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They're so cute when they speak English tho
Stay tuned for next video, xoxos ~

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8 Oca 2022




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Pancake0325 8 aylar önce
Stay: "Your voice makes me so warm." Felix: starts talking about the weather Stay: Just accept the compliment you gorgeous man :D
The beanie Vernon constantly wears
The thing is, I’d just lovingly watch him go and on about the weather 😅my late girlfriend would do the same thing and I’d just lovingly listen so ig that’s probably why too :)
Stephanie Aitonje
Stephanie Aitonje 17 gün önce
Mia 23 gün önce
@Nex Rosi (Nex.saeros_rosi) his first language is English
Nex Rosi (Nex.saeros_rosi)
Isn't he fluent?
Jazmin Tirado
Jazmin Tirado 2 aylar önce
Lol cant take a compliment he's so cute 🥰🤣
SSKIZ 5 aylar önce
Changbin yelling and complaining that he’s hungry is one of the most iconic moments
Bubbles Layne
Bubbles Layne 21 gün önce
I need the full "I'm Hungry!" Clip as a ringtone
Natsumi_ Mayaro
Natsumi_ Mayaro Aylar önce
@SG channel same i died💀 and then felix kinda gets cut off right after and changbin continues screaming makes it even funnier
Natsumi_ Mayaro
Natsumi_ Mayaro Aylar önce
Ikr💀 got me crying
SG channel
SG channel 4 aylar önce
@F Karma right it has me wheezing and when Felix said "you're always hungry' 💀
F Karma
F Karma 5 aylar önce
when he yells iM HONGRRYY its so funny
Bbokari 6 aylar önce
2:15 "let's go party tonight, boom boom pow let's get it" had me wheezing-
Aneja Johnson
Aneja Johnson 2 aylar önce
2:22 ( I believe) and minho's reaction 😆 XD
cheeriotrio✨ 6 aylar önce
Kaylbob 4 aylar önce
April Hammon
April Hammon 4 aylar önce
Changbin's "I'm hungry!" is literally one of the cutest things I have ever seen.
Tsareena 3 aylar önce
I was looking for this comment.
Haley Dougan
Haley Dougan 8 aylar önce
Chan telling everyone that he learned English from Changbin will never not be funny 😂
Ridhima Dua
Ridhima Dua 12 gün önce
@Rosie 🍒 👀🤣
Rosie 🍒
Rosie 🍒 12 gün önce
@Ridhima Dua exactly 💀😂
uni queenz
uni queenz 4 aylar önce
Lara Finocchiaro
Lara Finocchiaro 5 aylar önce
@Ridhima Dua yes the concert is so exciting! I’m stuck on the other side of the world so even if I could afford tickets, I’d have a long way to go!
Ridhima Dua
Ridhima Dua 5 aylar önce
@Lara Finocchiaro he is doing well gosh i am so excited to hear him in the world concert 😖😖😖 cany wait for all the members although I myself am a broke ass stay but here there may be clippings I will be satisfied with this
ness 3 aylar önce
5:48 why does hyunjin look like a five year old hanging onto the couch for dear life 😭
София 15 gün önce
That's because he is
Jams 5 aylar önce
王会晕 5 aylar önce
When Felix say "warm" but it's heard as "worm" with 🐛 emoticon makes me laugh a lot😂
Hyunjin saying “hey Felixxx” gives off the same energy as “the flavors are melting on my tongue” 😭😭
rzl her
rzl her 8 aylar önce
"im fine thank you and you" is such a real thing in every asian school 😂 its like the first sentences we learn from english class 😂
Cassandra_ listic
This can't be this retable, Tomorrow I have to say that sentences to our english teacher again, it's like the basic introductions for students and teachers 🤣✋
The_hated_curtain 27 gün önce
@nekori666 true das erinnert mich an diesen Song den manche immer singen mussten 😂
nekori666 27 gün önce
In Germany too lol
Seriff seriff
Seriff seriff Aylar önce
Its also a thing in elementary schools in our area here in the Philippines XD
The_hated_curtain Aylar önce
Trueee 😂😂😂😂
Lizzard21 6 aylar önce
