Surface Laptop Studio Review Ended in DISASTER

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The Surface Laptop Studio is a new premium windows machine from Microsoft. Too bad they didn't make it easier to open...

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Intro animation by MBarek Abdelwassaa instagram.com/mbarek_abdel/
Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0 geni.us/PgGWp
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0 geni.us/mj6pHk4
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0 geni.us/Ps3XfE

0:00 Intro
0:59 Display and design
2:11 Trackpad, keyboard, and I/O
4:55 Performance
7:32 Pencil shavings
8:59 Aesthetics and convertibility
10:38 Speakers and webcam, wherein Linus makes a bad joke
12:16 Pricing tiers
12:45 The Teardown Experience...
14:44 Internals
17:10 Conclusion

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24 Mar 2023




Yük bağlantısı.....


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Serachja Yıl önce
You Sacrificed one surface laptop for the rest of the world to know where the hidden screw is. Thank you Linus!
Justin Sanders
Justin Sanders 6 aylar önce
Gary Branham
Gary Branham 10 aylar önce
Agreed 👍
KinzDarell Yıl önce
at least it's for a purpose not like he dropped the thing lol
Peti Kemény
Peti Kemény Yıl önce
so you can't change the ssd body? and ram either?
Daniel Jensen
Daniel Jensen Yıl önce
Manufacturers be like: "With today's compact high performance electronics it's impossible to make them without hiding screws under stickers to prevent them from being user serviceable."
Spammus I
Spammus I 27 gün önce
@Cjbusta You came one year later just to say bs and showing that you didn't even bother to read the entire conversation LMAO If you have to necropost something so old at least do it after you read everything.
Cjbusta 27 gün önce
​@Spammus I instead of talking to the guy like with intelligent speaking you insult the guy.
Cjbusta 27 gün önce
​@Ixcutamp Framework is too expensive
Saint_Noodles 6 aylar önce
@D. Gao That is not serviceable
sinni800 10 aylar önce
Hidden screws are so dumb to me. Especially when MOST other screws are in clear view. Like what the hell? You're just being a little child who's like "haha if he opens it he has to ruin the glue pads lelelel"
Ayush Singh
Ayush Singh Yıl önce
Linus please include repairability score in the review. That'll make an impact. And there's nothing wrong in that, if you include it.
Cjbusta 27 gün önce
​@SnakeMaster they don't care about reception
@Chelski I'd argue they're close. Aren't both batteries glued in with no easy way to replace them? Keyboards are likely riveted in. The Surface has a removable SSD at least, but that's about it for both of them.
louiscrasher 10 aylar önce
@Chelski "By modern standards is above average" is bs, I've got an xps 15, direct contestant of the last macbook, battery is 8 screws, fans 2 screws each, 2 ssd m2 slots BOTH compatible with nvme AND sata, 2 slots of DDR4 ram upgradable to 64 gb, Apple is actually generating more garbage each year, especialy the last ones, since 2015 they just dont give a dam about user repair and will keep going this way. M1 processors are a nice gap in performance imo but the rest of their policy is just disrespectful of the customer.
KuroHebi 11 aylar önce
It's a clear 0/10, no need to include it in the video when everyone knows it.
pseudonymity0000 Yıl önce
The two hidden screws on the sides of the laptop are just evil. Do you expect screws under the rubber feat, yes? Do you expect there to be a screw under an obvious sticker? yes. Do you expect there to be a veneer style sticker the same colour as the device, along the entire side, just to hide a screw? No. Never. Its sole function is blatantly just to hide two screws in a way nobody would expect. Also, having the battery's glued to the bottom plate seems to ensure there is another point of failure if you open it up... it would have made zero difference if it was attached to the frame instead.
Bluwasabi 4 aylar önce
Now that the screw locations are known, why not remove the sticker hiding the 2 side screws and remove the screws so that furure servicing would be more straightforward?
Monster Pumpkin
Monster Pumpkin 10 aylar önce
@Julian Paolo Dayag I have seen laptops with the keyboard fucking riveted and had to break it off
Julian Paolo Dayag
Wait until you hear that Dell hides screws under the keyboard. I have a Dell Inpiron 3000 and disassembling it was a pain the butt. I wouldn't know that you'd also need to remove the keyboard and unscrew some couple screws in there for the back cover to come off. 🥴
FJJ WFP Yıl önce
Also having the battery on the bottom plate makes replacing so much easier as you can work on it without fear of damaging the rest of the device.
FJJ WFP Yıl önce
The sticker isn't to hide the screws, it's for the pen wireless charging which can't be done through metal. So... Hiding the screws is just a convenience.
Luiz Martins
Luiz Martins Yıl önce
13:10 _“Here's an idea Microsoft, if the provided instructions are so important, why don't you provide it to everyone”_ Lmao, what a burn
Spencer Kaup
Spencer Kaup 9 aylar önce
Framework is typing...
Dr. Nüßlin
Dr. Nüßlin Yıl önce
But you can just download the instructions on micorsofts page. i have an surface laptop studio and looked it up. And i also opened other laptops with the same rubber feet thing without destroying them...
Raven One
Raven One Yıl önce
Please include a free pen too
RecklesFlam1ngo Yıl önce
@Luiz Martins pretty sure they just copy other comments, usually the top liked ones.
zebble ganubi
zebble ganubi Yıl önce
the recycled mouse thing seems almost pointless when you take into consideration how unrepairable their devices are. maybe they get 1 point for the surface pro 8 having an upgradeable ssd, but mostly they are nudging people to upgrade to new devices every few years, which means you are selling off your old device and eventually someone will have no more use for it and it will be dumped or if youre lucky then maybe recycled. theres too much focus on recycling anyway. they should be working on ways to help you keep the same device for years on end while swapping out parts. recycling bits of ocean plastic? bitch please
NoGoat Yıl önce
"My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined." Mine too, Linus. You broke it without dropping it.
Dinkar Fowkar
Dinkar Fowkar Yıl önce
Lmfaooo 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Samuel Rippe
Samuel Rippe Yıl önce
@Omnimations Studio I agree, I bought a surface book, and I definitely think it's way more powerful than I would ever need it to be.
M R Yıl önce
Velzek lol. I guess my comment got held for review. Anyway, I do believe he'd be the kind of person to cry for subs. I'm only here for the Microsoft surface hate. I'm not a subscriber and I block ads to his videos.
