Shooting the longest bullet ever made (3 foot long NERF dart) 

Ryan Kung
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Can Tiger Woods hit a golf ball through a person? • Can a golf ball hit by...
We wanted to see what would happen if real bullets looked like NERF Darts. We made metal NERF darts and shot them out of a 50 cal into fake ballistic heads, balloons, and water jugs.

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13 Tem 2022




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@RyanKung Yıl önce
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@Glueings Yıl önce
you know you just essentiality make an APFSDS round right?
@lorfdorf2192 Yıl önce
Depends say you throw a tank shell or 50 cal at it then it would have stopped it. Oh and I mean physically throw it with your hands.
@combatninja6759 Yıl önce
I just bought the FATPP knife, now please give me validation
@trentdabs5245 Yıl önce
The 5th pocket is for a Zippo lighter or Bic lighter
@duckman5891 Yıl önce
@@Glueings wouldn't it be an APDS round because there are no fins?
@ericdreblow8564 Yıl önce
I am actually amazed at the fact, that the foam darts came out of the gun in one piece. I fully expected it to come out pulverized
@Gameprojordan Yıl önce
I'm amazed the gun didn't explode with that super long dart inserted. Thought for sure it was going to turn into a pipe bomb
@jacobkudrowich Yıl önce
@@Gameprojordan me too , I was definitely expecting it to completely explode. the pressure in that chamber must have been just absurd
@ericdreblow8564 Yıl önce
@@Gameprojordan Especially with how tight it seemed to fit. I mean, he really forced it into the barrel
@Eralen00 Yıl önce
@@jacobkudrowich the pressure probably wasn't much different than a regular bullet. It looks like they machined it out of aluminum. The normal bullets are made of lead which is softer and much denser than aluminum. Depending on how soft the lead, it obturates when fired (it expands inside the barrel slightly in order to fill the rifling grooves) I would bet that lead bullet weighs about the same or slightly less than the aluminum one. black powder also creates much lower pressures than modern smokeless. The tight fit is caused by the plastic sabot, there is space around the actual slug that allows some pressure to be relieved
@@Eralen00 they literally say in the video that the super long one weighs 5000 grains, which is over 7.5x the weight of the 650 grain projectile that gun normally fires. also, sabots are _specifically_ so that the pressure is _not_ relieved until after the projectile has left the barrel.
@splynncryth Yıl önce
So, what was the result of that clank? Was the pool harmed or did the wetness of the water protect it from the power of your rod?
@RyanKung Yıl önce
It hit the other end of the pool and left a small dent in the concrete. If we used full powder it would've defintiely gone through
same name ?
That’s what I asked
I hoped they would have at least put like a 4x4 steel plate against the far wall
@jacobkudrowich Yıl önce
@Angry Combat Wombat why not? It would weigh less in the water than outside of it technically
@coreymoyers Yıl önce
The longer the bullet, the more twist rate in the barrel you need to stabilize it.
@txgunguy2766 Yıl önce
I think that only applies to bullets that don't stick 18 inches out the front of the muzzle.
@gizmop0ny Yıl önce
Make it infinite twist then
@PhilieBlunt666 Yıl önce
I don't think that applies underwater because water won't compress like air does, pretty sure that has a different affect on trajectory stabilization... I could be wrong tho...
@QwerYT4819 Yıl önce
@@gizmop0ny Eventually, the twist rate is too high and firing a bullet through it would just break the barrel. This is why modern tank guns use fin-stabilised projectiles, because it allows the round to be longer, allowing it to penetrate more armor.
@lambsauce5312 Yıl önce
@@gizmop0ny first off, u like mlp, second off, it varies for bullet lenght, and in physics there isn't infinity
Doing incredibly unsafe tests in a safe way. Awesome
I never expected these guys to make a crude version of an APDS round but they did and i wasn’t disappointed
@wilhelmburned Yıl önce
partially unrelated but you are based
@raptorjesus7273 Yıl önce
At first I was thinking APFSDS but then I realized no fins.
