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Recorded Shot & Edited in 5hours!

Visuals By Kaylum - instagram.com/kaylumdennis
Co-Directed By DirectorKAY - instagram.com/d1rector.kay
Creative Producer PDM.



14 Ağu 2022




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Swarmz Aylar önce
Rushing_Minion 🥤
@Mazed ye
Mazed 28 gün önce
@King Floppa swarmz won by K.O
King Floppa
King Floppa 28 gün önce
@Mazed guess who won? Quite obvious bruv
Erick Roger
Erick Roger Aylar önce
Lets all just agree that this song slaps hard
lemon 18 gün önce
​@Your mum says kid with your mum name
Kara 23 gün önce
@shadow Scorpio nah this song aint that weak bro💀
Lisset Rodriguez
Lisset Rodriguez 24 gün önce
Nika OPBR 26 gün önce
Scrubs 26 gün önce
@Iamrodane was
The xSpirix
The xSpirix Aylar önce
Mad respect swarmz, getting in that ring and actually putting on a better performance then the joke of the *pro boxer*
Delander 24 gün önce
Not defending him but you'd lose to him
Walter Jr
Walter Jr 26 gün önce
@Iamkholz he's had just 3 weeks of training and never boxed in his life, and he was facing someone who's boxed for a few years and trained up with a top nutritionist/PT etc what do you expect. It's still mad respect to him that he stepped up and decided to fight KSI in the first place, and actually tried to get involved with promoting the fight. Pussabi didn't do anything
Gold Aylar önce
@Mishaelinho Ukoh dude he is now 2-6. Let’s be real Pineda is nothing. He’s the softest Mexican in the world
Gold Aylar önce
@Iamkholz so was the Mexican and the Mexican also complained on every single hit and he got knocked down it like 2 seconds
Kerem Doğan Karakoç
2 weeks of preparation, dropping a diss track and getting into the ring without fear. you sir, have won my respect.
NetherPrime 12 gün önce
Having no fear isn't respectable, having fear and not letting it stop you is.
Susmile 18 gün önce
@Arya Jibi he gonna do it better against Hanby
RunningCutters 19 gün önce
@Arya Jibi fair
Arya Jibi
Arya Jibi 26 gün önce
Still did it better than a professional boxer 🤷
Amin Playz
Amin Playz Aylar önce
@Mia Lindkvist lol
Danstry Aylar önce
A man with LITERALLY two weeks to learn everything did better than a “professional boxer”. What a goat 🐐
@KentGarma_26 how- tbh swarmz didnt look like mike tyson pineda was just being a legit clown and Ksi was just going in
Giga Chad #420
Giga Chad #420 17 gün önce
@G8tr Its the fear, JJ is scary
StickBoi Films
StickBoi Films 17 gün önce
@Bigboyminer33 3 he did do better
Romanov 18 gün önce
Mega 29 gün önce
@G8tr he probably was just there for the money so he would just be bad to take the cash and leave
Gamachu Dedefo
Gamachu Dedefo Aylar önce
If any of you think he actually cares if he loses he’s promoting himself and his music which is actually good didn’t expect that.
Marek Mazurek
Marek Mazurek 19 gün önce
Man's been in the music for the past 10 years he made some radio bangers before
Fancy Channel 11
Fancy Channel 11 25 gün önce
Ain’t surprised, DDG did the same
Daymon BigM
Daymon BigM Aylar önce
Quadeca was the only one to hit a good diss track on ksi
Lonely Flower444
Lonely Flower444 Aylar önce
Even though he lost I still respect him for getting in the ring and not being afraid even when he got knocked down he had a smile on his face that’s what you call true courage he might’ve took an hour but at least he got a bag
blouberguy Aylar önce
Ye he smart boy
Jst sayit
Jst sayit Aylar önce
You promoted the fight way more than Alex Pussabi did, put in the work to cut weight and learn boxing on a 2 week notice and still was man enough to step in the ring with all the odds against you. Even though you loss the fight, you won my respect 💯
Ahmet Kaya
Ahmet Kaya Aylar önce
Same. Didn't know him before this fight, glad he did what he did and really like this song too. Imma check out his other stuff
Smash B
Smash B Aylar önce
I was routing for JJ in the fight but to be fair, this song slaps, great diss track and alright performance in the ring Swarmz!
