Survivor Know-It-Alls Season 40, Episode 3 Recap | February 25, 2020

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Pre-Game Show 2 - February 26




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feelred 27 gün önce
Or maybe jeremys group thought Robs group gave a potential idol to Parv?
Steven Bonnell
Steven Bonnell Aylar önce
*sucks off Stephen*
Ja La
Ja La Aylar önce
28:58 come on stephen, tony and sarah doing that was awesome
Ja La
Ja La Aylar önce
13:25 that's exactly what I thought. I was like :what? Is rob really considering this. Then his confessional afterwards "is he stupid, has he seen me play?"
RPRIMICI Aylar önce
If Rob and Parvati can hang on, there's gonna be a tribe swap soon. They can re-align themselves into a winning position or try to.
RPRIMICI Aylar önce
At 33:27 , you were talking about Yul keeping Sandra because Sandra is catching fish. Wrong! Yul says he wants to keep Sandra because he thinks she's a rational player and he can rely on rational players to not stab him in the back. That's what he said guys. You guys are asleep during the show.
monetprotege Aylar önce
I’m surprised that none of the contestants on the first EoE seemed to realize the huge potential to manage the jury for the person returning to the game. Reem continued her terrible social game by alienating each person in turn for voting her off. EoE is a huge low-key way to line up votes for the returning player. Most all of the jury comes thru EoE eventually. They all have some common ill will towards those still in the game. So far, they all tend to isolate and brood to themselves on EoE. I’m hoping Ethan puts his charm to work and really works on relationships and consensus building on EoE. Also, EoE is an excellent place to gather intelligence from newly voted off contestants about who is in control of the game. They are more likely to share this valuable intel when they think their chances of getting back in are slim. I give Natalie huge props for what she’s managed to do so far, but I’m really hoping Ethan takes over that role. Natalie is more likeable this season, but I still have not gotten over how annoying she and her twin were together on Amazing Race.
Wyatt Wardenburg
Wyatt Wardenburg Aylar önce
Hey Fishbach I think you should be fired from the podcast. Natalie?! Really?! She shouldn’t even be getting air time. No wonder you’ve never done anything good in survivor. About the only thing you’ve done is cry the whole time.
Happy Gogetter
Happy Gogetter Aylar önce
I am laughing so much watching this.
Nick Peterson
Nick Peterson Aylar önce
I don't think anyone has really brought this up, but it's in Jeremy and Michelle's best interest to get Natalie back in the game, so it makes sense that they are targeting people who aren't the strongest in the challenges who might beat Natalie in a return challenge...I imagine this is the main reason that Rob isn't in their conversations to get voted off
Angel Fallen
Angel Fallen Aylar önce
💜Tony 💚sarah💚 yul 💚 finale 💜
Angel Fallen
Angel Fallen Aylar önce
Fishy but the look rob gave jeremy after they elim ethan said so much lol it was like 😒😠😡😡😡😡😈👿
Angel Fallen
Angel Fallen Aylar önce
I love Sarah&Tony best aliance everrr COPS R US BABY!!!! Tony gonna hit top 5 again 😚😚😚😙😙😗💚💙💚💙💛💙💙💚💙💜❤💜❤💜❤
Angel Fallen
Angel Fallen Aylar önce
Great episode thrilling - at the end it looked like ethan gave his fire token to adam but i think he gave parv 🤔🤔
1 Survivor
1 Survivor Aylar önce
If you want Rob and Parvati out just vote Rob and Parvati out lol. Whose boat is voting out Parvati rocking? Robs? Who cares if you want him gone? LMAO. Diverting the target off of his closest ally's back was masterful play. Entering this game as a massive target and not receiving ONE vote against him through THREE tribals is masterful play. Win or lose this season (and it's probably lose given the massive target on his back from minute 1)... Rob is once again showing why he is the best to ever play this game.
Ruthless PoV
Ruthless PoV Aylar önce
I think rob will go to Adam and say “hey we both got blindsided yeah I was protecting parv but obviously me and you are not running this game anymore “ - rob voice
avrillover27 Aylar önce
long shot here but does anyone know what song was in the intro to the episode?
Trust YouMe
Trust YouMe Aylar önce
The collective iq of this season is uncanny. It is completely without canns.