Apds? Hell nah thats an old rifle bulled like the of the carcano
@Jo-un6es Yıl önce
Just imagine. An air powered nerf gun firing APFSDS rounds. Edit: I now realize the error in my words. I understand what SABOT is and I made a goof.
@jacobkudrowich Yıl önce
@@Jo-un6es that's a very underwhelming thought . Thanks for that
@overlock9282 5 aylar önce
This takes, "its nerf or nothing" to a whole new level.
@zunaid3020 Yıl önce
2:27 “5 inches long is pretty huge in my opinion.” 😂
@hi-am-pat2k176 Yıl önce
Thats what she said
@tylero1689 Yıl önce
That’s not what she said
@eliteclips3695 Yıl önce
I mean it is :(
@mr.fcksht1062 Yıl önce
@BADtime you mean he? 🤨
@davidfoster9041 Yıl önce
Educational yet balanced with humor enough to keep you entertained but not bored. Good job definitely worthy for the sub
@eliteclips3695 Yıl önce
@iuse4rchbtw Yıl önce
@@FirstnameLastname-wo2zq a lil bit of innuendo here and there
@hellomate2672 Yıl önce
Jesus Christ loves y’all! God bless y’all ! !
@SmartassX1 Yıl önce
So you'd know: Long enough ago, when cannons were still a new thing, it wasn't really known what the best ammunition is. It was common practice in Europe that cannons would occasionally fire round stones and sometimes a wooden rod with a large metal arrowhead. The arrowhead was too large to fit into the cannon, so the whole giant arrow was longer than the cannon. These were pretty much the same ammunition as was used by ballistas. It wasn't until a while later when it was realized that the significant extra cost of making solid metal balls is well worth it. That's when the giant arrows became obsolete.
@MotivationSHCUM Yıl önce
Arrows didn't become obsolete as much as they changed form to be better. Check out APFSDS ammunition.
@Callofdutymaster22 10 aylar önce
@@MotivationSHCUM wasnt used for many decades since the cannarrow disappeared
@nonec384 9 aylar önce
so a gunpower dart gun but bigger
@isshunova 10 aylar önce
I am getting heavy mythbusters vibes from this. Congrats on scratching an itch I didn't know I had
@benslabbo Yıl önce
Love the balance of humor and explanation. Got a sub from me.
4:27 Quote of the year " Dil-Dart " I just discovered your channel and absolutely love it. I almost never comment on anything but your humor is at its peak of all mankind. Love the vid keep up the good work!
"Some militaries" two militaries. But companies are testing out hydrodynamic bullets for military use.
@Tounushi Yıl önce
2:30 Modern Russian underwater rounds use cartridges that have the same overall length as a regular 5,45x39mm cartridge, but the projectile goes pretty much all the way down to the base of the case.
@jared.p240 Yıl önce
While you are correct in that the Russians use specialised 5.45x39, I believe they still use APS underwater rifles
@Tounushi Yıl önce
@@jared.p240 I guess it depends on the mission. Amphibious vs fully underwater. ADS can use even its underwater ammo on the surface and go fully ground-based with a magazine change. APS doesn't have that capability.
@jared.p240 Yıl önce
@@Tounushi True. I find it kinda strange that they've kept the APS rifle in service when clearly the ADS is a much better choice
@Tounushi Yıl önce
@@jared.p240 Russians seem to keep everything in storage past obsolescence. If it's even remotely usable, why not keep it and use it until it's worn through?
@Tounushi Yıl önce
@Swatcomingbacklater Cared enough to post an insult. If you hadn't, you'd just ignored the comment and moved along. You caring even that much and the fact that I apparently violated your delusion of sovereignty over this comment section gives a perverse sense of validation to me. And I thank you for pleasuring me this way.
@Toasty_Burger Yıl önce
I’m beyond excited to finally have a fatpp!
