Testing the longest bullet ever made (3 foot long NERF dart)

Ryan & David
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We wanted to see what would happen if real bullets looked like NERF Darts. We made metal NERF darts and shot them out of a 50 cal into fake ballistic heads, balloons, and water jugs.



13 Tem 2022




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Ryan & David
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Eric Dreblow
I am actually amazed at the fact, that the foam darts came out of the gun in one piece. I fully expected it to come out pulverized
So, what was the result of that clank? Was the pool harmed or did the wetness of the water protect it from the power of your rod?
David Foster
Educational yet balanced with humor enough to keep you entertained but not bored. Good job definitely worthy for the sub
So you'd know: Long enough ago, when cannons were still a new thing, it wasn't really known what the best ammunition is. It was common practice in Europe that cannons would occasionally fire round stones and sometimes a wooden rod a large metal arrowhead. The arrowhead was too large to fit into the cannon, so the whole giant arrow was longer than the cannon. These were pretty much the same ammunition as was used by ballistas. It wasn't until a while later when it was realized that the significant extra cost of making solid metal balls is well worth it. That's when the giant arrows became obsolete.
No Furries Allowed
I never expected these guys to make a crude version of an APDS round but they did and i wasn’t disappointed
Luka 2000
The editing is really what propelled this video into the next level. Truly a masterpeice
Strangely Ukrainian
“We’re in California, we need to save the water”
Corey Moyers
The longer the bullet, the more twist rate in the barrel you need to stabilize it.
Magnus Skipton
The most amazing thing here is that the muzzleloader went off underwater.. i wouldn’t of thought any part of that system would be nearly waterproof enough, a normal bullet would probably seal the powder, but i can’t see even a 209 primer sealing up well enough to not get ruined
mr stern
This is the first video I have watched with by you guys, gotta love a channel with guns that is in cali! Also just bought a PP, great idea, as many knifes as I have its hard to justify carrying while at the office lol.
Ben's Lab
Love the balance of humor and explanation. Got a sub from me.
Ian Power
Humorous while still informative with the title and thumbnail setting reasonable expectations.
The effort Ryan and david put on their videos is UNIMAGINABLE!,Keep up the great work!.
This channel has chaotic neutral energy with a dash of actual science. Please continue thrusting videos upon the web
This is the hidden gem of TRvid! You guys deserve so much success <3
A regular sized knife has never been cringe.
Indifferent Cynic
I just want to say that I am thoroughly enjoying the content that I've been seeing so far. I'll be sure to buy that knife of yours when I get the chance.
imagine seeing one of your friends bring this to a nerf battle
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