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If super humans had to apply for hero jobs, but all of their powers are trash.




19 Ağu 2018




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I can go invisible but only when no one is looking at me.
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Chris Jones Gün önce
500 comments now maxed out
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I got hacked Aylar önce
And when all cameras are off
vuvss 2 aylar önce
GNARLY 2 aylar önce
i 2 aylar önce
Just Some Guy without a Mustache
Literally anyone: "I can summon-" Caleb: *Oh hell no*
This idiot
This idiot 11 gün önce
Didn't realize you changed your pfp lol
Cypher 17 gün önce
istg i see this guy on 3/4 videos i watch not even on caleb
LightFerno Aylar önce
Its not just that he's everywhere its just that he thinks the same things were thinking
Mr. Egg
Mr. Egg Aylar önce
@woxnvriskxbfgwsicne xk ebecovjebc ??
Canter1Ter Aylar önce
-I can summon cute kitties -GET IIIN! GET IN! GET IIIIINNNNN!
Sir_MipMop 5 aylar önce
"i can summon spid-" caleb: get OUUUUTTTTT "you didnt let me finish, i can summon spiderman"
Matsu Ryuka
Matsu Ryuka 3 gün önce
@Bully Maguire Ok but it wasn't meant to be an adaptation of his original stories, it was his own story, unlike Sam Raimi whose job was to adapt and not make a new story
Bully Maguire
Bully Maguire 3 gün önce
@Matsu Ryuka In comparison to Tom, MCU is the least comic accurate.
Matsu Ryuka
Matsu Ryuka 3 gün önce
@Bully Maguire Kristen's MJ also wasn't comic accurate at all and same goes for most of Sam Raimi's villains
Bully Maguire
Bully Maguire 7 gün önce
@Name A majority are marvel wise, Spider-Man was changed to drastically from his comic counterpart, he doesn’t feel like Spider-Man as much not to mention we hardly get any character development from important people like MJ or Aunt May, they’re just kinda there.
Name 7 gün önce
@Bully Maguire not a single movie is the exact same as a book. Also just something is different from the comic book doesn’t mean its bad. If its well made then that shouldn’t matter.
Musbub 5 aylar önce
him rejecting all these people is making them villains lmao
Trap demonxxx
Trap demonxxx 8 gün önce
Make their head blast off with the time loop
Hayden Anderson
Hayden Anderson 15 gün önce
@Oi ras come back to life and then backflip and turn invisible then beat the hell out of heros
HorrorBøy_Cute 19 gün önce
@Oi ras Tokyo ghoul
Anjana Achoibam
Anjana Achoibam Aylar önce
Paranoia Keeps Me Wake
@soe moe prefer landing on my neck executing a backflip I can't quite do
HollowKingCero 5 aylar önce
"I can bring anyone back to life." "We can actually use someone like..." "But only if they die on February 29." "GET OUUUUUUUUT!"
Emron A
Emron A 14 gün önce
@Ghostie44 Big brain right here ^
Emron A
Emron A 14 gün önce
@Dalia Domy wrong comment
Katherine Henshaw
Katherine Henshaw 28 gün önce
So they would have to die on my birthday....... T-T
WindBlade ツ
WindBlade ツ Aylar önce
Just kill people on february 29 and revive em as a prank
Arponax 2 aylar önce
@SoapyMess I mean they could do most of their missions on that date. XD
John Li
John Li 2 yıl önce
Ok but heres the thing, by immediately firing all of those bug power dudes, you have essentially laid the groundwork for a truly terrifying supervillain group consisting of bug people
DemonlordMicah !
DemonlordMicah ! 8 gün önce
you mean like nature
MJB 2 aylar önce
Oh shit, it's the League of GET OOUUUUUUUT
TheJazzyPerson 2 aylar önce
The 10,000th like. Exactly. A testament to how terrible a decision they made.
