Surviving 50 Hours in Realistic Minecraft 

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25 Kas 2022




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Can we just appreciate how much work and effort he put into his videos
Saulius Penkauskas
Saulius Penkauskas 10 aylar önce
wow this comment for me right now it says 3 minutes ago
Kirby Burger
Kirby Burger 10 aylar önce
@Saulius Penkauskas both of these people are bots. One of them is a scammer
chabrefski 10 aylar önce
chabrefski 10 aylar önce
@Kirby Burger Yeah the scammer is Being Hella annoying
Kirby Burger
Kirby Burger 10 aylar önce
@chabrefski ikr
Shuntavia Ruffin
Shuntavia Ruffin 10 aylar önce
I love how the villager trade a flitting steel for a stick and a vine
Rachel Lillian
Rachel Lillian 7 aylar önce
Let's take moment to epresheyate how nice he is and how hard he works to get his videos started for us to watch hopefully he lives his hole life
Rare. Wubbox gamer
Rare. Wubbox gamer 3 aylar önce
I want blowing up 100 layers of glass and metal and wood and the tape
Tracy Perry
Tracy Perry 2 aylar önce
1.5k subs with 0 videos come on
Can we appreciate how hard this man works to give us entertainment, Amazing
Oliver Perfrement
Oliver Perfrement 5 aylar önce
We really can appreciate it
William Bartlett
William Bartlett 5 aylar önce
I do not know
Demon  Roblox
Demon Roblox 4 aylar önce
No Skull
Kendyl GD
Kendyl GD 2 aylar önce
You don’t have 1.5k subscribers
Kluggy Pinetopia
Kluggy Pinetopia 2 aylar önce
Leonardo Sanderfur
Leonardo Sanderfur 9 aylar önce
i love how gabe is like saying hes being hacked and then its like red all over the cave
Rachel Fox
Rachel Fox 25 gün önce
Ive been watching you for 4whole years and never got bored!good job!😁😁😁😁
Ed Vinton
Ed Vinton 9 aylar önce
I love how James is like have you seen a Minecraft character this thick 😂😂
Jamie 2 aylar önce
bro you’re weird 😂
DogboyDerik 2 aylar önce
Omg that's funny
Roy Coleman
Roy Coleman Aylar önce
Yea so funny 😂😂😂😂
Jamal Morgans
Jamal Morgans 10 aylar önce
is it just me but when they do these type of videos they make so happy i always get feeling from these type of videos.
Droopid 10 aylar önce
They arent funny
Anthony Ballester
Anthony Ballester 10 aylar önce
Ya these videos make me happy and Evan more happy I'm subed and you are the best unspeckable
Anthony Ballester
Anthony Ballester 10 aylar önce
You are Soo rite
Charizard 10 aylar önce
You're my first favorite TRvidr
Heidi Giroux Smith
Heidi Giroux Smith 9 aylar önce
Evangeline Audet
Evangeline Audet 9 aylar önce
Title: “surviving 50 hours in realistic minecraft” Implying that Gabe took 50 hours in a box in the forest to complete Hardcore Minecraft
Bryan 9 aylar önce
2 weeks late
Fixes 9 aylar önce
@Bryanyou too
Certified cat
Certified cat 9 aylar önce
@Fixes you to
Choco Gamer
Choco Gamer 9 aylar önce
@Certified cat you t
LilBitFISHY 9 aylar önce
@Choco Gamer you
amber bolton
amber bolton 4 aylar önce
I'd like how unspeakable predicted the future by telling Gabe that hes gonna die by a creeper.
Long Bá
Long Bá 10 aylar önce
Felix speaking Italian makes me laugh so hard even when his pronunciation is on point
J.P. Beatboxer
J.P. Beatboxer 10 aylar önce
who is felix?
Eli Martin
Eli Martin 3 aylar önce
Jaxon and Aiden
Jaxon and Aiden 2 aylar önce
If I was stuck in the woods without anyone near me, I’m going to survive and find my way back home in survive like Minecraft but I might die by the time by something.😅
G money
G money 10 aylar önce
Whoever is reading this I hope whatever you’re going through gets better. Have a good day unspeakable is the best you tuber
cat boy 86 wall
cat boy 86 wall 9 aylar önce
You too
Jake plays
Jake plays 9 aylar önce
Amy Willuweit
Amy Willuweit 9 aylar önce
SStrawbery 9 aylar önce
Aww thank you I have COVID-19 and this made my day
Tara Belew
Tara Belew 3 aylar önce
best video ever.
