Tee Grizzley - More Than Friends [Official Video]

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2 Jul 2019




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Exalted Goddess
Exalted Goddess 2 gün önce
Is this a me myself and I sample by beyonce?
Ariyanna Chrisp
Ariyanna Chrisp 2 gün önce
Homage to DMX.. I see you Grizzley
Money Motivated
Money Motivated 5 gün önce
Thissss song my shit😁🔥#loveit #slapper
Shawnna Malonson
Shawnna Malonson 8 gün önce
im not playing...houston
TrapoutFooly 9 gün önce
They still date??
April Marie
April Marie 10 gün önce
dam see I remember when this fu came out and was in wild out the show since then he blow up keep doing u thing g
baadgalxreni baadgalxreni
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Colin Xiong
Colin Xiong 12 gün önce
Ian never been wit a darkskin but on god Ik that shit fire
Tasha Red
Tasha Red 12 gün önce
SNAP: shelovee
jamey smith
jamey smith 13 gün önce
The singing be trash man idek why he still doin that
htx jones
htx jones 12 gün önce
shut ur ass up bum ass nigga
Joshua 999
Joshua 999 13 gün önce
Damn he change it
RosaLyNNTV 14 gün önce
Danielle Thompson
Danielle Thompson 15 gün önce
Liliana Vazquez Diaz
Liliana Vazquez Diaz 17 gün önce
Who bumping this shit in 20K ? 👀😋♥️
Christasia Cunningham
Christasia Cunningham 18 gün önce
All the dislikes from rappers who ONLY include light-complexioned girls in their videos
John Rodriguez
John Rodriguez 20 gün önce
People talking about how he used a black model and wonder why racism still exist
Jasmine Adele
Jasmine Adele 21 gün önce
That voice huh.... damit lol!
rosegoldbb Aylar önce
California stand tf up 😉💫💫💫💫💫💫
rosegoldbb Aylar önce
Bunch of weirdos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!👇 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 She’s pretty tho .......
rosegoldbb Aylar önce
All the comments about her skin.. Wtf 🤔 She’s pretty tho
rosegoldbb Aylar önce
I live on the Westcoast Detroit was good 👌👇💫
Sierra Turner
Sierra Turner Aylar önce
She kinda look like his auntie R.I.P JB🙏🏼♥️
Stephenai Harris
Stephenai Harris Aylar önce
Sierra Turner I was thinking that
Daniel Jason
Daniel Jason Aylar önce
Yo Grizzly gang this is D from the Bronx i need connects please help me music is the only thing stopping me from 💉 I’m fire please PM me or comment please
kiki Ellis
kiki Ellis Aylar önce
He's smart and handsome. T Grizzley
Zane Nourse
Zane Nourse Aylar önce
Dear T, from the PNW, you lit, you giggin’, you makin big moves. I love and appreciate what you been out here doing. Repping fo us B&E MF’s. Trust me when I say, I see a MF HUNGRY for the 💰 flow. Keep right by you and don’t let NO1 stop you. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🤙👌🤘 you AIGHT. I don’t know what you been through, or the cuts you had to scrape to where you is now. But let me tell you as a fan, I deeply appreciate everything you represent, and everything you do. Peace, Love, and Hippy Grease. 🙏🏻💰😎
Loyd Lovrin
Loyd Lovrin Aylar önce
Beautiful woman
Brooklyn William
Brooklyn William Aylar önce
Her titty out
A - Fazo
A - Fazo Aylar önce
Noo nigga singing now fuk my head up
Rel Ski
Rel Ski Aylar önce
Do you have to be high to enjoy this?
LaTosha Stanfield
LaTosha Stanfield Aylar önce
She's beautiful
Alemmasha Bayete
Alemmasha Bayete Aylar önce
Chris Summers
Chris Summers Aylar önce
His Fat ass better buy shit , he must not ever hit nothing good enough cause that's goofy niggaa shit
Christopher Bellamy
That ting bad
Stella Kamau
Stella Kamau Aylar önce
Master Tommo
Master Tommo Aylar önce
Unstoppable Comments Everything at Walgreens is free.
Chocolate Hotep TripleDarknessSheaButterAllah
"He ain't let you out the house huh?" What's up with black men wanting another dudes girl wtf wrong with y'all? Only black people.
been famous
been famous Aylar önce
Ok see you still bring the heat
James Kubalek
James Kubalek Aylar önce
I love my chocolate Queens !
Wyatt Lund
Wyatt Lund Aylar önce
My man tee pulling sum tail
Dominic Nichols
Dominic Nichols Aylar önce
Queenie South
Queenie South Aylar önce
Sudath de Groot
Sudath de Groot 2 aylar önce
McRed23 Powell
McRed23 Powell 2 aylar önce
Oh yeah I like this
Reddome Jodeci
Reddome Jodeci 2 aylar önce
G HERBO - HOOD CYCLE. Thats the girl’s humming in the backround.
Shawn Lewis
Shawn Lewis 2 aylar önce
Chocolate on da map not that light bright shyt 😂🤣😂
Shawn Lewis
Shawn Lewis 2 aylar önce
Ahaha😂 he threw that shyt up whoop 👌🅱️♥️
Des Louden
Des Louden 2 aylar önce
The song hard af but yall rather talk about the color of her skin??? Smh im sick of being black yall get on my fucking nerve
cmanking cmanking
cmanking cmanking 2 aylar önce
Heavy beat 👊💥 for heavyweight#BANGGA
Shykish Cosey
Shykish Cosey 2 aylar önce
Love this
Angela Porter
Angela Porter 2 aylar önce
Deevern Humphrey
Deevern Humphrey 2 aylar önce
Keep doing u
Devon Wilford
Devon Wilford 2 aylar önce
Devon Wilford
Devon Wilford 2 aylar önce
Yes I love this ☝️
ParisKash 2 aylar önce
what g herb song did the girl singing sample come from ? I'm tryna remember
Atalie Ascencio
Atalie Ascencio 2 aylar önce
Where this beat from
Star Mcguire
Star Mcguire 2 aylar önce
Blane Lester
Blane Lester 2 aylar önce
"Finally a dark skin Woman" these hoes retarded. Either live under a rock or blind as fuck
James Morris
James Morris 2 aylar önce
This music is the shit
susy molina
susy molina 2 aylar önce
Real 🔥
Toxic Gr4nd
Toxic Gr4nd 2 aylar önce
That hood cycle sample is good
Tee Grizzley - GOD FIRST