Hitler Senpai
Hitler Senpai 2 aylar önce
Lilya Yıl önce
Just recruit the Venus Fly Trap as a hero and you're good. 🤣
i really hate jam
i really hate jam 5 aylar önce
He said “ *GET OUUTT* “ for the centipede and spider guy as if their abilities weren’t the most useful in the entire series
Jaz Azo
Jaz Azo 10 saatler önce
Not rly
Name 7 gün önce
@patrick watkins yea expecially if you can make ones that are incredible venomess
king-green 13 gün önce
Aayan's Creative Lab
It’s because everyone hates those 2
p Aylar önce
thousandth like
Sevn 5 aylar önce
Turns out the invisibility guy doesn’t actually need to flip but is only capable of turning invisible as a fight or flight reaction and so the sudden pain causes it to activate.
JAXON REID 5 gün önce
"He can't do it on command" -Peter B. Parker, probably
Paranoia Keeps Me Wake
@Sir Blueberry yeah but then everybody would see your floating bleeding hand
This account is something else
How would he figure this out if he can’t do a backflip
H.U.S.K Project
H.U.S.K Project 2 aylar önce
@Ollybolly1337 k or he could just pinch himself
KoopJupe 2 aylar önce
but he turned invisible before he hurt himself
TheElevenFirst 4 aylar önce
I mean the invisibility guys power wasn’t that bad like they could just teach him how to do backflips or put padding on his head.
TheElevenFirst Aylar önce
@Beak_Essence- no what’s a trampoline 😂
marcx world
marcx world Aylar önce
I mean he didn't give them any time really
Sonu Neil.
Sonu Neil. 3 aylar önce
Or tell him to get out.... 🤷.
CallMeNoth 3 aylar önce
@The Meme Lord mini trampoline LOL
The Meme Lord
The Meme Lord 3 aylar önce
they gotta get him his own personal trampoline to activate his power
No clue
No clue 3 aylar önce
"oh no he BLEEDIN" "some body gotta call nine one ONE " lmao the way he said it
No clue
No clue 2 aylar önce
bro so many likes O_O
JAKE K 2 aylar önce
Nine one ONNEEE....
Comrade 2 aylar önce
chairspoon 5 aylar önce
“Does your time loop erase your memory?” “No”
Thieano Rodriguez Diaz
@J Meister A qqUu
Thieano Rodriguez Diaz
@J Meister A qq
Jhalpotato 2 aylar önce
@Adrian Vegas I can put people in a time loop
Spark Red
Spark Red 2 aylar önce
@wadda fuqq hey im here for the interview
Doom423 2 aylar önce
@wadda fuqq Hahahah that was good
Demlight 5 aylar önce
"GET OUTTTTTTT! GET OUUUUUUUUUUUT!" *man that part never gets old*
Malik Geibel
Malik Geibel 3 aylar önce
Fr tho
Fearlessness 5 aylar önce
"What's your power" "I have the ability to fly" "Oh ok that's an amazing ability we could use that for sur-" "But I can only fly at walking speed." "GET OUTTTTT! GET OUUUUUUUU-"
The fat chubby person that plays video games
@Fearlessness at least he ain’t dying by fall damage and he can moon walk… like bro he can moon walk
Tri Force
Tri Force 2 aylar önce
Surveillance, he can float to the 30th story window and spy. Then quick escape by falling
Ceiliann Baldwin
Ceiliann Baldwin 4 aylar önce
still pretty useful
Unseen bruh
Unseen bruh 4 aylar önce
@Fearlessness fly higher simple
Unseen bruh
Unseen bruh 4 aylar önce
@Zeb Moment you can be the ultimate sniper no one will even know where you are if you can fly
Sam Gratham-knight
Sam Gratham-knight 5 aylar önce
“The question is who’s gonna win” got me in stitches🤣
Akul Jamwal
Akul Jamwal 3 aylar önce
He should've answered it and then suddenly realized it's effectiveness
Slimecicle 3 yıl önce
I thought I was repeatedly watching this video because I liked it but I'M IN A TIME LOOP
Kyle Cheng
Kyle Cheng 14 saatler önce
On mobile, tap the three dots in the top right corner, then tapping the third option should disable loop On computer, right click the video player, move your cursor down to loop, and left click so its unchecked to disable loop
I LUV R O B U X 5 gün önce
No niga
Name 7 gün önce
@A Convenient Myth yes because this person looks exactly like caleb or wore a skin suit of him.