“It’s okay U eAtT” love how even in the hard time stray kids can make us smile🥰
🌸 April 🌸
🌸 April 🌸 2 aylar önce
5:27 bro everything about this interaction is PRICELESS
Emilia Astudillo
Emilia Astudillo 5 aylar önce
2:44 no one slays more than han does
Ellen Tutaan
Ellen Tutaan 5 aylar önce
I know Korean is hard, but English is, more, harder. -Hwang Hyunjin HYUNJIN IS SUCH A MOOD 🔥
Ammulu Sharmila
Ammulu Sharmila 2 aylar önce
@Carthy Nyambura yeahhh😂
Carthy Nyambura
Carthy Nyambura 2 aylar önce
I am pretty sure that he said the other way round😅
Marinaguill 7 aylar önce
1:30 Felix overthinking a compliment is such a mood
Pérola Rosa
Pérola Rosa 2 gün önce
itz_nini Aylar önce
Hasna Hapsari
Hasna Hapsari 5 aylar önce
I'm glad that make you 🐛
Marinaguill 7 aylar önce
Same for Spain haha
Nè Yang
Nè Yang 6 aylar önce
2:49 oh no, i cried because i laughed so much 😹 ChangBin is so cute
Molly 6 aylar önce
Han is so cute 😭😭 He definitely has a British/Aussie accent which is fascinating, he's probably one of the only fully Korean idols to talk English in an accent other than American
Lucy Holden
Lucy Holden 6 aylar önce
2:11 damn Han sounds really British there. ( I’m a British Stay btw) His accent when he speaks English is so interesting cuz sometimes it can sound Like a typical English accent and then other times is sounds like an American one. It just depends how he says his T’s really it makes a whole difference.
Kpop Sweet Lemon
Kpop Sweet Lemon Aylar önce
1:56 forever iconic. I just love Hyunjin's English. It just gets better and better.
Ashley 7 aylar önce
Han's English is so interesting because he sounds like a bunch of accents mixed together! He has a bunch of phrases he's obviously comfortable with and he tends to have an American accent with those (like "I made a mess"). I assume he's just learned that accent from social media or movies. I have a theory that when he's learning how to pronounce words from Felix/Chan it kind of turns into a British accent (like when he was reading the Christmas story) cause the aussie accent is pretty hard to imitate.
Too Tall秃头
Too Tall秃头 Aylar önce
@99' Leen Yea I am chinese, so the english we use has many languages and accent into it, however, (at least in my area) most of the people can mimic different types of accent and it's super fun!
99' Leen
99' Leen Aylar önce
@Too Tall秃头 I'm malay from malaysia.. 1stly, I want. To ask, r u Chinese?? Because in Malaysia we have a lot of english accent.. but the main English we got taught was British Accent so yeah for me, I'm more comfortable with british accent, as how our school taught us.. like even colour, I can't stand to see the spelling without U 🥲
Mordecai is sad
Mordecai is sad 2 aylar önce
Most non natives end up sounding like a mix of accents in my experience unless they live in a specific English speaking area for a long time, or you learned in strict schools. As far as I'm aware British English is still considered the norm in most countries even though teachers usually don't correct you if you use American pronunciation. To me Aussie sounds really similar to British, so I think the mix comes fairly naturally for them with learning in classes, movies and with 2 Aussies running around. Personally my accent is mostly mixed American but there are days where the part of my brain storing the British drilling from school decides the time has come, and I just keep pronouncing random things with a thick queen's English for no reason. Like I had a day where I'd say water and garden in the thickest British accent and had no control over it lmao I think you can hear the accent mixing with all of the non native members when they speak English.
