teeth as a fashion statement.

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The Clean Body by Peter Ward
Sugar by James Walvin
Beauty Imagined: A History of the Global Beauty Industry by Geoffrey Jones
Foul Bodies: Cleanliness in Early America by Kathleen M. Brown
Selling Beauty by Morag Martin
Teeth by Mary Otto

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The Washington Post (1877-1922); Feb 14, 1897; ProQuest Historical Newspapers: The Washington Post pg. 28

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25 Ara 2021




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tiffanyferg 7 aylar önce
Abbbbsolutely here for any and all discussions of teeth!! 💛 this was fascinating, thank you Mina!
Ani Thompson
Ani Thompson 7 aylar önce
Your video was ah-mazing. I was fascinated by it!
Carter Schield
Carter Schield 7 aylar önce
Your video about teeth was amazing and made me feel see . Thank you🖤
Ohtam 7 aylar önce
Boss Mina recognizing Boss Tiffany hell yeah
Chelsea 7 aylar önce
I loved your video on teeth and the dental industry!!
Anangookwe Wolf
Anangookwe Wolf 7 aylar önce
People of today scoff at practices of the past. I.e. Queen Elizabeth and lead based makeup but totally forget that there are those around us who use gorilla glue as tooth gem adhesives 😵
Kat Cardenas-Cruz
Kat Cardenas-Cruz 5 gün önce
exactly 😭 back then they truly didn't know, and we honestly learned from them. Today we ACTUALLY have the knowledge and yet choose to ignore it like dummies.
exp-io Aylar önce
@Pumpkin Cat omg lmao why I never thought that our roots can get stronger just like how we used braces it weakens then goes back to strong after moving them around. I had my canine moving and I let it be because that's my adult tooth and it never moves anymore. I ddint want to take it off and im glad I didn't 😀
Anna Castro
Anna Castro 4 aylar önce
My dad used gorilla glue to put a crown back in one time 🤦🏻‍♀️😂
erin g
erin g 6 aylar önce
@HollowedJesit's not bcs of her race but because she put the gorilla glue in her hair. Gorilla glue is incredibly strong, no matter what race you are you should know what would happen if you put it in your hair, it's not meant for hair
HollowedJes 6 aylar önce
@erin g Ah, casual misognoir. 🙄
basic boi
basic boi 7 aylar önce
OMG as someone that doesn’t have perfectly aligned teeth, I hate how aesthetics make people like me seem that our teeth aren’t healthy. My dentist always tells me that alignment does not necessarily dictate that your teeth aren’t healthy.
Victória Romualdo
Victória Romualdo Aylar önce
Yeah, I have yellow teeth and I'm even ashamed to smile on camera because of their color. They are healthy, I never had any problem, smoked, go regularly to the dentist, they are just naturally yellow.
Kiera_rdh Aylar önce
Hey there! I’m a dental hygienist who studies and specializes in occlusion (how teeth bite together). Modern research shows that poorly positioned teeth is a contributing factor to dental deterioration. Overlapping teeth has been proven to increase your risk of jaw bone loss and gum disease. Malocclusion itself has been formally classified as a dental disease by the American academy of periodontology. If your dentist says otherwise, they may not be up to date on the most recent publications in dental health research. This is new science and research, even 10-15 years ago we didn’t know these connections between properly aligned teeth and dental health. Are your teeth “doomed” because they’re not perfectly straight? Not necessarily, but you may be at higher risk for teeth fracturing, gum recession, bone loss, airway disfunction, etc.
Hu Tao
Hu Tao Aylar önce
But mine is a very severe case and it even hurts my mouth sometimes. And this was also the cause of my cavities so my case was a necessity 🥲
S I N 2 aylar önce
Nor does whiteness. Healthy teeth are slightly yellowish. Pure white teeth are unnatural even
kitkatmelon 2 aylar önce
Same 😭
rinapop 7 aylar önce
As a European I've noticed that Americans have a huge obsession with teeth and are often very degrading to those who live in countries where its not seen as so important
sorcerers apprentice
@ievagaa Canadian here. I think we are influenced by "straight, white teeth" culture, but not nearly as much as our southern neighbours. My teeth are slightly yellow thanks to genetics and drinking beverages like tea. I never once had anyone criticize me about that let alone been turned down for a job interview. The only thing I'm self conscious of is my missing tooth (that I only got to be like that thanks to not being able to fix a cavity under my former crowned tooth under my dad's dental plan), because people with missing teeth here are seen as hicks. I got a partial denture thanks to that and also wanting to eat on the other side of my mouth as well, but it's still a pain in the ass to clean it all the time.
KaiyaJane Lory
KaiyaJane Lory 2 aylar önce
Yeah as someone who lives in the US I'm really fuckin tired of all the teeth whitening ads. Like leave me an my perfectly healthy yellow teeth alone! lol...
Malou J
Malou J 2 aylar önce
@V Brown read back every single comment you made in that thread. All I keep reading is how perfect tour teeth are, so yes, you seem to be bragging and it's coming off as obnoxious
V Brown
V Brown 3 aylar önce
@ferret Not sure why stating a fact is bragging. I'm not saying I'm a gorgeous super model or something. I have nice teeth and a nice smile and get complimented on it often. End of statement. Nothing more, nothing less. I did nothing to make it happen- it's genetics, so I can't brag about it.
ferret 3 aylar önce
@V Brown It kinda comes off as you're bragging or flexing, maybe you don't mean it tho
Tim Tran
Tim Tran 7 aylar önce
In Asia, many cultures like Thailand, Vietnam, and Japan historically viewed dyed blackened teeth as beautiful. In Vietnam, historically, white teeth were called dog teeth, and was regarded as barbaric. So teeth as a beauty standard isn't completely universal.
Polite Reminder:
Polite Reminder: 14 gün önce
B 22 gün önce
Thanks so much for adding this! I was hoping this video might touch on more of the diversity of teeth aesthetics like this (even tho I'm still glad to have learned a bunch of cool history). Thank you for sharing!
AmyLinnDuncan Aylar önce
Very interesting!
linh luu
linh luu Aylar önce
nah, im a vietnamese too still everyone around me is doing veneer.
Tim Tran
Tim Tran Aylar önce
@BanterAndFun that only applies to Japan. In Thailand and Vietnam, for example, the lowest of class still dye their teeth black.
demi [ 데미 ]
demi [ 데미 ] 7 aylar önce
i have naturally more yellow teeth and although ive never had anyone point them out or make fun of them its one of the things that im the most insecure about. its so weird how whiteness is praised on teeth even if they go through damaging processes to get that colour. like why is destroying our teeths shape and putting new ones in so praised? its damaging too?? its just so confusing how one damaging factor (eg. decay) can be ridiculed but people that are actively choosing to have a similar thing done (shaving teeth down) to get a “hollywood smile” are the beauty standard
Victória Romualdo
Victória Romualdo Aylar önce
Ditto 😩. I've never even smoked and always had great dental habits since I was a child and they were always healthy, as proof I never had to go to the dentist because of some problem(Ofc I Go 2x per year to have them cleaned and cheked). So I'm even embarrassed and ashamed to smile in picture, it sucks.
ferret 3 aylar önce
@Just Alula my mom said that too! 😭 She told me not to smile with my teeth because they were yellow. Both my parents would shame my teeth constantly, I completely stopped washing them for many years. Now I'm washing them ofc, but they are sensitive and hurt because of all the years I didn't
R B 4 aylar önce
I also have teeth that are naturally more yellow, even though my dentist always praises how great my teeth are, I’m super insecure their color. I’ve tried whitening them a few times and I think it’s made them look translucent so I stopped whitening. They never got white anyway. Finally I just realized that I have to learn to be okay with the teeth I have, as long as they’re healthy. I do wish we’d get over this obsession with unnaturally white teeth.
Chana 6 aylar önce
You can use whitening toothpaste, it's not damaging but does work
Madison Tetrault
Madison Tetrault 6 aylar önce
Try oil pulling, it won’t b glow in the dark Ross level white but a more subtle natural white over time, as well as better mouth hygiene:)
missmyk 7 aylar önce
I work at a dental office and it's absolutely ridiculous how the American healthcare system downplays the importance of oral health when it is *so* crucial to overall health. Especially kids! Do not neglect your kid's oral health because "it's just baby teeth", those teeth could stay in there into high school and damage in the baby teeth can affect the new permanent teeth.
F Karma
F Karma 3 aylar önce
its so crazy, in the UK we get completely free dental and orthodontic (braces etc) work until you're 18. Even when you're an adult, if you are lower income you can apply to have some of the cost subsidised depending on your income. Even when you pay for a yearly check uo its not that bad. It gets expensive ofc if you have a lot of dental issues and need more intense things but its still far more affordable than the US
물건 4 aylar önce
its so crazy that many insurance plans do not cover dental and vision when I would argue they are the most important upkeep throughout life!!
kt 6 aylar önce
I lost my last baby tooth in late middle school but before that it was all cracked and rotted from being old and not taken care of. It didn’t hurt because it was dead and had no nerve endings. But they ended up having to pull it to induce the adult tooth to grow in its place and give me braces. But now because of all the dental trauma/ procedures I’ve been through I am determined to not get another cavity and am super anal about dental health/ wearing retainers every night
The Sleepy Dot
The Sleepy Dot 7 aylar önce
i didnt know that :0 thanks for sharing!!
