Super Mario Party - All Brainy Minigames

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Compilation of all brainy minigame in Super Mario Party. If you are interested in more videos for Super Mario Party, see the playlist below. All minigames have time stamps listed below.
Super Mario Party Playlist:
All Brainy Minigames & Time Stamps
00:01 - Looking for Love
00:45 - Senseless Census
01:37 - Lost in the Shuffle
02:15 - Absent Minded
03:37 - Stake Your Claim
05:00 - Rattle and Hmmm
07:12 - Maths of Glory
08:35 - Drop Quiz
10:05 - Nut Cases
11:55 - Tow the Line
12:35 - Perfect Fit
13:05 - Making Faces
14:14 - Juice Box
14:55 - Suit Yourselves
16:55 - Sort of Fun




21 Oct 2018

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Pastel Rush OwO
Pastel Rush OwO 32 dakika önce
Luigi: Why not let me win, you can’t win forever! Mario: meh how about no *Luigi death stare comes on* Meh still no
mickey maloney
mickey maloney Gün önce
mario:f(_)ck u guys luigi:u are so mean bowser:mario...u stole my job i suppost to win mario:idc for u guys i need better enemies bye bye all:yaaaay mario gone sometimes later mario:i lost every round mario:im back guys all:nooooooooooooooooooooo we was enyojing without you. mario:i miss u too guys
AsherahTheCat Gün önce
7:14 is my second minigame :)
Somphome Keobounkham Keobounkham
Lol bot no*b
Marsh mellow Pie
Marsh mellow Pie 2 gün önce
Mario won all the mini games lol
Devron Sereal
Devron Sereal 3 gün önce
pause at 0:50 the 4rh wall breakes the toads are on a swich
Николай Владимирович
More then they
Ariel Varrente
Ariel Varrente 4 gün önce
5:10 wth u need to do there .-.?
이도형2 7 gün önce
나만 여기 에서 한국인이야 ㅜㅜ
DJ YONDER 9 gün önce
First game I wonder who won the first game lol or I can even say all games
Eddy Camacho
Eddy Camacho 9 gün önce
Buuu mario
RusDex - всё о покемонах
2:00 it's toad-matryoshka
myint lwin
myint lwin 10 gün önce
myint lwin
myint lwin 10 gün önce
myint lwin
myint lwin 10 gün önce
Put #bowseriscrap is bowser loss
myint lwin
myint lwin 10 gün önce
Put #mariogoesmammiamiaiwon! Is Mario won
yuji19860319 11 gün önce
Shady Mohamed
Shady Mohamed 13 gün önce
Jaimie Wilder
Jaimie Wilder 15 gün önce
It's 22
Sparky Clash royale
Sparky Clash royale 17 gün önce
Good vs bad people
L0cugameplay 17 gün önce
sau trinh
sau trinh 17 gün önce
He has 111111111111111111111111111111111122222222222222222233333334444444444455555555666666677777888899999999 iQ
JJeami Arellano
JJeami Arellano 19 gün önce
3:33 it looks like Luigi is trying to pull the middle finger
Dmitriy Solovyev
Dmitriy Solovyev 19 gün önce
On second game I see toads playing super Mario party Nintendo switch!!?
Alexandra Martinez
Alexandra Martinez 20 gün önce
I freaking hate Drop Quiz with it's ABSURD QUESTIONS!!!!!!!!!!
