Teaching an Angle Grinder to Fly

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27 Kas 2022




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PeterSripol 2 aylar önce
Thanks Morning Brew for my daily news briefing! - Sign up for free here: morningbrewdaily.com/ps
CnNPP also known as some dude
@PeterSripol thanks
PeterSripol 10 gün önce
@CnNPP also known as some dude foam from flitetest lol
CnNPP also known as some dude
Dude please tell me what you use for planes please I have only gotten messages from scammers
Rob Martian
Rob Martian 18 gün önce
If you mounted the propeller so that it is on the left side it should the natural P factor would counteract the uneven thrust rather than augmenting it.
Instagram World
Instagram World 20 gün önce
LadyLexie 2 aylar önce
Now we just need a Quadcopter Drone with 4 Anglegrinders as propellors and the insanity is complete.
Mack B
Mack B 5 gün önce
Yeah i watched the mexican paraglide to his curiousity in my vision. Im trying to see the scope of ratios for body weight
Silverexpress01 18 gün önce
...but has anyone spun pizza dough with an angle grinder????
Instagram World
Instagram World 20 gün önce
Crypto Ninja
Crypto Ninja 21 gün önce
Table saws. I mean duh
Gadget G
Gadget G 22 gün önce
m.trvid.com/video/video-j3p9Fd0QSEs.html Use a descent tools and the results is better 😊
Average Joe Olympics
An Itallian WWII plane design that I think would make a neat electric model plane is the Stipa-Caproni where the main fuselage was basically a hollow tube with the propeller inside of the tube. Some say that the design helped with the development of jet engines.
BarneyGumble 26 gün önce
If I remember correctly they were about as easy to turn as an aircraft carrier, would be a cool video though
iR-80 Aylar önce
It was an interwar design (first flew 10/07/1932) not a World War II design but it'd still be neat
Rohab Aylar önce
you guys should try a hand-held router next. some have a more cylindrical/tubular shape so it would be easier to make a sleeker plane with.
freeman manfree
freeman manfree Aylar önce
@lori amora i remember a popular Mechanics magazine from the 60s that had a dual chain-saw motored (gasoline) airplane capable of supporting a human. I was just a boy, but I wanted to build one.
lori amora
lori amora Aylar önce
chainsaw also
Bryant Falk
Bryant Falk 2 aylar önce
Wow I am impressed at how well that worked out of the gate! So cool. Editing of episode also really tight and moving. Great to watch thank you.
Jake Hermann
Jake Hermann Aylar önce
Including the steel hot dog. Not sure if they are just built different or something but I wouldn't want to eat one of those
Scott Hogan
Scott Hogan Aylar önce
Peter, it is incredibly difficult to read the title of this video with out bursting into laughter!!! Well done and thank you for always bringing us joy.
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Plasma Channel
Plasma Channel 2 aylar önce
This was terrific my man. I'll never look at angle grinders the same. Also that * narrow * escape from death on the first throw was heartstopping haha
CargoCultScientist 2 aylar önce
I'll never look at BANANAS the same. They weren't kidding when they told us there was a lot of iron in bananas.
CopInAh k
CopInAh k 2 aylar önce
@Martin Bobak Peta, the horse is here.
Martin Bobak
Martin Bobak 2 aylar önce
I hate horses
Christos Mani
Christos Mani Aylar önce
Aiming for the stars I see! Cutting edge technology as always! This vid made the cut for me!
Nome Aylar önce
You should try to make a belt sander ground vehicle! They have a ton of traction. When I was like 12, I accidentally dropped one on a sidewalk and it drove off like a mini tank and unplugged itself
ZaphodBeeble Aylar önce
That was awesome from start to finish. I was so impressed when the Flyobi flew for the first time.
Scott M
Scott M Aylar önce
That is a fun project. If you want to continue with it, one thing to address is to fine tune the shape of the horizontal stabilizer so that it reacts the way you want to thrust on/off changes. I notice that it has a fairly abrupt nose up/nose down to those events. You can change the angle, or shape of the tail to make it react more neutral to the thrust changes if you want.
Nathaniel Epps
Nathaniel Epps 2 aylar önce
I can't even count how many times Peter has set out to make something and I'm like, no way this works, and then of course somehow it works
Kugelblitz 2 aylar önce
@Michael Carlisle I mean that's pretty much what he did. Once you take it down to the crankshaft, the only difference is probably in torque/rpm but that also depends on which drill and which angle grinder you buy.
