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#Survivor #WinnersatWar #Survivor40
It's the third week of Winners at War! Sarah and David recap and react to the latest episode of Survivor season 40.
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Elizabeth Aylar önce
Rob won RI by making everyone think they wanted to be his number one. Looks like Adam is falling for it too.
Corey Stewart
Corey Stewart Aylar önce
Wow, looking so snazzy guys!!!
Nic B
Nic B Aylar önce
I’m sad Ethan is gone but so thankful parvarti is still in lol
Ginger Freel
Ginger Freel Aylar önce
Your analysis is fun to watch. 🤓. The fact that no one is targeting Rob is interesting, and during the first episode even Rob seemed baffled by it. I think if I were on the tribe I would subconsciously feel comforted by Rob’s presence, (even if he weren’t in my alliance). There’s something about him that seems like he’s caring for you, like the dad of the group, especially now that he’s older. Even when he was giving his alliance heck for trying to blindside Pavarti, it was like a dad sitting teenagers down for a talk about their behavior; he’s not too harsh but he’s not messing around with the them and does lay down the law in a way that they back off and leave their sister (Pavarti) alone. Also, he is still a challenge beast. Yes he totally fumbled throwing the rope, but he flew through the first part of the challenge and even though the tribe was WAY behind in the puzzle he caught them up to within seconds of winning. I don’t think Rob is the reason the tribe is losing challenges; every challenge has been close anyway. On the other tribe I also find it interesting that the only person thinking about getting Sandra out is Tyson. (Tyson has a wisdom about him.). Again, she is the most experienced on her tribe , and even though she’s going to kick their asses if they don’t get her out of there, I think they feel comforted by her presence. Yule didn’t want to get rid of her; he feels like they need her; she fed them, etc. (Just like Rob she’s a mom figure that does not put up with bad behavior from the kids, but cares for their needs at the same time). There’s a reason they chose Rob and Sandra to be the coaches of the players last season. I think without realizing it the players feel more comfortable with Rob and Sandra around. I love watching you guys. I’m subscribing. 👍
nerdtainment Aylar önce
Ginger Freel good point! Welcome!
umbudiga Aylar önce
I think they must want Rob and Parvati as shields going into a swap and maybe even merge. Especially now they're significantly down in numbers to the other tribe, just in case Dakal all vote based on that down the line. And Ethan could definitely have glided to the end without much of a target at all. It is smart when you think about it.
gordon hayes
gordon hayes Aylar önce
so Sarah plays the steal a vote on Jeremy, and then Jeremy uses his safety without power and leaves does that then become the steal a vote nullifier?
gordon hayes
gordon hayes Aylar önce
@nerdtainment they both have to be played right before the vote so in my best twist scenario... Jeremy plays safety without advantage second... but of course Survivor isn't calling me for direction... yet (chuckle) ;)
nerdtainment Aylar önce
Maybe! I wonder if Jeremy would leave before or after a steal a vote would be played
Lucifer Widow
Lucifer Widow Aylar önce
nerdtainment Aylar önce
Family Nash
Family Nash Aylar önce
Ash Wednesday
Jeff Yanez
Jeff Yanez Aylar önce
People are constantly bumbling around the camps at night. They're called the crew. So, it's actually incredibly easy to infiltrate another tribe's camp without being detected.
Paul Pietrzak
Paul Pietrzak Aylar önce
Sandra took herself out of two challenges. I’m not voting for her if she makes it in the end.
Kate BerggrenLa
Kate BerggrenLa Aylar önce
HI guys..I think that you are right about Rob.. He does have more people on the other side... We will see!? Thanks for doing this! It is fun..
Beverly Lavender
Beverly Lavender Aylar önce
You guys are an entertainment gift!! Smart, original, funny and positive. ❤
BB Banks
BB Banks Aylar önce
How are they scared of Rob when they just blindsided him? If anything they’re not scared enough of Rob
BB Banks
BB Banks Aylar önce
nerdtainment someone’s gonna use him unless he wants to stay in the minority with Parviti, and I think whoever does is in a pretty good spot
nerdtainment Aylar önce
BB Banks I agree. I don’t think they are scared of him at all. I think they think they can use him.