M R Yıl önce
Velzek I never watched him and I still don't subscribe. I'm only here for the Microsoft surface hate. I can imagine him to be that kind of person. He seems kind a prick.
camelCased Yıl önce
They told us "four" but there were more 😀 and so it rhymes but not with "break".
Ave, true to Caesar
Damn. Louis was right when he said that Microsoft Surface was the worst piece of garbage to take apart and that you won't be able to disassemble it without totaling your device, hence he wouldn't repair Surface laptops. Only Microsoft things.
Bluwasabi 4 aylar önce
@Michael Wright Ha 🤣
Michael Wright
Michael Wright Yıl önce
@Rich Bordoni You're right, and I'm surprised to see the company has real Nokia DNA. The devices are actually put together by Foxconn, but so is everything else, and modern Nokia isn't a pure brand thing like modern Motorola. If I ever think of Android again, I must give them a look.
Rich Bordoni
Rich Bordoni Yıl önce
@Michael Wright Nokia still makes phones!!!
ifihadfriends Yıl önce
Its almost a talent to make something less repairable than apple
Michael Wright
Michael Wright Yıl önce
@clinton It was, like, a joke?
The Deep End
The Deep End Yıl önce
I love how M$ is literally making e-waste with recycled ocean plastic just to spread awareness about the massive plastic waste in our oceans
Cjbusta 27 gün önce
Since when did tech savvy people cared about the environment? Lol
Bluwasabi 4 aylar önce
It's totally green tech though! (Just dont think about it)
nospacesWFT Yıl önce
@Phillip Batz Truly the pantheon of greenwashing!
photondebuger45 Yıl önce
Gotta keep the endless system going right?
Acidity Yıl önce
Please continue doing teardown in the reviews, it is priceless info to know if you can upgrade it or not
Acidity Yıl önce
@Phil if Apple has them and you don't, that's just sad
Phil Yıl önce
Also the fact that they didn't even have an SD card slot LMAO even apple has them.
Squidy Yıl önce
Apple: "We don't want people to be able to upgrade our stuff" Microsoft: "Hold my beer"
gzy2001 9 aylar önce
@LimitedWard Not my 2015 MBP tho, chucked an ADATA 2TB SSD and works great
Dinkar Fowkar
Dinkar Fowkar Yıl önce
more like Hold my surface
Sparatan117 Yıl önce
@LimitedWard this is done to combat the black market that exists for stolen apple product parts. Stolen phones get sold to distributors who resell the screens and junk. Now that that can’t be done anymore, money is drying up and thieves are less likely to steal
Levi Ackermann
Levi Ackermann Yıl önce
So is ungrade impossible for example second ssd?
LimitedWard Yıl önce
@The Observer Sure, third party hardware is typically not as good as the OEM equivalents. But shouldn't it be left up to the consumer what they buy? From both an environmental and economical stance, giving consumers more choice in how they repair their products is always the right move.
ManWithBeard1990 Yıl önce
Hidden screws aside, having the battery on the base is pretty neat. If it had some sort of connector that immediately disconnects the battery so you can work on the laptop safely... That'd just be perfect. May be an idea for Framework laptops to implement in the future.
Patton 333
Patton 333 Yıl önce
Microsoft: *Starts a campaign to revamp its right to repair policies, thanks to investor demands.* Surface Team: *Sweats Profusely*
Pvshka Yıl önce
@ilovefunnyamv2nd duh, if they could, they wouldn't be engineers
technicalfool Yıl önce
After enough years, you might eventually learn that when Microsoft say something, you can expect not only for that thing to not be true, but for them to be aiming in the exact opposite direction.
Tagg Yıl önce
@cslewisster Yes it would be if Linus was some kind of regulator, or largely unnamed reviewer for a publicly funded company. But he's Linus of Linus Tech Tips, the TRvid channel. If you watch LTT you expect some representation of Linus. If not directly, then in the people he's chosen to hire. You think Anthony would give MS a pass for that level of unrepairibility? Since his investment in framework I was maybe worried he wouldn't address unrepairibility for fear stimulating this kind of response. I'm glad to see he hasn't shied away. If someone is open and truthful about an avenue for bias, then why shouldn't they get an opinion? We all know to take that grain of salt with it. So what is the problem really?
ilovefunnyamv2nd Yıl önce
@cslewisster sure sure, but why don't you get specific. Which part of the laptop review felt biased to you and how? Should he have put more focus on the inability to connect a usb mouse. Did you want to see how well it could play shadow of the tomb raider? I thought this was a very positive review, aside from the fact that I can't buy the cheaper model now, and buy better larger storage and more ram a few years later when prices drop and the device starts feeling 'old'. Again, what highlights in the review were skipped over, to make the competition's laptop that can't even transform, look better?
Tagg Yıl önce
@cslewisster I understand your position but I don‘t agree. Linus was completely open about his investment in Framework. He literally mentions it in this video. He has also been a vocal supporter of right to repair for a long time. He is perfectly at liberty to focus more on repairability in his reviews of laptops. Yes of course he likely has Framework‘s laptop in the back of his mind when reviewing, but perhaps it is because of this that he demonstrates the inability to easy tear down this machine, which is something most of his viewers are interested in. He may be biased, but he has been open about where his bias is likely to be and we should just be aware of that when watching his reviews. I felt everything he said about the good and bad point of the laptop were entirely justified by what was demonstrated. Tell me, how exactly was he unfair? He said it might be the best windows laptop for some people. As long as he continues to be open about his competing interest, I don‘t see anything like this as at all shady. If you think this is somehow underhanded, watch a different channel for laptop reviews. I would sincerely hope that if you or anyone else considers buying something like a laptop they watch multiple reviews from reviewers with different perspectives before buying. But they should include LTT, because, even with the conflict of interest, they do an undeniably great job
Pedro Henestroza
Pedro Henestroza Yıl önce
I could almost feel what he was feeling after breaking it. Like "I have to go on with the review but I don't really feel like it". Still a great video, Linus and team.
dcard228 Yıl önce
More like "you made me do this, Microsoft"
Just Because
Just Because Yıl önce
@Lee Keels he was on camera and needed to get the video made, time constraints do often cause mistakes. (LoL rhyme)
Goku Black
Goku Black Yıl önce
@Lee Keels Chose? How was he supposed to know there was a screw there its a really dumb spot and as far as structure is concerned the screw has no purpose its literally just there to keep people from opening it
Lee Keels
Lee Keels Yıl önce
He didn't care. He didn't have to break it. He chose to.
