TAR Ending Explained | Full Movie Breakdown, Easter Eggs, Cancel Culture And Hidden Ghosts

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TAR Ending Explained | Full Movie Breakdown, Easter Eggs, Cancel Culture And Hidden Ghosts. We review, recap and explain the ending of the TAR movie. we breakdown this Oscar nominated Cate Blanchett movie, that is a psychological thriller, following the downfall of a composer due to cancel culture and is haunted by the ghosts of that past

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Alright so with the Oscar nominations being announced about a week ago, Cate Blanchett’s Tar gobbled up a handful of noms, and this isn't your typical dry drama. Nah, this wasn’t marketed well, because this is a psychological drama tense “cancel culture” thriller, so we’re going to be breaking this thing down for you, explaining the ending, some of it’s themes, and why the heck there’s a ghost creeping on Lydia Tar.

But with that out of the way, a huge thank you for clicking this, I’m your host Jared, now let’s get into Tar.

So Tar follows Cate Blanchett’s Lydia Tar, essentially being at the top of her game. An accomplished composer, pianist, musicologist, and the first female chief conductor of the Berlin Philharmonic. We see her relishing in these accomplishments, being interviewed at The New Yorker Festival, promoting a handful of projects. Two noteworthy ones are her new book, Tar on Tar, which just screams that Obama awarding himself with a medal meme, and her upcoming live recording of Mahler’s (Mall-ler) Fifth Symphony.

However, with this level of fame and expertise, we soon learn Lydia may have a bit more of a dark side/past to her. Sure being a bit demanding when it comes to the do’s and don’ts of her staff for the upcoming Symphony, but very much badgers one of her BIPOC pangender students about their influences in composers, urging them to focus on their art, rather than the transgressions they may or may not have committed in their personal lives.




31 Oca 2023




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Heavy Spoilers
Heavy Spoilers Aylar önce
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General Butterscotch
I know this might cheapen the message of the movie to some extent, but I believe there's actually a case to be made that Krista's ghost is legitimately haunting Lydia, since you can't really write off all of the sightings as hallucinations when Lydia herself doesn't even notice them. Krista is just sort of... there, whether Lydia sees her or not.
Jack Larrey
Jack Larrey Aylar önce
The final scene completely makes the movie for me. In the NewYorker interview Tar says “time IS the thing” and in the final shot she is bound to the video on the screen, enslaved to time.
Kristy Eden
Kristy Eden 27 gün önce
Wow. She is no longer the one who decides when they arrive. She has truly lost her power. This makes me think of the voice-over dictating the meaning of the music. She doesn't get to interpret that anymore, either.
M G 29 gün önce
That's one of the thoughts I had in my head and couldn't explain, as a musician getting stick to the metronome is annoying, like you said it feels like being slaved, and being a great composer and specially a director getting stick to it is like a punishment, so it's gratifying knowing that somehow she received what she deserve at the end
Gavo Aylar önce
I've never even heard of this movie, I just heard it has Monster Hunter in it
Michelle Lundqvist
Michelle Lundqvist Aylar önce
Good catch!
Lindsay Glover
Lindsay Glover Aylar önce
Christopher Liddell
I love the line in the doctors office commenting on more than just her back problems, "You need an adjustment, you're a little crooked." a little crooked is right, the thing I love about this character is that she isn't all bad. She wants to do the right thing, and sometimes does, but ends up giving into her darker nature. I'm obsessed with the whole film and I've only seen it once so far.
Bacall McElroy
Bacall McElroy 7 gün önce
@zs zs well first off, thank you for not trying to deny the obvious subtext of the movie like the bozo above. But regardless of her motivation or who broke things off we KNOW that tar slandered her because we see she sent emails (I’m multiple languages) saying the girl was a nightmare to work with.
zs zs
zs zs 8 gün önce
@Bacall McElroy ok, Krista and Lydia had an affair. Fine. The relationship fell apart. Fine. As we know from the movie Lydia is the one who does not want any connection to Krista not vice versa. So we can say it was not Krista who ended the relationship. If this is the case then what is Lydia's motivation to destroy Krista's career?
zs zs
zs zs 8 gün önce
@Bacall McElroy watch the movie again. I know you are not used to complex characters on Netflix.
Rat Nix
Rat Nix 12 gün önce
@Bacall McElroy Only the intellectual unadapted hide themselves behind arrogance and isults. You think your film anayizing skills are better then mine? On which basis? Because we disagree on the reading of the text and how much of your judgement of current debates you should insert into the interpretation? Still no point you are making. Nothing within the film itself "proves" your reading more than mine. You just decide that it is this way. Fairwell Max I think you are not equiped for this debate.
Karmela Hromin
Karmela Hromin 15 gün önce
I loved the scene in which Tar threatened the little girl, very charachter-revealing.
f0xy 18 saatler önce
I felt the opposite way about it - it was one of the more humanizing scenes
Alexander Angelus
Alexander Angelus 8 gün önce
Well, her mother clearly didn’t do a good job, the teachers never do shit, someone had to do some parenting.
Tekla Peterson
Tekla Peterson Aylar önce
I think you missed one of my favorite themes in the whole movie. The contradiction between the glossy fake perfect world of the highly trained successful classical musical world and the reality of life....tying in the issues she had with her disabled neighbor. like when she had to assist the woman who had feces all over her but then had to rush back to be there for the practice with Olga. And then when the neighbors said she was disturbing them with her music. As a not successful wealthy musician, I just loved the reality check of that one!
DL 7 gün önce
@Lila Why?
Christopher Liddell
Christopher Liddell 13 gün önce
Love this!
Rachel Collins
Rachel Collins 15 gün önce
This is exactly what got me!! I’ve worked in care, so I know the harsh unrelenting indignity of personal care! The fact Lydia lives in such organised, sterile precision ….and was suddenly thrust into the chaos of her neighbours apartment….wasn’t lost on me. Also how she had to physically touch the naked old lady…being a confrontation of her own mortality/physicality….and getting her ‘hands dirty’ so to speak.
Lila 18 gün önce
​@DL can you give your point of view?
JoeyJoe 18 gün önce
A small observation to make: the story of Wilhelm Furtwängler and its importance. The composer, after he could no longer perform on stage, went to the cemetery to give concerts instead, although perhaps if he had moved away and started a new life in the same way, he could have rebuilt his career. This is an important element compared to Lydia, who threw away her artistic integrity, conducting on a cosplay.