The Oracle
The Oracle Aylar önce
*"I can't think far ahead if I'm not in the game anymore."* - Ethan, who only visited three bunkers. Fantastic African inspired music for Ethan's exit. *The look of confusion on Adam's face - priceless.*
Maren Peterson
Maren Peterson Aylar önce
I have been in love with the editing this season 😍 I love the quick sequences between players to show how quick the strategy is and I love the quick cuts between. Confessionals of all the yelling with the shark 😂
Christopher Herrera
Michele and Jeremy made an amazing move this week. She wanted Parvati as an ally and he wanted Rob as an ally so they voted out the 3rd person in their alliance. It’s exactly what Rob and Parvati did to them when Natalie was voted out.
Fats Heart
Fats Heart Aylar önce
The edge of extinction people will renter the game as a third tribe
Anna Marie
Anna Marie Aylar önce
Your outfits are beautifully coordinated again! Love your wardrobe department!❤️
nerdtainment Aylar önce
Anna Marie thank you!!
Paul Jirah Catiis
Paul Jirah Catiis Aylar önce
This season isn’t playing out how I wanted it to unless Tony wins. Still the best season ever.
Sue Ballmann
Sue Ballmann Aylar önce
I hope there is no tribe swap.
Sue Ballmann
Sue Ballmann Aylar önce
I think Adam is suffering from a case of hero worship. Adam is lucky to be in the game.
Sue Ballmann
Sue Ballmann Aylar önce
What was going on with the rope and Rob? His throws were PATHETIC. It looks like he was throwing the challenge again. And Ben wrapping himself in the rope?????
EnglishMuthaFucka Aylar önce
His ego won't let him throw challenges.
MJS Lawrence
MJS Lawrence Aylar önce
I watch you guys so often lately that as soon as I finished grieving the boot this week my next thought was, well there goes Sarah's number one!
Johnny M
Johnny M Aylar önce
I think they want to keep Rob and parv as shields for when they merge or swap.
Cathy Volpe
Cathy Volpe Aylar önce
Totally agree on all points. Lov u guys❤️
Sara Elizabeth Lawson
I agree with you get out big targets. I'm so upset with Ethan
TheTokenGay Aylar önce
You two make my heart happy! I demand you both move to D.C. immediately so we can all be friends.
Seth Downing
Seth Downing Aylar önce
The “lets weaken Rob” argument is so incredibly UNBELIEVABLY tired that it is in a sleep so deep all the Prince Charmings in the entire observable universe couldn’t wake it with a kiss. I cannot with this tribe.
Josiah Smith
Josiah Smith Aylar önce
I think they aren't voting out Rob because they need him for challenges. He is the one who caught them up with the tree puzzle and the one who got them over that damn cylinder in the other challenge. my bet is they vote out rob after the merge then sandra goes
huhruserious Aylar önce
This season has been so fun yet stressful to watch lol
John Feather
John Feather Aylar önce
It won’t be so stressful during rewatches after it’s over.