Farid Arsitek
Farid Arsitek 2 aylar önce
when he is trying to fly the devil blade copter, i was like there is no way it can fly lol
Chester Penguin
Chester Penguin 2 aylar önce
True tho
William Cox
William Cox 2 aylar önce
The man made KFC buckets fly. I'm convinced he could make anything fly if he wanted.
Eric H
Eric H 2 aylar önce
That's just how life and TRvid works
The Thinking Treefrog
The Thinking Treefrog 25 gün önce
Peter, you're the reason I know about FAR-103 and have PDFs of the airspace maps for my area saved to my phone. I had given up on my childhood dream of flight and you brought it back. If I had access to the tools and workspace, I'd already be off the ground
amusik Aylar önce
Your videos are always good but this is one of the best videos in a while. Your expression was priceless when you realized how damn much torque this motor has.
S P Aylar önce
Am amazed that the final version flies in a straight line, and you didn't need a large counterweight to balance weight of the battery!!
Sandra In The Sky
Sandra In The Sky 24 gün önce
I always wondered if an angle grinder could fly! That was cool, thanks Peter!
Roopak 2 aylar önce
Just the asymmetric aircraft idea deserved it's own video This was a double bonus.😄
Diogo Sales
Diogo Sales Aylar önce
@NealCassady Was already mentioned in the video it's German
NealCassady Aylar önce
German idea
Mike Aylar önce
Peter: do you think spinning a large prop slowly through a transmission can be aerodynamically more efficient than a fast small prop and make up for transmission losses? Be cool to see an experiment with a small fast motor geared 100:1 or something, then measure flight time (or thrust vs time on a stand).
Thank you Peter this is absolutely epic bro. Now I know what I can do with all these angle grinders I have here with no Chargers I can just hook my solar panel up charge the batteries and turn around and go play LOL.. Thank you peter.
Matt Evans
Matt Evans 2 aylar önce
You should try the Milwaukee m12 die grinder. It’s light and high rpm’s plus the straight model is perfect for mounting. Or the right angle version for a drone configuration
Philscbx Aylar önce
That large wing construction is very well constructed ~ Its been my job for many years restoring WWII Aircraft. May need link to all the details, on how the ribs design was chosen for that wing chord design. Piper uses a thick chord like this, where Cessna is more streamlined. Thicker chord makes more lift, but there's a trade off in speed. Cheers & hats off to truly fun stuff in anyone's garage.
Daniel Brown
Daniel Brown 2 aylar önce
I would like to see an oscillating tool be used to make an ornithopter. Now that is a real challenge.
Gabe Darrett
Gabe Darrett Aylar önce
reciprocating saw, perhaps?
Aden Anthony
Aden Anthony 2 aylar önce
@Daniel Brown yeah I use a Ryobi one for work and it's a bad mofo
A C Creations
A C Creations 2 aylar önce
@Daniel Brown more power out of a sawzall. It has a transmission to turn the rotation into forward-backward just gotta make another one to turn it back into rotation. Losses galore.
Daniel Brown
Daniel Brown 2 aylar önce
@Kelsey Duerksen I was thinking the oscillating multi tools, they're crazy fast, like 20,000 oscillations each minute.
Kelsey Duerksen
Kelsey Duerksen 2 aylar önce
Like a sawzall or a jigsaw. That would be hilarious.
Ares the King
Ares the King Aylar önce
Nice to see a video where you guys make progress at the start. Sometimes the videos just feel like they take a little to long to get to the point but this one was just right!!! Interesting sooner and entertaining. Keep it up I hope to see more videos like these.
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Mn Nice
Mn Nice 5 gün önce
I love this channel; safety precautions have been measured.
Franklin Egbuche
Franklin Egbuche Aylar önce
I'm curious. As a Quadcopter, how well will this work. I feel like it will be more stable.
JouMaxu Aylar önce
I have a challenge for you: Create a "high tech" steampunk plane that uses steam ejector(s) as an engine. (Boiler pressure steam used as moving force) as i have seen those kind of machines but never saw someone trying to use it as an engine in a plane before
pauljs75 2 aylar önce
Got to give it to Peter's bro for being the MVP and walking right into the face of danger for this hair-brained project. Sketchy as all heck, but it was entertaining as well.