Bruno Reyna
Bruno Reyna Aylar önce
Cate Blanchett is unbelievably talented!
rics Aylar önce
There's no clear mention of Lydia having a romantic relationship with Krista. It's all implies but nothing has been given directly. That's what I loved about this movie: It doesn't spoon feed the audience anything. We are left to interpretations and thus lively discussions. So rich detailed movie with a tour de force from Cate Blanchett
HTS 6 gün önce
@MaraMara89 your comment is proof that many people simply do not understand acting especially subtle nuanced acting which is very difficult to do. Cate didn’t have much to show us? She became the character in this movie. She made it very real and grounded in reality. You’re impressed by Michelle Yeoh bc of the literal theatrics and big action taking place, she had bigger emotions to show. But bigger doesn’t mean better execution. Most acting isn’t the same as good acting. It’s fine if you prefer Michelle’s performance, but your reasoning is flawed imo I agree with you JLC didn’t deserve to win, but Angela Bassett didn’t either. She gave a soap opera performance. Neither of them should’ve even been nominated
MaraMara89 8 gün önce
@zs zs Cate is great actress, but she doesn't have much to show us in this movie. Michelle Yeoh had more to show in hers - that's why she won. Academy is broken for long time and they have they favorites and award goes to people they like lot of times, this year it was definitely Jamie Lee Curtis who didn't deserve an Oscar, but is from family with tradition, people in general likes her and chances for another nomination are really low as she isn't good actress/don't star in good (not commercial good, but Academy-good) movies. If academy was so keen to "make history" they should gave that Oscar (supporting female) to any of POC women, especially for performance in Wakanda Forever as it would be really historical moment to award actress from Marvel movie
MaraMara89 8 gün önce
@rics is it that masterful? We have movie with huge holes in plot. We don't know what has happened and why character do anything she do. For me it is lazy writing. Or even playing it safe - let people decide what they think has happened. As if writer/director was too afraid to show as either predator or insanity... Only good thing about this movie is how it shows music/orchestra word
MaraMara89 8 gün önce
@zs zs no, I don't know why she wrote it. That's one of the reasons why I don't like this movie. There are huge parts of story that wasn't explained - as if creators didn't have enough ideas... But: we are not sure if Krista was stalking her - that could be only in Tar's head, and even if that was true - she did it only AFTER all those emails. I also would be pissed if someone would destroy my career. Also: if Tar wouldn't do anything bad and was afraid of Krista why she didn't go to police? Why would she be delateing those emails. Tar's assistant doesn't seemed scared of Krista, was compassionate about her - and she left Tar. That's seemed like she knew who the bad person was.
Yavne van der Raaf
Yavne van der Raaf 20 gün önce
What I also really loved about the movie, is how rhythm (and time) follows here, like how the maids fold out the sheets, or when she boxes. The second time she boxes, I actually thought I heard Mozart’s Eine Kleine Nachtmusik haha. I absolutely loved this movie, there is still so much to discover about it. All the subtle details, like how she is obsessed with hygiene and all the foreshadowing from the interview, is amazing
Mathew Hale
Mathew Hale 14 gün önce
Yes! I heard Mozart too (1/2/6 punches repeated) Made me wonder what the first boxing beat was … eye of the tiger?
Chris B
Chris B Aylar önce
Excellent breakdown. I did catch the “ghost” in her apartment but I didn’t catch the one at night in her bedroom. Blanchett’s performance was magnetic, nuanced and powerful! Some might even think Lydia Tar is a real person or the movie is an autobiography. Excellent direction and beautifully shot as well! One of my favourites of the year!
Anne Belcourt
Anne Belcourt Gün önce
There actually was the back of a red haired woman in at least two scenes too
Iqbal Nurrizki Permana
I honestly thought lydia tar was a real person, i even search on youtube to see her live concert 🤣
colleen 12 gün önce
The opposite with me. I didn't catch the ghost in the apartment but saw the image in the bedroom, but I thought it was Sharon sitting there.
Daria Dalton
Daria Dalton Aylar önce
One more thing I wanted to add but had forgotten to include is who stole Lydia's performance score? Did Lydia have any kind of affair with Francesca? The only person that had access to the apartment was Francesca because she had her keys several times and would be so easy for her to make copies of it to steal the score as part of the takedown. But when Olga showed up at that photo shoot and Lydia happens to look up and see over there there was no reason for Olga to be there and it was almost like if that could have been her using Francesca's keys to go into the apartment knowing that both Sharon and Lydia were out of the house and Petra was at school. And lastly when Francesca quit vacated her place so quickly like that had to be planned ahead and who was she living with I think she teamed up with Olga cuz it was most certainly not that Olga was living in that squatter place with all that water would have ruined her cello. So many unanswered questions and then when Olga was at the book reading she was texting to someone and that someone had to be Francesca.
Josefina 3 saatler önce
it was the same live chatting thing we see in the beginning of the movie so i agree and i think in the beginning the person on the plane with tar is francesca and she is texting olga, since we see olga later texting seemingly francesca
LaWendeltreppe 6 gün önce
I think that like all the others things, it only shows the paranoia from which Lydia suffers more and more, so it's not a real thing, like the metronome in the cupboard or the pattern on her daughter's table.
colleen 12 gün önce
Francesca was her main assistant so she would have spare keys to the apartment, Definitely certain it was Francesca. Moral of the story: BE NICE TO YOUR ASSISTANTS NO MATTER WHAT! They have more info on you than you can ever know!
Kristy Eden
Kristy Eden 27 gün önce
@M G It could even have been Sharon. You can see how important the music is to her when she is willing to consider letting Olga have the solo even when she is not formally a member of the orchestra.
Boram 18 gün önce
Just saw the movie at the theater. At first, I was kind of overwhelmed by how long it seemed, but as it went on I started understanding its message. I learned to never judge until I know the whole story. It’s honestly a very good movie.
colleen 12 gün önce
I learned to never ever take anyone for granted no matter how successful you are. and never get a big head cause it could all come crumbling down.
Tsubasa Animations
Tsubasa Animations Aylar önce
There's another pretty interesting interaction between Tár and the man who wanted some notes from her(can't remember his name), kinda mirroring how some artists can get lost trying to be exactly like their heroes but also how the artists they look up to will be vague about sharing their knowledge because they don't want their juniors to advance beyond them. Only for Tár to get replaced the same character in the end.
Fizah Fizzy
Fizah Fizzy Aylar önce
His name is Elliot.
Luis Gustavo
Luis Gustavo Aylar önce
based on Gilbert Kaplan…a wealth wall street man…and “part time conductot” obsessed on Mahler’s….particulary on Mahler’s 2nd Symphony
Katherine Smith, Horn Performance and Pedagogy
This character was actually based on a real-life human (I’m sorry, I can’t remember who). He was an investor but then became obsessed with conducting, so he quit and relentlessly shadowed famous conductors to try and copy them.
Emy🌌 Aylar önce
She shared her notes. I think that symbolize how talented ppl with questionable actions are replaced with untalented and mediocre ppl.
