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This is a chessboard, and every move is crucial. Season 4 of #Succession premieres March 26 on @hbomax.

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25 Oca 2023




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Pj Aylar önce
This feels like a great time to remind you that connor roy was interested in politics from a very young age
White Owl
White Owl 7 saatler önce
I'm not saying that Connor Roy was interested in politics at a very young age, that's unsaid...
Chuck Buskee
Chuck Buskee 5 gün önce
Really? I don’t think I recall that ever being mentioned.
Shakneyspears 5 gün önce
​@RE EL 🧑‍🍳💋
Da La Rey
Da La Rey 13 gün önce
Man, I love traditions😪
Nia Aylar önce
I Really want him to be potus
Christine Karhbet
Christine Karhbet Aylar önce
This is the type of show I never thought I could get into but I was proven severely wrong. Absolutely cannot wait for this season.
Yasmine Lucman
Yasmine Lucman Aylar önce
Im not into shows based in realism at all, but this one is great
bich tran
bich tran Aylar önce
Dana T
Dana T Aylar önce
@Uli Wills, Broker/Owner, Wills Real Estate LLC awesome
Uli Wills, Broker/Owner, Wills Real Estate LLC
@Dana T Mine too! 😃
Tequila Sunset
Tequila Sunset Aylar önce
@Dana T me too lol
mr ink
mr ink Aylar önce
Seeing kendall shiv and Roman as a team warm my heart
Alexandra Shey
Alexandra Shey Aylar önce
byrd1106 Aylar önce
@Asheru Judo I can't wait till against all odds Greg comes out as the top dawg in the end. Greg is the sleeper and Logan is gonna see Greg is the one most capable of doing whatever it takes to get ahead. Does noone realize how far he's came in a very short amount of time from working at that amusement park? Talk about climbing the ladder.
Flo Barrera V
Flo Barrera V Aylar önce
Kevin Smith
Kevin Smith Aylar önce
They are all fools
Alexander Gammal
Alexander Gammal Aylar önce
That's heartening. I'm heartened by that.
Chuuzus Aylar önce
from house of dragons to the white lotus to the last of us then succession, HBO is keeps having an amazing run!
Jayme Gonzales
Jayme Gonzales Aylar önce
Real Television right there
onenonly111 Aylar önce
Hbo has already been the goat to making great content. It’s no comparison.
DJ Aylar önce
I May Destroy You, Love Life, and Game Theory are honorable mentions!
pathfindr Aylar önce
Netflix has left the chat
Sidhanto Mukerji
Sidhanto Mukerji Aylar önce
John Deignan
John Deignan Aylar önce
For a second there I thought we weren’t going to see any Greg Tom action in the teaser. HBO is smart for leaving it last. Can’t wait for this season!
Zach Marsh
Zach Marsh Aylar önce
You can't make a teaser without breaking some Gregs
callmecatalyst Aylar önce
This is the season that their ship takes its maiden voyage - so to speak…
Amanda Camille
Amanda Camille Aylar önce
Greg and tom getting some? I doubt, but i wish.
Aaron Donald
Aaron Donald Aylar önce
"Well, that's heartening. That-that's heartening. I'm heartened by that." Tom has the best lines lmao
20carrocks 21 gün önce
He's such a symp
Paul Clarke
Paul Clarke Aylar önce
Wonderful! Echoes great moments from "The Graduate!"
fishpaste the 4th
fishpaste the 4th Aylar önce
Can't wait for the wedding between Connor and Willa because I'm sure that's the healthiest relationship we are going to see in this season!
Maple Tree
Maple Tree Aylar önce
She was even honest enough to admit she has serious reservations. It is wasn't played as manipulation. And her consent...it was tragic to see her unenthusiastic and defeated expression when she entered the car afterwards. Nope, no happy endings in this show.
Fark Aylar önce
@CJ V Yep, and with Tom and Shiv they broke that rule and their marriage was never strong as a result
CJ V Aylar önce
@Fark men marry the best-looking woman that they can afford. Women marry the richest man that they can tolerate. Generalization, but...
