Sweet Love - Patti Potts (Cover by P.O.V Band) 💙💛💚

Jam Haus 677
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Video & Audio Recorded Live by Jam Haus 677.
Solomon Islands music, Live Band Performance, Pacific Music, Cover Songs, Island Boys Jammin

Live At Canoe Bar ( Pacific Crown Hotel)

Band Members,
Vocalist/BackUp Vocalist - Lanita
Vocalist/BackUp Vocalist - Lanisha
Keyboardist/Vocalist/BackUp Vocalist - Sherwin
Drummer - Alwin
Accoustic Guitar - Chardy
Accoustic Guitar - Jay
Bass Guitarist - Bobo

Sweet Love - Patti Potts (Cover by P.O.V Band) 💙💛💚

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2 Tem 2022




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Sam Revie
Sam Revie 4 aylar önce
Patti Potts will definitely be proud listening to your rendition of his song..Too Good..
Sam Revie
Sam Revie 3 aylar önce
Doing a cover is one thing, putting own spin and the harmonising just brought home the goods...Top no moa nau....Listening all the way from Lihir Island_PNG
Mikaele Biciro
Mikaele Biciro 2 aylar önce
Boy, this is very proffessional. Much love and respect from Fiji. You guys rock.
Lawrence Abady
Lawrence Abady 2 aylar önce
Beautiful voices for the sentimental rendition. Thank you wantoks.
Love you voice, one of my favourite songs and you guys rock ❤️
Fre zzy
Fre zzy 4 aylar önce
Ladies keep those lovely voices coming
Nan Chu
Nan Chu 27 gün önce
Amazing voices gals..Flippin Amazing!! Killing it girlz!! Love from Australia!!
John Posikei
John Posikei 3 aylar önce
Ladies, you both did very well.✌️
Les voix😱😱 . .bravo 👌👌👌 New-Caledonia Kanaky 🇳🇨 🇳🇨 🇳🇨 🇳🇨
Morea Gabe Leana
Morea Gabe Leana 4 aylar önce
Never disappoint, perfect rendition💯💯💯
Coma Riss
Coma Riss 3 aylar önce
Lovely vocals from the girls 😍 This is my favorite song (Sweet Love - Patti Potts Doii) Thanks girls and band for the nice cover 😍😍 Love from PNG 🇵🇬
Gilbert Veisamasama, Jr
One of the best bands I've listening to live. Keep up your good work. Taggio tumas, wantoks.
Pumpkin Mann
Pumpkin Mann 3 aylar önce
powerful voices🖤
Niel Van Jaris
Niel Van Jaris 3 aylar önce
Warm greetings from us in West Papua, success always and every presentation of the best songs, from our brothers and sisters in Papua New Guinea, we are brothers, on the same island.🇮🇩🙏🇵🇬
Jam Haus 677
Jam Haus 677 3 aylar önce
From the Solomon Islands 🇸🇧
RussellKupa Timus
RussellKupa Timus Aylar önce
Beautiful, just beautiful 👍👍
Manuaii Pondraken
Manuaii Pondraken 4 aylar önce
You gave a nice sweet feeling to this song. Love it.
Lee Michael
Lee Michael 4 aylar önce
Lovely nice 👌 👍 😊 ☺ 😍 😀 👌 👍
Edi Yamanop
Edi Yamanop 4 aylar önce
Nice .... Sweet Love ❤️😇🙏🏽
Judith Tiran
Judith Tiran 3 aylar önce
Beautiful voices from the girls..love it 🇵🇬
Bill Kennedy
Bill Kennedy 17 gün önce
One of my favourites from King of Pacific music Potts. This time a cover version it's making my heart so troubled with emotions. Thanks girls for your sweet vocals.
Jerome Kay
Jerome Kay Aylar önce
Dayyuuummm girlll!! This is gold! 😎
Charles Paleu
Charles Paleu 3 aylar önce
Love this rendition,❤️🇵🇬
Osila Parker
Osila Parker Aylar önce
Beautiful voices ladies
Lee Michael
Lee Michael 4 aylar önce
