Survivor Winners at War: Ethan Blindsided

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this sucked. this boot order being so bad is making me like edge of extinction.. more thoughts on pinned comment prolly
Survivor Winners at War: Ethan Voted Out
Survivor Winners at War: Ethan Blindsided
Ethan Zohn: 17/20, Season 40
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ZP Survivor
ZP Survivor Aylar önce
very disappointed with that result. voting Ethan made no sense, but they were too scared to vote for Rob. They literally voted Ethan solely because he was with Rob, when you could’ve just gotten rid of rob anyway. This doesn’t apply to Adam, I know he wanted to work with Rob and Ethan, and Parv was a threat. Hoping this boot order isn’t this bad for the rest of the season, because all of the first four boots were hard to watch. Still enjoying it tho, I like that they’re not swapping (unless it screws Rob or parv)
Lynn Eaton
Lynn Eaton Aylar önce
It’s bad Tyson is gone
Aaron Pauli 🇺🇸🇬🇧🇼🇫🇬🇧🇬🇧🇼🇫🇬🇧🇼🇫🇬🇧🇼🇫🇬🇧🇼🇫🇬🇧🇼🇫
Norman Sham
Norman Sham Aylar önce
What do you mean hard to watch
Jomarc Malicdem
Jomarc Malicdem Aylar önce
I think it would be bad for michele and jeremy to vote out rob, since it would shake the positions of the alliances in their tribe. Like, right now, there are three alliances in sele, and if rob is out, only two would remain and the numbers would be against jeremy and michele. So i think, jeremy and michele made a good decision voting out ethan (although, I like the guy) because in this case, they would force parvati and rob play survival mode and not strategy. Just my say though
Thrs Hwll
Thrs Hwll Aylar önce
@chantillycakes - Adam really screwed himself
Isaac Paglialunga
Isaac Paglialunga 6 gün önce
This was all Danni’s fault. She went crazy which caused the old school players to lose numbers.
Ryan Clifton
Ryan Clifton 6 gün önce
Michelle looked at Adam like "that's what you get for running your mouth."
Jordan Maze
Jordan Maze 6 gün önce
Adams face though
JPB productions
JPB productions 7 gün önce
Let’s just take some initiative and acknowledge the music this season
shiva prasad
shiva prasad 10 gün önce
Rob zombie Halloween party
JacobComposesMusic 15 gün önce
This was a sad boot because we haven't seen him play since Season 8. We had just begun to see him adjust to modern play and he went home. I'm still mad at this boot even though it was three episodes ago
Pietro Matos
Pietro Matos Aylar önce
Terrible season destroyed because they filled with too many pathethic new winners like michelle who will go far just because she sucked and got lucky in her season. I want to see good gameplay not bad players in a majority alliance.
Ramil Padilla
Ramil Padilla Aylar önce
All 4 eliminated castaways have all their votes read last. Hope they will change that vote reading the next episode.
Jorge Gutierrez
Jorge Gutierrez Aylar önce
why did they vote Ethan? They said either Parvati or Adam, did I miss something during the episode?
Jacobn923 Aylar önce
Yup. Michele talked about voting for Ethan. It was a brief moment.
Flashes Pride
Flashes Pride Aylar önce
They made a mistake cause Ethan wasnt a threat
Survivor Sanctuary
Survivor Sanctuary Aylar önce
Hey, I was wondering how you are able to post these videos when they are copyrighted?
Phoebe Hello
Phoebe Hello Aylar önce
This is like the saddest blindside
Étienne Morel
Étienne Morel Aylar önce
Is it me or Michelle and Jeremy are running the Sele Tribe and Rob doesnt realised it well? Either way, I feel much To my surprise that Michelle runs Sele 🔵
tm luebbs
tm luebbs Aylar önce
I think Parvati is the one working the magic behind the scenes. She probably should've been gone at the Danni vote (Thank God she wasn't!!) and did it again this week, despite being blindsided by the Ethan vote. Would she turn on Rob if she had to? If so hopefully she would do it before he does the same.
Aakaash narayannan
Aakaash narayannan Aylar önce
Ethan should've stayed with the numbers and jus got Parvati out
Ariana Aylar önce
Rob is the one wrecking his own game.. Keeping Natalie in the game was by far the best decision he can make on the first TC he can use Nat/Jeremy as numbers and Nat/Jeremy has Michelle too so thats already 7 with the Old School alliance and 3 New Schoolers and other 3 New Schoolers as minority..... Now Rob is in the outs theres no getting out of that situation now.