Christian Stone
Christian Stone Aylar önce
We see the Krista symbols appearing in Lydia's house at least twice. They were presented once on the rhythm machine hidden inside a cupboard, once in the form of Petra's play doh. Did Krista's ghost make those symbols appear in the house?
Oliver Foggin
Oliver Foggin 10 gün önce
lana 10 gün önce
@ThuggerThugger BAHAHAHAA
colleen 12 gün önce
Could be....
ThuggerThugger Aylar önce
Yes, the film is about paranormal activity.
Kellie Schorr
Kellie Schorr Aylar önce
The way this film carefully shows her daily life - dressing, running, brushing her teeth - all things we usually think of as private really amplifies the feeling her privacy will be completely violated, as the case when abuse of power is challenged.
Mark2Graves-Movies Aylar önce
I saw the "ghosts" when watching it. The first one I thought was a mistake - someone on set didn't move out of the shot. The second one was CLEARLY not that... Very creepy. Followed up by the little girl looking over Lydia's shoulder and then burying her face into her shoulder... Yikes.
Kate Holloway
Kate Holloway 22 gün önce
not a mistake
Achille GENET
Achille GENET Aylar önce
Yes there are more than 2 times the "ghost" seems to appear to the characters. Chilling
Beatriz Maldonado Vargas
Also I'm still wondering what happens with the girl Tar meets after the interview, it seems Lydia keeps the red handbag and takes it to Berlin, but we never get to see how or why this happened, to me it's a symbol how Tar always takes something from her affairs, like a troffy, another predatory characteristic.
Beatriz Maldonado Vargas
Beatriz Maldonado Vargas 16 saatler önce
@BiBaBo49 that's what I said, Lydia keeping objects of her affairs' is just another characteristic of her predatory behavior
BiBaBo49 4 gün önce
She goes to meet that woman for a romantic adventure AFTER she has told her assistant 'no need to come back for notes tonight ' and sends her away.... then she starts to dress up.... Of course we don't see her sex episodes with other women, it is always implied, but the handbag is 'proof' if you like and her assistant always is aware because she KNOWS Lydia, and obviously those two have been intimate before as well
HenriBoteule Aylar önce
one thing I caught, I think, is that there is this mysterious alarm sound that seemingly inspires the melody for her 'for Petra' song that she's composing and that ends up being the distress signal of this elderly woman on the brink of death... very very ominous. Also I think there is something going on about Tar's early studies in ethnic music. I mean between the intro credit song that sounds very ethnic, to the tribal nature of the pattern that shows up several times and the vision of this shaman looking guy in her dreams. I'm also wondering if Petra isn't actually adopted from this country maybe? why is Petra explicitly shown to have drawn the pattern herself several times in the movie? why does she seem like she sees something when she looks directly at the camera in that one scene?... I'm curous if other people have more theories about this.
Mary L
Mary L 24 gün önce
I've seen the movie four times and i just can't get enough, everytime I watch it i catch something new and makes go 🤯🤯🤯 for me Olga and Francesca had some connection and have met previously and team up to make Lydia go insane and finally accept what she did to Krista. That scene of the live chatting i connect it to Olga traveling with her to New York in the private jet we see later on on the movie. This has so many layers it's worth a watch several times, it's just genius.
Anne Belcourt
Anne Belcourt Gün önce
I just love all the conspiracy theories around Tar.
Koolstr3 Aylar önce
Finally! Out of all the analyses I've read and watched, you're the ONLY one to have brought up the fascinating final dream sequence of her in bed with the long branch dangling over her, precariously held up! It's such a profound dream infused with powerful symbolism, it's been bothering me that nobody else noticed it or paid attention to it. Thank you sir for giving it the attention it deserves, though there is so much more to it that can be explored. In contrast to your interpretation, to me this dream was unmistakably a reference to the Sword of Damocles (which indicates impending doom), with the branch as the hanging blade and the spreading flame a symbolic indicator that it had finally fallen onto her - a means of expressing a falling blade without having one explicitly & visually actually fall. Interestingly, this dream indeed marked the transition point in the film where everything begins to fall apart for her, rapidly leading to her complete destruction - something you astutely noted yourself, color me impressed. This dream sequence is a subtle nudge for those aware enough to grasp it, to brace themselves to realize that everything for her was about to go completely downhill. The metaphor works profoundly well for her story and character arc, and as the person in the position of power under constant threat, she is willingly surrounded by a moat of water to protect her at her most vulnerable (her subconscious that is exposed in her sleep, and why she has trouble sleeping.), just as described in the original Roman allegory. The snake moving through the water is new to me, something I totally didn't catch, so thank you so much for pointing that out! You've also provided some neat explanations for what the snake may represent. I believe those interpretations can actually be correct. But I've used your insights to evolve my understanding of the metaphor even further. Hear me out: The snake shuffling its way in the water towards her, as her hand begins to lay out over the water, prime to be bitten soon after, is her past finally catching up to her and biting her. This was the point after which her past led to her complete downfall. That sneaky past, the accumulation of her past sins, slithered its way into her life and struck her where and when she is most vulnerable. This aligns with the conniving, scheming, duplicitous, and malicious intentions of all the people in her life who use her for their own benefit and advancement, just the same way they claim she abused her privilege in the position of power she held. So the snake in the protective body of water is all her wrongs finally coming back to bite her. What an insanely profound and effective metaphor. It all aligns perfectly. I'm surprised nobody has brought this up yet - not in any review or comment about the film I've seen so far, not even yours. Am I the only one who noticed that it's a reference to the Sword of Damocles?
LexJ Aylar önce
ABSOLUTELY loved Tár in spite of her faults, great character but not great person. Cate Blanchett might just be one of my favorite actors/actresses that I don’t see in enough movies. (Hot take, she might just be the best part of Thor Ragnarok). Between this, Black Swan, and Whiplash (maybe Babylon and obviously a few others) I’m developing a big love of movies that explore the tortured artist.
Rat Nix
Rat Nix 12 gün önce
@douglas labarbera Please explain to me how you come to this conclusion.
LexJ 14 gün önce
Its incredible that people don’t realize you can appreciate a villain. Everyone gets so hurt now but movies would be nothing without an interesting enemy like Tár, Hannibal Lecter, Jason Voorhees. It’s also important to realize that different types of villains have different strengths and being various energies to their films. Like just because Lydia isn’t a killer like Lecter or Jason doesn’t mean she’s not bad but this movie entirely hinges on watching her layers and while we might judge it’s still interesting to witness.
douglas labarbera
douglas labarbera 14 gün önce
Sorry, you said "loved Lydia." I think she should be doing 15 years in jail, after further investigation. And Lydia knows that too, that's why she's scared. She is psychopathic.
douglas labarbera
douglas labarbera 14 gün önce
Wow, you "liked" Lydia????? Do you "like" Weinstein and Cosby, too? They did some good things. Blanchett is sublime and wonderful, for sure, and I don't think she wanted (and didn't) make Tar likeable. Tar is a horror monster, guilty of far more criminal acts than we see on screen.