Nabuchodonozord 26 gün önce
His performance in the ring was shit but considering 2-week notice, who cares? He tripled his subscribers and is making the most of this moment. His music is good enough for him to take advantage of this exposure.
AverageBritishPerson 26 gün önce
@InfinityTornado shh
InfinityTornado Aylar önce
@Safuezif it sounds good then it doesn’t suck
Safuez Aylar önce
diss sucks jus sounds good lol
UltraBlade Aylar önce
@LeeOne 2000 yea
Aegon 17 gün önce
This man is 10 times ahead of ksi when it comes to music
Aaron Larsen
Aaron Larsen 12 gün önce
This song is actually pretty good
HIVE Aylar önce
Respect to swarmz. Lasted a round and showed some manliness pride. New fan of the music too. Id like to see you use this to have one more chance. Maybe against fousey or someone like that
TxY_dem0n Aylar önce
Bro mans gonna knock fousey the fuck out
Mazed Aylar önce
@Lochie777 I do respect him its just that you can't say that he survived more then 1 round if he's running away from his opponent not trying to fight
hamdi Aylar önce
He got the bag but that performance was long
Lochie777 Aylar önce
@Mazed he had 2 weeks of training Ksi has been training for years give him his respect
moonrise Aylar önce
This guy deserves respect, he’s doing bits to promote the fight and keep it alive. Well played bro, much better than Wassabi would ever be
Somu Aylar önce
@Big Smoke Boxing is real....try sparring for 5/10 minutes....I mean shadow boxing u'll know.But half of the beefs they present are fake.
Big Smoke
Big Smoke Aylar önce
@Somu the fight is scripted🤣🤣 if u think boxing is real then wow
WhyYouOnMyAcc E
WhyYouOnMyAcc E Aylar önce
Atleast wassabi didnt give up
LD Onalos
LD Onalos Aylar önce
Love not hate
NuixyGames Aylar önce
But if KSI loses he has to delete all of his social media
Sushee Mayo
Sushee Mayo Aylar önce
Much respect to this man. Doing his part, playing along, giving his best. END WITH DIGNITY!
koiun dwrru
koiun dwrru 18 gün önce
Big respect to Swarmz for stepping in the ring
メAʀʟᴏ父 19 gün önce
Tbh this song goes hard , and he actually did more than the pro boxer 😂
Dreecy Aylar önce
Swarmz has earned my respect. Bro had 2 weeks to learn how to fight, and still had time to make a diss track (which is Lowk fire) and STILL did better in the ring than someone who does this for a living.
Cassie Aylar önce
Good job Swarmz! You impressed me of how well you did considering you had a 2 week notice. Amazing job.
Erin Krasniqi
Erin Krasniqi 25 gün önce
its always a tradition to come back and listen to this masterpiece
coord 11 gün önce
Bro it's a month old
koiun dwrru
koiun dwrru 18 gün önce
Even tho he lost this diss track will always slap
GZUprise Aylar önce
Fair play to Swarmz using this spotlight to show his music talent
Crust on Bread Gaming
2nd round lmao
FANATIC Aylar önce
He got dropped though my g
c k-m
c k-m Aylar önce
Musical talent but he couldn’t even think of a clever name for his song 🤣
OxifiedRL Aylar önce
He isn't better at music
khizxr Aylar önce
jokes aside, the lyrics and the flow are fire 🔥
eyow foou
eyow foou 18 gün önce
Big respect to Swarmz for stepping in the ring
Muhammad Danial
Muhammad Danial Aylar önce
this song slaps hard like ksi slaps swarmz
Adam Campbell
Adam Campbell Aylar önce
Even tho he lost this diss track will always slap
T1LL3R 26 gün önce
It will indeed
Mohammed Hashim
Mohammed Hashim Aylar önce
Duncan Will
Duncan Will Aylar önce
Turning your back, wincing and running doesn't deserve respect sorry... Try a colab with Ed Sheeran, might suit you better
SaucyPrime Aylar önce
Big respect to Swarmz for stepping in the ring
lemon Aylar önce
Ikr he was using only 0.01% of his power 💀
Kwits Gaming
Kwits Gaming Aylar önce
and having a better performance than the "professional boxer"
Sharkdragon345 26 gün önce
Even tho he lost this shit SLAPS
Kenny Horvath
Kenny Horvath Aylar önce
Mad respect to swarmz he had 2 weeks to lose weight and box and he stepped in the ring with KSI
THUNDER Aylar önce
Dont care who won who lost This disstrack hits af Mad respect bro💯💯🔥‼️💪
Unknown01 Aylar önce
@rogelio tuliao L
rogelio tuliao
rogelio tuliao Aylar önce
@OverNoct L
OverNoct Aylar önce
Blake Arnel
Blake Arnel Aylar önce
To know he’s going to get knocked out early and still act this confident, is talent within itself.
