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I built a Spider-Man web shooter that sticks onto surfaces and allows the user to actually swing!
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16 Mar 2023




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Adhemz 2 aylar önce
this is beautiful. our inner child is going crazy over this
drippot0609 2 aylar önce
Lucifer Morningstar 🅥
This is the clip u all looking for : trvid.com/video/video-0fyTPb-l-Ek.html
Lucifer Morningstar 🅥
mazz_john 2 aylar önce
No way
Jhaniel Elijah Ripas
Jhaniel Elijah Ripas 2 aylar önce
Yooo and ive been subbed since you have been doing dark humor joke's
Larva Super Show
Larva Super Show 2 aylar önce
This man has the ability to actually become spiderman since he can shoot webs, swing, and climb walls. Huge round of applause for this man.
Harvey 19 gün önce
spiderman doesn't have to stop to recollect and rewrap his magnetic grappling hook though
Piotr 15 gün önce
@Harvey still probably the furthest anyone has ever got
kyzer 10 gün önce
@Harvey yea but spiderman is a fictional character and this is real life
V3NXMYT Gün önce
Now all he needs is the super agility and spider type fighting style
genblinko 6 saatler önce
@kyzer Not for long.
GG Cannon
GG Cannon 2 aylar önce
I've had a theory before on how the Spiderman web shooter actually works in the past. In the cartoon, its always a single really thick cartridge, but I always thought that it can't be a single chemical, and it can't activate unless it comes in contact with the air as well, or it would clog the very shooter. My guess is that the cartridge is separated into sections of liquids and fires them with extreme pressure through a very tight nozzle that mixes the liquids. Since Spidey says that his spider silk is biodegradable, I would think it is organic, which would lead me to believe it is made out of proteins and aminoacids, mainly Fibroin, Alanine, Glycine and Serine, just like the silk from both Spiders and Silkworms, possibly also starch and other thickening agents. Under pressure, the liquids would be able to shoot for a HUGE distance, but as they are mixed they would already start to become a strand and when they come out from the nozzle and come in contact with the air, they would expand, thicken and become a rope like material, making for a even small amount of liquid mix would already have a considerable volume of rope that is both adhesive and can resist quite a bit of weight.
Thebizzarecreature 9 gün önce
Blue Hooman
Blue Hooman 8 gün önce
Yo we need to like this comment more so he sees it
Jonathon Thomas
Jonathon Thomas 5 gün önce
Whoa... fucken genius actually
Jacob Starkman
Jacob Starkman 4 gün önce
Peter can't just mix up all the chemcals into the one cartridge
Blue Hooman
Blue Hooman 4 gün önce
@Jacob Starkman still worth a shot on figuring out how/if we can implement this, at least in my opinion
Lorraine Kaputo Ngwanza
The thing I like about JLaser is he puts his mind to something and he never let's go of it
Spidey Wars Studios
CreatorJo Aylar önce
@Spidey Wars Studios You are my friend now. ^-^
Dakrom Vee
Dakrom Vee 15 gün önce
🎶 Say you'll never let me go! 🎶
Umar 6 gün önce
Just like his webs haha
Pop Culture Mike
Pop Culture Mike 2 aylar önce
This also gives me ODM gear vibes from Attack on Titan, or the classic Burton Batman grappling hook. However you look at it, it’s insanely impressive
ItzMeYaho!! Aylar önce
This makes me so happy man! You're putting so much effort into making something every child in existence has always wanted. It makes me happy and I had legitimately been thinking about making something like this too! I just couldn't find the right time to do so, I guess you actually beat me to it, I can't do chemistry as well as I would want to anyway. I'm glad to see the success!!!
LessEmbarassingName 2 aylar önce
He’s legitimately getting close. People like this are pioneers. Who knows where this could lead.
demon man
demon man 2 aylar önce
Websling transportation
demon man
demon man 2 aylar önce
Mobile Marvel.
LessEmbarassingName 2 aylar önce
Quick noose! Nah wait- quick shoe laces!