Kangablue Aylar önce
Adam is making the same mistakes he made in Millenials vs Genx! Remember at the merge when Adam told Taylor way to much information? He's doing the same thing, he really didn't learn his lesson. That being said somehow he was able to recover, and I think he will recover here too- like you said, I don't think the new schoolers are ready to let go of Adam, in specific Denise and Ben, as the two of them have a really good excuse to tell him; sorry for leaving you out, but it was either you or Ethan, we wanted to keep you around so we chose Ethan. I mean hey; Adam can recover from his position like he did in MvGx if he makes it past the next few votes. All you can do is tell yourself to keep going; his threat level is lowered. Survivor is about making your weaknesses advantages, he still has more than enough time to spin it around for himself if he has the resilience to not give up and tell himself that it could benefit himself in the long run. That being said, I feel like you have to give Michelle and Jeremy more credit here for the move; as much as I loved Ethan, it was a smart move, even if the reasons it was smart weren't clearly presented in the episode for 'unpredictability.' Despite Rob's glaring target, he's gonna keep that target- I think that Ethan and Parvati was the closer duo to break up. It's hard to know for sure, but we've heard numerous times that Rob thinks that Parv is his closest ally, but we've never heard that same thing from Parv back. Based on last week's secret scene with Parv coaching Ethan and Ethan giving his fire token to Parv, I think that those two may have been closer- either way, it was clear they were close, and you've got to think about whos left on the tribe. Taking out Rob and leaving Parv and Ethan together leaves the potential for them to be a power duo; I'd be much more scared of having Parv and Ethan in the minority together than Rob and Parv, as the other tribes much less likely to easily recruit Rob and Parvati with their big targets than Parv and Ethan- Parv and Rob look much more threatening. By taking out Ethan, it locks Adam in place, as its not like hes gonna be able to easily work with Rob and Parv, and as said before, Denise and Ben at the very least have a good getaway, and its not like Adam can deny what he told Rob. It's the kind of move that obviously could backfire, but taking out Rob could backfire even more by making Jeremy the biggest target in the 5 come merge. It sucks that Ethan was the innocent victim of it all, but that's just the game and if he hadn't been so locked with Rob and Parv he would of been doing much better, like Yul, and old school player who has been willing to work with newschoolers a lot. Sticking with Parv and Rob may give you shields, but it was never gonna work out long term as Parv and Rob are too polarizing because of how big of a target they have; they were bound to end up in the minority sooner or later, and it was just unlucky for him that he got targeted by association as the new schoolers didn't see him as workable long term despite his likability.
HighHeartWellness Aylar önce
Great recap! Loved the repeated refrain "because Rob is not an option" - ha, the voice of bewildered viewers everywhere
Mckinly Noel
Mckinly Noel Aylar önce
I’m sorry I cannot stand Adams ego this season. I don’t like that he thinks he is better than what he is and this episode proved that. Saying he wants to use rob as a number was comical. Adam thinking he can play the same game he played on MGenX is dumb. He even said oh this worked when I played first time. Well yeah it may have worked but your with the big dogs now. I can’t stand that crap.
The Oracle
The Oracle Aylar önce
Adam said "Rob should play like ME"! LOL. This is a must view for the WaW reunion show.
xd_ crashie
xd_ crashie Aylar önce
Did kim even have a scene this episode?
nerdtainment Aylar önce
No! I only saw her during the immunity challenge!
Sarah Lenox
Sarah Lenox Aylar önce
This is my theory on them keeping rob They are waiting for edge of extion to have someone come back and dont want him to have a second chance
nerdtainment Aylar önce
nice theory! that's not a horrible strategy.
Andrew Yacos
Andrew Yacos Aylar önce
Knew Ethan was gone -Nobody.
Caki Miric
Caki Miric Aylar önce
I absolutely dont mind Ethan getting voted out and it was done in a pretty good way. The idea of keeping Rob is that all of these winners just think that Rob will always be a great meatshield and this is why they r keeping him, but at the same time they want to keep him in a weaker position where he wont be able to take things into his own hands and control the game.Therefore it s a smart move. On the other hand Ethan honestly while he s likeable and has a great story and absolutely deserves to be there is just kind of a boring follower (at least in these first episodes) He just went straight for old schoolers and didnt strategize much beyond that really. So yea... I absolutely support everything that happened in this episode. Highlight of the episode is Natalie and I am SO sad that she s not in the real game becausr she s SUCH an amazing player (come on, three tokens already and she strategically selected players who ll buy advantages of her!) She s both physical and mental threat and I am rooting hard for her to get back into the game because she just deserves it. Another highlight were Sarah and Tony of course... while I am not really a fan of Sarah's cockiness outside of the game, I LOVE her boldness and wanting to take a risk and that is why she is a winner. So best players of the episode in order were: Natalie, Sarah, Michelle, Sandra (girls dominating!) Worst players were: Adam and Danni (who just gives up trying to solve the puzzle... no Danni, you die before you give up!!!! it s all winners, this is why you came back to Survivor!)
Kangablue Aylar önce
As much as I like Ethan, I'd have to agree. Compare him to Yul, another old school player. Ethan locked himself in with two people who nobody was going to let go far, where Yul's making connections with Sophie and other one time players like Nick and Wendell in his free agents alliance. He was bound to fall into the minority eventually, just got unlucky that it was him and not one of the shields he had first.
