TCS Python Interview By TCS Team 2023 ! Real Live Recording ! TCS NQT and Ninja Hiring 

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26 Ara 2021




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JARVIS Yıl önce
Best things about the guy is Honesty. He seems straightforward and very cool guy.
Mam asking which are function in python but function is appended, extend, insert , remove,clear,pop, delete , updated
But you telling agrumet concept
Navnaath kale
Navnaath kale 11 aylar önce
​@PRUTHVIRAJ BIRADAR are you taking about methods?
Musaddiq Ali
Musaddiq Ali 11 aylar önce
@PRUTHVIRAJ BIRADAR Mam asked him about Types of Functions in Python, and he answered something else. If I am not wrong, they are simply 1) Predefined Functions or Built-in Functions (namely, len(), print(), type(), str(), etc), and 2) User-defined Functions. That's all.
Rohan Baranwal
Rohan Baranwal 11 aylar önce
@PRUTHVIRAJ BIRADAR that are the keywords broski
Sujeet Sawant
Sujeet Sawant Yıl önce
Please post more videos.. this is really great content for us.. If possible please put some interviews for power bi that will be very helpful
Rahul Joy
Rahul Joy Yıl önce
Yes same... please come up with new videos like this one.
AsN 3 aylar önce
power bi
Shashi Kumar
Shashi Kumar Yıl önce
Interviewer is too good... I would love to give them even fr 2hrs of interview to them😊❤️
HY4mShubham 10 gün önce
🤣🤣🤣 kuch bhi
How do u code in python Suite Data types Different ways to concatenate tuple Slice operator Different functions in python Create a class with parameters and Create a method that prints those parameters and an object to call that method Use of pass How do u check if first letter is digit
Sathvika reddy
Sathvika reddy Yıl önce
Thanq 🙃
AllStar TV
AllStar TV 11 aylar önce
Very helpful, thanks!
Kashish Mishra
Kashish Mishra 11 aylar önce
Hey I just passed out my 12 th and had cs with Python in my class 12 and I know all the answers of these questions should I go for python language in my first year for being an software developer?
Yashraj Pathak
Yashraj Pathak 11 aylar önce
@Kashish Mishra you can go ahead with any language !
Kashish Mishra
Kashish Mishra 11 aylar önce
@Yashraj Pathak kind of confused didn't know from where to start 😅
GATEPrep 11 aylar önce
Very informative, thanks for the upload. Can you please upload videos in ML, Data Science profiles in the future? Thanks
Bipin Yadav
Bipin Yadav 10 aylar önce
Hi This candidate is very calm and having very basic knowledge about python programming, I feel very thankful to him that he is very calm.
J Abraham
J Abraham 11 aylar önce
One of the issues I see with the interviewers mostly are , they try to ask questions like what is the module used for regex. Why ? Because a person who has skill in python can do a simple google search and find the module . What you need to identify is if the candidate is able to do the logic correctly . Otherwise all you test is some bookish knowledge which is not gonna do any good .
jatin 10 aylar önce
These were very basic questions which they asked. But one should know atleast the name of package or library like regex (re) one has worked on. So I disagree with your point. Google is always available but you should know the basics also.
unknown_34 10 aylar önce
TCS gives around 250000 to 350000 INR annual income to freshers( around 3k to 4k usd ) at this salary actually no company except interviewer should be very good at DSA all the library, they are just checking do he know basics of basics, and when you go to TCS, Infosys, Accenture there is a high chance you'll not get job as a developer. After get placed into one of those companies they will see coding skill by asking you to take few more coding round, if you pass all with good marks then yes you be developer if not then you will be tester or any other job role which doesn't need coding skill.
Indian interviews are mostly bookish ...you can't expect more than this
Jemy Amrutia
Jemy Amrutia Yıl önce
The chat box should also be visible for better understanding of the questions.
Keyser The Red Beard
intense upload CodyMinati. I broke that thumbs up on your video. Always keep up the great work.
Rajesh Pal
Rajesh Pal 10 aylar önce
Best part of this interview is, interviewer is correcting him where he is saying something wrong.
I'M I.A 11 aylar önce
Thank you for this type of insight on interview!!
