Surprising our CEO with his DREAM car build! (2020 BMW M340i X-drive)

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21 Mar 2021




Yük bağlantısı.....


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Buco 7 gün önce
After he sees the car: "you finally put the grill in" acts surprised... Fun to watch nonetheless. Good job! Thumbs up!
Don’t Trip
Don’t Trip 18 gün önce
This is dope I wish it was me been wanting to fix my truck and make it faster but Ik broke 😔😹😹😹
Kumhar Kewal
Kumhar Kewal 27 gün önce
All these damn dream car giveaways. Y’all hiring? 😂
Ian Miller
Ian Miller Aylar önce
@ 9:56 why is there a toyota engine cover? but @ 10:13 its a BMW engine cover?
One Dirty Shoe
One Dirty Shoe Aylar önce
His the ceo and doesn't know his car bee missing? staged.
Brock Aylar önce
do you put low spring becose the stuck one are better ?
Franking Ovalle
Franking Ovalle Aylar önce
Wow what a beauty
Carlos Guerrero
Carlos Guerrero Aylar önce
Clean the cerium grey with rubbing alcohol. Works for me!
Reak Mao
Reak Mao Aylar önce
Hello my friend I like you bro I I’m from Cambodia ❤️❤️
Clinton Arnett
Clinton Arnett 2 aylar önce
For content purposes 💁🏽‍♂️ u guys can build my srt Durango lol 😂😂
Name Less
Name Less 2 aylar önce
Fun to see TJ, he was the reason that i discover throtl 😅
Raged 2 aylar önce
I'd love to give you guys my car yo do this but it wouldn't happen I got a pos 15 wrx that's got dents and scratches all around looks like ass in person good in pics
king boy
king boy 2 aylar önce
I would like u to do a build on a Lexus IS 250 Are 350 u have great taste for cars so I want to see the ideas u have for that car cause I am trying to buy one for 18th birthday next year and when I buy one I would like to use your ideas and set up my car
Birhane Freyer
Birhane Freyer 2 aylar önce
If he is the CEO who is paying for this?
Juan Rodrigo Ramirez
Juan Rodrigo Ramirez 2 aylar önce
Those wheels need more tire
A Z 2 aylar önce
حسين بشير شراد عبد الحسين
عمي اريد اعدل سايبه 😂
Mark Hrishka
Mark Hrishka 3 aylar önce
You call that grill hideous?? I know the double black is better but those grills are Way better than the single chrome ones
Jonathan Krum
Jonathan Krum 3 aylar önce
Very nice!
Jonathan Krum
Jonathan Krum 3 aylar önce
Motors are exactly the same…,
Michael 3 aylar önce
Met tj once and wasn’t as I expected. Dude yelled at me and called me white trash for driving a Silverado with a spare. Then proceeded to say that “stupid fans like myself is what made him rich so guess im thankful for retards”. Everyone els in the video is cool. Tj is a bitch tho.
Chaitanya Kamble
Chaitanya Kamble 3 aylar önce
Is that Toyota logo on BMW ?
Mark Cheverie
Mark Cheverie 3 aylar önce
What was his reaction to the carbon fibre duct filter addition or the Supra cover?
Paul G
Paul G 3 aylar önce
Those wheels are nastyyyyyy!!!! Competition to west coast.. You guys need to do paint as well 👍👍😎😎
Joe'n Bro
Joe'n Bro 3 aylar önce
Wait your not the CEO 🤯
Almost Serious
Almost Serious 3 aylar önce
@16:00 'Are you Serious?'....Almost....ty guys...
Alex Galvan
Alex Galvan 3 aylar önce
Only if I wasn’t broke
Ichidi Kasochi
Ichidi Kasochi 3 aylar önce
can an african like me win a car? #hugefan
ExploreOutdoors 3 aylar önce
Ever do truck/offroading builds? I have a decent build that could definitely use a couple upgrades!