NaruHina TV+
NaruHina TV+ Aylar önce
The other in that situation is Adam, but the thing is that Adam has exploded his links with Jeremy and Michele so they could blindside him....is him or Boston Rob
cloudburstlia456 Aylar önce
I think the winner Is on the other tribe
Jacob Laue
Jacob Laue Aylar önce
Well that came out of nowhere
Aaron Sauce
Aaron Sauce Aylar önce
Rob is pissed 1:56
Sakura Inc
Sakura Inc Aylar önce
Me: Please not another women, please not another woman... Survivor: Fourth person out Ethan Me: Jahdhshsjdjf WHYYYY
Miguel Garcia
Miguel Garcia Aylar önce
Threeee more dayyyys
Steve Fares
Steve Fares Aylar önce
The elimination music for this season is amazing!
Whilma Tapang
Whilma Tapang Aylar önce
How sad I am for Ethan😢😢
Adrian Saw
Adrian Saw Aylar önce
To all people who asked why they don't vote off Rob, but ethan instead, Rob is used as a shield to other people like parvati and Jeremy who are also significant threats. they are all thinking late into the merge... Unlike you guys
POOPY PIGEON245 Aylar önce
ethanzohn the edge of extinction
Jairo Garcia
Jairo Garcia Aylar önce
This is definitely a Blindsided Vote.
maninder chauhan
maninder chauhan Aylar önce
I hate to see Ethan go but this was the smartest move by the 4 JMBD Original plan was to break up Rob, Ethan Parvati... That was the goal. This now highlights no trust btw Rob and Adam. Keeps Rob on tribe who is arguably better in challenges and they NEED to win next challenge. Jeremy remains protected to a degree with Rob still in the game as a shield. If they lose next challenge the targets are clearly Adam Rob or Parvati. Sucks that EZ had to go but from a gameplay POV this checked every single box for Jeremy and co.
Martim Gonçalves
Martim Gonçalves Aylar önce
I think it was a dumb decision blindside Ethan, because Adam is very good finding idols and advantages and he is playing both sides... PS: I'm hoping that happens a tribe swap next episode
Thrs Hwll
Thrs Hwll Aylar önce
Brilliant!!! I loved everyone's body language. Rob, Ethan, parvati, Adam were blindsided . Adam was completely confused. I loved it
Chiliomb Aylar önce
they should have just voted out adam for pulling the stupidest move.
WindowsEcksPee Aylar önce
Who could be next in line for the EOE... Sele - Rob, Parvati, Adam... Dakal - Sandra, Tyson, Kim...
WindowsEcksPee Aylar önce
Sele is pathetic at challenges, wtf!
JacobComposesMusic Aylar önce
You could tell that Jeff was a little pained to reveal who was voted out lol.
They are still doing meat shields and Parvati and Rob are really big meat shields, and add that Adam is cozying up to Ethan and Rob, it actually made sense. Now Parvati won't trust Adam and Adam hopefully would have some sense to come back to the new school people and not go with Rob. It breaks up both Rob/ Parvati and Adam's numbers/ plans.
Official Filmilen
Official Filmilen Aylar önce
Ethan beat Cancer, yet he was the 4th one to be voted out in Winners at War
Évelyne Aylar önce
Ethan better come back from eoe
Bryce Richardson
Bryce Richardson Aylar önce
There's a reason these guys are winners. They voted Ethan not just to weaken boston Rob but because Ethan serves them no purpose. Ethan's a threat to win with a low threat level and a bad liar. He fits in no one's endgame plans. Rob however serves as a shield just by existing. No one's going to let him get to the end. Parvati is a shield just by existing. No one is going to let her get to the end. Getting rid of Ethan got rid of someone Michelle and Jeremy couldn't work with, who was more loyal to someone who they wanted to use as a shield, while forcing Rob and Parv to align with Michelle and Jeremy due to Adam and Ben being so shifty and untrustworthy already. You might think this is dumb. It isn't. This is how you win an all-stars season.
HALO WU Aylar önce
It’s like Avengers infinity war where Gamora dies because thanos sacrificed her to get the soul stone. In this case Jeremy Michelle Denise Ben sacrificed Ethan to weaken Rob and to make a statement to Adam
EN KVN Aylar önce
I'm still mad Ethan had to be the sacrificial lamb here but it totally makes sense. Why? 1) they send Rob and Parvati to Extinction now, they would've been comeptition for Natalie in her token-for advantages business, and even without the advantages sold from Extinction, either Rob or Parvati probably could've won the reentry challenge knowing their challenge prowess. 2) Both Parvati and Rob are the big fish along with Sandra so the longer they stay, the longer Michele and Jeremy can better their longevity because they know they aren't the biggest targets out there. 3) Ethan is a likability threat. There's not much to add here.
HALO WU Aylar önce
I completely understand the move but COME ON
Iuliana Vasnic
Iuliana Vasnic Aylar önce
I am so disappointed by this season. So far it feels like a beginners season. Wtf is Jeff Probst telling everyone this is the best season ever? boring....