Kimberly Johnson
Kimberly Johnson Aylar önce
Yeah, I really don't understand the disarm Rob theory when you can just vote out Rob 🤦🏾‍♀️ I love Rob he is my favorite, but come on.
Adam Kamer
Adam Kamer Aylar önce
Ethan was probably the least likely to get an Idol played on him between the three of them, and they have to assume Rob might have an Idol because Amber is on Edge. Also I think no one wants to target Rob because they think of him as a shield. (Not great gameplay considering if he's everybody's shield then he's not shielding anyone)
I love rain Like chocalate
*Natilie is the QUEEN of extinction*
Yvette Cherry
Yvette Cherry Aylar önce
Sandra just cracks me up! She can just announce that she's just going to sit and watch her team bust their butts in the challenges and then yell at everybody what to do and they just bow! If Rob and Sandra team up, look out!
Vinicius Rocha
Vinicius Rocha Aylar önce
I loved so much this blindside. Adios, Ethan
DJ Aylar önce
I feel like people are thinking Rob and Parv are bigger targets than themselves down the line. And as long as you’re keeping them as shields you want to be able to work with them without them being able to pull something on you. Also if you leave one of them in and take the other out and a swap comes you could be screwed. It was devastating to see Ethan go though, him and Tony have been gold this season. Another great video guys!
george smith
george smith Aylar önce
How do you feel about Michele's winning chances after this episode?
nerdtainment Aylar önce
I don't know if she can win but I feel like she'll last awhile.
Gabriel Camilleri
Gabriel Camilleri Aylar önce
Adam tried to pull almost the same move he did @s33 merge with taylor hahaha this time with Rob
Juliejustdance Aylar önce
I was so upset that Ethan got voted out! He’s such a sweet guy!
Lindsay G
Lindsay G Aylar önce
I also wonder if they see Rob as someone necessary to win challenges at the moment so that’s why they are targeting his allies rather than him
Lump Numbs
Lump Numbs Aylar önce
I think that the Ethan move was the best of the season so far. Ethan has quietly been the most dominant player. He is friends with everyone. They all open up to him. He has such a great story behind him. This move was amazing and show defining because he was voted out with this amazing story. In my opinion, Ethan would have won the final tribal against any and every player. It was outstanding that the Sele alliance put his story behind him and chose to vote him out whether they realized his true dominance or not.
Parkzy 2
Parkzy 2 Aylar önce
And he was the weakest of the three at challenges
Kailei M
Kailei M Aylar önce
All true. I was sad to see him go.
nerdtainment Aylar önce
Exactly why he was my winner pick. He was truly quietly dominant and would absolutely beat anyone at FTC. And Sele didn't even realize it. They voted him out for all the wrong reasons!
Ryan Bloom
Ryan Bloom Aylar önce
I think the logic of Denise, Michele, Jeremy and Ben voting out Ethan rather than Parvati or Rob is because of how obvious it is that they need to get out eventually. I was definitely questioning their decision also, but I think if the "big names" like Rob, Parvati, Sandra and maybe even Tony or Sarah are voted out super early, that makes the votes that follow more difficult to decide. It's basically the meat shield strategy. All of these winners have a reason to go and as we've seen thus far it's a very different type of game, because everyone is simultaneously trying to make moves but also downplay their power in the game. There's still some time before the merge most likely so maybe we'll start to see some of those big names get out now. That's just my thoughts.
Elijah Culper
Elijah Culper Aylar önce
I don’t think it’s that surprising that people don’t wake up to catch whoever is raiding their camp. These challenges have been brutal physically, the stress of the game is surely exhausting, and contestants are now used to being filmed while they sleep. They probably grow accustomed to production stepping on sticks or knocking stuff over every now and then anyway. I imagine that after a few days on Survivor, you adapt to be able to sleep through anything.
Lindsay G
Lindsay G Aylar önce
When Ethan went out, my first thought is “sarah is probably crying rn” 😂 there goes everyone’s winner pick 😭
animefan25 Aylar önce
I don’t understand the logic of working with Rob. Don’t they know the story of the frog and the scorpion?
Bright Aylar önce
okay BUT IM SICK OF ADAM AND BEN LIKE. rat check!!! get them off of the island already!!
