Tenacious D vs. Foo Fighters - Colombia

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Shot & Edited by: instagram.com/taylorstephens
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20 Oct 2019




Yük bağlantısı.....


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Johnny Keeling
Johnny Keeling 6 saatler önce
Jack: I'm scared of dogs Also Jack: Has a giant dog face on his shirt.
Gist432 3 gün önce
A lot on the plate huh? ...well
Master Chief Petty Officer John 117
Channeling his inner nachoooo
F C 4 gün önce
Jack looking more & more like Jerry Garcia every year that goes by 🤣
ron ronron
ron ronron 5 gün önce
15:30 .. true 👊👊👊
Carol Zbyszewski
Carol Zbyszewski 5 gün önce
what a rowdy gatherings so random hahah
Michael Guy
Michael Guy 5 gün önce
Nothing against KG & JB, but I would love to see more Jack Black and Dave Grohl adventures.
Trey 5 gün önce
GAME OVER DUB 6 gün önce
Adam Bruton
Adam Bruton 6 gün önce
Eff you, Kyle, we're going out to the cheap seats! "XD
Official Yaki Clone
Official Yaki Clone 6 gün önce
We need our world back..anyone supporting staying in..wearing masks..taking a vaccine ..thermal scans..ANYTHING...that the powers that shouldnt be are saying..is a fool that has been fooled
Chris Simpson
Chris Simpson 6 gün önce
JB (I think?): That sounds so dangerous. Dave shouting as he's running off to get some coffee mate: IT IS!!!
ozzmark 7 gün önce
Jack loves those animal face shirts...
stephen allen
stephen allen 8 gün önce
I love watching these Mermaid Man & Mermaid Man videos
Simon Kelk
Simon Kelk 9 gün önce
I love Jack Black but cage is my spirit animal!
mebecrzy 1
mebecrzy 1 10 gün önce
Goodness y'all ever come to VA...please...gotta get a live experience....kinda like an Hendrix Experience in my 🌍😇😈😇😈🌈☀can only hope❤💚💜
mebecrzy 1
mebecrzy 1 10 gün önce
Yay y'all freakin awesome!!!
A Fierro
A Fierro 10 gün önce
9:33 hahahahahhahahah incredible!!
MiamiH2SX 11 gün önce
Eat some Bandeja Paisa, you'll get even fatter, lol, The Best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
MiamiH2SX 11 gün önce
you guys became fat recently, still the D though..........
BaronHerezus 11 gün önce
Don't think fans would like you any better if you were all muscly and thin. You 2 are deliciously round great musicians :).
Tom Spagnolo
Tom Spagnolo 11 gün önce
Kyle and jack = The meaning of friendship
UnworldlySam 12 gün önce
Accidently left my playback speed at 0.5 from a guitar cover I was watching earlier. The result? The start of this video catching me off guard and being hilarious
chillaxation 12 gün önce
When I grow up, I want to be just like Jack Black................I'm 35.
SpikyToaster 13 gün önce
Lucas Herzog
Lucas Herzog 13 gün önce
I wonder what they told the people who wanted to go to the gym that day
Thordur Hogna
Thordur Hogna 13 gün önce
Lol geniuses
Jack 13 gün önce
watching Kyle get his shoelaces tied was gross but this was a fun video otherwise ☺️
J I 13 gün önce
Q: What do Jack Black, Steve Carell, Jim Carrey, Dave Grohl, Ben Stiller and Tom Hanks have in common? A: They're all compromised well paid puppets whose strings are being pulled by the CIA in an attempt to manipulate the masses.
Shaq GasEngine
Shaq GasEngine 16 gün önce
A little makeup and a little weight gain and Dave Grohl is your new Captain Spaulding 🤯
Tj Reeve
Tj Reeve 16 gün önce
Why do they play acoustic all the time ?
Comma Queen Le Baci
Comma Queen Le Baci 17 gün önce
where weezer
the demon5
the demon5 19 gün önce
i think i live with more d
utopiazexal 19 gün önce
scared of Dogs Literally wearing a dog shirt
Kevin McLeod
Kevin McLeod 20 gün önce
Never a dull moment! Love the way he does everything ❤️ . Greatest celebrity ever! It's just that he's so entertaining ! Be safe always cheers mate 😎
Jai Yadav
Jai Yadav 22 gün önce
It’s so nice to see tenacious d helping out smaller bands
The Potato Of Doom
The Potato Of Doom 22 gün önce
Anyone know the song at 3:32 ?
Bethanie Brunelle
Bethanie Brunelle 23 gün önce
I definitely need a little more D
Juan Murcia
Juan Murcia 24 gün önce
Ivy Malia
Ivy Malia 26 gün önce