Natsu Dragneel
Natsu Dragneel Aylar önce
Talunin niyo mga kalaban letse paubos na kayo gigil niyo ko haha
Fernando Arancibia
Fernando Arancibia Aylar önce
Adam is one of the worst, if not closely the worst, winner of all time, he was clueless most of the time on his season, and he's once again clueless now
martin thompson
martin thompson Aylar önce
I love ethan. I feel so bad for him :(
Gelo Sangalang
Gelo Sangalang Aylar önce
I miss Jeff’s final words(quotables) after the voted out person walks away, “_____________, head back to camp.” We are instead given the bequeathed fire tokens haha
Kealiʻi Sanchez
Kealiʻi Sanchez Aylar önce
Wish it was Adam, Ben or Denise tbh. I want all 3 to go.
S Aylar önce
Before this season started, I literally thought that Amber, Danni, Ethan and Nat had the best chances in being in the FTC. Now my guess is that FTC consists of Jeremy, Michele and Nat
S Aylar önce
@Kyle Roberts why do you think that?
Kyle Roberts
Kyle Roberts Aylar önce
Jeremy isnt in the f3
Lourdes Ariaga
Lourdes Ariaga Aylar önce
I don't know why they took out Natalie first.. Now if she comes back she will automatically bite Adam back in the Ass... I'm pretty sure Parvati and Rob will go with it since they need at least someone to go out that is not them..
Ariana Aylar önce
I'm glad Parv and Rob are still in the game but it saddens me that they can just get picked off easily considering the fact that they are just there as Meatshields😣😣😣
David James Tarka
David James Tarka Aylar önce
why? what have either of them done? Can they catch fish? can they vote together? Can get off their asses and do something? Can Rob solve a puzzle? Nope they just poke a sleeping Adam in the nose
Ariana Aylar önce
Deadass if Natalie gets back in there will be a Powerful trio ruling the game.
Kris Valderrama
Kris Valderrama Aylar önce
Natalie can possibly even pull Sandra and Sarah to their alliance as well. maybe
Nicole Aylar önce
I hope that's the case. Omg.
A C Aylar önce
As a side comment, that fried ‘shark meat’ looked mighty tasty . . . . That can’t be why Sandra the ( self-proclaimed ) ‘Queen’ sails on through just like a slippery baby shark !
Lloyd Tetangco
Lloyd Tetangco Aylar önce
Rob, Parvati and Adam's chests can all be seen when Ethan drops his fire token into Parvati's. I hope this is a foreshadowing of the 3 of them working together 😁
A C Aylar önce
Have not finished watching last night’s episode but, just watched Sandra sit out yet another challenge ! How is it that both Rob & esp. two time winner Sandra are both NOT the first ones voted O U T !!!! Ahhhhh ! 😫😫😫 😎
Gavin Lee
Gavin Lee Aylar önce
Parvati needs to go home next. The less enemies come the swap, the better.
spudnspud Aylar önce
In an all winners season, every boot is going to be tough for someone. Just how it goes.
Mini Panga
Mini Panga Aylar önce
Me at the beginning of the season: Ugh, why'd they have to bring back the Edge of Extinction? Seriously. Literally no one likes the edge of extinction and it's baffling that we're going to have to see it again this season. Me after this vote: Nevermind I like it now
David James Tarka
David James Tarka Aylar önce
Gavin ROBBED by Chris
Andrew Colbert
Andrew Colbert Aylar önce
I do give Michelle and Jeremy credit (mostly Michelle) for putting the idea out there to blindside Ethan; making a good blindside..... I wish it was Adam. Not happy the old schoolers are getting gunned down. Hope next week a new schooler gets the boot or if it must be an old schooler Sandra.
solanosphere Aylar önce
Can I just say, my girl Natalie is killing it on EoE. That’s 3/3 advantages now
Bangalie Kanu
Bangalie Kanu Aylar önce
This might be wrong but J think the reason nobody wants to take out Rob is because they probably think they each have a secret connection with Rob. Like how Adam thought him and Rob were close this episode. It’s possible some of the other players could feel the same way
Muhammad Moiz
Muhammad Moiz Aylar önce
I actually really liked this episode.
Prince Kryptonite
Prince Kryptonite Aylar önce
It's seem they afraid to take down Rob or Parvathi.. C'mon.. Don't they watch this show.. How good Rob & Parvathi manipulated & smoothly talk to everyone..
palmshoot Aylar önce
Didn't that sound like Sia singing at the beginning of last night's episode?
palmshoot YES I was legit thinking that
Marcos G. Díaz
Marcos G. Díaz Aylar önce
Because of this episode I'm starting to stan: 1. Tony 2. Michele
JaySkillz Aylar önce
They wanted to weaken Rob but didn't either vote him out or Parvati lol. At least Ethan willed his token to Parvati which makes Parvati an even more dangerous player lol.
