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Terry Crews has more strength in one bicep than most humans have in their entire being. But how is he with spicy food? Find out as the Brooklyn Nine-Nine star enters the Hot Ones terrordome and goes beast mode on the wings of death. As he tackles sauce after sauce with Sean Evans, Crews opens up about everything from his relationship with his father to his difficult experience in the NFL.

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Season 4
Episode 12

First We Feast videos offer an iconoclastic view into the culinary world, taking you behind-the-scenes with some of the country's best chefs and finding the unexpected places where food and pop culture intersect.



5 Eki 2017




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RustyRogue 53 dakika önce
Terry Crews is a fucking LEGEND and all around good human. We can all learn from him.
Off-Grid Romania
Off-Grid Romania 8 saatler önce
I love that guy, I have been called psycho for my Euro-Training, but I am proud of it an gad that I learned from Terry
Alexander Amaya
Alexander Amaya 22 saatler önce
This was oddly inspirational. Better than therapy
Coyote Gün önce
What a beautiful man
K L Gün önce
Nine Nine!
Charles McCrea
Charles McCrea Gün önce
This guy is the man.
Jacob King
Jacob King Gün önce
All Hail President Camacho!!!!
richard lopez
richard lopez Gün önce
The flat soy biologically march because sister mechanistically stitch aboard a wanting novel. unadvised, harsh laugh
marialiyubman 2 gün önce
Under that lighting he looks like he’s a friend chicken wing too. Lol. Fix the lighting!
Cringe. Just Cringe.
Yea, hes in Brooklyn 99, but we all know him for the Old Spice ads.
TelePhotoLens 2 gün önce
What a sweet, humble, genuine guy.
R. Hughes
R. Hughes 3 gün önce
Mr. Beautiful
Hunter Morgan
Hunter Morgan 3 gün önce
We need to protect this man at all costs though!! He's so genuine!
R. Hughes
R. Hughes 3 gün önce
There's a debate going on with my girlfriend. (at the moment) She says a dessert like the casserole you described is not a dessert at all... but maybe breakfast. What do you think. Should I eat it at breakfast or at the end of a day? Is chocolate a dessert? What is a dessert?
Mary Allen
Mary Allen 3 gün önce
Love bread pudding....:-)
Rafal Borowski
Rafal Borowski 3 gün önce
5:16 "And the sound card goes in here" - there... that's when you know it's all for show and he know SQUAT about PCs... Sound card... is this 2005 with Sound Blasters? really? And I know I had one of those... been building since 1998. Audio on a chip is all you need these days... like Realtek ALC1220 and ya' good. EDIT: And if you need better... you get a dedicated EXTERNAL (so no "it goes here" unless you are talking about your desk) USB/Lighthing DAC - my pref. O2 or Scarlett (that's a more of an audio interface though)
Andrew Burke
Andrew Burke 3 gün önce
By the time it got to the last dab I don't think I could do it to him, he is so nice and was already having a terrible (see what I did there) time.
tristezgamer 4 gün önce
Me here watching this dying just buy eating Doritos flamas
Srstabalot 4 gün önce
I rather have Macho Camacho as president over the Sloppy Joe Biden!🇺🇸
nanniesparrow 4 gün önce
ay lo amo!
Arthur Castro
Arthur Castro 4 gün önce
It's funny that Sean doesn't sweat or suffer or anything with the last dab but you can definitely see that he's a little high from it everytime hahahaha
Guillermo Schinelli
Guillermo Schinelli 4 gün önce
I'm a simple man. I hear Terry screams, I hit the like button.
Quincy 3D
Quincy 3D 4 gün önce
Hi mr Cube , Ha Ha !!!!
Quincy 3D
Quincy 3D 4 gün önce
Terry sweet like a Berry !
Mike Clements
Mike Clements 4 gün önce
The true last dab is dabbin' a little vaseline on your bung hole to prevent a serious case of the red ass the following morning
Reaper Grimm
Reaper Grimm 5 gün önce
Terry Crews is such a lovable person.He made me realize that he is one of those kinds of men i would really truly respect. A great father figure to his son
Omar Mohamed
Omar Mohamed 6 gün önce
I was waiting for him to be like "son clean the meat off that bone, that's 42 CENTS worth of chicken!"