TheDestructionPortal 1
Time LOOP!
Luna-tic 17 gün önce
Rice Maker
Rice Maker 3 aylar önce
That dude who can summon cats is being under appreciated He said he could summon ANY cat at ANY amount right? Wouldnt that mean he could summon an endless amounts of lions, or panthers This dude could summon a whole panther fight at a robbers car, and they wouldn’t be able to escape. He could summon 30 lions to fight INSIDE a villains hide out since “they come from nowhere” This dudes power is INFINITE and dat man passed up a good player
Rice Maker
Rice Maker Aylar önce
@DragNof you see, thats what i also thought until, the second he wanted to make cats, it came almost instantaneously. Maybe that was an editing mistake, but if it wasnt, it literally means that he took the from probably all over a city or neighbour hood, and brought them together in less than a second He could probably call hundred of lions and panthers to fight at one location in a few minutes since its so instantaneous. So yeah he cannot literally "summon/create cats out of thin air" but summoning in this context means that his ability is strong enough to bring in hundreds of cats in literally the span of a few milliseconds :> (wow so much detail into a joke i made LOL)
The fat chubby person that plays video games
@DragNof but still the villain is gonna watch a billion lions fight each other bro
E OO Aylar önce
@DragNof exactly
DragNof Aylar önce
His power is making cats fight each other, which mean he cannot summon cats
E OO Aylar önce
@Dykurt holy shit lmao
Griffy 3 aylar önce
I love how in the first one the interviewer is so much more patient and in the second video he’s so done with everyone. Caleb really follows through with these engaging storylines.
D A R K R O A S T 5 aylar önce
"What's your ability?" "I can make cats fight at will," My Hero Academia: We'll take it!
M3chaF0xx 2 aylar önce
@𝐸𝓉𝒽𝒶𝓃 i know its a joke but thats the best part of mha The fights dont actually be that long it be 1-2 in a half episodes long Then we got dbz with Goku in that goddamn pod for 50 episodes
𝐸𝓉𝒽𝒶𝓃 2 aylar önce
*Proceeds to make a 3 episode long fight*
Maurice King
Maurice King 5 aylar önce
Me: *enters the gates of heaven* Me: wow this place is nice as hell God: 1:09
Subtotal Aljar
Subtotal Aljar 2 yıl önce
Weird how he lives in a city filled with only clones of himself.
phi 7 gün önce
caleb is in caleb city and now this reply is in dumbass city
XxAvaricexX 4 aylar önce
@Shipra Yadav R/whoooosh
Leo 5 aylar önce
And some of them have super powers.
N3onl3zツ 5 aylar önce
It's called Calebcity fkr a reason lol
Bald Sword
Bald Sword 6 aylar önce
JJ Jones
JJ Jones 5 aylar önce
"I have the power to see through things" "Ok great, we could actually use a person like you" "But only if they're transparent" "Get ouuut!!!!"
Tristan M
Tristan M 4 aylar önce
That timeloop shit was gold! "I do have a trash memory though!", lol
M3LP L30n
M3LP L30n 2 aylar önce
Caleb needs to do a super villain interview where even they reject the spider and centipede summoners.
Dani 3 aylar önce
"..... but still, still even with that extra piece of knowledge" I DIE, EVERY TIME.
Dead Channel
Dead Channel Yıl önce
Everyone forgetting the real power here: Caleb's ability to clone himself.
Jay Young
Jay Young 2 aylar önce
and each of the clones have dogshit powers
Error101? What kinda name is that?
