Stretchy HO7 RNF rubber cable and a 32 Amp three phase plug.

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Wiring a three phase 32a plug to some ho7rnf cable. HO7 RNF is a heavy duty rubber cable used for industrial equipment and wiring.

Plugged in to our demo Lewden Topter distribution board.

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Lewden - Palazzoli Group

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14 Kas 2021




Yük bağlantısı.....


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eFIXX 2 aylar önce
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Catálogo das ferramentas?
James Cunningham
James Cunningham Aylar önce
It's very refreshing to see people NOT showcasing how fast they can hack job outlets or switches. Bravo 👏 👏. Very clean work
Leland Holton
Leland Holton Aylar önce
Did you see how terrible the wire strippers are?
Mihály Birò
Mihály Birò 2 aylar önce
My electrician told me to leave the earth cable a little bit longer in case somebody pull the plug more aggressively the protection stay in the plug last. It's still relevant these days, what is your opinion about that?
Back Markus
Back Markus Aylar önce
@Wiktor Dehne If you look closely at the video you can see the PE terminal is elevated from the others. So even if all cables are cut the same length, PE will still get pulled out last. 👍 Personally though, I usually cut the PE a bit longer than the others, just for extra measure.
Lefty eh
Lefty eh Aylar önce
Jesus, you all need to pray to Jesus. The contacts inside the plug will disconnect the ground last. The wire length inside the plug has zero to do with that. You can wad them up or stretch them banjo tight, doesn't change the pin length on the plug itself.
Heimdall Aylar önce
You just don't pull out this cable trust me.
Wiktor Dehne
Wiktor Dehne Aylar önce
@lachertje812 which is why you especially need to leave it longer otherwise the pe gets ripped out first lol
RNG CXD3 Aylar önce
My dads an electrician I never really learned anything advanced cause I wasn’t interested but he always told me to leave extra incase someone else needs to go in after you and cut back some wire.
HuFlung Pu
HuFlung Pu Aylar önce
Flawless work. I’m impressed. 10 years in the trade and that’s above and beyond my company’s sop. Where is this being done at?
Sergey Moiseenko
Sergey Moiseenko Aylar önce
Когда лучше уже не куда.
eFIXX Aylar önce
SpeakerPat Aylar önce
The more ferrules I crimp in my life the happier I get. Love the low gauge ones. This video was perfect satisfaction!
Edward Holmes
Edward Holmes Aylar önce
I enjoyed wiring up 48 and 64 core cables and putting 0.25mm bootlace ferrules on each one. Something very satisfying about it, especially with a pair of automatic crimpers.
Stephen Rowley
Stephen Rowley 2 aylar önce
Missed I step, taking it all back apart after forgetting to put the cover on then reassembling
Phii BOT
Phii BOT Aylar önce
ahahaha absolutely 🤣🤣
Nui phongsak
Nui phongsak Aylar önce
@Calys Agora ลบ
Bartek Bartek
Bartek Bartek Aylar önce
This, this was too personal. I did it with crimp molex with wires soldered to PCB. Not nice in any way
Valtteri Tattari
Valtteri Tattari Aylar önce
HuFlung Pu
HuFlung Pu Aylar önce
I physically felt this post
Josh Bryan
Josh Bryan Aylar önce
I have literally 0 wire work experience but for some reason this satisfies something deep in my computer loving brain. I built my own but this is a whole nother level dude
fatbuffdude Aylar önce
You would be surprised by how simple it is. Gets complicated when you are dealing with data transfer. A lot of peoples internet service problems are due to faulty lines and ports.
tsu Aylar önce
CLEAN AF. I wish my company had all those resources
Jonathan Towers
Jonathan Towers 2 aylar önce
You know what, that’s satisfying! Making up nice H07 cables is an art form 😂
Andrew Savage
Andrew Savage 28 gün önce
Trust you JT. Its true though.
Logan Aylar önce
As an Electrician this definitely help me rekindle my passion oddly satisfying
Gunzee Aylar önce
First thing I caught was the covered female end, nice. It's great new builds are 3 phase ready, makes EV charging much better & overall grid balance.