Ashley Y'Israel
Ashley Y'Israel Aylar önce
"F@ck it! How bad could it be?!"🥺
L. Josino
L. Josino Aylar önce
famous last words (i do love connor and willa together lmao)
bridge4 Aylar önce
Tom: "we'll always be good, right?" Roy: " if we're good ... we're good" Lol this series is fantastic
TheGlenGarrys Aylar önce
@Soraya Sek I already made a gif of it 😂
Shankar Aylar önce
Classic Logan
Cat Needham
Cat Needham Aylar önce
@Soraya Sek SAME!! 😂💀
Soraya Sek
Soraya Sek Aylar önce
@Cat Needham the Israel/Palestine line is getting a lot of attention but my biggest laugh was that side eye from Logan to Tom.
dvides Aylar önce
That Greg Tomlette magic at the end 😂😂😂😂
TimeBucks Aylar önce
Greg is still gonna be the one to takeover
Chuck Buskee
Chuck Buskee 5 gün önce
That’s what I think too! It’s gotta be Greg. He’s the total underdog. He wouldn’t have gotten this far not to win.
Alex K
Alex K 19 gün önce
Maybe if there was like 3 seasons left. But they're not going to make it happen in this final season. Greg's ascent would have to be extremely and unrealistically rushed.
DLSacks 19 gün önce
Guarantee that none of the characters in the line of succession are going to success. Likely the company gets taken over by an outside force and they all lose (i.e. remain incredibly wealthy and never have to work a day in their lives again).
Bui Phong
Bui Phong Aylar önce
i like it
Shameela N
Shameela N Aylar önce
Ty Aylar önce
Such a phenomenal show. Cannot wait for the new season!
Matthew Tran
Matthew Tran Aylar önce
paper boi
paper boi Aylar önce
this series is one of the reasons why I love being alive
Avatar Trader
Avatar Trader Aylar önce
@Alex Fortuny i Llop lol you're a clown if you compared house of dragon to succession
Wiseau Serious
Wiseau Serious Aylar önce
You said it brother
Sunny DAze
Sunny DAze Aylar önce
@FLdancer00 thank you. I’ve been trying like crazy to find out when it will be airing. 👍
Costello XII
Costello XII Aylar önce
@Alex Fortuny i Llop not even in the same league
Absolute Zero
Absolute Zero Aylar önce
HBO is the definition of quality over quantity.
Alexandra Shey
Alexandra Shey Aylar önce
So true
Danny Peck
Danny Peck Aylar önce
Just can't wait for more Tom + Greg scenes.
Tree House
Tree House Aylar önce
Can’t make a tomlette without breaking some Greg’s
Christopher James
Christopher James Aylar önce
I'm psyched to see the siblings finally working together. Was majorly surprised that Tom turned tail on Shiv last minute. But it was to be expected at some point.
zodiackilled Aylar önce
going into actual HYSTERICS im screaming and crying rn the roy kids are teaming up tom is heartened con and willa are married nature is healing love and light
Chad M'Lad
Chad M'Lad Aylar önce
I'm loving the schizo-vibes from this comment. Its heartening.
Lil Lol
Lil Lol Aylar önce
@Connor M Greg and Tom will take over
cgill914 Aylar önce
@Connor M I know, it’s true. I feel like he’s due for a win but I know it’s unlikely. Outsmarting Logan is near impossible 😩
Connor M
Connor M Aylar önce
@cgill914 really? I don’t think he’s capable, maybe with his siblings but everytime he tries on his own he blows it
cgill914 Aylar önce
I wanna see Kendall win this season!
A. Kaloji
A. Kaloji 24 gün önce
what a run. gonna miss this show. can’t believe this’ll be the last season.
your father figure
your father figure Aylar önce
i am READY to see wholesome (as wholesome as the roys go) sibling alliance and the consequent pain of watching one of them inevitably fold and become logan’s spy.
Charlie Aylar önce
If season 1 was Kendall, season 2 was Siobhan, and season 3 was Roman, that means its Connors turn baby!
mitchell goldman
mitchell goldman Aylar önce
Greg & The Son-in-Law are practically a show of their own.
This trailer heartens me. I'm heartened.
Paul Clarke
Paul Clarke Aylar önce
I'm heartened too! Can't wait!
sanasideup Aylar önce
I’m so ready to see Shiv’s new outfits!