Kaiden B.
Kaiden B. Yıl önce
Seeing Linus dress up as Duke Nukem has been the best part of my day.
Sergiy Gonchar
Sergiy Gonchar 7 aylar önce
lol I had to double take ..
Chris Johnson
Chris Johnson 9 aylar önce
You know a device is good when Linus is having to check the *polling rate of the trackpad* just to find some negatives.
Joshua Parsons
Joshua Parsons Yıl önce
Honestly the only thing keeping me from upgrading to a framework laptop is the formfactor options. I need a stylus for my laptop and if framework could do an ok implementation of a convertable with a stylus then I'd be on their site to upgrade instantly.
GUY on Earth
GUY on Earth 9 aylar önce
I really hope we see a SD card slot on the Surface Studio 2, and hopefully with a bigger screen. I don’t care much for the gpu, but it would be nice to have an option for Raptor Lake on the next one instead of Alder Lake.
gamebuster800 Yıl önce
every time i try to pull something apart and get frustrated by hidden screws, i'll just think of this video and i'll feel better that i'm not alone. Thank you Linus
MjkMetso Yıl önce
@Chris B "Again, a few weeks ago he said he wouldn't review laptops, said it on the WAN show too." Actual Linus quote from "I'm Legally Obligated to Disclose This" at 14:10 "What I know for sure, is that even though I am NOT ready to make a firm commitment to covering, or not covering notebooks in the future." So no, Linus did not say he wouldn't review laptops, he said that not reviewing laptops is an option with the size of the editorial team LMG has. He also said that he wants to still talk about new laptops that he is excited about.
Bartenn Yıl önce
Chris B
Chris B Yıl önce
@SimulacronX Who linus, he flat out lied to his audience, he is actually entering a grey area of the law regarding disclosing advertisement. This entire video was an ad for his share of Framework. Again, a few weeks ago he said he wouldn't review laptops, said it on the WAN show too. But I'm the ONLY here calling the hypocrite out.. Again he destroyed that machine on purpose. To advertise for his company Framework. Clear conflict of journalism. And some clown below thinks I'm what's wrong with the world.. Nope holding people to their word, is not wrong, co signing BS is what is wrong with this world. But I'm sure the 7 dead kids killed by a drone agree with you.. Right to Repair does not mean Easy to Open or Easy to disassemble. Cause no phone could beholden to that standard..
gamebuster800 Yıl önce
@Neb Raska yours is also great!
Neb Raska
Neb Raska Yıl önce
That's a great cat right there!
Jose Diaz
Jose Diaz Yıl önce
Didn’t MS said in 2019 that they would commit their surface devices to be serviceable? This is a 180 of that 180…
Lalo 9 aylar önce
@rjh00 fair point. A lot of people forget that products can take anywhere from 2-5 years from inception to the final product being mass produced and shipped to customers.
Coside76 Yıl önce
Well… They did make the Xbox 360.
Randarr The Barbarian
I mean... by surface standards this is incredibly repairable... sure they hid the screws, but at least with this machine there are screws and a heat gun isn't required for disassembly
Dinkar Fowkar
Dinkar Fowkar Yıl önce
Lesson: Never trust Microsoft
rjh00 Yıl önce
They said they would start doing that in 2022, while I'm not excusing them, don't hold that against them, because they never claimed that for before 2022.
Joshua Salles
Joshua Salles 11 aylar önce
I use either a small Bluetooth keyboard or Radial Menu to perform those pesky non-touch friendly tasks on my Surface's, but I do hope it gets better over time similar with their ARM support.
Outfrost Yıl önce
I knew a Surface device wasn't gonna be a repairability champ, but holy shit that chassis just folded
TehJellyLord Yıl önce
Honestly, despite the awful tear down experience… this looks really damn nice.
Tymci Kowalski
Tymci Kowalski 9 aylar önce
With webcam testing, you guys could place one on top of the other (if they differ in height), than you would get all shots form practically the same place and and they wouldn’t be at an angle, therefore, the quality could be compared more easily and clearly
K2 POP Yıl önce
Linus is testing if Microsoft's statement about right to repair is true
joob Yıl önce
@LarsonLake Stockholders are just representative of customer pressure in this case. Stockholders realised that not pushing right to repair at this time is going to hit the stock hard sooner or later. Being one of the first large companies to support right to repair is a big chance to expand their market and it seems microsoft is smart enough to seize that opportunity.
LarsonLake Yıl önce
@joob Customer pressure can be effective, but the right-to-repair folks cut to the chase with MS and are getting the stockholders to pressure the MS execs.
Roscoe Yıl önce
@joob congratulations on not reading it either
joob Yıl önce
@Roscoe congratulations on not reading my comment
joob Yıl önce
@EVOLICIOUS why? like any business, they will have to cave in to customers if the demand gets too high
Kamahal Yıl önce
I really would like to see a full review of this laptop on LTT, and a more in deep review of the new pen itself. The haptic feedback on it seems to be a game changer for some people!
Zebron Zee
Zebron Zee Yıl önce
Really appreciate that teardown, not only reviews the laptop usability but also the serviceability.
Devin McGrath
Devin McGrath Yıl önce
It reminds me of my old Sony Vaio Flip 15. Loved that laptop back in the day. Almost identical screen functionality and design. Even has the same step in the chassis to make it look thinner.
Darth Tella
Darth Tella Yıl önce
I love it when tech reviews end with a postmortem.
sugakuu Yıl önce
16:57 MS: “Linus is now an authorized repair technician” for fixing the chassis with sheer force of his grip.