Anthony Dinh
Anthony Dinh 20 gün önce
Maths Of Glory is actually a luck mini game. Cause you don’t get points for getting the correct answer. You have to destroy the other teams castle before they do it to you. Are you not brainy?
keng mim
keng mim 20 gün önce
marisa dela cruz
marisa dela cruz 21 gün önce
Mario:You All Have 50 IQ :P Luigi: Tell Us How To Win Mario:NO Everyone In Game: TELL US OR KILL Mario:SHUT UP I SAID NO Peach:Please Tell Us Now Mario Mario:NO Peach:You Never My Heroes Ever Again Mario:but but Peach:No More But Luigi Our Heroes Mario:Hey Daisy Daisy:Tell Us How To Always Win Now Mario:No I Mea- Daisy:Your Not My Heroes Luigi It Our Heroes Peach:Same Mario:Hey Rosa Rosaline: Sorry Im Busy I Have My Picture From Luigi Hey: Toad And Starlow Starlow: -._.- Toad: We Are Busy From You *Put Mario In The Stage* Mario:OKAY LISTEN Everyone:Wut? Mario:This The Real WHY I Always Wins Mario:First Study In School Mario:Second Read Book In Library Mario:There You Have Brainy Games Y
Ashley Petty
Ashley Petty 22 gün önce
iqra abdalla
iqra abdalla 23 gün önce
Maria Flores
Maria Flores 24 gün önce
Stop letting Mario win
Trixia OMG
Trixia OMG 25 gün önce
Only Mario it's the best game and are they following Mario or they cheat
Shadowfire 123
Shadowfire 123 25 gün önce
Why does Mario always win it’s getting annoying.😡
Jeroen Beemsterboer
Jeroen Beemsterboer 26 gün önce
Ik vind het leuk als het 1 tegen 1 is
Royston Playz
Royston Playz 26 gün önce
1:37 The Game Broke );(
Lidia Borja
Lidia Borja 26 gün önce
2:40 nose porque todos secopiande mario????
Md Shafiquzzaman
Md Shafiquzzaman 27 gün önce
What r the rules of the mini game 5:45
Mimikyu Athena
Mimikyu Athena 27 gün önce
Maybe he wins like 2000,3000,4000,5000,6000,7000,8-000,9000 100,00 2 hours later 100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000
DaviDBosS07 27 gün önce
0:28 YES! no...
Bannana Yum
Bannana Yum 28 gün önce
Mario wins AGAIN
Danik Korkenbaev
Danik Korkenbaev 28 gün önce
xuanci Chang
xuanci Chang 29 gün önce
Loan Huynh
Loan Huynh Aylar önce
Do you guy hmmm know to play all that Game yes or no
Birb Aylar önce
Mario has the highest IQ in the whole damn universe
M Hazy
M Hazy Aylar önce
seans lovely channel
This is MARIO PARTY 10
Raymundo Bovadilla
Raymundo Bovadilla Aylar önce
siempre gana Mario
Daryl Srey
Daryl Srey Aylar önce
Luigi has failed using the poeer of Doing nothing
Sara Foote
Sara Foote Aylar önce
4:20 and 4:47 sound so cute
Isaiah Robinson
Isaiah Robinson Aylar önce
Vanessa Sathler
Vanessa Sathler Aylar önce
SpelreX 1
SpelreX 1 Aylar önce
Janelly Eralte
Janelly Eralte Aylar önce
I love it
Juan Olivas
Juan Olivas Aylar önce
Mario its cool
Juan Olivas
Juan Olivas Aylar önce
merugia alexander
merugia alexander Aylar önce
I like trains kid
I like trains kid Aylar önce
jey aharan
jey aharan Aylar önce
No it’s only 1 infinitely
SpelreX 1
SpelreX 1 Aylar önce
Add ap
Darkshadow Hernandez
Me gustaría que ganara otro que no sea marii
бенди монцтар
Joel Hernandez
Joel Hernandez Aylar önce
Wiy is Mario wen🤔😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠
Brandon Ramirez
Brandon Ramirez Aylar önce
6:38 Toad looks so cute.😁
Danger Aylar önce
Mama G
Mama G Aylar önce
It's yt
nickolas Lopez
nickolas Lopez Aylar önce
nickolas Lopez
nickolas Lopez Aylar önce
edymulyo sriawan
edymulyo sriawan Aylar önce
the winner mario evertime
Iconic Boi
Iconic Boi Aylar önce
Mario: 4000 IQ Luigi: 3710 IQ Bowser Jr: 3150 IQ Bowser: 2190 IQ This is the accurate IQs for this Mario Party
lilly barker
lilly barker Aylar önce
mario wins all the games:(
Кертис силя
Lucas Tooma
Lucas Tooma Aylar önce
Cafe China
Cafe China Aylar önce
Great Job!!!!!!!!!