تيم الحسن
تيم الحسن 7 gün önce
Hello, how are you? can we be friends? I am from 🇮🇶 Iraq. I am honored to be a loyal friend.
ShakaStaka Aylar önce
Spoiler alert: 🍑
Jamie Barrington
Jamie Barrington Aylar önce
I finally got around to watching Succession last week and just finished the S3 finale. I'm just blown away by this show. Absolute peak TV. I need S4 in my belly right now!
Alex Хлапов COYG
Its a perfect show, love it, absolute delight of a cast, script, cinematography and editing. It is perfectly put together. Can't wait to watch season 4😊
Eden Lust
Eden Lust Aylar önce
I want to see Gerry and Roman still communicating a lot somehow.
Maeve Aylar önce
I don't think I've ever been more excited for a new season of a show
twyscape Aylar önce
I absolutely love this show. Can’t wait for the next season.
ripunjaya saran
ripunjaya saran Aylar önce
Despite having some really solid actors, Tom is really the surprise package of this show. You just can't help but love that guy.
Darius Aylar önce
I’m so ready for season 4! Succession is one of my all time favorite shows!
Dom510 Aylar önce
Can’t wait for the new season, I binged the first three and it’s one of the best shows I’ve ever seen.
Ryan M
Ryan M Aylar önce
I’m so excited! Succession is one of the best shows on television. It has won an Emmy for Best Drama series twice in a row.
justBlah Aylar önce
Seeing the sibs all together, like one not-so-big and not-so-happy family makes me so happy
CPFashionCosmetics 29 gün önce
I finally caught up and wow this show is superb writing and amazing actors! I am beyond excited for this season. The siblings taking down their Dad is what we have all been waiting for.
Taylor Barcus
Taylor Barcus 4 gün önce
I am elated to finally see the final season! The best show that HBO has! I love all of the character dynamics and can’t wait to see how everything plays out.
WowItsLena Aylar önce
You have absolutely no idea how excited I am. Tomgreg please pull through
Gore Smasher
Gore Smasher Aylar önce
So far, this show is perfect. One of the best shows to ever be made
Metal Head 🗣️
Metal Head 🗣️ Aylar önce
Time for my favorite and most hated family to come back and grace us with their presence. 😊😊😊
Major Aylar önce
HBO is on an unbelievable streak these past few years. House of the Dragon, The Last of Us, Chernobyl, Succession, Peacemaker, White Lotus, and then we got Spin offs from Dune and The Batman on the way
Major Aylar önce
@@ahnaftahmeedkaif974 yup I think their filming it now or will be filming it soon. I think its about the mysterious Bene Gesserit and their network of intelligence across the galaxy
Major Aylar önce
@@beyreli3988 very true. HBO was always the top. I really like Sopranos, Wire and Band of Brothers. Game of Thrones was a cultural phenomenon as the biggest show on TV
Ahnaf Tahmeed Kaif
Ahnaf Tahmeed Kaif Aylar önce
Wait, there going to be a series about Dune?
Witcher Aylar önce
HBO was always the OG with shows like the Wire, Sopranos, the OZ, True Detective, Game of Thrones ect.
eric lingley
eric lingley Aylar önce
Have no idea what could happen this season. Fantastic preview. I think Tom has dug himself into a bigger hole here.
Lake Tyson
Lake Tyson Aylar önce
Thank you HBO what a lovely birthday present to me! Can’t wait to celebrate with some Tom and Greg 😂
Pucci Love
Pucci Love Aylar önce
OMG start Season 4 NOW PLEASE! Such an amazing show!!!!!
20carrocks 21 gün önce
It's taken an eternity to get here!
I said it before and I will say it again for season 4 The return of the best show on!
Lil Lol
Lil Lol Aylar önce
@Ahnaf Tahmeed Kaif It‘s very good but still underrated
Ahnaf Tahmeed Kaif
Ahnaf Tahmeed Kaif Aylar önce
Succession is being the peak television that Game of Thrones once was
DeLeeMedia Aylar önce
Love seeing the kids finally come together. This gonna be something
Olivier Hamelin
Olivier Hamelin Aylar önce
I've been waiting on this trailer and release date forever, I am beyond excited for this to come back!!!!