Luke Posadas
Luke Posadas Aylar önce
Idk why I watched this entire video. I don't know much at all about electrical work, but even I could tell this guy's is clean with it! Those connections are A1!
Freedom Greater Than Feelings
I built to many of those in the military! Watching this brings me back!
eFIXX 2 aylar önce
Vgp 1982
Vgp 1982 Aylar önce
Reminds me of when I used to have to wire up these Appleton 600V 30A plugs. I'm not an electrician by any means but got pretty good at wiring up remote houses in the oilfield
Alex vd V
Alex vd V 2 aylar önce
once you've used those ferrules you'll be addicted to them. that works really great
ELETRIC OFC Aylar önce
Que top , o mais legal é que tem todas as ferramentas ,
Lucio Aylar önce
Genial, buen enchufe y buenas herramientas
Jan G.
Jan G. Aylar önce
All the Phases+N have to be cut shorter than PE. So in case of ripping the cable out, PE loses last contact.
Christen Wasdin
Christen Wasdin Aylar önce
Nicely done sir. Top notch workmanship
David S
David S Aylar önce
Clean wiring takes some practice and a lot of planning. I love perfect wiring lol
Marcelo Velazquez
Marcelo Velazquez Aylar önce
Não é difícil, basta ter as ferramentas certas.
Trystan Dillon
Trystan Dillon Aylar önce
What tool was used to strip that? And yes that’s a serious question, cause I’ve never seen it. I use a 14/3 rubber cable for mini split systems and hate stripping the casing back because of the thickness.
jongon281 17 gün önce
Got you bro, had to investigate myself!
jongon281 17 gün önce
No name yet??!!
Basil Lange
Basil Lange Aylar önce
Yeah name of tool would be appreciated
Wiktor Dehne
Wiktor Dehne Aylar önce
Wow you guys didn’t twist the strands when crimping, great. Now for the next time, remember to leave the pe a bit longer than the rest, so that when the cables get ripped out by accident, the pe gets out last.
Richard H-B
Richard H-B Aylar önce
Never seen a wire stripper like that, cool video!
Rob Ascher
Rob Ascher Aylar önce
I'm not an electrician, but would it be worth tinning the ends before crimping the ferrules on to prevent future corrosion creeping up the cable?
Maximilian Meyer
Maximilian Meyer Aylar önce
The plug is water tight there shouldn't be any corrosion
Pliskin Ishmael
Pliskin Ishmael Aylar önce
God, those crimping tools look so satisfying. I'm probably the least qualified person to own one of those but dang, I feel like I gotta have one.
coolrebel671 Aylar önce
Makes me wanna get an automatic wire stripper. My hand starts to hurt stripping so many cables
eFIXX Aylar önce
Treat yourself
Adriano Demetrio
Adriano Demetrio 2 aylar önce
Best cable ever for extensions and tools!
Юрий Наумов
Красиво Работает!!!👍👍👍
deepak malviya
deepak malviya 2 aylar önce
Very beautifully and helpful sir about electrical engineering and cable lugs installation work 🙏🙏🙏🙏
Daniell DeCamp
Daniell DeCamp Aylar önce
Super clean and Pro! From an Electrician 😁👍
Peter Aylar önce
They make this job seem so fun like just playing with toys and plugging things in all day
eFIXX Aylar önce
That’s how we roll 🤣
XO Purified
XO Purified Aylar önce
What was that cable for ? Like what was that machine he plugged it into? This video was satisfying as hell to watch just curious about the equipment for some reason
4n0nym00s 16 gün önce
finally someone doing it right. personally wouldn't use the quick stripper though.
Alexander Padilla
Alexander Padilla Aylar önce
Nice loop. What is this plug? And what are the applications for it?
eFIXX Aylar önce
It’s an industrial cable feeding portable equipment - 3 phase 32A 400Volts
Артем Сандрюков
Это очень красиво!
Leslley Scotte
Leslley Scotte 2 aylar önce
I hope to be making extensions soon in the new shop. All my new machines are 3phase.
Andrew Savage
Andrew Savage 28 gün önce
Pretty much daily for me. 32/3 is my favourite distro connection.
