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Jeff’s Barbershop Hair Product👇

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People in this vid:
@Mike Majlak Vlogs
@Matt King
@toddy smith
@Bryce Hall
@Noah Beck
@Tana Mongeau
@David Dobrik
@Adin Live
@Tayler Holder
@Suzy Antonyan
@The Guitons

Outro song by
Simon Rex

Camera/ Editor
Oscar Alva

Camera man/ Assistant Editor
Kyle Carper




20 Eki 2021




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Hi 11 saatler önce
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aylin Love
aylin Love Gün önce
Desmond Cleaver
Desmond Cleaver 2 gün önce
Mike's never seen a real gun before lmfao
Woody 3 gün önce
Jeff is lit AF 🔥
Ashley McDill
Ashley McDill 11 gün önce
Love this sm.
Artai Nadales
Artai Nadales 12 gün önce
This was absolutly beautfuuuuuulllllyyyy
Ria Elysian
Ria Elysian 13 gün önce
Incredible 🤌🏼
DeCoda s
DeCoda s 14 gün önce
The start of this video when Jeff’s voice is talking over the video sounds exactly like the start of good fellas. Genuinely tripped me out
agustina issorelli
agustina issorelli 14 gün önce
Mike is the best lmao
Bilal abbasi Ali
Bilal abbasi Ali 14 gün önce
i love jeff personality
Ashley Maui
Ashley Maui 15 gün önce
Jeff can literally be a model
Tristan Caruso
Tristan Caruso 15 gün önce
Bruh where tf did adin ross come from
Macy Holden
Macy Holden 15 gün önce
Loved this good job
Marito H.
Marito H. 15 gün önce
So freaking cool Jeff....!
Jennyfer Flores
Jennyfer Flores 15 gün önce
Does anyone else agree his videos are so unique
Lead1121 15 gün önce
Your videos are always so damn entertaining
Jose Lara
Jose Lara 16 gün önce
nice one jeff
Marvin cast westcoastflicks
Best narrator voice 😎
Taylor Erlacher
Taylor Erlacher 17 gün önce
i had to smoke a cigarette to watch this sheesh
Gavin Valore
Gavin Valore 17 gün önce
Damn.. David really ruined that face
sojida rustamiy
sojida rustamiy 17 gün önce
My name is earl vibes
Reko Sanchez
Reko Sanchez 17 gün önce
It’s takes real talent to tape up ad posters that quick all over LA 🤌
Syed A
Syed A 18 gün önce
Taylor Holder will get his ass whooped New York Style.
Daniel S
Daniel S 18 gün önce
The “guys we already kissed” 😭
grace 18 gün önce
some italiano mafia shit here
poisonousdogg 18 gün önce
This is brilliant
Nils Richart
Nils Richart 19 gün önce
why every Jeff video looks like a old mafia crew trying to make money in a legal way.
Michelle Boedeker
Michelle Boedeker 19 gün önce
This reminded me of Blow or Goodfellas, but for hair not drugs. Lol! Blood job man! Congrats on the new product!!!
Sunflowers and Sumatra 🌻
The background music is top tier
Sunflowers and Sumatra 🌻
Lmao the fact that his name is “Carmine” cracks me up
Kara Jean Jensen
Kara Jean Jensen 19 gün önce
See why I'm glad ima gurl
Dolma Choezom
Dolma Choezom 19 gün önce
Poor mat
Kierstyn Roman
Kierstyn Roman 19 gün önce
I think this is more subliminal messaging than an ad 🤔 🤣 Also you can't start a business without forcing all of your friends to support, it's mandatory ❤
Joe 19 gün önce
Jeffrey Enrique Salazar
From one Jeff to another Jeff, I want to give my honest review of your hair spray. First off, I bought it not knowing what to expect. You see my hair is Coarse. It is very difficult to style it, hence the reason why I did buzzcuts for almost half my life only. Only recently I've decided to let it grow, it has been a journey itself, sometimes I wanna cut this shit off, but then it makes me feel super sexy and confident so I let it be. After receiving the texture hair spray, I didn't really use it seriously. I thought it was just another trashy product that a youtuber made that was just to get $$$ out of us. Honestly fell in love with the scent ( i even used it as a room spray for a couple of days, even sprayed it on myself) but then I remembered their is NO WAY JEFF WITTEK would do this to us. I started to use the hair spray while my hair was dry and after a couple of seconds, was my hair in heaven. It was beyond easy to style not only that but I added some clay pomade ( Not Jeff's brand, however I will be using it soon) and it made my hair look incredible. I don't know about you but I approve this product 100%, I am a New Yorker so I am pretty picky and I don't tend to approve of much. As we are speaking I am buying another bottle. Now I only hope that this product does not go out ever. Thank you Jeff for changing my life!
D0gTree 19 gün önce
I would have loved to see Taylor get his ass kicked
Adam Dundas
Adam Dundas 20 gün önce
Oceans vibe
Camelemos Bleu
Camelemos Bleu 20 gün önce
This the guy who been to jail right?
lydia morrisseau
lydia morrisseau 20 gün önce
Claudia Gonzalez
Claudia Gonzalez 21 gün önce
What if he would have lost his sight ? He’s still there for money but I don’t blame him , he shouldn’t of been a little bitch about it in the first time or made it a big deal if he was going to end up the same idiot 😅😂
Rosanne Rosanne
Rosanne Rosanne 21 gün önce
Thx for washin
Susie Kim
Susie Kim 21 gün önce
Staten Island has entered the chat
