Stuffing The 8.1 Big Block in the Wrecker

Matt's Off Road Recovery
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So I got a build project and I got to fit this massive engine into the off road wrecker.

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21 May 2022




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MN Outsider
MN Outsider Aylar önce
If we hadn't seen the Morvair build we might be saying, "alright buddy, settle down". Knowing what we know though, this is so sick! I'm excited.
Fart Soundeffect
Fart Soundeffect Aylar önce
Speak for yourself, there's no one i hate more than people who tell people to give up on a project because its "too big"
Hunter Logan
Hunter Logan Aylar önce
@Drift Ak ahh... thanks ~~
Hunter Logan
Hunter Logan Aylar önce
@Drift Ak ahh... thanks ~~
koolhandlinc Aylar önce
Have you thought of cutting holes in the flat lower frame plate. Then have a new large plate cut and broken (bent) so you can put it on the bottom as a skid plate. Then when oil change or trans repair etc etc. You can drop the skid plate give access. By breaking the sides of the skid plate. The bolts can come in from the sides Lessing potential damage and making it easier to remove.
craig pridemore
craig pridemore Aylar önce
Favorite line: "If this works, we'll make it more permanent. If it doesn't...we're gonna go to lunch" Good plan!😊
I love these build videos just as much as the recovery ones and I can't wait to see this rig all completed and in action! Well done @MattsOffroadRecovery team!
Randy C
Randy C Aylar önce
A few thoughts for the mix, since it seems a lot of the build is still 'fluid.' I'd consider the use of a divorced transfer case in your final link to the axles. Since you are building for high ground clearance, one that puts your outputs below your input. I've got one here like that, patiently waiting for me to do something with it. Tag is gone, but I think it's a Rockwell 231 ... came out of a mid 60's binder that had front wheel assist. Keeping your drive lines out of the extreme angles will go a long way toward making them last, as you know. And ... since you could get a reputation of having a wrecker that will "go anywhere," beef it up everywhere you can, because you may start getting calls for a lot more than off-road play toys. Someone will get their bulldozer stuck in a place that mountain goats fear to tread, the wrecker will not only need to be able to get to it, it will need to be able to stand up to the pulling. Choose your winches and down rigging configurations carefully, for your work will be tested. 😬
Randall Smerna
Randall Smerna Aylar önce
There are no way this truck would ever be sturdy enough to even budge a bulldozer as the weight is so extreme.
Daniel Bonner
Daniel Bonner Aylar önce
I would recommend replacing the intake manifold gaskets before final install. On these 8100s and the other actual LS engines the o-ringed gaskets shrink and create a vacuum leak to big for IAC to keep up with. Not a matter of if but when. You'll get surging at idle, stalling etc when this does happen, typically around 150k miles. Felpro has an upgraded set with steel body instead of the OEM plastic design. Every time I've used those I never had to do it again. Would definitely do a new CPS while it's easy to get also since those are known to randomly crap out on these.
Skeeter McSwagger
Skeeter McSwagger Aylar önce
@Snek oh yeah those too. And don't be surprised when an 8.1 motor has over 200,000 miles on it starts sounding a little noisy in the valvetrain......they have a tendency to shorten there own pushrods sometimes!!!🥴
XboobtubeX smith
XboobtubeX smith Aylar önce
@Daniel Bonner ok, but it does affect smaller displacement engines intake gaskets. Dexcool is known as Deathcool.
Daniel Bonner
Daniel Bonner Aylar önce
@XboobtubeX smith ot looked for all the world you were asking if about whether red antifreeze effects the intake gaskets the way it does head gaskets. That what i was answering - the red antifreeze (Dexcool) only shortens the life span of head gaskets. It doesn't effect these intake gaskets. The oem ones are plastic and rubber and what's more there's no coolant flowing through the intake on an 8.1.
XboobtubeX smith
XboobtubeX smith Aylar önce
@Daniel Bonner intake gaskets as well. Since intake has to come off to pop the heads off, they are always replaced anyway.