Alena Meyer
Alena Meyer Aylar önce
Can't wait for Gerri and Roman back on my screen, pleased guys, give yourselves a chance
20carrocks 21 gün önce
Play out his GILF fantasies 🤣
Bobby Ong
Bobby Ong Aylar önce
Can’t wait. Love the whole series, love the family dynamics
bohemianbaron Aylar önce
Greg is still gonna be the one to takeover. My vision becomes truer and truer by the seasons
Juicy Pineapple🍍
Juicy Pineapple🍍 28 gün önce
​@Dan Lmfao that is NOT how good tv shows work, and it absolutely NEVER will be. One thing that is absolutely certain is that Greg will NOT become the CEO of Waystar.
Dan Aylar önce
@GoldenFlower it’s a TV show so they’ll make it happen if that’s the desired destination. But Greg needs to grow a lot this season if he’s going to come close. I was hoping he’d change a lot more in the last three seasons, so I get your point.
GoldenFlower Aylar önce
Thats not even possible, unless there’s a time jump where he’s shown to have c-suit experience. Trying to push Greg through would result in a gazillion lawsuits from shareholders, and board would shut the down with ease.
Monica Ingram
Monica Ingram Aylar önce
That would be really something. I would like to see him turn diabolical.
Styx Zero
Styx Zero Aylar önce
One of those shows I was instantly hooked on, these are very rare and wonderful to find. Very much looking forward to season 4. HBO is miles ahead the competition in quality shows.
John Gadi
John Gadi Aylar önce
HBO are killing it with succession, I can't wait for season 4
Gabriel Angulo
Gabriel Angulo Aylar önce
so wholesome seeing the sibling working together at last!
Hilal Ahmad Akhtar Zada Khan
One of the bestest TV show of all the time even though dialogues of business is a little sophisticated
Don Brennan
Don Brennan Aylar önce
Remarkably, after nearly a life on stage and in film, Brian Cox, at age 76, is at his very best and earning the highest acclaim of his career.
Cloutty Aylar önce
I can't wait for the new season !! Hbo is literally the best thing I've ever witnessed
Star Aylar önce
Can’t wait to see Greg slaying this season
yalla routine
yalla routine 24 gün önce
The shiv and Tom dynamic this season is going to be so messy and chaotic. . . I love it!
Jatin Kaila
Jatin Kaila Aylar önce
Just finished Season 3 right now. Best show on TV
Khulani Ephraim Dlamini
Just finished watching all 3 seasons. I'm so excited for this one
Ardit Dafku
Ardit Dafku Aylar önce
The expectations this show has to live up to is beyond me. I hope they get this season right.
Yahya Açaf
Yahya Açaf Aylar önce
If only March 26 could come any faster. This show never cease to amaze !!
Brandon Powell
Brandon Powell Aylar önce
HBO has been knocking it out of the park lately with its content. 👏🏻
Abhiraj Singh
Abhiraj Singh Aylar önce
Just finished watching S3 and s4 trailer dropped. Amazing show, all my hearts to it. ❤️
DB Foreigner
DB Foreigner 26 gün önce
Can't wait for this! I love the series.
rat smacker
rat smacker Aylar önce
im going to be so insufferable when this season comes out
Lawson Spolansky
Lawson Spolansky Aylar önce
These creators, producers, directors, and actors need a creativity honorary award and need to be making the money the characters are in the actual show. Beautiful masterpiece one only sees in a century.
R K Aylar önce
You guys better give greg more time on screen
alsha Aylar önce
RonHoward Aylar önce
March 26. Enough time to rewatch all the episodes once again before the new season.
Buckets Aylar önce
Best show on HBO can’t wait to see how it all plays out.
Scorpio Aylar önce
Sarah Is getting that Emmy!.. and now we get to see Greg and Tom progress as this dynamic duo. I haven't been more excited for a season premiere.
vivek kumar
vivek kumar Aylar önce
Who should/ could win supporting categories from succession???
vivek kumar
vivek kumar Aylar önce
Sarah is getting an emmy because competition is less ( no julia garner). Jennifer Coolidge is more likely to win than sarah
Vernon Hines
Vernon Hines Aylar önce
I had a dear friend that I thoroughly enjoy our evenings watching the succession episodes... She actually turned me onto watching the show and I'm hooked.. . Again well-written.