Shankhadeep Ghosh
The interviewer are too good ✌️🙏
anil saka
anil saka Yıl önce
Such a great company buddies
DATA is FuturRe
DATA is FuturRe 6 aylar önce
very very very important and essential concept discussed here... thanks thanks thanks...thanks from DATA is FuturRe channel dedicated to Data Science
Yes , great session
Anil 11 aylar önce
I never need a correct intellectual answers to my few questions.... All I check is if his basics are good, has leadership qualities, can take up any responsibility n role and deliver the task in his hand on time... rest for eg: what is int or string or what is a repository pattern or more easier like "explain what is interface to a layman" can be searched from google/internet....
sd sd
sd sd 11 aylar önce
@S G u can get bro , dont worry , just study hard
Harshit Gupta
Harshit Gupta 9 aylar önce
@S G hey how are you doing right now? Got any offers or how is the preparation going
Vitamin G🍁
Vitamin G🍁 8 aylar önce
Most of these guys give answer in interview by searching on google itself XD
KW Yıl önce
Why should the passport applicant be aware of TCS ? As far he is concerned , passport is issued by the Govt of India.
rahil ahmed
rahil ahmed Yıl önce
After all he is looking an opportunity in Tcs that's why he has know about that organization in which area they are working for ,there achievement etc .It's a genuine question...
Soham Sinha
Soham Sinha 11 aylar önce
Yes, passport is issued by GoI but, the process & systems are maintained by TCS, Also all the employees working in regional passport office below the post of officers are TCS employees.
Jayakrishnan Balakrishnan
Offices are run by TCS
MemeCached 11 aylar önce
Passport Seva Kendra is being run by TCSers. That's why.
Bidyut Bikash Talukdar
Bidyut Bikash Talukdar 11 aylar önce
I was working on TCS psk
Md Samim Akhtar
Md Samim Akhtar Yıl önce
We want more videos like this
Roshan Chauhan
Roshan Chauhan Yıl önce
Dusre ka video hai bhai
Dheeraj Laxmi
Dheeraj Laxmi 11 aylar önce
Can finance students learn the Python language and get a job as a Python programmer?
Uday P
Uday P 11 aylar önce
Yes for serious learners
Rohith R
Rohith R 11 aylar önce
Abishek 11 aylar önce
@Dheeraj Laxmi you can't do anything by learning single language itself, there is so much things you need to take in mind while in actual jobs.
Vigneshwaran R
Vigneshwaran R 11 aylar önce
@Dheeraj, I'm a mechanical engineer i learnt python and got a job. start small and scale fast. Best of luck.
Jeevi Giri
Jeevi Giri 11 aylar önce
@Vigneshwaran R Bro Did u go any courses for python?
salman sheriff
salman sheriff Yıl önce
Thank you it was very usefull
rohanldo 17 gün önce
when she asked about data types, the answer should just be dict, list, tuple and set. she knows that she is not interviewing a first year student so int, float, string is obvious.
Soni Kumari
Soni Kumari 9 aylar önce
I have only 10 minutes interview for tcs ninja and i got selected Edit- I upgraded my profile from ninja to digital by dca exam before joining
V v
V v 9 aylar önce
Congrats iam learning would u tell me ur experience? Msg me if u agree
Soni Kumari
Soni Kumari 9 aylar önce
@V v yaa sure..Actually they asked me some c++ basic question and some c basic questions like what is i++ or ++i Difference between while and do while loop and some easy question and last they asked me about my project
Shivani Jat
Shivani Jat 8 aylar önce
congratulations soni✨✨
Freedom Ranch
Freedom Ranch 8 aylar önce
Soni Kumari
Soni Kumari 8 aylar önce
@Freedom Ranch IT
ETC_TY_B_72_Ram 11 aylar önce
We want more interview videos
てじゃs 8 aylar önce
Man... I am working in python for 4 years and even I didn't know that a block is called a suite in Python. I used to call it a block as other languages
professor op
professor op 7 aylar önce
Referral pls🙂
Pavan kondagari
Pavan kondagari 8 aylar önce
The answers delivered by the candidate is correct but too lengthy time taken,the answers must be short in terms of 1 to 2 minutes enough
Ani 11 aylar önce
Informative!! Thank you for posting
Mera Bharat Mahan 🙏🙏
Interviewer looking so much tense, have a smile don't be much serious 👍
Shorts daily
Shorts daily Yıl önce
ROHIT K F Yıl önce
They're not taking interview for just one person dude. Asking the questions again n again and all gets anyone fed up. It's not something people enjoy. It's always easy to judge. Never easy to do it yourself.