Erie Rosewood
Erie Rosewood 7 aylar önce
@All Night Cats lol I was eating a French fry and cracked a baby tooth side ways
teraphIl1000 7 aylar önce
I was traumatized by a documentary I saw on TV as a kid about people who had undergone cheap teeth whitening procedures and could now only ingest liquid food or else their teeth would fall out. It made me want to take real good care of mine.
Chrisj82 5 aylar önce
@Minute Mirror what was the brand?
spiderman. 7 aylar önce
@Minute Mirror could you tell me the brand pls
Minute Mirror
Minute Mirror 7 aylar önce
@lovetoplayguitar Plus getting your teeth whitened at the dentist takes a long time and might not be covered by insurance. My dentist told me i'd be sitting in the chair with the mouth opener in for 2 hours for the treatment (just for one tooth that i had bruised) and to not do it. So over the counter items also offer one-tooth-fixes. I bought a whitening pen and focused on that tooth until it didn't look gray anymore and was good. it was like $10.
lovetoplayguitar 7 aylar önce
dentists must lose a lot of revenue to more affordable over the counter whiteners.
Sirama 7 aylar önce
After I had my braces taken off, my Orthodontist wanted to shave them down so I had perfect straight teeth. It was a miracle I spoke up to this professional since I had terrible self esteem and shyness. At the time there were numerous toothpaste commercials about teeth enamel eroding. So I questioned why this professional wanted to take away something I had a good amount of.
Naomi and Corvin
Naomi and Corvin Aylar önce
Holy shit y'all, that is extremely fucked. No wonder people are afraid of the dentist!
Katie Foster
Katie Foster 5 aylar önce
They shaved mine down without telling me. I remember it hurting so bad when they did it. My canines are rounded now and it’s annoying.
A H 5 aylar önce
@Raindropsonroses so much for that degree lol its just common sense shaving the enamel is not a good thing
OHGUMDROP 5 aylar önce
Same with me! I rmbr them not even asking me but asking my dad because I was 12. He didn't see any point in doing that thankfully lol
Eli Shh
Eli Shh 6 aylar önce
And the worst thing is the pain when you exercise or run and it's cold outside for examplw
Disney em pt-pt
Disney em pt-pt 7 aylar önce
Well, truth is, even most countries that have, otherwise, roubust universal healthcare coverage tend to set oral health apart and don't ensure its coverage the way they do with other medical areas. It does depend on the country, but there's definitely a trend, worldwide, of treating oral health financing as a thing aside from healthcare in general (which I never understood why).
Victória Romualdo
Victória Romualdo Aylar önce
One of the only good things in my country is the level of our dentists and at least my generation had a really good education of dental care, I remember watching cartoons on the public channels and they always reminded us to watch our teeth 3 times a day and take care of them. I even know a French guy, middle class, who was amazed and had all his teeth proceeding done here, the dude stayed hours and hours on the dentist due to how damaged his teeth were.
Anhela Anhela
Anhela Anhela 2 aylar önce
In Russia it's free like all other healthcare, but the materials and instruments used are going to be outdated, so most likely you'll get something like amalgam or cement. Most people use that as a last resort and normally just go to private dental clinics, but it's not that expensive even if you make minimum wage. Tbh I think not many people are even fully aware that you can do your teeth for free.
ferret 3 aylar önce
Also eyes. Teeth and eyes are neglected for some reason
VK 7 aylar önce
in my country, dental insurance is included with health insurance as default- you don't need to opt for it, because your dental health is one in the same as your general health. It's kind of crazy to me that that's not the case for a lot of people, because i needed a LOT of dental help as a kid and not having that coverage could have put my family in some real deep shit.
Shalenah 7 aylar önce
true but at least in my experience in spain, dentistry is waaaaay cheaper, last year i got a filling replaced in my molar that wasn't covered by my insurance and it only cost me 30 euros. i was shocked! not to mention the whole go to the dentist every 6 months isn't a thing in europe. the dentist didn't perform a cleaning bc she said i didn't need it and there was nothing to clean a culture shock for sure lol
ievagaa 7 aylar önce
Ridiculously white teeth in movies always make me cringe, especially when it’s a period piece or veneers on those who in reality just couldn’t have them
amanda bernardi
amanda bernardi 4 aylar önce
faith hill, 1883
Kaleigh Sue
Kaleigh Sue 5 aylar önce
Yes!! It makes me think that “period teeth” should be part of their period costume. Jim Carrey did that in Series of Unfortunate Events (he shows off the “dirty teeth, normal teeth” in the behind the scenes footage).
yikes 6 aylar önce
@Cleo Lassen jesse from breaking bad
Cleo Lassen
Cleo Lassen 7 aylar önce
Or movies / programs where a character with a serious drug habit such as meth has a perfect set of unnaturally white teeth
Erie Rosewood
Erie Rosewood 7 aylar önce
bright white teeth make me cringe, slightly white isn't that bad though imo
Gluteus Uterus
Gluteus Uterus 7 aylar önce
Could you please do a video on body hair trends. It's interesting that something as natural as hair that grows on your body is viewed as "manly" or "unladylike"
Mars on the Earth
Mars on the Earth 2 aylar önce
ferret 3 aylar önce
@Elaine Stokes and men have longer hair, yet theirs isn't considered unhygienic. 🤔
Elaine Stokes
Elaine Stokes 7 aylar önce
And “unhygienic”….. but only on women of course 🙄
dan chee
dan chee 7 aylar önce
Hello I am a dentist and can I just say this video was EXTREMELY well researched and you make great points that many dentists would overlook. I'm always impressed with your work but this one really blew me away
Francesca P
Francesca P 7 aylar önce
As a European, I feel like having a perfectly white smile and straight teeth is not "required" to fit in society. It's still a desirable feature but nobody is expected to have a straight smile (it's still a priviledge). Maybe the fact that dental healthcare in America is more expensive makes having straight teeth more an indicator of a social/economic status that people want to achieve. People want to be perceived as rich, not healthy, and I think social media really reinforces this trope. I had my braces at 22 and I found out that the majority of "teeth problems" actually derive from bone structure (usually a small jaw that can't "fit in" all the teeth) or wrong swallowing, which are things that cannot be changed easily, sometimes even braces are useless, cause your teeth will come back to their original position. That's why a lot of people here don't want to waste their money fixing their perfectly healthy teeth just cause they're crooked. I think younger people nowdays are more pressed than adults, though
brewcha 2 aylar önce
i got braces which "fixed" some of my issues, but when my wisdom teeth grew out my front teeth got misaligned again. the funny thing is how i didn't know my wisdom teeth had grown out - one day i went for a regular check-up and my dentist just said "oh, all four of your wisdom teeth are here". she said since they're not bothering or hurting me, nothing to worry about except that i just gotta remember to brush a little deeper in, i don't have to pull them out; but she _did_ mention that that may be why one of my front teeth was wonky, because the wisdom teeth were taking up space. yet at the same time i don't _need_ to take my wisdom teeth out, and so there that wonky teeth shall remain wonky. now to be very fair, i also forgot using my retainers some months after my braces were off - and at this point my retainers just don't fit anymore because of said wonky tooth. so this issue is partly my own doing (undoing?). i feel a bit bad because my mom had saved up to get me braces when i was a kid - but seriously, besides one front teeth that's a bit Out, everything else is what you'd hope for from a braces treatment. she suggested i get braces again now that i have my own money bUT i don't think it's worth it just for The One Tooth.
Bellaen 6 aylar önce
Well said! "People want to be perceived rich, not healthy". That's why we also see the rise in harmful plastic surgery such as BBL. So many young adults get those invasive surgeries just to be the same as rich celebrities/influencers. It hurts to see. In the Netherlands dentists will usually refer you to an orthodontist when there are glaring problems when you're young (I was 9 at my first appointment at the orthodontist), while usually they wait a little longer, until most of your baby teeth are gone. It's mostly just as a check to see if braces are necessary or aesthetic. Most young people get them though, because they're somewhat affordable and having at least somewhat aligned teeth makes it easier to clean than crooked ones.
Giulia D
Giulia D 6 aylar önce
@M 9 dude... She is from Europe... She knows that... She probably just called herself European to simplify...
LadyAhro 7 aylar önce
A few people I know here (UK) call unnatural looking veneers and overly white ultra even American teeth 'pearly white tombstones' when we see a particularly suspect set, usually on US reality TV. We definitely don't all have good teeth as a nation, that's definitely a fact, but the stereotypes are definitely overblown. Most teeth seem to be less uniform and much less white. If they're not a mess or just not all one length we usually leave that alone.
Hambone 7 aylar önce
My stepdad is from England and his teeth were atrocious when him and my mom first married, but once they were married and he had dental insurance he had to undergo 6 root canals and I think he has like 8 crowns, but the entire time he would argue with the dentists that in England having perfectly straight white teeth weren't a necessity like in America.
Amelie Mews
Amelie Mews 7 aylar önce
Dentists often tell you that you NEED veneers ... when you really don't, but they want money. 💰💸🤑 They put me through bad orthodontic treatment, where they sanded my teeth without telling me when I was under age. It was shocking. So now I must have veneers for life.
