Tally Ho's remarkable new sailing dinghy 

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In this episode I search for - and find - the perfect sailing tender for Tally Ho!
We also meet the crew of a local fishing schooner that delivers their Alaskan Salmon by bicycle, and witness a trawler-yacht be transformed with a spectacular paint job.
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Tally Ho’s remarkable new sailing dinghy (EP136)



7 Eki 2022




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@SampsonBoatCo Yıl önce
PT11 Info & purchase - ptwatercraft.com/ptwatercraft/PT11Home.html More video of the PT11 in action - trvid.com/video/video-BsWtDD_pl6o.html
@waynep343 Yıl önce
Can they create nested middle sections to give you 3 lengths of dingy in seconds. Brilliant design.
@knutwalfisch477 Yıl önce
PT11 website still working?? Woud have bet, the increased traffic from this video would crash it :)
@cheesewhiz32 Yıl önce
Great design! Love it. Glad that others are interested in wood epoxy boat building as well!
@jmklamm Yıl önce
I live in Missouri but some how feel myself needing one of these now 😂
@meinkamph5327 Yıl önce
Cool concept, two piece boat. You should make ur own that will fit on too Tally Ho like is a part of it.
@R.J._Lewis Yıl önce
Possibly the most impressive thing about it is that the PT 11 looks completely seamless on video when it is assembled. The craftsmanship is clearly apparent there!
@ruthmoreton6975 Yıl önce
I was looking for the joint too. Couldn't see it.
@asakurad Yıl önce
Of all the aspects of this project, the one that seems not to get enough praise is Leo’s skill as a storyteller. It’s not just that he takes lovely videos of beautiful and interesting bits of a beautiful and interesting boat, it’s also that he weaves all of that into compelling story that would work even if it was all told in prose alone.
@vibratingstring Yıl önce
Very much this
@CodeSquares Yıl önce
Hear, hear!
@Jason_xofilos Yıl önce
I concur.
we in Norway agreeing.
@ryanwalters6120 Yıl önce
The dude building the PT11 is full of stories, information, and life. Could have a whole show around him, certainly.
@spudpud-T67 Yıl önce
I wonder what year he worked on for the America's cup. I'm from NZ so it's a familiar race for us down here.
@sgsax Yıl önce
That is a really slick design. It's clear he put a lot of work and consideration into it. It will be an excellent addition to Tally Ho. Love how you continue to support local shipbuilders and businesses in your efforts. Makes you a good neighbor and a good human being. Thanks for sharing!
@JRD77VET Yıl önce
The PT11 is so clean and simple in it's design. As a machinist, those "simple" designs require a LOT of thought to execute. Very nice and I'm quite sure you will be happy ( maybe even overjoyed) with your PT11
@MrDangadave Yıl önce
Port Townsend is now on my list of places to visit in America. Thank you Leo, I probably would not have known about such a gem of a town otherwise.
@MrDangadave Yıl önce
Thank you Leo so much for highlighting Port Townsend and the people that make it so. What a cool energy.
@JK360noscope Yıl önce
It's been bought out by the snooty PhD's from California. Trash, to be honest.
@AdamsBrew78 Yıl önce
North Olympic Peninsula is my favorite place in America. The area is definitely a gem. I spent 10 years in Port Angeles, close to Sequim. Port Townsend was too expensive for me to live there, but I would in a heartbeat if I could afford it. Regularly went there for the ferry..
@caseygroves3046 Yıl önce
When Tally Ho is launched, it will likely be the most loved boat in the ocean. Everything about it will be nearly perfect and loved by hundreds of thousands of people. So awesome.
I will make an effort to be there!
@SBBurzmali Yıl önce
Also the most expensive, that launch along costs 10 - 20 times as much as a decent inflatable.
@pappabob29 Yıl önce
@@SBBurzmali That may be true but the "value" is not "comparable"!! Kinda like comparing the "MonaLisa" with a Red Skelton Clown paintings. Both are "paintings" but one is a "masterpiece"! Also like driving into a service station with a Rolls Royce and filling the tank with the "low price" fuel!! The Tally Ho, Stem to Stern, represents a labor of love --- and--- NOTHING BUT THE BEST, with no compromises. Throughout this process/build, Leo has considered cost "among" many other considerations when making his decisions.