Flea Circus
Flea Circus Aylar önce
@Staatsmann You think cutting a hotdog in half for internet views is gonna invent the next rocketship?
jama211 2 aylar önce
@Flea Circus there's no need to darken the mood like that, but yes we should be safe
pauljs75 2 aylar önce
@Flea Circus It is stupid, but if somebody puts their own health and safety on the line for you, you'd better treat them damn well outside that situation. It's in that context. Peter owes him one.
Staatsmann 2 aylar önce
@Flea Circus We wouldn't be here with planes, rockets and helicopters if men didn't do stupid shit like that my man. Brothers putting each other in danger is a tale as old as mankind :D
Flea Circus
Flea Circus 2 aylar önce
MVP? I personally know someone who's lost a finger holding a work piece for someone else to cut with a n angle grinder. Imagine how stupid you'd feel for mangling your brother's hand so you could cut a hot dog for TRvid views.
Harrison Aylar önce
The video brings so much idea and fun. One idea is : please use the suction power of the vacuum cleaner (or the reverse blowing power) to create a plane.
Michael Biggs
Michael Biggs Aylar önce
This is Insanely Funny and of course rediculous ingenuity at its best.. keep up the good work boys!
third III
third III Aylar önce
Ive already tried thr same concept at my drillgun,not very fast but it has a lot of torque to spool a high pitch angle of attack of an rc helicopter blade
Mike Aylar önce
I'm very impressed with how well that first flight went! You guys are awesome!
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No Way
No Way 2 aylar önce
Peter needs to make a flying chainsaw. That would be terrifyingly awesome
DME EMD Aylar önce
Man, battery tech has come a long way, it seems like you actually got some pretty damn good flight time out of that especially with the weight and everything. Brilliant brilliant video idea! The fact that you made it work makes it a hundred times better. I agree with the other guy, definitely got to do a drone with it now LOL well quadcopter I guess whichever way you want to look at it LOL
Nobody Noone
Nobody Noone Aylar önce
It's more due to brushless motor tech tbh
D. Sinclair
D. Sinclair Aylar önce
Craig Taylor
Craig Taylor Aylar önce
I love the proximity to the power poles. Safety first!
Bence Bellon
Bence Bellon Aylar önce
I'd love to see a drill press flying around. Or just a cordless die grinder, that'd be cool too.
Src k
Src k Aylar önce
Dremel drone has been done. Basicly a die grinder
DME EMD Aylar önce
It would have been pretty funny that happened flying around with an extension cord, not as a finished project but people would have laughed especially with the right video edits LOL Really amazing job didn't have to work like he did! LOL I love stuff like this and having it work!
Niko Manuelides
Niko Manuelides 2 aylar önce
if you can make an orbital sander fly, you'll be officially the King of RC
Danang Alta
Danang Alta Aylar önce
Harm K
Harm K Aylar önce
Some scary battery operated kitchen tools might fly. Like mixers. But if you can make a belt sander fly...
MaxxSmith Aylar önce
I wish I had you guys as my coworkers 😂
Gerald Phillips
Gerald Phillips Aylar önce
Great vids!😎 How about a flying router? 10k - 30k rpm, electric jet/ducted fan?
ST4N Aylar önce
Make a twin-engine option. Will be awesome.
Matt Hommel
Matt Hommel 29 gün önce
I think you should make a dual prop one with 2 grinders. So that you can make the weight distribution better. Plus more battery.
Poulsen 2 aylar önce
A bi-anglegrinder plane would be insane and with a better balance, every time i see you come up with a new idea i’m like « obviously it won’t fly » but you prove me wrong every time ahah
Jon G
Jon G 2 aylar önce
Twin prop beast, please. I would love to see how effortlessly it takes off compared to the single prop off-set.
Logan 2 aylar önce
The bi-planeglegrinder
Preston Kane
Preston Kane Aylar önce
I would love to see either a chop saw or the motor of a chop saw and be used in a pusher configuration
ThePretender25 Aylar önce
So hear me out, lots of power tools boil down to a powerful spinning device, so similar difficulty with an airplane or helicopter. For a real challenge try to make a flying device from a power tool that reciprocates a jigsaw ornithopter!