Adam Scott Howard
Adam Scott Howard Aylar önce
They didn't vote out Rob because he's the best pre-merge shield ever.
Heather Haslam-Smith
Why is Sandra always sitting out of the challenges...why hasn’t anyone mentioned that as an issue?
kopper Aylar önce
Ethan is old school. Like really old school. The others can’t work with him whereas Rob and Parv will be more flexible after this vote.
Heather Ryan
Heather Ryan Aylar önce
Seeing Danni's lackluster gameplay this season, it just further proves that Stephenie should have won that season (Survivor : Guatemala)
Heather Ryan
Heather Ryan Aylar önce
Where did the term "meat shield" come from? Why not just say shield?
charlie walsh
charlie walsh Aylar önce
i remember jeremy using it but i don't know if there were others before him
Granny Gear
Granny Gear Aylar önce
The west coast Live Survivor Know It All’s sounds exciting but you have to do your TRvid users a favor; fix the mikes so we can hear you better than last time and also that it does not echo! It was frustrating to hear you last time.
nicholas smith
nicholas smith Aylar önce
robs impersonations slay
Jason Feola
Jason Feola Aylar önce
You almost did the Casey Kasem impression at the end.
Zacarias 87
Zacarias 87 Aylar önce
Adams game is going just like it did in Millennials vs Gen X so far. He had a plan early, it blew up, and he lived at the bottom for a while. He's still a dangerous player in this game in my opinion.
Gengar Crobat
Gengar Crobat Aylar önce
I feel like Adam is thinking he's playing season 33 all over again and he thinks Rob is the Ken to Parvati's Dave. But what he doesn't know is that everyone is David this time around and there is no Hannah and no Ken.
Prisca Laurencia
Prisca Laurencia Aylar önce
Any fellow Indonesian Survivor fans here? 🙋🏻‍♀️
NeneJD Aylar önce
Natalie not offering to Jeremy? Am I mistaken about the token cost for those? Jeremy already bought advantage, yes? They only have one token.
NeneJD Aylar önce
@Matt Kasperitis thank you!
Matt Kasperitis
Matt Kasperitis Aylar önce
Jeremy had 2
nicky minaj
nicky minaj Aylar önce
Fish, u talk with the very first guy that play both side, sadly its not working for him.
Anna Marie
Anna Marie Aylar önce
I wish Rob would be voted out..
twelve11 Aylar önce
Do you not understand how fire tokens work? Natalie can't give Jeremy another... he used his fire token. They only received one each.
Lee Nelson
Lee Nelson Aylar önce
I think it's kind of scary to think Tony is the guy standing inbetween you and your civil rights. Weird.
is_time_two Aylar önce
Ethan has a better chance at winning the million...very clear vote to me ..much better than Rob or Parvati..I hope the next one to go is Adam
Jonathan McDaniel
Jonathan McDaniel Aylar önce
Natalie now can use her tokens for three advantages in the challenge to get back in the game. I haven't heard anyone talk about this. The token menu clearly stated that you can use up to three tokens in the challenge to get up to three advantages. This will give her a huge advantage to win that challenge. She will have some advantage in three different stages of the challenge. So she gets far more than just one advantage in the return challenge. Another person would have to get at least two tokens to keep pace with Natalie in that challenge. Natalie is in great shape to get back into the game and she earned it.
Symon Lee
Symon Lee Aylar önce
looking at the bright side, at least Ethan still has a chance to be the Chris Underwood of this season! Don't count him out just yet... xD
UP Volleyball Fighting Maroons
Rob and Parvati are each others number one. So ethan vote doesnt destroy them as much. Michele has also said that she wanted to work with Parv and Jeremy wanted to work with Rob.
ligairi Aylar önce
Any techie folks out there know what streaming software/app they use for KIA? I feel like it used to be Google Hangouts, but that's gone, right?
MrYoumitube Aylar önce
To me, all the C-Grade players are getting free advantages. I know this is a season of champions, but they don't look like they are suffering or deprived of food & water. Too many rewards, let's separate gameplay+ social play over idols/advantages.
lwst82 Aylar önce
What is more puzzling to me is why Rob trusted Michelle and Jeremy to vote with him after he called them out for lying about not voting for Parvati. Plus Jeremy has no reason to go with Rob after Rob took out Natalie. It was clear they didn’t have the numbers.
jag519 Aylar önce
I had ethan for most likely from this tribe to win.