Dolly Dagger
Dolly Dagger 5 aylar önce
If you're lucky, they only last 15 years, and I was 15 when getting them, same thing, no one told me shit.. I literally thought they were cleaning them because it instrument's sound the same.. It was awful and through medicade.
Janemh 6 aylar önce
@Lillian DeFazio yeah agree, where I am it's not even something your regular old dentist does so they'd have no benafit in trying to upsell you, and how they could anyway when it's cosmetic so can't ever be "needed"....
Lillian DeFazio
Lillian DeFazio 6 aylar önce
As someone who works in the dental field...that isn't normal like at all. A crown maybe, but not veneers
A 6 aylar önce
girl same
Marceline VanMeter
Marceline VanMeter 6 aylar önce
That's awful, I'm sorry you had to go through that.
Betty Crocker
Betty Crocker 7 aylar önce
you should rate the historical American girl doll’s outfits off of historical accuracy !
Rosemary G
Rosemary G 7 aylar önce
OMG YES! Maybe also just rating how appealing their wardrobes are - I’ve had some amazing debates with other Millennial gals (obviously Felicity and Josefina are at the top)
Berlin 7 aylar önce
The popular slang term "no cap" also comes from gold teeth covers. Saying that means they're real, i.e. not a tooth cap, and now people use that in any context to mean that they're for real and not joking/lying.
Berlin 6 aylar önce
@Nani Nuna yup. welcome to what happens when something becomes mainstream but the people who originated that are still made fun of for it.
Nani Nuna
Nani Nuna 6 aylar önce
knowing this and that people still make fun of grills feels like a gut punch
flyingfigs 7 aylar önce
teeth and their effect on mental heath is so real man. I used to have a big gap in my two front teeth and it honestly made me feel so bad about myself and think that everyone was judging me. The worst part about it is that they were. I guess it is sort of fashionable now to have a gap but people can still be so rude. Before I got braces I remember drawing a picture of lips with a gap for an art project and all of my friends saw it and laughed at it. I don't have the gap anymore because I just hated my teeth and my smile and got braces cause of the pressure that I felt. I will still find something to hate about my smile though no matter how many years of braces I've gone through. The way that beauty standards can just rot your mental health even when you conform is a mind fuck.
nini Aylar önce
@S I N right? Keira knightley has really imperfect teeth but she pulls them off SO WELL
S I N 2 aylar önce
That's so sad. I think having gaped teeth is so cute and I'm jealous of those who have them
Marceline VanMeter
Marceline VanMeter 6 aylar önce
you could say the beauty industry's ideal of teeth has given your mind a cavity
eylem vdw
eylem vdw 7 aylar önce
@Maggie A thank you🙏🏼
Maggie A
Maggie A 7 aylar önce
@eylem vdw If your teeth are healthy don't mess with 'em. As they say, if it ain't broke, don't fix it.
Jae Kent
Jae Kent 7 aylar önce
as a brit i am proud to say i have tea stained teeth and couldn’t care less for white teeth. so long as i have healthy teeth i don’t care that they aren’t BLINDINGLY white.
Unicorn Princess
Unicorn Princess Aylar önce
I noticed that recently a lot of people are going to Turkey to get implants or veneers - my colleague went recently and had her teeth shaved to just replace with these fake pearly whites 🥲 just because hers were “yellow” and not aligned!! And too expensive to “fix” in the UK… I never ever noticed a problem with her OG teeth though 🙈 go tea stained teeth!
Jae Kent
Jae Kent Aylar önce
@fruity houaylor stan oh wow that’s amazing that u saw him!! i was gonna see harry but then the pandemic hit so i never got to🤬 i’m not mad anymore tbf but i was so sad at the time lmao. but louis’ live performances seem so fun omg it must’ve been incredible🙌🏻
fruity houaylor stan
@Jae Kent it’s all good i understand, i do the same thing too with switching back & forth in different fandoms lol. i like a lot of artists! but louis is definitely my favorite, he’s on his world tour right now and i saw him in march and it was AMAZING 😭 & i hardly change my pfp either it’s been this louis pic for almost a year so that’s such a mood lmaooo
Maggie Noodles
Maggie Noodles Aylar önce
Jae Kent
Jae Kent Aylar önce
@fruity houaylor stan not really anymore i can’t lie, i just kinda stopped listening and following along, not for any particular reason, just got into other artists! but alas i will cling onto my pfp for many years to come i suppose hahah
Soapy 7 aylar önce
A friend of mine got yellow teeth after Tetracykline treatment and people would tease her about it even though 1. Her teeth were healthy 2. The discoloration was due to medication. The value we place on beauty vs. health is so shitty ugh
Alex 7 aylar önce
Ppl wanna act like they prioritize health over beauty and that’s the “reason” for their prejudices. But it’s not true at all, people are always hypocritical and often prioritize beauty over health. They just dont wanna admit it.
MarvelousSandstone 7 aylar önce
I have some yellow spots on my front teeth from medication I got as a really young child when my adult teeth were still chilling out and developing in my jaw. They are perfectly fine besides that discoloration but unless I got expensive af veneers glued to my teeth there is no way to fix that. I had some people make mean comments about it over the years but most people seemed to either mind their own business or just never even noticed and I honestly don't care I grew to be fine with my teeth how they are now.
Jerson Ascencio
Jerson Ascencio 7 aylar önce
In Guatemala, it's popular to inlay teeth with gold stars, it's likely the successor to the jade teeth gems of the ancient Maya. Pretty cool! 💎✨
Kristina Lovelace
Kristina Lovelace 7 aylar önce
I have kinda yellow teeth because of my years of bulimia so everytime someone points out this fact I say "yeah, i'm bulimic :D" to make them feel like a bad person, it's satisfying tho hahaha
VIVI 6 aylar önce
I was traumatized by previous dental care and had poor hygiene during to depressive episodes that happened after untreated EDNOs and my family made me feel bad about my teeth and it just made me feel too ashamed it took me too long to go back, once I got there I was handled with care and always get anesthesia, now I wish I just had gone earlier instead of endured the pain
mophead (ᮟᮥ)
mophead (ᮟᮥ) 7 aylar önce
i mean, power move but also i hope you're doing well esp since you said "i'm bulimic" not "i was bulimic". :')
Hannah Moore
Hannah Moore 7 aylar önce
honestly, good for you! it’s something you can’t feasibly change so they should learn not to bring it up and mind their business :)
nanda rambles
nanda rambles 7 aylar önce
Don’t know how many times I have gone to the dentist for a general clean up and they keep trying to force me to pay thousands of dollars to “whiten” my teeth “because I’m too pretty “ for them not to be pearly white 🤦🏻‍♀️they really trying to mess up with people confidence to make money . Great video! Always looking forward to them :)
Noemie Scott
Noemie Scott 7 aylar önce
I get this a lot too, I was very sick as a child and my enamel is now permanently soft so it stains easily. It also means that whitening treatments and veneers would potentially do more damage to my teeth so I’ve never considered it. I’m aware they are ugly but I’d rather not be in pain.
Jessica A. M. Harper
Jessica A. M. Harper 7 aylar önce
Find another dentist. They shouldn't be doing that.
Delphine Wartelle
Delphine Wartelle 7 aylar önce
wow, that's infuriating and so unprofessional of them! Write a bad review online, should shut them up for a little bit. If you are in the US, I would report them to the BBB, the Better Business Bureau for unprofessional and unethical conduct as well.
Abby M
Abby M 7 aylar önce
The American-style white, straight teeth obsession has bled into Canada! It's not quite as bad here, but it's definitely a thing. And although we have universal healthcare, we don't have universal dental care or vision care (I know...make it make sense). So the high standards are difficult to achieve here too!
Genie Liz
Genie Liz 5 aylar önce
It's the same for health care in New Zealand, I have spent at least 10k in the past 8 years on my teeth alone.
maya rae
maya rae 7 aylar önce
as an american, i sincerely apologize ... cause i swear it's an epidemic down here. the whole thing about people with bad teeth not being able to find jobs? 100% true. my mom works minimum wage (she couldn't even afford care when she broke her finger cause god bless america ig) and still, she's saving up to get veneers! i just hope it doesn't start spreading to even more countries...
G. Molina
G. Molina 7 aylar önce
What?? I had no idea they didn’t cover dental, dental IS healthcare🤦🏻‍♀️
CRLE 7 aylar önce
Same in Australia! The government will pay for healthcare and optical care but not dentistry 🙃 I guess the argument is since self oral care is cheap and we have fluorinated water we don't need it? However low income people qualify for government dentistry "gift cards". I remember my mum using them for us as kids. Now that I'm an adult though I have to pay for check ups myself.
Simply_Ari_ 7 aylar önce
When I got my braces off, without asking me about it first, my orthodontist shaved down my front two teeth to make everything even and even though it’s been 8 years, I still feel angry and envious anytime I see someone with two longer front teeth as it’s a reminder of the beauty standard that was forced onto me as a minor
S I N 2 aylar önce
I have those and this is sorta funny to read ngl 🤣🤣🤣
ferret 3 aylar önce
@Agatha Chris because lack of consent. Beauty standards shouldn't be forced on others, especially kids.