Marica Cardenas
Marica Cardenas 3 aylar önce
damn so good🔥. new subs here from philippines💯🤛 lit🔥
Christopher santamaria
Started watching you guys yesterday when I hit the lottery I will be sending you my car to modify it
Neil Castro
Neil Castro 3 aylar önce
🤣🤣🤣🤣🌝🌝 one eternity later... 😅😅😅😅😂😂😂 Did it take him that long to do one thing
Samarium62Sm 3 aylar önce
Evan!?! That's my name. Nice.
hmc2s 4 aylar önce
At the 1:04 mark. If you think that grill is ugly which I don't take a good look at the new M3/M4 grills. Those look like camel ass. Also the stock wheels on that car where really nice. I've seen much worse. Not a fan of HRE way overpriced.
Taariq Adham
Taariq Adham 4 aylar önce
Car turned out awesome guys,great job
DANNYBOI 4 aylar önce
When the clip broke and fell in, bro I felt that. 😭
512 Chicago
512 Chicago 4 aylar önce
The cloistered aries consequently cover because grandfather postnatally obey unto a lopsided yoke. vacuous, magenta patricia
Valey Downs
Valey Downs 4 aylar önce
Lollll what it said Toyota ?
Dave Johnson
Dave Johnson 4 aylar önce
Tint too dark bro
dikhud 4 aylar önce
link to that engine light used at 5:53 please
Angus Mulcahy
Angus Mulcahy 4 aylar önce
Why does everyone at throtl have such bad taste in dream builds
xZiMinDaveyy 4 aylar önce
Quad exit for a 340i is a no go for me, besides that wow what a transformation!
HyperRacer 4 aylar önce
for some reason i thought mickey was the ceo lol. i've only been watching the channel since like halfway through the sti build, but i have watched most of the "building a(n) [cool usually givaway car] in 12 minutes" vids
Mateja Trikich
Mateja Trikich 4 aylar önce
imagine bmw e30 wathching this video. i think he would just die
yahya latif
yahya latif 4 aylar önce
On todays episode of how to get a raise 101....
BMW_ Benji
BMW_ Benji 4 aylar önce
MST’s intake give the turbos an almost Hellcat esc whine
SUKISUKIxSF 4 aylar önce
He was trying to convince everyone and himself that the motors aren’t the same… yea bud we believe you 🤣
Phillip Holland
Phillip Holland 4 aylar önce
I did the stud conversion kit for my Jetta and it's incredible
mohd hafizi
mohd hafizi 4 aylar önce
Nice this cars so powerfull.... :-)
Rob 5 aylar önce
Clickbait title. Should be “giving our CEO the car he has money to build but hasn’t yet”
Oliver Gao
Oliver Gao 5 aylar önce
The car is alpine white or mineral white metallic ?
Wassergekuhlt 5 aylar önce
In a shop of JDMs, he wants a crap modern BMW?
Animesh Pokhriyal
Animesh Pokhriyal 5 aylar önce
changes the engine cover to toyota to increase the reliability .
Zhirayr Gumruyan
Zhirayr Gumruyan 5 aylar önce
Toyota ??
In2zion 5 aylar önce
Could you share the wheel specs and tire you guys went with? I would love to do the same
Nate F.
Nate F. 5 aylar önce
What sizes and off set were those HRE?
Jeff Van Hammond
Jeff Van Hammond 6 aylar önce
well done boys.
General Pinochet
General Pinochet 6 aylar önce
CEO 🤭😂😂😂😂
Qnz Blvd
Qnz Blvd 6 aylar önce
Your hand camera skills are trash so shaky
breezyøbeatz 6 aylar önce
I've seen a couple of old videos and I was like: is Rick Beckerman no longer part of the team? Where is he? Well... We get to find that he is the CEO.
matthew martin
matthew martin 6 aylar önce
What spacer setup and brand would y’all recommend me I just ordered some h & r springs
ColeBurgess 6 aylar önce
That is a dream daily
VonEZ 6 aylar önce
Ivaylo Todorov
Ivaylo Todorov 6 aylar önce
I disagree that the stock grill is hideous! But I guess is matter of taste
Eddy Garcia
Eddy Garcia 6 aylar önce
Motorsport hardware, they have some pretty sick bimmers!
