Taking a Pregnancy Test... again.

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7 Jul 2020




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Jessica Osborn
Jessica Osborn Saatler önce
Love the Patience song. Except the God part, personally. But it’s a great idea!
Han Sabir
Han Sabir 3 saatler önce
I don’t know why people are mad bc she allegedly “clickbaited” If she was actually pregnant the title would be “I’m pregnant” not taking a test.
Tessier Family Vlogs
Tessier Family Vlogs 4 saatler önce
Every Pregnancy is different. Maybe you would have a good pregnancy. You are such an amazing mom! I can’t imagine what you went through with your first pregnancy. But I find myself wishing you had a second chance and hoping it would be amazing for you for you.
Skye Barnes
Skye Barnes 23 saatler önce
you are the best
deja tanequodle
deja tanequodle 23 saatler önce
I love how colleen says its 2:00 am then she starts singing loudly
ellie baker
ellie baker Gün önce
7:26 did she chuck daisy in the cage like throw her in😂😂
Evelyn Geary
Evelyn Geary 2 gün önce
But guys it said pee on the stick for 5 seconds and she said "that was not five seconds oops" so therefore........
Daphne Gano
Daphne Gano 2 gün önce
You should have another baby
Samantha Stuckey
Samantha Stuckey 2 gün önce
Once you get out you can go to rainbow ranch they have SPOTTED ZEBRAS yeah they a horse zebra hybrid and other things like that
Mason Mailhot
Mason Mailhot 2 gün önce
Is she have a baby!!!!!!! Bc like that will be cool but I will be a hard time for her but if she is then I hope it will not be hard on her
Mason Mailhot
Mason Mailhot 2 gün önce
Thank you for read
elizabeth rivera
elizabeth rivera 2 gün önce
Hi i want like :3
Maddison Rose
Maddison Rose 2 gün önce
Does anyone notice the time is 2020
Aoife's Got Talent
Aoife's Got Talent 2 gün önce
Colleen: '' let's put this lion in hear. '' 'throws cat into cage'. Me: 😱😱😱
i here
i here 2 gün önce
they are such amazing parents!
HydraPlayz 3 gün önce
“Ooo da bugs” has got to be a meme one day
Brindlee Geurin
Brindlee Geurin 3 gün önce
Just curious why you taking a pregnancy test if your not trying to get pregnant I mean you must be doing the deed if you are taking a pregnancy text I mean just asking
Awesomenatora 3 gün önce
I feel like Gus is getting better at tolerating Flynn. It’s so cute
Garland Taylor
Garland Taylor 3 gün önce
Kristin Dawn
Kristin Dawn 4 gün önce
OMG I love the zoo idea! SO CUTE!
Valeria Jaimes
Valeria Jaimes 4 gün önce
I love that every time Colleen scared Flynn,he would hug her😂💕
kendra shae
kendra shae 4 gün önce
I prolly haven’t watched any vlogs for like a month so Flynn is like a whole new baby since I last watched🥺🥺
Emilyismyname 5 gün önce
You feel high from how much your brain is taking in so quickly, you spending so much time on flin and your husband than taking the time to breathe and so some yoga or take a long bath and your brain is trying to get used to it so when you actually stop and relax you start to feel kind of light headed becouse of how tired you are
hannah cadoff
hannah cadoff 5 gün önce
wait i'm confused. when did flynn get so big?🥺
Mimi Wash
Mimi Wash 5 gün önce
I love Flynn's laugh it's so adorable
McKayla Galbraith
McKayla Galbraith 5 gün önce
Every pregnancy is different. Your first pregnancy was obviously a bad experience for you and leaves you thinking that any pregnancy after will be terrible. That is not necessarily the case. My first pregnancy was awful, I was terrified when I got pregnant again, but it was so different from the first. It was a breeze the second time around.
Alee M
Alee M 5 gün önce
Why does Colleen have brown hair and Flynn has blond hair
Isabelle Joanne
Isabelle Joanne 5 gün önce
Your in Anger birds 2!!!!!!
Chloe Rainbows
Chloe Rainbows 5 gün önce
Hes like Nooo dont catch me But cuddle me mommy
Nicole The Orthodox Socialist
Just can't keep them legs closed.
Excellent Emily
Excellent Emily 6 gün önce
When I was little I used to love ❤️ to play with bubbles not the one u blow but it was like the bubbles from when my mom washed the dishes I would use bath toys and stuff like that but I think u should try it. :)
Ashley Renee
Ashley Renee 6 gün önce
That is so creative! You both are great parents!