Ana Gomes
Ana Gomes 4 aylar önce
@Agatha Chris sanding down can weaken and cause pain, on top of making teeth more sensitive. So, yeah, this person IS right for being mad about it.
Ana Gomes
Ana Gomes 4 aylar önce
I know this comment is 2 months old but man, I'm so glad the two dentists I went to who took care of my braces as a teenager explained everything to me. My last braces dentist literally begged me to not get beauty procedures done and refused to sand down my front teeth even when I felt like they were too big. And he was right, that *would* have been a bad idea. Can never thank this man enough for making teenage me see my teeth were perfectly good and unique in a good way as they were. I talk about the extra cusps my molars have not with shame but with pride thanks to that.
Lillian DeFazio
Lillian DeFazio 6 aylar önce
@AB are you sure that they didn't just wear down from your new bite pattern? My canines have completely worn down naturally in a very short period of time because of my bite and how I chew
adriana516 7 aylar önce
Crown and Veneers ARE NOT THE SAME. A crown is usually recommended or necessary if you had a root canal treatment, if you had fracture the tooth, or if you are getting a bridge to replace a missing tooth ( this is old since now implants are the norm) . Veneers on the other hand are esthetic, done in healthy teeth, the shave down is extremely minimal. The " shark teeth" is done for crowns, not veneers. The reason why they look so fake is because either the dental lab is not good or the dentist is not sending the right information when it comes to the shades, gradients and such.
summer nicole
summer nicole 3 aylar önce
@Zo Bakes I was looking for this comment 🤦🏼‍♀️ Implants, dentures, veneers, and crowns are all different restorations… I hate where all of the misleading and misconstrued information comes from
Zo Bakes
Zo Bakes 5 aylar önce
God this comment is wrong on so many levels... 1. Implants are NOT the norm. They are only done when the tooth in question is so compromised that there is no other viable option 2. The “shave down” is on the contrary. You must make room for the veneers as they are meant to become functional additions to pre existing teeth. Crowns are added to teeth that have already succumbed to degradation which may require shaping for the crown to hold effectively. 3. Veneers are made of a compact ceramic that chips like fine china. Nowadays, crowns are made of lithium disilitate which is arguably stronger than teeth due to the extreme pressure the crowned tooth undergoes. 4. Veneers are purely cosmetic. You CHOOSE the colour. As a student undergoing a bachelor of dental surgery, currently working as a dental assistant I hope this information helped as sometimes secondary information can be misleading.
adriana516 7 aylar önce
@celia thirimanna the issue with both crown and veneers is the prepping part.....some dentist dont respect the margins of the tooth ( you are supposed to shave not more than around 2.5mm, give it a concave shape to the margin and other stuff and to compensate they make the crown bigger or use more adhesive/cement to make it fit ) believe or not this is the main reason crowns and veneers fail. Unfortunate that you had to go throu that so young!
celia thirimanna
celia thirimanna 7 aylar önce
ok get ready for a looong comment so, i have had my fair share of dental surgeries since 2017, because i ran into a brick wall and smashed my both front teeth. originally, only one of my teeth actually died, so i had a root canal and a crown (to prevent further fracturing) and the other tooth was stuck together with dental cement or something. but in 2019, i actually had to have the entire tooth (the one with the crown) taken out because my tooth was splitting and moving the teeth around it. and then, last year (2021) my other front tooth was taken out. even though it suffered less than the other one, the damage was still pretty severe and it wasn’t a question of if it would be taken out, but rather when. i’m only 19, so i am apparently too young to get implants, so I currently wear dentures. but honestly, i kind of like them. there is far less pain, and I honestly think of them far less than when I had my normal teeth. but for me it was purely medical, not an aesthetic thing (lol) i still have an overbite but that’s not something i want to fix, because honestly it seems like too much effort BUT if I hadn’t had that injury 4 years ago i might have had ... funny
Brittany Alford
Brittany Alford 7 aylar önce
As someone who grew up dirt poor and now has really wonky teeth as an adult because of it, that part about not wanting to smile really hit. 😭
MakaelaIsChillin 7 aylar önce
Dont worry. Both of my parents had extremely bad teeth(my mother from smoking, and my father from his backwards childhood and his fear of dentists). As long as you don’t have pain, your teeth can look fine. Just make sure they stay clean. Or at least these are the things my parents told me. I’m not a dentist.
sala madison
sala madison 7 aylar önce
as someone who was born with several adult teeth missing, i definitely know much pressure it is to have good teeth. it was a struggle to get through this video and i tried to watch tiffanyferg's video multiple times but couldnt because i kept breaking down. its so astonishing to me tha so many people can just laugh and talk. i was pretty much completely mute at school for many years due to being ashamed of my teeth and i think that affected me so much. i still have so much difficulty socializing and i still dont have nearly enough to get dental implants. i know theyre considered cosmetic so they arent covered by my insurance so it just sucks. i turned 21 a few weeks ago and i cant imagine living much longer like this. i guess most people will just never know how awful it is. i literally get triggered by everything especially the media. the "ugly" characters with crooked or missing teeth in cartoons for example have always felt like a personal attack. also being worried people think im a drug addict because of my missing teeth and i have a restrictive ED, which definitely had at least a bit to do with my insecurities with my teeth. it honestly sucks so much. also when people say that the smile is the most beautiful thing about a person and sometimes it just really feels like im the only person in the world that is an exception to that. smile pretty they said
summer nicole
summer nicole 3 aylar önce
not sure if you have, but you can look into going to a dental college! the prices are cheaper as the students are working towards their degrees and need patients to work on! everything is monitored! even if you end up just doing a partial denture or something else in the mean time! just a thought! i hope everything gets better for you! :) i also would say, if you haven’t already, to research a proper oral health care routine when having whichever type of ED you have to ensure you are protecting your natural teeth :)
josie conlan
josie conlan 3 aylar önce
hi sala, the beauty of a smile is in the fact that the person is happy :) i wish for that for you, and am sure your smile is absolutely beautiful
dicks drugs and debutantes
Its weird that insurance won't do anything when its affecting your mental health/causing you to have an ED. I wonder if they would agree to cpvering something it they see its affecting your mental health and causing an ED. I really hope it gets better for you, its must be so difficult to deal with when its affecting your self asteem so much.
Miranda 7 aylar önce
I remember one of the earlier seasons of america’s next top model where they more or less forced (iirc) a girl to get veneers. I didn’t know what that was (I’m European and it’s not as common here) and was horrified when the dentist drilled down her teeth to almost nothing to fit the veneers on (her teeth were very uneven, and before I saw what they did to her I thought she was going to get braces). My immediate thought was that if those break and she can’t afford to have them repaired/replaced she will have ruined teeth for ever.
SunnySunflowers 7 aylar önce
It was! Its exactly why I don't like Tyra Banks. She now acts like she's all for body positivity as if she didn't host a show that told little girls all over the world that they were ugly and fat. 🚮
Alicia 7 aylar önce
Antm was such a horrific show.
Abby Carlson
Abby Carlson 7 aylar önce
I have a yellow spot on one of my front teeth from where braces cement pulled off some enamel... it sucks, but I'm still incredible privileged to have had consistent dental care and braces growing up. I certainly work harder on my dental hygiene as an adult because teeth issues can honestly wreck your financial stability as an American..
Diane Jackson
Diane Jackson 2 aylar önce
@summer nicole I know that's kind of what I said I just didn't say the technical. term for it. I was an orthodontic technician for years and know well what they are . It's just that people keep saying the braces messed up their teeth when it was that they didn't clean around the brackets well enough even after constant instruction and warning that these marks would be the result.
summer nicole
summer nicole 3 aylar önce
@Diane Jackson these spots are most likely white spots caused to the enamel demineralizing! they can be caused do to improper cleaning/removal of biofilm and plaque buildup around the brackets! it isn’t stain though because demineralized enamel loses its glossy appearance, sadly :(
Shalenah 7 aylar önce
same after watching this video, i feel really grrateful to have always been able to go to the dentist as well as have had braces growing up. my grandma grew up really poor and always instilled taking care of your teeth in my mom and my mom and her in me
Diane Jackson
Diane Jackson 7 aylar önce
Those spots were not because of the braces or the cement. They were caused by not cleaning properly around the brackets. The plaque buildup causes the stain that cannot be removed.
Marina Pereira
Marina Pereira 7 aylar önce
Me too! I have a bunch of discoloration on my four front teeth where the braces used to be. No dentist could fix it, and i tried a lot of treatments. It's the thing I'm most insecure about. A dentist berated me about it once, took pictures and said she'd send my case to a seminar because she couldn't see a solution. I sure love dentists, let me tell ya 🙃
Mira Ryu
Mira Ryu 7 aylar önce
When I was A CHILD, my dentist said that if I didn't get my teeth corrected I wouldn't get a job. I still didn't do it lol
tai 7 aylar önce
not sure if mina touches on this because i just pressed play but teeth blackening was actually a pretty popular practice (and is said to have prevented teeth decay!) in parts of china, japan, south east asia and the pacific islands. sad that this practice has pretty much disappeared thanks to wack ass western beauty standards.
greener asparagus
greener asparagus 7 aylar önce
poor people probably had better teeth than louis because they couldnt even afford sugar in the first place
ataraxia 7 aylar önce
I'm so glad you covered this topic. I was suggested by a dentist that I should consider braces but I couldn't afford dental care because it was so expensive. Keep in mind, I have relatively straight teeth but beauty standards say otherwise.