Brayden's Onaslaught / MBVE545
“So I bet my friend Gabe 10,000 dollars that we could survive longer than he could in hardcore Minecraft.” Philza wants to know your location.
Hotdog 9 aylar önce
plain RESPECT to the camera outside of gabes setup
Liam Rose i like bluebarry
I love you want to be gone you're my favorite TRvidr and I will subscribe e to you every single day if I didn't I would be crying cuz you are my favorite TRvidr in the world
UMBREON cool dude
UMBREON cool dude 8 aylar önce
same here
LoganBeastGaming 6 aylar önce
Kirsty Harrison
Kirsty Harrison 5 aylar önce
I’ve watched you for over 6 years wow😂
GZGamers 10 aylar önce
As a professional hardcore player, I am having a heart attack with how little lighting up of the cave system there was.
SCCJaxpr🏀d 10 aylar önce
Neehan S
Neehan S 10 aylar önce
@SCCJaxpr🏀d we all know its fake that guy commented on mine too i kinda wasted his time xd
GZGamers 10 aylar önce
@SCCJaxpr🏀d im used to it by now. thanks though
Shruti Chavan
Shruti Chavan 4 aylar önce
xCrxptic 3 aylar önce
46 likes? let me fix that.
Shredder Animations
Shredder Animations 8 aylar önce
Kimberly Farestad
Kimberly Farestad 10 aylar önce
I love how Nathan will appease entertain us even if it is dangerous and that's why I subscribed. So Nathan never stop!
Fabio Freitas
Fabio Freitas 10 aylar önce
Hi unspeakable
Rachel Le
Rachel Le 10 aylar önce
@Fabio Freitas He is not unspeakable
sopop nincer
sopop nincer 10 aylar önce
He is of deceit
Camden Rushing
Camden Rushing 10 aylar önce
And thank you for all of your hard word and the effort you put in these videos so thank you!!
MrFatShanks2209 9 aylar önce
Wow it’s really cool to see your channel still going strong, I watched all your vids religiously about 4 years ago and I thought I’d check if you still make vids, turns out you do lol
Lisa Thompson
Lisa Thompson 6 aylar önce
Kw,a,a, Ala,a,a
Mona Lina Tambura
Mona Lina Tambura 6 aylar önce
B sv01😊
🌸Døumas waifu🌸
🌸Døumas waifu🌸 7 aylar önce
Nathan never fails to entertain us 😂😂
Virpal Brar
Virpal Brar 10 aylar önce
Wow! You’re videos are really good! Keep make brilliant videos! Don’t give up or be upset. Be always happy! Everyone supports you, Gabe and James. If you are always down, you can always look at this comment for support. Keep working hard and be always positive/happy!
Kevin 6 aylar önce
Gabe, for a beginner you actually played Minecraft pretty 😁
Benjamin Knight
Benjamin Knight 5 aylar önce
Uxe 63882$10
Caroline Laing
Caroline Laing 10 aylar önce
I love the amount of positive energy in this channel,I have been watching them since I was 5.I am so thankful for them and the amount of fun I have watching them,even when i'm down(a little sad) I start to watch them and and I laugh like heck!,again i'm so so thankful for them because they make us laugh.☺☺😃😃❤❤
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dov shanni
dov shanni 6 aylar önce
"positive" energy aint the only thing he had this video 💀
king_ penguin
king_ penguin 6 aylar önce
Kason Mangar
Kason Mangar 4 aylar önce
Jena Sanford
Jena Sanford 10 aylar önce
I’m rooting for Unspeakable, James and Cedrick on this one because I think they can do it and all three of them are funny 😆
Afrah Zahid
Afrah Zahid 10 aylar önce
I love how they put gabs in a glass box in the middle of nowhere and he is just getting the good life with the led lights and no one telling him to turn his Minecraft off or eny thing like that
Afrah Zahid
Afrah Zahid 10 aylar önce
I’m a huge fan same as my brothers
Erin Wren
Erin Wren 7 aylar önce
I ❤ your videos and they make me happy after a long day of school 😊❤
Connie Pun
Connie Pun 6 aylar önce
phoebe nueva espana
phoebe nueva espana 4 aylar önce
@Connie Pun shcool ko
Milan Milosevic
Milan Milosevic Aylar önce
Mint 10 aylar önce
this is insane! you guys try your best to keep us entertained, even if you put your own life to the risk! also this is mad funny lmao 😂. love you and your videos! 🤩
