Surprising our CEO with his DREAM car build! (2020 BMW M340i X-drive)

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20 Mar 2021




Yük bağlantısı.....


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Marshall Koning
Marshall Koning Yıl önce
Y’all are such dope guys, never stop!!
Tobias Lootens
Tobias Lootens Yıl önce
Had to like this comment now it has 69 likes
Cody Bannon
Cody Bannon Yıl önce
Can't explain how hard I laughed at Evan's oblivious reaction to the "valve cover-cover" already being done 😂😂😂
Kaur Vali
Kaur Vali Yıl önce
As it is an xDrive, what are the rim and tire sizes? (Note: just wondering because on xDrive if wheel diameter size differences between front and back are too big (more that 1%) and the new wheels are more than 3% bigger in diameter than originals then the transfer case is going to shit itself.)
Huck Huck
Huck Huck Yıl önce
Looks so much better all around especially with the new grille. You should give one of those grilles to Oscar and have his guys make it in carbon. I think it would look even better matching the front lip.
Stepheon Coles
Stepheon Coles Yıl önce
You guys don't post enough. I love this channel. Especially the 10 minute builds.
VakoBeatz Yıl önce
Im pretty sure they upload 3-4 videos a week
The 10 minute builds are a compilation of months of work. Every 10 minute video takes them 4-6 months to make
GuyBroDudeTV Yıl önce
Love the OEM+ look of this car now. But I honestly feel like the stock grill would have looked better matching with those wheels. Or maybe a black wheel to just go hard on the strom trooper look.
james dunne
james dunne 8 aylar önce
The wheels look too big imop they could do with a bit more tyre
Hovan theCool
Hovan theCool 2 aylar önce
LOVE the exhaust and the overall build!!!!
Taktko Yıl önce
Love to see how to re aim the headlight. Also wondering if the H&R’s bottom out on any small bump. I have them on my F30 340 and it is bottoming constantly to the point that is not fun driving the car anymore.
Pedro Rodriguez III
I'm always so happy to see the way you fellas look out for one another. It has now become my mission to get out there to meet you guys just to shake your hands and meet my hero Ricky.
FJB_LGB Yıl önce
That was an amazing transformation. I like the new grille and wheels. Great job!
Matt Campbell
Matt Campbell Yıl önce
You boys are awesome. Thank you for the content. Glad yall been getting some work on ur own cars. Waiting to see them cappachinos again as well as the civic. Good night boys until next time.
Israel & Elijah Richards
throtl is amazing at car mods but that car build was so sweet
01arron Aylar önce
It’s so nice that the guy ‘Noticed’ everything that had been done. Appreciation right there
W J Yıl önce
Loved all the mods and I know he truly deserved it!
Seikers Yıl önce
them wheels look so sick! The color also ties in with the white really well!
Tigereyes_BRS Yıl önce
@Throtl at least this prank is well deserved! Nice upgrades! That's what so great about this TRvid channel you never know what to expect.
Jose Fradera
Jose Fradera Yıl önce
Beautiful mods those HRE wheels look amazing
Emiliano A
Emiliano A Yıl önce
would you happen to know the exact name of them ?
Luffy D Monkey
Luffy D Monkey Yıl önce
Rick sounds like a real CEO; Oh (laughs), you finally swapped out the grill. 😂 Could’ve done it yourself bud. (No hate, love the dynamic between these boys)
Romnick Canono
Romnick Canono Yıl önce
damn i wish i had people like yall to just fix my car 😂
As a mustang owner, cried at how easy it is to change the grill
cow 5 gün önce
U own a mustang that sucks
Sabur 5 aylar önce
Ooh yeee😂that jawn was ez to replace
Youbones 5 aylar önce
I'd cry if I owned a mustang too
Arcade Slum
Arcade Slum 6 aylar önce
is300 grill is easy also
OverallGamer25 11 aylar önce
I feel your pain 😔
LordDarthRevan Yıl önce
That grill totally changed the look of the car along with those sick wheels. Honestly I did not like the car when you guys first got it, but after this I would most definitely rock one now. Good job on this one.
Taariq Adham
Taariq Adham Yıl önce
Car turned out awesome guys,great job
Duilio Garcia
Duilio Garcia Yıl önce
Hell yeah!!! I own an M340i and I love to see this kinda videos!! I would get crazy if that would it happen to me 🥲😭😭
Houston Brown
Houston Brown Yıl önce
I never knew he was the CEO that’s cool!
xZiMinDaveyy Yıl önce
Quad exit for a 340i is a no go for me, besides that wow what a transformation!