João Varanda
João Varanda Aylar önce
The thing with Monster Hunter can also be interpreted as symbolizing today's Hustle Culture: "Monster Hunter" refers to someone who hunts monsters, but can also be a hunter who is a monster. Like she became a monster through relentlessly hunting fame and power from her humble beginnings.
Karen Ceja
Karen Ceja Aylar önce
Now many things make sense to me about the movie and Tàr being haunted. I loved all the explanation about her dream, the book, and the cosmic serpents. Thank you for making this video. Cate is always fantastic. I never saw the ghost!
Dom510 Aylar önce
This was a great movie and is definitely relevant now but also timeless. Lydia was the only one to blame for the consequences that she received. Her behavior came back to bite her.
f0xy 28 gün önce
One thing I love about the movie is that we pretty much never leave the characters perspective, so taking anything at face value is almost impossible, kind of like with Joaquin Phoenix' Joker, though that movie was more straightforward with its reveal. Depending on ones interpretation (in the same way the conductor might disagree with the composer), one could argue very few of the things we're seeing on screen actually happen, or everything happens exactly as witnessed, or that the truth is somewhere in the middle
DustVIIIXI Aylar önce
I was actually blown away by this movie. It is incredibly well done and won't be surprised if Cate takes the Oscar over favorite to win Michelle.
Paul Voorhies
Paul Voorhies 6 gün önce
@DustVIIIXI. She has 2, but who’s counting?
DustVIIIXI 11 gün önce
@colleen eh she has one already but sure she will get another in the coming years. She is soo good in this movie tho
colleen 12 gün önce
ROBBED!!! SHE WAS ROBBED!! Can't they call it a tie?!
Belle Amande
Belle Amande 28 gün önce
My fave movie of the past year and one of THE great cinema acting performances by Blanchett. The entire project was a refreshing ‘clap back’ at this Marvel era and hopefully there shall be more sharp and reflective films on the way.
Kathleen Hartnell Harper
Thank you Sooo much for your commentary. As with many first viewings I completely missed the Easter Eggs. TAR is streaming now so it will be great to see it again. Cate’s performance was spectacular! The only one who can beat her to the Oscar is Michelle Yeou, but her movie was confusing to most people, unlike TAR which is crystal clear in it’s depiction of the rise and fall of a tortured soul. When I first saw the title I thought, “ Blanchett is in a movie about a paving company?! “ Just kidding. Thanks again for the wonderful analysis. It will make my second viewing much more enjoyable.
colleen 12 gün önce
Jane Choy
Jane Choy Aylar önce
I disagree with the take that Tar's downfall was due to cancel culture.... she literally caused on her downfall because of her power-corrupted mindset and behavior.
Tim Griffin
Tim Griffin 5 gün önce
It's both, her power corrupted mind CAUSED the cancek culture.
christina francis
christina francis 6 gün önce
Does anyone know why Sharon makes the reference of the couch during their fight. She said something along the lines " you are still not ready to get rid of that couch"😊
Isaac Dima Aksen
Isaac Dima Aksen 8 gün önce
@Alexander Angelus yeah? Please enlighten me
Alexander Angelus
Alexander Angelus 8 gün önce
@Isaac Dima Aksen I understand fully well. Probably better than you, if you’re going to throw what it’s supposed to be about to me, because what it’s supposed to be about and what it actually is are two different things.
Hannah Madden
Hannah Madden 20 gün önce
Saw this on the big screen yesterday; had not noticed the ghosts at all. Great analysis! Usually when people give a movie a low rating on IMDB for being 'too slow' that means I'll enjoy it :)
Joey Brite
Joey Brite Aylar önce
This is THE BEST spoiler-analysis review I've come across for this - my favorite film for 2022. I've seen it 3 times in the theater and NEVER caught the ghost! The book gifted to her though before her ex lover took her own life was a stunning revelation of brilliance in the writing. I need to get to the theatre this weekend for a 4th viewing because I haven't been able to bring myself to watch it on a smaller screen it's so rich. I just subscribed and will now look to see if you covered The Pale Blue Eye 😉
Heavy Spoilers
Heavy Spoilers Aylar önce
Thank you, hope you enjoy the content
NACHEL Aylar önce
Lydia’s conclusion when Max abandoned the class “Unfortunately, the architect of your soul appears to be social media". I think this is a very appropriate for Lydia to say because she’s being defending that the music shall be interpreted as the way you’re feeling it, where the words can’t explain it, like Bernstein said at the end of the movie. But exactly that architect catches her without her being able to resist, it eats her. She ends directing an orchestra for a comic video where the public, at the same time and for sure, expends hours, days immersed in the social media. The perfect loop ➰. The movie is so amazing intense and Blanchett trapped me from the first moment she enters into scene. She speaks German like she were born in Berlin, no accent! I do speak German so I can tell. The interview at the beginning of the movie, she hypnotized me not only with her voice but with the way she speaks with her hands. Wow! not many movies leave me thinking and reflecting like Tár. And I go to the movies at least once a week.
DL 21 gün önce
Ja, ihr Deutsch war ausgezeichnet. Sehr schwierig, eine Fremdsprache mit dem entsprechenden Ton und Charakter zu sprechen.
Robert Piwonski
Robert Piwonski 22 gün önce
Interesting point about social media. Blanchett was insanely good, her German however was absolutely not perfect (which it doesn't have to be as her character is American). No German would mistake her for a native speaker, sometimes I as a "Berliner" could barely understand what she was saying. German is a difficult language, though, and many of it's sounds and vowels are almost impossible to recreate for non-native speakers who learned it later in life, as is the case with most languages that differ too much from one's native tongue.
Kav54 Aylar önce
great breakdown jared! I watched it straight after seeing the movie for the first time and it really enriches the experience. reflecting on the little subtleties that you don't initially realise, but are there staring at you in the face the whole time is very reminiscent of something like shutter island on the second watch. francesca's passive aggression and animosity is really dialled up when you examine all of her body language once you know what you are looking for. another small detail I noticed is that in the 1st part when lydia is talking with a fan after her book event, lydia compliments her red bag, the fan, deborah (who lydia had already for gotten the name of) asked if she could text lydia. A few scenes later lydia has the red bag in the car with her and when she gets home to Germany to her partner. i wondered about the missing score also but assumed Francesca stole it and sold it to to kaplan - due to him badgering lydia for it at the start and saying he had been in communication with Francesca for a peek.