Ashley Dillon
Ashley Dillon 2 aylar önce
Iron Man blaster
Waltuh 2 aylar önce
Imagine swiging from a building and when thw web stick to some wall your arm tears appart
Derrick Morgan
Derrick Morgan Aylar önce
I applaud your efforts! At just shy of 53 years old I’ve had a fantasy of being able to swing and fire webs like Spider-Man ever since I was a little fella (I suspect like a lot of kids of all ages).
danielemur 2 aylar önce
This is crazy cool stuff, man. Would be interesting to see a quick release mechanism integrated into this design to make the end of the swing a little smoother 🤔. Fantastic work!
I think I remember another TRvidr trying to replicate Spider-Man's swinging, and he had the great idea of using an exo-skeleton, so that when you swing you're safer and also the tension is distributed throughout your body. Could be a good idea to implement with your shooters!
LeganDairypreper356 2 aylar önce
Super cool that something like this really works. I was doubting that there would be enough strength to be able to hang from it. I’ve been searching for someone who built the grappling hook from legend of Zelda. I really want to see someone take on the challenge. With this guys skill it would be super cool to see his approach on the build.
Abhi Kunchu
Abhi Kunchu 20 gün önce
It looks like a grappling gun more than a web shooter but your inventions are amazing. It will certainly be an inspiration to follow. Keep making things like this, We'll be there one day.
Hacksmith Industries
Hacksmith Industries 2 aylar önce
Duuuuuuuude!!! This is BEST Spiderman gadget ever made! And you showed up the Mythbusters to boot! Heck yeah man! Let's blow this video up!
Squishy 2 aylar önce
Got that hacksmith seal of approval
Zappr 2 aylar önce
Even the hacksmith is hyped about this
Dark Core
Dark Core 2 aylar önce
Matthew Lass
Matthew Lass 2 aylar önce
Next we need a hacksmith industries and JLazer colab!!! Together you could make the unimaginable.
Nate Branham
Nate Branham 2 aylar önce
Hacksmith approved, that’s insane!
Phil Wood
Phil Wood 9 gün önce
Wasn’t expecting much but this is actually impressive. Way to go!
Just Cam
Just Cam Aylar önce
As a humongous Spider-Man fan also this is so nostalgic and breathtakingly amazing, I feel for the real ease system you should perhaps have a fishing reel like system in which with the mechanical winch you are using to swing have a quick release button and the Motor goes into like a fishing reel in which it lets line out of the spool freely. A bit like a cars handbrake only the reverse, instead of it stoping the line it releases it
หัวใจช้าง ElephantHeart
You could make a high voltage version, either one that shoots retractable electrodes, or one with a high voltage capacitor on the end instead of a magnet, which ideally could be charged again after retracting.
Kidfury Tshwanelo
Kidfury Tshwanelo 2 aylar önce
Bro is the real Spider-Man He has the: intelligence Suite Gadgets Funny humour Sidekick # cameraman Enjoy your video's and ideas ❤ Keep up the good work🕷
Jules Aylar önce
For the wall climbers next you can use an artificial gecko skin that uses van der walls principal of neutral atom attraction to let you stick its strong enough that 4 small strips can pull a car
GiantBonsai 2 aylar önce
I'm in my 40s and this still made me happy as a child to see. I'd love to see a follow up where you have 2 and complete a mid-air transition from one swing to another.
Epic Rod Tezla
Epic Rod Tezla 2 aylar önce
Me two
Jacob Pinson
Jacob Pinson 2 aylar önce
me three
Uprank 2 aylar önce
me four
Yamz 2 aylar önce
Me ✋
Pls send help IDonaldI
Me 🖐️☝️
TheNewDjoker 2 gün önce
Efforts like these need to be encouraged, this is how invention starts
Flamethrower 15 gün önce
This guys videos are so interesting and cool to watch how he just develops something that seems impossible
Bubble Wrap Society
I swear, every video this guy makes he just slowly turns into every superhero ever. Now he needs to go back and make the falcons wings fly
itarfer 2 aylar önce
The adhesive you want is gecko tape! It’s insanely strong with something as thin as tape as long as it has enough surface area, and leaves no residue because it’s not actually glue.
