Street Fighter 6 - Kimberly and Juri Game Face Feature 

Street Fighter
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Kimberly shows her exuberant personality and while Juri shows her mischievous one as they enter the match with the Game Face Feature in Street Fighter 6. Press the directional buttons on the versus screen to have your character express different emotions while awaiting the match.
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14 Ağu 2022




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Silvershire Yıl önce
I like that Juri is paying attention to her opponent the whole time instead of looking at the crowd. It’s like she’s sizing up her prey
colmecolwag Yıl önce
I like how Kimberly is just running forward so Juri isn't even staring at her. Dodging the death stares
A.A.A MN Yıl önce
I was going to comment that I love her💜
Thechugg Yıl önce
Not even a Juri fan but that stare was awesome and gievs her more character as an actual human than just feet and domination.
Eric Jennings
Eric Jennings Yıl önce
She's not, though. She is in no way tracking the other fighter at all. Looks bad.
Recitation To Hear
*trvid.com/video/video-mCfYi7634rU.html* Finally it's here after so long
The True J-Bird
The True J-Bird Yıl önce
I love how Juri is just staring at Kimberly menacingly and Kimberly is so excited and very energetic.
Cris Luna Verellen
Yeah, the way Juri stared REALLY creeped me out
Crimson Yıl önce
Juri “LOOK AT ME!” Kimberly “I’m just vibing, bozo!”
Cris Luna Verellen
@Crimson 🤣🤣🤣🤣 nice one
Recitation To Hear
*trvid.com/video/video-mCfYi7634rU.html* Finally it's here after so long
Silvis Alerion
Silvis Alerion Yıl önce
Kimberly is so energetic that she flipped past the camera, realized she did an oopsie, and huddled back in frame for the VS screen. These little things bring out so much personality of the characters.
Gold Guard
Gold Guard Yıl önce
Is that a bot link above? I don’t trust it
@Gold Guard Nope but it's not what you're looking for... So maybe it is🤔😂
Matthew Morrison
Matthew Morrison Yıl önce
@Gold Guard Yes don't click and report
Partinaire Yıl önce
I didn’t even peep that til I read this comment lol
realTIER Yıl önce
The way Kimberly does a backflip only to realize she’s offscreen and rushes back 💀
Orlanzo Yıl önce
Yea that was kind of cute, lol.
AIRPilot Yıl önce
Love that detail, amazing!
Armored Warrior
Armored Warrior Yıl önce
Wow I did not realize that
Abdoul Yıl önce
@Recitation To Hear shutup!
Mike, TheAnimated
She was like "wait, shit" 😂
Nedson Monteiro
Nedson Monteiro Yıl önce
Loved juri's facial feature. Its definitely her style. I'm likin Kimberly's facial feature too. This definitely makes the character's personality pop more.
Recitation To Hear
*trvid.com/video/video-mCfYi7634rU.html* Finally it's here after so long
zanpakuto man
zanpakuto man Yıl önce
I love how for the entrance cutscene, Juri is getting in her opponents face. But, Kimberly's entrance has her flipping all over the place, so Juri's just mad dogging nobody sometimes. Funny
Salvatorio M
Salvatorio M Yıl önce
You can see her tongue moving around.
meteor22 Yıl önce
I just wish they didn't give Kimberly sucha 5 head. That hairline can come down Capcom.
Royal Family
Royal Family Yıl önce
Pop is even the word. More like be seduced at this point.
J ML Yıl önce
Kimberly is so unbothered by Juri it's hilarious lmao, these two were the best to put together.
Where They Go Wrong
She's the ninja star. A prodigy in Bushinryu, not much would scare her
Neoxon 8 aylar önce
@Where They Go Wrong Except maybe Akuma, but he’d scare most reasonable people.
DJ Chambliss
DJ Chambliss Yıl önce
I love how energetic Kimberly is at the beginning like she's hyped like a high school athlete meanwhile juri is just staring her down while walking is legitimately giving a laid-back villain that has a plan up her sleeves.