@Pankakes9820 Aylar önce
With all the crazy channels I've watched, I haven't seen yours till today and they're awesome. Wish there was more 👍
@skiFsballs Yıl önce
Did you just unintentionally develop a new generation of harpoon guns for spear fishermen
@pablo-mj1jm Yıl önce
You are no cap a genius
@Mrturtle-wf7px Yıl önce
1:05 "A Fat PP" Got me dying😂
@lilsplitawig1086 15 gün önce
@kaith-xc3um 13 gün önce
Same here
@user-zj5rb3xo7d Yıl önce
3:00 wtf 😂
@It-b-Blair Yıl önce
O f’ yeah! I miss this kinda vid! So many channels who used to do this epic stuff have fallen off 😰 keep it up! You got the quality of champions 🔥
The most amazing thing here is that the muzzleloader went off underwater.. i wouldn’t of thought any part of that system would be nearly waterproof enough, a normal bullet would probably seal the powder, but i can’t see even a 209 primer sealing up well enough to not get ruined
@eliteclips3695 Yıl önce
@BreadApologist Yıl önce
Ya I thought that was neat, but then I figured that since its a modern muzzle loader its probably made better than the traditonal ones ppl think of. Also the sabot would be keeping the powder dry if its tight enough.
*wouldn't _have_ thought
@mrstern7620 Yıl önce
This is the first video I have watched with by you guys, gotta love a channel with guns that is in cali! Also just bought a PP, great idea, as many knifes as I have its hard to justify carrying while at the office lol.
@Like.a.boss. 5 aylar önce
imagine this is why they called it that, so they could see comments like this
@catnamehere Yıl önce
imagine seeing one of your friends bring this to a nerf battle
@max_the_loser Yıl önce
I will run for my life
@jacobkudrowich Yıl önce
Id wonder why they are bringing a firearm to a foam dart fight
@darrenbaird6614 Yıl önce
Aye some kid is gonna wipe out a 50cal in a nerfwar
@kentran1242 Yıl önce
@eliteclips3695 Yıl önce
@gossumx 10 aylar önce
The cavitation isn’t even necessarily steam. It can largely just be nothing at all. A vacuum. Watch some videos of water boiling in a vacuum chamber and see how slowly it boils, and then freezes from the boiling. Cool stuff.
@thefenkster5362 Yıl önce
2:02 when in the nerf war the kid never calls his hits
@angryasfman9077 Yıl önce
We do a lil trolling
I just want to say that I am thoroughly enjoying the content that I've been seeing so far. I'll be sure to buy that knife of yours when I get the chance.
@eliteclips3695 Yıl önce
@owagoo Yıl önce
so we're just going to ignore he named it the dildart? the subtle genius of this man is ever captivating..
@player-iy1ro Yıl önce
Yes we are going to ignore that
@krithikmahesh Yıl önce
What about fat pp?? Why that name
It literally dislocated all the bones in the head like a mini grenade was thrown in there. But went right back in place like that didn’t just happen 😂 damn super cool to see the actual damage that happens on the inside
@divispec Yıl önce
2:26 you can tell he has *a lot of personality*
@hazhazim5535 Yıl önce
5:26 i got a call exactly at this time and it's so perfectly timed lol
@ThePharaqh Yıl önce
This is the hidden gem of TRvid! You guys deserve so much success
Longer lenght (and denser) projectiles are also better at penetrating armor, that why tanks fire what's called Dart rounds or APFSDS (Armor-Piercing Fin-Stabilised Discarding-Sabot) and the longer rod helps puncture the armor deeper due to the continuation of energy transfer on the armor
@Luka2000_ Yıl önce
The editing is really what propelled this video into the next level. Truly a masterpeice
1:00 I can't... 🤣
5:34 that wasn't the water "boiling into vapor". That was just excess back pressure from the gasses expanded in the barrel. It can escape there because of the hinge section where the primer is placed.
@cleveland2286 Yıl önce
The hinge is connected directly to the outside wall of the chamber, the only spots where gas can come out are the primer hole and the end of the barrel. You would have to have a ruptured primer for gases to escape through that hole, which I find highly unlikely.
