmother and stepsisters but she also has dreams like having a job this movie lowkey had so much potential, I hate it
Kadora Daniels
Kadora Daniels 3 gün önce
Someone please explain to me. Where did the original story of Cinderella take place? Cause in the movie, she's American and the prince is British.
Originals MLM archive
I feel like they tried to "Frankenstein" Ever After and the Brandy / Whitney Houston Cinderella ... and we get this awful mess
Originals MLM archive
"lives in an anthropologie store" DEAD
Maryam Kameshki
Maryam Kameshki 3 gün önce
10:30 lol
formerevolutionist 3 gün önce
I can't believe the prince of a European kingdom is shocked by the concept of an arranged marriage. It's what they have been doing for thousands of years.
formerevolutionist 3 gün önce
The actress playing Cinderella isn't ugly, but she is not fairytale beautiful. Also, she doesn't have the charm or charisma of a fairytale princess, either. It is like hiring a short, out-of-shape middle-aged man with a dad bod to play James Bond.
Quinten Dail
Quinten Dail 3 gün önce
If you see Wut you know it's Alex
The Terbear
The Terbear 3 gün önce
This looks like one of the worst movies I've ever seen. This is something youd make someone watch for pychological torture. And the prince cucks for Cinderella?
Aerishjan 3 gün önce
They literally change cinderella's character into a wannabe badass woman, smh I am so disappointed
Melissa Partsafas
Melissa Partsafas 3 gün önce
The motive of not wanting to marry him is illogical. Wouldn't she have more success selling her dresses if she married him?
Luxurius Litten
Luxurius Litten 3 gün önce
I saw the trailer for this movie and my mind had to reboot
Deadeolfslayer2 4 gün önce
same i fill u alex my guy
Nathalie 2.0
Nathalie 2.0 4 gün önce
i love dies new movie cinderella 😍
Dr Arti Prasad
Dr Arti Prasad 4 gün önce
"No nonsense business women" lol
samiadjifr 4 gün önce
never watched the movie but from your description it looks fun though hahaha i mean like we dont have to keep things to the original all the time. and the cinderella looks so chill and the prince looks dumb, i like that.
Sara Gomez
Sara Gomez 4 gün önce
Sara Gomez
Sara Gomez 4 gün önce
Ya sube videos al canal en español
Kyle Leavenworth
Kyle Leavenworth 4 gün önce
Ima address the elephant in the room because I'm brave so basically the fairy God "mother" is some gay black dude and Cinderella is some Mexican lady even some of my Mexican friends and black friends said this is stupid
•Melody Cloudy•
•Melody Cloudy• 4 gün önce
Camila cabellos acting was great and amazing but the movie ehhh..it wasn't the best
Michelle Alexandria
Michelle Alexandria 4 gün önce
You buried the lead - all the awful musical numbers…
S. P.
S. P. 4 gün önce
Brennan Ritter
Brennan Ritter 4 gün önce
So disappointed in James Acaster, Rob Beckett, and Romesh ...
i .candy
i .candy 5 gün önce
Why did they make Cinderella more of this "I'm not like other girls" nonsense. Haven't we had enough of that by now?
Adrian Jordan
Adrian Jordan 5 gün önce
People who put the milk in before the cereal should be locked up!!!
CHAD MASTER 4 LIV 5 gün önce
E 5 gün önce
I think the old version is more better XD
robby D.
robby D. 5 gün önce
Have you ever had a dream where you could 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🐦🐽🐽
rubhoob 6 gün önce
Why do people hate on James Corden?
Asterisks Space
Asterisks Space 6 gün önce
"have you ever had a dream that I- I we- we had I - "
Helen 6 gün önce
WAIT this film got to use Blenheim Palace for a set??? Hello?????
Helen 6 gün önce
So many GREAT British comedians got roped into this, and I for one can’t wait to hear what they have to say about it
Malak Hassan
Malak Hassan 6 gün önce
Milk before the cereal is completely normal
lionking101 6 gün önce
Movie company:so you have a moive for me Director:yes I do its a Cinderella movie Moive company:but hasn't literally everybody has done a Cinderella movie? Director:no its different because it's because it's there speaking in modern language despite being in medieval time Moive company:you mean like that one season of miracle workers Director:no its different because the fairy godmother is a drag queen Moive company:wow that will show how progressive we are in the cross dressing community Director:yeah and we can cash in on it Moive company:yeah! Director:yeah! Money!!
knasburger productive entertainment
This movie would be so much better with moldovan Eurovision entries.