Omar Mohamed
Omar Mohamed 6 gün önce
Terry Crews is good for the soul
Omar Mohamed
Omar Mohamed 6 gün önce
7:10 I love how the white bald dude gets so excited when the black bald dude compliments the flavor of his sauce..shows he's an entrepreneur at heart
LoofySookie 5 gün önce
The white bald dude and the black bald dude
Joni Mari Cruz
Joni Mari Cruz 6 gün önce
He seems like such an absolutely real and decent person. What a great interview!
Ann D
Ann D 6 gün önce
Loved Terry's howl 😁! Great video.
Winston Johnson
Winston Johnson 6 gün önce
NO NO NO rasens i would rather a bulet through my head before i eat a fucking rason
Ace Delpilar
Ace Delpilar 7 gün önce
My favorite comedian of all time!
Feel Lord
Feel Lord 7 gün önce
16:04 when she succin but she bites
Feel Lord
Feel Lord 7 gün önce
Terry is the human form of a ray of sunshine.
Jeromesavage Scorpionking
His voice really changed at one point due to the heat😂
Stephenie Stone
Stephenie Stone 9 gün önce
This is definitely one of my favorites. I loved him already and now I love him even more! As an IT nerd, god bless you Terry for building your own tower and playing video games with your son! Much love! ❤️💕🥰
J M 10 gün önce
No way. There is a part where he says that no one saw the movie idiocracy. I DID SEE IT!!!?? I loved it. I still recommend that movie to my friends now, because that movie is almost what we are living now. So yes. I was one of the few that saw the awesome movie. I recommend it.
Jo M-H
Jo M-H 13 gün önce
Sean must be the best trip buddy ever
TooManyOnions 13 gün önce
Who ate the big piece of chicken?
Ryan Shepherd
Ryan Shepherd 13 gün önce
A great fuckin guy. Terry crews a class act
River Everlasting
River Everlasting 13 gün önce
I wish Terry was my dad
Obstdealer - Original
Obstdealer - Original 13 gün önce
my poor man, he problaly got a 2nd asshole by that spicy shit xD
Bill Stickers
Bill Stickers 13 gün önce
Terry Crews - Genuine Dude, absolute Dude - Hundy P
Shayma M G Indalal
Shayma M G Indalal 14 gün önce
17:30 That Oscar award momment HAD ME CRYING
Matthew purcell
Matthew purcell 15 gün önce
Dustin Cook
Dustin Cook 15 gün önce
I love Terry He's an awesome actor and an even better person
Dbd SonGoku
Dbd SonGoku 15 gün önce
Great Man! Great Father!
Joseph Benjamin
Joseph Benjamin 16 gün önce
That recipe is what we call bread and butter pudding in the UK!
Well it sure isn't Dale
I just want to hug Terry Crews.
Halloween__ Tesla
Halloween__ Tesla 16 gün önce
This show was hilarious 😂😂😂
Valerie Moorer
Valerie Moorer 16 gün önce
bailey spooner
bailey spooner 16 gün önce
Terry is a human pitbull: seems hella scary actually so sweet and adorable
Ivin3690 16 gün önce
The man is built like a tank but has zero aggression in his blood. That's unexpected. I'm surprised he didn't mouth off on the coach that twisted his finger.
Justin conlin
Justin conlin 16 gün önce
LOVE Terry Crews. seems like such a great person!
Isaac García
Isaac García 17 gün önce
Subtítulos en español por favor
James Nelson
James Nelson 17 gün önce
I love Terry Crews! He'd be the guy I'd love to take fishin' or camping! He'd be EPIC! What a great guy!
FR 287
FR 287 18 gün önce
Question, didn't Jay build his custom PC?
luis grau
luis grau 18 gün önce
I simply adored the fact that he wanted to connect with his son through his tastes because he could not do it with his father, this ladies and gentlemen is what it means to be a true man and a true father, if you admired him before, now a lot more.
RickJames1811 18 gün önce
Terry Crews can't come to my bbq. Real ones only.
Li6HTW4Y 8 gün önce
Huh Terry Crews can fuckin get in that bitch easy you see that mans arms bruh?
Jason 19 gün önce
Rey Marnier
Rey Marnier 19 gün önce
I got the wings that'll make you scream - Cheeseburger Eddie
Amy Rios
Amy Rios 19 gün önce
Love terry crews 💕
Jony Boy
Jony Boy 20 gün önce
Old Spicy moment.
B.R. Fowler
B.R. Fowler 20 gün önce
0:13 The irony…😂
ImyoCello 21 gün önce
Terry is a worldwide treasure
Brian Meaker
Brian Meaker 21 gün önce
My super mad props to Terry crews for my man being a security guard. Security family love my brother
alexander bell
alexander bell 21 gün önce
April Q.