MyGreatRolls 8 gün önce
Just imagine like 20 years from now if he keeps improving on theses designs
Fake Account
Fake Account 2 aylar önce
You've been working on this for so long and putting a lot of effort into it, that k you so much you are an inspiration and have made tons of people interested in engineering
Ronan Collins
Ronan Collins 21 gün önce
This guy is so good he’s not look other channels aswell he has a low budget and always manages to pull it off
PsychD 28 gün önce
When i saw him climb up the wall with the climbers and then swing from the ceiling i finally felt like we are actually close to achieving spiderman. It would be so cool to have two different grapplers to chain the swing.
z' diegi
z' diegi Aylar önce
I can't belive that I life in a time where I get to see this become reality! My utmost respect!
VillyP 11 gün önce
this is insane, it could help emergency responders reach high places to rescue people if it's refined and enhanced to hold even more weight
AidanGreenNinja 2 aylar önce
i swear this man is a cornerstone in an era of youtube engineering that’ll go down in history
SULTHARUS Aylar önce
So emotional to watch the entire process, you are a legend.
Melanie Cedeño Guerra
Dude, use another one in the other hand. It would give you more balance and you could go from one place to another more easily. And it is amazing, you have my same idea of magnents. You have a huge future on this.
Grayson Smith
Grayson Smith Aylar önce
There is this silicone material that acts like gecko's feet that can stick to anything almost like an adhesive, but can be cleaned with water to make it stick better. I doubt it would work well for the more "full scale" version. But for the toy version I think it'd be ideal, about as strong or stronger than a suction cup but without the need for ideal contact or an airtight surface, and perfectly reusable. I ordered one of yours and plan on making an attachment that uses that material.
David Ogunsanya
David Ogunsanya 2 aylar önce
This is dope, very well done. I had an idea regarding the climbers; I was thinking you could make them smaller like gloves while still retaining their strength and you could make some sort of flexible yet strong grip pads for the feet.
Liam The Basketball Boy
I am from star wars and I even admit this is very cool! You should make the web shooters at the end a bundle that includes the wall climbers!
captainnomad 2 aylar önce
Dude I love that you actually paired the climbers with the web shooter to go for the full spiderman experience - and it really worked! Seriously incredible. Your ingenuity is impressive - this is what engineering is all about!!
CrimsonQueen plays
CrimsonQueen plays 2 aylar önce
Imagine if he could to like stick to a wall swing, grab another wall would be actually pretty much spider man
Xbox Clips
Xbox Clips 2 aylar önce
I have an amazing idea! You should make two shooters, one for each arm so you can do 2 swings in a row by having it so you can detach the nail from the shooter. Then, since you can detach nails from the shooter you could make it so the shooter reloads nails automatically, basically giving you infinite swings in a row!
※★➷♡𝓟𝓮𝓪𝓷𝓾𝓽 ♡➹★※
What about trying to make the ODM gear from AoT? It has a pretty decent explanation on how it works.
Regan Wilbanks Creations
I got my webshooter in 20 minutes ago! I’ve been playing with it non stop! Great quality. Love it
brycen yarber
brycen yarber 15 gün önce
Nows the time to get someone like Nilered to work with the chemical composition of real spiderwebs and casually make significant scientific/technological breakthroughs
Derek Payton
Derek Payton 2 aylar önce
I think this man might actually find the secret of becoming the first irl spider-man, he’s been so persistent with each video he makes involving this
Colten Shuster
Colten Shuster 2 aylar önce
I bought your web shooter and I must say it is one of my favorite products I have ever purchased 11/10, btw love your videos.