J Lee
J Lee Aylar önce
If you’re wondering if sexual harassment and abuse is a problem in classical music, look up James Levine and Charles Dutoit, two real conductors name-dropped in the movie. Levine, in particular, was notorious for his predatory behavior for decades before his reign of terror was finally stopped.
Orson Olson
Orson Olson 3 gün önce
YES, and like Lydia Tar, Levine’s egotistical genius is missed since.
ElderHiker Aylar önce
Thanks for your analysis. And, no, I did not see the ghost-like images in the film. One thing you didn’t include was Lydia’s bullying encounter with her daughter’s bully. This was the first time in the film that I realized her true dark nature. There was nothing ambiguous about that encounter; it was true naked power on a primal physical/psychological level and you could see the raw enjoyment that she got when she learned of the result she achieved. It is an interesting movie and I would enjoy seeing it again so I could enjoy a more nuanced viewing. Thanks a million.
zs zs
zs zs 8 gün önce
so her true dark nature. she did it out of love for her daughter. Don't you think it is not just pure evil?
Michelle Lundqvist
Michelle Lundqvist Aylar önce
I also thought the way she spoke to that child used the same manipulation that child molesters use. "Don't tell any adults about this... No one will believe you..." it gave me chills
R. Frolic
R. Frolic Aylar önce
Yes, this scene expressed her character and the theme of the movie to me in a nutshell
Chris Stuart
Chris Stuart Aylar önce
The great thing about this film is that it perfectly conveys the message that what people call “Cancel Culture” is actually a shift in the nature of power in society. In short, it’s harder for people who climb the professional ladder in a heartless way like Lydia to maintain positions of power now because of technology and social media holding them accountable. While these terrible people may be great at their craft, this film shows that there is plenty of talent found in those surrounding these terrible people. These people are often suppressed by the Lydias of the world and are often more deserving of positions of power.
yaksvk 5 gün önce
@Kind Japan Not really, I agree with usernotfound here. Interpreting Lydia as a monster in this film is actually too shallow of an analysis. People she manipulates take advantage of her as much as she does. Also the Krista character can be seen as an overly attached, if not maniacal, old girlfriend or a mentally deranged fan. What I like about the film is that is goes both ways and shows how cancel culture ruins peoples careers without them actually committing a crime. While Lydia is probably nothing near what we would describe a "good person", she never betrays her love for musical perfection. And the film actually shows the paradox when she is replaced as a conductor due to..erhm, political reasons, by a venture capitalist, who, as implied, is not a particularly good of a conductor and likely had bought his spot on the stage.
Kind Japan
Kind Japan 6 gün önce
​@usernotfound "good intentionions", she was good to her daughter & poison to almost everyone else.
usernotfound 8 gün önce
“These terrible people”? Terrible analysis, I wouldn’t be surprised if you were one those protesters, she was a human being in a position of power, trying to do what she was good at, with good intentions, but as a guy said before, she gave in to her darker nature.
Daria Dalton
Daria Dalton Aylar önce
Your video explanation was stellar!! I saw this in the movie theater when it premiered in November. I since rented it and then bought it and have seen it now a total of 10 times! I never caught those images those ghost-like images that you have shown. So I went back to that scene and I was like well it could really be anything but I had to look at it with a magnifying glass and say yes it did resemble Krista. However dead people don't have bones and flesh they are in their light body so I don't believe it was really Krista taunting her. There are some other things you have to consider such as the drug Lydia was taking which I refer to at the bottom. Firstly the text messages from the beginning of the film is a dialogue between Francesca and an unknown person who I think would have to be at that time perhaps Krista. I believe that Francesca and Olga planned to take Lydia down. And when she was rejected as the assistant conductor that's when they moved their plans into warp speed. Why I believe she was set up from the beginning because we never saw her do anything that she is actually accused of there was no physical and sexual advances toward these women that we could see the only thing was when they were in her apartment when the album covers were tossed on the floor looks like Lydia is putting her Barefoot onto somebody else's foot. Now in the whole movie you never see Francesca I believe ever entering into that apartment. She only is at the the big house.. So if it's not Francesca who is it then because she cut all ties with Krista? Which brings me to another question why did she prevent Krista from moving on if she wanted Krista out of her life and Lydia is in Berlin and Krista was applying to Philadelphia Orchestra and New York Orchestra why not have her conduct there and be done with her? Also as far as the hallucinations and the hearing all different sounds Lydia was overdosing on Sharon's metropola one of the side effects is hearing feeling and seeing things that are not real. There is something else that makes me support that she was set up when Lydia first goes into the bathroom before she's critiquing the live interviews Francesca is on her phone texting as Lydia enters the bathroom almost signaling Olga to come in and make her appearance into the bathroom. Another point is if you read the emails by freezing each scene Krista talks about her brain wishing she could take a pill to stop the way she feels. Secondly when Alec Baldwin is interviewing Lydia you see her Wikipedia page being edited which we don't know if the interview was in real time or recorded earlier but if it was in real time that was support Lydia's claim that Krista was vandalizing her Wikipedia page cuz Krista was still alive at that time . Now I have watched every Todd interview as well as the cast give all their different commentary and Todd left the movie ambiguous he left it up to the interpretation of the individual. I also would like to see the director's cut as he cut out so many important scenes that would really lend Clarity to what really was going on. So I hope he does release them at some point. Fantastic movie!
LaWendeltreppe 6 gün önce
Very good and helpfull analysis- thx for sharing. What I was toying in my head was the thought about Krista Taylor- Krista is an anagram of at risk and taylor as her last name refers to me to one of the first scenes showing Lydia at the taylor getting a suit. The suit stands for power, masculinity, wealth and honor, everything that is put "at risk" through Krista in the end. Very interesting.
Gordon Jones
Gordon Jones 13 gün önce
Great movie, and what a tour de force performance by Cate Blanchett. Having seen both this and Everything Everywhere All at Once, I was sure that Blanchett would receive the Best Actress Oscar. I just think this character was harder to pull off than Michelle Yeoh's was.
PacManFon 27 gün önce
Honestly one of the most surprising films of this year. A truly masterful way of storytelling and mix of themes of drama, suspense, horror, thriller and humor. Absolutely great! Along EEAAO my favorites
kemmayr Aylar önce
Loved the movie ,went a second time to see it ,Cate Blanchett is amazing. Thanks for you're break down of things that take place throughout the movie ,it certainly is a film that makes think about what's happening and stays with you. Definitely one for my DVD collection.