S I N 2 aylar önce
Reminds me how my braces dentist said "oof, she has to get braces up AND down" while my bottom teeth are fairly straight. The upper ones we're fairly straight also, I just had one tooth that was in a bad place which needed fixing
summer nicole
summer nicole 3 aylar önce
going off of some of these other replies, a dentist and hygienist can recommend/refer you over to an orthodontist if you would like. they both are taught, during their schooling, what reasons a patient may need or require braces based off of evidence from their findings. the people commenting are basically saying if a dentist or hygienist sees you have impacted wisdom teeth, that they should not discuss the type of treatment an oral surgeon may present you. all dental professionals are taught about these conditions and their concerns. now, for a full explanation of anything you would need, you will go to that specialist. hygienist for oral health care insight, dentist for restorations, orthodontist for alignment, oral surgeon for surgeries, periodontist for periodontal disease, etc. everyone knows about everything in the field, it’s just who you need to see for what reason. they can all discuss the different branches to an extent. now, if you have been told if you want almost 100% straightened teeth, you will need braces or Invisalign, that’s different than the stories in the comments. it’s always good to ask why you are being told something like that and to investigate if further treatment is necessary!
Sonja Pond
Sonja Pond 7 aylar önce
I hate it when my dentist-without provocation-asks me if I’d like to whiten my teeth. Bitch, if I wanted to whiten my teeth, I would. Get tf out of here with your upselling tactics. Because they are MEDICAL PRACTITIONERS they make it seem like it’s medically necessary, when it really isn’t.
olivboo 7 aylar önce
Yes... people usually assume braces are just for aesthetics but a lot of the times it’s more than that. I had okay teeth, a slight overbite, but never had issues with my teeth. No cavities etc. But I have a small mouth so when my wisdom teeth came in they had to get extracted due to how squeezed my teeth became. For some reason my whole jaw shifted slightly to the right (it’s so minimal i never noticed until I went to the dental surgeon to get it examined/ get all the x-tays and scans) this triggered TMJ... it started slow but at some point I had vertigo, migraines, awful ear pain, pain all the way from my jaw to my neck at least for a week every month. It’s awful. It will never 100% go away but getting braces helped a ton already and I haven’t even finished my treatment yet. Insurance doesn’t cover that and I’m lucky to be able to afford this. I cannot imagine going through the rest of my life dealing with severe tmj inflammation every month. Jaw/teeth pain is no joke.
spiderman. 7 aylar önce
I had braces, thank god my insurance covered it, but I wish I could go back to the beginning of when I had to wear my retainers cause my teeth are fucked up again.
Rebeca Cabral
Rebeca Cabral 7 aylar önce
Brazil has an universal health care system that includes dental care as well, everyone can have their teeth fixed and use braces for free, unfortunately this info isn't very wide spread so many people don't go after the treatment they need.
Brenda Bilck
Brenda Bilck 6 aylar önce
I was looking for this comment! In Brazil is so easy to take care of our teeth, so I think we are used to this "perfect smile" it's not unachievable
Jéssica Andrade
Jéssica Andrade 7 aylar önce
E viva o SUS!
Sophia Kim
Sophia Kim 7 aylar önce
its so insane how even TEETH are involved in aesthetics and beauty standards! it just goes to show how shallow standards have become and how people must take concern with every aspect of themselves
Izabella Długołęcka
Tbh teeth were always involved in beauty standards. Since antiquity until today. Beauty standards are always multifaceted and with many aspects.
A P 7 aylar önce
I wish historical movies would show details like unhealthy teeth instead of romanticizing the past. Coming from period piece obsessed me...
Alex 7 aylar önce
Yes! Also if they have insta-brow shapes on historical characters, or have modern makeup, especially during an era where makeup was taboo
novaspree 7 aylar önce
And I get you. They make the main characters be immaculate white people that stay clean and hygienic even after they just had a trip of eight months of walking. And don't forget the shiny hair that's never greasy and always in perfect condition. I think it's just the glorification of the past that Hollywood tends to do, it really bothers me.
novaspree 7 aylar önce
They mostly only let the bad guys (not the "hot villains". Just the bad guys, like thieves or pirates or normal old men and so on) have bad teeth to make the audience feel disgusted, you know :/
TheDisell 7 aylar önce
I’m always so taken out of time when a character smiles and they have super straight white teeth. Even if they just dulled the brightness it would help.
Imani Rose Taylor
Imani Rose Taylor 7 aylar önce
Dental student here! Malocclusion, or teeth that are not straight, can be harder to brush and floss, which can cause cavities or gum disease. Besides that, I definitely agree that some treatments aren’t necessary. The main goal of seeing the dentist, preferably one with a conservative approach, is to remain in good health.
Rose Clouds
Rose Clouds 7 aylar önce
Man I just want to be able to smile without people thinking I’m unhygienic for not having straight white teeth im so envious of people with naturally straight and beautiful teeth and beautiful jawlines
Moonage Daydreams
Moonage Daydreams 7 aylar önce
My grandparents are polish immigrants and they live in a rural area here in Brazil. They both have gold teeth and many other people in their region have too, it was like a common thing to get. I legitimately don't know if someone brought this here or people just started doing but it's both weird and amazing to think these things can occur in many cultures and places.
A HA 5 aylar önce
@Elena B. gold is also soft so it won't damage your other teeth
liv 7 aylar önce
i also think it wasn't just gold that they used for implants, my aunt and some cousins have silver teeth 👀
Emily Kraken
Emily Kraken 7 aylar önce
I'm from the UK and both my parents have gold fillings. Even now to replace them with a white filling is too expensive. My mum calls them her pirate teeth haha.
Elena B.
Elena B. 7 aylar önce
Gold doesn't rust and it's biologically inert, so it's a really great material for prosthetics.
Tania 7 aylar önce
I'm from Russia and my grandparents have golden teeth too.
Tara Mooknee
Tara Mooknee 7 aylar önce
Mina, I wasn't prepared for the "Pooja what is this behavior?" edit 😂
Visible confusion
Visible confusion 6 aylar önce
@Shreshtha Jha same 😁
Shreshtha Jha
Shreshtha Jha 7 aylar önce
As an Indian, I'm so proud to see Pooja going places 😂
Bennyton 7 aylar önce
thanks i'm introduced to this great meme. i died
Nadia Goburdhun
Nadia Goburdhun 7 aylar önce
@Jersey Squirrel 11:34
Jersey Squirrel
Jersey Squirrel 7 aylar önce
what's the timestamp? i missed it 😫
emily violet goss
emily violet goss 7 aylar önce
hey could you maybe talk about eyebrows as a fashion statement? I was born with very sparse and light brows and it was always my biggest insecurity as a teenager and I even had micro blading as soon as I turned 18. society made me hate them. however my mum who grew up in the 70s and 80s and has the same eyebrows as me loves her because when she grew up having those eyebrows were fashionable. I'm sure other people who have maybe a monobrow which is deemed as 'unfashionable' for example may feel similar about the eyebrow fashion statement and how bullshit it is...
afreaknamedallie 7 aylar önce
Just as an additive note: mercury also used to be used in dentistry for crowns etc, my great great grandfather was a dentist circa 1920 and died of mercury poisoning from mixing the metals in his hand at the age of 45. Yes literally, the man knowingly mixed mercury with other metals in the palm of his hand.
A 5 aylar önce
Fun fact: Ancient Mayas actually bedazzled their teeth with gemstones 💎 they also died their teeth with red dye
Teodora Veselinovski
Teodora Veselinovski 7 aylar önce
i just wanna say that i really appreciate you putting CC on ur videos! i know its hard work but yeah i am very grateful you do ut because it makes it easier for me to not miss out on anything you said! :-)
Asha Eerie
Asha Eerie 7 aylar önce
Jéssica Andrade
Jéssica Andrade 7 aylar önce
Yees, I'm learning English and it helps me a lot
María Belén
María Belén 7 aylar önce
Me tooo, I'm not an English native speaker so it's really helpful for me
Navya Dhanwantri
Navya Dhanwantri 7 aylar önce
@A P subtitles
Kirby Ballard
Kirby Ballard 7 aylar önce
@A P closed caption
faeonjie 7 aylar önce
i feel like we’ll always be surrounded by beauty standards.
spiderman. 7 aylar önce
I’m trying not to give a fuck so bad but it’s so hard:(
SunnySunflowers 7 aylar önce
And they'll forever be created by celebrities and their insecurities
I have very very weirdly healthy teeth lol. My sister brushes her teeth twice a day every day since she was little, and she still somehow has had 8 cavities. Me, on the other hand, was struggling with severe depression during quarantine and only brushed my teeth like once a week for over a year. I finally dragged myself to the dentist full of dread, just for them to say my teeth were "absolutely perfect" and I just had a small case of gingivitis. Like..... huh???
Atlas 5 aylar önce
Same! I now brush my teeth p regularly(ish) but i used to have weeks of not doing it bc of mdd+ forgetfullness . Im surprised i never had a cavity😅
XxOffsightxX 5 aylar önce
Same here. Growing up, I never brushed my teeth and had a shit diet. Anytime I went to the dentist, they would always talk about how good my teeth are and my brushing was. I never had cavities either. I do brush my teeth now.