Jeffrey London
Jeffrey London Aylar önce
I think Jeremy must have been afraid of Rob possibly having an advantage sent from Amber, Michele may know as well, depending on how open Jeremy has been. Love the review!
M3CA Hakiri
M3CA Hakiri Aylar önce
It's most likely they're using rob as a meat shield, and I think they might do 3 tribes
Elijah Culper
Elijah Culper Aylar önce
M3CA Hakiri After the merge, Rob will probably be a huge boon to his tribe. If you can go into the merge with Robin your corner, that’s what you want to do.
Ryan Spears
Ryan Spears Aylar önce
I think they'll swap to 3 tribes at 15, then merge at 12, and then add 1 person from EoE bringing the total number of players to 13 postmerge
Ryan Spears
Ryan Spears Aylar önce
Natalie being ICONIC on Edge of Extinction! ❤❤❤ GET 👏 YOUR 👏 COINS 👏
Sebastián Peña Romero
If Nat collects 5 tokens she can return to the game?
Permafrost Aylar önce
The thumbnail shows it all . 😥😫
Ricardo Thompson
Ricardo Thompson Aylar önce
Hey guys! I can't understand why not Rob this last vote. The only reasonable reason is that Jeremy is thinking that maybe Rob will be a shield for him. But this kind of strategy is different with Rob. You can't use him as you can use Joe for example. I think it was a mistake. And I hope Adam is next. So annoyed by him.
Arte Misia
Arte Misia Aylar önce
Yesssssssssssss Ok, am here for this Exquisite costume design for this video. Matching in Jewel Tone magic. David speaking about BRobs Truth LOL i have never laughed so hard. Rahbfadda is mah
Cathy Scalise
Cathy Scalise Aylar önce
That was a very tough puzzle. I enjoyed watching that challenge a lot.
Hamilton Newhart
Hamilton Newhart Aylar önce
Swaps are predetermined before the season, I doubt Rob was throwing to get to a swap...also a 7-9 disadvantage is nothing. Just given random probability, it's pretty likely that a tribe could win 3 out of 4 challenges. Dont think it's out of the statistical norm
Frankie M
Frankie M Aylar önce
I don't think you guys are giving enough credit to Adam. He is actually the only one trying to play the game. Ok, he did a bit too much by trying to win over Rob, it backfired but you have to give him credit to play the game. Parvati obviously your favorite, is not playing the game at all this time. I do like her too but I have more respect for players who actually try to play instead of rooting for someone just because you like her. I do not agree with you guys but I do love your video!
Frankie M
Frankie M Aylar önce
@nerdtainment thanks nice nice! Yes I do understand the hardness on Adam, yep I'll check it out!
nerdtainment Aylar önce
@Frankie M Welcome! Glad you found us. Maybe that was why we were so hard on Adam because we had been assuming he was going to be making some big moves. We have fantasy teams from our draft so we do root for who is on our team. And Ethan was my winner pick so I'm mad about that. Ha! Check out our draft, trvid.com/video/video-AHpr80-x_CU.html
Frankie M
Frankie M Aylar önce
@nerdtainment cool, I didn't see that video, I discovered you guys by accident today. I'll check the video out!
nerdtainment Aylar önce
Thanks for love! Just on Monday’s video I said Adam is playing one of the best games.
Kay L
Kay L Aylar önce
Frankie M the fact that she’s still there is a miracle. And you could say that about her in the beginning of every season she’s been in... yet she’s considered one of the best ever. She can’t come out the gate playing hard, she’ll be voted out!
Djiin 16
Djiin 16 Aylar önce
It was no surprise to me at all that Ethan got voted out. For me it was obvious when the editors put up the scene where Michelle and Jeremy planned to get Ethan out to weaken Rob, then suddenly it gets shifted to their plan in getting Adam out. You know that the editor's does not want to get the vote-offs so predictable, at that point in some other viewer's perspective, Adam is the one voted off. That'a the Art of Good Editing haha. And to those people that asked why they want to keep Rob around is that they want Rob or either Parv to be their meat shields, for me it is a wise decision knowing that the other tribe clearly wants to vote out Big Threats early on (just like Amber), for me they are just using Rob and Parv as meat shield so that at the merge they can lower their profile and put a target on Rob or Parv, and create alliances on the opposing tribe..
tim Aylar önce
I don't like how Natalie, Amber, and Ethan have all been taken out for being close to a man instead of being taken out for being the big threats that they are. they're being discounted as winners when the only discount winners are ben and adam oop tea. anyway, david's hair is so pretty and he has the most adorable laugh.