@electric radcliffe My ability is to cook ramen noodles on low heat
MONK EH MAN 2 aylar önce
@electric radcliffe actually could be op
Sub to beluga
Sub to beluga 3 aylar önce
Stop Playinn Tre
Stop Playinn Tre 3 aylar önce
This video might offend the black people but it’s all entertainment 🤣🤣trvid.com/video/video-OmHbwb02KAI.html
RuffyR 5 aylar önce
1:10 has me laughing till this day🤣
Lj golden
Lj golden 3 aylar önce
3:19 but this whole scene is golden🤣🤣🤣🤣 every single time I re-watch it the laughter gets more intense
Brug 2 aylar önce
Hey I’m here for the interview
TheSixFingeredMan 3 aylar önce
"I do have trash short-term memory." Ok, that was good.
Levi M
Levi M 3 aylar önce
His time loop game was so strong he time looped right into someone else's timeline.
Yoichi -
Yoichi - 2 yıl önce
I like how confident the cat guy was with his powers
morganmiller41 2 aylar önce
Can he only summon housecats or can he also get lions and panthers ?
ori 3 aylar önce
bro it worked tho😭
Stop Playinn Tre
Stop Playinn Tre 3 aylar önce
This video might offend the black peoplebut it’s all entertainment 🤣🤣trvid.com/video/video-OmHbwb02KAI.html
Limit Break
Limit Break 3 aylar önce
And honestly that seemed like the “ohhh No ohhhh no no no” music was gonna start playing from the end RIGHT away, even more so when he said “still like “ “please please “
Limit Break
Limit Break 3 aylar önce
@Random Dud3 oh shit you’re fucking right
shammah nzaana
shammah nzaana 2 aylar önce
Okay but "I summon centipedes" lest me in stitches 😂😂😭😭
Deathmachine 4 aylar önce
"Uh, you can just go ahead and describe your power." "I can summon spiders-" "Get out! Get out! *Get out* ! *GET OUT* ! *GET OUTTTT* !"
Zen 5 aylar önce
"I can summon spiders". One of my worst nightmares.
MAG 3 aylar önce
Dude: can summon literalley any sort of insect insect People: that must be the supervillain
Kaurdi Yıl önce
I feel like the centipede guy has been like training his whole life for the interview and getting rejected instantly just broke him XD
Noddy Garg
Noddy Garg Yıl önce
Ok sasgay
DV Yıl önce
GenericName V.2.1
@QualityDyl the music is "Mother Sea" from One Piece anime
King Nedya
King Nedya Yıl önce
You people coming up with supervillain names are missing such an obvious chance for alliteration: Captain Centipede.
Familyshadow123 Yıl önce
@Chaos D same that Laguna and jacket reminded me
someguy 5 aylar önce
Legends have it he’s still in a time loop.
L Aylar önce
The silent, immediate pointing to the door after "I summon centipedes" was the best. xD
Luc1fer. 2 aylar önce
"I can summon spiders." "I can summon Centipedes." Caleb "Y'all came to the wrong interview, head outside and go to the right and you will find "Evil superhuman interview"."
Martin Junior Balbi Hurtado
Time loop guy would be a great addition. He can just make the villains tired of having the same conversation over and over and end their evil ways to go on vacation
Maddinhpws Yıl önce
The invisibility guy will actually be useful. They only need to train him to do a backflip.
Flame Jakkai
Flame Jakkai 18 gün önce
He's dead
Will Zill
Will Zill 21 gün önce
Or trampoline
Thgho 35
Thgho 35 8 aylar önce
Kyle Dunn
Kyle Dunn 8 aylar önce
They don’t need to train him if they can get enough blankets
wingnut 8 aylar önce
if hes still alive
Gustavo Sifuentes
Gustavo Sifuentes Aylar önce
Ben Keene
Ben Keene 5 aylar önce
I love how the door closes itself for every time the time loop guy enters
ZasiaLovee 4 aylar önce
My 4 year old found this and can’t stop saying GET OUTTTTTT just like this😂😂
Ashish Nambiar
Ashish Nambiar Aylar önce
Imagine if that spider dude could summon dragon-sized spiders and also had the ability to control them
Baconboy 6 aylar önce
Legend has it the time loop guy is still time looping to this day.