SuperStriker412 Aylar önce
Question: What's the powder stuff surrounding the cables? Is it for insulation or...
SuperStriker412 Aylar önce
@eFIXX oh, interesting. I've never seen that before
eFIXX Aylar önce
It’s French chalk - makes the cable easier to strip as it stops the inner cores sticking to the outer jacket.
Joobson Ulisses
Joobson Ulisses Aylar önce
Very cool, Clean and fast, however, what is the initial sequence to place the wires?
Shaikh Owais
Shaikh Owais Aylar önce
What this feeling of satisfaction every damn time it's too good ✨
eFIXX Aylar önce
Дмитрий Чернов
Приятно смотреть на такой труд
Eddie Clark
Eddie Clark Aylar önce
Nice tools bud. It's always nice to have the right tools lol
NT 23P
NT 23P 2 aylar önce
To jest na prawdę koniec cywilizacji. Kilkadziesiąt tysięcy lajków dla kolesia co zakłada wtyczkę na kabel???
Just a guy.
Just a guy. Aylar önce
As a electrician….looks great…as a foreman…that to long that wire looked like 8-10#awg you don’t need ferules when it has set screws on the lugs. Don’t need that fancy stripping tool get a blade strip it out. Make everything tight ohm it out your good to go😂 JK that looked like a permanent installation, looked good
Gordon Welcher
Gordon Welcher Aylar önce
You made a good connection. Lucky you saw that little bit of insulation.
Maschinenraum 2 aylar önce
Very good… net time leave the Ground a Little longer! If the cable gets pulled out it Should get pulled out Last! Could save your life some day.
Just Me
Just Me Aylar önce
Usually the ground connector is a bit longer/closer to the cable entry and should be the last conductor to disconnect. I also leave the neutral longer because you don't want to lose neutral
posei3960 2 aylar önce
You did well not experiencing "bit loss"......the major downfall in the retention system design in the Wiha multibit "in the Handle" set
Patrick Poe
Patrick Poe Aylar önce
It's a new set. Give him time. 😂
Perfect job ❤️❤️
Gabriel Torquato
Gabriel Torquato Aylar önce
You have to heat The black part… after put in the wire
Martin E
Martin E 2 aylar önce
Terminated only one end of the cable, plugged it in, switched the isolator, caused a potential shock hazard 😮
Christopher O'Neill
Missed another part, checking for direction and having to pull that plug back apart and switch two hots.
saurabh chhonker
saurabh chhonker Aylar önce
the right tools do the perfect job 👍
eFIXX Aylar önce
Starting From The Bottom
Ferrules are pretty dope, we don't have them here but it looks fun
Thijs Breukelman
Thijs Breukelman Aylar önce
This is so easy but satisfying its nice
Reed Wickham
Reed Wickham Aylar önce
This is entirely too high quality of a job for most of the contractors I’ve worked for :/
Sierin 2 aylar önce
wow! I like to watch it over and over!
o Castego
o Castego Aylar önce
Nesecito todas esas herramientas 🤗
john cushard
john cushard 2 aylar önce
Made so many of those over the years. Retirement is much more fun .
Rain Rivera
Rain Rivera 2 aylar önce
I know this cable to be called Ceeform cable. Great for concert shows!
GÓRKI Agroteam
GÓRKI Agroteam Aylar önce
Bogdan ale tu są trzy fazy!
I like those crimps they look useful
Mark Tilley
Mark Tilley Aylar önce
Where are the wire strippers from, I'd love some?
Allied Federal Electric Corp
After decades in the trade I find this very satisfying
mark thomas
mark thomas 2 aylar önce
Music to one's ears. 😳
eFIXX 2 aylar önce
We are with you 👍
Alonzo Sanchez
Alonzo Sanchez Aylar önce
Quality goes in before the name goes on, great job
Alec Ringberg
Alec Ringberg Aylar önce
what is the powder inside the cable?
Saliya Lokeshwara
Saliya Lokeshwara Aylar önce
I always wonder. Electricians must be able to perform really good pedicures
Emanuel Neto
Emanuel Neto Aylar önce
Pq ele corto o fio desencapado?