Joshua Randazzo
Joshua Randazzo Aylar önce
You could try separating the battery from the tool, and run some wire between them to space out those two heavy parts. That might help adjust the CG to be more balanced.
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Alfred Shell
Alfred Shell Aylar önce
Well done on the angle grinder plane. Cool that you too inspiration from a real aircraft
Reece Hudson
Reece Hudson 2 aylar önce
How about a blowtorch aircraft? I don't know how you'd create thrust from heat but if anyone could figure it out it would be you! Maybe a hot-air-balloon style airship or a mini steam engine? Great vid as always!
Fabian Mueller
Fabian Mueller 2 aylar önce
@ur mum also the Stirling engine is actually one of the most efficient ways to convert heat in physical motion at leat higher than a internal combustion engine
Fabian Mueller
Fabian Mueller 2 aylar önce
@ur mum well we know it works because it is basically a afterburner and theses type of devices ar almost as old as the jet engine so yeha im sure it works oh and easy to test if additional thrust is gained just fier it up once (at max speed of the fan) and look at the difference with or without the burner on
pino'cleen 2 aylar önce
Just like an RTG, but instead of nuclear decay we use the heat from blowtorch, and instead of batteries we carry fuel for the torch, aka - Thermoelectric generator with an array of thermo couples, driving some sort of suitable electric motor directly (no batteries).
ur mum
ur mum 2 aylar önce
@Fabian Mueller I like this a lot, but would then how would you know that it's not just the fan that's making all the lift
ur mum
ur mum 2 aylar önce
Sterling engine is also another possibility but im pretty sure it's quite inefficient compared to the other options to extract work from heat
Icyflow Aylar önce
I have put a 10 in diamond blade on a grinder to cut concrete. It's scary to use but does a good job In tight spots.
Jonathan Dunn
Jonathan Dunn Aylar önce
I think your horizontal center of mass on the wings might just be off by a millimeter its like trying to balance a pencil on top another pencil on a slightly slanted table.
Myrraven Aylar önce
I would of loved to see a rotor added to the angle grinder to make a small helicopter lol
Jeremy Estep
Jeremy Estep Aylar önce
Ever consider taking the angle part off and just using the shaft directly from the motor? It'd reduce weight and allow of a straight design
David Labella
David Labella 2 aylar önce
Honestly I would like to see some type of helicopter made exclusively from Home Depot parts.
dan b
dan b 2 aylar önce
...and you can paint it orange!
Bradley Whais
Bradley Whais 2 aylar önce
Do it yourself :)
Bill Randolph
Bill Randolph 2 aylar önce
*Can you make an airplane with an incredibly big propeller? Not sure if it's possible to fly an airplane whose propeller blades are as long or longer than each wing span. Would the body of the plane spin instead of the propeller? Only one way to know.* 😃👍
Susan Hamilton
Susan Hamilton Aylar önce
This is awesome! My son, age 9, loves your channel. He thinks you should make an electric chainsaw powered shopping cart with a platform on the back to stand on. He's up for collaborating. ;-)
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litterbug135 2 aylar önce
Should do a die grinder. They spin more like 10k rpm and come in either a right angle like the grinder or in line like a regular motor.
Alex 21 gün önce
for a helicopter, it is better to use wood router. It has about 30 thousand rpm, it should fly normally.
GadgetRC 2 aylar önce
I didn't realize how much I missed the "making something fly that shouldn't" genre of videos. Thanks for that. Band saw sounds like a fun twin engine. You might have to twist the band to get counter rotating props.
Matthew Neary
Matthew Neary Aylar önce
A helicopter with a 7" angle grinder for the main rotor and a 4 1/2" for the tail rotor would be cool.
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Shorky 25 gün önce
they forgot so easily that they are working with an angle grinder. I understand that it's just a electrical motor in the core, but damn imagine cutting some steel and suddenly your angle grinder takes off, that would be so scary.
KrissowskiM Aylar önce
Wow! What could have happened if you managed to open the device and remove the electrical motor and use it without angle gears???
Fredrick T. Fox
Fredrick T. Fox Aylar önce
I have seen the plane videos that you have done, and you have inspired me to try to make my own plane( it really isn’t a plane, it is more of a fighter jet, but it will be able to fly).