Good Morning 🙏 fm my side Taiwan 😊 I have been hearing this song of yours for a week and I now ready to say I love you all the whole band ❤ the Music and You Baby your Voice and the way you sang it with that Emotion 💕 💖 ❤ just kept me listening and listening over and over I think I have heard it with this time about 50ctimes Thank you so so Much 💖 💕 ❤ 💗 ♥ 💙
ToPeliz 4 aylar önce
Wow great voices in this great song 🎵...You guys did well.👍👍👍 Thumbs up wan solwara.
Kids Mami
Kids Mami 3 aylar önce
Omg AMAZING LADIES ❤️ you sound great.🔥🔥🔥🔥💯
maii young
maii young 2 aylar önce
awwww they got beautiful voices
Elsie Konni
Elsie Konni Aylar önce
Beautiful NICE Remix! All the way from PNG! Love it
Delyne Tamsak43
Delyne Tamsak43 2 aylar önce
Love your voice 🥰wansolwara 🇵🇬
Teakin Boia
Teakin Boia 3 aylar önce
Voices combination very perfectly harmonious as well your musician..kaam rabwa(Thanks)
Elizabeth Woi peter
Elizabeth Woi peter 19 gün önce
Nice song😍love it❤❤
Seizmiq Radaaz
Seizmiq Radaaz 4 aylar önce
Still killing the vibes you guys are. Nice love it
edward diaike
edward diaike 28 gün önce
On repeat tasol🍻 thanks for the cover🇵🇬
Alfred Mile Posai
Alfred Mile Posai 3 aylar önce
Thanks for the jam..too good you guys are...🍻🍻🍻👍💥🎊
Jenny Narasia
Jenny Narasia 2 aylar önce
Tooo girls...love your voice...
Paul Taumik Jnr
Paul Taumik Jnr 16 gün önce
Great voices
Anne Ariki
Anne Ariki 28 gün önce
Wow awesome singing.
Stephanie McInnez Kaman
Beautiful 🙌👏❤
Bagas Bob
Bagas Bob 4 aylar önce
Beautifull Voice guys
Feria Haluk ria
Feria Haluk ria 4 aylar önce
greetings from wamena, and I like the sweet voice, the two great women continue to be successful
Jordan Vali
Jordan Vali 4 aylar önce
Love this song sweet love blo mi lo tupla staka meri with beautiful voices thanku wansolwara 🇵🇬❤️🔥🔥🔥🇸🇧💙
Innocent Asipara
Innocent Asipara 4 aylar önce
Love your voices ladies thumbs 👆 👆
Jefferson Rumbino
Jefferson Rumbino 4 aylar önce
😭wow...love it .,🤜💯🙏
Brett Seriba
Brett Seriba 4 aylar önce
Skel vibe.. Those lit voices
Vasel Amos
Vasel Amos 2 aylar önce
Much love 👏
Jeffrey Bual
Jeffrey Bual 4 aylar önce
Nice cover guys.
maii young
maii young Aylar önce
Even though i don’t understand the language but it’s the music the redeem i enjoy ❤️ it
Sala Nau
Sala Nau 4 aylar önce
Nicely arranged with beautiful vocals and hormonies🙏🏽🔥✌🏿😍
Pauline Lakel
Pauline Lakel 3 aylar önce
Ladies up. Beautiful vocalists. 👍💪❤❤
robert vonole
robert vonole Aylar önce
Great sentimental, enjoyed
Robin Reme
Robin Reme 4 aylar önce
Indeed superb 👌
Felicia Bellem
Felicia Bellem 4 aylar önce
Nice rendition! Lovely musical voices, Love it👌❤️🇵🇬
Lee Michael
Lee Michael 4 aylar önce
I just love the way you say come back and ❤ Love Me the Caribbean Accent Love it just love to Hear it over and over again...
HilaRaaz 2 aylar önce
Too good👍💜
Timmy Kwalimu
Timmy Kwalimu 23 saatler önce
Best cover ever ❣️🇵🇬
Alfred Mile Posai
Alfred Mile Posai 4 aylar önce
Nice harmonies ladies
David Dick
David Dick 4 aylar önce
Wow just wow👏👏
Katrina Phage
Katrina Phage 2 aylar önce
Patti please invite these 2 to do a gig
robert vonole
robert vonole 2 aylar önce
Beautifully sung by these two lovely ladies, thank Yu tumas
Nathan Mosusu
Nathan Mosusu 3 aylar önce
Too good. Nambawan tumas!