Slip Joint
Slip Joint Aylar önce
Nice work 👍
Selçuk Şafak
Selçuk Şafak Aylar önce
Biz genellikle arka kısmını takmayı unuturuz söküp tekrar bağlarız. 😁😁😁
Áttila Mt22
Áttila Mt22 Aylar önce
Azan Riau
Azan Riau Aylar önce
Keren alat2nya 😌
I love ANIME
I love ANIME Aylar önce
What is the name of the tool that cuts wire?
Nathan Aylar önce
Needs explosion scene when plugged in.... Edit: also pride in your work is great to see!
Etiquetah Digital
Etiquetah Digital Aylar önce
Minha curiosidade eterna. Pra que serve aquele por branco dentro da capa? Pra quando traficar coca passar despercebido? Hushuhsis....não não é real minha dúvida.
Brian Gilbreath
Brian Gilbreath 26 gün önce
The creepy thing is the guy I assist told me earlier he had just ordered a few of these strippers and had mine in his office.
seregaivanov Aylar önce
благодарю за эстетическое наслаждение)))
Анарбек Акматалиев
@Житель Башкортостана 🤣🤣🤣
Анарбек Акматалиев
Житель Башкортостана
Тут не хватает синей изоленты
Mizian Aylar önce
I've always wondered what is this white powder inside cables and what is it for
Hiasibua Aylar önce
It's there to annoy electricians who don't like to get their hands dirty! 🤣
Gordon Welcher
Gordon Welcher Aylar önce
To celebrate after you do a good job.
eFIXX Aylar önce
It’s talc and makes it easier to strip as the conductors don’t stick to the outer jacket of the cable.
Eng Darfat Galaly Electrical
Your information is good and useful
Franco Alejandro Gonzalez Torres
Now this is high quality ASMR
eFIXX Aylar önce
Gideon Aylar önce
When you need to go through a 3 page manual just to connect some wires...
Lyralei Nevermore
Lyralei Nevermore Aylar önce
A perfect tools can make work easier, I used to use scissors to skin a cable and it needs a lot of patients
zxt3rue Aylar önce
What is the white powder for?
Marco Vinicio Solórzano Ajila
Que placer!
Jory Clouthier
Jory Clouthier Aylar önce
Dont forget to never clean up after yourself! Electricians oath
cam Aylar önce
wow somebody did something the right way in a short, surprising
youny billioner
youny billioner Aylar önce
Am an electrician where can get this amazing tools
eFIXX Aylar önce
Most of them are Wiha
Yuriko Aylar önce
Is 5x6mm² supply cable for 3 phase electric oven ?
Husain Shaikh
Husain Shaikh 13 gün önce
Perfect job
eFIXX 13 gün önce
Travis Glasscock
Travis Glasscock Aylar önce
Legend has it that this electrician swept up after he was done making a mess
Mariano Pastrana
Mariano Pastrana Aylar önce
Dont know what it is for, but it looks so satisfying.
Nathaniel Gardener
Nathaniel Gardener Aylar önce
Man, that was like 5 more tools then anyone needs 😂 but they are neat
MDP1 Aylar önce
very nice tools an the cable is nice also did that already have a talc or something like it inside very nice
Edward Holmes
Edward Holmes Aylar önce
Yup, most multimore cables do, helps to separate the individual conductors.
Lars Weber
Lars Weber Aylar önce
The PE must be little longe then L1 L2 L3 and N, because if it tears apart, the earth should be last thing wire thats connected. Well Thats how learned it in Germany.
Legacy AutoFocus
Legacy AutoFocus Aylar önce
When you watch old school do it vs new school. New school wins.
James Hernandez
James Hernandez Aylar önce
This makes me want to become a electrician
eFIXX Aylar önce
Your hired 😉
Timotej Holicek
Timotej Holicek Aylar önce
How old is that cable?
Ivan Delinic
Ivan Delinic Aylar önce
Why did you use h07 cable 5x1.5mm2 for 32A 3p+n+pe? In our country norma says that the best type is 5x6mm2 for that level od current
eFIXX Aylar önce
It is 6mm2
The Hutch
The Hutch Aylar önce
What is a plug like that even used for?
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