NINTEYSEVEN 21 gün önce
i saw Tar today alone in the cinemas, it bended my mind. i have started to go into films not reading a synopsis or watching the trailer, purely throwing myself into the deep end. i was engaged and rapidly trying to make full sense out of the first initial interview, tailing off reading a few text messages and watching the credits FIRST - genius. yet, i knew she was going to be haunted - from the getgo, as the text message first off stated that very thing, keeping an eye out, the paranoia that was built from the night sequences at home, any time she went for a run - i was fearful, and the connection that her daughter was having to the threat of a sleepless night. she was alert, on guard, yet her daughter could not sleep, and when she curled into Tar as she looked out into the dark hallway, chills. chills - constantly, and the sequence with the DOG - i honestly was frightened, the omen, it didn’t necessarily chase her, but the build up tension to witnessing her fall, truly was that moment i really started to see the foundational pillars of who she was, break. she truly was following bad habits, and wanting to pursue olga, the musical talent, was to tastefully addictive to her, and she held her self through - yet the constant pressure of the past, caught up with her - she she states in the first interview scene - the past and the present - collide. what a film, urge to watch it alone. it’s really well crafted and Blanchett can act her pants off.
Ryan Scarola
Ryan Scarola 17 gün önce
I'm 99% sure that Francesca is taking all the damning videos of her and after Krista's death, she is instrumental in the "canceling." Can anybody else confirm that? Francesca would be the only person the plane with her and in the studio at Julliard where the footage is filmed. Are we sure, though, that nobody else was in on it? And if Francesca was taking the video and only vanished after she didn't get the promotion, isn't she every bit as guilty as Lydia for bad behavior?
Darya Sergienko
Darya Sergienko 4 saatler önce
Has anyone else noticed how often Tar tends to call other people "robots" when she wants to evaluate them negatively or emphasize their lack of emotional intelligence? It might tell us something significant about her position on many things: for example, I think in fact she deeply appreciates the authenticity of wild human nature and pure uncontrollable emotions that any of us have (her interest in Asian culture makes sense considering that). That inner freedom gave her an ability to see things from many perspectives and to become a truly great Artist, but it also made her vulnerable and destroyed her eventually. Maybe there was a crucial point in Tar's life when she gave herself that inner permission to do some dangerous and controversial things in order to stay "human", not a "robot"? Читать дальше
John Aylar önce
Just got out of Tar and wow! We are taken for a trip and I love how there’s obvious changes happening that you get immediately with things you question spliced in.
Nerrickk Aylar önce
As a long time monster hunter fan that ending came out of nowhere hahahaha Proof of a Hero always gives me goosebumps. Every time.
Zachary Hendrix
Zachary Hendrix 18 gün önce
Amazing acting and a unique way of weaving this story. I didn't notice the ghosts!
colleen 12 gün önce
Saw the 2nd one, but I thought it was Sharon sitting down. Didn't notice in the Wikipedia page she was looking right at Lydia.
metrin stoefta
metrin stoefta 18 gün önce
THANK YOU. of all the many many summaries I've ever encountered yours is the most sane, easiest to understand and perfectly paced. And....I imagine THIS movie wasn't the easiest. good work.
Jean Christophe
Jean Christophe Aylar önce
Merci pour ces explications, notamment celle du fantôme, que je n'avais pas perçu au premier abord, n'ayant pas saisi la référence à Sackwille-West et n'ayant pas vu le film sous l'angle du métaphysique. Bravo pour avoir trouvé la référence à Blair witch. Il y en a d'autres, angles : la relation au temps, au tempo, l'allusion à la relation Alma/Mahler et cette décision de "free cords" lorsque Kaplan lui demande de l'éclairer sur la mention "avec love". Il y a aussi le jeu de question/réponse perpétuel dans le film : dès le début, chaque vérité assénée par Tár est ensuite démentie par une autre : par exemple, quand elle attaque Sébastian sur son fétichisme alors qu'elle même s'inscrit dans l'héritage de Léonard Bernstein, jusqu'à se faire tailler une chemise, à se regarder dans un reflet, avec le même crayon, la même partition, la même pose que ce chef d'orchestre arbore sur la pochette de son disque consacré à la 5e de Mahler. Jeu de question/réponse auquel Bach consacra son oeuvre puisqu'il s'agit de la base de la forme de la fugue. Fugue que joue Tár dans ce fabuleux plan séquence de 10 minutes où elle lance ses avis sur la question du wokisme. Ce plan qui réapparaîtra, effectivement, morcelé lorsque son masque se fissurera sous les assauts de la réalité. Autrement dit un véritable carcan, minutieusement esquissé, et par différents indices, dans lequel l'héroïne est, dès le début du film, enfermé comme, déjà, sous l'emprise d'un sort ou d'un enchantement dont le seul moyen d'en échapper sera la mort (symbolique) ou la résignation. Sans parler de la portée de ce nombre cinq, que Tár, elle-même, qualifie de "mystère". Tár fait partie de ces films qu'il faudrait revoir 5 fois, au moins, ;), avant de pouvoir commencer à en retracer la partition, un peu comme les chefs d'oeuvre à clés de Peter Greenaway, Orson Welles, d'autres architectes et grands, très grands, compositeurs du cinéma. Je ne comprends cependant pas, pourquoi on ne cesse de citer Chazelle qui est pour moi un cinéaste dès plus creux à l'heure actuelle : tout dans la forme et très peu dans le fond, y compris pour son Whiplash. Todd Field portait lui aussi son film depuis au moins 10 ans ( à l'instar de Chazelle et de son exécrable et tonitruant Babylone) mais c'est d'une autre envergure. Tàr démontre que la forme est indissociable du fond et que cette osmose est la marque d'un chef d'oeuvre. Enfin, à mon avis :)
Elmo Brabs
Elmo Brabs Aylar önce
Cate is the superlative actress of the 21st century! This film is a good piece for discussions in Philosophy classes.
smkh Aylar önce
Just a detail about where Lydia ends up 'out East': for the river trip the reference to the crocodiles left over from the filming of Apocalypse Now places that scene in Pagsanhan, Philippines. But the Philippines is not very 'oriental', so other scenes may be filmed in Cambodia. Lydia under the waterfall in a very vulva-shaped rock formation may be in Thailand.
Zach Gerrity
Zach Gerrity Aylar önce
The ending gave me big Whiplash vibes as well, I kinda wish she was allowed to conduct but obviously that's not the story they were telling and her actions had consequences
Wooshey Comics NOW!
Whenever they have ghosts in the background like Haunting of Hill House and movies like Insidious. I feel like that is the best kind of horror. The goosebumps are real.