Don’t worry.
Don’t worry. 4 aylar önce
Years later and this is still one of my favorites
Leo 5 aylar önce
The secret is that the interviewer has the ability to clone versions of himself with random powers.
SSDSharpshooters 6 aylar önce
The guy:I can summon spiders th- Caleb: GET OOOOOOOUUUOOT GET OOOOOOOOUUOOT
Desbug fan
Desbug fan 5 aylar önce
I also watched the video
CCLRKK Aylar önce
"The question is who's gonna win" had me dying
Siddhanth 5 aylar önce
Guy here for interview:"I can summon spi-" Caleb: "Get Ouuuuuuut, Get Ouuuuuuut"! This had me DIEING with laughter 🤣🤣
Trixxan 24 gün önce
Apollo The Wolf
Apollo The Wolf 2 aylar önce
"I can make cats fight." "...To the death even, if I will it." We have a cat trainer for the live action Warriors movie!
That Nigga Tomioka
"Bruh who's cats are those" "The real question, *IS WHO IS GOING TO WIN"*
Spyre Yıl önce
The cat obviously
gerrard Yıl önce
* Tomioka.trash.exe has Joined The Chatroom *
ori Yıl önce
it took me so long to realize the way the boul got distracted was the distraction... it's not about whose cat is gonna win. that power was so deep it hurts.
Tyler Yıl önce
@ᴊᴜsᴛɪɴ nobody cares
High Lvl Ketone
High Lvl Ketone Yıl önce
Is whoose in a loop?
Big Floppa
Big Floppa 5 aylar önce
“What’s you power” “I can turn the world dark” “How can you do that” “I have to wait until night time” “*GET OUT*”
Gert Bimbanos
Gert Bimbanos 3 aylar önce
I like to imagine that the invisible guy is still just on the floor unconcious
Toxic autism
Toxic autism 3 aylar önce
I've never laughed this hard
Devin Abner
Devin Abner 3 aylar önce
3 years later and the spider part still kills me
Crazy Boris Productions
These are all viable Jojo stands.
Sank S
Sank S Aylar önce
@you thought I was Jotaro,BUT IT WAS ME DIO! No Star platinum is
Local Nobody
Local Nobody Aylar önce
you thought I was Jotaro,BUT IT WAS ME DIO!
@corey douglas king crimson erase time stupid not forward time King Crimson use time erasure to redo his past that lead him to lost King Crimson is the strongest stand Gold Experience requiem is basically just a perfect counter
Hitler Senpai
Hitler Senpai 2 aylar önce
Neonblade - BS
Neonblade - BS 3 aylar önce
Star platinum the worlduu
Lelouch Vi britannia
Lelouch Vi britannia 3 aylar önce
Caleb: What's your power :I can move beyond light speed Caleb: that's GREAT we wanted someone like you for a while : but it only works when I'm doing a magic trick Caleb :GET OUUUUUUUUUUUUUT
CO2 Oblivious
CO2 Oblivious Aylar önce
I almost spit out my cereal when he said “ get the hell out, get ouuut”
AnTizx 5 aylar önce
Guy: I can summon spid- Interviewer: ( *wolf howling noises intensifies* )
dinner 2 aylar önce
i like how these guys are ready to lose their lives to fight crimes but doesn't realise that their powers are more useless than a poopy flavored lolipop
Funtime Jake Plush
Funtime Jake Plush 15 gün önce
legend says caleb is still in a timeloop to this day
Kashi Shadow
Kashi Shadow 4 aylar önce
This is hilarious still 🤣😂 the way he howled at bro w the spider ability alr had me rolling the time loop bruv had me crying 😂
?!???!?!? 5 aylar önce
I love how the centipede dude's voice changed when he got told to leave
Adam Abdunnur
Adam Abdunnur 5 aylar önce
I love how the most confident person in the interview has the most useless power
Nat Tompkins
Nat Tompkins 9 aylar önce
I like how the last guy that he ignored actually had an insane ability
Bruh Moment
Bruh Moment Aylar önce
@Draven Umbaugh Yeah but if he did that he wouldn’t be able to see since no light is hitting his eyes. So in reality, he would turn into a pair of floating eyeballs.