@Robert53area Yıl önce
@@cleveland2286 no he is correct, it is a drop down style, it is sealed but the expanding gasses against the water causes the water pressure to make the bubbles the gas has to expand back wards. And it will find any opening it can. Because the water has more density than air, and as soon as that rod left the barrel, the water trailing behind will try to fill the void and the gas can't push against that water rushing in. This is also how you rupture barrels. Same effect if you fire a shot gun or rifle with just the barrel tip in the water. It is also a black powder it burns slower than modern cordite cartridges.
@cleveland2286 Yıl önce
@@Robert53area Any space in between the walls of the primer and the chamber would not be able to produce a visible volume of gas in that amount of time. I find it highly unlikely. Primers are usually brass or copper, force fit into their hole they should create a very good seal considering their malleability. There is either a ruptured primer, or that was not gas escaping.
@@Robert53area Exactly right. Well said man
@eliteclips3695 Yıl önce
@_roxy_4801 Yıl önce
"hopefully this will not be too graphic" the metal projectile: yeah, about that
@mz2laidbak Yıl önce
@jacobwood7083 Yıl önce
First episode I've seen of you guys, I'm about to buy the knife and I'm already so impressed with the content. It's like the waterjet channel but with guns aahahhaa, love it! Thank you!
@anttrails9554 Yıl önce
I was not ready for the end of the video . Needed more on this
@qmangillett Yıl önce
This reminds me when I guy I know left his ramrod in the muzzleloader when he fired it. The recoil was considerable more, the scope gashed above his eye wide open. Surprisingly he hit the target and got his ramrod back all 3 pieces of it lmfao
Fun fact: the .500 Nitro express round used in some hunting rifles is almost exactly the same size as a Nerf dat, as both are around 12.7 x 70 mm
@@benc589 I'm pretty much guaranteed going to hell either way my guy
@eliteclips3695 Yıl önce
@@DeathDealer_1021 We*
@@benc589 y'know, having gone back and actually read this comment, you seem like an actual person. So, a few things: 1. If you think belief in him isn't enough, you are either being deceitful or you've been going to... Well, actually, most churches here in Florida. Jesus died for our sins, and sincerely believing in him is enough to get into heaven. 2. When do you think the Roman empire was? When Jesus was alive, the Roman empire was already hundreds of years old. Persecution of the Jews was the entire thing Jesus was preaching against, and it's why he was crucified. Despite what revisionist history (ACTUAL revisionist history) would tell you, Jesus, if he was a real person, would've been a middle eastern Jew. More importantly, if you seriously believe that the entirety of history going back to Jesus' birth and before is fake, just know that you sound like you're insane. 3. I don't even know what to say about that last paragraph. What fucking drugs are you on?
@Damian_1989 Yıl önce
Dunno why but the guy doing all this formal text while ending the paragraph with "tho" made me laugh
@Strongmanjumps Yıl önce
40 seconds in… that is the coolest rifle ever. I want one.
@decaymember6864 Yıl önce
4:28 Dildart
@jeremy5598 Yıl önce
This channel has chaotic neutral energy with a dash of actual science. Please continue thrusting videos upon the web
@savetrees6005 Yıl önce
@eliteclips3695 Yıl önce
@wpoofball827 Yıl önce
Humorous while still informative with the title and thumbnail setting reasonable expectations. A well earned sub if I've ever seen one.
@TurningRare 9 aylar önce
So cool watching the long bullet ride that air pocket in the pool. I would love to see what the long bullet would do with lots of 1/8" rings machined into it. Think it would go further?.. Or, maybe a 1" ball on the end of it?
@earlegoodwin5328 11 aylar önce
I'm giving a thumbs up because of the 5 inch joke! Funny stuff, great voice amazing pacing. I digested good info while not slogging through a half hour of... mush lol This is great, keep it going bro!!!!!
@brownmatthewn Yıl önce
2:55 .................and.................Demonitized
@neilsirius511 Yıl önce
this is the first time im seeing your channel and i thank God for that. This Is Gold!
