Survivor: Blood vs. Water - Immunity/Reward Challenge: Back Splash

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This immunity and reward challenge test everyone's stamina, strength and balance.  Click the link to subscribe to the Survivor channel - bit.ly/1eAKHER To watch full episodes of Survivor, click HERE - bit.ly/1bizVPI Get the CBS app for iPhone & iPad! Click HERE: bit.ly/12rLxge Click HERE to purchase the upcoming season on iTunes: bit.ly/LQMsn7 Get your Survivor season pass now from Google Play: play.google.com/store/tv/show/Survivor?id=-b5xHkj4eTo Get your Survivor season pass now from Google Play: play.google.com/store/tv/show/Survivor?id=-b5xHkj4eTo
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Fake News
Fake News 19 saatler önce
It seems like the trick is not to lean back but stay as far forward as possible.
Gaëtan Chekaiban
The group could have send her one hamburger at least, but no, pigs : 5:25
Xx_oofers_xX Gün önce
i knew monica will win
Patrick Zhou
Patrick Zhou 3 gün önce
Monica is the best we love her
Roukaya Saleh
Roukaya Saleh 3 gün önce
Ducks! 4 gün önce
Ok, I have some thoughts on how I would play in these situations. If you get a solo reward like this, people are always going to be very jealous. That puts a target on your back, so for me, I would always try to give up the reward, even if I want it really badly. I feel like the move has two sides. One is genuine, one is strategic.
im Riley
im Riley 4 gün önce
the guy with the most musculs fell first how ??????
The Emerald Axe
The Emerald Axe 3 gün önce
He isn't getting enough food to give them energy so it's just weight
Sky Hʕ·ᴥ·ʔ
Sky Hʕ·ᴥ·ʔ 4 gün önce
who is here from roblox Survivor
Ian Tusil
Ian Tusil 4 gün önce
I love how she just stays calm👍
Imaginations Gamer
Imaginations Gamer 5 gün önce
Who fell first
Amjath Khan Idrous Mohammed
Monica is great
One Buffalo
One Buffalo 6 gün önce
idk why everyone is so amazed at the women doing well this a woman made challenge. Anyone with a high fitness level and low BW would dominate this over bigger dudes. Its the same reason skinny fit guys tend to put gym bros to shame when it comes to repping pullups or push ups.
lillian hanna
lillian hanna 7 gün önce
tbh the only reason i would want to win immunity is for that food
Jerome Catacutan
Jerome Catacutan 8 gün önce
Dipa nag thank you yung mag ina
Alba Leon
Alba Leon 9 gün önce
El primero que se soltó no tenía fuerza más fuerza tiene una mujer y esos músculos que son de silicon operados😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂
Muzammil Imran Aulakh
My mouth got watered 😂
moondai 10 gün önce
You wouldn’t see me giving up my food especially when I’m a total food baby
Micaela Fallon
Micaela Fallon 11 gün önce
The men looked like they had the biggest muscle but they just dropped and the women were just in zen mode
E X P I T C X 11 gün önce
nura Love
nura Love 12 gün önce
she real survivor
Ariana Butler :3
Ariana Butler :3 12 gün önce
Hanukkah which she did was expiring and kind she might’ve done it for political stuff like for them to think on how kind of her done that just to make him not wanna vote her out but
Ariana Butler :3
Ariana Butler :3 12 gün önce
wow I am really shock this is the first series I saw with 40 seasons plus I never knew survival was an actual thing I only knew it was on roblox but damn I hated this challenge in roblox and I bet I will hate it in real life if I had to go through it
Maral Najafinia
Maral Najafinia 12 gün önce
Who else plays survivor on roblox
OiaFH 10 gün önce
Maral Najafinia
Maral Najafinia 12 gün önce
And we win immunity and we vote for the council
Maral Najafinia
Maral Najafinia 12 gün önce
We also had to put on the band thing
R Faith
R Faith 12 gün önce
RIP Caleb ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Sn00ks 13 gün önce
Here from the roblox game lol
Blossom Bebe
Blossom Bebe 14 gün önce
monica was just chillin💀
Margarita Henry
Margarita Henry 14 gün önce
Monica, you are the God .