Blake Arnel
Blake Arnel Aylar önce
@TURQUOISEDEATH I understand that I was right, what about you? 🤔
@Blake Arnel what u understand lmao 😭
Lasagna Aylar önce
@Everything FUT no it’s not. The disses are terrible, non of them are even correct
Xellc Aylar önce
@Sneakytacos77 flow is good but the song is very average. Even nle choppa's uk drill song was better
Lycr3st YT
Lycr3st YT Aylar önce
this didn't age well but is a banger still
Amin Playz
Amin Playz Aylar önce
Allow-it Man
Allow-it Man Aylar önce
still waiting on you deleting ya socials you muppet hahahhahaaha said u were gonna prove everyone wrong but got dropped 3 times before getting TKO'd #Lspermz
Amaan Rizwan
Amaan Rizwan 25 gün önce
Bad at boxing, good at rapping
MD Aylar önce
Mad respect to swarmz for getting in the ring and doing what he needed to do
Bolia Fops
Bolia Fops 23 gün önce
its always a tradition to come back and listen to this masterpiece
Aggelos Chalkias
Aggelos Chalkias Aylar önce
Man had 2 weeks to train yall need to chill , and he also tried to promote his real talent music
A Aylar önce
"Punch you up then I'll punch up Deji" ~ *famous last words*
N. I.
N. I. Aylar önce
Especially when Deji was lowkey the best fight
Sonny Marsters
Sonny Marsters Aylar önce
Nah he just wanted the bag he didn't care if he lost😂
EU Relixx
EU Relixx Aylar önce
he had no chance against ksi
Madara Uchiha
Madara Uchiha Aylar önce
This shit slaps, and the fact he had limited time to make this song and promoted the fight is really impressive, respect to Swarmz
Akuma Aylar önce
@Wilson La You're cringe mate
Michael B
Michael B Aylar önce
He shouldn’t have been making songs he needed to train he talked so much crap and he couldn’t back it up
2 Deuce
2 Deuce Aylar önce
He got slapped in the ring
blixht Aylar önce
how's zetsu
VPCalum 22 gün önce
Im a Ksi fan but this just bangs shit lyrics tho
Jesuss392 Aylar önce
We need swarmz vs Pineda
Xd Pulsed
Xd Pulsed Aylar önce
Swarmz would win Pineda is a joke
Nylah!  ღSєe Mу CнαηηєL💋 - ! A𝔪 Lινєღ🤳
I’m a ksi fan but this genuinely goes hard. Good luck to you swarmz you are going to need it
Shauka Hodan
Shauka Hodan Aylar önce
This guy is doing more than Alex Wassabi to advertise the fight, props
ItzManny Aylar önce
This guy is doing more than Alex Wassabi to advertise the fight, props 👏
Mahe Chowdury
Mahe Chowdury Aylar önce
WhosThere? Aylar önce
@TinyHB bruh hes defo getting paid a minimum of 25k to walk in the ring. The guy has done none of the difficulties of boxing like going into a camp. All hes doing is losing weight which most people do anyways. Its easy to promote if you dont have to focus on learning, sparring and training intensely. Most people dont even care about Swarmz so a loss does nothing to him if hes getting paid thousands for a single night. I dont think its respectable because I guarantee 90% of the population would step in the ring if they were getting paid this much🤷‍♂️
DOCofAol Aylar önce
@bighamza786 Nah you must, you are just saying things to discredit me instead of providing facts as to why im wrong but cool i must be living under a rock.
bighamza786 Aylar önce
@DOCofAol you clearly been living under a rock since he pulled out.
Buggeyed Aylar önce
Nah, just cause Alex wasabi didn’t stir the pot or cause drama/ fake drama doesn’t mean he didn’t advertise. He made over 30 posts about the fight, did a face off, did podcasts and multiple training vids.