NinaNiterose 6 gün önce
4:47 Say what you want, but this guy was the perfect casting choice!
Abdulaziz Ladan
Abdulaziz Ladan 6 gün önce
WOKE culture, ruining classics since...
Poornima S
Poornima S 6 gün önce
I don't know why ? I mean literally why they are making repeated Cinderella movies?
Poornima S
Poornima S 4 gün önce
@Brandy Johnson The original is so good it was innocent kids movie at that time I like original movie alot even I watched several times but after so many repetition I feel like movie lost its soul so many changes,so many unnecessary things ruins the original intention of the movie
Brandy Johnson
Brandy Johnson 4 gün önce
Money it's a classic story even though I don't think it should have any more remake they're going to do it anyway because of money and it's probably the most well-known story after a while I'll be pissed off and like not even care about it better off watching the original or not.
KingDevin 6 gün önce
Bad movie
C Yuill
C Yuill 6 gün önce
1:34 add ends
Beat Riz
Beat Riz 6 gün önce
It's not a movie, it's woke propaganda.
AerynK Designs
AerynK Designs 6 gün önce
"she absolutely looks like the girl that gets mad at you for something you did in her dream" omg yes
zeening 7 gün önce
why the fuck does billy porter say "god muh-thuhhhhhh" this isn't a fucking drag competition or drag house, it's a straight woman in a disney money, thats a fucking term ascribed to the "head" woman in one of those houses
Magnificence 7 gün önce
It pains me how historically inaccurate these movies are. Like “bleachers”? Bitch shut up. She’d be seen as inappropriate,inferior, and well, treasonous for talking to her king like that, not “cool” or “different”. Also, the dresses 💀
Julia Klein
Julia Klein 7 gün önce
yeah I agree like the disney action version of Cinderella was really good. But this one with all due respect so disappointed. Like Jeff bezos just stick to sales
Solus 7 gün önce
Her character and "humor" reminds me of Lilly Singh & Liza Coshy, and that's just not a good thing
marina weikum
marina weikum 7 gün önce
Unpopular opinion: i quite liked it. A refreshing touch to the step mother / cinderella dynamic and generally lil orphan cindy doing her thing and instead of a king, actually crowning a queen 🤷‍♀️
one shotguy
one shotguy 7 gün önce
No I found even dumber movie call thunder force.
Nikkole 7 gün önce
Legit waste of my time to watch this new Cinderella. It was horrible
Gina Junior
Gina Junior 7 gün önce
sorry but what was the costume design. it was little girl dress up box, meets hunger games capital, meets every century ever. Like propo aside this is just a bad movie.
Ambition Harmonies
Ambition Harmonies 7 gün önce
Alex: Or if your brain hasn't worked in 15 years Me who's 15: Welll ummmmmm....... you're not wrong......
Froppy 7 gün önce
Whenever there's an awkward moment on the TV, I look away. that was what I did for this whole movie.
Pastel Dragon
Pastel Dragon 8 gün önce
literally ANY dress a girl in the ball wore would have been better than this weird ball gown/tutu abomination, whats with those weird ruffles wtf
Jesslyn Beach
Jesslyn Beach 8 gün önce
Alex………. I didn’t know you wore nail polish. Looks good
VvV 8 gün önce
No one asked for another Cinderella movie. The one with Lily James is *PERFECT* This one literally took a huge shit on the OG by adding things that they thought will make it popular. _Gay ‘godmother’? Strong independent woman? Girl wants to start her own business and doesn’t need a man to do so? Misunderstood ppl?_ What the actually fuck was this? I wish I could delete this movie out of my brain cause it was such a bad one.
nTmİ 3 gün önce
BIG K 8 gün önce
Wow not to get to dark but my uncle's ex wife did that to him the hole antifreeze thing people are twisted
Kazi Aftab
Kazi Aftab 8 gün önce
the shoes were made of glass so how is it that when she threw them they did not shatter or at least crack or break a little?