Karlos Pappy
Karlos Pappy Aylar önce
Looking great so far guys, Matt is right about the claw hammer, I also have a wood chisel that I've used for the last 30 years for splitting welds (wow that makes me feel old😎) All the best from Liverpool UK. Cheers K.
aaron scott
aaron scott Aylar önce
What I love about mig welding is that anyone literally can learn how use it keep up the amazing content guys
James Bigham
James Bigham Aylar önce
I really like the progress on the heavy wrecker that is going to be insane when you guys get it finished. I enjoy seeing the progress and being part of the project. I always enjoy watching Lizzy weld she is a really good welder in my opinion anyway. It was interesting seeing the view point of the door going up since the camera was accidentally left there. Keep up the great work everyone
Donovan Woods
Donovan Woods Aylar önce
The recovery videos are always awesome but the build videos take it to a new level thanks for sharing.💯💯💯
BleepinJeep Aylar önce
That’s an interesting way to do… typically you build the chassis around the motor, not the other way around but hey, if it fits it ships! The wrecker is looking awesome guys, congrats!
Larry Fogle
Larry Fogle Aylar önce
Well it’s just a small block, nothing like the title suggests.
Dis Engage
Dis Engage Aylar önce
@Jesus is risen They publicly declare that they know God, but they disown him by their works, because they are detestable and disobedient and not approved for good work of any sort ..... Titus 1:16
Stephen Hunter
Stephen Hunter Aylar önce
@888johnmac Yes, but the last thing any of us wants is for Mat to take that long and get that obsessed with how every last piece fits no matter how small!
Thomas Maiden
Thomas Maiden Aylar önce
@charles widmore GM 496 8.1L (I think)
tallll70 Aylar önce
not if you eye ball it, that has whole set of different rules
Detroit DIY
Detroit DIY Aylar önce
Can't believe Lizzy is leaving her springs everywhere, good save Trevor. 👏
Richard Tho
Richard Tho Aylar önce
Should look into electric fans for radiator cooling coolant only, a oil cooler for engine oil, and oil cooler for transmission due to the the size an hot environment you are in. Make sure they kick on at set Temps and you also have switches to turn them on when u want them running!
Wheelin' with Wally
Looking good! I'm currently cutting and welding on my Jeep TJ for the first time and watching videos like this is inspiring. Just normal people planning and figuring it out on the way
Charlie Aylar önce
This is an absolutely awesome project. I cannot wait to see the next video. Kudos all y'all,
Riker74 Aylar önce
Thank you, Matt, for accurately announcing the distance in millimeters for us who live on the other side of the pond. 😉👍
Dartmoor Dave
Dartmoor Dave Aylar önce
He's only braggin' because his tape has both on it. Lol.
Thurnis Haley
Thurnis Haley Aylar önce
@Aphex Twin Huh interesting, I was really wondering when they'd ever use it. I work in the marine industry so I _really_ should've been able to guess nautical miles lol
Temmink6 Aylar önce
All this talking about the metric system... I need a royale with cheese now..
Riker74 Aylar önce
@Aphex Twin That's right. Or car rims. In Germany, for example, they are still traditionally measured in inches. At the end of the day, it doesn't matter if you use metric or imperial or whatever system you use, it's the end result that matters. And I'm always glad when the Morrcrew remembers that they also have viewers who don't specify their temperature in Fahrenheit.
Jose Condemarin
Jose Condemarin Aylar önce
You guys are doing great, just keep moving forward. Super team work. Take care thanks 😊
Paul Hall
Paul Hall Aylar önce
Incredible project, team, I can't believe how you guys just make it up as you go along, inside Matt's head must be an awesome place!
R Bugbee
R Bugbee Aylar önce
Hey Mat, I can't wait to see this in action. Keep up the vids.
Sturmi Aylar önce
i was expecting the engine to be much further on the front, i'm really curious to see what you have in mind for that space in front of the engine, since even with the radiator it's gonna be a lot of empty space in front. Hydraulic pump and big ass hydraulic winch?
Michael Felici
Michael Felici Aylar önce
I remember when I was 10, I would spend a couple hours on Saturday watching cartoons. Now I am 40 and I get to watch a couple hours of wheelin' videos on my Sundays. Life could have gone a lot worse.
Darwin Calliou
Darwin Calliou Aylar önce
Fragel rock
Darwin Calliou
Darwin Calliou Aylar önce
Smurfs maybe
Darwin Calliou
Darwin Calliou Aylar önce
He-man an the power of grey skull ring a bell lol
Timothy Geiger
Timothy Geiger Aylar önce
@David Smith gives you hope for what? It's Matt's wrecker, his towing company.
David Smith
David Smith Aylar önce
This gives me hope
Jake Olsen
Jake Olsen Aylar önce
Awesome to watch that L18 get some love. I stuffed that exact setup in my '97 Tahoe (minus the doubler) and it is a heavy drivetrain, for sure. I also went with a double cardan driveshaft. Made the rearend geometry much better. Damn, I really wanna drive her out there and see that wrecker in person. Looks like a fun build! Thanks for all the great vids, Matt and crew!