KDOT Aylar önce
If he didn’t loose this would of been hard
zondabex Aylar önce
Swarmz only lost to KSI because Swarmz usually fights with a knife or machete
dark Aylar önce
even tho ksi won, you were still the main event on the card imo. great fight!
Mauricio Peña
Mauricio Peña Aylar önce
I don’t care how the fight ended, you can’t lie, this shit is fire 🔥🔥🔥
DuXzy Aylar önce
lets be honest. he aint winning but shi this diss goes hard especially since it was recorded and edited in 5 hours? fair play to him honestly.
Rom Lans
Rom Lans Aylar önce
@Rekdyoface It was bound to happen anyway so yeh like I said
Rekdyoface Aylar önce
@Rom Lans You guessed it lmao. You probably assumed because of the bad press he got from the guy being a racist.
Rom Lans
Rom Lans Aylar önce
@Rekdyoface I did tho that's why I said it
Rekdyoface Aylar önce
@Rom Lans Bro what does that even mean? We didn’t know KSI had a new opponent when I commented that.
Ashe Tin Can
Ashe Tin Can Aylar önce
i mean at least he didn't complain, took it like a champ
ThanoSalt Aylar önce
Well at least he was better than the professional 💀
Bradley Mutsigwa
Bradley Mutsigwa Aylar önce
Damn so much of getting a head of yourself man did teacup Disney spins during the fight
Light 26 gün önce
Hard af lad
George Potts
George Potts 27 gün önce
This has aged like fine wine 🍷 😭
As much of a joke he is, I actually really respect him for getting in the ring with JJ, and even though he knew he would lose he promoted the fight really well
usiy Aylar önce
For someone who doens't like UK drill, this song slaps insanely hard.
H.K Aylar önce
“Ready, steady, dropped by JJ and soon by Deji”
Sam Ellery
Sam Ellery Aylar önce
Fair play to swarmz, he’s doing a great job of helping the promo, also this actually bangs 😭
Philosophy_Bot Aylar önce
Beep, bop... I'm the Philosophy Bot. Here, have a quote: "Do or do not. There is no try" ~ Yoda
Maestro Kimpembe
Maestro Kimpembe Aylar önce
The Swarmz Warehouse
Mikkel Aylar önce
Xylophone:3 Aylar önce
This aged like sour milk 😭😭😭
Hoopy Aylar önce
Fair play for stepping in the ring respect
Jaimon Jaison
Jaimon Jaison Aylar önce
"Punch you up and I'll punch up Deji" Nah man🤣🤣🤣
Ask to seduce Miss
Ask to seduce Miss Aylar önce
coming here after the fight realising this disstrack is way too longer than the duration he stayed in the ring before KO
kevfriend Aylar önce
Lmao this guy is not scared of anything. Dropping a fire track like this with only 2 weeks of training is something I can only respect
Jordan Knight
Jordan Knight Aylar önce
He’s gonna lose lmao
Axel Blaze
Axel Blaze Aylar önce
@MaskedSZN One more... just cause the other main even fighter who's tryna promote the fight say that swarmz gonna beat Alex.. doesn't mean it's true. Look at his manager mams...he sell the shit out of swarmz in a ig live video..but behind camera..man was begging for bryce to take the fight intead saying stuff like "u gotta save the event cause...SWARMZ" LMAO...that whole situation was a joke. Now that he has a 2nd opponent...at least it got a bit more interesting . Most people already know he's gonna walk through swarmz ....if they are honest with themselves of course.