Quadling 5 aylar önce
@AW You think that but so many people do it terribly lol
Han Jisung
Han Jisung 5 aylar önce
@cray-cray crayon oh nice I didn't know
alliciaallicia ♡
alliciaallicia ♡ 4 aylar önce
1:43 "Mmmm I'm fine" will always be iconic
Leah Merhaut
Leah Merhaut 4 aylar önce
Hyunjin explaining how learning English is hard, is literally such a mood
Riza Mae Septimo
Riza Mae Septimo 5 aylar önce
1:25 the "woarm" gets me HAHAHAHA
Niyati Biswas
Niyati Biswas 6 aylar önce
6:31 I relate so much with this
Felix's LeTtuUcE
Felix's LeTtuUcE 7 aylar önce
jokes aside, Hyunjin only started really learning more English 1 or 2 years ago, but he got SO MUCH better so quickly. His pronunciation is rlly good
Rad Aylar önce
of course he'll improve quick, 4 english speakers are more than enough to improve your english through conversation and tutoring, and a plus that they live together.
V Mateo
V Mateo Aylar önce
I teach English for a living, and I could honestly tell you sweetheart, that it is EXCELLENT for such a beginner / intermediate learner 😩🤌🏼✨
Mitsuri 2 aylar önce
@I AM TREE bro what 💀
I love Suzy
I love Suzy 4 aylar önce
Completely agree. Outside of the obvious felix and chan, Hyunjin's English is so convincing. I dont know if it partly just matches his tone naturally well.
Felix's LeTtuUcE
Felix's LeTtuUcE 5 aylar önce
@I AM TREE lol WHAT lmao
Elisabeth T
Elisabeth T 6 aylar önce
4:11 This clip never gets old :D
Jim ash
Jim ash 5 aylar önce
"I studied English from Changbin, yh I am pretty good at it" was epic. Gets me everytime 😭🤣🤣🤣🤣
Radityo Agung Prabowo
2:04 no words about this one , this just make's me laugh the whole day
Allie Combos
Allie Combos 2 aylar önce
"lets go party tonight boom boom pow lets get it" literally nothing in life will ever be funnier than this
Jewel 8 aylar önce
Han's accent when speaking English 🤌😩
Little Me
Little Me 3 aylar önce
@SelenaG He lived in Malaysia becuz his father work there.. He lived and atudy english in Malaysia for like 6 years..
JustIsabella 4 aylar önce
skz music is for gourmets only
when he talks with a british accent he sounds so elegant tbh! love it
honey 6 aylar önce
his accent is perfect
Tabitha Beck
Tabitha Beck 7 aylar önce
@SelenaG Because his father had to work in Malaysia so he lived there for a couple of years. I think he came back to Korea around (western) age 13 or so.
lya.giulxx 5 aylar önce
4:30 why is no one mentioning what han said.. “i thought you were american” IM CRYING
Melanie Conway
Melanie Conway 3 aylar önce
Lino's "🥳 surprise~" always makes me laugh
That "OMG secret×2 is so amazing" " i love this song" "Its so so BeaUtiful" 😂😂😂
Tr13e NZ Music
Tr13e NZ Music 4 aylar önce
literally they've got the friendship everyone wants
kakashi 8 aylar önce
It's Hyunjin's expression for me while explaining why English is hard for him 😉
Chris Words
Chris Words 2 aylar önce
the homograph struggle
Vargas Castillo Dafne
Vargas Castillo Dafne 4 aylar önce
Hyunjin aprendiendo inglés, realmente me representa
carechi :]
carechi :] 5 aylar önce
hyunjin may not be fluent but his accent sounds like it!! he has amazing pronunciation
aRedBaroness 3 aylar önce
I feel like this is nearly all Han speaking English and honestly that's the cut I'm here for, he's so naturally funny, you know, Lee Know
JakePie~ 6 aylar önce
This is my first time watching a video of straykids😂 I'm not a fan but these people got me laughing. I do listen to their songs but maybe I shuld start to stan them? Right?😂 Thanks for the video♥️
Pamela 6 aylar önce
"English is difficult, some words have the same meaning" If Hyunjin learn Spanish, he probably die Hahahaha
Mustafa Rehman
Mustafa Rehman 9 gün önce
@Meanho's Jeansong Arabic sounds hard but it's just like the Muslims Pakistan urdu and never say anything is hard belive in your self then u can do it!