@Tylortega Yıl önce
I forgot i was subscribed to yall. Best surprise ever! Dope video cant wait for more!
@BennyDaBandito 11 aylar önce
If that’s three feet long we’re looking good fellas
Okay, not gonna lie. This is my new favorite video on the whole internet.
@jaymac7203 Yıl önce
How have I only just discovered this awesome channel? 😭😭 lol
@biackv0rtex834 Yıl önce
@svdpro5631 9 aylar önce
@ErrorAnimator687 7 aylar önce
fat pp💀
@E.AllTheAbove Yıl önce
This is my first time watching your videos. And, I wasn't aware of the type of humor you guys have. I started watching this video in front of my grandmother, and as soon as I heard the first comment about "Fat PP", I had to immediately leave the room to finish this video. And I'm so glad I did.🤣
@deathstrom5085 Yıl önce
Good to see you guys back! I missed this stuff
@Rice1768 7 aylar önce
3:21 the gun really took return to sender literally
@OrangeCrush. Yıl önce
Ryan/David : "big blades that kinda cringe to pull out" Me who EDCs a Buck120 : "I feel personally attacked"
@schonnj Yıl önce
"It's not the stupidest thing we've ever done, but it's definitely top 2" is an underrated declaration.
@space_designs Yıl önce
1:17 I remember a story about some guy who made sharp knifes and asked his friend to shoot a hobby grade nerf blaster at it
@truffleshuffl Yıl önce
5” is massive mate, downright intimidating ✊
@Mr_Tophatt Yıl önce
In reality if you put the water jugs a little further away you could have done more damage but it still worked, great vid!
@GNelson1989 Yıl önce
That unused 5th pocket is actually a watch pocket originally I use mine for my lighter nowadays and if you're pocket knife is cringy around other people it's time for a change in friends lol I carry a low profile crkt liner lock pocket knife and the crkt scripe which is a small fixed blabe and they're great!
@vibin7152 Yıl önce
The fact that it's not even 10 minutes amazing
@kaelenlee9259 26 gün önce
dude turned his sniper rifle into a musket
@VirtualXIV Yıl önce
Imagine using fat pp for self-defense. “The guy stabbed me with his fat PP🤕”
@WORLDCLASS2023 Yıl önce
Bruh 🤣
@zuprazazel4380 Yıl önce
Good to se you guys back! I would love to see the nerf rocket launcher back on the store! pls release it!
4:00 a little bent but aside from that, it’s ready for round 2.
@BB_GreenTheE 8 aylar önce
should i just fire this off into the mountain?
​@@BB_GreenTheEyoure too innocent
@fearmeforiamscary 7 aylar önce
Yeah, I think the highway’s in that direction
@aswbridgez4056 Yıl önce
Humor is important 😂 this guys funny
@soofl1731 Yıl önce
This guy is the funniest man I've seen all day
@blackice5308 5 aylar önce
sobrang ganda ng content mo pre
@jordan_-yj4gh Yıl önce
3:44 ok then 🙂☝
You took "it's Nerf or nothing" to the next level
The pocket where you think of putting this knife is already full personally. I've got a batarang, scissors blades, a plastic coin for shopping cart and others little things. Good idea and design for a little knife though, it's really good looking
@Ellehsdee Yıl önce
When you flipped the table into the pool I was reminded of Kentucky Ballistics, not to mention the 50 cal testing....
@peglord-ld2tk Yıl önce
aye u deserve to blow uppp! can't believe u been doing this for years ur content gives me just the right amount of homoerotic energy i need in my life thank you
@BlinkandMiss98 Yıl önce
The muzzle blast broke most the balloons at the start 💯
2:28 is the pause for me XD
"We need a .50 cal rifle we can blow up." Kentucky Ballistics: **nervous sweating*
@then00brathalos Yıl önce
Something tells me they actually watch Scott's videos, especially when they bullied the table
4:30 wow, underwater optics for the cool underwater long range shooting, damn
@ogbuzzy1974 5 aylar önce
My new favorite channel. It's so funny! Why didnt I found this channel before!