Democrat Cobra
Democrat Cobra Yıl önce
If elese to lagana hein be....tension maat lo.
monkey is staring at you
I just started to learn code weeks before. But the questions seems too easy for me. Is this a first round of the interview?
Jothi Naidu
Jothi Naidu Yıl önce
Very useful...
Eaters of dark
Eaters of dark Yıl önce
Gud bro.. Keep it up
Amol Mali
Amol Mali Yıl önce
Rukmini S
Rukmini S Yıl önce
Thank you very much
rustyz 2 aylar önce
Im in my 3rd year...i gave every answer in this interview...not lying.
syscreeper Yıl önce
wow its easy , i am thinking it was very hard like implement this algo on this problem with this time complexity :)
Bishwajeet Pandey
Bishwajeet Pandey
It is tcs not google or microsoft 😂
r JP
r JP Yıl önce
@Bishwajeet Pandey ahhan
chethan n
chethan n Yıl önce
@Bishwajeet Pandey very true
Ashok Kumar
Ashok Kumar Yıl önce
3 -4 lakhs ka package me yhi puchega na 40-50 lakhs ka package ke liye mehnat krni hogi
Roshan Chauhan
Roshan Chauhan Yıl önce
14:22 isnumeric function
Work On Cause Not Effect
Loved This Candidate..
study&chess with A. R.
study&chess with A. R. 11 aylar önce
Thank You so much 🐰👀👀👀
Avtar Chandra
Avtar Chandra 11 aylar önce
Niceee video .had some inspiration
Saurabh Jain
Saurabh Jain Yıl önce
1. How do we write codes in python? 2. What is ‘suite’? 3. What are the different data types in python? 4. What are different ways to concatenate a tuple? 5. What is a slice operator? 6. What are the different types of functions in python? 7. Can you define a class in python? How will you write a code and it’s method for an Employee class? Create a method to print and call an object for this class. 8. What is init and self keywords in python? 9. What is pass statement? 10. How can you get a first digit of a string? 11. Regular expressions? 12. Which class do we use for ‘regular expression’ in python? Edit 1: what I was also asked. 1. What is the difference between modules and packages? 2. What is lambda function? Write its syntax/ expression in the chat box. 3. What is init? And what is self?
lambda x: x*2 for x in list(range(1,100))
JD Bros
JD Bros Yıl önce
Pranav Nyavanandi
Well what is a suite? I have never heard of such a thing.
sai ganesh
sai ganesh 11 aylar önce
@Pranav Nyavanandi a group of individual statements used to make single code block is suite
jazzbeat 11 aylar önce
Thanks bro
r_u_s_h_i_k_s_h 11 aylar önce
Which question are ask in tcs AWS cloud computing
telugu youtube creator natural praveen
What is qualification of the company
Bhaskar gupta
Bhaskar gupta 10 aylar önce
Please upload video on java.
prashant kumar
prashant kumar 11 aylar önce
I am a daily wage cum supervisor , earning nearly 5-6k per month . My age is 32 years , I am working on different construction sites after my B.Tech in mechanical engineering in 2014 . Is there any software company would hire me if I do good in coding and give me better salary ?
Manish Sharma
Manish Sharma 11 aylar önce
ofcourse brother do coding learn online
Sameeran Amarnath
Sameeran Amarnath 11 aylar önce
Full stack developer based profiles are in demand with well paid salaries
Jayakrishnan Balakrishnan
problem is not learning, problem is getting experience. For that you need to start somewhere and most look for experiences people. Very tricky situation. You can online job sites after learning programing.
Vishu 6244
Vishu 6244 10 aylar önce
yes of course you can get into software industry, i was working as a very under paid electrical engineer for 3 years after completing my btech in 2018, i never done coding in my entire life i lost all hopes and then i decided to learn coding and now i'm working as software developer at a start-up but for that i have spent around 6 months dedicated learning. anyone can code at any point of time in there life so just go ahead and give few months of your life for better future.
prachi hegiste
prachi hegiste Yıl önce
Helpful video advanced Excel pe kuch interview honge to please upload
ramya Yıl önce
Is this ninja or digital?