@hmsjr0154 Yıl önce
A true boat of the people! Best wishes too Leo and the crew!
@robscott4723 Yıl önce
Casey you are JUST SO ON THE MONEY!!!!
Once again I plead with those in the field of public education to consider using these videos as materials for teaching, in schools, what life can provide . Leo continually demonstrates the joy possible by engaging with reality in a rational manner. Whether the task is minor or major, Leo shows his engagement. There is no competition, no winner/losers, just action. His skill does not demean those w/o skill. He is entirely genuine.
@nilse7793 Yıl önce
Leo seems to be wearing no bouyancy vest so I would not use this for teaching in schools
@@nilse7793 You want a crash helmet as well? Teach kids how to swim and how to sail. Active safety. Far better than simply parroting passive safety. Leo has video of offshore sailing wearing an inflatable safety device.
Hear Hear
@norml.hugh-mann Yıl önce
@@wisedupearly3998 falling off sailboats can kill even good swimmerd because conditions can prevent recovery for a long time if not rendered impossible. Your comment tells me you are not someone I would sail with because you don't seem to understand the risks There is often a decent chance that the man overboard sustained injury getting tossed because it's not so easy to get thrown out of a contained cockpick without some trauma and even a bump on the head that wouldn't even knock you out could make treading water impossible in your clothes and. Many a former sailor have went in never to surface once because of it I highly recommend a boating safety course that includes offshore safety and survival as you definitely need it if you plan on cruising...but CanonCanon, we know your just a troll
@@norml.hugh-mann Sorry, I would definitely go sailing with Leo rather than you. 😁
Leo, I love the fact that you introduce the local talented individuals that have been involved in facets of the re-build of Tally Ho, and other boats in Port Townsend. Besides highlighting Tally Ho you put a spotlight on some exceptional people and are a true ambassador for the Port. All that and another great video! Thanks Leo!
@glrider100 Yıl önce
Hats off to the painters of Kintore, what a lovely boat. It just seemed so.. "homey"... Absolutely lovely.
@RobertSababady Yıl önce
When I read the title of this video, the only reason I started watching it was that Leo started talking with the usual child like enthuasiam that I have become accustomed to hear him talking about the Tally Ho. To my amaizement, I watched the whole video with not a moment of boredem. I was absolutey fascinated by Leo's find of Russel Bown's PT 11- what a beautiful and practical boat! Off to watch the video again :)
@HarryP457 Yıl önce
That dingy is a work of genius, and one of the most beautiful pieces of practical art I've seen. The perfect combination of form, function and amazing good looks.
@JakDanielz Yıl önce
That dingy is such a fantastic piece of art and utilization! Love it!
@elizaandalisa Yıl önce
Jack agreed Marty Australia
@sandyt4343 Yıl önce
This has been a wonderful video and I’ve enjoyed every minute of your production. When I heard the name Russell Brown I was wondering if that was Jim’s son , and when he first came on all doubt was removed. He came by his skills in a way that only a few people have ever been fortunate enough to experience. His background is most impressive and that along with his humility is always refreshing to see in a true craftsman and seaman. Best of luck with your amazing project, it is truly a work of art. Cheers
@Tclans Yıl önce
So enormously wholesome to find the perfect solution to the dingy problem just a few kilometers away. 👏🏼🎉 And what a solution it is, that dingy is gorgeous both esthetically and functionally!
@interesting7906 Yıl önce
For a second there I thought you were going to use a bicycle as a dingy, then realized you were just featuring the fish delivery hottie. 🤣
@Aquillyne Yıl önce
If this channel was Wintergatan: “I love this boat design, let’s rebuild the whole ship so it can be self-nesting too.”
@silasmarner7586 Yıl önce
Your ultra high standards DEMAND using the PT11. And you handled it like a champ, and thanks to Russel for lending one to you to test fully. It's a great choice, Leo!
@davegrimmer7168 Yıl önce
I love that you chose a Russel Brown design. He is a great designer and excellent human. And the fact that a little bit of Port Townsend will be on deck is fitting and sweet.