Marcus Gabriel
Marcus Gabriel Yıl önce
@Recitation To Hear how do you bots have that many subscribers?
moread AWM
moread AWM Yıl önce
@Marcus Gabriel Bots
Doctor Swazz
Doctor Swazz Yıl önce
Uh…more bots? Duh lol
Douglas McDade
Douglas McDade Yıl önce
I think shes also talking to the crowd at the same time
DJ Chambliss
DJ Chambliss Yıl önce
@Douglas McDade I just noticed that too.
Orion ON1-K
Orion ON1-K Yıl önce
I adore these intros, they inject so much charm and soul into these characters.
MrVince329 Yıl önce
CYB3R2K30 but it's still cool that it's there for people who enjoy these little bits of flair.
coolman5242 Yıl önce
CYB3R2K30 I use a taunt on whoever skips my intro online
ByrneBaby Yıl önce
Juri trying to psyche her opponent out by making CONSISTENT eye contact is so unexpected yet so in-character. SF6 keeps looking better and better.
Anderson Blitz
Anderson Blitz Yıl önce
This is actually our first look of the versus screen that isn’t based off the old built from the early trailers of SF6 so this newer version looks stunning gorgeous
Recitation To Hear
*trvid.com/video/video-mCfYi7634rU.html* Finally it's here after so long
Dre Yıl önce
To be fair the versus screen background changes depending on the stage which is why it looks more brighter. Yet again this game is going to look great when finished
Marcus Gabriel
Marcus Gabriel Yıl önce
Damn 2 bots with the same link, I ain’t gonna press it but I am curious
Chrizzz Yıl önce
@Marcus Gabriel it’s a rickroll 😭
Zachataxx II
Zachataxx II Yıl önce
I LOVE how much character this glorified loading screen gives for the whole cast, with Juri sizing up her opponent like they're prey and Kimberly doing a backflip over the camera and awkwardly walking back into frame. It's such a small thing, but even with the other characters shown, it just gives you everything you need to know about the characters themselves without needing to know their backstory
Birutath o Faxineiro
Best part i didn't even like Luke, but he's getting to me just by his vs screen animation. I would totally cheer this guy in a mma fight.
Mike, TheAnimated
The entrances aren't the loading screen, because you can skip it. The face to face thing is. The entrances are purely there for hype value and just being generally awesome. There was no reason for them to do it other than it was cool.
Birutath o Faxineiro
@Mike, TheAnimated really? cuz for what i seen the game starts loading on the entrance and the vs screen is just the rest of it, and if you skip the vs screen gets longer
Burning Typhoon
Burning Typhoon Yıl önce
@Birutath o Faxineiro Yes, really. The game doesn't have very much loading time at all.
Birutath o Faxineiro
@Burning Typhoon the rematch being instant is crazy! I already easily get 6 hours of play time in sf 3rd strike playing through fightcade with the whole "fight a new rival" thing. If this game manage to have a fighting system even more fun, you better bet your ass i'm gonna lose days playing this thing!
Perkerupper_ Yıl önce
I freaking LOVE this intro when the characters are walking into their match. There's so much energy it really gets you hyped for their battle
CharXtreme Yıl önce
Landon Arts
Landon Arts Yıl önce
Exactly. Those bars are such bangers
nemo pouncey
nemo pouncey Yıl önce
guess Capcom decided to try something new besides a dull intro screen.
nemo pouncey
nemo pouncey Yıl önce
can't wait to see fei long's etc.
Lwando Madikizela
The subtle detail in each character is impressive. Kimberly is just excited to the here while going off frame on her backflip and Juri is sizing up her opponent on how she will kill. Capcom done an excellent job.
Shajita Yıl önce
It’s honestly insane they’ve made a loading screen so good that it can be used for marketing.
Mike, TheAnimated
The crazy part is that it *isn't* a loading screen. The face to face thing is. There's literally no other reason it was done other than it was cool as shit.
Neoxon Yıl önce
@Mike, TheAnimated The PS4 version (assuming it doesn’t go the way of PS3/360 MKX) will probably mask most of its loading in the walking intro. What we’re seeing is likely the PS5 version.
Rockman Yıl önce
@Neoxon I think this game is going to run like hot garbage on anything less than a PS4 Pro.