Abdulbasit Khan
Abdulbasit Khan 14 gün önce
1 like= 10 cheese burgers for monica
Virginia Leslie
Virginia Leslie 17 gün önce
Zakou Bellalou
Zakou Bellalou 18 gün önce
Plagiat koh lanta
zahra sohail
zahra sohail 19 gün önce
Monica's face she feeeled relaxed
ok I don't care
ok I don't care 19 gün önce
Awwww so cute she is an angel
Miranda Edwin lol
Miranda Edwin lol 21 gün önce
I wouldn’t do that No lie
Anastasija Culjak
Anastasija Culjak 22 gün önce
thats what i call friendship and sharing is caring
incharge now
incharge now 23 gün önce
These man are some p**
The Emerald Axe
The Emerald Axe 3 gün önce
LaToyaMarcinko 25 gün önce
And not one person saved one bit of food for her, or fought for her to have even a little. Smh this irked me to my core. Especially after saying she’s a mom 😒
hockeygirl 822
hockeygirl 822 25 gün önce
i wanted Monica to win this season so badly 😔 tyson was just 😒
nut cha
nut cha 26 gün önce
Sub titel please🙏
Sayan Paul
Sayan Paul 28 gün önce
Monica did so much for others yet they didn't vote for her in the Finale
Leonie Verwey
Leonie Verwey 28 gün önce
IK. ben. beeter
Leonie Verwey
Leonie Verwey 28 gün önce
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Leonie Verwey
Leonie Verwey 28 gün önce
Treveon Keith
Treveon Keith 29 gün önce
I love her🤗😩💓😭
Treveon Keith
Treveon Keith 29 gün önce
Aweee she said this is my family😭
Treveon Keith
Treveon Keith 29 gün önce
That's easy I used to do all of that
Luckylucy101 Aylar önce
Total drama island be like
Su Money
Su Money Aylar önce
You are the best
Su Money
Su Money Aylar önce
I love you Su
Lucero Uffre
Lucero Uffre Aylar önce
hola yo me llamo lucero a mi me gusta sus video adios chao
Dawson Hanscom
Dawson Hanscom Aylar önce
I love you monica this vid got a like from me because of you
N-music Aylar önce
First time to see this show. Monica is so kind 💋❤️
hmph Aylar önce
Nary Oum
Nary Oum Aylar önce
An the last part
Ghita Aylar önce
Oh this show is the American version of a french show called Koh Lanta ! This one also looks good
SuperJamielee001 Aylar önce
Omg I feel so selfish because if I won I would eat that all by myself
Rhalliyah Mellejor
Rhalliyah Mellejor Aylar önce
Omg that's so hard ••
Metro Bunny
Metro Bunny Aylar önce
Survivor has a game at roblox that also fun also!
Your Mother Hubbard
Tyson double stuffing his face was so epic ahahaha 5:23
Kathryn Dillander
Kathryn Dillander Aylar önce
My nickname is Katie
Zilch71 Aylar önce
This challenge is kinda bs the rope thing, the guys weigh a lot more than them so it’s way easier to hold yourself up
faris gomail
faris gomail Aylar önce
جميل جدا
Nada Torino
Nada Torino Aylar önce
Monica was very nice 👍
Nada Torino
Nada Torino Aylar önce
that is very hard to do
Gaming with Bre McGee
This is like the show on Netflix when had to go against each other
Nidha Tabassum
Nidha Tabassum Aylar önce
And that’s how u don’t get voted out
Olivia Repasz
Olivia Repasz Aylar önce
That’s like survivor on roblox
Kara Gates
Kara Gates Aylar önce
I'm crying joy tears.Monica did something I wouldn't do
Kara Gates
Kara Gates Aylar önce
Monica I melted my heart ur are sweet u least need a Burger for what you did
Dina's universe
Dina's universe Aylar önce
Bro I can die for that food right now it looks so good oh my God😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋
Babygirl Lilee
Babygirl Lilee Aylar önce
If I were one of them who did get the food I would grab some food and give some to Monica.
Edison Consolacion
Edison Consolacion Aylar önce
Aww momica is so kind but shes so hunhry
Nevaeh Morales
Nevaeh Morales Aylar önce
Monica is super kind
iitxori Aylar önce
Monica can come and rob my fridge
Canadian Scouser
Canadian Scouser Aylar önce
kudos to Monica played that like a G🤙🤙
rav3two Aylar önce
Monica turns out to be quite smart taking the good part of the reward for her and giving that disgusting unhealthy food to the rest to win their hearts as well as to poison and weaken them physically and mentally
mekeller 9
mekeller 9 Aylar önce
IsNt ThIs fRom RoBlOx?
Tanjua Mays
Tanjua Mays Aylar önce
German Villalba
German Villalba Aylar önce
Ong shes so nice😰😰😰😰😰
SvampeBeast Aylar önce
“Survivor” my ass! This is not survival, this is who can eat most food every single day. I mean look at the Danish version of the survival television, they nearly starve, they don’t get anything to eat in 15-30 days! They are really hardcore, this, this is just silly...
Speed bro Vlog
Speed bro Vlog Aylar önce
Anuel AA - 3 de abril [Official Audio]
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