I met Russel in the Pacific when he was sailing his proa and remember his fantastic tender, he's a great guy. If he reads this then hi from Jim on Atlas.
@Kathikas1 Yıl önce
Russel, a progeny of the great multihull triumvirate - Jim Brown, John Marples and Dick Newick. An honour indeed to sail, let alone own, one of his boats
@jwblackham Yıl önce
Such an amazing story and privalege to watch this all take shape. Its also comforting to know there are people out there in the world with as much skill as Leo who still haven't changed their $35 pickup bed handle.
@dozer1642 Yıl önce
Wood grows on trees. Best line ever. Daryl you are so awesome. 😍
@craigevans6156 Yıl önce
Kintore is a village in Aberdeenshire near where I live! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 The dinghy looks really lovely and the one shown is beautifully built.
@fps079 Yıl önce
I must say, Leo, I envy the wonderful people you get to meet. Thank you for sharing them with us.
@theart8039 Yıl önce
My Great Great Grandfather was Admirals Cox'n on the China Station under Admiral Pellew..he later went on to to the early Lifeboats off the Cornish and Devon coast and I'm sure that he'd have something to say haha . His name was Richard Bolitho (like the books), so just a fun fact
@olavthyvold2288 Yıl önce
I built a PT 11 and absolutely love it. Its a fantastic dinghy and an absolute joy to sail or row. I had it for about 6 years and the design effort Russel has made to make the dinghy robust has really paid off. Congrats Leo. You have a truly fantastic dinghy for Tally Ho.
I am blown away by the PT11. The skill and intelligence that has gone into the design and engineering of that is quite simply astonishing. I agree when Leo said that Russell was being very modest about it as it's utterly brilliant. As for the price - considering what you're getting, it's really not that bad. It'll fit pretty much anywhere.
@andrewseamaster 14 gün önce
I love the outboard noise and smell, nostalgia 😂. I do appreciate people who can actually row but they are few and far even amongst people who should know or consider themselves proficient boat people
@macmartel Yıl önce
I can honestly say, seeing you sail that dingy was the first time I have ever had the desire to try sailing. Which is crazy seeing how I was in the navy lol. It looks so fun and peaceful.
@bobafetting6373 Yıl önce
I don’t know how to sail. I’ll never own a boat. I get a little seasick sometimes. BUT, my goodness, I’ve LOVED this journey over the last few years and this episode is right up there as one of my favourites. The fascinating engineering, innovation and obvious joy on Leo’s face for this tender is great to see.
Wow. A boat builder that can row correctly. Nice choice.
@dynamicalanimal Yıl önce
the way the tender fits in its space with the perfect amount of clearance either side is perfect. what a touch
@HunterJE Yıl önce
It really does feel purpose-built, quite fortuitous
@davidc6510 Yıl önce
Looks as almost Tally Ho was built to equip the PT11 :p
@tasteapiana Yıl önce
At 20:14 wow. Those are the most majestic sheep I have ever seen. It's as if they are royal figures welcoming you to their abode and posing for a portrait. Stunning. Good capture, there. That's the the kind of B roll that makes your videos so involving and just comfortable to watch. Oh, yes, and the two fun loving dorks struggling to remain composed as they explain that they paint boats. That was fun. Love the dingy.
@felixtheswiss Yıl önce
Looks like german "Heidschnucken" sheep.
@markdoyle9642 Yıl önce
Leo, With Respect, WEAR A LIFE-JACKET!!! I Love all you do, especially sharing your influence with other boat building businesses. Wind and Oar in Portland just built a traditional, all wood , tender at our Sauvie Island School, sharing expertise from myself and another old salt from Schooner Creek, to younger, boat-builders racing Thistles and 29ers off the coast of Italy. With Huge Respect LEO, NO LIFE-JACKET is Irresponsible. You could not survive the hypothermia of those waters, that far out.
An added bonus- for deck parties I clearly see the half's holding chips & guacamole 🎈ps- TH's decking & cabin details look so fine !