Paloma elegante
Paloma elegante Aylar önce
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Joel Noble
Joel Noble 2 aylar önce
Hard to believe what I just witnessed. This guy always creates the ideas I have in my head. Awesome 👌
BRDM Design
BRDM Design Aylar önce
oh man I was hoping to see you add a gyro and a quad motor and make a legit helicopter from it. extra props (pun intended) if you can ghetto rig some kind of cyclic onto it!!!
Eurivan Sampaio
Eurivan Sampaio Aylar önce
com o angular da Esmerilhadeira, a velocidade reduz drasticamente, se retirar a frente da máquina vai ganhar mais velocidade...
Daniel Murphy
Daniel Murphy 12 gün önce
Circular saw would be a good one but you would have to take it to far apart I think
solorcutgems Aylar önce
We need two grinders line them up in Reverse parallel so that the weight can balance each other out
chris goebel
chris goebel 2 aylar önce
You probably already noticed this but each time you push the copter wings with the launch pole, you’re inverting the angle of the blades turning all that wanted upward thrust into downward thrust, or no thrust just gravity, but it is a great idea and I think Peter can get it to work, little bit lighter blades with a better angle and “out of box” design,
Hans van Binsbergen
Hans van Binsbergen 2 aylar önce
Nice Job, again. I owe you one but where are the twin prop's
Darren Falconer
Darren Falconer 2 aylar önce
I don't think they would be inverted, looks more like they are just flexing down. Pushing it up doesn't invert the pitch of the blades. And that's even less likely to happen since he added the small wing. This just looked like it didn't produce enough lift.
chris goebel
chris goebel 2 aylar önce
@Sam P. actually the best launch would be for the copter to slowly gain proper lift and lift itself off the launch platform, the use of the pole should solely be used to stabilize the unit until it can sustain its own lift. Unless it’s purpose or design is to slowly fall like a parachute or a glider, then some form of launch or drop from a secondary unit be required.
bmxscape 2 aylar önce
@Sam P. well realistically if it can't take off from the pole on its own it would never sustain flight
Laurence VT
Laurence VT 2 aylar önce
@Sam P. or jump off of something
hernanc Aylar önce
Jigsaw glider with some kind of gear reduction! You are awesome Peter, thank you!
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Tom Shepherd
Tom Shepherd 24 gün önce
Ideally, the propeller should be at the end of a rotor. This produces greater leverage at the interior of the blade and produces more thrust. That's why rocket helicopters have the rockets, (20 lb thrust) at the ends of the rotor to produce much greater thrust for flight.
Nate 5
Nate 5 Aylar önce
When you tilted ban and throttled up it really seemed to pull, cool vid
Marcos Rogerio Gaeta Gaeta
Parabéns pelo conteúdo
ProjectAir 2 aylar önce
Ah yes, yeeting a helicopter into the air with a stick inches from one’s face. I know it well 😅 Nice job Peter!
הראל אביטל
הראל אביטל 2 aylar önce
Love your channels
Wil Tries
Wil Tries 27 gün önce
8:00 you guys really sucrificed your safety at those parts.
Jeffrey Tyler
Jeffrey Tyler Aylar önce
I was really hoping for something that flies and still looks like and angle grinder 🙁 That single blade idea was close.
Jinan 29 gün önce
using one of those battery-powered Dremels sounds like a good idea
San Ien Jao
San Ien Jao Aylar önce
It would look amazing if they had put gears on it so the grinder could be angled 180 degrees and the grinder itself could function as fuselage.
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Hit Em With The Fork
Hit Em With The Fork 2 aylar önce
It's always a good day when Peter uploads
Drone & Sundry
Drone & Sundry 2 aylar önce
Spot on
Tias 2 aylar önce
Dude especially when he upload twice in one month
Bread 2 aylar önce
I was thinking the same thing
R 2 H
R 2 H 2 aylar önce
Lets be honest we waited so long for this: trvid.com/video/video-mCfYi7634rU.html
thecrazy8888 Aylar önce
I think you may be loosing power on that helicopter by having the propeller where it is. Maybe extend a shaft to put the propeller near the edge of the wing?
noel 20
noel 20 17 gün önce
I bought two years ago cessna 182 1400mm foam, radio, bqttery, servos, motor etc. Learn a lot, spend much time with my son on this plane and we tries 5 times and always crash instantly. But YOU can do a plane even from metal grinder!! Thats a skill!!