Jonathan Wright
Jonathan Wright 2 aylar önce
Thats amazing bro! Allaire look forward to seeing what you will come up with next. Definitely gonna have to buy a web shooter if you still have some
Brian_024 8 gün önce
Imagine this is getting better in the future and you can actually buy this and really swing like spider-man
A.M The gaming fan
A.M The gaming fan 2 aylar önce
This is literally my childhood dream to stick to walls and swing like spiderman
Ghostman47 Aylar önce
That’s crazy, it’s the closest anybody has been to actually swinging like spiderman
Kykel 2 aylar önce
The funniest part about this video to me, is that J is literally slowly assembling an entire suit of gadgets. He's legit building a super hero suit over here. I'd love to see a video where you combine a whole bunch of your gadgets into one suit.
ciniman rol
ciniman rol 2 aylar önce
if all the gadgits were in one suit that would be so cool
Joseph 2 aylar önce
It isn’t practical. All these things weigh and putting them together would be hard to move and use.
BROWNEY 2 aylar önce
​@Josephmaybe there is a way to combine it .i mean there is a solution
ValoFear 2 aylar önce
@Joseph he has an exosuit that increases his strength
Macrae Alford
Macrae Alford 2 aylar önce
Hey Mr. Laser :) I just got my shooter today, and I was wondering it would be “fine” or “realistic” to add a stronger spring and longer rope? My mind is racing with possibilities for mods :) thanks.
ostehaper 8 gün önce
love the energy in the videos keep making some kind of videos everyone loves them especially me❤😊
jay titan
jay titan 27 gün önce
He’s building more of a Batman grappling gun. Which is fantastic too
exzum sensei
exzum sensei 2 aylar önce
It's like watching tony stark make his suit effective every version please continue this spider man content till it's perfect and aesthetic
Linkin Aylar önce
This is awesome! Would it be possible to somehow change the climbing part from your fore arms to a type of glove though? For practical use of the entire suit together, using your shins and palms for climbing would theoretically make it easier to switch between shooting "webs" and climbing. I 100% could be wrong, just brainstorming here. I think gloves would give you more control in climbing and make it easier to commit to climbing tall structures like buildings, where as using your forearms would feel super unnatural and require a lot of trust in your engineering (which clearly, holds up when put to the test). Edit: A perfect example of this would actually be Spiderman No Way Home where Andrew Garfield used his fingertips to hold on to the ceiling, though obviously instead of using your finger tips, you'd use the whole of your hand for more surface area.
Mr Krimson
Mr Krimson 2 aylar önce
i love how in the aim for a spiderman esque gadget, he has made actual batman level equipment ofcourse unfortunately the goal is spiderman swinging, but just as a batman get away tool up an elevator shaft this is insane
Future Fox
Future Fox 2 aylar önce
very nerdy response
dang dude dan
dang dude dan 2 aylar önce
@Future Fox as opposed to the very non nerdy responses to this video
Danny Mc12
Danny Mc12 2 aylar önce
It’s called. Grapnel gun 💀
SubtleRhino 2 aylar önce
Glad someone said it
nmc matic
nmc matic 2 aylar önce
So true dude!!
Davor Moore
Davor Moore 2 aylar önce
OMG!!!!! Super cool bro just the thought of seeing how hard you've come from making a prototype that shoots a web that works incredible like so amazing. But seeing the liquid turns into a web there has to be some type of research that could make it possible, besides that great work 🕷️ man
Declan Adkins
Declan Adkins 9 gün önce
He could probably even adjust the net web and implement it into the design. Perhaps add a third tube that can launch the net. It wouldn't have to necessarily be able to pull something but spiderman uses his webs to detain bad guys so it could be as (relatively) simple as making a small net cannon that would be able to fire a net roughly the size of a person. Make it capable of the mobility function and the crime fighting function that immobilizes enemies without hurting them.