@vibratingstring Yıl önce
It blows my mind. To be on youtube and find a really skilled and knowledgeable sailor & boatwright--who is also quite young. Who also is an excellent speaker, and covers the topic so well. And as a bonus, how remarkable in this time of petroleum pastimes and plastic forward facing human powered watercraft, to find someone (young!) who actually prefers rowing--and who even knows how to row--even how to feather! My God! It gives me hope for a hopeless world! (Disclosure: I have designed a number of rowing boats over the years. Maybe I'll do more, now that I know that perhaps there will be more young people who have the interest).
I have a PT11. It is all the video portrays and more. It rows faster than walking pace and goes upwind like rocket. it is the best!
@bobwatkins1271 Yıl önce
I am not exaggerating when I say that the engineering excellence, attention to detail, and craftsmanship that went into the design and construction of the PT11 brought a tear to my eye. Truly inspiring.
@RemedialRob Yıl önce
But is it worth $10,000 to you?
@jessl340 Yıl önce
It's absolutely gorgeous. No two ways about it.
@jessl340 Yıl önce
@@RemedialRob if I had 10k, I'd buy one.
10K? With all the add-one it comes to $6607 as the DIY kit. That’s a very reasonable price for the thought and engineering that’s gone into this dinghy.
@RemedialRob Yıl önce
@@aaronanderson8491 I was factoring in about $3k in labor to build it myself plus tax and shipping. And I was being generous. I's probably more like $10,500.
@jackdotzman2908 Yıl önce
What an interesting explanation of how a dingy is used on a boat like Tally Ho. Not living near the ocean and experiencing sailing like you I had no idea of the thought that goes into the use of a dingy. Thank you very much for taking the time to educated us land lovers. From Missouri.
@mikef.1000 Yıl önce
That is a fine looking dingy indeed! Looks very versatile, superb quality, and very versatile. Great choice. I did notice that the designer/ builder was fairly negative about fibreglass and composites, but then we discover that the whole dingy is coated in fibreglass and the mast is carbon fibre!
@ericjnelson6442 Yıl önce
Not only is the boat AMAZING, Russel and his spouse answer the phone and they are amazingly helpful people.
@buffplums Yıl önce
I’ve been binge watching this whole series from start to here over the last few months and I’m finding it so relaxing watching all the amazing crafts and skills being worked out. Leo amongst so many things you are an amazing guy and as all of the guys who have helped out and offered their skills and a massive well done to everyone. ❤❤
@KevinHorecka Yıl önce
Your happiness with that little boat is so infectious! This was a great episode.
@NavidIsANoob Yıl önce
I hope someone is keeping a list of all the extremely interesting people Leo has met on this journey so far! It's really becoming a treasure trove of wisdom and experiences.
@SK-nh9gh Yıl önce
I think Leo also has a beautfiul way of connecting to people's interests and talents and letting them shine.
@creageous Yıl önce
Remember that guy he bought the live oak from?
@NavidIsANoob Yıl önce
@@creageous He was truly remarkable. Especially the poem at the end was beautiful.
@TheMikesylv Yıl önce
@@oldwillie313 maybe that’s who went camping with him when he was test riding the dinghy LOL maybe test rode more than a dingy Lol
@vibratingstring Yıl önce
Russell's father is a legend -- famous for his constant camber" technique, Russell is also known for his "pacific" proa designs. (That is, a proa where the main hull is to leeward--unlike Dick Newick's "Cheers" which used the outrigger as buoyant righting moment)
@whaleuk Yıl önce
What a great little boat 😊 you could see by the trade mark “Leo grin” on your face how much you loved rowing and sailing her, a cartoon came straight to my mind of Tally Ho sailing along with Leo in Little Ho sailing around the ship in circles 😂lol great choice 👍😊🗿🦥🦖🦑🦤🦫🦧😻🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿
@Gottenhimfella Yıl önce
Indeed. When he demonstrated "no hands" mode a playground tale from my childhood popped unbidden into my mind. A kid has a new bike and he quickly learns to ride it. After a few weeks he insists on showing his mum how good he is. The first time around the block it's "Look Mum, no hands!" Second time, "Look Mum, No feet!". The third time, it's "Look Mum, no teeth"
@p38wilbur79 Yıl önce
Russell will no doubt be inundated with new orders after this video. What a fantastic tender/dingy, I want one and I don't even sail🤣
@gerryleb8575 Yıl önce
Stunningly gorgeous and useful. Also, I love how Russell has his way of thinking, and that boat displays all the good things about the way he looks at boats, building them, and what they do.