MaskedSZN Aylar önce
@Axel Blaze JJ was extremely confident in his own abilities, not Swarmz’s lack of there of. Again, none of us know how is is as a boxer. It’s only a shifty matchup because he has significantly less clout compared to Alex… you heard Jj say he thinks Swarmz would beat Alex, therefore making it a more competitive fight, no? Poster was jokes, but its not uncommon for people in combat sports to loose large amounts of weight in a short time frame for a fight. At all. And again, it’s as if you just completely ignored what I said lmao. For him to train 6 hours a day, and get 10 hours of sleep, he still has a damn good amount of spare time mate. Him being an experienced musician, he could easily write and record a single verse and chorus between the fight announcement and the release. Dignity: man’s hyped himself up, definitely has a large sense of self-belief. If he loses, that dignity is gone, mental health could suffer as well. Health: it’s boxing mate. You can be unprepared and get brain damage when you step in the ring lmao. I don’t think Swarmz is taking that chance for a quick bag lol. They’ve both said they aren’t friends on several occasions, way before the event was announced, don’t know why ur still on about this lol. And ppl aren’t just cool with each other after talking shit to each other online lmao, there’s a bit of dislike. Again, he does have stuff to lose. This is my point mate, you can’t expect the guy to lose or win. We don’t know anything about his boxing yet. He could be sick. It’s not impossible to cut off the weight, and even if he doesn’t, there are plenty of professionals who know how to use body fat to their advantage, and have respectable cardio alongside that. “Ksi expects u to lose” listen to what you’re saying mate. Nobody is going into a boxing match expected their opponent to win lmao. Jj, again, is a hard-working sicko who wants to challenge himself and be entertaining, him booking a second fight had nothing to do with Swarmz, but the people’s dissatisfaction and his determination. I don’t know if it’s a joke of a fight mate lmao. It depends on how Swarmz is, which I’ll reiterate again, NOBODY KNOWS. I’m just excited for all the fights on the card.
Jacack Aylar önce
I wanna see Swarmz back in the ring against Joe Weller, Bryce Hall, and Fousey. Swarmz would easily smoke them with more then 2 weeks of training.
Antonio Aylar önce
much respect for even stepping in the ring and making the disstrack
Akshat_xd 24 gün önce
This song ngl being a ksi fan goes hard honestly
Hakhak Aylar önce
This aged well 💀 💀
eyoshan elankumar
eyoshan elankumar Aylar önce
As a massive KSI fan, i still say this bangs and slaps. He is doing a massive madness getting two bags, the fight and now the music.
DR7 Aylar önce
Ksi made a song before the fight against Logan Paul
TrippinDL Aylar önce
@Slumped Moises and why are we meant to care abt america?
Real Commenter
Real Commenter Aylar önce
@Goureesankar You do realise people buy beats when they make songs right ?
Zule❤️ Aylar önce
@Slumped Moises but yu know ski can fight 😭
Sneakytacos77 Aylar önce
“Bangs and slaps”
Mishaelinho Ukoh
Mishaelinho Ukoh Aylar önce
I'll tell you what, Swarmz is going to be a fantastic boxer in less than 5 months. Mark my words mates.
Saturn Aylar önce
Agree dude has heart
kobdash Aylar önce
Survived a round, he did pretty well
ABZ Aylar önce
Icl swarms lost but this goes too hard🔥
Sup Aylar önce
props for him for getting in the ring with ksi with only 2 weeks of training
Win or lose this guy is entertaining and should go into the ring again
BONNIE12 YT Aylar önce
@𝐀𝐬𝐭𝐫𝐚𝐥 got u mixed up with the other troll
@BONNIE12 YT lmaoo i never said woodley i dont know where u got that from. I said anyone with a atheltic background would be better than swarmz i didnt even mention tyron woodley lmaoo and im a ksi fan too, im just being honest what
Yes Aylar önce
@𝐀𝐬𝐭𝐫𝐚𝐥 fair enough then. Both can't chat shit until one or thr other fights someone good
@Yes my point is that Ben askren is a better opponent than swamrz and that was jakes 4th fight and ksi is fighting swarmz for his 4th fight so he can’t chat shit about jakes opponents
Yes Aylar önce
@𝐀𝐬𝐭𝐫𝐚𝐥 I mean Alex wassabi pulled out 2 weeks before the fight so no one was really expecting it
bowen voowy
bowen voowy Aylar önce
As a massive KSI fan, i still say this bangs and slaps. He is doing a massive madness getting two bags, the fight and now the music.
Soham Deshmukh
Soham Deshmukh 27 gün önce
As a ksi fan, this slaps hard🔥
Isipro Ye
Isipro Ye Aylar önce
Respect for entering the ring fam, u saved the event
anime._edit Aylar önce
This aged well lmao 🤣 😂
Adam05 Aylar önce
Gotta rate this guy. However the fight goes down he’s done his bit to sell the fight
A Chill Koala
A Chill Koala Aylar önce
@xhafts he's gonna end Jake in the ring.
A Chill Koala
A Chill Koala Aylar önce
@xhafts he's getting rid of ring rust. It doesn't matter.