Aranjay Sharma
Aranjay Sharma Yıl önce
The good old Linus, breaks everything
Ra awesome
Ra awesome Yıl önce
Indeed, Saber.
the amount of p### bots in here
Aranjay Sharma
Aranjay Sharma Yıl önce
@Eghosa Ugbo 💀
Eghosa Ugbo
Eghosa Ugbo Yıl önce
He broke it harder than saber breaking the holy grail
Mura_Saki Yıl önce
It wasn't dropped though, sadly lol
Mathew Dillon II
Mathew Dillon II Yıl önce
Back in the day, Acer computers made the Aspire R7 laptop with a tie-in with the movie Star Trek Into Darkness. It had a screen with a middle swivel that allowed it to lift up, go into an easel mode, and flip around to allow viewing from the other direction. However, since it was an early Win8 touchscreen, they moved the keyboard to the bottom and the trackpad at the top. That way, when you brought the screen down, it hid the trackpad but left the keyboard free to use. It was a pretty cool machine all in all.
pocketlint82 Yıl önce
My first thought about the display is I can finally hide the mouse in video apps that it doesn't disappear in while in full screen. That's a feature!
Jonathon Barrios
Jonathon Barrios 7 aylar önce
Looking at the positives! This is actually a pretty useful idea lol. You sold me on it
MrMopbucket Yıl önce
I'm surprised Linus didn't talk about the battery life being actually far less than is reported. The biggest negative about the new Studio is the much smaller battery compared to the outgoing Surface Book 3. About the pen: you don't want a metal pen that "snaps" to the chassis. That would be scratch city. A cheaper pen would be nice though.
Mist 10 aylar önce
@Mathew Kanapilly Well, I am one of those that wants a touch screen, also stop quoting the z13 as being 300$ cheaper, because it's really more like 100$. Let's just agree to disagree and leave it at that,
Mathew Kanapilly
Mathew Kanapilly 10 aylar önce
@Mist i think you can compare it to an iPad because what you’re wanting is taken care of by high end laptops mostly or desktop computers mainly because most people don’t need the touch screen and the asus z13 is still better too cause its 300$ cheaper for basically the same functionality
Mist 10 aylar önce
@Mathew Kanapilly You can't compare an Ipad to a full sized laptop, for some lighter tasks, sure, but for things like, 3d modeling and higher end gaming, the surface laptop studio offers a niche that the ipad cannot fill. I fit in that niche, and I acknowledge that it is a niche. Plus, I just dislike the restricted nature of ipados and apple products in general, so I just can't really seriously consider them as an option, but I understand that others like them with their interconnectedness.
Mathew Kanapilly
Mathew Kanapilly 10 aylar önce
@Mist if you’re trying to argue that a new iteration of microsoft pen is worth 350$ then good for you but i think its a rip off and i could also get an iPad instead with a pen and magic keyboard for 1600$ and the apple pen has always been better than Microsoft’s
Matthew Carlson
Matthew Carlson Yıl önce
As a former surface engineer, I just about cried when Linus ripped it apart
Samuel Rippe
Samuel Rippe Yıl önce
As a surface user something has to change, and ripping it apart was the only way to prove it ( I cried too though)
Richard Barr
Richard Barr Yıl önce
As a former surface engineer, you should have not been expected given how unserviceable they all are.
Kyle Lentz
Kyle Lentz Yıl önce
As an end user. Surfaces are big poopy.
Toa Mastar
Toa Mastar Yıl önce
Linus: I really like this laptop! Also Linus: Tears it to shreds this is why we love you man haha
Seraaron Art
Seraaron Art Yıl önce
I'm honestly fully on board with you breaking stuff more often to open it up and show what's inside. If it's not openable, it should be, and you deserve to show that
Siipi Yıl önce
@The one and only This was never a debate. There is no loser or winner.
Siipi Yıl önce
@Sample Text I don't care if I give more money to some company, lmao. I just order what I need and if I need more, I contact Microsoft and pay them. This computer is so cheap compared to my Surface Book 2 i7 which cost me 3500€ (or actually I bought it for 0.5 bitcoin), so I could easily buy more services from Microsoft. I'm not buying this laptop, though. I think Surface Pro 8 is better, I have waited ~1,5 years to buy it. Surface Pro 8 i7 + Samsung Galaxy S22 + Samsung Galaxy Watch 4. I want them, now. :) Windows 11 is perfect.
Siipi Yıl önce
@Andro Yes, I think nobody should upgrade their RAM themselves but only via Microsoft support and if they can't do it or don't have that service, nobody should even try. If you can't buy the option with more RAM & SSD, you should not even contact anyone to do it for you. You buy the option you want to use and that's it. It's not a PC.
Eric Sugrue
Eric Sugrue Yıl önce
Linus: Dumps all over the trackpad for the polling rate Also Linus: this is an easy A+ trackpad
JustPlayerDE Yıl önce
@Juan the trackpad may not need a surface, but the surface needs a trackpad.
Juan Yıl önce
@jordan eimer Even the smallest mouse needs a surface, trackpads do not, even if the mouse tracks perfectly on the surface of the bus seat, or you 18000 DPI mouse can work with the 1 inch left on the plane table, come on, you will still prefer a good trackpad.
jordan eimer
jordan eimer Yıl önce
@Juan its 2021... we have small, wireless peripherals that prove otherwise.
Juan Yıl önce
@jordan eimer Oh no, no no no no, there are many situations suited for a laptop and not suited for a mouse, the laptop is supposed to be a mobile machine, want to use it on your lap on a train? On a bus? On your family car on your road trip? On the teeny tiny table of an economy class plane seat? There is a reason why laptops have trackpads, when the trackpad is good enough there is no need to force the use of a mouse to make the laptop usable.
jordan eimer
jordan eimer Yıl önce
The trackpad is one the least important things on any laptop. Use a mouse...
c1ph9r Yıl önce
3:07 I love how Alex is also interesting and walked in to investigate. He's such a good laptop reviewer for LTT
Iball nonya
Iball nonya Yıl önce
Years ago a client upgraded his Surface Pro tablet to a newer model and gave us the old one to dispose of. Since this person was a C-level in a financial company, we had to take it apart to remove the drive and physically destroy it aka "disposing of data to military standards". Never again. Ever. That thing was about a million screws and everything was GLUED or soldered together. It was horrible. Bent the crap out of everything and basically destroyed it. The battery was swelling up as well before we even removed a single screw. Turns out their cooling design blew hot air OVER THE BATTERY ITSELF! The company swore that day to never, ever recommend another Microsoft Surface anything to another client again.
Price Monroe
Price Monroe Yıl önce
I appreciate Linus being willing to destroy for our education.