Congratulations Leo that is an excellent choice of tender and thank you for introducing us to Russel, I would love to hear more from him. I always loved rowing my tenders but preferred to scull over a short distance so a sculling notch or rowlock in the stern would be my addition.
@thistledown6026 Yıl önce
Classic case of "I wish I needed one." Too many birthdays. I think even Dave Gerr would be impressed.
@briang1735 Yıl önce
This tender is a piece of art!
@dannybeeson5084 Yıl önce
Amen to that. Glad you hear he's selling kits because they're worth every bit of the purchase price.
@sambobman1 Yıl önce
Cost is 3800-7k ish depending on options and requires assembly. Great tender though!
Russel, an amazing design. Leo, you find the best people. I almost do not want this to end. Best channel our there.
Love seeing all the boats around PT harbor! The PT 11 is an awesome dingy, and Russel is a genius, he does incredible work!!
@GodOfBiscuits66 Yıl önce
A beautiful dingy for a beautiful ship! I think you made the right choice!
What a truely handsome looking and functional dinghy... I am always amazed at how crafty and engineering savy some are, I only wish I had the talent to pull off such a remarkable invention...
@mrbluesky9891 Yıl önce
That's a great use of an old chicken shed! Well done Mr Brown, a true engineer/inventor and craftsman. We're standing on the shoulders of giants...and the view's amazing...let's not screw it up! 🙂
@aserta Yıl önce
The thing i love the most about Leo and this channel: every decision is driven by a sound mind, anchored in logic. That original tender would've been lovely to see built, but it does not suit what Tally Ho is now.
@BraindeadCRY Yıl önce
Well, every decision except starting the project in the first place. Let's be real, anyone with a sound mind and thinking logically would run screaming the other way when seeing just how much work and expenses are involved in restoring Tally Ho. I think I speak for all of us when I say that I'm glad Leo is an emotional fool on occasion!
@pappabob29 Yıl önce
@@BraindeadCRY Not at all being combative, I would agree with your first and last sentence but would COMPLETELY disagree with your second sentence. I believe that I am one of many (like Leo) who do not "run screaming the other way" when faced with a challenge that involves lots of work if I can figure out a way to accommodate the cost. I also believe people who think like you have never experienced the total and complete "satisfaction" that comes from creating something as "elegant" and iconic as the Tally Ho!!
@creageous Yıl önce
@@BraindeadCRY Unless of course you also happen to be an excellent videographer and editor with a vision for an outstanding TRvid channel.
@BraindeadCRY Yıl önce
@@pappabob29 I was (Id hoped rather obviously) being jokingly sarcastic. Leo being willing to invest his time and his savings into a passion project clearly was an emotional decision and we all love him for it.
@Xondar11223344 Yıl önce
I hope the build one and use it as a tender they keep at the dock or on shore.
@georgepeel7469 Yıl önce
finally actually someone who knows how to feather the oars while rowing a dinghy.
Being an ex dingy sailor I was amazed at how stable the tender dingy was . OK so Leo is no beginner when it comes to handling a sailing dingy. Priceless advert for the Hands on designer . true professionals are usually modest .
I've read thru a bunch of comments and haven't found any mention of that lovely girl on the bicycle. She's adorable. Kayla, yer adorable. There. Good deed of the day.
@glennwilcox4063 Yıl önce
Love the PT 11. We considered it as a tender for our Netzah, but it was too big even nested. I ended up building the East Port Nesting Pram from CLC boats and its been absolutely wonderful the last 3 seasons - only 65lbs!. Russell Brown's 'Epoxy Basics' is a must have for anyone considering this type of construction. He is a master and knows all the special secrets specific to this methodology. I look forward to more videos! Keep up the excellent work Leo and crew!