James Smelcer
James Smelcer Aylar önce
Great show everyone! This beast is going to be awesome! Keep up the great work and stay safe everyone. Thanks for sharing. Now we all have multiple projects that we can hardly wait to see finished!! Jim
Cichlids23 Aylar önce
Loving all the updates, keep up the great work!
Nena 🔥 F-'ck M'-e - Check my P'ro'fi-le🔥
That’s an interesting way to do… typically you build the chassis around the motor, not the other way around but hey, if it fits it ships! The wrecker is looking awesome guys, congrats!
Davis Dykstra
Davis Dykstra Aylar önce
In almost every video Matt says “We have a couple of things to do before we do a couple other things.” 😂 I laugh every time he says it.
Hunter Logan
Hunter Logan Aylar önce
Yes, and hang On... Let the good times roLL
Tiger800 XCx
Tiger800 XCx Aylar önce
This is going to look so badass. I can't wait to see the installation of the transfer case and drive shafts.
scott liska
scott liska Aylar önce
Hi Matt and the Crew great job on the wrecker so far and great Content as always I was just wondering if heat build up in the cab will be a problem? Im not a fabricator by any means is there a way to work around it?
James Lynch
James Lynch Aylar önce
Haha, Matt,that would be around 350mm for us across the pond…, to be fair us older guys much prefer the old country feet and inches! Great build, can’t wait to see the heavy wrecker earning dollars out on the beautiful trails you guys have out there, just love the stunning scenery. All the best from the UK 🇬🇧🇬🇧🛠👍
Elgin Nelson
Elgin Nelson Aylar önce
Matt's engineering genius is evident by the way he can keep so many complicated steps in his head and the correct order in which the steps need to be completed. Very inspiring.
dudeperson3 Aylar önce
The feeling Matt had at ~11:50 of "holy crap, its gonna work" is why I like to build stuff
Jesus is risen
Jesus is risen Aylar önce
Repent to Jesus Christ “The name of the Lord is a fortified tower; the righteous run to it and are safe.” ‭‭Proverbs‬ ‭18:10‬ ‭NIV‬‬ h
calholli Aylar önce
When the unknown meets clarity. When preparation meets opportunity. When a obstacle meets an epiphany. When a dispute meets a resolution. When possibility meets probability. When a complication meets a compromise. When doubt meets faith. When a problem finds it's solution... it's the best
Allan McCorquodale
Allan McCorquodale Aylar önce
Love your work and how you teach Lissy and Trev and let them have a go. Doesn't matter if it is in the workshop or on a recovery. You have built a great team around you by teaching them and giving the opportunity to learn.
Dianna 🥂T[A]P Me!! to Have [𝐒]𝐄𝐗 With 𝐌𝐞
That’s an interesting way to do… typically you build the chassis around the motor, not the other way around but hey, if it fits it ships! The wrecker is looking awesome guys, congrats!
Hunter Todd
Hunter Todd Aylar önce
I have heard the 8.1L really wakes up with a cam and springs kit, intake/exhaust manifold and a tune as it just helps it breathe better and fully utilize the large displacement. Could be a great option for you to go especially as the vehicle it is going in may be much better served by making more power lower in the RPM’s vs just a high peak HP at high RPM, witch is more important in something that’s going to be cruising the highway at over 80mph Plus everything else looks so nice it would kind of be a good idea to go through it and make sure the engine looks good inside also. Don’t want a early brake down when under extreme loads and heat and maybe save some cost if you catch anything early and make the motor look as nice as everything else.
Seth Starrett
Seth Starrett Aylar önce
These build videos are the highlight of my Sunday afternoons. What a perfect way to beat the Sunday scaries and prep for the work week.
PwnyDwn Aylar önce
You know, when this was going to be some weird cab forward thing with a LS engine I wasn't interested. Now that its a big block with an old international body, it's fecking kool looking and I'm totally into it. I also love your "if it works we did it right" way of doing things. Everyone smiling. Progress getting made. Good video guys. Enjoyed :D
Thomas Maiden
Thomas Maiden Aylar önce
@cumminsnchevy 4 spark plugs from the front, 4 spark plugs from inside the cab, along with VERY toasty doghouse - and cab noise. No need for a heater core - or a radio.
Thomas Maiden
Thomas Maiden Aylar önce
@Matt's Off Road Recovery Where will the weight be centered after lifting something heavy with the rear boom? I guessing that you gave up on the "preasurized frame?