Da boi
Da boi 22 gün önce
it would be so crazy if they added a costume like this 17:37 into the spider man games
Aaron Canales Luevano
Aaron Canales Luevano 2 aylar önce
Now to wait for someone to make a more portable version of it and watch everyone starting competing for who can make the best glove
FoxFour Aylar önce
You need to make a Spiderman mask with moving lenses! Like they scan your eye lids to see if there open or closed lol
SumMonkey 2 aylar önce
Imagine if he had one on each hand he could legit clear that entire warehouse without touching the ground. Great stuff man
Joseph 2 aylar önce
I said the same thing. One on each hand and refillable carts
Andie 2 aylar önce
Yeahh, right? If he makes another one I'd be so ecstatic
Braden 2 aylar önce
You should make a Flash suit that either goes into a ring, or has actual lightning.
Mirage 458
Mirage 458 2 aylar önce
You could also do what you were doing before but instead of rat glue, you could use magnets that stick together, but press a button and it could negate the magnetic charge
My_Treehouse Aylar önce
This is legit so awesome man!!! Great work
CheekyTheMonkey Aylar önce
Imagine he becomes a martial artists and chooses to fight actual crimes with this and genuinely swing just like spider man
Roosevelt Honaker
Roosevelt Honaker 16 gün önce
This is actually closer to Batman’s grappling hook gun thing than Spider-Man’s webs
Bhimani Amaan
Bhimani Amaan 2 aylar önce
It's been almost 5 years since I saw those old web shooter videos with the colorful cartridges! I remember buying a whole bunch of lighters to try and make them! ...and then I forgot about it lol. It's genuinely been such a treat to see you grow over the years, dude! Keep killing it :)
Lucifer Morningstar 🅥
*Here is the full clip explaining why dad left you: (Making fun of bots)* trvid.com/video/video-1okpO_avr5s.html
Joanne McIlraith
Joanne McIlraith 2 aylar önce
I agree
spider zane
spider zane 2 aylar önce
hi brother
Jay Nipper
Jay Nipper 2 aylar önce
you just need another one to actually control your direction and acceleration. find a way to shoot 1 shoot 2 retract and reshoot 1 etc.. that’ll be about as close as you can get. maybe find a way to make a web that doesn’t… kill people!
neoqueto 2 aylar önce
He's slowly turning into spiderman. He's the closest person to the real Peter Parker is the whole world. Spider sense is all he needs besides improvement and miniaturization.
Realm of Colour
Realm of Colour 2 aylar önce
This man is making childhood dreams come true
FortWhenTeaThyme Aylar önce
I thought the pruning shears were going to be to cut the rope so you could quickly detach. Might not be a bad idea.
MasterBot111 Aylar önce
You should definitely sell spring rings, they would probably sell so well
Jay Mc Mhn
Jay Mc Mhn Aylar önce
All right I've been working on something like this myself for like 2 years on and off. The nylon solution that you had is the closest way to do it properly. I'm not a chemist myself but I've mixed around trying to have it combined with a type of adhesive to mixed results it either comes out clumpy or the nylon bonds don't essentially form so it like tears apart really easily. I tried mixing in nylon threads like tiny nylon like shavings to see if that would help with like rigidity but that ended up like clogging up the nozzle. Then my best results was a trying a composition that worked best under heat or pressure then you had the nylon form really well and then it would kind of go through an adhesive coating as it's coming out but getting an adhesive to stick really quickly is an issue I came across as well. My next version I'm going to try and combine some nylon fibers in the solution and the nylon fibers will have like the glue or glue like substance. Probably should use like a two part epoxy I works pretty fast. Anyways that's my my trial and error on this if you want I could send over my designs and stuff it's pretty compact a little smaller than the version that you have for the magnetic string toy. The nozzle system I have set up for mine though is very important it uses a dual nozzle. There's one nozzle inside another nozzle on an actuator that moves closer and further from the opening of the outside nozzle and that allows for either like a string or spray kind of like a net. I've been able to get like a pretty good solid string probably about like a meter or so before it breaks her has some issue or jams up and then the netting I can get it to spread about like a meter in a bit wide. It also has a web ball function but that doesn't really work properly I haven't got the electronics working on that.
blue man
blue man 15 gün önce
i ain’t readin allat💀💀🤡
C.H.S 14 gün önce
yo i been tryna make those too, u tryna send ur experiments?