EnglishApproach Aylar önce
Portraying a fictional character and yet believable is a hard thing to do anf Cate successfully did it
Kelly Villanueva
Kelly Villanueva Aylar önce
Just watched this movie in Lima. The moment she shoved off the stage her replacement I yelled "OSCAR!!!!" Also when she came back to her home and watched the black and white tape of her idols....I thought for a second the speech she was listening to was what she plagarized word for word in her New York Times opening scene interview. Not sure this is correct but if so, if it was....her return home and everything her brother said made me believe she was in fact a fake and I began to think of how many Tars are out there shaking that they too will be found out
Liz Aylar önce
This is such an excellent movie. It's one of the fe movies that I still thought about days after seeing it, which is surprising because the story is rather straight forward. It's just very well done.
A M 20 gün önce
Wow, that’s a very one level reading of the movie! Watch the movie twice and you will understand the deeper levels of this masterpiece!
ronster369 Aylar önce
I wish I had watched this video earlier. I watched Tar for the second time recently and though I wasn't as lost the second go around, I would have benefited greatly by watching this first. Thank you. The one part I rarely see mentioned - Lydia steals Sharon's anxiety medication for her own use. But when Sharon is suffering an anxiety attack, Lydia pretends to find one loose in the drawer and comes to her rescue drawing one from her stolen stash. A rat indeed....but not totally without a conscience. Maybe because I think Cate walks on water as an actor, I found it impossible to hate Lydia despite not really liking her very much. Oscar worthy for sure.
Danny G
Danny G Aylar önce
It is quite the work of art, an amazing film. I am planning to watch it again, to pick up some of the small nuances I missed the first time. I believe some of the scenes may be hallucinations as her life unravels.
Lola Cookie
Lola Cookie Aylar önce
I had flashbacks to Whiplash while watching it, enjoyed both films immensely
ChaseMe_ Aylar önce
Solid work Jared! You have been a solid addition to the Heavy spoilers fam. Big ups to the man Paul as well for giving the boy a chance! 😁
Vokk M9bile
Vokk M9bile Aylar önce
Аmazinly talented actress Cate Blanchett and so industrious to learn German, playing the piano, conducting the orchestra!!! She is best of the best real serous actresses!
Milklatte 11 gün önce
Fantastic review. Amazing details you got to explain here that i had no clue about. It sure was scary at times I agree
tammy yyy
tammy yyy Aylar önce
It's not important, but I absolutely love Lydia's clothing style.😍
Beatriz Maldonado Vargas
@tammy yyy power, authority, masculinity, wealth, royalty, status quo.
tammy yyy
tammy yyy Aylar önce
@Beatriz Maldonado Vargas ohhhh what did the clothing mean?
Beatriz Maldonado Vargas
Me too! And it is very important, actually.
TheSeal Aylar önce
she's so handsome
DL 21 gün önce
Emotionally intelligent breakdown! Thank you for sharing.
L 26 gün önce
Like most movies that i end up really really liking , on first watch i didn't like it . But it left me thinking about it for days , so i went in for a second viewing and then it got me and totally flipped my opinion . It has so much depth , it challenges and provokes the viewer in many ways , i think it's a brilliant film and KB's performance alone is oscar winning . It wont be to everybody's taste but the best movies / art / music that push the boundaries shouldn't be . Boom!
Pumpersz 28 gün önce
Just watched and really enjoyed this movie. Saw the ghost when she woke up but can’t believe I missed the one in Broad daylight!
cc t
cc t 25 gün önce
Thanks so much for covering this and, despite the upvoted comments, you nailed the analysis.
Michell Smith
Michell Smith 9 gün önce
She isn’t a monster. She isn’t perfect. She is all of us. Flawed. Desiring things that are not good for her.
Bell6dandy Aylar önce
I had no interest in this movie before watching this video, and now I do! I'm a huge fan of horror/paranormal/psychological content. Thanks!
Bell6dandy Aylar önce
@Lynn Turman because I do not mind if it's 'spoiled'. I like to watch breakdowns of movies that I don't want to waste my time on unless I know I'll like them. I do wait for a while before watching and by then I don't recall every little thing. Now if it's something I've been waiting for and I really wanna see it and I know ill love it, then I don't watch spoilers.
Lynn Turman
Lynn Turman Aylar önce
What's the point of watching it after watching this video? The story has literally been spoiled for you.
DP Aylar önce
I loved this movie and Blanchetts performance. This might be my best picture vote if I had one
๔เгɭ * Շг๏ย๒ɭє
cheers! that was a nice reading of the movie! although i think you kind of missed a bit with the use of sound. at one point lydia is talking to one of her colleagues, and they are talking about sound to noise ratios, bad mouthing another one of her subordinates, saying that he can't seem to tell the difference, after that, the movie turns almost into a psychological horror, with her imagining and hearing not just screams but noises like the metronome and a few other things. clever movie. i'm also glad you steered away from the simplistic, 'movie is an indictment of cancel culture' nonsense that seemed to follow this movie. while i do think that's a theme, lydia is punished for blacklisting, and ultimately causing krista's death. if it was about cancel culture being wrong, she wouldn't have gotten punished, she would have gotten away with it unscathed, while she is still conducting, she's been knocked down to being a persona non-grata, having to work and move overseas. i think it's also interesting how the ethnic throat singing during the opening scenes,--- the opening credits are deliberately eliding to the end of the movie.
Jovahn Burroughs
Jovahn Burroughs 29 gün önce
Such an incredible movie. I saw her as a villain but also felt bad towards the end. I'm curious to know what her neighbor's sick mother did to enrich the plot???
Anne Belcourt
Anne Belcourt Gün önce
It basically represented reality. Lydia only surrounded herself with nice things without facing the consequences.
Orson Olson
Orson Olson 3 gün önce
REALLY? I saw her as The Decider - El Heffe - THE BOSS - a thankless task-master coaching and coaxing potentials within people don’t even know they have to come out! That’s heroism. I saw her as a flawed heroine.
Jill Walker
Jill Walker 21 gün önce
two to add to this talkfest: Mahler & Alma (Francesca gets feisty for once, sticking up for the wife who subordinates her talent) , Lydia finishing her interview with Adam saying "i choose love" BP
lobsterdfw1 Gün önce
This is a film that will last on people’s mind for decades. Mark my words
Doreen Evans
Doreen Evans Aylar önce
Great explanation. I loved the movie. Kate is a wonderful actress.... The old theory " your sin will find you out".
R D EVANS 5 gün önce
The scene I was completely mystified by was when she drops Olga off and follows her into the near derelict building? Surely Olga didn’t live there as it looked inhabitable? Was the scenes sole purpose was the fall and subsequent head injury?
Gianbattista Lasagna
Tar è uno dei film più coinvolgenti che abbia mai visto, e l'interpretazione di Cate Blanchett è senza dubbio da Oscar. 👏👏👏👏👏
davesiegler Aylar önce
Like is mentioned several times throughout the film, the conductor’s role is to interpret the music’s intention. What Blanchett and Field have given viewers is something to interpret ourselves: is Lydia a victim or a predator? What is real in the film?
