Ted Cruz on potential length of Senate impeachment trial

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Senator Ted Cruz weighs in on the battle over impeachment witnesses on ‘Sunday Morning Futures.’ #FoxNews
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19 Jan 2020




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heather feighner
heather feighner 15 gün önce
All us Bernie Sanders supporters are coming after your corrupt a$$es. Fox fake news watch out. We are tired of your corruption and your state run news program. Your going to feel the Bern🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Russian Bot
Russian Bot Aylar önce
democrats are mad because the Senate will be as fair as the House.
Gloria Rider
Gloria Rider Aylar önce
Thank you SO much-"Senator Ted Cruz" for ALWAYS taking time to explain things- that the "Senate" will be EXTREMELY fair on both sides!"
Gloria Rider
Gloria Rider Aylar önce
"WOW! What's the sense of voting- if the BIG socialist zillionaire Democrats- are going to cheat on our votes in 2020?"
Jules Seyer
Jules Seyer Aylar önce
The whole Joe and Hunter Biden farce. Is all Russian Propaganda perpetuated by Their American asset Donald J Trump. All to help in his reelection campaign. That's why this Ukraine thing started. If Hunter Biden is guilty of a crime. Then so are Ivanka , Trump jr and Kushner are guilty as well. Call then to testify too.
Boston Irish Bear
Boston Irish Bear Aylar önce
They are doing it 100x more they are censoring hundreds of voices slightly right to their beliefs
R. Renovatus
R. Renovatus Aylar önce
Liddy G
Liddy G Aylar önce
I hate how republicans always take the high road. Democrats are using cars to drive into the end zone while republicans play by the rules and are getting destroyed.
S C Aylar önce
There are too much haters and retaliators within the DEMS. How could DEMS rule the country who have too much negative, playing dirty tricks and games and destructive energies to attack Trump from the start because he is doing the best possible to change America for better. DEMS are a bunch of sour grapes Unity is postive energy to make America great.
Naimul Haq
Naimul Haq Aylar önce
This guy doesn't know what he is saying. Once he says he want GOP to have fair trial, next he doesn't want more witnesses. The people are bracing for an unfair trial.
Tyreid Liar
Tyreid Liar Aylar önce
It will stop on the last day of Trumps second term
Lofoten Aylar önce
Michelle Mcmillan
Michelle Mcmillan Aylar önce
1. The fact we continue to allow this side show to continue and pay for it while no one does their actual job is insanity. 2. This is a huge distraction to keep you focused on them. In the mean time, Virginia is trying to take your gun rights along with many other rights. Impeachment are goung on in several countries, not just ours. Each country has Deep State members just like we do. This is a war of powers. Good vs. Evil. There are shady deals going on everywhere. Ushering 5G, the agenda does not stop. The fires set to move people closer together. The agenda to eliminate half the population on Earth. The sick thing is, in the end when it all happens, all these trillionaires have not agreed upon who will ultimately get to be the ruler of the world. There is only one right answer. In the mean time, you are simply watching the show that most people already know was coming. They missed the bench mark, 2021. They are behind. The next one is already on its way. 2030. They are all in this together.
Anna white
Anna white Aylar önce
So much $ spent on nonsense politics. Let the best man/woman win on his/her merits and love for country, love of our planet and stop the nonsense expensive politics!
Harry Tuttle
Harry Tuttle Aylar önce
CRUZ FOR PRESIDENT 2024 ! even though He and Trump traded blows running for office , Ted Cruz put aside all the B.S. and he's had Trumps back ever since .....I'm sure there are others you could get , but I like Cruz .