@WilliametcCook Yıl önce
Really dumb idea executed quite well ✅ Explosions ✅ Questionable merchandise ✅ Yup, this is a great channel
@leecrawford6560 Yıl önce
how can you not love this idea it's awesome😂😎
@natpk5565 Yıl önce
4:22 kentucky ballistics but in california
@guts2048 Yıl önce
California ballistics
California physics
@DustyTheDog Yıl önce
3:20 seeing the gun fly that far back really intrigues me. Mythbusters did a test about people flying back from gunshots. Equal and opposite reactions, people. I'd bet that would have broken a shoulder if it was held by a person.
@Robert53area Yıl önce
Yes and no there is a lot of force going out the barrel, but their is little force to stop it from going the other way. A table stand versus a person. Whe a person is holding the fire arm and aiming, usually as they are pushing with their shoulder against the butt plate, which counters the recoil. This is why you see people who are new to shooting drop rifles, someone usually tells them to just put it in the shoulder pocket not pull it tight in the pocket and lean into it. That's a counter acting force... The table mount is clamped down not weighted down, there no weight for the amount of mass being pushed out. They increased the mass of the projectile without increasing the counter weight. Would this hurt, probably give you a nice bruise. But break a should, nope.
@DustyTheDog Yıl önce
@@Robert53area mmmmmm yesss. I was awaiting the YT comment physicist. Y'all crack me up with how much effort you put into these comments. I have asperger's and I don't even feel compelled to explain to people on the internet like this.
@Frosty_V0 Yıl önce
@@DustyTheDog well, he debunked your fallacious comment
@DustyTheDog Yıl önce
@@Frosty_V0 didn't debunk anything. Just said some stuff without any proof. Very similar to what I said, BUT with the key difference that you can look up what I said and watch them test different possible configurations of firing that might result in a person being thrusted back, or obtaining injury. Who is this guy? I could say the opposite of what he says, and that what he says is just a misinterpretation of physics. Similar to how people think cold water boils faster, when it doesn't(because of some thermal shock or something people think happens). But who am I to challenge his statements, too?
@cheeser5458 Yıl önce
First time seeing yalls channel. The Fat PP knife was a good surprise and an instant sub 😂
@Herbivor 2 aylar önce
4:44 the underwater bullets dont have more energy. The energy they get comes from the gun and wont increase obviously. But since the mass is so much higher, the velocity will significantly slow down (kinetic energy = 0.5 * mass * veloctiy^2). And that means first, that the air/water resisant is lower cause its proprotional to the velocity and second, the inertia of the bullet is way higher and so you need a stronger force to stop it. (tried my best to explain it in english)
@Yuudachi_Pois Yıl önce
The fact that gun with the metal dart has a good chance of going through some light tanks
@aphesh5703 2 aylar önce
0:34 ah yes. You have to load it back in the old musket days
@RamblingReliks Yıl önce
Five inches is indeed incredibly long. Huge in fact.
@Just.a.kid__ Yıl önce
Uh huh right huge
@beargreen1 Yıl önce
That's some really good testing
@Parker_OSRS Yıl önce
Well congrats gents, you're in the algorithm. I can't wait to see this amazing channel explode into stardom
@justincase9123 10 aylar önce
I am a brand new subscriber and I gotta say I watched one vid and I'm hooked. Great vids
@FancyFeast3 Yıl önce
Sense of humor is on point
@thomasharris9059 10 aylar önce
Subbed because I like the honest, non-obnoxious thumbnails
@ShibaBoi170 Yıl önce
"So our fat PP split that foam dart in half" I KNOW U DID NOT 💀
@Sloshed_850 Yıl önce
Earned my sub this is some thorough content right here
@noone-jp4ex Yıl önce
Whoever made that realistic dummy deserves a reward
@Top547- Yıl önce
Most underrated channel by far I wish y’all would upload more every video is great
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