Maya Reads
Maya Reads Aylar önce
they can never switch int he puzzles though right ?
Mason Harrell
Mason Harrell Aylar önce
Just wanted to point out that Natalie couldn’t give the advantage to Jeremy because the advantage said she had to sell it to someone on the opposite tribe
Solomon Rivers
Solomon Rivers Aylar önce
If you haven’t seen Big Wendy’s Rubik’s Cube Art of the most recently voted out castaway you’re missing out.
Rhonda Adams
Rhonda Adams Aylar önce
Rob did well on the puzzle this week. His team was much further behind when he got to the puzzle. He was only one or two pieces behind Sophie in the end. They lost, but it was not because of Rob’s performance in the puzzle.
JarJarJacobs Aylar önce
Natalie locked down Edge and Michele locked down the game, tonight was a night of QUEENS
Jeremy Broadbent
Jeremy Broadbent Aylar önce
Adam did the same thing in his season. He can’t help but go straight to the “cool guys” and tell them everything. It worked for him the first time because Taylor and Jay are very clearly not in the same stratosphere as The Robfather.
Jeremy Broadbent
Jeremy Broadbent Aylar önce
The Ethan vote is actually a really good call for Michelle and Jeremy. They still have Denise and Ben, Adam will be forced to come crawling back. Jeremy knew Rob could very likely have an at advantage/idol. Rob is still weakened, but most of his anger will be pointed at Adam. They haven’t completely alienated anyone from working with them in a potential swap, and with Rob and Parv still in the game there are many shields left for those two. People will not be looking at them, and yet they are now in control of the tribe.
Alucard Aylar önce
Jeremy and Michelle will most likely work with Rob and Parv going forward. Rob and Parv are way bigger meat shields for Jeremy then any of the others.
Shyho Gaming
Shyho Gaming Aylar önce
Andrew G
Andrew G Aylar önce
Jeremy, Michelle and Nat final 3?
Andrew G
Andrew G Aylar önce
Haha, but I know the spoilers 😂
Alucard Aylar önce
Doubt it, I do not see Nat making it back from Edge, I think she is gonna kill it with the fire tokens then come up short when it matters to get back in the game.
Dillon Murray
Dillon Murray Aylar önce
How is Fishbach's internet better than Rob's? That's never happened
Andrew G
Andrew G Aylar önce
Here's the logic: Rob is a meat shield. Targeting the OS alliance is the best play for NS, not Adam, but they also don't want to make Adam think he is calling the shots or give him ammunition at a final tribal to say he got out so-and-so. Not telling Adam was important to the plan because he could have, in theory, worked with OS to flip on one of the other four. And now, even if Adam flips to Parv and Rob, they only have three votes. They are screwed. Which sounds like a good time for.... a tribe swap!
Brendan McCarthy
Brendan McCarthy Aylar önce
Diomedes Tydeus
Diomedes Tydeus Aylar önce
Adam all alone voting Parv while Rob, Parv and Ethan voted Adam, but unknown to viewers the New School targeted Ethan. There was no hint that was coming. Why not Parv? Adam needs to explain to the NS what he was doing. We need another 30min. Nat a leg up on Amber, Danni. How will Ethan fit on Ex?
Nick Jasper
Nick Jasper Aylar önce
It’s pretty clear to me why they chose Ethan... there was one vote Parv (from Adam), it was their way to put Adam in his place for telling Rob about their Parv plan - so they kept Adam out of the loop. Why they didn’t just switch it to Rob instead of Ethan is really the dumb part - just vote out Rob. Maybe for challenges, they felt more secure for the time being with Rob, but this might be the potential to bite them in the ass. Always better to have a pissed off Ethan than a pissed off Rob.
SyrioHghar88 Aylar önce
I misunderstood the advantage at first, I thought Sarah was stealing a vote from the other tribe rather than from someone else from her own tribe. That would have been an interesting twist.
Meredith Merth
Meredith Merth Aylar önce
I feel like Adam should have learned a lesson with what happened last week with Dani telling rob she wanted Parv out.