Amar Chavhan
Amar Chavhan Yıl önce
they asked 15 questions to me.. I was able to answer 12 of them .. Waiting for the results now.. kinda nervous 🤨
ramya Yıl önce
Ninja or digital
Amar Chavhan
Amar Chavhan Yıl önce
@ramya both.. it depends on interview performance
Rajesh Yıl önce
did you got selected
Tayyabar Rahman khan
Tayyabar Rahman khan 11 aylar önce
Aap select hue bhai pls tell us
Snow Bunny
Snow Bunny 10 aylar önce
@Tayyabar Rahman khan obviously nhi hua hoga .... Nhi toh reply karta tha
SR Wedding Planners
SR Wedding Planners 3 aylar önce
I like attitude of this candidate.
Tushar Bhai
Tushar Bhai 11 aylar önce
Super easy questions! We need little tricky Questions.
Dipesh Mandanka
Dipesh Mandanka 8 aylar önce
output should be od_space not od mo
Krishna Chaitanya Reddy
SKJ 11 aylar önce
I think this is first round of interview , thats why she is asking basic questions.
Muralidhar 155
Muralidhar 155 7 aylar önce
This is for 3.6 LPA
Dhiraj Ghorpade
Dhiraj Ghorpade 10 aylar önce
Interviewer asking very besic concept 🙂they check your besic knowledge.
keep quiet
keep quiet 11 aylar önce
They're really a iit professionals
Dosanz Pillay
Dosanz Pillay 9 aylar önce
List is not a data type its a data structure
Dhaval Ahir
Dhaval Ahir Aylar önce
List is a Data Type in Python but it is implemented as Dynamic Array. And now this Array is real life Data Structures.
Shashank 8 aylar önce
Is it digital interview 🙄
shivakrishna acha
shivakrishna acha 7 aylar önce
Please post more videos learn more confidence this video's
Sandip Nath
Sandip Nath Yıl önce
What is suit? This terminology I am hearing it for the first time, even after using Python for past 5 years. Even the interviewer explanation was not very clear to me. Again the interviewer mentioned class parameter; what is that? Classes don't have have any parameters. Parameters are for methods. I didn't like the question of different types of functions or methods; there he should have mentioned the generating functions, inner methods.
mthulasi kumari
mthulasi kumari Yıl önce
A group of individual statements used to make a single code block are called suites
Sandip Nath
Sandip Nath Yıl önce
@mthulasi kumari where is it used? Inside/outside a function?
Sagnik Acharyya
Sagnik Acharyya 11 aylar önce
exactly. suits are not a term anywhere used in coding or programming. the interviewer seems a bit lost.
Sandip Nath
Sandip Nath 11 aylar önce
@mthulasi kumari You yourself called it a code block and that is the correct terminology, no need extend it and call it a suit.
Adhithya Srinivasan
Adhithya Srinivasan 10 aylar önce
Suite is the definition for group of statements that is mentioned in the documentation itself
Esakkiappan 10 aylar önce
Wow nice
John kingsley
John kingsley 10 aylar önce
This is not a real interview but almost real
Ayush Kumar
Ayush Kumar 11 aylar önce
Have you got selected?
Jagat krishna
Jagat krishna 11 aylar önce
Pavan Kumar
Pavan Kumar 10 aylar önce
Not to point out but he mixed up saying Datatypes and Datastructures . Correct me if I’m wrong 🙂
Muralidhar 155
Muralidhar 155 7 aylar önce
Biswojit Nayak
Biswojit Nayak Yıl önce
Don't hurry broo... First listen the question properly then answer...
Washing Powder Nirma
Uska interview hogaya hai vroo
Biswojit Nayak
Biswojit Nayak Yıl önce
@Washing Powder NirmaThat suggestion is for his future interviews...
Pru7hviii Yıl önce
@Washing Powder Nirma 😂
Venkatesh A
Venkatesh A 9 aylar önce
Is it fair to record and post an real interview in TRvid ?
Mohammad Aqueel
Mohammad Aqueel 3 aylar önce
It is conducted by TCS and posted on their website
AniDa😘 Yıl önce
Can we use earphones during interview?