MonkaKonga Yıl önce
It's cool to see how energetic Kimberly is in her entrance, just jumping around and stuff.
BerétBay Yıl önce
Kurtis Unbelievable. I fell victim ngl
Jaden Quest
Jaden Quest Yıl önce
​@BerétBay report them
saiyan_og Yıl önce
Have to say nearly every video we’ve seen so far for this game has been nothing short of spectacular. They’re really giving their all for the new Street Fighter game its visuals and personality is at an all time high rn. The game not only looks stunning but it’s just charming as hell. Keep it up Capcom !!
Raging Demon
Raging Demon Yıl önce
I absolutely adore Kimberly’s design!!!!!
LawlessInstall Yıl önce
Juri can never go away, she got so much personality since she's been introduced into the series they made the right choice keeping her around since she was pushed in and I love the Bushin-Ryu Ninja was hoping to see Maki again, but Kimberly is great, we vibe to the same kind of music and everything haven't been this hype for a character in a minute. So far I'm probably rolling with Kim, I'm interested in seeing Cammy and want to roll with Ken now since he's a down and out Shoto hahaha let's put some respect back on our boys name all that time he's helped Ryu out of his struggle with his inner demons and now can't nobody do nothing for Ken? Nah that's not how we rolling fam.
smashmaster521 Yıl önce
I kind of wish Juri was in Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 instead of C. Viper. Don't get me wrong, C. Viper's cool and all, but Juri is the real breakout star of the Street Fighter IV series.
Kimberly was killing it on that walkout.... What a personality
Eclipse PROJECT Yıl önce
I love how they made Juri actually look cute when she doesn't have a psychotic expression due her pupils looking expanded, and when she does these contract themselves making her feel intimidating, a small detail that can be easily overlooked but nails a passive feeling effectively
Doflaminguard Yıl önce
Shes now more relaxed since her nemesis is now dead.
thryu Yıl önce
Yeah, I like how she can go from cute to completely psychotic depending on her facial features and gestures. Street Fighter characters don't need super elaborate stories, they just need to be fun to watch because they have character. Sakura in SFA2 doing her victory dance or kicking off her shoe only for it to land on her head tells us all we need to know to sell the character. I always felt Laura in SFV could have used some more details to help better sell her "energetic" personality, like maybe she'd walk into fights carrying a musical instrument, or wearing a colorful weighted shawl that she'd take off before fighting. I feel like SF6 is getting the little character details right.
GuardianAngel 7 aylar önce
She reminds me of Dva from Overwatch.
Quadraxis Yıl önce
I like how Juri is giving all the bad looks and threatening poses and faces but Kimberly doesn't even care, she's just too excited to be there.
k R
k R 7 aylar önce
cat vs golden retriever energy
Greg Williams
Greg Williams Yıl önce
Who ever came up with the walking entrance is a God damn genius. I can't wait to see Akuma or Ed acting like Wrestling heels.
Jabarie Waters
Jabarie Waters Yıl önce
I cant wait to see akuma try to smile in these faces
@Jabarie Waters Akuma smiling is a nightmare I am not prepared to see💀
ReduxStereo Yıl önce
Akuma pouting is a lot more scary than that in my opinion.
Demonico917 Yıl önce
@CAPITAL QUEEF He did smile a bit in Tekken 7. People also say he smiles in Elena's USF4 ending but I don't see it at all...
Spucko Yıl önce
Super genius, they are.
TheOpulentOne Yıl önce
I like how Juri stares at her opponent menacingly before the fight starts.
Earllon Granada
Earllon Granada Yıl önce
I'd say maniacally is more appropriate than menacingly.
Rufio Quin
Rufio Quin Yıl önce
I absolutely love Kimberly’s design. I plan on making her my first main when SF6 releases.
Jah Jah liv
Jah Jah liv 6 aylar önce
Judi my main
Hussuki Yıl önce
Ok these pre fight intros are looking absolutely amazing so far. Sooooooo much personality and even a lot of hype. And the facial expressions are really hitting that nostalgia button (SC2) but also breathing new life into the mechanic enough to make it feel new again. I love these and can’t wait to see the rest of the cast’s.
lilSchism Yıl önce
This is the fun nuance that I really appreciate from games. Juri's faces and attitude is great here, and Kimberly's faces show her energy and does a good job introducing you to his new character.