OG Champ
OG Champ Aylar önce
@محمد الصايغ u good
boob Aylar önce
@xhafts They are fighting next year
Brad_888 Aylar önce
@xhafts well they're fighting next year. What's your point?😂
xomegaxz Aylar önce
Yall still shitting on him for his loss like he cared lol. Give the man respect for actually taking the fight with 2 weeks left to prepare. This diss track was just to stir up some drama for more tickets and interest.
Madman1374 Aylar önce
@Fran GI he could have made the diss without saying he would win. Instead he made himself look more embarrassing by saying that. “Punch up you then I punch up Deji” 😂😂🤡🤡
Fran GI
Fran GI Aylar önce
@Madman1374 he didn't really think that
Madman1374 Aylar önce
@Fran GI yea but the thing is he said he would win the fight lol
Renée Aylar önce
Should've stayed quiet 🤔
xopminator Aylar önce
Bro had a amazing disstrack but got mopped aged well
black Air Force user
This aged so BADDD in a good way
KVBVL Aylar önce
This is an opportunity of a lifetime. Swarmz knows this. That’s why he’s just got a TRvid up and running, made a disstrack to promote the fight and put spotlight into his musical talent. Nothing but respect🔥👏🏾.
S D Aylar önce
Hòmè Ďeçoŕè
Hòmè Ďeçoŕè Aylar önce
EcoCurtains.OnLine SoundProof Curtains to Block 80% Outside Noise Upto (25db). It means your room is completely noise free I love your videos💞 I have a vid request. Could you please do a video showing your workout plan/ routine for each day of the week?
Satanicsy Aylar önce
His always had a TRvid channel where do you think swerve comes from
Casey Robertson
Casey Robertson Aylar önce
Bro he had a massive song called Lyca that came out years ago? It’s only the youth who don’t know him lol
fryr Aylar önce
he’s has his channel for years bro i used to listen to him a lot
1300unit Aylar önce
idc if he lost the fight he still makes good song show respect
FootyMonster™ Aylar önce
“No improvement” that aged well.
eyow foou
eyow foou 29 gün önce
This guy is doing more than Alex Wassabi to advertise the fight, props
Zane Paliem
Zane Paliem Aylar önce
Should of stayed quiet swarmz
Focus!!! Aylar önce
respect is earned not given, swarmz was shamed at the beginning because lots of people overseas didnt know him but hes definitely gaining peoples respect with his grit and making an effort to promote the fight and show his musical ability
Zao Cheron
Zao Cheron Aylar önce
Rekdyoface Aylar önce
@_o_ yeah but not in the actual fight 💀
golf Aylar önce
personally think he should stop talking so much cuz if/when he loses hes gonna get clowned on even more
golf Aylar önce
@_o_ doubt it
YkmHameed Aylar önce
before any of yall come at me even though he lost. This song is still so funny yet still bangs.
distorted Aylar önce
Not even a bad song but he got banged
MonsterDildo Aylar önce
Who is here after JJ knocked the fuck out of this poor soul
The Seniormen
The Seniormen Aylar önce
Ghost 18 gün önce
Man this song is 🔥🔥🔥 i can't stop listening to this, W song 💯❤️
Jordan-R6s Aylar önce
Lyrics: Madman from the Lyca song and (Madman) This ain't no Sidemen diss track (Grrah) Bandana 'cause your hairline liftback Your ex is a well-known bike like Ridgeback Woulda lost it to Logan Paul If he didn't move nuts and swing for your head back Can't lie, you're gonna lose this one I suggest from now that you plan your get-back Madman from the Lyca song and This ain't no Sidemen diss track Bandana 'cause your hairline liftback Your ex is a well-known bike like Ridgeback Woulda lost it to Logan Paul If he didn't move nuts and swing for your head back Can't lie, you're gonna lose this one I suggest from now that you plan your get-back Jess, Kate, mm, Oliva, JJ which one gave you chlamydia? I know you're in your room wanking with the Nivea I was linkin' shots like Syria (Madman) I don't wanna hear no "He say, she say" I don't wanna hear excuses (What's that?) Mans been fighting for like four years, and I still ain't seeing improvements (Idiot) Chillin' on the block like Chunkz and Filly Jake Paul, don't be silly I can show you how we get down, my gritty Yo, this is London city Don't say my name 