Art Raft
Art Raft 8 gün önce
Cinderella story is about ofcourse Cinderella. But in this movie the character is nothing like Cinderella. It's a zero from me. It's a very different movie apart from some faintly similar storyline
lyra lestrange
lyra lestrange 8 gün önce
"this is crazy I can't just pick a bride at a ball" *picks peasant girl seen climbing onto statue of father*
Violinistories 8 gün önce
11:56 In defense of the movie, you also have to consider the fact that Ella is very insistent on fulfilling her dream. Becoming a queen would be MAJORLY getting off-track from that goal, and ruling a kingdom is not an easy task. It would take up a lot of time, valuable time that could instead be used to work on dresses.
Anna Chan
Anna Chan 8 gün önce
If I were Ella, I will be the first one who go to the ball because I can get a chance to promote my dress to the high class people. 😅
Alex Rodrigez
Alex Rodrigez 8 gün önce
Cinderella was a white blonde girl . she definitely wasn’t Mexican
charclone2000 8 gün önce
isn't that Rob Beckett at 2:11 why drag an incredibly good comedian into this train wreck
My pp is small but
My pp is small but 8 gün önce
4:12 if this is real life, well, straight to the guillotine you go. End of the movie.
Pipe Dream
Pipe Dream 9 gün önce
Ok this really feels like a dime a dozen fanfic brought to the screen, specifically bc of how the only difference is that Ella is a sass master who's so enlightened compared to the idiots around her holding her back Like, it's a self-interest fabric, someone saying "yeah, if I was there I'd not care about the ball, it's so outdated, guys are either creeps or idiots, and I wouldnt care about getting married bc I'm a strong independent woman and would prioritise a job over being a princess, no really I would, that's totally why I'm writing this fic about being Cinderella, bc I dont want to be a princess!"
The prince just wearing clothes suddenly changing his identity I mean Cinderella suddenly got recognize when she put the shoe on what ya expect
Azwad Jahan
Azwad Jahan 9 gün önce
They made fairygodmother 🤣😂🤣 fairygodtrans uncle ik pride month was close but that seems to be fucked up . Cinderella is a fashion designer wtf . The previous Cinderella was sooo freaking cute mannn she was hot as fffffff .
Azwad Jahan
Azwad Jahan 9 gün önce
Worst movie I have seen in 2/3 years .
Evening Whisper
Evening Whisper 9 gün önce
Some things are better to be left as they are. Not everything needs a touch of "feminism".
Paul v D Animations
Paul v D Animations 9 gün önce
I've never watched this channel before, but this video is amazing. Also, I just watched some reaction videos to Dhar Mann stuff. Gotta say: the acting in Cinderella seems equally bad. Also, I feel like this movie has been made just to meet a billion diversity goals so their other movies don't have to
Ms. Smith
Ms. Smith 9 gün önce
They really didn't put any effort into her character ...it was cringey and pointless...and the fairy god muvah...🤦🏽‍♀️this was not it..
Eileen M
Eileen M 9 gün önce
Ou shit, your voice is soooo fucking different than in españoooo wei :vvvvvv
TheDahaka1 9 gün önce
I know no one cares, but the trope of the prince being free to marry for true love is so unrealistic. All throughout history, where there could be alliances formed through merging two families, there were political marriages, but they still al had love stories with other people! Concubines for everyone! I don't know what the male term for concubine is, but the queens had those! Once some heirs are out and running, it's free for all in court! Any king that let the prince pick and choose his spouse would have probably been assassinated in a couple weeks.
Rida İkizoğlu
Rida İkizoğlu 9 gün önce
And why there are 5000 versions of Cinderella movies but there is no Rapunzel or Tangled live action...
Nayeli Velasquez
Nayeli Velasquez 9 gün önce
This movie is my favorite movie of all ciderella movies even this masterpiece is better then the original so yes I just wrote this comment to say how great I think the movie is (p.s this is my opinion)
President Togekiss
President Togekiss 9 gün önce
It´s extra funny because Camilla has a song called "Into it".
Hanna Prieto
Hanna Prieto 9 gün önce
I really didn't like the scene were Cinderella dissmiss the Prince's feelings, he's telling her something very important and she's like yeah whatever I have to go bye.
yellow blue
yellow blue 9 gün önce
the summary "yeah okay" 🙂👍
Nivedita Nair
Nivedita Nair 9 gün önce
Camilla really channeled her inner y/n with stuttering
beerten 202
beerten 202 9 gün önce
I saw the trailer and i emidiatly thought "but there is already one" Then i saw the abomination of a fairy and i was like "oww i get it the other one was too white"
Collt091 9 gün önce
“She gets so upset she sings a song,as you do” Hahaha
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