Sameer Uz Zaman
Sameer Uz Zaman Aylar önce
Wow. The best teaser or trailer of Succession imho. Waiting for the new season!
Ray Aylar önce
I cannot express how excited am I for succession to return!!!
Lizabeth Kennedy
Lizabeth Kennedy Aylar önce
This show is perfection! Can't wait
Mag Ma
Mag Ma Aylar önce
Logan's look when Tom says "I'm heartened by that", lol.
A A Aylar önce
One of the greatest TV series of all time. I've missed it so much!!!
camila Aylar önce
minha família favorita ta voltando 🥰
Christine W.
Christine W. Aylar önce
That last line made me laugh out loud so hard the dog checked on me. Tom is the GOAT! 😂
Dan Batesy
Dan Batesy 23 gün önce
What a series this is awesome great parts from all the cast and one that really made me laugh when Logan was ringing shiv and she’s got him as Saddam Hussein 😂😂 my favourite character is Roman specially when he’s with Gerri.
Black Dateline
Black Dateline Aylar önce
Why did I want to go grab a glass of wine just to watch the teaser trailer 😂…
Title Examiner237
Title Examiner237 Aylar önce
SO excited for the next season
Daniel Villegas
Daniel Villegas Aylar önce
Welp, time to rewatch this show for the 5th time before the season comes out. Man, it's good.
Edweln Diobel
Edweln Diobel Aylar önce
Ill watch anything with Brian Cox. Probably one of the best actors of all time.
Paul Clarke
Paul Clarke Aylar önce
Yeah, but it's a fantastically well-cast, well-played ensemble piece! As, of course, was "The West Wing!" (Still revered!)
Francesca Castiglione
Can’t wait for the new season!
sharan viswanath
sharan viswanath Aylar önce
Can't wait for the opening soundtrack to hit ✨
Vince LaFrancesca
Vince LaFrancesca Aylar önce
Love this show. I’m behind but will definitely binge soon
Augusto Vera
Augusto Vera Gün önce
I clearly remember going thru the first two episodes thinking "meh", but then I watched it unfold into the most gripping intrincate family wrestling for power. I gotta say I just am clearly empathic with Kendall Roy, and how he has suffered in the process of trying to live up to dad's unforgiving egocentric standards and how every time he has decided to stand up against him he ended up just in depression.
Ivan Ichianus
Ivan Ichianus Aylar önce
I AM SO READYYYYY Can’t wait for Season 4
d d
d d Aylar önce
Now that BCS has ended this is the only show I look forward for
d d
d d Aylar önce
@Ahnaf Tahmeed Kaif I actually did. In fact the finale of S3 was probably the single worst episode I watched last year. Overall it's a good show though.
Ahnaf Tahmeed Kaif
Ahnaf Tahmeed Kaif Aylar önce
You didn't watched The Boys?
IOAFan Aylar önce
March 26th!!! I assumed we'd have to wait until the fall for the new season. I'm doing the happy dance here. 💃 Best show on TV.
Nabeel Perviz
Nabeel Perviz Aylar önce
I feel as though the season will starts with an amazing team up with all the siblings including Connor but then greed and ambition gets the better of them and they almost end up betraying each other to get to the top.
Jazmin Peralta
Jazmin Peralta Aylar önce
March is going to be a banger of a month for shows
Golden_Kelsi Aylar önce
Counting the days for the new season of Succession 😎
The Only Juan
The Only Juan 20 gün önce
I love this show!
farhan Mehmood
farhan Mehmood Aylar önce
Connor Roy was interested in politics at a very young age.
fermin antonio navarro laviera
Es una seria muy interesante, llena de emociones y de excelentes actores
Aqua Juwel
Aqua Juwel Aylar önce
Parts of it is filmed here in Norway with spectacular scenery, and from a very beautiful hotel location that I have stayed at, it’s insanely beautiful, can’t wait……
Navid Aylar önce
HBO Max is the only subscription I'd never cancel
Jose Elías Pallares
So psyched for this!
Madani Gaming
Madani Gaming Aylar önce
The best written show currently om air.
aProphetofRNG Aylar önce
Joanna Aylar önce
minha família favorita ta voltando
Maryn Asbury
Maryn Asbury Aylar önce
I’m so excited I cannot wait
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