RiNdOu HaItAnI~
RiNdOu HaItAnI~ 16 gün önce
@Meanho's Jeansong I am Egyptian, and I don't understand my own language. 0_0 I can speak other languages PERFECTLY, but when it comes to my language... my brain freezes, and when someone says something in Arabic that I don't understand, I always ASK for meanings.
urkiyomi 17 gün önce
But still he accepts the fact that korean is more difficult 😭😂
Gabby Solarte
Gabby Solarte 17 gün önce
@claireb2004 How?
cloudxminie 2 aylar önce
Hyunjin: "English is hard, but I know Korean is harder" True words spoken by a wise man
~kpopBubble~ 5 aylar önce
2:31 as a British person I think han did great
Eden2u 2 aylar önce
5:41 not hyujin just pronouncing it with a Korean accent and Han just accepted that as if it’s Korean
Savannah A.T
Savannah A.T 3 aylar önce
I love how Han usually defaults to sarcasm when he starts speaking English
hyucks_andkisses 8 aylar önce
Han has a partially English accent when speaking Englsh bc he learned it in Malaysia and they were ruled by England at one point so they have an accent
Sana Rashid
Sana Rashid 28 gün önce
English was made by the British. Therefore english accent could mean having a British accent.....I'm probably very wrong.....
99' Leen
99' Leen Aylar önce
@hanibear sorry, r u Chinese/malay/Indian or other race? Actually I'm not really understand if i hear manglish, maybe because I'm from north, so if we talk in malay, absolutely full malay, if in English, full english.. using the accent we know, malay north and english queen (british) accent, but if we talk with other race, yeah we should sound like local for more easier to understand.. but if for proper speech,debate, competition, absolutely we gonna sound like british.. and I can't stand to see american spelling like color, traveling and period 😅 i just know american use period as full stop haha and still remember slang that's we use Rubber (eraser)
hanibear Aylar önce
@99' Leen i’m also malaysian and i don’t hear many people speak with a proper british accent. maybe it’s just the part where i live but i’ve never heard any malaysian talk with a even a slight british accent ever. i used singaporean accent as an example as it sounds close to a malaysian accent and it paints a picture in people’s minds as to how it actually sounds like instead of assuming that people in malaysia speaks english like a british person because they were colonised by them a long time ago. that’s like saying all vietnamese can speak fluent french, or all koreans can speak fluent japanese, or all indians speak english with a british accent. it’s simply not true.
99' Leen
99' Leen Aylar önce
@hanibear i think because nowadays malaysian more use english with local accent, I'm malay Malaysian, absolutely if i talk, i should sound like british accent, as how teachers taught us, Singaporean English got influence by Chinese accent.. same goes with indian and Chinese in Malaysia, if u hear malay and malay speak in english accent especially in competition or any speech talk, we should sound like British accent and i more comfortable with british accent but except with their slang
prozac nation
prozac nation Aylar önce
@idkkk when he was younger he lived there
Cindyy♡ 5 aylar önce
0:41 I'm literally laughing so hard rn.🤣🤣🤣🤣
Shamana Suresh
Shamana Suresh 5 aylar önce
The “eat eat you eat it's ok YOu eAT" was the best part And the “ hAy sEUnGMiN yOur lAyINg" also got me the way hyunjin told seungmin
~ BTS ~
~ BTS ~ 5 aylar önce
2:49 The way chan said "good night baby changbin" melt my heart ❤ Awwww
MuLtI sTaNNN 2 aylar önce
😱 oh my god "secret secret" is so amazing i love that song that's so beautiful😌
Uniqueens 7 aylar önce
god's menu: cookin like a chef i'm a 5 star michelin back door: hey, you wanna come in? thunderous: man i'm not sorry, i'm dirty christmas evel: i can feel the evil coming but felix never bad YES COME FEED US MORE ICONIC LINES Edit: eomma guess what I'm famous Thank you guys for this many likes Edit: 1.2k likes? Omo if it was this easy gain subscribers
IGuessSo 6 aylar önce
@Faiza Noshin yessss
Faiza Noshin
Faiza Noshin 6 aylar önce
@IGuessSo and the other one where he goes "One by one, go down, down, down, down, One by one, they follow"
IGuessSo 7 aylar önce
The bulldozer line from domino as wsll
Faiza Noshin
Faiza Noshin 7 aylar önce
@Adzriel Raya N/S: Weather feeling hot or cold, Stray Kids going fast or slow
Adzriel Raya
Adzriel Raya 7 aylar önce
Levanter: it's all good now
you mad bruh?