Big AL
Big AL Aylar önce
Ted Cruz comments on Trump from 2016: "This man is a pathological liar. He doesn't know the difference between truth and lies. He lies practically every word that comes out of his mouth. And he had a pattern that I think is straight out of a psychology textbook. His response is to accuse everybody else of lying. He accuses everybody on that debate stage of lying, and it's simply a mindless yell. Whatever he does, he accuses everyone else of doing. The man cannot tell the truth, but he combines it with being a narcissist. A narcissist at a level I don’t think this country has ever seen. Donald Trump is such a narcissist, that Barack Obama looks at him and goes, ‘Dude, what’s your problem?’ Everything in Donald’s world is about Donald. And he combines being a pathological liar, and I say pathological because I actually think Donald-if you hooked him up to a lie-detector pass, he could say one thing in the morning, one thing at noon, and one thing in the evening, all contradictory, and he'd pass the lie-detector test each time. Whatever lie he’s telling, at that minute he believes it, but the man is utterly a moron."
Manchu Ratt
Manchu Ratt Aylar önce
Why is this guy so creepy and slimy. Ted Cruz gives me the heebie jeebies.
Andrew Nalewski
Andrew Nalewski Aylar önce
Cruz used to look kinda creepy but with the beard he looks kinda daddy
D Alice
D Alice Aylar önce
Epstein's wife was killed in a auto accident last year. Coincidence????? "They" said you will answer for exposing Google.
Russell Simmons
Russell Simmons Aylar önce
I am worried about poor Hunter having a drug overdose.
Michael Kaletta
Michael Kaletta Aylar önce
Ted Cruz 2016: „Donald Trump is a pathological liar“. He was absolutely right
K Heath
K Heath Aylar önce
Cruz needs to learn the laws. Bribery, extortion, hired assassins are nit crimes?
K Heath
K Heath Aylar önce
The trials have been extremely revealing. The abuse of power. The lies, the undermining of US ambassadors, Giuliani dealing. Bring on Bolton. If Trump is innocent bring them all in. Bring Hunter Biden in. Biden is not going to be the Democratic candidate. He's a decoy.
James Ware
James Ware Aylar önce
My buddy says Trump shouldnt Testify because he will put his foot in his mouth. hell why dont they bring Zelinsky and Trump in.End of story everybody else is second hand hearsay. its a political proxy war.
I still think the public execution of the traitorous Democrats is the single best solution.
PMB Aylar önce
Big tech is already cheating and election meddling. Google(TRvid) is shutting down channels reporting on actual news and Facebook blocked me from sharing a news article talking about Trump declaring a day for sanctity of life. They claimed it violated its standards. Why isn’t Cruz or anyone else charging them with federal crimes!!!
Barry Ross
Barry Ross Aylar önce
Got a problem with the screening process of who gets to hold power.
Matt Hunziker
Matt Hunziker Aylar önce
making the country look stupid! again, Pelosi should be in prison herself forever!
JOHN BS Aylar önce
I agree with Senator Ted Cruz. Presidents Trump impeachment should be dismissed and have the president acquited but I think the house managers are trying their best to undermine the entire impeachment trial procedure which is unconstitutional. This is not Justice it's unfair to president trump and should not be tolerated by the Justice department. There should be no case to present if it violates the us constitutional rights of the President including all future coming Presidents.
Filadelphia Fan
Filadelphia Fan Aylar önce
Maria Bartoromo needs a few more chins... Ted Cruz has to be the fakest person ever in the Senate.
Powwer69 Aylar önce
Why is someone running a vacuum during this interview?
Roy 1776
Roy 1776 Aylar önce
Democrats actually take pride in their ability to lie ,cheat and grow our government over us . They are tyrants.
Roy 1776
Roy 1776 Aylar önce
SON OF A BIDEN got a million dollars a year to do crack and whores and we can't even get a Social security raise ?
iamok Aylar önce
Ethan Van Cruz
Some Person
Some Person Aylar önce
Isn't what the Congressional Democrats are doing called obstruction?
John Adams
John Adams Aylar önce
Bloomberg is just another Billionaire who realizes he can't take his money with him and will spend it all to drag everyone else down to hell along with him.
James Parker
James Parker Aylar önce
As usual, Lie after Lie from Cruz. Cruz does not want to hear witnesses that have been involved with Trump's reason for being impeached. Bidden had nothing to do with Trump's Criminal behavior.