Shannon Jones
Shannon Jones Yıl önce
They both look great on their closeups. Even the transitions between expressions look solid. Really liking this feature.
WickedRibbon Yıl önce
It's already clear that SF6 has a ton of character. Keep it up, Capcom!
Jon Rodriguez
Jon Rodriguez Yıl önce
SF is overrated nothing changes its SF3 3rd Strike as SFV was SFA and SF4 was off SFII this is facts I bet they went with 3rd strike mechanics not that it is bad but you see why its overrated
ItsJustVin Yıl önce
@Jon Rodriguez oh so then it means it's good. Kinda reaching the point where overrated equals good nowadays
LowTierCog Yıl önce
​@Jon Rodriguez Literally none of those games play remotely similar to one another lmao 🤣🤣🤣
Sr think darauf
Sr think darauf Yıl önce
@Jon Rodriguez you're not even a smash bros guy. You are just a sad fortnite guy
RareEnigma™ Yıl önce
I enjoy these type of details in the game, this adds personality and life to each character and the environment. I am excited to see how well Kimberly plays!
Earllon Granada
Earllon Granada Yıl önce
The first time I saw this intro between Luke and Ryu I thought to myself "there is NO WAY this could look any better than it does now", then I saw this. This game can't come any sooner.
Samadagwis 03
Samadagwis 03 Yıl önce
@Hòmè Ďeçoŕè Twerk
Jenn56 Yıl önce
Kimberly is so full of energy, and Juri is just unhinged, she is growing on me lmao
Rebxrn Yıl önce
Never thought I needed Juri pouting in my life 👏
Tony Mata
Tony Mata Yıl önce
She honestly looks cute when pouting. 🥰
Recitation To Hear
*trvid.com/video/video-mCfYi7634rU.html* Finally it's here after so long
Lordska Yıl önce
It's kinda cute 🥰
ALtrocious Yıl önce
I really like how juri and kim contrast each other. Kimberly has brighter colors and a soft face while juri han’s has darker colors and lots of edges in her design :’)
SirBranDon100 Yıl önce
I love Kimberly's energy and Juri's, "let me kick your face in!" Attitude.
Crimson Yıl önce
Love how Kimberly is just having the time of her life, but Juri’s pouty face lol love it
Onyx1987 Yıl önce
Holy hell, you can tell how proud they are of the face tech, and they have every right to be.
Mene0 Yıl önce
So much personality this game. I love the entrances
Kevin Moy
Kevin Moy Yıl önce
So cool when fighting games take the extra step to make a game feel good, even if it's not strictly gameplay related.
Dorkasaurus_rex Yıl önce
The fact that Juri pretty much taunts, laughs at, threatens and mocks her opponent is such an amazingly on point moment for her character. Capcom is completely elevating the presentation of fighting games as a genre with this game and it's fucking amazing to see.
NoHeroJoe Yıl önce
The subtle details that went into this continue to make me hype for this game and these two have so much personality
SyruS Yıl önce
Everything in this hypes you up. The first few seconds where the gate opens and they go into position, next they walk to the stage and a song hyping up the moment until they finally arrive and you see the big VS. sign and eventually they take position to start the fight. There is so much hype and personality in this, and that's "just" the VS. screen.
Jrspesh Muffinman
I'm loving all the small details that have been added in this game. It feels like they are really trying to make this different to SF5 and previous entries. I'm excited to see more of the game
A Useless Human Called Sarah
I love their designs and how the games makes them look so much more energetic
Demonico917 Yıl önce
I hope there's a public beta soon. I gotta play Kimberly!
Recitation To Hear
*trvid.com/video/video-mCfYi7634rU.html* Finally it's here after so long
Demonico917 Yıl önce
@Recitation To Hear Zip it
Ray Hollowman
Ray Hollowman Yıl önce
Demonico917 Yıl önce
Kurtis How many times do we have to teach you these lessons old bots!?