Moira Keenan
Moira Keenan Aylar önce
I think things came crashing down on her due to her refusal to be honest with anyone, despite most people's knowledge of her typical behaviour with various women in her orchestra. She used favouritism, she treated for those she felt attracted to very differently to everyone else. Its occurrence with Olga was blatantly obvious! She was in denial of any involvement with Krista, and believed that destroying all of her evidence would keep het safe - she felt untouchable, due to her high position. Of course Krista also still had copies of their exchanges - Tàr wasn't completely untouchable! Believing she had the right to toss people aside when she tired of them and that everything she did, whether openly or behind closed doors was completely admissable was a big mistake, as she soon found out. Obviously not everyone liked her behaviour, even some of those for whom she performed special favours. She became far too confident in herself - it could be said that that's what too much power did to her... There were many more ghost sightings than those you mentioned, unless what I saw was Krista before her death. From the beginning of the film the back of a red-headed woman could be seen, watching (perhaps following) Lydia wherever she went. It certainly created quite an eerie sense for the film! Excellent!! Excellent performance from Cate Blanchett!!
bettytigers 23 gün önce
Above all guard your heart it is the wellspring of life. Being a great success from the publics point of view isn't as satisfying as knowing, the following. You did your best,and sometimes failed, but are greatly loved. Thanks for the insight I got from your review, like a fine optician, you clarified a lot for me.
Beatriz Perdomo
Beatriz Perdomo 17 gün önce
Thanks for letting me understand and confirm more what I saw in this movie. She deserves the Oscar. Good luck, Cate🤞
colleen 12 gün önce
She was robbed!!! Couldn;t they have called it a tie?!
Rodrigo Airaf
Rodrigo Airaf Aylar önce
i thought she wasn't hallucinating krista's ghost, i thought that was a hallucination of herself as her own consciousness judging her
Gumby Cat
Gumby Cat 12 gün önce
I thought it was an excellent movie, so well scripted both in terms of the number of ideas and in the non-didactic way it developed. It's all nuance. You really have to think. Just one point where I am at variance with you: that incredible 16-minute take at Julliard, it so drew me in. I found myself absolutely on Tar's side. If the theme was the separation of the art from the artist, then JS Bach led an exemplary life. He was pillared by the young man based solely on racism and sexism - not a single aspect of his life was put under scrutiny. And his genius was dismissed - it's the essence of today's social madness. What really won me to Tar's side was the way she played Bach's prelude #1. I have never heard it played with so much feeling, and we must appreciate that this was an actor not a master pianist, doing an incredibly complex single take. It's like what I've always said about Tom Cruise - I couldn't care less about his private life but his movies have always been worth watching. Of course, people have to pay for their crimes and in this movie we have the depiction of a stalker, a predator who abuses their power and may or may not have led to someone else's suicide. We see her predatorial behaviour but we don't actually know the story of the young woman's death - merely some outline.
Abner Barbosa
Abner Barbosa 11 gün önce
Cate Blanchett is perfect, she's my favorite actress. I just love her❤❤
GraceLadybug11 6 gün önce
This just shows you how if you force something on someone it will bring you down.
rhyfeddu Aylar önce
I'm glad I watched your review, even though I haven't seen Tar yet and knew I was going to be massively spoiled. I've been ambivalent about seeing it, although I think I've seen every other film Blanchett has done. It just looked so bleak and arty for arty's sake, I just didn't feel up for it. But your review of the hidden and subtextual elements is intriguing and you have convinced me to watch it after all. Thanks.
Elias Andrinopoulos
It was quite a strong film. Didn’t catch the ghosts in the corners of the frame, but I’m sure my subconscious did, which registers regardless. Very interesting story arc brilliant performances and wonderful direction and cinematography. Speaking of cinematography, the only time we see warm, rich colors is when Lydia is on the conducting platform. The rest of the time, we feel a coolness and abstract, unsettled feeling to the movie’s color palette, underscored by her remoteness and sketchiness in her predatory ways. We are used to seeing men like this, but now, it turns out, women can be predators, too. Lydia’s getting older and hitting on young musicians is wearing thin, particularly with the Russian cellist who comes from a professional musical family, and would have no doubt heard “insider information,” rumors of Lydia’s philandering and predatory ways. Great review! God Bless.
Giantsfan28 21 gün önce
How did someone notice the Blair witch easter egg? That’s a crazy thing to notice
mark lawton
mark lawton Aylar önce
The decision to use the scene with the bipoc Bach-hating student so extensively in marketing was a brilliant piece of mis-direction by Field. I’m sure there have been plenty of viewers they were drawn to the work to have their existing beliefs confirmed, only to find a film that is far from clear cut.
Achille GENET
Achille GENET Aylar önce
Great analysis! I was looking for smarter, mote cultivated person to explain the book, the maze pattern and some small details hard to catch at first view. Thank you!
Rodney McKay
Rodney McKay Aylar önce
Thanks for doing a video on this. Tar is my number 1 film of 2022.
Amirala Mosadeghi
Amirala Mosadeghi 20 saatler önce
Great video. Well explained. Thank you. However, Louis CK did not do anything that called for cancelling him. Each encounter he had that was brought into questioning was with consent and I think he actually survived the cancel culture, just because he deserved to.
Amy Flannigan
Amy Flannigan Aylar önce
Cate Blanchett is the reason I watched and then she became Lydia Tar . Movie was complex and intense not just Lydia Tar.
S Strauch
S Strauch 23 gün önce
Same opinion as you, and without Cate it wouldn't be another actress who plays it better. Probably her best performance and she deserves the Oscar
parth chudasama
parth chudasama 14 gün önce
Very well described 👍
Yu Aylar önce
When someone elses fragility is a weakness to you, not just them. That's when the weakest link is a set of chains.
Angela Rios
Angela Rios 19 gün önce
Remember the girl she talks to after the new Yorker interview? She had a red hermes bag and then Lydia is shown to have it when she gets back home to Germany? She asks if she can text Lydia, i definitely think lydoa saw her at some point. And then she steals a red pen/pencil from Sébastien office while he isn't looking.
lana 10 gün önce
yes, why did she stole the pen? i did not understand that part, can anybody explain?
Maria elena Ahumada
M 14 gün önce
I just saw that she or the movie DID NOT win the oscar. I was so so so sure about it. Don't get it. And to be clear: I really liked EEAAO and am very happy for the crew for the varios academy awards they won. But "Best actress"? It just doesn't compare to me 😭
Elliot Katz
Elliot Katz 14 gün önce
Really enjoyed your take on the film. Thanks
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