Meredith Merth
Meredith Merth Aylar önce
I think Kim might work with Rob and Parv.
Cristian R.
Cristian R. Aylar önce
Adridelosrios Aylar önce
I loooove tony this season ❤️
Angel Fallen
Angel Fallen Aylar önce
Wth this season only _TONY IS AWESOME
Leszek Krzewski
Leszek Krzewski Aylar önce
Rób, will you ever cover Australia Survivor? It is way better then US version. Please.
Aaron Emerson
Aaron Emerson Aylar önce
Of course the logic was there. The five new schoolers were gonna come together to vote out Parvati, Adam ran his mouth trying to further his individual game, the new schoolers found out and decided they could still weaken Rob’s hold on the game AND send a message to Adam about playing both sides AND were able to keep in some pretty sizable meat shields in one swift move. Makes perfect sense to me. Still devastated it had to be Ethan though.
Alucard Aylar önce
I love how they keep saying Rob has control of the game, but how? Episode 1 Adam and Denise led the charge to vote out Natalie, Episode 2 Danni flipped out and blew up her own game. Episode 3 Ethan got blindsided... How does any of the translate to Rob and Parv calling all the shots?
Julie Lockhart
Julie Lockhart Aylar önce
The editing lately on this show has been awful.
John de Greef
John de Greef Aylar önce
Denise was right not to tell Adam people need to see him vote wrong. She can definitely repair any damage done with Adam and now their bond can be even more stealth.
joshua rivera
joshua rivera Aylar önce
Jeremy is keeping the threats around. It's what he does. Ethan is not a bigger threat then jeremy. If he keeps parv and rob they will be targeted before him.
joshua rivera
joshua rivera Aylar önce
@Malcolm Junior this is why I picked him as my winner pick. He is ok with letting other big egos "run the game" and using them to protect him. He will keep these big targets and while they are getting voted out he will build his own army. And hes also such a good social player that ppl feel they can trust him. If he makes it to the final 3 and isnt up against one of the big 3 (parv, rob or sandra) he wins.
Malcolm Junior
Malcolm Junior Aylar önce
This is exactly why I would’ve voted out Jeremy over Natalie. He’s so much more dangerous than players tend to realize and using the same strategy he used in Cambodia and its working. I can see him going really deep now.
John de Greef
John de Greef Aylar önce
We need to see Sandra vs Rob.
Alucard Aylar önce
Don't worry, the tribe swap Sandra has less numbers and Rob gets his revenge for Amber.
Fernando Galian
Fernando Galian Aylar önce
Now, Parvaty and Rob, have 4 firetokens.
Nikko J
Nikko J Aylar önce
Why does everyone forget how well Ben played both sides? It's always Tony this or that. But Ben was a hella lot more than idols!
Jordan Breslow
Jordan Breslow Aylar önce
Why do they keep saying "going home" when they are simply sent to Edge of Extinction and have a chance to get back into the game? I miss getting to see who voted for who at the show's end. Why is Sandra allowed to sit out EVERY challenge??
Sally Vee
Sally Vee Aylar önce
@Jordan Breslow It's totally fair. Back when they had Reward Challenges people would get tired, so it made sense to let some players rest. Now they only do challenges (for immunity) every third day. Besides, Sandra is providing for the team at camp.
boonstuff Aylar önce
Jordan Breslow - Interesting. I didn’t catch that. Maybe bc there’s no reward challenges, they’re only immunity challenges, that they’re not forcing players to sit out every other challenge.
Jordan Breslow
Jordan Breslow Aylar önce
boonstuff You would think those are still the rules, but Sandra just sat out another challenge!! Not fair!!!
boonstuff Aylar önce
Jordan Breslow - “Going home” is just an expression they use for being voted out. Yes they still have a chance to get back in the game. And Sandra is only allowed to sit out every other challenge, no player can sit out two challenges in a row. Those are the rules of Survivor.
Sally Vee
Sally Vee Aylar önce
She doesn't sit out every challenge. She's sat out _every other_ challenge. Besides, she dominated the last challenge. Does she have to be a triple threat all the time? She's already the provider for the tribe!