Demonico917 Yıl önce
@Ray Hollowman Because it would be nice for players around the world to get access to the game to get a feel for it I guess. They did the same for SF5, and lots of games in general get open betas so it's nothing new.
GhoulDash97 Yıl önce
Love their facial features, expressions, and movements, especially Juri's. Really captures the personality.
SnSinny Yıl önce
This build looks absolutely crazy. Seriously can’t wait to try this myself
DemiGodX Yıl önce
Loving the facial expressions. These little things are what was missing in sfv. It adds charm to the game
akil charles
akil charles Yıl önce
You mean 4, in SF4 it was just drawings, in SFV it's animated.
DemiGodX Yıl önce
@akil charles Sf4 has a lot of hype moments. Even just having an announcer call the action adds a little to it. Hell even that “Indestructible “ I can feel it coming over me song are the little things that adds to presentation and charm over the bare bone minimalist package that sfv came with
NPC Games
NPC Games Yıl önce
Man, the SF6 vibe is completly diferent from what we've seen before. I'm lovin' it! 🤩
avengedguy Yıl önce
Well Juri looks absolutely fantastic in this engine and she has animates superb.
MoonCritical Yıl önce
The way their intro shows so much personality just makes me want the game even more
Alleclypse UPRISING
I love the work that’s going into SF6❤️❤️❤️ It looks so beautiful and clean ✨✨✨✨ thank you CAPCOM for another wonderful banger in the SF series ❤️❤️✨✨
GreyMASTA Yıl önce
Kimberly bouncing to the beat while doing the Bushinryu hand stance in the character selcet screen is peak idle animation.
Apollyon_Rev911 Yıl önce
She's growing on me🙂.
Keiji Johnson
Keiji Johnson Yıl önce
Out of everything that’s seen so far, the varying entrances are something I’m looking forward to seeing more of the most in this game.
pastor of muppets
Juri expressions are way cuter than i expected
Skelly619 Yıl önce
e3vL1 Yıl önce
the one with the teeth?
Recitation To Hear
*trvid.com/video/video-mCfYi7634rU.html* Finally it's here after so long
ANON Yıl önce
Juri pouting gives me life.
Mammal Yıl önce
That's a man on his way to get murdered by a character literally made of red flags
Salem_Waaa Yıl önce
Juri- sizing Kimberly up seeing if she’ll put up a fight Kimberly- straight up VIBIN
LJS Yıl önce
Like king Jae said "I like how she ACTUALLY looks like a black character" They nailed her features on kimberly she looks so good man!!!!
Terry P
Terry P Yıl önce
Agreed! She has distinct Black features, and she looks gorgeous! Not just a dark skinned generic looking girl.
fayelis Yıl önce
Agreed not just a darkened white person
@fayelis Which character in SF cast was a darkened white person? Enlighten me plz.
Tomago Yıl önce
Juri's first expression when her right eye specifically changes pupil size but not her left. Excellent attention to detail from Capcom. For those who don't know, her left is what gives her Feng Shui Engine. Aka, she only has one real eye.
Douggg The Oof
Douggg The Oof Yıl önce
I've always been a Juri fan but Kimberly is too precious I'm proud of Capcom, they've gone all out with this game
Salvatorio M
Salvatorio M Yıl önce
This game looks so good. I'm hyped more than I was with SF4.
Mappy Bc
Mappy Bc Yıl önce
Hip hop graffiti trash esthetic and characters look and move like plastic dolls , SF4 had better art style and animation.
jellofan Yıl önce
@Mappy Bc old
Mappy Bc
Mappy Bc Yıl önce
@jellofan still better.
UnusualBug Yıl önce
@Mappy Bc dude. Move on from Street Fighter 4.
Mappy Bc
Mappy Bc Yıl önce
@UnusualBug When Capcom releases a good fighting game I might.
Raul Riot
Raul Riot Yıl önce
The best versus screen ever made. Forget other games this is a whole new level.
Venus 💫
Venus 💫 Yıl önce
this looks so damn good !! i can’t wait to get my hands on this game 😍😍 it’s going to be my first street fighters game but i’m so excited
Venus 💫
Venus 💫 Yıl önce
hoping to see different outfits and maybe a variety of intros/taunts but if not that’s okay too 🥰
Tom Ryan-Stout
Tom Ryan-Stout Yıl önce
So excited to see a gameplay exhibition for these new characters!