Thomas Vath
Thomas Vath Aylar önce
I hate when a channel builds a car so perfect, Im getting my m340i in a couple months and now I want to build your exact car🤦‍♂️
Parker Pasemko
Parker Pasemko Yıl önce
love these quick little build kinda videos
Auto Passion 27
Auto Passion 27 Yıl önce
This M340i looks good, the wheels are beautiful!
Jeremy Yıl önce
Y’all just some high quality friends and that’s the truth🤟❣️
GSMMW Yıl önce
Looks great! Luv the wheel combo.
HA AC Yıl önce
Love those wheels. Ride height perfect. Looks Great.
Buco 9 aylar önce
After he sees the car: "you finally put the grill in" acts surprised... Fun to watch nonetheless. Good job! Thumbs up!
In2zion Yıl önce
Could you share the wheel specs and tire you guys went with? I would love to do the same
F.O.E.garage 6 aylar önce
Such a simple yet beautiful transformation.
Slay Low
Slay Low 8 aylar önce
That intake is gorgeous. I can only imagine the price tag on that bad boy
Omar Ramirez
Omar Ramirez Yıl önce
It’s like pimp my ride! Lol love the new look. Few mods go a lot way.
WaffleLovrr999 Yıl önce
I can't wait for Throtl to be like, "you thought Watch JR Go had the largest shop on TRvid, but guess what we just bought?"
Jhonny Ordoñez
Jhonny Ordoñez Yıl önce
8:10 😂😂😂😂. I can’t believe it took Evan that long to realize 😂
onelowzx4 Yıl önce
The “novel idea” with the head shake does it for me 🤣
Colton Yıl önce
Bruhhhh hahaha
Alex Doyon
Alex Doyon Yıl önce
@throtl awesome thanks love the videos guys 👍🏼
throtl Yıl önce
@Alex Doyon @gearwrench
Alex Doyon
Alex Doyon Yıl önce
@throtl what was the orange light setup for working under the hood
Gangga Suwana
Gangga Suwana Yıl önce
That fitment is perfect, and the car sounds exactly like the A90 supra though
Kyle Winget
Kyle Winget Yıl önce
KILLED IT with the wheels. ❤️
Nathan Rohr
Nathan Rohr Yıl önce
Aw man you should have shown him that sick engine swap you did too!
Eppyz Yıl önce
Never realized this channel had a CEO I just thought it was a bunch of guys putting cars together and putting out videos but then you see the business end of these TRvid channels a lot more to it than you think 🤔
Matthew Cartwright
That grill is awesome does it fit the f40 model as well?
Bilal Sharkia
Bilal Sharkia Yıl önce
U guys should do a Q60 red sport build
Shawn ye' Production
Awesome daily upgrades 💯
*Good Citizen*
*Good Citizen* Yıl önce
Man, that's a lot of work putting those new springs on, holy crap.
WaffleLovrr999 Yıl önce
that intake is such a nice looking part.
Mark Cheverie
Mark Cheverie Yıl önce
What was his reaction to the carbon fibre duct filter addition or the Supra cover?
ffitrri Yıl önce
that wheel falling lol im dyinggg😭😂
He was trying to convince everyone and himself that the motors aren’t the same… yea bud we believe you 🤣
TimGSX Yıl önce
16:56 - 17:14 I almost died at this moment. 🤣🤣
Mark Notley
Mark Notley Yıl önce
Ride height and wheels look amazing.
Phillip Holland
Phillip Holland Yıl önce
I did the stud conversion kit for my Jetta and it's incredible
FJB_LGB Yıl önce
By putting on the Toyota engine hood cover on a BMW, you made the BMW more reliable. Lol 😂
Dave Hatzakorzian
Nice transformation it came out awesome
Nic A
Nic A Yıl önce
How can this be a DREAM car build when he clearly Loves Porsche more than BMW...?
Brian Robinson
Brian Robinson Yıl önce
You didn't keep the engine cover joke going for Rick? That would've been funny. Give him back his car and tell him to "Enjoy the new mods on his Toyota" 🤣
Tyler Young
Tyler Young Yıl önce
man his 911 and this are so clean great taste guys
Paul harvey
Paul harvey Yıl önce
Did rick notice his new engine cover bahahahaha 🤣
Olli Rihkajärvi
Olli Rihkajärvi Yıl önce
So nice beemer! You nailed it!!
breezyøbeatz Yıl önce
I've seen a couple of old videos and I was like: is Rick Beckerman no longer part of the team? Where is he? Well... We get to find that he is the CEO.