Cortez Martinez
Cortez Martinez 5 aylar önce
It was actually good
marv 5 aylar önce
@Your average weeb he can manipulate the light around him not literally on him meaning he could still see
Isaac Stevenson
Isaac Stevenson 5 aylar önce
@Draven Umbaugh he also couldn’t see because light wouldn’t enter his retinas
Isaac Stevenson
Isaac Stevenson 5 aylar önce
Manipulate light waves? Bro that guy can time travel, kill or destroy anything instantly, freeze people, he could destroy the universe
Michael Leary
Michael Leary 5 aylar önce
Love when he digs into a concept and makes a longer one like this
I Sell Bagels
I Sell Bagels 4 aylar önce
2:31 The best “quiet kid” impression I’ve ever seen
Imran Ali
Imran Ali 3 aylar önce
Unpopular opinion: if you have control over the spiders you summon then it would actually be a good and useful superpower
Jay P.
Jay P. 6 gün önce
The masterpiece that introduced me to Calebcity😂😂😂
Desbug fan
Desbug fan 10 aylar önce
Yelling at the guy who can summon spiders is not a smart move
Desbug fan
Desbug fan Aylar önce
@S Boloshis cringe
S Boloshis
S Boloshis Aylar önce
@Desbug fan Agggghhh Spiders!
Desbug fan
Desbug fan Aylar önce
@S Boloshis then he'll summon his spiders.
S Boloshis
S Boloshis Aylar önce
Yes it is. They gotta go.
Ibrahem Masri
Ibrahem Masri Aylar önce
Taylor Hebert has entered the chat
Big Chungus(REAL)
Big Chungus(REAL) 12 gün önce
1:59 this got me BUST out laughing😂
Sameer 5 gün önce
Love how the interviewer isn't scared when he was put in a time loop He was just *DISAPPOINTED and Fed Up*
TheGarrettMana 3 aylar önce
“The real question is, who’s gonna win?” Lmfaoo 😂😂😂🤣
Darkpaw1 21 gün önce
The Time Loop guy was hilarious. Had me in tears.
QuirkyCat Yıl önce
"Oh, so you have invisibility?" "yeah, I inherited it from my dad"
Baby Sonic GT
Baby Sonic GT Aylar önce
@Anthony Hero how is the joke racist
Trey 3 aylar önce
@Anthony Hero complaining about race and your last comment was "a rock nigg@!! 🤯"
Totally karma
Totally karma 3 aylar önce
@Justin Green .p.
JayKage 5 aylar önce
@Anthony Hero Stop crying.
DOA Team
DOA Team 10 aylar önce
@ItsJebby23 tuff 😭
Kyle Reece
Kyle Reece 4 gün önce
I imagine this happens in the Hero Aca universe all the damn time.
Andre Smith
Andre Smith 5 aylar önce
That "I summon centipedes" sounded so sinister. 😂
Spidey Gaming-GG
Spidey Gaming-GG 4 aylar önce
Red guy cames in Caleb: "start interviewing" Time loop guy: Hey, im ready for my interview Caleb: GET OUT GET OUUUT
lawwww 4 aylar önce
This dude too funny XD. Literally make me cry laughing every other video
Matthew Murray
Matthew Murray 9 aylar önce
The invisible guy just needed to be trained how to backflip effectively and he'd honestly be good
Venusstar 5 aylar önce
@Kwame Nyarko well if he can only manipulate light waves it wouldn't be perfect invisibility because rather than becoming entirely invisible like the other guy by manipulating light waves to reflect off yourself to give the appearance of invisibility the person would distort the area around them making them easier to see
SStanford 5 aylar önce
@iamgamer gamer Lmao
Tech 5 aylar önce
@Yellow Enn he got a concussion
Siscon 6 aylar önce
Jist give him a helmet XD
ShadowKnows 6 aylar önce
@HindSpirit genius
Dontaye 9 gün önce
It's part of the principle to come back every year to watch this master piece.