CrystalMang0 Yıl önce
Kimberly looks so cool and amazing and has so much hype and personality. Love this character
Daniel Riley
Daniel Riley Yıl önce
Street fighter 6 is looking so sick. I love how much personality they are giving everyone!
dey maar 4.5
dey maar 4.5 Yıl önce
man they really nailed that psycho persona with juri this time. hats-off to the team!
Nes PLayZ
Nes PLayZ Yıl önce
This feature is going to be so much fun when the game comes out lol 😂
LunaMinuna Yıl önce
I love this so much it makes the characters more alive
XSworn-EnemyX Yıl önce
This is a new realm for me, a light hearted fighting game. This will take some getting used too. To me, the dark and more serious theme of Mortal Kombat X (for example) is what I prefer . Regardless, I will be diving into SF6 on launch day and intend on playing nothing but competitive online multi-player 👊
Mr. Johnny
Mr. Johnny Yıl önce
Juri: "Nowhere to run" Kimberly: *starts running*
RedAngelBot Yıl önce
Naruto running no less. That's like the fastest run there is 😄
Silent Andy
Silent Andy Yıl önce
@RedAngelBot Sonic, The Flash- Yeah, Naruto run isn't the fastest.
RedAngelBot Yıl önce
@Silent Andy It's at least a 69% increase in speed 😉Sonic actually has been naruto running in his latest iterations and the Flash would run much faster if he did too 👍
RedAngelBot Yıl önce
sk well If you wanna get heated and take everything too seriously... *Adjusts glasses* none of these characters are real 🤯
David Damasceno
David Damasceno Yıl önce
Kim looks so cool. You nailed her visuals, Capcom!
NeonSamurai Yıl önce
They are both so cool and the expressions on the characters faces are so cute. Notice how juri's eye twitches and dilates on one of her poses or how Kim almost bumps into the camera? RE engine working wonders the doubters are silent.
Mepose Yıl önce
Everyone is saying how cute Juri's faces are but I think Kimberly might just have the best facial expressions so far. Especially at 00:17 where Kimberly's face is like 🤨
King Leonidas
King Leonidas Yıl önce
These are perfect. I’m gonna love this game so much.
CharXtreme Yıl önce
I love how expressive they inthis game it gives the 🎮 life juri definitely gives everyone undivided attention ❤
BTL Yıl önce
The death stare with creepy laugh to your opponent across the VS walkway makes Juri unhinge personality standout more! That's a real fight!! Awesome! And at the same time creepy! Lol i still can hear Juri Laugh out to opponent even there is only VS music at the back
Fabi Yıl önce
I love how focused juri is on her opponent
Setsouna Yıl önce
Just imagine these entrances during Evo or Capcom Cup, nothing but Hype !
LightninGGaminG Yıl önce
I love how after you pick your character they walk down the walk way then you can change the facial features.
gamer _
gamer _ Yıl önce
I love this , you are doing good street fighter team . The game looks way more interesting than street 5 already
Gokú Supremo
Gokú Supremo Yıl önce
Se ven increíbles los personajes 😍😍
akil charles
akil charles Yıl önce
OMG Juri's pouting is adorable, now I want to see a face off with her and Chun-li lol. Also both Juri and Kimberly's entrances are so unique, Kimberly being excited and peppy whiles Juri is just mean looking her opponent walking down the entrance. I LOVE IT. Tho why this is amazing I curious on something, Guile trailer was shown and was confirm to be in the game, why we haven't seen his game intro as of yet!? Just saying is all but still amazing none the less.
Juri is perfect This game looks perfect I NEED IT
Ichiban Yıl önce
A moderna geração de ninjas vai quebrar esse street fighter 🔥🔥🔥
Gold Guard
Gold Guard Yıl önce
I like how the location for pre match intro (before the VS screen) is different for every stage. I’m not sure if anyone else has pointed that out yet but it’s a nice touch
JD Yıl önce
Is there one for the spring blossom stage?