Jay Mc Mhn
Jay Mc Mhn 14 gün önce
@C.H.S once it's done would love to send it out to TRvidrs to tear a part and review lol but mainly my nephew loves spider man and it's a toys I'm making for him. If more comes from it all the better
GenericBeanSmile 7
GenericBeanSmile 7 2 aylar önce
Wow, not only is the finished product crazy, but the fact that Jake casually made an initial design that can actually wrap webbing around targets and still went on to make the nail-based design in the same video is insane! I love to see the evolution of his Spider-Man gadgets, and I think that with some refining (and maybe adding other features to the suit like the Hacksmith's Lidar Spidey-Sense and BuiltIRL's grappling hook web shooters,) a fully-fledged Spider-Man suit could very well be finished within months!
Skrippy_Scrappy 2 aylar önce
Dude I was just thinking about this, and I was like "wow is this how we get our Spiderman??"
Zimah 2 aylar önce
Weinerdogasaurus 2 aylar önce
Wow now he only needs to do it all over again and do it for the other hand
Bob 2 aylar önce
I think the video cuts out insane amounts of work that took to get to that point. Because he don't want us to try the same at home and die. 🤣
SUNIL GAKHREJA 2 aylar önce
a collab with Hacksmith and Jlaser!
Carter Koestel
Carter Koestel 2 aylar önce
This man cannot be told otherwise. You can say he can't do thr most unfathomable thing. And he'll still do it.
Nathan J. C.
Nathan J. C. 2 aylar önce
This could easily become a more realistic version of Spider-Man. (at least for this day and age) Basically more like an Iron Man suit that can climb and shoot those ropes. And who knows, maybe even use those Jets from the other Iron Man suit
Zoomerpal Aylar önce
I saw the web shooters are limited for now but do you have a rough idea of when they will be back in stock?
Atomix Shield
Atomix Shield Aylar önce
You should try and make the mini web shooters have an automatic retract and reload then you could redesign it (mainly cosmetic) to resemble the gauntlet from assassins creed syndicate
JoJo Calhoun
JoJo Calhoun Aylar önce
This is actually insane 🔥 would be one beefed up Spidey though 😂
Jared Lehosky
Jared Lehosky 2 aylar önce
its so cool seeing how much his content has improved over the years. This was nuts
Et_skel 2 aylar önce
watching his old videos now nothing compares to this
Luis Fonseca
Luis Fonseca 2 aylar önce
He is becoming a fulfiller of children's dreams and also of Marvel fans.
Chirag Motwani
Chirag Motwani 14 gün önce
I remember when i was some 9yrs or so, I kept searching for web shooters to build at home at yt. And after almost 10 yrs, this is what yt recommended and i clicked straight. Bud keep up the good work. Nc progress ppl r making
AD Aylar önce
I swear in 10 more year you'll see someone swinging around and it will be this guy
Zero Samurai.
Zero Samurai. 17 gün önce
The only thing is if u wanna swing on buildings you can’t really use it 😅 since it could damage it but this is sick I love the content
jabean Aylar önce
bruh it's so awesome that projects like this are able to happen at all
Jake MarvelFan56
Jake MarvelFan56 2 aylar önce
This is amazing, everyone can tell how much work and effort goes into your project, and the fact that not many people have had as close of a working web shooter as you shows how determined and motivated you are. Keep up the good work
ㅤo 2 aylar önce
Many people are Motivated not many are doing something with that
Aditya Lachhwani
Aditya Lachhwani 2 aylar önce
@ㅤo that means they arent motivated to do something some of yall really say bullshit just to sound smart
micheal vojinov
micheal vojinov 4 gün önce
No they are not
Aeryn Maas
Aeryn Maas 2 aylar önce
I love how close you're getting, unfortunately the whole nail idea doesn't stick with the non-vilolence of the best Spider-men. I look forward to seeing you put more effort into the instant stick chemistry webs.