Luke Rennie
Luke Rennie Aylar önce
Making Faces was my favourite
I Km juni81
I Km juni81 Aylar önce
Luigi kan kalah kenapa win
PieFace BW / GD SuprScythe
1:36 haha! Oh right, pika! Yah!
UltimateGamer Zane142
Luigi has 0 IQ
Маргарита Нестеренко
Look at the green
Pukos Gatitos
Pukos Gatitos Aylar önce
1:38 what
Елена Болотова
Jupiter Kun
Jupiter Kun Aylar önce
my third
Daniel Westman
Daniel Westman Aylar önce
what about rocket league.
Zachariah Merced
Zachariah Merced Aylar önce
And Luigi
Zachariah Merced
Zachariah Merced Aylar önce
Mario is the real person the rest are CPUs
Thanos Aylar önce
Mario oarty 9 love you😘😘
Dominique Houle
Dominique Houle Aylar önce
Team bowser jr❤❤❤
Cat85 Lol
Cat85 Lol Aylar önce
I bet when he recorded he had to do a lot of attempts to do all of these right
葉沁璇 Aylar önce
Duc Nguyen
Duc Nguyen Aylar önce
Bowser this is you how could you possibly loose
prida adm
prida adm Aylar önce
Like si quieres que ganen otros personages
Mindofthebrick Aylar önce
Russian doll one *goes at 10000 mph*
Mix_Right Aylar önce
6:58 what'z the rules in minigame ?
Sans The skeleton
Sans The skeleton 7 gün önce
Julka Nowak *listen for the biggest vibration i guess “/*
Crzygamer 8 gün önce
Daylene Briones
Daylene Briones 16 gün önce
Adonis Ziegler you are correct I even have super Mario party
Anthony Dinh
Anthony Dinh 20 gün önce
You have to feel the rumbles to the three enemies (I don’t know) guess the correct person (rumble included) and you get points for doing it
Adonis Ziegler
Adonis Ziegler 28 gün önce
Three different enimies make three different sounds. Listen to a rumble, and guess who made it
O Gui Blindao
O Gui Blindao Aylar önce
Mario : yay i won all the mini games Luigi : HOW YOU DO THAT bowser : YEA HOW YOU DO THIS Mario : its simple I WON'T TELL YOU AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA everyone on the games :| =( >=(
George Shaw
George Shaw Aylar önce
7:16 MATH!
Just Dance
Just Dance Aylar önce
show your face please !!!
Agustin Aguilera
Agustin Aguilera Aylar önce
alfredo martin michelet
like por waluigi :V
Charles Bussmann
Charles Bussmann Aylar önce
B no nn,h,,.mmzcnCn,,mghkbm,lmggcgdyzgj jzdzyymjbcjfgsadccjfgacxjgfawscxjhfascdxyhtqewcdhyfqcwdcftqwdvhjcb hjldfsbvhjddsbvhjsedgh msggchsdkxc gohsesgghiasvcasdvigcighassvcgihssavxaghjsxcdcfjg ssfgjaascsjf Cscfhgshcshfgxfhgfschfggxcfgsaxdyufdyuwedjhgv csatiyxfithacdsftyiacfscdaityfctxfiityxssftyixssafitycasscxutyfxuiy
Sandy Louis
Sandy Louis Aylar önce
Mario keeps on winning!
julice1312 Aylar önce
Mario wins
Amanda Oliveira
Amanda Oliveira Aylar önce
Apple Be Like
3 gün önce
Conspiracy Series
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