@a.jsipple7322 Yıl önce
Thanks for sharing Leo, I look fwd to finding a premier post from you every weekend. You have just inspired me to, build one of these to pull behind my motorcycle. New dreams are hard to come by, and I thank You. Rock on!
Outstanding episode Leo. Such a treat to go so in depth on the topic. Can't blame you for wanting a completed boat - another 200 hours making a PT-11 will only delay your departure. Well done.
the man that makes the nested digy, waauw that is a beautiful and interesting man. great personality!
That is the perfect demonstration on why the right joint is a thing of beauty.
I look forward to seeing the clever chocks that Leo devises to hold the tender snugly on deck. A work of art no doubt!
I wondered about that, too. Something so light will have to be fastened down really well in heavy weather!
@charlesseymour1482 9 aylar önce
Jib hoo.
@96rbje Yıl önce
Thanks Leo, we support you and all the positive feedback and comments ........ your channel is a breath of freshness and hope while a big part of our world is wallowing in BS, lies and worse.
@Coconut620 Yıl önce
Hey Leo ... Great Project and wonderful videos! You do realize that with only 510# useful load, your PT.11 will become, as the Royal Navy says, "The Captain's Gig" (Better get a bosuns pipe for all arrivals and departures... 🤣🤣🤣). May you soon enjoy many evenings in tropical anchorages ... puttering about in your new skiff ... 😎 Keep up the good work Captain!
I`d add a notch or rowlock on the transom so you could skull, for instance when you had to carry long or bulky items that prevent rowing. I think Russell has done an excellent job with the PT !
@dancarter482 Yıl önce
A dedicated sculling oar and a boat hook .. ...
@realrayra Yıl önce
hmm an adapter so you could merge the rudder with a mast half....
@truesdel Yıl önce
Russell and Ashlyn are great people!
@buffplums Yıl önce
What an amazing little tender is the PT11. ❤
@goboyz8016 Yıl önce
That is a the coolest dingy I have ever seen. So perfect for Tally Ho. Absolute match made on the Sea. Brilliant design.
@BeamerTheFox Yıl önce
i love small boats, that tender is just gorgeous woooow !
@jimmydunn1981 Yıl önce
I loved the face you've ,made when you were going at the same speed alone in your dingy as the 2 persons rowing in the canoe!
@TheEphemeris Yıl önce
You were so genuinely chuffed when the tender fit on deck. That's awesome! It's such a great tender
Beats an Optimist doesn't it? What a splendid choice - a good tender that can sail and row well and is unmatched in innovation and fun. It can also take a small electric outboard and would be very economical - notice the PT11 is not pushing water - its a top candidate for a small and high-quality electric drive - for fishing - trolling - lunch on the water - and therapy. Great choice.
@SeanKroner Yıl önce
Russell Brown’s design of the PT11 is just brilliant! Another great video Leo! :)
@Anand_KL Yıl önce
As usual, a masterclass on boats. I've learnt so much about boatbuilding on this channel. Amazing. You're a natural teacher Leo. The PT11 is beautiful. It fits so well on TH. Congratulations on finding her. Kaila is a good find too. :)
@luckyirvin Yıl önce
i loved watching Leo goof off in this lovely little craft
@dalelittle3889 Yıl önce
Leo, I believe.this is the happiest I've seen : sailing !
@OldManKiller1 Yıl önce
That PT11 is a beautiful work of art. The level of craftsmanship fits well with the level of Tally Ho's.
@ditzydoo4378 Yıl önce
As soon as I saw you pull it out in two-halves I thought. "Now that is Absolutely Brillant"! How is it that one has ever thought of such a simple, but elegant solution before?? I simply must visit the builder Rustle in his Coup/shop soon.
A little funny that he says he’s decided not to build composite boats anymore, and then, uh, mentions that this wooden boat is fiberglassed. 🤭 gorgeous though.
@GaryPArmstrong Yıl önce
What a lovely well put together dinghy. No wonder you are impressed by it.
@skyd8726 Yıl önce
Fabulous! Initially I thought "what a simple design" of dinghy, but looking further there is a seriously large amount of design methodology that has been put into that PT11. Built in bouyancy, the length of the tiller extension, boom setup, etc, Afterwards it gives the impression of being "simple". I'm rather impressed.