Bre Mill
Bre Mill Aylar önce
I don't love the movie but in the movie "after earth" with Will Smith and his son they have a really cool suit and weapon that can adapt based on the user's needs. I'm not sure if making the suit would be possible, but I would love to see you make the weapon!
NogaTheGod Aylar önce
When he pulled the tire cover off and dragged it like Toby did in the first movie compliments to the chef 👌🏻👌🏻
RyggaMortis 5 gün önce
You and hacksmith should join forces, both of your teams together with the right funding and manufacturing equipment could make any sci fi gadget and basically change the world. You guys are like the Étienne Lenoirs/ Joseph Swans/ Charles Babbages of the new era, attempting that which scientists and engineers claim impossible and slowly making it’s reality.
patrick doherty
patrick doherty 23 gün önce
Dude doing what we all wanna do deep down, make gadgets that can turn us into our favourite super hero lol
Ethan Tong
Ethan Tong 2 aylar önce
This man's talent is insane. Deserves so many more views that music videos or memes
Science hazard
Science hazard 2 aylar önce
Bro an NCFCA person
The Hero of Magicical
The Hero of Magicical 2 aylar önce
G8way 2 aylar önce
@The Hero of Magicical than*
Fennetic 2 aylar önce
You should def make your own version of a para motor... That would be sick af
Small Angry Crab
Small Angry Crab 2 aylar önce
I'll be real, the latest version of the webshooters, while possibly more useful in more situations, is VERY lethal and causes extreme damage to whatever you use it on/with. This is very far, but I feel like there is still room for improvement in the design of how to make/use a webshooter.
Parkour Bros
Parkour Bros 5 gün önce
I have an idea so you wouldn’t have to reel it in. You could have a lever that you hold to shoot out the web which is on some sort of spindle that just spins and grips when you let go of the lever
2nd Brain
2nd Brain 2 aylar önce
I’d like to see a ribbon dancer(the kind which suspends themselves) or an acrobat or a gymnast use the web slinger.
Kaitlyn Bentley
Kaitlyn Bentley 2 aylar önce
Make Thor’s hammer
Jane McAdams
Jane McAdams Aylar önce
Incredible! One of the best videos yet!
Tanner H
Tanner H 2 aylar önce
The final web shooter prototype is probably one of the most dangerous things you have built on this channel and I love it
LEOPOULO S 2 aylar önce
You should also design a suit with all of them and make the rope come again to the mechanism after you swing
munafiq tv show
munafiq tv show 11 gün önce
i like how you can see gas expul out of the firing mechanism, which means andrew garfield amazing spider-man is the most accurate to the real world version :) that steam puff!
PJ Mahan
PJ Mahan Aylar önce
This is great but if u can make it even more compact it would be amazing
NinjaPenguin76 2 aylar önce
I bought one of your web shooters, and I came back to say that this thing is so sick! It feels really good to use, there's a nice amount of inertia behind the projectile, and it does a solid job of sticking to things. I fire it over and over just at nothing, striking poses and seeing how organic I can get it to look. I'm way more entertained playing with this than I would've expected. On the off chance you see this, care to share where I could get additional magnets for it?
PokeStreak Aylar önce
Hi. I am thinking of buying the webshooters. Are they good? Does it break or is it good everytime? Please reply ASAP. Thanks!
NinjaPenguin76 Aylar önce
@PokeStreak It's well made. It can get tangled inside occasionally but not very often, and it's pretty easy to keep that from happening by just using two fingers that the string runs between as you reel it in. If it does happen it's simple to take the cover off and fix. He gives you a little screwdriver.
PokeStreak Aylar önce
@NinjaPenguin76 Thank You!
pop28 Aylar önce
Idk if you stopped doing the building your ideas series but you should make gloves that can give you the ability to move objects with those gloves with like a magnet or something. Almost like telekinesis.