Souradip Saha
Souradip Saha Yıl önce
Yes you can
LUKFUN TV Yıl önce
Vikram Ram
Vikram Ram 11 aylar önce
Bro, how much package did they offer to u bro
Paki Slayer 💩
Paki Slayer 💩 9 aylar önce
3.5 most probably because very basic questions were asked to him. This might be his interview for tcs ninja profile
Vikram Ram
Vikram Ram 9 aylar önce
@Paki Slayer 💩 did he received joining letter
Paki Slayer 💩
Paki Slayer 💩 9 aylar önce
@Vikram Ram how would I know
Akbar Ali Khan
Akbar Ali Khan 10 aylar önce
She is pronouncing "suite" as "suit" how will the candidate understand?
Mayur Hinje
Mayur Hinje Yıl önce
Damn easy
Vishal Hegde
Vishal Hegde 11 aylar önce
These are very basic questions
Nadya Shaymardanova
Gyan 25 gün önce
str="Good Morning" print(name[2:5]) o/p: od
Badri P
Badri P 11 aylar önce
how much salary interview is this?
Muralidhar 155
Muralidhar 155 7 aylar önce
3.6 lpa
Kumar Aneesh
Kumar Aneesh 6 aylar önce
Shivam Singh
Shivam Singh 9 aylar önce
Is English is must for interview ?
PredictEE 8 aylar önce
Exam Paper Guide
Exam Paper Guide Yıl önce
Is he a fresher?
Naoboyz 10 aylar önce
What are these interviewers backgrounds😆
vicky kharatmol
vicky kharatmol 11 aylar önce
Python interview 🐍😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Balu Prakash
Balu Prakash 6 aylar önce
Datastructures are list tuple and dictionary data type are int are float boolen
KUNDANendeavours INDIA
Guys got selected or not
Akzork 11 aylar önce
simulation ?
Dipankar Roy
Dipankar Roy 11 aylar önce
Basic questions 😐
Ashish Shah
Ashish Shah 9 aylar önce
This is python how to search list for google..not an interview at all
losforword-tv Tv
losforword-tv Tv 18 gün önce
Ask practical question. Ask to write code rather than asking theory.
Biswamohan Dwari
Biswamohan Dwari Yıl önce
Just say the answers man those people are making things look very difficult. It's just a programming language no one fucking cares what are the different types of functions in python even that language is annoying
Sougata Bhattacharya
Especially what is a suit.. 😁
Sweety Yıl önce
Ashok Kumar
Ashok Kumar Yıl önce
That's the level of service based company and product based company 😂
P.W -STUD. MADE 10 aylar önce
iam in class 12 and ican answer these all qustuon
BeBop 7 aylar önce
That suite question is plainly brain-dead.
Venu Learnings
Venu Learnings 25 gün önce
She doesn't even know the pronunciation of the word 'Suite'
black boy
black boy 3 aylar önce
Iliyaz Ali syed
Iliyaz Ali syed 6 aylar önce
tcs interview data types slicing tupes of functions difference in python regular expression self init isdigit software development life cycle waterfall model tcs services project final year
Job is a trap
Robert Yıl önce
Life Is A Trap
@Robert 😂😂😂👍
Vighnesh Vanjari
Vighnesh Vanjari Yıl önce
Life is jhand
PriyaldO 5 aylar önce
What is CTC..??
Mohammad Aqueel
Mohammad Aqueel 3 aylar önce
Cost to company How much cost the company bears for a employee includes salary, Travel expenses, insurance etc
King Eagle
King Eagle Yıl önce
Did you get the job in that??????
L E V I Yıl önce
This was just a simulation
Swapnil Nikam
Swapnil Nikam 11 aylar önce
@L E V I means
Shashank 8 aylar önce
@Swapnil Nikam mock
Pencil Art(flower, Nature and more..)
Tcs is big in name else nothing. Never ever come in tcs
He-Man 11 aylar önce
Interviewee is a Malayaali
Raghav Kamath
Raghav Kamath 11 aylar önce
Code Slayer
Code Slayer 9 aylar önce
Class employer(): def __init__(self, employer_id, name ): self.employer_id = employer_id self.name = name def print_employer_detail(self): print(f"{self.employer_id} {self.name}")
NetworkGrid 10 aylar önce
He gave is best and been very Honest a good resource for company by allowing him to learn and explore more nice @hearled
CodeWithD.Kumar🤗 8 aylar önce
Nice to help sir #codewithdkumar