A HA 5 aylar önce
Enamel and dentene isn't created equal: some gene issues can lead to poorly formed enamel/dentene (for instance some forms of Ehlers-Danlos syndrom). Another big deal is saliva composition, if your saliva doesn't have enough of the protective substances and/or isn't produced enough of (e.g. Sjögren's syndrome) then your teeth will constantly take a lot more damage because your mouth can't hydrate and restore pH fast enough.
Ernie 5 aylar önce
@Lillian DeFazio welp never kissing again lmao
Lillian DeFazio
Lillian DeFazio 6 aylar önce
Some people have never had a cavity simply because the type of bacteria required for it to happen isn't present in their mouth. This bacteria could be introduced later in life though from something as simple as a kiss
HaEzrachi Harmony
HaEzrachi Harmony 7 aylar önce
Yes bless you! As someone studying dentistry and anthropology, I need to remind everyone that cosmetic dentistry is subjective and dental care today is extremely unequal across class lines
LeafyVelvet ASMR
LeafyVelvet ASMR 7 aylar önce
This entire video set me on edge because dental stuff freaks me out so much - especially the part at the end where people were doing DIY tooth gems. I was lucky that my parents paid for my braces as a kid and now as a poor adult I wouldn't DARE do anything that would compromise the health and look of my teeth to that degree omg. 😱💀 This was a really fantastic video, as always, Mina!!
Rynthia 7 aylar önce
It's sickening that dental care isn't included in US health care! For instance, I get loads of cavities because apparently there's a genetic enzyme in my saliva that wears down enamel quicker than others; one of my friends was born without her canine teeth so she had to get special dentures made, and another had a wisdom tooth grow in sideways which required major work to be done. There are so many weird issues specifically involving teeth that are not necessarily cosmetic and definitely not the fault of the person. Great video, but damn, instead of saying you didn't have the expertise, I really wish you had said "experteeth" lol! ;)
Atela Lafford
Atela Lafford 7 aylar önce
in all ways i'm always going to be so mad about the way we need separate insurance for everything. we have bones in our mouths that can get infected and crack and cause pain and lead to multiple problems just due to genetics and anomalies and all everyone talks about is making their smile WHITER. that's AWFUL.
Mimi Costich
Mimi Costich 7 aylar önce
This isn’t really “on topic”, but I just wanted to mention that I just watched this video with my dad and he really enjoyed it! I was suprised how much he was into the video and genuinely liked what you had to say. Very exciting😂😊
A P 7 aylar önce
I have always had the whites natural teeth (dentist denoted) and 10 years ago I thought it was the brightest I would ever want them. Come veneers and the artificial white teeth widespread popularity, now I think I want to bleach my health teeth. That's wack. You got to remind you self what is real...
Alex 7 aylar önce
Exactly. My dentist told me I had very white teeth and she couldn't find the right shade of veneer to fix my broken tooth (half of it broke off when I fell down). But being influenced by the US social media starlets has made me so self conscious 🤦🤦🤦
Vee 7 aylar önce
Once I got my full time job, the first "big purchase" I made was lingual braces. In my late 20's, I've smiled and laughed for the first time without covering my mouth.
Jon hamm
Jon hamm 7 aylar önce
Reading these comments make me feel so seen. I’m a victim as well of the over work done by the dental and especially the orthodontics industry. They botched me. My mother justified it, thinking that she was doing the best for me. They convinced her to put an expander in my mouth as an 8 and 9 year old and braces on me from 10 to 14 years old. $$$$$! I should have spent that time learning how to properly care for my teeth, letting them finish growing in as they should, instead braces were such a hassle to clean daily so it was hard for me to upkeep at such a young age. When the braces finally came off I had and still to this day have markings on my teeth from where the cement was on my teeth for so long. I now see that having a smaller mouth is how my genetics made me and was not a problem that needed fixing. I should Not have had all that work done at that time in my life. I have constant headaches since the expander. I am going to need four teeth pulled because the quality and integrity of my teeth are so poor. My back teeth are positioned weirdly so the dentists now are at a loss as to what they can do to help- other than to just pull them out. I’m 26 years old.
vibey videos
vibey videos 7 aylar önce
Omg are we the same person? Had braces in second grade for no reason then did another set years later expanders and all. I wonder what my mouth would look like today without all that, I have terrible tmj too. It's a high quality problem so to speak but still so annoying. Of course I never wore retainers either so have had to spend thousands trying to fix them up again ruining my credit 😂
Heather Fiske
Heather Fiske 7 aylar önce
Everyone talking about whitening in the comments- if you ever had a broken tooth fixed by a decent orthodontist (and it's an adult tooth), DON'T USE WHITE STRIPS. The stuff they use to fix the broken tooth is made to match to the natural color of your tooth.
summer nicole
summer nicole 3 aylar önce
The thing is, it seems to be glossed over that when one whitens their natural teeth, that all of the shades of the natural tooth lighten, so yes, the restorative material will not whiten with the natural tooth. It is also not recommended to use whitening agents on restorative work, i.e. fillings, crowns, dentures, veneers, etc., as the abrasives in the whitening agent will wear down and/or scratch the material…
Stephanie Vienonen
Stephanie Vienonen 7 aylar önce
The bottom halves of my two front teeth are fake, and I've always thought that if the rest of my teeth get yellow over time, I'll be glad that the most visible part of my teeth will remain this one shade! lol
Crowly M25
Crowly M25 7 aylar önce
Your oral hygiene is extremely important actually, especially your gums. There are major links to heart disease and other very serious conditions, because the bacteria caused by gum infections are very serious and become problematic when they reach other parts of your body. Remember to brush your teeth :)
Ivana Komatina
Ivana Komatina 7 aylar önce
I notice this most when watching Hollywood movies (an European here). After a while I only see white, rectangular blocks of teeth snapping at me. It almost feels like taking a break when watching European or Asian movie and people looking normal again.
Palu S
Palu S 7 aylar önce
louis the fourteenth actually had a doctor in his medical staff that believed that the teeth were like the gateway to infections and diseases which is why he removed all the kings teeth, resulting in him breaking his jaw and accidentally ripping his palate half way off (and all that lead to a whole other health issue thing it’s kind of a long story point is the teeth were purposely removed)
Palu S
Palu S 7 aylar önce
@weirdforces ahaha same we got taught about that in GREAT detail we even listened to this 20 minute podcast on why exactly he smelled so bad (and it all started with the teeth removal,,)
weirdforces 7 aylar önce
I still remember the horrible descriptions of his mouth from history class! He must have stunk so much but getting a kiss from the king was revered.
Lisette García
Lisette García 7 aylar önce
Notably, even countries with public health often exclude eye and teeth care or limit its availability to basic preventative care rather than remediation.
Lisette García
Lisette García 7 aylar önce
@Noemie Scott same here in Israel
Noemie Scott
Noemie Scott 7 aylar önce
It’s bizarre to me that dentistry is considered seperate from the rest of the medical industry here in Australia.
katmacsuibhne 6 aylar önce
Unpopular opinion: I love watching films from the 70s and 80s, when most actors’ teeth weren’t pearl white.
Celien M.
Celien M. 7 aylar önce
I have severely discolored teeth from years and years of medication use like antibiotics due to a immune deficiency. I've had people say things like "you'd be kinda pretty if it weren't for those yellow teeth" I tried bleaching them when I was 18, but it turns out there are small cracks in my teeth causing them to be so sensitive that bleaching is impossible. I've been saving money for a decade now to get veneers. I have my check-up with my dentist in March and he says we can talk about them then. I have weird looking teeth because I was born with a canine short and the other is a microtooth. But I like the way it looks, I just hate the color. I hope that they can keep my teeth looking the same, just change the color. I have no idea how expensive it is though, because in my country they never put prices online. I wouldn't smile as a teen, and even now I smiling is a thing that doesn't happen all too often because it's humiliating.
summer nicole
summer nicole 3 aylar önce
I’m not sure what you and your dentist discussed nor your full case, but if you can preserve your natural teeth, do so! I know cosmetics can be such a huge thing, but what we naturally have, if it is healthy, is way better in the long run! Bleaching your teeth is so not a necessity no matter how much society tries to push it. White teeth are not real! Maybe some people here and there have naturally WHITE teeth, but as for the majority of people, our teeth appear yellow-like. It is actually due to the color and thickness of your enamel, which can be white and/or translucent and how yellow your dentin, the tissue beneath enamel, is!
summer nicole
summer nicole 3 aylar önce
@mina gjana Never ever everrrr use charcoal on your teeth!!! Please do not do this! And due to the original commenters already sensitive teeth, charcoal will make this much, much worse!