Steve Newman
Steve Newman Yıl önce
Linus, it really needs to be said. Thanks for doing this.
The LEGO Walker
The LEGO Walker Yıl önce
"you'll have a website up in a matter of hours, maybe even less if your standards are as low as ours." Gotta love the sponsor spots on LTT vids.
pumpuppthevolume Yıl önce
@FUTURE10S sure it's fun ....just mentioning that u could block sponsors in the timeline too ...not just ads ....and btw he gets payed for those sponsor spots anyway unlike with blocking youtube ads
Smithor Yıl önce
I legit read this comment right as he said the ad in the video. Very strange feeling haha.
FUTURE10S Yıl önce
@pumpuppthevolume nah fuck that, Linus gives me free entertainment, I might as well watch the single ad that pops up.
pumpuppthevolume Yıl önce
yep love that ...also sponsor block
utkarsh kasana
utkarsh kasana Yıl önce
This laptop is turning out amazing for a programmer/casual user like me after a week of use: 1. 3:2 ratio is a godsend. 16:9 ratio laptos should not be a thing anymore unless all you do is play games and watch movies. 2. I play a few games which this laptop is handling really well. 3. The keyboard, touchpad and speakers are amazing! 4. This does not get loud at all which I love. 5. It gets slightly warm on heavy load but isnt a problem for me. 6. I really love that I can use it at 120hz and it doesnt kill battery as much as i expected. Its on par with 60hz for my usage. 7. The laptop feels premium with its finish. One of the best looking laptops. Negatives: 1. The screen is nice to use but you have to deal with reflection. 2. Its a little on the heavier side 3. I wish it had a USB A. Whatevers: The screen tilt. Its there is you wanna use it. I dont so I dont care about the hinge or modes or whatever but I like the option of having it. Also, get to learn the features of Windows 11, its pretty cool.
Kaezan Namir
Kaezan Namir Yıl önce
Linus, thank you so much for showing where that screw is! Im am sure your video just saved the life of many many repair shops!
Sean Shuping
Sean Shuping 9 aylar önce
You should get Alex to use the giant CNC machine to create a new backplate out of some perspex or something. And then you'll be able to see inside all the time 😉 you're welcome
Harry Holden
Harry Holden Yıl önce
Currently daily driving a Surfacebook 3 for my health science university degree / gaming. Seriously considering upgrading to the surface laptop studio as its much easier to go between tablet and laptop. I'm really glad that they finally added a thunderbolt port so there's the option of using an eGPU, I'm looking forward to plugging a 3080 into this.
EoS Yıl önce
If from now on LTT video reviews include a "this is not serviceable so we trashed it trying to open it" segment... I'M ALL FOR IT ! Go Framework !
Rolomir Fenrir
Rolomir Fenrir Yıl önce
I knew something was wrong, Linus hadn’t broken anything in a while
MekaniQ Yıl önce
Bots we don't freaking care
Lightning Squad
Lightning Squad Yıl önce
I uploaded my Face Reveal....
Forest Child
Forest Child Yıl önce
I was eying this device and after this review, I can only say Screw you MS. Speaking as a person who lost their Surface Laptop 3 to water damage (bottle opened in backpack), I've talked to the repair guys attempting the rescue. With the screw+magnetic sealing, there might have been a change if I got to them within 2 hours. However the internals, such as 5*layered glued PCBs, are completely unrepairable. So to me this style of introducing 1st gen devices which are dead if you just look at them wrong, it's just twisted. I wonder how the MBP will fare in this area, at least you can actually undo it without causing damage... But it looks like these devices should be bought with extra insurance.
GrandeMage Yıl önce
I'd honestly have to say for $2100 starting price, I'd rather have a Asus Zephorus or a MSI Stealth. Paying the premium for a surface just doesn't feel like value when for around the same price you get better performing parts. Even for the 2-1 factor a Dell XPS seems like better value for not much compromise.
copernicus 11 aylar önce
@feels3 not only that but the wacoms dont come with a built in (or attachable) keyboard, and they also break so much more commonly than youd think since the screens arent meant to handle that much temperature and pressure. im so getting one of these because im 100% sure it will push any art related workload i throw at it with no problems especially with that rtx card
feels3 Yıl önce
These are different things, you just compare performance, and there are people who needs a tablet, artists working in game industry for instance, and painting directly on screen is a big thing, you can buy a separate WACOM toy but a top spec and size is also big cost and still you don't get the same as here. It is not for everyone for sure, if you just need a standard (fast or slow, doesn't matter) latpop then it makes no sens, true that.
Paul André
Paul André Yıl önce
Well yes but no. The Dell has touch but i dont like to have a keyboard behind the screen when i use the touch display, but rather than that small thing that just anoys me, dont forget that the Dell XPS doesnt support pen input. Thats one of the reason why this device is so expensive. Just look at Laptops with pen support and you will se that their price is a couple hundred bucks above the normal laptop because these displays are just more expenise (dont look at wacom and co because one of those displays costs a whole fortune). And microsoft put a lot of work into the pen as you can see in the video of Brad Colbow, who looks at the device from an artist perspectiv and normaly a good pen isnt bad for students either. So i personally think that reviews about such devices are only half fair and im sad that they didnt gave the device to someone who works with digital art to test that part out like they did with the surface studio.
Boontarin Charoenthitiwong
I love the rounded corners display. I upgraded from Surface Laptop Go to Laptop 4 and really missed it.
Poot MahGoots
Poot MahGoots 11 aylar önce
The thing I like about the Surface Pro Studio is the tablet mode. I hate 2-in-1s that have the keyboard exposed in tablet mode.
Bipin kumar Singh
how it started : "it all started with dropping pc parts" how it is going : "now the stuff is being broken live"
manuelito1233 Yıl önce
Love how he's constantly being transparent with his framework venture, appreciating tech and giving credit where it's due.
A L Yıl önce
@Fabio Mora wut?
Fabio Mora
Fabio Mora Yıl önce
@A L you may not understand, is not about making decisions based on "your ethics", ethics has to be a standard, is not"your ethics" or "my ethics", a burglar had his own ethics for sure that he follows, maybe he doesn't steal of the elderly or of certain kind of people, or didn't try to hurt people, but you're not going to say, oh that burglar is so ethic!. You have to follow the standard and if you have an interest you have to quit any activities that are in conflict with that interest. You wouldn't hire a lawyer that is family of the person you're suing just because someone says he's being transparent right?