April Q. 21 gün önce
Terry Crews seems like a great guy🤗 That being said... we just NOT gonna talk about Everybody Hates Chris? Come on y’all!
Desaree :}
Desaree :} 22 gün önce
🎶everybody haãâtes Chriis🎶
Evička Klierová
Evička Klierová 23 gün önce
"Am I here?" :D Terry Crews is one of my all time favorite people in the world... humble, funny, strong, hard working... I love that man. Gordon Ramsey at the end: "F*** you. F*** off!" Terry Crews: "I love you man..." :D
berto corleone
berto corleone 23 gün önce
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Saikath Bose
Saikath Bose 23 gün önce
This guy is just amazing 😂😂
Linette Hudson
Linette Hudson 23 gün önce
NobodyKnows 25 gün önce
My dads close friend did a spray art tag on a sign with a funny caption and chelsea had seen it and put it on her instagram, it had said “Zora will pimp slap you” as a joke, the guy who made its really chill he was just joking around.
Robbie Kruszynski
Robbie Kruszynski 26 gün önce
with the stone island, well done.
jordan dubeau
jordan dubeau 28 gün önce
Terry Cruz you are the best father Your son Is a lucky kid To have a father like you that would try again hes lived trying to get into his His hobbies
Matthew Ma
Matthew Ma 29 gün önce
4:09 The best advertisement that dota got
Alt-Wrong 29 gün önce
This dude is 20 times busier than my dad ever was and he still managed to truly bond with his son over something he had initially zero knowledge of. I wish Terry Crews was my dad
jeremy toutain
jeremy toutain 11 gün önce
Same. I'm doing my best to be that kind of dad to my kid.
bendji Fabres
bendji Fabres Aylar önce
There must be a fake. Because every guest starts crying but the host act like nothing happen
Li6HTW4Y 8 gün önce
Because the host has been doing it for hundreds if episodes
cxvxcbcxn Aylar önce
Is it bad that Terry's super unhealthy cheat day meal is my everyday breakfast? 😆
MefuneAkira Aylar önce
The wings are darker. Did they BBQ these ones? Awesome!!
Maegan Achoy
Maegan Achoy Aylar önce
Only until Sean said Terry’s approximate age that i realized, Terry Cruz can age 😱😅 as if he’s supposed to remain as he is forever. He certainly looks like he hasn’t aged in years. Side note tho, he’s such an inspiration.
i can be needy
i can be needy Aylar önce
he is amazing best episode
Shayla Aylar önce
The Bright
The Bright Aylar önce
You can see people's spirits..... I truly believe it... his is golden and sunny.
Garfielf Aylar önce
Terry Crews is one of the most inspirational people on this damned planet. 👍👍
R Bharath
R Bharath Aylar önce
Proof that there is nothing 'unmanly' about crying. Terry Crews is the manliest man I've ever seen, and he's almost bleeding through his eyes here.....
Voltak Ackackack
Voltak Ackackack Aylar önce
Terry Crews is a treasure. This dude is the best.
Lt.ReubenRoze YT
Lt.ReubenRoze YT Aylar önce
Surprised he didn't refer to himself in third person when he hallucinated.
Matthew Knopps
Matthew Knopps Aylar önce
That coach throws a ball at Terry from a few feet away as hard as he can. He catches it, dislocates a finger then immediately pops it back into place and says "Bro what's you doin?" That proves how Terry is a big man but he isn't out there throwing his weight around. What a good dude. He could of probably flexed and knocked that fella out of the field.
Marcelo Souza
Marcelo Souza Aylar önce
can you imagine terry crews saying "we'll be friends forever now" to you? .....fucking awesome
Marcelo Souza
Marcelo Souza Aylar önce
one of the best people alive!!
Can Aydın
Can Aydın Aylar önce
IGORGPARK Aylar önce
Everybody Hates Chris waas a great show, here in Brazil is hard to find someone that never watched!
Ryan Marinucci
Ryan Marinucci Aylar önce
He's a good guy.
Relentless Intestinal Distress
i don't care what anyone says about Terry Crews, he's one of the few people who "gets it" and he's one of my favorites. thumbs up for TC! :)
Bertie Hunter
Bertie Hunter Aylar önce
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pablo pedro
pablo pedro Aylar önce
Sad he got cancelled for expressing his beliefs that went against the norm
ghost in the darkness
I can’t get the scene of terry saying “ I got my shank in case shit jump off “ he had a phone book under his shirt lol “ I ama man ! “
telling you the truth.
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