Nathalie 5 aylar önce
@Whatever my name is my surgeon straightened my nose because the surgery would have made it more lopsided. With a straighter nose I now look more like my family. It's not a huge difference, just enough to make sure it wasn't totally crooked to one side
Whatever my name is
Whatever my name is 5 aylar önce
@Nathalie did your nose change? I’ve seen some people’s nose change but some people also get a nose job
Nathalie 5 aylar önce
@Whatever my name is I got double jaw surgery in 2020. Any questions, you can send em my way
Persephone Astari
Persephone Astari 7 aylar önce
I’m autistic and remembering and making myself brush my teeth is one of the hardest things to get my brain to do so much so that I have successfully cut a lot of sugar out of my diet in order to help with my mental issue. And getting your teeth taken care of is insanely expensive, our daughter had a tooth removed and braces installed and all said and done we are paying 10k for her teeth, she’s 12 and thankfully a million times better at brushing her teeth then I am.
Elizabeth Parsons
Elizabeth Parsons 7 aylar önce
Veneers/tooth gems sound like a sensory nightmare to me omg 😳 I can barely handle when I get a tiny piece of popcorn kernel stuck! I feel very lucky that I have had access to good dental/orthodontic care my whole life and have also never felt the pressure to pursue any non-medical modifications.
yozefa 7 aylar önce
Its so interesting that its different for every culture and time, what is a “beautiful teeth”. In Japan they used to paint their teeth black 😢
Gabby B
Gabby B 7 aylar önce
The stuff they used to make their teeth black was also super good for them. The women who did it dealt with FAR less dental problems.
Danielle Bergmann
Danielle Bergmann 6 aylar önce
Illness, medication, and lack of funds really messed my teeth up and let me tell you, it's my biggest insecurity. I don't like to smile either. People say things to me.
Bernadeta L
Bernadeta L 7 aylar önce
It's crazy how Americans are so obsessed with super white teeth when it's not that big of a deal in Europe
Bre 2 aylar önce
Every country has a different culture and obsession. What we care about in America will obviously not be the same in a country in Europe or Asia. What they care about beauty-wise is extremely different than what you guys like in Europe. Idk why people don’t understand this
Andrew Harris
Andrew Harris 5 aylar önce
I’d love to see you do a video on the history of clear, smooth skin as a beauty ideal + the skincare industry if you’re ever up for it
Clarence 7 aylar önce
i used to have slightly pointy canines which i loved, but my orthodonist sanded them down after removing my braces without telling me what she was doing or asking... still salty about it tbh but forreal, the expectation for everyone to have perfect pearly whites is truly too much!!
Roxanna Mostatabi
Roxanna Mostatabi 7 aylar önce
Mine did the same thing and now I miss them. I used to be able to suck my lips in and create a cute little “vampire” look. But now my teeth are just basic, non memorable.
Marissa 7 aylar önce
I prefer the look of natural teeth sometimes, like it looks odd when every tooth is the same length
Shez Meister
Shez Meister 7 aylar önce
My mom is west Indian and she remembers the gold teeth that her family members had. She said people got them done in the island because it was cool looking and it was trendy back then. Then again she is from the french island so idk if it’s different in jamaica. It was a way of kind of showing you had some sort of money and you could look after yourself as they would be well dressed and everything.
Shaina 7 aylar önce
i told my mom that grillz originated in the caribbean & as i was telling her she realized a lot of the older people in our family had a few gold teeth when they were young. trini btw :)
CloudCultureVlogs 7 aylar önce
As a Jamaican I don't think I've ever seen gold teeth
NevaehS 7 aylar önce
This is always interesting to hear... the expectation of having perfect teeth is definitely higher in the US than in most other countries. You can have a career in Europe without ever doing anything to your teeth, and even though it is marketed of course and it is a thing we see all the time thanks to US media, most people just don't care quite that much. When I was little basically every kid had to get braces, and I remember that my mother was vehemently against it since she thought it would damage the teeth. I still have slightly misaligned teeth but I never felt insecure about it (though my dentist told me to maybe get braces, but those get only covered by our universal healthcare if you're a child. And I couldn't find ANY reason to do sth that expensive and painful when I'm perfectly fine with how I look) I don't know, I think there is way too much fuss about it and I would prefer to see more movie stars with their natural teeth. In the end, taking care of your teeth the way they grew, if there are no other health issues, is still the best thing to do.
Mandarina Dreux
Mandarina Dreux 7 aylar önce
I totally agree. My braces carved some lines into my teeth enamel and my teeth were FINE before the braces, they were just not perfect.
Lil Honor
Lil Honor 7 aylar önce
I have veneers because I have missing teeth and implants wouldn’t work. It was not a fun experience and I can’t imagine going through it for non medical reasons.
Graciella Garcia
Graciella Garcia 6 aylar önce
I’m so happy you mentioned the jade teeth from the Mayans! The jade museum in Guatemala has beautiful displays of these jade teeth as well as masks and jewelry. They fricken loved jade ❤️
Kernaisha Gaines
Kernaisha Gaines 2 aylar önce
I do want to add that I went through a 3 year stint of braces, just for the orthodontist to tell me that my teeth were too small to ever completely close my gap and that she would like to set me up to get veneers at the age of 16. This was after she let my parents pay $5600 for the braces. Safe to say I stormed out because I felt like she knew this well before it was done. I did end up getting veneers at 25 though from a much better practice.
ZorxlimIzirgb 7 aylar önce
There's an amazing essay titled "Poor Teeth" by Sarah Smarsh who goes into how people's wealth and intellect are judged by teeth
Bass Underscore Harmonic
I would just like to say that as a mixed person I can see both sides of the grills/cultural appropriation; I love the idea of introducing new trends and fashion to a culture but when à certain demographic can't wear their own tradition without being ridiculed, it's quite frustrating.
Paola Caro
Paola Caro 7 aylar önce
I live in Mexico n my city borders with Texas. And the first miles of the Mexico border r FULL with dentist because American people come to Mexican dentist because is way more cheap n they r as good as US dentist or even better
Breanna T
Breanna T 7 aylar önce
I have a Jamaican aunt that has one gold tooth. I didn’t know that it was common amongst immigrants because of the high cost of dental care. Thanks for the info.
Dr Wood
Dr Wood 7 aylar önce
Hi Mina, I'm a dentist and I loved your video! Very interesting look at the history of dentistry. The only comment I would make is that professional bleaching doesn't strip the enamel at all these days. It is much preferred to veneers in that it is not destructive, but it can only lighten the teeth so much. Best to go to a dentist and not use these at home kits because they could be destructive if you have undiagnosed dental issues. Great work on the video!
Ninguém 7 aylar önce
inside of me there are two sides: one wants to put on braces because of the colorful elastics. the other wants to keep my chipped, crooked and re-rooted teeth the way they are because i think it looks cute this fight has been going for years now
LadyAhro 7 aylar önce
@Grace Agreed. I had some impressively messed up crowding issues back in the day (a front tooth on the bottom pushed straight behind the one of the side teeth, a practically zig-zag upper jaw setup of weird tooth angles and an imperfect bite). I’m lucky enough to be in the UK and got braces under free NHS dentistry for under 18s (I was 12 at the time) and it’s horrific that other countries don’t have a similar system, especially for over/underbites that can need surgical correction. (Although alas I had some tooth movement related to age making it shift. That can be a real downside to early braces if you still have to grow into your adult face. I was, and still am, left with permanent wires fused behind all my front teeth and that has kept them stuck in place (though I’ve had to pay for the occasional repair to those). But there’s some subtle changes that suggest my middle/back teeth moved a tiny bit in the 12+ years it’s been since my braces came off, as my jaw growth actually stopped my night retainers fitting correctly. Had two different new sets over the first 4 years post brace-removal before my orthodontist and I gave up. Though I do wonder if my ability to partly dislocate my own jaw with ease - an EDS symptom, led to so much of the retainer troubles.)
Maca 7 aylar önce
@Grace same, but I did have braces but my dentist forgot to give me something to keep them in a good bite and now I have underbite again😭 I hope you understand because English is not my first language
Grace 7 aylar önce
@LadyAhro it’s so weird how people with perfectly healthy bites and teeth but they’re slightly crooked feel forced to get braces. I have an underbite and I can’t even afford to go get that fixed lmao
LadyAhro 7 aylar önce
Just depends on how your bite is affected. No problems then don't worry about braces.
Talitha Crow
Talitha Crow 7 aylar önce
Braces are temporary
E N 7 aylar önce
I love your channel. I hated my smile and got braces at age 22. now everyone is a bit intrigued by the fact that i got braces at this age. But you know what, i kinda rock them
Alison Daucher-Brem
Alison Daucher-Brem 5 aylar önce
As someone who has suffered from being lower class and without dental care, I really love to see this discussion coming forward. Having nice teeth has just become something you have to pay for.
Tanzilia Snow
Tanzilia Snow 7 aylar önce
I grew up in Russia in 00s and my grandparents & older aunts and uncles used to have gold teeth when I was little. They've mostly had them replaced now and one of my aunts has a bracelet made out of her gold teeth
sagapulastation 7 aylar önce
Yesss, poisonous metals used in hygienic products!!! ❤️ We should bring them back
Jem 7 aylar önce
honorable mentions to any lip/mouth piercing as those will typically wreck your teeth and gums over time
Lillian DeFazio
Lillian DeFazio 6 aylar önce
@Himalayan Salt I'm a dental assistant, and I've seen first hand the damage they can do, especially tongue rings. Chipped teeth and major gum recession from the rubbing, exposing your roots
Jem 7 aylar önce
@Himalayan Salt Just having metal come in contact with your teeth and gums is pretty bad over time. They speed up gum recession big time.