nothing like saying the f word with dave grohl
Ivy Malia
Ivy Malia 26 gün önce
I love how there so close friends that they can call each other fat and not care.
risebouquet 27 gün önce
"It's a big room. You can't even really call it a room...it's a stadium."
LZRD 28 gün önce
Get me some sweeeeeeats
La Condenada Nausea
La Condenada Nausea 28 gün önce
Great to see Dave's shirt, i'm too a big Obsessed fan... 👿
Que loco ver a esta gente echando tejo
Newton Heath 84
Newton Heath 84 Aylar önce
That moment Kyle was dancing at the sound of a cuban song in Colombia meant the world to me.
George Smith
George Smith Aylar önce
Man! The power of suggestion! When he was drinking the cappuccino, I could practically taste it...and am now about to make coffee.
Tucker Wolf
Tucker Wolf Aylar önce
Jack Black is so silly , Guinness is the Guinness of Columbia. The Irish would surely have it no other way
Dmg165 Aylar önce
Jack baila magnífico la salsa jajajaj Saludos de Perú !
luciana gonzalez
luciana gonzalez Aylar önce
Jajaja la cara del policía como diciendo.. que se fumó éste chabón 16:54 XD
xd Aylar önce
That was quite a stand battle
ALF God 69
ALF God 69 Aylar önce
I like how your the exact same guy you see in most of your movies.
Leonardo Alves
Leonardo Alves Aylar önce
5:56 Euro Treino
You were in the "learn to fly" music video
Ramon Dimas
Ramon Dimas Aylar önce
I miss that, a firm handshake.
Ryan Martin
Ryan Martin Aylar önce
Tenacious FooD Fighters.
Tony González
Tony González Aylar önce
Me atrevería a decir que fue el concierto más grande que pudimos apreciar durante el 2019 en Colombia. Tener a 3 bandas tan grandes para la historia del rock durante los últimos 20 años llenando el Campín. Viajé desde Medellín sólo para verlos. Casi que medio avión los iba a ver también, fue todo un acontencimiento y la pasamos genial. ¡Gracias por venir a nuestro país!
M Aylar önce
I see Dave with that obsessed shirt
UnlinkYTKBSasmr Aylar önce
Alarm set to 3:22 ? Is this a habit you picked up from Yale?
SgtxAnus Aylar önce
Cage should be Randy’s dad on Trailer Park Boys thatd be dope...
Sacred Sun
Sacred Sun Aylar önce
I can speak Spanish... hola ...be amazed.
Ahmed Aylar önce
all that hand shaking
Joshua D
Joshua D Aylar önce
There are so many awesome things to say about this video.. The people.. The personalities.. The action.. The love.. It's amazing.. Much love to all you guys.. All 3 Bands (and people, non Corona cough* Dave) embody my childhood and really, my adult life
Joshua D
Joshua D Aylar önce
Awesome to see Black and Glass having some great fun together. Friendship is everything..
Apoptosis Aylar önce
"Go there and live life"...
Carlo Vs Gaming
Carlo Vs Gaming Aylar önce
2:14 lol he’s speaking Spanish in Brazil 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Achilles Son of Peleus
Robert Stanikmas
Robert Stanikmas Aylar önce
the best thing about tenacious D is they dress like they dont have money.
Gander Stein
Gander Stein Aylar önce
I just witness Jack twerking ( 4:28 ). I'm going to go bleach my eyes now.
dodgers doon1130
dodgers doon1130 Aylar önce
I love his shirt
Bo Walsh
Bo Walsh Aylar önce
🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 🕉
Oliver Wendell Holmes
Scotty miller
Scotty miller Aylar önce
The D is one of the best shows you'll ever see!
Duke and us
Duke and us Aylar önce
Strange he got up at 322 in the morning that's the number for skull and Bones society.
ItsSniperLyfe 62
ItsSniperLyfe 62 Aylar önce
Seeing Dave Grohl dance like that warmed my heart just imagine if Kurt was there !! It would’ve been great !
Nathan Cull
Nathan Cull Aylar önce
I'm so jealous of his life. What freedom! Love ya JB, I hope to meet you one day
Papodoch Aylar önce
"Tenacious D vs. Foo Fighters" Oh no, it´s the pick of destiny all over again!
pigzrulez 2 aylar önce
Press F for Weezers that got left out from the title
Doom Guy
Doom Guy 2 aylar önce
*Heavy Breathing*
David Eff
David Eff 2 aylar önce
This would be amazing in person, Heaven...
Foo Fighters. Walk.
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