Gold Guard
Gold Guard Yıl önce
@JD Yep
The Horror Nerd
The Horror Nerd 6 aylar önce
I didn't see these in the beta so hope they stay as loading screen for online matches. They look so friggin cool and hype
hdelmas1 Yıl önce
Now I really can’t wait for the other characters to be released just to see them in that vs. intro🥰
Daniel Ivey
Daniel Ivey Yıl önce
SOOOOOOOOO much personality!!!! Also, I never thought I would need Juri pouting in my life!! 🥺
Naiji Yıl önce
Yo did anybody notice that kimberly flipped to far away, went off camera, and had to step back into frame. I'm loving her more and more.
Orlanzo Yıl önce
Yea, Kimberly's definitely going to be my main for sure, especially since she's the student of my favorite SF character, Guy.
Recitation To Hear
*trvid.com/video/video-mCfYi7634rU.html* Finally it's here after so long
Anthony Oliva
Anthony Oliva Yıl önce
Oh shit, I didn’t know that. Where does it say that?
@Anthony Oliva she says in her voiceline “you call, i answer. Bushinryu on the scene!”
King Leonidas
King Leonidas Yıl önce
Glad to see everyone’s getting something out of this game
Sweet Karma
Sweet Karma Yıl önce
@Pentagear It was probably Kimberly's personality and energy, she just seems like good vibes and radiates positive energy... she's looks and sounds like a wholesome girl.
ObnoxiousCanary Yıl önce
Reminds me of some of the old Soul Caliber entries where you can make your fighter say something or just scream during the versus screen with certain inputs.
Xikaryo Yıl önce
I love Kimberly. She’s gonna be so annoying to fight against though I could just tell
Date Masamune
Date Masamune Yıl önce
Since the game introduce several new young fighters, they really ought to bring Sean into the mix as well.
M F Yıl önce
Would Sean be young at this point?
thryu Yıl önce
Awesome that SF6 has so much character. I keep replaying this
TheJadedWanSaid Yıl önce
Kimberly overshot her cartwheel and return back into the camera frame was really cute.
Lowkey_Gamer Yıl önce
This new SF6 match up scene was stupid at first but after seeing other characters own entrance on that face-off is totally genius especially for this modern day era gaming 😂💯
Dre Yıl önce
How was it stupid though? It shows off the personality of each character
Sehh Mie
Sehh Mie Yıl önce
Fighting games should’ve been like this, just like how cool def jam ffny is
Lowkey_Gamer Yıl önce
@Dre "at first" to be honest Ryu was the only one set my expectations high during the last few months of the SF6 teasers but gradually after seeing the promo game and Jamie and these two in EVO this is definitely Capcom listening to the fans now.
Neoxon Yıl önce
If you look closely at Kimberly’s pants, you can see that the yellow ribbon that starts at her waist continues the trail through inside the pants (you can see the imprint) & comes back outside at the calves. That’s attention to detail. That aside, she generally looks fantastic. Juri as well.
Silent Andy
Silent Andy Yıl önce
our hero No one asked, bot.
Lucas Dias
Lucas Dias Yıl önce
Que jogo lindo, foda demais
DANCERcow Yıl önce
Dude, Capcom may easily have a grand slam on their hands!
Recitation To Hear
*trvid.com/video/video-mCfYi7634rU.html* Finally it's here after so long
Seriously. Loving all the finer details they're adding to this.
TheHerrMan Yıl önce
this is about to be a day 1 blockbuster
Hola Como Estas
Hola Como Estas Yıl önce
Flop. Like SF5.
Tongan Steed
Tongan Steed Yıl önce
@Hola Como Estas It could possibly flop, but I doubt it'd be as bad as SF5. Game had literally nothing but survival and online play goin for it, but the online was terrible. This game has a whole MK conquest mode goin on and everything. Lmao, be fair at least.
Coswalker Yıl önce
I love how much character there giving to these characters. I wonder if juri size up changes depending on character. Since some character are ether taller or short then her.
O m e n
O m e n Yıl önce
Juri likes Spiders Ryu hates Spiders It would be hilarious if she pulled out a Spider to specifically taunt Ryu with it
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