Whitford Luciano
Whitford Luciano 4 aylar önce
Wow tuff tumas 👌🏾.. Listening all the way down from Opotiki NZ.. Yumi iet..🙏🇻🇺🇸🇧
Nigel Black
Nigel Black 3 aylar önce
Nice 🥺🔥💯
Barata Apsii
Barata Apsii 4 aylar önce
just fantastic
Andy Rumayauw
Andy Rumayauw 4 aylar önce
Sweet love⭐❤🎵
Kathleen Waninara
Kathleen Waninara 4 aylar önce
My favourite song beautiful singing my SI wantoks❤️❤️❤️
Pasek Naringi
Pasek Naringi 2 aylar önce
Best cover.
Lora Doughty
Lora Doughty 3 aylar önce
Misiel Mission
Misiel Mission 2 aylar önce
Nice backup vocals
Roselyn GJobsis
Roselyn GJobsis 2 aylar önce
Amazing PNG 🇵🇬🇵🇬🇵🇬
Auwiz Kayne
Auwiz Kayne 3 aylar önce
Backup singer..i like you..wowwww..your voice is something else sis..period
Nathan Mosusu
Nathan Mosusu 3 aylar önce
Tru tumas..
John MaKezie
John MaKezie 2 aylar önce
Oi maekarange iufala narakain moa ia. ... Good shot!!!!. Voice blo Patti Potts Doi hem still magic.
Edi Yamanop
Edi Yamanop 4 aylar önce
Nice.... Sweet Love.... ❤️❤️😇
sovo sike
sovo sike 29 gün önce
Nice back up vocals.
T-DUNCZ OFFICIAL 3 aylar önce
Henry Benard
Henry Benard 4 aylar önce
Great 👍
Valenka WAHEA
Valenka WAHEA 2 aylar önce
Very nice song mo voice tu..🤙🎼🤙
Village  TV
Village TV 2 aylar önce
Like full😍
Ticho canel tv
Ticho canel tv 3 aylar önce
Robert Kanabote
Robert Kanabote 3 aylar önce
One Love.....
Richard Neii
Richard Neii 3 aylar önce
Lee Michael
Lee Michael 4 aylar önce
Thank you oh TRvid for making this happen 🙏 😊 😄 ☺ 🙌 😅 🙏 😊
Ambassi Topinapol
Ambassi Topinapol 4 aylar önce
Great 🇵🇬
Constantinou Nives
Constantinou Nives 3 aylar önce
Yupla mekim gud ya👍,some more pls,Patti's songs I mean.
Excile Naraman
Excile Naraman 4 aylar önce
Classic olgeta 💯🇵🇬👍
SKM 2 aylar önce
Max Kuduk
Max Kuduk Aylar önce
Beautiful rendition of Patti Potts Doi song. Hem gud wan stret ol wantok Solomon islands
Pace Agus Chicilia
Pace Agus Chicilia 4 aylar önce
Very good
Edward Magala
Edward Magala 4 aylar önce
Lee Michael
Lee Michael 4 aylar önce
Hope you will make move songs like this 🙏 🙏 🙏 🙏 🙏 🙏 🙏 🙏 🙏 🙏 🙏 🙏 🙏
Peter Moli
Peter Moli 8 gün önce
Awooo ol good memories 😁 sending love from 🇻🇺 wantok ufla yes 👍👍
Kanaka Cooking 101
Kanaka Cooking 101 4 aylar önce
Big ❤ 🇵🇬🇵🇬🇵🇬🇵🇬⚘⚘⚘👍👍
Leto Indinau
Leto Indinau 4 aylar önce
Yes yah support stap more please 🇵🇭
Karoly Krasznai
Karoly Krasznai Aylar önce
Where ist this fantastic band from?
Pieterevert Sareo
Pieterevert Sareo 29 gün önce
Sangat bagus
Sebastian Gimz
Sebastian Gimz 4 aylar önce
Potts Doi still up,you guys should mekim wanpla song wantem em😎
Nicko Tundem
Nicko Tundem 4 aylar önce
Tekipa Kupa
Tekipa Kupa 4 aylar önce
Best Tumas 👌 🇵🇬 🇵🇬 🇵🇬
Lee Michael
Lee Michael 4 aylar önce
hi beautiful Voice 😍 💕 😘 💓 💗 Good morning 🙏 🌄 😊 ☺ ✨ It's fm Taiwan again 😄 😊 💖 ❤ 💕 😆 😄
Jackson kambu
Jackson kambu Aylar önce
Wahts you sero,,, i love for you. Because you and me from PAPUA.
Robby Rudy
Robby Rudy 4 aylar önce
Sioo ahhh ade hitam manis kamu pu suara itu bikin kk di jakarta ingin pulang salamsayang selalu yesus memberkati
frangki jaftoran fj'angky
indonesia#molucas listening😇😍
Uranus Yando
Uranus Yando 4 aylar önce
Like full my brata
Kirriwom Papi
Kirriwom Papi 4 aylar önce
Fit olgeta..
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