JudeMarchisio Aylar önce
This season is really underwhelming. We were expecting a Survivor World Cup but it's just soooo boring!
charlie walsh
charlie walsh Aylar önce
what??? i love it so far
Unknown Unknown
Unknown Unknown Aylar önce
Agreed, boring thus far.
Shamus Shannan
Shamus Shannan Aylar önce
I haven’t been bored a single minute during this season
Malcolm Junior
Malcolm Junior Aylar önce
There is nothing boring about this season whatsoever 😂
Jacob Bresler
Jacob Bresler Aylar önce
You’re very negative. Posting a lot of negative replies.
B C Aylar önce
Ask Rupert about The Amazing Race 31 even if just a minute or less. What was it like playing with Queen Eliza and Queen Corinne in particular 💁🏾‍♂️
JudeMarchisio Aylar önce
I wish you packaged this show a bit better.
Olivia Kalentek
Olivia Kalentek Aylar önce
Question: is there any chance they are keeping Rob because they know Amber is on EOE. Is there a chance that Jeremy is considering Natalie’s chances on EOE. Just a thought?
Green Flashes
Green Flashes Aylar önce
In a way thats what the old school alliance’s wake up call for letting go of danni.
Green Flashes
Green Flashes Aylar önce
Thanks @boonstuff its a betrayal made by danni. Yes. But in a game like this number is your greatest weapon and rob lost a bullet by not realigning everything with danni given that she’s self imploding
boonstuff Aylar önce
Alucard - The point is, Rob/Parv/Ethan agreed to vote unanimously on Danni in order to appear open-minded to working with/unifying the rest of the tribe. They sent home one of their SURE numbers bc they were confident they could go under the radar as a power trio and pull in an Adam or a Jeremy in future votes. Rob crossed Jeremy at the very first tribal when he voted out Nat, and still you see Rob making the mistake of trusting Jeremy and thinking he will just forgive and forget. As if Rob’s such a good player, he can make anybody trust him and vote his way. His ego is insane lol, now he has nobody left except for Parv. Had he kept Danni, he would’ve had 4 in his alliance and could’ve pulled in an Adam or a Ben and made a majority of 5 during the vote at 9. Danni went after Parv bc she thought Parv didn’t like/trust her. It could’ve been fixed, and Rob should’ve convinced Parv to calm Danni down and reassure their alliance. Instead, Rob pulled the “nobody crosses me or my alliance and lives to tell the tale” and now Rob and Parv have nobody left but themselves.
Alucard Aylar önce
@Green Flashes Then she betrayed him by telling Ben everything about the alliance. It is her own fault she got voted out any way you look at it.
Green Flashes
Green Flashes Aylar önce
Alucard it is her fault. But at the end of the day, whether danni will flip or not against the old schoolers she COULDVE been a potential number for the old schoolers since she pledged loyalty to rob.
Alucard Aylar önce
Its Danni's fault she got voted out.
Whistler4u Aylar önce
High hopes for Adam. He can only win if he plays badly for a few episodes.
Whistler4u Aylar önce
@Alucard I was more referring to "Adam has no chance"
Alucard Aylar önce
@Whistler4u They said Adam was gonna blow up Denises game by revealing she has an idol to the rest of the tribe in his season? I might have to rewatch it considering i don't remember that part.
Whistler4u Aylar önce
@Alucard That's what they said in his original season.
Alucard Aylar önce
Adam doesn't have a chance. I have a feeling in the next episode he is gonna blow up Denise's game by revealing she has an idol to the rest of the tribe.
B C Aylar önce
Purple Nick? Wendell feels kinda purple too though. Both of them.
Angela McDaniel
Angela McDaniel Aylar önce
Jeremy is using Rob and Parv as meat sheilds. He'll get rid of one of them before the merge.
The Higher Space
The Higher Space Aylar önce
21:50 Completely disagree ! In both all stars and HvV, it was a bitter vote .. these people have huge egos they won't vote for whomever played better ..
FiveNine Aylar önce
Yul seems like the only guy who would put emotions aside in a vote maybe.
Khoa Huynh
Khoa Huynh Aylar önce
With the edit, I think Parvati will go very far in the game... If she's an early boost I expect to she her to dominating all the eps for now.
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