Eli Lewis
Eli Lewis 10 aylar önce
your right bro'
Cass's and kaylee
Cass's and kaylee 10 aylar önce
True bruh
Tania S Tampe
Tania S Tampe 10 aylar önce
Hi L
Tania S Tampe
Tania S Tampe 10 aylar önce
Belgica Diaz
Belgica Diaz 10 aylar önce
@Cass's and kaylee 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊
Jennifer Benoit
Jennifer Benoit 7 aylar önce
I'm a boy but dude your videos are insane I love them so much you make me happy You're the one who inspired me to play Minecraft One day I'm gonna be a gamer because of you Thank you
The Living Miracle
The Living Miracle 9 aylar önce
"Middle of the forest" yet Gabe is next to a dirt road 😂
Jake Shilvock
Jake Shilvock 2 aylar önce
Stupi 10 aylar önce
You should do more of this type of stuff it’s really fun to watch!
Nick Romanyszyn
Nick Romanyszyn 10 aylar önce
I am a boy scout and honestly it is a little harder to survive in the woods but the past 4 years I have been in Boy scouts they taught me a lot of survival.
Treuka   gaming
Treuka gaming 10 aylar önce
Bacon Sensei
Bacon Sensei 10 aylar önce
@fabulousandrew4286 bruh you not unspeakable
gum Daddy
gum Daddy 2 aylar önce
I want to be in one of your videos please keep making amazing videos I love them so much 😍🎉❤😊
Maddie 10 aylar önce
I love when James said “You ever seen a Minecraft player this thick” 😂😂
coolscord 10 aylar önce
Diego Cruz
Diego Cruz 7 aylar önce
@coolscord toy chica likes you
Victoria Stewart
Victoria Stewart 5 aylar önce
Funny !!!!!!!!!!😂😂😂😂
Zoey Aylar önce
You're the funniest you tuber in the world 😂
ManCity Fan
ManCity Fan 10 aylar önce
Love your videos props to you bro keep up the good work and have a blessed day
Adina765 765
Adina765 765 10 aylar önce
U said keep up the good work just like in my school
Riley Brown
Riley Brown 10 aylar önce
I’m early😊
XPLR_ForLife 10 aylar önce
@Riley Brown ok
Mark The Actor
Mark The Actor 10 aylar önce
I love the real world aspect of this new video game. 😂
DragoPlayzThis 10 aylar önce
Thank you unspeakable and friends for this amazing content I really appreciate it.
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ReDone 8 aylar önce
I think you did good Gabe 😃
Harry Gaming
Harry Gaming 10 aylar önce
If been watching this dude for 7 years and he never gets boring
Peyton 10 aylar önce
Same here!!!!!!!!!!
Wan Ching Chong
Wan Ching Chong 9 aylar önce
Spelling error I been watching
Vincent Zhang
Vincent Zhang 9 aylar önce
Sarah Townsend
Sarah Townsend 7 aylar önce
Sarah Townsend
Sarah Townsend 7 aylar önce
Batool jan
Batool jan Aylar önce
Dang if I had this much time I would of clean my room and organized my closet
Sheeli J
Sheeli J 10 aylar önce
Great Video. ❤Have subscribed. Really excited to watch more videos from you,
Loord Oscar
Loord Oscar 9 aylar önce
They are scammers pls trust me Sherlock j
Kiwi 10 aylar önce
I love your videos you put so much effort into that thank you
LeviTucker 10 aylar önce
Yulds Is a bot
Mikey David
Mikey David 10 aylar önce
I guess Gabe owes Nathan $10,000
Xander Kyle Bandagoza
Xander Kyle Bandagoza 3 aylar önce
Is anyone shocked by how James found a deer's skull
Kay-DC 10 aylar önce
This video just proves how different survival is in real life compared to Minecraft
Kitten Squad Gaming
Kitten Squad Gaming 8 aylar önce
One time me and my cousins made an actual bridge and I had to walk across it and the river was really muddy and the river was wide but luckily I am still here and I do not fall in😊
No one
No one 10 aylar önce
I love your Channel!!!!Also you are the best TRvidr I know!!!
mh-d 10 aylar önce
Thank you for your effort to make people happy
Bridget Atamu
Bridget Atamu 10 aylar önce
I love your videos keep up the uploads
Megan Donjon
Megan Donjon 7 aylar önce
love your videos dude
Michael Staub
Michael Staub 10 aylar önce
The effort that they put in this video is amazing!!!!!!