Lucifer Widow
Lucifer Widow Aylar önce
tim tea.
BB Banks
BB Banks Aylar önce
If you take out all the big threats then you become the biggest threat
Julia Sugarbaker
Julia Sugarbaker Aylar önce
My heart is broken. Not Ethan! With the exception of Natalie every big target is still in the game! Even though I suspected Rob and Parv would go past the merge, I don’t understand the strategy the rest of the tribe is using this season. It’s like they’re all afraid to play. You don’t leave players like that in the game if you have a chance to get them out. Period. Bless their little hearts.
Robbie Joslin
Robbie Joslin Aylar önce
It was a great episode, Sophie smashed the puzzle once again, she's defeated Ozzy once and BRob twice, I guess that's expected of the winner of season 40 😍 (I wish lmao). Good episode, I'm glad Parvati stayed, sad Ethan left, should have been Rob; the best way to weaken him is to send his a** home. Proud of Nat, she's slaying EoE!!
Jasmine Aylar önce
I am so sad that Ethan is gone :'(
Samantha Moyes
Samantha Moyes Aylar önce
I also found this to be a frustrating episode. Why are they not taking out the big threats? They are not making smart decisions. Why would they go after to Ethan unless it is to send a message to Rob and Adam that they are not in control of the game. And is there a desire to work with Rob so he carries them to the end? I really wanted Ethan to be the winner of this season, too. I am hoping Natalie makes a huge comeback from Edge of Distinction, though. At the moment, I'm underwhelmed by Parvati. She just seems to be coasting, but that could be editing.
Evoldog Aylar önce
Play with the bull, you get the horns.
Hamilton Newhart
Hamilton Newhart Aylar önce
In the preview for next episode, they showed Tony, Sandra and Tyson teaming up saying they have to stick together as threats and take out the unconnected players...so I dont think Tyson and Sandra will be feuding for long
Darrell Martin
Darrell Martin Aylar önce
Agreed, it looked like Rob (gosh you two got a Rob thing going :-)) was throwing both last week and this weeks challenges. Takes stones to do that, takes a very confident player.
LeahRathe Aylar önce
Adam is like Syndrome, and Rob is like Mr. Incredible Adam=Syndrome: -wide eyed fan of Rob -thinks he is smarter than Rob -trying to invent "newer/modern" tech/strategy that is not vibing with the old school players Rob=Mr. Incredible: -old school icon (the King) -not as good as he used to be (at least in challenges) -stays true to his old school strategy -has a strong family
Seth Downing
Seth Downing Aylar önce
nerdtainment Alright fair enough, gold star for you!
nerdtainment Aylar önce
Seth Downing but I’ve actually seen that one!! LOL I didn’t remember the names!! 😂
Seth Downing
Seth Downing Aylar önce
nerdtainment Whats that Sarah? An incredible award winning animated film that you haven’t seen? I’m SHOCKED.
nerdtainment Aylar önce
Ha! I had to look up these references! But so true!!
Henrique Aylar önce
I think they don’t wake up because probably they are used to the camera crew being around all night!
Seth Downing
Seth Downing Aylar önce
Henrique omg I had never even thought of this! Anytime they hear a sound they can just be like “ugh cameras whatever”
MisterTracks Aylar önce
nice content
MisterTracks Aylar önce
lovely stuff
Fritz Matthew
Fritz Matthew Aylar önce
Damn! I'm really sad for Ethan 😑 are you guys gonna do Big Brother Canada Season 8?
Fritz Matthew
Fritz Matthew Aylar önce
@nerdtainment yay!
nerdtainment Aylar önce
Yaaaass!! For the first time in forever!!
Bradley Boy
Bradley Boy Aylar önce
You guys are such moods
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