Mike68 Yıl önce
@Fabio Mora Hes just done a pretty fair review, if he was biased he would say this laptop is non useable due to its complete lack of repaireability do not buy, instead hes actually said this laptop is great and to the audience this laptop targets who probably would never open it, its a great buy. So why this even comes up is a joke. If you have nothing better to do with your life than argue about conflicts of interest when that potential conflict of interest has not negatively impacted his opinion or what he shows of the laptop then just unsubscribe, leave and close the door on your way out, normal people dont give a crap.
A L Yıl önce
@Fabio Mora "Makes decision based on his ethics. Gets people claiming he is unethical"
Fabio Mora
Fabio Mora Yıl önce
@A L is not about being clear or not or being "genuine", he has a conflict of interest and sounds m shouldn't been doing this reviews. Tell me if you know that a government official in charge of making construction contracts is an investor of one of the competing companies would you say: ok but he's being genuine. No there's a lot of reasons why that kind of interest conflicts are bad, i know Linus doesn't have that kind of power, but he has a lot of influence on a lot of people and then he doing this thing isn't too ethical at all.
AuraMaster 3 aylar önce
Wow that Zephyrus G14 pricing is brutal. My G15 with a 3070 in it was only $1800, and the 3080 version was the same price as that 3060 G14.
rilopez825 Yıl önce
I'm using the Surface laptop studio and its been great. I have had a few issue where it just ignores me but it comes around and starts to work. I'm using it for photo and video editing and for the most part its been ok. This is replacing my haswell 5960X with 1080ti so yea I'm going to loose some performance but at the cost of being able to freely work anywhere I am vs being stuck at my desk. So far I'm happy deliverying work on it.
John Steed
John Steed 3 aylar önce
Just when Linus remarked how quiet it was at around 6:45 the fan of my own laptop started acting up...
Murata Himeko
Murata Himeko 3 aylar önce
Gladragen Yıl önce
You should 3D print a new lower shell and utilize some kinda cooling solution into it.. That would be fun to see...
The Nimble Rider
The Nimble Rider Yıl önce
MIcrosoft: It's not serviceable Linus: Hold my screwdriver
thedanyes Yıl önce
I guess Microsoft's 'commitment to a right to repair' happened after this model was already designed lol.
Goku Black
Goku Black Yıl önce
@Aaron The point is the screws are in dumb hidden locations for no reason other than to make it harder to open not Practical at all
Chases May
Chases May Yıl önce
@OneMoreB and in 2024 when nothing has changed (again) they will unveil their new ‘right to repair’ friendly designs that should be due in 2026 when they will update you on the super promising stuff due in 2034 zzzzzz they won’t do anything unless forced. We have seen this so many times it’s honestly ignorant to expect anything else
OneMoreB Yıl önce
If you actually read anything beyond the headlines for their right to repair promises, they said it might be until the end of 2022 before we see any improvement in their devices (since design, development, and production takes time)
Aaron Yıl önce
If you get at all the hidden screws, I think the back comes off pretty easily though.
TheDeathmail Yıl önce
Actually, Microsoft DOES NOT support right to repair... just a few of their shareholders do... so they are compromising and sharing schematics... It's a step the right direction... but it's not the final step...
Drives11 9 aylar önce
You should include a score for Upgradeability / serviceability as it's literally what sold me on my lenovo x1 extreme gen 2.
Davidz Computer
Davidz Computer Yıl önce
Aesthetically, cant deal with the rounded corners myself. Actually, hearing that Windows 11 has rounded corners on the windows actually made me feel worse about it, not better, because i didnt realize windows 11 was like that either. 90 degree angles are much more pleasing on the eyes, at least to me, i really hope this doesnt become a thing. They remind me of the screens they used to put on childrens tablets, like Leapfrog type stuff, would make me feel like im buying some cheap toy instead of an expensive electronic device. Hopefully it is just for the drawing features on this particular laptop. Guess everybody wants their screens to have that futuristic Windows ME windows media player theme feel to them.
Davidz Computer
Davidz Computer Yıl önce
@Hyp3rSon1X Youve got a point, Windows 8 was really bad...but i still have a feeling that windows 11 is following in its footsteps, as well as the footsteps of windows ME. I dont really think anything needed much change from Windows 10 aesthetically, they should be focused more on features and functionality then changing up how everything looks every couple years. But, thats just all tech now, electronics video games etc, none of these companies look to give you any real worthwhile improvements anymore, just to package up whatever they already have in a new skin, shake up a couple features...they bundle up the past into a new box with a new label and call it the future.
Hyp3rSon1X Yıl önce
Windows 11 looks like some Linux Distro... it istn't that bad to be honest. The rounded corners are comparable to the Windows Vista/7 application Title bars... They're really not that bad IMO. Definetly better looking than the hot garbage look that came with Win 8!
BTGM25 Aylar önce
This is the first time watching an old ltt vid in a while and i had forgotten quite how jarring their new pre-recorded sponsor spots actually were when watching as well as listening to the video while working - I get why they do it for production efficiency reasons, but I personally feel the quality of the final product gets lowered (imo)
wasureta-namida 3 aylar önce
Loved my Sony Vaio Multi-Flip Laptop which had the same hinge for the display. They even share the silly screws-under-the-rubber-feet design... Unfortunately, I had to retire the device due to the aging CPU and low RAM capacity. Still sad about it 🤧
ARdotJR Yıl önce
Only Linus would, laugh, say "Bottomline" with a smile, while holding a ripped open laptop. 😂 (17:10)
JustKiddingPro Yıl önce
The hidden screws, and the fact you can't really upgrade it, has made this a product I wouldn't consider even if I had the money for it to be an option.
Eyoldaith Yıl önce
The one upside is that it does have Thunderbolt 4, allowing for external GPUs if needed in the future.
BeepBoop Yıl önce
@Walter Man Oh absolutely. I don't see another apple product in my future. I've had many going back to a IIe, then a TiBook, and PowerMacs -- but between the user hostile hardware, user hostile company position with right to repair, and the "bugs" that pop up when it's getting older, no more apple. My 2015 MBP's networking stopped working. Wifi and usb-eth. Would just randomly drop from the OS with no ability to bring it back to life unless I rebooted. Fresh mac OS install, same thing. Installed linux and it's been over a year without a network issue once. Can't help but think that's apple "encouraging" an upgrade since it's clearly not a hardware issue. So yeah, I agree, and I'd say they're one of the worst in that regard.