TSG Aylar önce
What if... you take 4 grinders and position them like a quad copter (contemporary drone) and use the brain for a drone to fly it? Can you imagine the lift of that thing? It would be like a DJI Phantom with 18" props and way more payload capability. your thoughts?
Richard van Rooyen
Richard van Rooyen Aylar önce
Hey Peet, i would like to see a glider being launched with a belt sander
Vernon Spady
Vernon Spady Aylar önce
I'm laughing my butt off...but I'm also impressed, and inspired!
Project X
Project X Aylar önce
Glad to see your still doing good stuff. We gotta hang out again sometime dude.
Èomer Aylar önce
I am a mechanic by trade, use these things often I saw the thumbnail and immediatly thought "this guy cant be serious.."
Craig Taylor
Craig Taylor Aylar önce
The helicopter needs the thrust vector further from the centre of rotation
Tamiya Fan
Tamiya Fan 2 aylar önce
Use two angle grinders to build a tilt rotor aircraft like the osprey. Have the batteries remote mounted in the main fuselage to keep the weight down on the wings.
J Solo
J Solo Aylar önce
I was thinking the exact same thing
Mark Yager
Mark Yager Aylar önce
Been a subscriber for u for many years and always u come up.with the most craziest airplane and always make it interesting
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fujijackamora 28 gün önce
How about a planer where you extend the rotating component out to the sides to power Magnus effect wings.
Michael McCormick
Michael McCormick Aylar önce
I'd love to see if you can make an acoustic guitar fly!
Gonzalo Fernandez
Gonzalo Fernandez 28 gün önce
you could remove the angle part - 4 screws only and have a straight shaft ( i did one project that way )
Demdere 2 aylar önce
Hey Peter - project idea! What if you made a plane without ailerons, and instead had the main wing on a rail that moved the wing left/right to tilt the plane one way or the other, due to the imbalance of lift on either side? To explain it another way: The wing (when moving on the rail in one direction) would be getting longer on one side while getting shorter on the other due to the linear motion on the rail, 90° from the direction of flight.
David Aylar önce
Neat idea indeed
geoffrey bar
geoffrey bar Aylar önce
Yes please make This , i want to see this work.
Asgardium - Tomclanys
I'm pretty sure I saw someone make exactly what you just described...
James Barclay
James Barclay 2 aylar önce
Move it forward and back for pitch too? Wing-warping could be interesting also, though the rib design for warping wings may not be trivial.
Netts 2 aylar önce
And have the propeller on a rail too to make an offset in the center of thrust relative to the center of gravity, giving you yaw control :D
Kon 2 aylar önce
Ah, yes. Misusing an angle grinder, probably one of the most common, dangerous, and lethal tool in one's toolbox.
Dylan Longobardi
Dylan Longobardi Aylar önce
Peter, you should make a boat powered by an angle grinder!
Love23D Aylar önce
3:26 you were very lucky that the prop ejected to the other direction😮
lucas conner
lucas conner Aylar önce
i have to say, the thumbnail combined with the title really paints a picture of peter having gone entirely insane
ChevyDriver98 Aylar önce
Love that project! Awesome idea. Could you tell me which music you used at the end?
Douglas ivey
Douglas ivey 2 aylar önce
Now we need a dual grinder prop plane next.
juice games
juice games Aylar önce
Literally this dude can make anything fly... 🙂🙂🙂
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Waylon Kurts
Waylon Kurts Aylar önce
Finally, a use for battery powered angle grinders
diecast jam
diecast jam 2 aylar önce
You can see how happy Peter is to be working with his older bro, pretty damn wholesome if you ask me.
Adan Macias
Adan Macias 14 gün önce
@LigmabolTV I thought he was a clone
LigmabolTV 16 gün önce
@diecast jam idk he was usually in the videos whole recording, haven’t seen him in awhile
diecast jam
diecast jam 17 gün önce
@LigmabolTV I think he's filming isn't he?
podulox Aylar önce
@LigmabolTV sam so yesterday... (Sam's OK right? Now I feel bad...)
LigmabolTV Aylar önce
What happened to sam
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My DIY R/C Boat Pulled me 20 Miles!!!
0100 - Bio Lock #amazonfinds
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Eternal Generator #Generator #FreeEnergy
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