Joshua Fearnow
Joshua Fearnow 10 aylar önce
Unspeakable gap slapped you and did not say gu
Geen Baksh
Geen Baksh 10 aylar önce
Unspeakable you are AMAZING!!!🥳🤩
2% Low Fat Milk
2% Low Fat Milk 10 aylar önce
@Geen Baksh that’s not the real unspeakable. It’s a scammer.
Tania Stenson
Tania Stenson Aylar önce
Love it❤
Idk what to name
Idk what to name Aylar önce
Not_Java 10 aylar önce
I am a little bit late, but this video is amazing!
Gabby  R
Gabby R 10 aylar önce
Thank you so much for this video!! I loved it!!!
mitzi frutiger
mitzi frutiger 6 aylar önce
You're the best youtuber ever. Please keep on making nice vids.
Thedinodudeboy 10 aylar önce
Finally, somebody does this. I have been waiting for so long.
Lorilee Carroll
Lorilee Carroll 8 aylar önce
Oh damm I love your videos. They’re really good.
Official Adan
Official Adan 10 aylar önce
Nice video, its like a realistic Minecraft video
Commando Aramus Nightblood
Imagine walking through the forest and encountering Gabe in a box
nonfiction007 9 aylar önce
nonfiction007 9 aylar önce
That would be funny
The anime channel
The anime channel 9 aylar önce
I'd cry lol
PizzaPizza 9 aylar önce
Diana Bricker
Diana Bricker 9 aylar önce
That would be something else and nice
Momofone 10 aylar önce
Miss the longer videos. Still love you guys though.
D Wheeler
D Wheeler 8 aylar önce
You do so much dangerous things for us I support that, I love your vids you deserve 100,000 dollars or smth.
LuckyNemo 10 aylar önce
Minecraft is fun I am glad you are still posting 😁
canadian audit watch
canadian audit watch 10 aylar önce
First time I got her in 5min🎉🎉🎉🎉
Rushe_vr Aylar önce
Now Gabe has redstone😂
Upurity 10 aylar önce
Anyone Else Remember Growing Up With These Videos?
Spoonlord1233 10 aylar önce
Diesezz vr
Diesezz vr 10 aylar önce
keegsterplaz 10 aylar önce
Easton Wheels Gonzalez
Easton Wheels Gonzalez 10 aylar önce
"An Amendola never gives up" -James 2022
Origami&fishingguy 10 aylar önce
We love minecraft as much as we love his video ideas
Jayme Foley
Jayme Foley 10 aylar önce
True. but Nathan is a little bit better
Robert Eilers
Robert Eilers 8 aylar önce
Your Videos are the best❤
BarbecueAnimates 9 aylar önce
Gabe needs to have his own gaming channel
Pokémon kid
Pokémon kid 9 aylar önce
live from the deathstar
Rendani Mugwena
Rendani Mugwena 9 aylar önce
@Pokémon kid and
pink sauce army
pink sauce army 9 aylar önce
@Rendani Mugwenaagreed
MarwanEG 9 aylar önce
same with James
Jenna Dyer
Jenna Dyer 2 aylar önce
Legend has it unspeakable still has that dirt in his pocket
TheGuy4Every1 9 aylar önce
8:16 killed me of laughing
UltraRobbe08 10 aylar önce
Fun fact: Turtles are just snails but with a very big house on their back
Recordings by SF
Recordings by SF 10 aylar önce
I love how Gabe admits he is a noob lol 😂
Charlie The Dog
Charlie The Dog 2 aylar önce
Bro I’m so jealous that James found that, that skull is so cool
Jayme Foley
Jayme Foley 10 aylar önce
I love the content that this guy makes
Sotero Esquerra
Sotero Esquerra 4 aylar önce
Gabe is such a note who puts LED light at the bottom of the house lol.