PersonaX 28 gün önce
Parvati has been very disappointing this season, actually. It's like her heart isn't in it this time.
Veroxomo Aylar önce
If it would've been any other male I would be okay
King E
King E Aylar önce
Veroxomo why we judging off of their gender but not how they play or their personality
bing bong
bing bong Aylar önce
The music is fantastic. Loved the piece where Jeremy sits down. I wish we knew what the music meant, if it means anything.
Jakeified Aylar önce
Ethan walked so Parv could run.
lwst82 Aylar önce
If you guys watch the episode again, the music edit tenses up when Ethan talks and says he might not be here....clear foreshadowing
Dark Umbreon
Dark Umbreon Aylar önce
People keep saying best way to weaken rob is to vote him out.... But why send him to amber? Sure they dont know the value of fire tokens but they could find it out - and plan and strategise etc on extinction. Keeping rob around is important for now. And oh yeah - he is a meat shield
lwst82 Aylar önce
I’m surprised Rob trusted Jeremy and Michelle to vote Adam when Rob was the reason why Natalie was voted off. Of course Jeremy wouldn’t trust Rob or play his game.
David James Tarka
David James Tarka Aylar önce
totally agree, thanks for "watching"the show instead of others just commentating on what they "saw" I'm team Jeremy and Adam
PersonaX Aylar önce
Indeed. Betraying Jeremy/Natalie/Michele for Adam/Denise was a *huge* blunder on Rob's part -- probably a game-ending blunder for him.
lwst82 Aylar önce
Not only did Rob vote off Natalie...but he basically called Jeremy and Michelle’s bluff when they said they weren’t voting for Parvati (the original plan). So he basically accused/called them out for lying ..and then said “vote Adam with me”, it makes no sense .
Nicole Aylar önce
Exactly. Voting out Natalie and keeping Adam was the biggest mistake Boston Rob made. He could've worked with Nat/Jeremy and the old school alliance, and vote out the new schoolers, but of course he voted out Natalie (which makes no freaking sense) and now it's coming back to bite him lol.
Sunflower_ Fields
Sunflower_ Fields Aylar önce
Oml why Ethan? I thought he had a chance to win! (I know that he still does bcs of EoE tho)
eleven pm
eleven pm Aylar önce
Everyone saying, "Let's Get Boston Rob out" bruuuhhh. If u get boston rob out, then amber and him will solely have the power in edge of extinction. It means that there's a good chance that 1 of them will comeback. And besides Rob is a bigger target among everyone, Someone could use that opportunity as a sheild when the merge comes. Just my opinion tho.
Richard Rahl
Richard Rahl Aylar önce
Seriously if they lose the next immunity challenge again,its not that they are weak team but denise brought her matsing curse...
palmshoot Aylar önce
@Richard Rahl I remembered those seasons well. I agreed with James then.
Richard Rahl
Richard Rahl Aylar önce
@palmshoot i dont know if they noticed but they should vote her out to lift the curse..lol Remember Stephanie of palau?she has that curse aswell?and james on hvv persuade everyone to vote her out cause he said she have losing streak curse..lol
palmshoot Aylar önce
@Richard Rahl Sure. I saw that season. Guess her next tribe should be worried, huh?
Richard Rahl
Richard Rahl Aylar önce
@palmshoot denise was absorbed by team kalabaw..then they lost all immunity challenge (2) +1 evac...
palmshoot Aylar önce
@Richard Rahl: It seems like there's usually a tribe swap around the fourth vote-out.
Richard Rahl
Richard Rahl Aylar önce
Some of the players,the last time they play they really have a different experience..like kim who had most control of the game,rob too..parvati have bad position unlike hvv...
Cream City Chocoholic
This music goin crazy 🔥
Cream City Chocoholic
Damn I was kind of hoping Adam would be voted out tbh! I predict a tribe switch next episode, now that it's been a little while
Michael Latorella
Michael Latorella Aylar önce
Anyone else get chills when he dropped the token in Parvati’s container?
lwst82 Aylar önce
It’s because of the music edit
Ronald Lanzanas
Ronald Lanzanas Aylar önce
Michael Latorella I felt chills too! The best is yet to come for Parvati, I know it!
Lari Alanko
Lari Alanko Aylar önce
Well... at least Parvati has someone who can send her advantage’s now and good that natalie has now some competition with the cluess I really don’t see danni nor amber cracking any of em
Sebastian Naito
Sebastian Naito Aylar önce
It looks like the plan for the old school survivor players has failed
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