Michael P
Michael P Aylar önce
Senator Cruz looking sharp.
keval ananda
keval ananda Aylar önce
Abolish the IRS so they have no more of OUR MONEY to do any more of this. Ted Cruz 2024!!!!
Wilma Cearley
Wilma Cearley Aylar önce
there are overstepping their authority they're even trying to overstep into the house of the Senate and tell you how to run the trial
Wilma Cearley
Wilma Cearley Aylar önce
again I say that the reason they're wanting this motherly investigated is so going to have more evidence against Trump when it comes time for the electiontrying to get more dirt on him just like they said they don't want any dirt on any Democrat it's different when it's the Democrats doing it
Wilma Cearley
Wilma Cearley Aylar önce
thank you Ted Cruz for actually bringing up the fact that Biden kept a billion dollars out of their hand till they fired upon a secure another one bribing with money
Didymus Mac
Didymus Mac Aylar önce
Ted Cruz has lost his backbone (and soul). Does he not remember the nickname "Lying Ted" or who gave it to him? Now he's just a tRump lackey. Yeah, he grew a beard to try to butch up, but it failed bigly.
jravage77 Aylar önce
With this impeachment American democracy as we know is dead. We're controlled with totalitarianism, media hysteria, and lies.
Just Do It
Just Do It Aylar önce
Good. Let sane people enter the stage.
Delta Philip
Delta Philip Aylar önce
I the republicans will let the democrats get away with their abuse of the constitution.
Delta Philip
Delta Philip Aylar önce
Lying Ted. Have you forgotten? I do not trust the republicans.
Juvencio Estrada
Juvencio Estrada Aylar önce
Drain really 🤪
Gary Mcguckin
Gary Mcguckin Aylar önce
Rosencruz Sumera
Rosencruz Sumera Aylar önce
Hobo Hound
Hobo Hound Aylar önce
Ted Cruz is a snake in the grass!
family awareness
family awareness Aylar önce
Quid pro quo joe,thedemocrats are the definition of quid pro quo.
William Griffin
William Griffin Aylar önce
clearly demos are terrified of Hunter Biden being called as a witness and thus liable for treason, abuse of power, diminution of the laws of the constitution, and required to return to Burisma Holdings Limited (Ukrainian: at least a Billion in cash ??
Deborah Aylar önce
Trump will take every demonrat DOWN & FAST!
J-Mack Music
J-Mack Music Aylar önce
Call your Senator and tell him to stop this impeach now... In California Tom Mc Clintock#202-225-2511
William Griffin
William Griffin Aylar önce
one need only read all the comments below to see magnitude of public opinion against every thing that Congress and the Democrats do to diminish any conceivable future for DNC
Shannon H.
Shannon H. Aylar önce
Can someone for the love of god please turn her mic OFF!! when she is listening so we don’t have to hear the smacking lips and breathing drives me Fn craaaaaaazy
Robert Manders
Robert Manders Aylar önce
Homer Simpson was given an award for "Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Excellence:". The articles of impeachment are just as valid.
Kevin Gay
Kevin Gay Aylar önce
It's honestly a bit hard to take Ted seriously in this video. I think he's full-on taken the bait to become a complete political partisan hack. We know he's a smart guy from his pedigree, but to seriously back the Hunter Biden deflection angle and then go on in the same video to denounce big political spenders on the left while completely ignoring the same class of spenders on the right is completely disingenuous. This is the same guy who tried to go to Sheldon Adelson's hotel room party after the RNC. Give me a break, Ted. You're losing any credibility with the critical thinking moderates.
Iulian d
Iulian d Aylar önce
This guy makes the Devil look friendly.
Willie Payne
Willie Payne Aylar önce
to quote the stable genius good ol "lying ted". even called his wife ugly and his dad helped to assassinate JFK if i recall correctly and this so called man is still brown nosing .man, what a piece of work
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