Daniel Fletcher
Daniel Fletcher 9 aylar önce
“Can I put my Minecraft bed next to your” James-2022
xJuvenilex 8 aylar önce
Im From The Future.
ZeruptionPrime 8 aylar önce
I think that was cedrick the camerman
Drranew 8 aylar önce
Nop wrong Person
Aimee 8 aylar önce
@ZeruptionPrime and I are from here to a place to go for dinner 🍽 I was going out of my place but I’m going back to the office and I’ll come in the office for dinner 🍽 and I’ll come by tomorrow if that’s cool 😎 I’ll just come back to your room I love 💗 so so cute 😊 I’m just a bit worried 😧 but you can get me in my bed 🛏 and you are all the best oooooooo type I have to be in a long way but I’m so glad 😃 and my brother have been great 😌 but we will do 🫡 for the rest and all that the same way I know it’s hard and that will make us grow so we are good 😌 I hope 🤞🏿 can do better than me I don’t think 💭
Mr black guy
Mr black guy 7 aylar önce
@Aimee omg you are so weird😑
My_EyeBall 10 aylar önce
The amount of work that they put into the videos. Good job yall 👏👍
Infinity VR
Infinity VR 2 aylar önce
Yo James went hard cutting that wood. 😂😂😂
Avi Games
Avi Games 10 aylar önce
You make the best vids! Keep up the great vids!
CharlieBean1020 3 aylar önce
I love your video. They are so cool I love them because they’re very nice. I like the one you spent 24 hour fly pet.
Scott Boschee
Scott Boschee 10 aylar önce
I Love your videos Done 😊
Jayme Foley
Jayme Foley 10 aylar önce
My dad just past away but your content makes me feel better
Brantley Knox
Brantley Knox 6 aylar önce
I’m sorry for your loss
Outlaw 6 aylar önce
L bozo
Poopu jy
Poopu jy 10 aylar önce
I love how unspeakables amazing team never disappoints
Lucas Bigham
Lucas Bigham 8 aylar önce
respect to the cameraman outside ngl
SpiritualNiteGamer 9 aylar önce
Who remembers the camping video in the woods? They forgot all the important things for camping. 😂🥺
Imagine Being short 🙃
I know I can’t believe it
Loxyfoxy_rugcats 9 aylar önce
Stacy Bricker 🎉
little magma142
little magma142 8 aylar önce
2:59 Bigfoot on right side BE CAREFUL
David Dhu
David Dhu 9 aylar önce
happy birthday nathan, from australia!!
Amy Jenkins
Amy Jenkins 10 aylar önce
He puts so much effort into these videos can we just appreciate these videos bro their so good and amazing to watch love them ❤❤❤😎😎😎
Wacdonald none
Wacdonald none 10 aylar önce
Unspeakable does challenges that other TRvidrs don’t do! So happy! My two favorites Unspeakable and Minecraft
TTVBox 4 aylar önce
Why is Gabe like the only one who chose to survive on his own except this time.
Milan Milosevic
Milan Milosevic Aylar önce
Milan Milosevic
Milan Milosevic Aylar önce
Milan Milosevic
Milan Milosevic Aylar önce
Shahpoor Osman
Shahpoor Osman 8 aylar önce
WE LOVE your channel from Erkan .
Jurassicog123 8 aylar önce
Mom: go play outside Gabe: brings gameing set outside
Gaming with_big furball#roblox
I love your videos they are so funny at the same time as cool
Slurpiko 8 aylar önce
Fixxy 10 aylar önce
the hour creeped me out😂 the deer haunts made this epic
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Gee Zee
Gee Zee 9 aylar önce
Hi, I'm so happy that you make these videos to make us entertained and you keep trying and trying to get to your goal and you cannot give up on your dreams by you have to keep on going and going until you get there and I mean you don't want to stay stuck in a picture 🖼️ and I've been watching you since I was very young so I want you to be safe and stay away from those coyotes!🐈🐈🌝
Jamaria 26 gün önce
You guys are the best I love your videos
Nicolas Ghosn
Nicolas Ghosn 10 aylar önce
I love your videos so much especially this one
*☆melody☆* 2 aylar önce
Are we just going to ignore the fact that James called Nathan bae💀-