Yourmomma ahoenigga
Yourmomma ahoenigga 6 aylar önce
That’s your guys CEO? I thought the guy with the bad English was.
AJP 6 aylar önce
Tint world (not this specific location) did a terrible job on my tint. Bubbles even after curing, hair and debris under the film. Told them and they didn’t want to do anything about it. Don’t recommend
throtl 6 aylar önce
We don’t recommend all tint worlds as we don’t have experience with those. We recommend tintworld Miramar in San Diego. The owners are awesome!
Rix Van Gemert
Rix Van Gemert 6 aylar önce
am i the only one who saw that he redlined it at 60°F??
Han Chiang
Han Chiang 6 aylar önce
Did Rick have to pay for the mod?
GuyBroDudeTV 6 aylar önce
Love the OEM+ look of this car now. But I honestly feel like the stock grill would have looked better matching with those wheels. Or maybe a black wheel to just go hard on the strom trooper look.
Joker 6 aylar önce
How do you surprise the CEO? Did you buy these out of pocket or does he give zero shits about the company’s expenditure
The 404 Error
The 404 Error 7 aylar önce
I know nothing about cars can someone explain what the cover on the engine is supposed to do? it looks pretty useless.
MOE YT 7 aylar önce
Tj at 17:12🤣🤣
Dependable Lion
Dependable Lion 7 aylar önce
Nazmi 7 aylar önce
The car is bmw but then engine is toyota,uhhhh so different
Hector Suarez
Hector Suarez 7 aylar önce
Do IT!!!!!!!!!
Christopher Carrigan
Christopher Carrigan 7 aylar önce
What is the size of the wheel/tire? They look larger than the stock.
Kaur Vali
Kaur Vali 7 aylar önce
As it is an xDrive, what are the rim and tire sizes? (Note: just wondering because on xDrive if wheel diameter size differences between front and back are too big (more that 1%) and the new wheels are more than 3% bigger in diameter than originals then the transfer case is going to shit itself.)
Romnick Canono
Romnick Canono 7 aylar önce
damn i wish i had people like yall to just fix my car 😂
Auto Passion 27
Auto Passion 27 7 aylar önce
This M340i looks good, the wheels are beautiful!
Ramanjaneyulu Kanala
Ramanjaneyulu Kanala 7 aylar önce
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That Fb6
That Fb6 7 aylar önce
Where can I purchase that stud conversion kit for my Audi B5?
Tri Waldi
Tri Waldi 7 aylar önce
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Bam Wright
Bam Wright 7 aylar önce
All I ever see you guys working on lately is all BMW shit. Cmon. SMH 🤦🏻‍♂️
SlapMyKrew 7 aylar önce
Imagine taking michelins off to put falkens on 🤯
Victor Estrada
Victor Estrada 7 aylar önce
You guys ever felt a launch in this thing before?... crickets... lol
Chris Martinkovich Jr.
Jaime Hurtado
Jaime Hurtado 7 aylar önce
You guys put rubber band tires on that car smh 🥲
Jim Jones999
Jim Jones999 7 aylar önce
So they give y'all free parts to make cheesy advertising videos?
Ikbel Mezroua
Ikbel Mezroua 7 aylar önce
Is this a toyota engine?
George Person
George Person 7 aylar önce
Not better than the g80 grille
Weather Watch
Weather Watch 7 aylar önce
Looks sooooo clean
Pablo The ultimate boi
When you want to get a promotion
dom 7 aylar önce
so are you guys allowed to just write off every car part as an expense
Ross Allen
Ross Allen 7 aylar önce
Needs that Mikey Botti sauce
6:19 haha😂
bobkloth57 7 aylar önce
You didn’t pop the hood to show him the Toyota engine cover.
bobkloth57 7 aylar önce
That was an amazing transformation. I like the new grille and wheels. Great job!
bobkloth57 7 aylar önce
By putting on the Toyota engine hood cover on a BMW, you made the BMW more reliable. Lol 😂
Brian Robinson
Brian Robinson 7 aylar önce
You didn't keep the engine cover joke going for Rick? That would've been funny. Give him back his car and tell him to "Enjoy the new mods on his Toyota" 🤣
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