Walter Man
Walter Man Yıl önce
@BeepBoop same thing can be said about MacBooks.
zebble ganubi
zebble ganubi Yıl önce
​@Njoi Fontes well at least with phones or a watches there is usually a good reason for them being tightly packed together (aka unrepairable) but with a laptop, especially one as chunky as this there isnt really a whole lot of reasons that microsoft couldnt make it more upgradeable, which makes the whole thing more annoying
Kholo Zondi
Kholo Zondi Yıl önce
The whole Teardown experience starting at 12:45 is why we need companies like framework, and the valve steam deck
Kostya Kostyushko
Thank you for this "barbarian" but very useful disassembling :)
What Could Go Wrong
Now take the mainboard from the framework laptop and see if you can put it in the surface studio laptop and make it run. Use adaptors if needed. I want do see a diy surface laptop.
Larry Ganz
Larry Ganz Yıl önce
That was brutal. I went to swap out the 128GB SSD on my Lenovo Yoga 720 2-in-1 with a 512GB and had all the screws out and couldn't open it with a pick or pry tool. Popped it open and a bunch of tabs broke, where basically if I had just slid the bottom cover out about 3mm sideways after removing the screw it would have come right off. It went back together fine, but one must now use the screws to keep the bottom on, where before it could be installed and slid into place to stay on without the screws.
JB Yıl önce
I wasn't a fan of the first few releases. We bought 10 for a client and THREE within 1 year had the battery bubble and laptop chassis pop open. Another client of mine got 3 Surface 7+ models and so far so good. It's too early to tell. Thanks for another video Linus!
X LessThan Z
X LessThan Z Yıl önce
Linus takes one for the team: He sacrificed the removal of his SLS bottom cover to find the hidden screw, so we wouln't have to. Of course, that's if we even buy one.
JTL Yıl önce
Microsoft can keep their junk!
Michael Li
Michael Li Yıl önce
I feel like huge manufacturers are just messing with us now and they want to see how far they can push us, I mean I remember my 2011 MBP had about 8 beautifully machined metal screws on the bottom and it looked & worked great, this device can easily accommodate the same configuration, it'll allow for a even more rigid chassis too.
mumblefluff Yıl önce
I don't get the complaint about rounded display corners, that's probably the best thing about this design for me, rounded uniform iPad Pro like bezels (and therefore rounded display corners). It doesn't cut much, on phones the radius is significantly larger. On a laptop this allows chassis to be more rounded and comfortable, I hate when laptops are super pointy at the corners because they are trying to make bezels super small while keeping the display purely rectangular. By the way Surface Go Laptop also has rounded display corners, and I have a feeling New MacBooks might have it too.
Hi I am Alice
Hi I am Alice 9 aylar önce
Just imagine it compiling the Linux kernel while running LFS.
datrandomdugggy Yıl önce
i honestly really liked the surface book 3, the fact that this doesn't have a detachable screen kinda sucked i really liked that feature
Jerahya Yıl önce
going back on this. We need more linus forcing his way inside video. The cracking sound is so satisfying.
Moritz von Schweinitz
It's great how repairability is now a standard thing to be considered, and that it's a real bummer if manufacturers do silly things against it nowadays.
Amir Pourghoureiyan
@HeyItsHades There were plenty of Macbooks during his tenure and many of the were far from easy to take apart, I'm on about his original plan for the Macintosh where it's an appliance that consumers won't ever open up.
Govind Krishna Lal Balaji
@HeyItsHades lol no, you must take them to the service center, if you did it on your own, the warranty will be void.
HeyItsHades Yıl önce
@Amir Pourghoureiyan it’s funny you say that because during Steve Jobs everything on a MacBook was replaceable and the bottom only had 4 simple exposed screws to pull the whole bottom off to access the internals.
SnakZ Yıl önce
Out of the 6 laptops I have had, I have taken them all apart just to look inside of them :D. Even helped my girlfriend replace the casting of her laptop after she was drinking to much and "dropped" it
Amir Pourghoureiyan
Steve Jobs vision is the nightmare we're living in today with repairability.
Dennis Yıl önce
Dang, im watching this on my phone but its impressive how much of a difference you can still hear between the speakers of the dell and the surface!
Chance Yıl önce
I preferred the former Surface pro/book. Docked as a laptop, portable as a tablet. Now if you want to use the tablet, you're hauling around the scolding hot and heavy chasis too.
AKSoapy29 Yıl önce
This is basically a more powerful Sony VAIO Flip, which was cool at the time, but could have been better. It was nice though how it had an actual Ethernet port and the power button on the side (For when you are in tablet mode). I think it had changeable RAM too. I don't recall, I'd have to take mine apart again.
chuck50a 11 aylar önce
I am investigating purchase of a new laptop. I find it interesting how many reviews highlight limitations of the Surface Studio while avoiding how these limitations can be easily overcome. One example is the restricted accessability of the keyboard with the screen in easel position. There is no mention that an on screen keyboard is instantly available as needed. There are other "issues" that are more about form than function. These "issues" are more about personnel preference than actual performance limitations. You have to question a reviewer's motivation when he starts ripping apart a laptop, he knows nothing about doing, as part of a review. My biggest reservation with the Studio laptop is accessory connectability. It gets expesive tapping into utilizing the full capability of this laptop. I'm hoping off brand accessory manufactures catch up.
Notthedroids Yourelookingfor
Wait, they already call their instant-e-waste mouse "ocean plastic"? Does it also come in "pacific garbage patch" colours?
Logan H
Logan H Yıl önce
@Notthedroids Yourelookingfor It is a bunch of buzz word crap too. Ocean plastic recycling is not feasible at all, I watched a video on it not long ago. It’s such an extensive and frankly expensive process that if things were truly made from 100% recycled ocean plastics, they would be ridiculously expensive. Edit : Here is the link to the video. trvid.com/video/video-4o9-FkSHGWA.html
Notthedroids Yourelookingfor
@Right Wing Safety Squad I had thought about that. But if you do that, why make new trash from it?