Willie Shaw
Willie Shaw Aylar önce
Same here about the engine choice. I see "LS swap" and tune out. The big block is a far better choice and while still a common powerplant, it isn't the cookie cutter engine choice the LS has become.
Chris Loehr
Chris Loehr Aylar önce
In the last video he pointed out that he has always intended to cut some of that unneeded frame off the front. He just needed to get the motor and body set so he knows how much he can take off. They didn't even finish the welds on the front.
duggydo Aylar önce
@cumminsnchevy He has a plasma cutter and a hammer. It will be removable. 😉
joshua Atkins
joshua Atkins Aylar önce
Cant wait to see this done! Love the old cab
Angel M
Angel M Aylar önce
Great job on the build so far, I can't wait to see it in action! 👍💯😎
Lon Pearson
Lon Pearson Aylar önce
Great progress on the wrecker. Watching you build a rig is some of the best content. Just like the morvair build, it’s interesting watching you overcome the various obstacles with a multitude of various solutions.
Rick Frogm
Rick Frogm Aylar önce
I love how you all work as a team!
Carl Zirk
Carl Zirk Aylar önce
Matt's guess and check engineering works pretty well. This is an awesome project.
Father Ángel Andrés Palacios B.
Matt, with all the experience you have, I would be willing to bet on any of your ideas! World can only changed by daring to think outside the box! Keep it up!
minij hooi
minij hooi Aylar önce
I came to this channel for the towing, I’m staying for the builds. Awesome channel.
Sandra Lutz-Rodriguez
That wreckers is so massive! Love it! I noticed the one extension on the forklift is bent down like a limp pretzel. No footage showing how that happened? Nice stress test on the GoPro sending that up the roll door ;-). I am completely mechanically challenged yet own at least 3 claw foot hammers. They are essential. So much progress on the build! Keep up the great work!
Debbie Henson
Debbie Henson Aylar önce
Love you Ed, you make my day!!!!
Richard Solomon
Richard Solomon Aylar önce
The knowhow and skills required to build a roadworthy vehicle from scratch! This is the most awesome shop! Congrats to all involved.
Hugh Mcculloch
Hugh Mcculloch Aylar önce
Love watching the build! Just out of interest Would add self inflation and deflation system to the tyres with the different terrain it might be helpful?
miniben17 Aylar önce
Hey Matt and gang! Love your videos! There's something that's been bugging me your last several videos though... I always loved how your videos seemed minimally edited since Matt speaks so clearly , but I've noticed there are a lot of places where it looks like the video is cut and spliced unnecessarily. At around 0:47 trvid.com/video/video-7qxDNkSOrmI.html in the video you can clearly see Matt is saying one complete thought. Looks like there's at least 5 cuts in the span of 10 seconds! Love these wrecker videos and can't wait to see it ripping out there!
Luke Aylar önce
Love the heavy wrecker build episodes!
GP DIY Aylar önce
Crazy and fun watching this project moving forward!!
Mickael Jansson
Mickael Jansson Aylar önce
Love how you have a rough idea in your head and then craftfully improvise step by step 👍🏼 Rapid prototyping in action!
Andrew Gilbreath
Andrew Gilbreath Aylar önce
Right, Matt the man has brought more wild ideas into existence then I've ever had.
Langweilige zusammenhanglose schlechte Handyvideos
Always amazing for me as a german guy. In germany it would be almost impossible to get a build like this road-legal...
Sky_ful Aylar önce
I love this project! it is just awesome!
Tim John
Tim John Aylar önce
That's a GM 8.1L 496 CI. It's a giant modern torque monster!
Brian Butenhoff
Brian Butenhoff Aylar önce
The claw hammer in a mechanics tools is spot on. Although I grew up on a farm and I learned that anything that’s harder than what your hitting is a hammer 🤘🏼
RK_Automotive Aylar önce
I am so excited to see the final product! The team is making great progress!!
MrZoufzouf Aylar önce
I've been watching your videos for years now and they just keep getting better. Love the mix between fixing stuff/building, off roading and the recoveries. Best of luck from the Netherlands!
Jean von Pickartz
Jean von Pickartz Aylar önce
well look at that. net boven mij ook een NL kijker wat een klein werld zeg lol
James Petrigni
James Petrigni Aylar önce
I love this wrecker build can't wait to see it done and performing it'll be as cool or cooler than the banana and morvair builds more great work from Matt and his crew👍👍
Doug Dean
Doug Dean Aylar önce
Great build so far! Gonna be a beast!