Jennifer Johnson
Jennifer Johnson 6 gün önce
Colleen your little zoo was the cutest thought and idea to do for Flynn. I live seeing you interact and share imagination with him ❤️.
Stacey Kopp
Stacey Kopp 6 gün önce
Are you Miranda???
Ashley Deneau
Ashley Deneau 6 gün önce
LorelaiTheKidRS Greenie
Did anyone else notice the video is 20 minutes and 20 seconds? 2020 no just me? Okay
uhh idk anymore ;-; :3
He is so lucky to have such a beautiful mom 🥺😘✨
Violet Stien
Violet Stien 6 gün önce
Moose is like my dog because he is so calm with little kids so I could just go up to him and lay on top of him and he wouldn’t care. BTW he is a Great Dane
Sharin Cornelius
Sharin Cornelius 6 gün önce
You should look in to the AZA Aquariums and Zoos Association while yes some things labeled zoo are bad but the AZA does a lot to help wild conservation as well as set and enforce high standards for animal care and has a list of all AZA zoos these zoo are ones that care for the animals safely and make sure the animals have what they need to be happy
Alexandra Jesmer
Alexandra Jesmer 6 gün önce
the way she just threw the cat! 🤣 7:25
ZB Gaming
ZB Gaming 6 gün önce
Heidi Velez
Heidi Velez 6 gün önce
I miscarried during this pandemic 🙁
Francesca Hunt
Francesca Hunt 7 gün önce
I have a cat named GUS
Friends Official band
Flynn’s so cute
Shalom Osas
Shalom Osas 7 gün önce
The time is 2020 so maybe if i will watch it the year will reverse??
Hill Country Sliders
I want her to be my 2ed mom
Sunnytime Gaming
Sunnytime Gaming 7 gün önce
Alithia Bridgewater
Alithia Bridgewater 7 gün önce
So cute ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Hollythereindeer {}{} AJ
my aunt is pregnant and shes gonna have the baby in september
Tuqa Abumatar
Tuqa Abumatar 7 gün önce
When she sung the patience song i felt that
Peyton Montgomery
Peyton Montgomery 7 gün önce
Your doing great as a mom
It’s Kayko
It’s Kayko 7 gün önce
Her vlogs are not boring :)
Hallie uhhh yes
Hallie uhhh yes 7 gün önce
Plz be my mum... Here are the adoption papers 📝
Brianna Kyle
Brianna Kyle 7 gün önce
It is possible that another pregnancy wouldn’t be as bad as it was the first time! If you want another baby do it! Flynn needs a little brother or sister
Verde Van Zyl
Verde Van Zyl 7 gün önce
It was sooo cute when Flyn and Gus were looking at the bugs together
Luna Lovegood
Luna Lovegood 7 gün önce
If she is so scared of beeing pregnant, dont..like... uhm..yeah
Haha! I mean there is always rubbers for that but then again can’t trust those most of the time 😂
Jaylyn Morris
Jaylyn Morris 6 gün önce
melinda long
melinda long 7 gün önce
Me See's a inupropeot add eww
Per C
Per C 8 gün önce
Madeline Barton
Madeline Barton 8 gün önce
flyn is so cute
Madeline Barton
Madeline Barton 8 gün önce
by the way she was acting she kinda wanted to be lol
Haley Nelson
Haley Nelson 8 gün önce
I need a mini Miranda sings ... lmfao! All for you having another baby!!
Autumn Kay Meyers
Autumn Kay Meyers 8 gün önce
You should have another I support it love you❤️❤️
Tori Butler
Tori Butler 8 gün önce
Anyone gonna talk about the length of the video. Lol. It’s 20:20.
Gracie Edge
Gracie Edge 8 gün önce
Anybody realize that the video time is 20:20 ?
paris svigos
paris svigos 8 gün önce
Actually my sisters first pregnancy was awful but this pregnancy (her 2nd) is really good!!
sisi qiun
sisi qiun 8 gün önce
trvid.com/video/video-mkKVfzENhR8.html (christian revert)
macie johnson
macie johnson 8 gün önce
you only have one life do what you what when your alive come on girl
Evelyn Egbert
Evelyn Egbert 8 gün önce
You can take him to a petting zoo
louis kiwi
louis kiwi 8 gün önce
Imagining Flynn being a big brother is so cute. They’d be the cutest little pair 🥺
lizzie 8 gün önce
she looks like Miranda sings
Maggie Smith
Maggie Smith 8 gün önce
I’m pregnant I am doo in 3 weeks
Rhi Yu
Rhi Yu 8 gün önce
The fortune teller might be right after all...