Himalayan Salt
Himalayan Salt 7 aylar önce
Oh, can you tell more about these please?
Mariya S
Mariya S 7 aylar önce
the beauty industry has infiltrated so many fields..but then created new ones, like cosmetic dentistry
GingerAle 7 aylar önce
It's so interesting to see the veneer boom in the US and other developed countries. Here in Chile having braces is the thing, because it has become less expensive more adults (including myself) can afford them, but it is still a sign of status because it's not so cheap either. Also having extremely white teeth is seen as weird, there's still a pressure to have straight and slightly white teeth but not so extreme as the US, and I'm afraid social media is changing that
danielle 3 aylar önce
@Mandarina Dreux i’m curious to know if everyone in germany has the healthiest teeth with very few dental problems because i’ve seen multiple lists putting it in the top 5 countries with citizens having the best oral healthcare. is that true? does everyone prioritise dental care that much there?
Mandarina Dreux
Mandarina Dreux 7 aylar önce
Yeah, braces is also the thing in my country (Germany). I got them too and while I'm not mad at how it turned out, I still am mildly upset about the fact that I felt like I had no say in the whole thing and I lost my front gap that I really loved. Also the dentist put the teeth too close together by arranging them all in a line which has led to me getting serious cavities between the teeth where I couldn't clean. So I've now lost 2 teeth to it. Damn. All in the name of beauty
Sheila De La Rosa
Sheila De La Rosa 7 aylar önce
That's also the case in my country. Both my parents got themselves some braces after they were adults!
9Fashionista411 7 aylar önce
I had to wear braces for 7 YEARS, from 12-18 years old 😭 you better believe at 25 now im still wearing my retainer every night lol. These kids are so lucky with invisalign nowadays. The metal would scrape up my gums so bad and I was too lazy to floss through the metal so there was always food in my teeth 🤢
Kate 7 aylar önce
When I was about 13 or 14, I got my braces off. I hadn't taken care of my teeth for the two years that I had them, and my front teeth in particular had bad, irreversible staining. My dad, who was heavily into aesthetics over many things, had me get veneers...from just a regular dentist. On four on my teeth (top front four) I have that "shark boy" tooth thing going on under the veneers. It looks horrifying. And knowing that I have to replace my veneers every decade or so means exposing these little sensitive nubs that were once mostly normal looking teeth...it's painful.
Ms. Bj Sanders
Ms. Bj Sanders 7 aylar önce
Sister, let me talk about irony. I have worked in the dental industry on and off since 2000. I have literally had dental coverage like twice in all those years. I worked for Kaiser Dental 00-02 and I married a soldier in '04. Dental coverage is optional for dependents so we had coverage while he was active duty. I went back in the field in 2014 and I have worked in offices where you either wait really long to get care in office. My last office was a pediatric dental office so I had no dental but he cut us a check in July for 1k. Let's say that usually went for bills. Hell, I got my teeth cleaned with a Groupon. My current office is a fairly high end office and I won't have coverage until next summer. 1 year with my office. Dental insurance has really grabbed small business offices by the b*lls because they've lowered their reimbursement after the big P by more than 4% and offices are spending more on staffing (many hygienists asked for raises or flat out quit), supplies have gone up etc etc.
All the Spiders
All the Spiders 7 aylar önce
I literally started getting cavities for the first time in my life when I started braces. I'd never had tooth issues other than some slight gaps, which the braces didnt fix. In fact, they created worse gaps elsewhere. Basically having braces made me feel like a freak with bad teeth, cost my parents thousands and thousands of dollars, didnt work, and made my teeth worse. So. That's fun and funky I guess
Stephanie 6 aylar önce
@Bellaen A few anecdotal comments don’t accurately represent orthodontics in the whole country. My orthodontist was very transparent that I needed braces for my cross-bite and jaw and that it’s not worth it for aesthetic purposes. The comments here would have you think that 90% of US kids have braces which even isn’t close to true
Bellaen 6 aylar önce
Reading this as someone from the Netherlands gives me yet another reason to avoid living in the US holy shit. Most orthodontists and dentists will be honest with you and tell you whether you will NEED braces for dental health reasons, or for purely aesthetic reasons. I needed mine for health reasons as my adult teeth grew in so crooked that I would never have been able to clean them properly. But about half of the kids in high school did not have braces or just minimal braces not because they couldn't afford them, but because they weren't needed.
Slitheen3 6 aylar önce
Christ, same. Now that I think about it I never had cavities as a kid but as a teen and young adult I have so many. I got gaps from braces too and now my tongue presses against my teeth where it didn't used to and will get sores from rubbing. I hated my braces so much, hate what they did to my teeth, hate how id probably like my smile more if I hadn't had them. Many of my teeth have migrated since anyway. I'm glad my little brother wasn't forced to have them. Braces absolutely should not be pushed onto kids for just aesthetic reason or because "you'll be happy about it when you're an adult"
All the Spiders
All the Spiders 7 aylar önce
@Stephanie he did good on all my siblings. I just didnt need to get the work done at all frankly, and it fucked shit up
Stephanie 7 aylar önce
Sounds like a bad orthodontist
Maaarble 7 aylar önce
I grind my teeth really bad so mine are naturally pretty short and my canines aren’t sharp. I got my first retainer when I was 8 and had to have it remade several times before they figured out it broke because the regular plastic size was too thin. As an adult I wear night guards on the top and bottom of my mouth to prevent more damage. Voluntarily reducing enamel is such a wild concept to me.
shi ♡
shi ♡ 7 aylar önce
my teeth are yellow for some weird ass reason, even though i don't consume that much junk and brush my teeth daily. it feels SO BAD to go out. it just feels like people are staring at you.. like I'll often find group photos where im not fully smiling, yet i cant get myself treated because I'm a student who doesnt have that much money
dicks drugs and debutantes
It could just be genetoc but eating a lot of food that stains like coffee, tea or turmeric could also be making them appear yellow.
Johanna Schiller
Johanna Schiller 6 aylar önce
I had this problem too after I got my braces off and as it made me feel incredibly insecure, I actually went to a dentist and got them bleached. It cost 200 € +, so it was expensive, the procedure did hurt and I was restricted to eating only certain types of food for two weeks after. I don't regret it at all, though, it did wonders for my self-confidence and I finally felt like smiling again. Yellow teeth are definitely not something that take anything away from your beauty but if you feel as I did, you might consider it :).
spiderman. 7 aylar önce
My yellow teeth make me so insecure that it’s preventing me from having a significant other and plus I can’t smile and laugh anymore in public:( sad reality
7Nine7 7 aylar önce
Do you drink a lot of tea? Tea does color teeth pretty good, it does it all the time to me. But honestly; I dont care to much about it (but to be fair i live in europe and get a discount on professional cleaning once a year)
Martina Rosique
Martina Rosique 7 aylar önce
This is SO interesting. I have always wondered about this and this video answers all my doubts and so much more omg why am I so happy to see a video about teeth
moon kilig
moon kilig 7 aylar önce
When i was a Directioner I remember Niall Horan beeing hated by his haters because of his teeths. They appeared "unhealthy and messed up". But he has braces after! It helped me accepting my own braces seeing him as a celebrity wearing them in public! :)
yeah brave sound
yeah brave sound 4 aylar önce
i'm always surprised to see how hygiene wasn't a priority in the west for a very long time bc in the muslim world that has been very very important from personal hygiene to the living spaces. even dental care was important and people used miswak to brush/clean their teeth. this reminds me of a story about the ottaman soltan telling merchants from europe to keep a distance from him when they meet because they smelled badly and ottomans were almost obsessed with being clean and have those public bathrooms so even the regular people can scrub themselves
Bakerygo 7 aylar önce
In Europe, perfectly aligned teeth or extremely white teeth are not a top priority unless there's a medical issue.
LunairCinderella 7 aylar önce
This makes me feel better about having slightly yellow teeth. I'm lucky to have mostly straight teeth and not have to go through the process of braces like my sister. Unfortunately for her the braces caused permanent plaque build up which in turn caused demineralization and staining. I thought her teeth were fine before braces just a little crooked and had she not gotten them I feel she wouldn't have all the issues she does now(she's even had a tooth pulled close to the front of her mouth so she's very insecure about it showing). Dental should be included as healthcare cause one infection of a tooth could lead to serious heart complications. But like you said healthcare in the U.S. is a joke and a very expensive one at that.
Jasmine Lambert
Jasmine Lambert 7 aylar önce
Niall Horan actually had braces during the early days of One Direction. I don’t know if he also got veneers or not, but he definitely had braces for a while. It’s still cosmetic dentistry, but in a slightly different way.
Rebecca F
Rebecca F 7 aylar önce
Always good to see fellow 1Directioners 😌
Ariya Tabassum Abdullah
i was about to say the same thing lol
Jasmine Lambert
Jasmine Lambert 7 aylar önce
@LittleMissChloe oh that makes sense. I wasn’t sure if you needed fairly straight teeth before or not
LittleMissChloe 7 aylar önce
I totally remember him having braces so I was confused when I saw his photo … I did a quick google search and I think you may need to straighten your teeth before you can get veneers in some cases, so maybe that’s what Niall did.
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