Matt's Garage
Matt's Garage Aylar önce
Nice work, it’s really coming together!👍
Larry Davidson
Larry Davidson Aylar önce
Looking good, I love how Matt has this all in his head and is able to make it all work.
Believe in Jesus Christ
Repent to Jesus Christ “The name of the Lord is a fortified tower; the righteous run to it and are safe.” ‭‭Proverbs‬ ‭18:10‬ ‭NIV‬‬ J
Kid Francisco
Kid Francisco Aylar önce
Trevor is the glue that holds the team together
mongomay1 Aylar önce
Question I have is where is the center of gravity on this build, in which I mean will it have enough weight forward to keep it from flipping backwards or tipping sideways? There is going to be a lot of wrecker assembly weight. Please do not worry about cab and hood fit up, it is only metal and can be added or shortened.
Pàtrick Page
Pàtrick Page Aylar önce
I'm retired now and have been for a few years. However I still enjoy doing a lot of my own work. So when I saw your channel I watched you and your family working it was awesome to see. Best of luck guys!
Marvin Carter
Marvin Carter Aylar önce
Alright moving forward with the wrecker and making progress. Keep it going!
Vito T
Vito T Aylar önce
Trevor deserves way more props than what he gets.
Thomas Maiden
Thomas Maiden Aylar önce
Trevor runs thru the desert lugging the camera. The video editor(Tucker) also does a great job. Matt is very lucky to have these guys working with him. Many PROPS to the whole team!
Vito T
Vito T Aylar önce
@Timothy Geiger ok dude have a good day.
Timothy Geiger
Timothy Geiger Aylar önce
@Vito T it wasn't a new 4 runner. The 4 runner was 5 or 6 years old, & had been damaged from a deer collision, & damaged prior to that. Robby did a great job rebuilding it. It wasn't a new guy either, Tucker has been with Matt awhile, he's the video editor.
Vito T
Vito T Aylar önce
@Timothy Geiger That new guy received a new 4 runner. You seriously want to debate Orlando to a new 4 runner?
Timothy Geiger
Timothy Geiger Aylar önce
Trevor & his whole family just had an entire week vacation in Florida, expenses paid by Matt. Not many employers will do that.
Doug Aylar önce
WoW, you are getting a lot off your mind now Matt lol. Thanks for sharing, all of you are amazing. God Bless and have a great day ya'll. 🇺🇸
Bill Sprague
Bill Sprague Aylar önce
Here’s to the 20oz framing hammer! The right tool for about every job. 😂 I thought Lizzy was going to drive through the wall! Great progress on Banana Beast.
Donald Ferrell
Donald Ferrell Aylar önce
Awesome Build Mr.Matt, & thanks for sharing this build with us all, . You have a great crew working with /for you getting this Wrecker built, Utah Fresh. :).
MrCrazyking81 Aylar önce
I can't wait to see this thing in action! Matt and the crew are professionals after the MORRVAIR!!!!!!!!!!!
Bernie Short
Bernie Short Aylar önce
It’s coming along just fine, and it was nice to see you smiling about it Matt. You have an awesome team and I know this is going to work out just fine for you all. Thank you, one and all.
Bruce MacGlynn
Bruce MacGlynn Aylar önce
I know I can't be the only one. I'm thinking there is a two high door, two lift garage in the future. If we can't see Trevor falling in the field, maybe leave obstacles so he can be given the opportunity?
irons phineas
irons phineas Aylar önce
Just look at that massive V-8! A nice reminder that once upon a time GM used to know what they were doing.
Robert Keil
Robert Keil Aylar önce
In this episode, Matt measures up and Trevor springs into action!
Angel Martinez
Angel Martinez Aylar önce
Super stoked to see final rendition, coming along awesomely
4SL Aylar önce
At first when I saw Matt cutting the firewall, I figured they would need a saddle on the intake manifold to share the cab with the engine. Then I saw how cavernous the cab is. Make the interior doghouse insulated and removeable and that will be awesome. Need a big big gas tank.
4SL Aylar önce
@Eric Wernet and hurts way more to make full.
Eric Wernet
Eric Wernet Aylar önce
A big empty fuel tank is still an empty fuel tank. 🤣
4SL Aylar önce
@ChrisNVegas plus an armed guard today..