'cause I'm ruthless Up, down, left, right, leave a man toothless (Baow, baow) I'm a madman they call me Judas, knock man down I'll leave this beat useless Steady, ready, punch you up then I'll punch up Deji Do it pon' telly, less gone all jelly Gave him one, I ain't talking about Headie Caution, caution How many times have you had an abortion? (Hard) Your girl left you, I don't get why you're talkin' (Hahaha) Madman from the Lyca song and (Madman) This ain't no Sidemen diss track (Grrah) Bandana 'cause your hairline lift back Your ex is a well-known bike like Ridgeback Woulda lost it to Logan Paul If he didn't move nuts and swing for your head back Can't lie, you're gonna lose this one I suggest from now that you plan your get-back Madman from the Lyca song and This ain't no Sidemen diss track Bandana 'cause your hairline lift back Your ex is a well-known bike like Ridgeback Woulda lost it to Logan Paul If he didn't move nuts and swing for your head back (Who's that?) Can't lie, you're gonna lose this one I suggest from now that you plan your get-back Hahaha, this KSI guy is a clown man, these lot callin' us up sayin' "Take a fight", I've never boxed before Three weeks to lose 10Kg but still I'ma knock man out See on the 27th, pussy
mikaell Aylar önce
No way mans was able to decypher that
COGW_2022 Aylar önce
Everyone's drunk on something
As a KSI fan, gotta say, this goes hard af. You're still gonna get knocked the fuck out and you're delusional if you think otherwise but this was so good. Edit after the fight: Where you at now? All the doubters and haters in the replies? 2 Knockouts. Shush.
mustafa ahmed
mustafa ahmed Aylar önce
@Lucifer lol ksi fans are soooo obnoxious
AidenDuzStuff Aylar önce
@KEVIN MENDEZ he can now. That’s a fact. Just take a moment to think. Why would he take two fights if he wasn’t ready? I understand why he didn’t fight Jake. It’s not bc he was scared or wasn’t ready. He’s ready. He’s fighting TWO people. Think. He just needed a fight to get rid of the ring rust. I guarantee his next fight is Jake
@AidenDuzStuff hes overconfident bro thinks he can ko jake paul after not training for 2 years and being over weight
AnonymousUser Aylar önce
W swarmz, saving event when wassabi pulled out.
Breds Aylar önce
even tho you lost the fight still huge respect for you losing that much weight in 2weeks and actually getting in that ring is mad
Will Aylar önce
idc that he lost this is still a tune
Troy Roy
Troy Roy Aylar önce
Man lost, but won my heart. Showed heart and his pride. Keep going. God Bless SPERMZ
Henk Van Holland
Henk Van Holland Aylar önce
Gotta give him probs, keeping the event alive and even trying to create hype
Dh79 Aylar önce
@xhafts bro Tyron got knocked out by jake Paul 🤣. G if u rlly wanna think Tyron would beat JJ ur lost in reality
xhafts Aylar önce
@Dh79 tyron would smack ksi swarmz and the uber driver lmfao stop it
Dh79 Aylar önce
@xhafts cause tommy called out JJ before he was going to fight jake so how is he ducking him when Tommy ducked jake 💀 and Tyron is a washed ufc champ who lost to jake Paul. 👍
xhafts Aylar önce
@Scaylex you💀
Caleb Mboso
Caleb Mboso Aylar önce
Very funny watching this now that he’s lost but respect to swarmz for stepping into the ring
Melissa Fletcher
Melissa Fletcher Aylar önce
This aged well
bssni touir
bssni touir 15 gün önce
Even tho he lost this diss track will always slap
Punchinello Aylar önce
this is still fire
Dr.C Aylar önce
I’m a ksi fan but this genuinely goes hard. Good luck to you swarmz you are going to need it 😉 Edit: He needed it and it didn’t work😂 Hope you won’t pipe up to him again, all the best tho
Blueninja2008 Aylar önce
He really needed it
R7 Aylar önce
Esher Beatz
Esher Beatz Aylar önce
lmao same
Mike Barfield
Mike Barfield Aylar önce
@Dr.C Dude you edited your comment, removing the part, where you're thanking everyone who liked your comment. At least own up to it. Pathetic.
Satiwa Aylar önce
brave man lost in the ring but a winner in our hearts
"Ill punch up you and ill punch up Deji." That aged like fine milk
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