B-Tour Yıl önce
To sickkk i love all the bmw content keep it coming.
Ndumi Simon
Ndumi Simon Yıl önce
Watching your vids motivates me😌
ExploreOutdoors Yıl önce
Ever do truck/offroading builds? I have a decent build that could definitely use a couple upgrades!
Nick Jewell
Nick Jewell Yıl önce
8:11-8:49 should get some sort of prestigious award ....for the craftsmanship....that rock skipped so many times....🤣🤣🤣....."the m sport one?" 😂
Nick Potgieter
Nick Potgieter Yıl önce
Top job!!! Love it
Name Less
Name Less 11 aylar önce
Fun to see TJ, he was the reason that i discover throtl 😅
SlapMyKrew Yıl önce
Imagine taking michelins off to put falkens on 🤯
Pezzow B
Pezzow B Yıl önce
Sounds extremely like the Supra
Robin Bisram
Robin Bisram Yıl önce
5:30 had me rolling😂😂😂😂
matthew martin
matthew martin Yıl önce
What spacer setup and brand would y’all recommend me I just ordered some h & r springs
ianblake1980 Yıl önce
the OEM grill looks better than that glossy one and it matches the satin silver of the wheels
Jono Yıl önce
That would have been funny if he was pissed that you messed with his car😅
When the clip broke and fell in, bro I felt that. 😭
Eddy Garcia
Eddy Garcia Yıl önce
Motorsport hardware, they have some pretty sick bimmers!
Tyler Weeks
Tyler Weeks Yıl önce
Hahaa that is so cool. You guys should build my 94 3000gt vr4 for me 🤣
Ali Abbas
Ali Abbas Yıl önce
Except the black grell is over, the original one is matching the wheels .
HyperRacer Yıl önce
for some reason i thought mickey was the ceo lol. i've only been watching the channel since like halfway through the sti build, but i have watched most of the "building a(n) [cool usually givaway car] in 12 minutes" vids
Christopher santamaria
Started watching you guys yesterday when I hit the lottery I will be sending you my car to modify it
Bhu Yıl önce
HOW ABOUT YOU GUYS GET A BMW E39 540I AND TUNE IT. it's my dream car
Nathan Yu
Nathan Yu 4 aylar önce
Bro that is a sweet ass intake like I would 100/100 buy it
joseph carreras
joseph carreras Yıl önce
Seeing you take those springs out caused terrible flash backs to when I did it on my mini cooper and my cuz's 228i😭
That Fb6
That Fb6 Yıl önce
Where can I purchase that stud conversion kit for my Audi B5?
HarponyFoss Yıl önce
7:00 you can literally hear TJ just squeaking away
Marica Cardenas
Marica Cardenas Yıl önce
damn so good🔥. new subs here from philippines💯🤛 lit🔥
sri Bala
sri Bala Yıl önce
Super man well done👍👍👍
Brandon Wheezus
Brandon Wheezus Yıl önce
O Devious
O Devious 7 aylar önce
Those wheels are 🔥
mynameisrits Yıl önce
Buying your boss car parts with his own money, nice. 😂
Carlos Guerrero
Carlos Guerrero 11 aylar önce
Clean the cerium grey with rubbing alcohol. Works for me!
J C A Yıl önce
Black roof wrap to tie everything together!!
Mohammed Abdulahi
Mohammed Abdulahi 3 aylar önce
I would have just given him his key back and wait until he finds out what has happened to his car. Way better reaction.
Tyler K
Tyler K Yıl önce
Carly used to only be a one time payment thing. Sucks they charge annually now
Azim Yıl önce
should have gone a lil smaller on those wheels😅
Bossracer 15
Bossracer 15 4 aylar önce
This is my dream build with my dream car
Adrian Rohan
Adrian Rohan 4 aylar önce
how much did all of this cost at the end cuz i wanna do this to my car
Han Chiang
Han Chiang Yıl önce
Did Rick have to pay for the mod?
Jimtrefvtretre Yıl önce
Initially I thought that was a Lexus IS from that rear three quarter angle.
Nate F.
Nate F. Yıl önce
What sizes and off set were those HRE?
Gataxis Yıl önce
Eh, he knew, pretty sure he was in all along, just acted surprised. Good mods nonetheless.
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