ChrisNVegas Aylar önce
A couple 55 gal drums strapped on.
joelmopar Aylar önce
Matt is apparently a kindred spirit. You might be surprised how handy a claw hammer can be. Pulling/installing seals etc. I was an oilpatch field mechanic for many years, you only have room in your truck for what's truly useful or multipurpose. Odd as it may sound, a claw hammer was one of those tools.
William Lulay
William Lulay Aylar önce
"If it doesn't work, we'll go to lunch." I like that line of thinking! Yes, it looks like it's going to work. Ain't it grand when flying by the seat of your pants actually turns out okay?! I understand all your figures with weight to tire contact surface pressure, but, visually, it seems improbable that something that size is not going to sink into the sand up to its axles. It'll be a trip seeing it cruising across the surface of the sand dunes.
William Florance
William Florance Aylar önce
Loving it! When I'm staring at a pile of parts I need to marry and start feeling a bit overwhelmed I take courage from you guys and @Fabrats and just work it out as I go! Keep up the good work and the great content :D
🔝🔝🔝Congratulations you have been selected among my lucky winner's DM for your gift 🎁⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️
Backroad Junkie
Backroad Junkie Aylar önce
It'll be interesting to see this beast on the road. Or off-road for that matter, lol...
Kevin Hibbard
Kevin Hibbard Aylar önce
Team Trev, that dude is always helpful and has good energy.
Darek Mistrz
Darek Mistrz Aylar önce
Except when Lizzie is leaving her springs all around the place
Skeeter Builds It
Skeeter Builds It Aylar önce
Fun to work with
bernard_hossmoto Aylar önce
Yeah, I would like a video on Trevor, his army time and all.
Tim Vanasen
Tim Vanasen Aylar önce
Exciting to see your crazy idea fit Matt the heavy wreaker is coming to life one big step at a time great video y'all ❤😉👍
James Wolfe
James Wolfe Aylar önce
Lizzie's welding - I'm jealous! A skill I still need to learn.
Garlan Minton
Garlan Minton Aylar önce
I am super excited to see the new rig on the trails. Love the content and love yalls personalities.
Zoron Stillwater
Zoron Stillwater Aylar önce
When will I learn not to doubt you, I never thought that would fit together so well. Can't (but will) wait to see her done
Rupert Sheldon
Rupert Sheldon Aylar önce
If you mark where the tires were on the floor before you roll the frame out. The body goes back on in a jiffy when you roll it back in. Masking tape works well for this.
kher33 Aylar önce
A+ eye protection on this one. The safety Sallies are pleased. And some amazing fab work as always. Nice job y'all.
Eric Draper
Eric Draper Aylar önce
The International body is going to look pretty cool, I thought Corvair pickup cab would have been cool too. Engine maintenance shouldn't be too bad, rather change plugs on that than my 5.4 f250 beater with a heater.
Austin Potts
Austin Potts Aylar önce
I love the idea and seeing it come together is awesome! make sure you keep the cab easy to remove along with having a doghouse for maintenance purposes!
HighTide  •  🌑
HighTide • 🌑 Aylar önce
Hey Matt, Now that things are getting close with the Golden Nugget, I feel I must say that you should make sure that Ed is not totally in shock at the moment of the reveal. That could go sideways. I know what I'm talking bout from a bad experience.
Hunts Point
Hunts Point Aylar önce
I came to this channel for the towing, I’m staying for the builds. Awesome channel.
EriX Aylar önce
I remember when he had 50,000 subs... Now he's trending on top 100. GOOD WORK!! Love the content brotha
Grant Dubiel
Grant Dubiel Aylar önce
It's nice to see someone actually cleaning up their oil dry instead of leaving it for weeks
Luke Clement
Luke Clement Aylar önce
When working on the air intake, there is a huge baffle on the vortec 8100s that really restricts airflow. You can cut open and cut out that baffle and make some more power, just need a guy that can weld aluminum alright. :) hope this helps
Jason Malone
Jason Malone Aylar önce
Love the build vids.
BigBlueMotors Aylar önce
That engine is going to make the cab hot and noisy - love it 👍
Bert Veldhuizen
Bert Veldhuizen Aylar önce
Never realized how big those engines are!
Theclan4adventures Aylar önce
I wait every day for videos of this build it’s going to be awesome!
Dustin Meier
Dustin Meier Aylar önce
At first, I was trying to figure out why the engine was sitting so far behind centerline of the front axle. Then they crammed the suspension and it all made sense. Looking good. Can’t wait to see how y’all make the front fenders look good, too.
David Quirk
David Quirk Aylar önce
This is the first time I realised just how big that motor is! Can't wait to see it at work.
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