@jnjarvis1 Yıl önce
I had never heard of Port Townsend before the Talley Ho series, I feel this is the most capable boat town in America. They have everything
@Trebuchet48 Yıl önce
Including me! We've been coming here for 40+ years, part time residents for 25, full time since 2015. I don't have a boat, don't know a lot about them, but I like looking at them and drive through the marina every time I'm in town. It's a great place.
@deephorizon1365 Yıl önce
Ive been to Port Townsend before, we went to a camping site nearby checking out the historical bunkers at Fort Warden. I'm so disappointed that i didn't know about the boat culture back then when I went.
I used to build folding boats in NZ,they were a similar size to your one and were offered with or without mast and sails,they folded down to be around the size of a surfboard,although a bit thicker. The guy that designed them took the idea from boats that Commandos used in WW2 called folboats, they could land in France,fold it up and either Bury it in sand or simply hide it in bushes so they could recover them after a mission and row out to meet a submarine. They were built to go through the subs hatch.
@moebandy8274 Yıl önce
I have been watching for 5 years and I have not missed a video & I have enjoyed each & every one!! The craftmanship is unbelievable!! I wish I had some of your & the people you have had helpings talent
I think I speak for many, when I'm saying this PT11 dingy looks like it was made to fit on Tally Ho. Outsanding design, beautiful curves, incredibly compact and thought out. I don't know much about boats tbh, but this looks like a reallly great match.
@mjrburn8914 Yıl önce
Not only beautiful, able to be self built, extremely functional and of optimal size for solo or couples but also just very cool. Love it and even though I'm extremely land locked being in Indiana, USA we do have a few lakes around I think that little dingy would be a blast on. Thanks for putting it on my radar. Fair winds, following seas, safe travels and God Bless...
@mjb12141963 Yıl önce
Thank you Leo for all that you have done to bring these videos to us viewers. You are very entertaining to watch and the way you show those who have come to help work on the boat mostly are also entertaining as well. With nearly half a million subscribers who wait on the edge of our collective seats for the next video, you and the Tally Ho have touched our hearts and can't wait for her launch. I will personally have a cold bottle of Champaign ready for that occasion.
@bigains Yıl önce
What a cool little boat. I bet PT Watercraft is about to get a lot more orders for that PT-11
@ShaunButterley Yıl önce
That tender is a work of art!
@hntrains2 10 aylar önce
Good point about an inflatable dingy as a tender! Such a boat is much more useful in times of need than something as cumbersome as the PT 11. The PT 11 looks cool, though. It probably appeals to a lot of geeky rowers - how the two parts come together, how one fits inside the other one... It's probably great fun to row in good weather, too.
@Daniel_cheems Yıl önce
That's got to be the best dinghy I've ever seen! Beautiful!
@lesmansom7817 Yıl önce
The squint joke was a howler😎🤘👍
@EleanorPeterson Yıl önce
To poets, mathematicians, physicists and engineers, the highest form of praise for any particularly fine bit of problem solving is simply to call a solution 'elegant'. The PT11 dinghy is... elegant. 🙂
@SKSOUTH2012 Yıl önce
Congratulations on finding the ideal dinghy! When I watched it in the water, it seemed to be as practical as it was stylish and nicely matched how I envision Tally Ho when she is complete. Always a pleasure, Leo. thanks for sharing.
@scottjones5455 Yıl önce
That smile when you were out pacing the two paddlers in the canoe tops off the whole episode.
@taterkaze9428 Yıl önce
Really didn't think this episode would be as interesting but Leo did it again. Something as mundane as a dinghy turns out to be a fascinating example of design and engineering. Everything gets thought out on this project. No detail left unconsidered.
@johnshaw8327 Yıl önce
I often wondered what happened to Russel. We used to live on Ruxton Is in BC and we'd see him now and then in his proa. It was very fast. He hasn't changed, a gentle kind soul of which there are many in the PNW. Here in Australia you have to go to Tasmania to find the same vibe. Must be the colder weather. One thing that we have like nowhere else is lot's of parrots though. I'm happy about that.