Lucy Collins
Lucy Collins 8 gün önce
Crack hour
Briley Macer
Briley Macer 9 gün önce
Are you miranda sings do the miranda sings voice plz
Maya Van Polen
Maya Van Polen 9 gün önce
colleen is such a fun mom!
{Lilly}xx {Ash}xx
{Lilly}xx {Ash}xx 9 gün önce
I love Colleen and her family Edit: tysm for the likes x
Brandon Sims
Brandon Sims 9 gün önce
Colleen is awesome 😜🙂😇😘😁😷❤️🤯🌈😋🤭
Brandon Sims
Brandon Sims 9 gün önce
Hey I'm this person's daughter. I also love Colleen 😘❤️🌈😁😲
Kylie Dupre
Kylie Dupre 9 gün önce
The exhibits give me escape the night vibes
Megan Mary
Megan Mary 9 gün önce
Knowing how negatively pregnancy effected Colleen I hope they adopt for her mental and physical well being but obviously she is going to do whatever is best for her.
Macy 9 gün önce
My cousin is just a few months younger than Flynn is and he jumped off of my aunts couch it’s hilarious!!🤣
Avery Rennie
Avery Rennie 9 gün önce
So you are Mirada sings right???? Righttttttt???????
Sarah Deaton
Sarah Deaton 8 gün önce
sara gilkison
sara gilkison 9 gün önce
Best mom award 🥇
Vacienne Davies
Vacienne Davies 9 gün önce
your having another baby! YOU SAID IT WAS HORRIBLE
Andi Mack0412
Andi Mack0412 9 gün önce
Do you think since she was pregnant before that she would know what it is and why she's feeling like that
TheRealMirandaSilva 9 gün önce
Colleen is such a good mom 🥺🥺🥺
Angela Herrera
Angela Herrera 9 gün önce
Don't worry, I'm VERRY burpy too!
ielvis Simondi
ielvis Simondi 9 gün önce
Natalia Ahyai
Natalia Ahyai 9 gün önce
Who’s in the comments before they watched half of the video to know if shes pregnant again so we dont have to watch the whole vid 😂
Mini Melli
Mini Melli 9 gün önce
Ive been told so many times what I wouldnt ever get pregnant.... but on the 16th July I took a test and I'm pregnant... 7 weeks and 2 days today after being told it was impossible and during a pandemic... I'm happy and scared at the same time xxx
Ashley Clark
Ashley Clark 9 gün önce
I love the beginning of the vlog so cute when you play with him. I want you to have a girl next!!!! And when you made him a zoo❤️
姉妹SKSKSKSK 9 gün önce
Did anyone notice (🤔) how when she was sitting in her chair in her room, it kinda looked like she had a wing? 😂 Like she had angel wings? 🤔 She was just sitting in like the right angle 😂
A Distressed Catbug
A Distressed Catbug 9 gün önce
I wonder if she checked if the tests were out of date
A Distressed Catbug
A Distressed Catbug 9 gün önce
Flynn is so big now 🥺
Silver theonly1
Silver theonly1 9 gün önce
Y’all! I want another Flinn! 🥺
Adam Button
Adam Button 9 gün önce
mum has 4 kids
our funny family
our funny family 9 gün önce
madhatter_ cosplays
madhatter_ cosplays 9 gün önce
I just want you to know it takes like a few months and sometimes a few weeks some women just like it takes like a few months and sometimes a few weeks to know if your pregnant you might want to keep that a d in the head because it won't show up on pregnancy test for a little bit but you could be
Gurl Anoniimous
Gurl Anoniimous 9 gün önce
I gave birth to my son on the 29th of July and tbh the pandemic made it pretty stressful especially since I was also trying to graduate high school. I just came home two days ago, but it was absolutely worth it 🥺
Emme Woloschyn
Emme Woloschyn 9 gün önce
Myrtle beach safari !!! It’s amazing just an idea
조한나 9 gün önce
leon bridges
wolfy girls _gacha
wolfy girls _gacha 9 gün önce
What a waste of peanuts at least he have fun
Bubbles Devon
Bubbles Devon 9 gün önce
My mum had her baby aka my baby bro durimg the whole thingy
Disappointed in myself
görünümler 81
colleen ballinger, stop lying
addressing everything
görünümler 3
Haircut Fail w/ Colleen!!!!!!!!