Gene The Beatles Fan
Gene The Beatles Fan 5 aylar önce
guy: "I can summon spiders-" other guy: "GET OOOOUT"
Bitter Rabbit
Bitter Rabbit 5 aylar önce
"I can fly, but only when there's a tornado nearby"
MrFancyPanCook 5 aylar önce
The last guy to the interviewer: “Interviewer! I’ve come to bargain”
Claudio Nunes
Claudio Nunes 2 aylar önce
Its so awsome
Jaxon the Okay
Jaxon the Okay 10 aylar önce
"it throws them off their game... let me show you how effective it is" and the interviewer immediately gets incredibly distracted. he might have not been as bad as we thought
Lakyn Derouen
Lakyn Derouen 26 gün önce
@Taco Banana he never said how many so he can just summon twenty tigers and have them fight with the villain in the middle
Super Spicy
Super Spicy 6 aylar önce
@Edfaceeh *IT’S TIME FOR A DEATH BATTLE!** * (trademark of the TRvid channel Death Battle)
Edfaceeh 6 aylar önce
@Matthew Hubka but who will win the fight?
Edfaceeh 6 aylar önce
Matthew Hubka
Matthew Hubka 6 aylar önce
Are we all gonna ignore the fact that it’s animal cruelty
Hunt DePunk 24/8
Hunt DePunk 24/8 3 aylar önce
Every once in a while, I come back to this video and enjoy this piece of art
Adian Aybar
Adian Aybar 5 aylar önce
This made me cry laughing, sending this to MOM it's so good
LORENZO, Virgilio II T.
Fun fact: the way how caleb shouted at the spider summoner is how the producer reacted to Stan Lee's pitch about spider man to the producers
Well_Its_The _Knocc_out_Definition_of_OG_B_gangsta
I love that the Cat guy is completely serious about his power
Vizor 2 yıl önce
You’ve just made Centipede man a villain and this will be his backstory
Blue Lightning
Blue Lightning 5 aylar önce
xTsunamiix 5 aylar önce
@「Chillby」 anti spiderman
Frenzy Of Craziness
Frenzy Of Craziness 5 aylar önce
Tokyo ghoul
Dan 25
Dan 25 5 aylar önce
And the loop guy
peebum 5 aylar önce
Ratchet and clank backstory 😂
Rickachu 3 aylar önce
3 years later and I'm still curious what the last guys power was gonna turn out to be, maybe he even gets hired
IsaacIsOk 5 aylar önce
its still funny 3 years later, love your content
Kerry Hackes
Kerry Hackes 5 aylar önce
I love that he still has the paper flap on the front of the notebook connotating that its brand new, haha.
Bethel Makoni
Bethel Makoni 2 aylar önce
This was so hilarious!!😂😂
DaLegendaryBk 2 yıl önce
Waiting for the skit where he trips over the invisible guys dead body
FeltyTurtle 9 aylar önce
anne laurette honore
anne laurette honore 9 aylar önce
LyricalViking Yıl önce
@Heir Fang But then misplaces the body as he's digging.
mycycle minorities
@Eliseo Wood How tf they found him tho?
PhatFunman Yıl önce
@Nigward nice pfp
JX Aylar önce
“I can go invisible after I do a back flip! Let me show you!” *Proceeds to get destroyed by his own abilities*
Questionable Entity
Questionable Entity 3 aylar önce
“I can summon Spiders tha-“ Well now I know where Spiders from Australia come from
Josiah Smith
Josiah Smith 3 aylar önce
I’ve watched this like 80 times in 2021 and it never gets old
Mr. Montzingo’s lesson on kindness!
Why do Sekiro's enemies even fight him?
The Great High School Nerf War - Part 2
I walked into the wrong restaurant.
If eye surgeons did you how barbers do.
That one ant you catch walking alone.
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