The Milk Man
The Milk Man 21 gün önce
Carmine calling Matt a "rat fuckin bastard" was the best part of this video.
carson m
carson m 21 gün önce
so dope brotha killed this
Maria Garcia
Maria Garcia 21 gün önce
Why is he so damn gorgeous???😍😍😍
Elena Hale
Elena Hale 21 gün önce
Get Jeff his own mafia movie rn
BB 21 gün önce
“I’ve been in 40 street fights”
Susan Sheehan
Susan Sheehan 21 gün önce
Fair play, great ad.
Rocqfour 22 gün önce
What brand jaccket is he wearing? shit looks sick
kharna21 22 gün önce
Jeff really need to be one of Scorsese mob movie foreal fucking brilliant
AJsGoated 22 gün önce
Who ever edits these videos are a 🐐
Shane Torres-Verranault
Cool asf seeing Ross boss
jonathan doherty
jonathan doherty 22 gün önce
Kassandra OB
Kassandra OB 22 gün önce
This is ad perfection.
kourosh kalantari
kourosh kalantari 24 gün önce
I love how he narrates the whole video like its a mafia movie lmao
SHIVI SAH 24 gün önce
Ashley Ransome
Ashley Ransome 24 gün önce
I skip even 14 second ads when it plays for a millisecond but I watched this 6 minute ad and was sad when it was over. Genius.
Katherine Vargas
Katherine Vargas 24 gün önce
MissDoritoLocos Ry
MissDoritoLocos Ry 24 gün önce
Life is a Test
Life is a Test 24 gün önce
Chubby dude with the sunglasses needs to stop taking Carmine's shine by force. He tries too hard and just comes off as a douche. We know he's your hometown friend and all but its a bit much. Carmine is a true natural.
Sarah 24 gün önce
his accent is so hot.
TheBrutal95 24 gün önce
One of those guys probably hit Matt King too hard and he cried about it
Aiden Cox
Aiden Cox 24 gün önce
that james brown hits
The Big Man
The Big Man 25 gün önce
#MattKing talking smack about you in a Hoot n Half, but he needed a smack.
Johnny Moore
Johnny Moore 25 gün önce
I desperately need a haircut man 😪wish I was famous for a day so someone would actually cut my hair with care
Ashley 25 gün önce
Taylor trynna act all hard stuff
Sam Zapanta
Sam Zapanta 25 gün önce
Niceee introoo🤣
Morgan MacDonald
Morgan MacDonald 25 gün önce
Matt King and the punching sound effects omfg
Tonycia •
Tonycia • 25 gün önce
The promotional videos at the end are sooo good!
Arianna Jacobson
Arianna Jacobson 25 gün önce
He’s SO fine 😩
Ramon Robles
Ramon Robles 25 gün önce
Only 6 minute ad i’ll ever watch
Harsh 25 gün önce
Top tier comedy right here.😂👉🏻👈🏻♥️
Ally Kenney
Ally Kenney 26 gün önce
very much wolf of wall street vibes
marissa helbling
marissa helbling 26 gün önce
Marelago 27 gün önce
can the camera man shake the camera any more
Olivia Lehn
Olivia Lehn 27 gün önce
This gives me trailer park vibers
Jasmin Herbick
Jasmin Herbick 27 gün önce
Fucking gorgeous
Blurr 27 gün önce
Im not even kidding I ordered both of them like a while ago it took a while for it all to come in but best product I have ever used like im ordering more rn I have super thin hair not balding yet though thankfully lol but as soon as this clay touched my hair holy shit im not even kidding almost couldnt run my hands through my hair it was so thick I wish people who wanted to buy it could see my before and after just from putting it in its crazy
Brandon Barajas
Brandon Barajas 27 gün önce
Taylor holder thinks he still good at fighting 😂
QueenJBay 27 gün önce
Best fucking ad ever in life.
Sahil B96
Sahil B96 28 gün önce
1:05 "I can only cut one head at a time" 💀💀💀
Chey Beauty
Chey Beauty 28 gün önce
I don't even use texturizing spray, or pomades... And I want to go buy them.
Jorge Garcia
Jorge Garcia 28 gün önce
Jeff’s narrating sounds like narcos
imi rola
imi rola 28 gün önce
here for tana! btw ur not that hot for all that intro.. its a little cringe dude, sorry! but id love to see more of u and tana plssss
nathan4567 29 gün önce
i know this is an ad but damn that was enjoyable
Gooseman 29 gün önce
I need a marketing team like this in a no snitch area
Street509smoker Aylar önce
I feel like I'm watching the movie Blow lol
Tre’ Kruger
Tre’ Kruger Aylar önce
The fucking goodfella vibes are killing me
Kyler c Chapin
Kyler c Chapin Aylar önce
Why’s this sound like wolf of Wall Street
Damnridge Aylar önce
Jeff making moves 🔥
quincy duay
quincy duay Aylar önce
This marketing strat is the real deal! Hope you can your products to the Philippines!
Gooseman Aylar önce
The mob vibes are perfect ain't no business mf gonna touch jeff
Aron Hernandez
Aron Hernandez Aylar önce
A friend in need is a fuckin pest ! 😂
gracie nanaeto
gracie nanaeto Aylar önce
i feel like i just watched a goodfellas sequel
Nishant Dua
Nishant Dua Aylar önce
Amazingly shot and directed. Perfect vibe and song selection 🔥
Tatiana Paez
Tatiana Paez Aylar önce
Whatever ima fucking pretend I didn’t see you breaking my heart kissing Tana 😭
Zoe Meyer
Zoe Meyer Aylar önce
Hussan Butt
Hussan Butt Aylar önce
i literally wanna buy it now
Kaden Roberts
Kaden Roberts Aylar önce
i just spend $30 on the texture spray 😭
Jessica Norlock
Jessica Norlock Aylar önce
Killed it.
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