Right Wing Safety Squad
i think the idea is that it is made of recycled ocean pollution.
honorablejay Yıl önce
I really hate the practice of hiding screws under rubber feet. After you remove them they never stick properly.
Will Gallatin
Will Gallatin Yıl önce
@looncraz ROFLMFAO!!
looncraz Yıl önce
@Will Gallatin Yeah, but then you're attracting ghosts.
Will Gallatin
Will Gallatin Yıl önce
Spirit gum works quite well to re-attach the feet once the work is done.
Max Klassen
Max Klassen Yıl önce
There is no rational reason to even hide them in the first place, let alone under a sticker.
Kyle Clements
Kyle Clements Yıl önce
*This* might be the best windows laptop? Dammit! I just bought a Framework! *EDIT:* Got to 14:00, based on the teardown, I'm content with my choice.
Alex Yıl önce
I just wish they made it a little beefier. It would be perfect for 3D modeling, it’s just down on power and overpriced with no ports and poor storage space. I can’t seem to find any powerful laptops with screens that I can sculpt and draw on.
LvUhcX 9 aylar önce
Pls let me know if you find a bulky laptop like this 🥺
subspace anomaly
subspace anomaly Yıl önce
The Asus Pro art the new one looks good but the pen input is through the touch pad rather than the screen. Though I know cad professionals who prefer their wacoms to not have screens so they can focus on the big screen without hands and pens in the way which ultimately is an evolution. It's probably a pretty good product for stuff like z brush etc
Christopher Roth
Christopher Roth Yıl önce
So many good jokes in this one. My favourites were MS proprietary port and their website standards during the sponsor segment. Pure Gold.
jowdemanne Yıl önce
YES LINUS! Normalise just breaking into laptops and destroying them if you can't properly do it anyway. I honestly loved it that he just ripped it like "fuck this, I need to see inside" :-D
DigitalDiabloUK Yıl önce
A literal teardown 😳
Liquid Flames
Liquid Flames Yıl önce
I think that's why it has that "chunky" look, as Linus called it. The extra ledge around the base makes it so the speakers are firing down into the table and bouncing the sound back up to your ears. Without the ledge, it be resting on the speakers and they would just be covered. And the ledge makes the pen magnet holder spot work a lot better. And, from the perspective of the person using it, it gives the illusion that the whole thing is hovering slightly above the table it's on. I like it a lot. It's just too expensive for me so I'll never buy it.
Quanti Yıl önce
CGGS_Gaming Yeah...but the fact that so many other reviewers also didn't like the speakers seems kinda suspicious to me.
Liquid Flames
Liquid Flames Yıl önce
@G33RsofDeath I can't say for sure without having it in person to compare if the sound on this thing is well done or not. That said, I refer back to my other point. It is way too expensive. And like @G33 said, I can't see a use for the tilted "canvas mode" like Linus called it. With it tilted like that, the keyboard his hidden so you're limited to touch and trackpad only. I'd rather just use a tablet.
C T Yıl önce
Should have called it the Ledge
Benjamin Yıl önce
Lazy design still
George Valkov
George Valkov Yıl önce
@DonNerdo True, MacBooks sound great, though they also use some filters. The sound in Windows bootcamp lacks bass. It still sounds good and has details, though it's far from the macOS experience. Like you said, at least the audio filter doesn't crash. I have a negative opinion about Dell, due to issues I've seen in the forums, though I should also mention I spent two and a half years on MacBook repairs, and I can tell Apple are pretty bad with their customers. It's not fun when they erase your primary computer every few months. I have a MacBook Pro 16".
L Gapp
L Gapp 9 aylar önce
you know your anti right to repair when your laptop is harder to take apart than apples
Fajar Kurniawan
Fajar Kurniawan 2 aylar önce
Just got mine today That's why I am here And yes that surface has a weirdly satisfying texture It's more like a soft paper texture instead of slick metal
Angle 5 aylar önce
I'm planning to work with the surface pro 8 i7, 16gb of ram for college going for graphic design. Should i go for the studio pro instead? Or should I be fine with the 8
Stefan Leutwyler Gameboy
The LAPTOP IS SUPER QUIET...until you used it's gpu excessive for a long night and the fan starts to become loud and will stay loud from now on. So thanks for the "how not to open" part :D
Skrovno CZ
Skrovno CZ Yıl önce
I don't get the rounded corners on devices. But on computer it looks weird. That was trend for old CRT televisions where it was not possible to make it sharp because of the cathode ray tube.
APinchOf Dill
APinchOf Dill Yıl önce
I just want to mention the webcam on the framework looks good. I didn't except that. Well done framework team!
Amir Pourghoureiyan
Hopefully we'll see some homebrew projects that reuse cameras from high-end phones - could end up being decent 4k webcams lol
Wren Yıl önce
Rara🇦 same
Game Dev Made Easy
I wouldn't really call the Surface Studio a laptop though, looks like a slightly beefier Tablet with laptop capabilities added on to it. And while it is annoying to not be able to add ram to it and that the M.2 drive looks proprietary, I wouldn't be surprised if future iterations of ram is going to resemble M.2s and have slots to slide them into without needing to disassemble the machine.
Jakob K.
Jakob K. 11 aylar önce
I do not think that the higher tier version of this laptop is the only relevant one. For Photoshop work a dedicated gpu is not required and for Gpu rendering the vram of the 3050 is to small, so it is basically useless in that aspect. Additionally modern cpus are so fast and efficient, that the core I5 is enough for Photoshop, unless you really use huge artboards with huge resolution, but at that point you might as well get a stationarry solution with way more power. With that said, the terrible repairability of this device kills it for me in any aspect. Additionally Microsoft charges 160€ extra just to go from a 256gb ssd to 512gb and that is an insane markup. This Laptop looked really interesting for my last year of masters (product Design), but at this point I might just replace the battery on my 7 year old Dell Xps 13 and try to use it through the last year. (I have two desktops, one at school, one at home so the xps 13 only gets used when I am really on the go)
Antony Mitchell
Antony Mitchell Yıl önce
The thing that I never liked about my Lenovo surface copy, as the touch support, I wanted something to use as both a laptop and an iPad when travelling. Instead the touch experience was incredibly clunky, to the point that I never removed the touchpad.
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