you mad bruh? 3 aylar önce
hyunjin is so relatable even from someone who has been speaking english their whole life 🫠 6:00
Alyaa2607 2 aylar önce
I love them until the end of time, they make me laugh so much 😍😅😂🤣❤️❤️❤️❤️👑
V Mateo
V Mateo Aylar önce
Hyunjin's "you're lying" was so good this teacher's ears were blessed 😩🤌🏼✨
minerliton 5 aylar önce
2:32 I never wouls've guessed that Jisung was the one voicing that if it weren't for the text 😂😂
Nyma6000 8 aylar önce
We all need more Leeknow speaking english in our lives😩
Mah e mir
Mah e mir Aylar önce
Yeah very much needed
the shadow_like me
the shadow_like me 6 aylar önce
Stuck In The Black Hole of Kpop
I love how fluent their accent make them sound. It's obvious they have learned from Chan, Felix and Seungmin...
김 나이마♥︎
Not a stay but I enjoyed every bit of it. They're hilarious 😂
Yasser Or
Yasser Or 4 aylar önce
2:27 omg secret secret is so amazing I love this song so beautiful 😹😹😹😹💔
Nameless Aylar önce
“You’re always hungry!” Felix did not hold back 😂🙌❤️
cherxycoups 2 aylar önce
Han: you know what I'm saying Me: *flashback to beomgyu saying press this heart button you know what I'm saying* 😂😂😂
sAm Aylar önce
3:55 the way chan says “im five” and then smirks like a five yo is hilarious 😂😂😂
dragonlover21 2 aylar önce
when I.N said stay is best i literally starting crying he's so cute i wanna protect him like a baby bro
Imnotahuman 2 aylar önce
"It's ok, you eat, YOU EAT." I died and I'm still dead 😂
Threl Asuyf
Threl Asuyf 2 aylar önce
I really like Hyunjin saying "Hey Felix~" I can't get over it😭😭
Emti Fan
Emti Fan Aylar önce
I replayed the bonus part 7 times to see each of them's reaction 💀
b. 2 aylar önce
honestly, their english actually impressed me like have you heard their ment in their recent maniac north america tour?? their english improved so much wow (especially seungmin, han and hyunjin)
Cyclone Aylar önce
i started stanning stray kids last night after i finally managed to remember all the members' names. i have no clue what kind of chaos i have gotten into, but im loving it :D
Bearry 6 aylar önce
2:04 this cracks me up every time "EAT EAT ITS OKAY YOU EAT, YOU EAT!!!"
Bearry 4 aylar önce
@Hmangaizuali Bangchan
Hmangaizuali 4 aylar önce
Can you tell me who eat his ramen?
Leia Nickerson
Leia Nickerson 5 aylar önce
Hyunjin’s English is so good though!! He definitely studies hard! And his pronunciation is on point! As an English speaker I always feel so proud and honoured when kpop idols (and just anyone in general) try their best with English considering how hard and confusing the language is trust me I don’t get it sometimes myself haha 😂
Tonia Pressley
Tonia Pressley 6 aylar önce
At 5:00 was my favorite part
Karla Castillo
Karla Castillo 5 aylar önce
0:56 han was dying no joke 😂 my fav part of the video
quokkaquiche 8 aylar önce
Poor Felix having to explain himself every time he speaks English
Aldeana de minecraftxD
Jokes aside, hyunjuns english is very good!! If he used it a litte more he would be one of the best speakers in the group
lol 2 aylar önce
4:11 Hyunjin:"HEY FEELIX~!" "HEYY! HEYY!" "I GOt tHE imPosTEr" 😂😂 I love it
esma 6 aylar önce
the last clip of hyunjin is so relatable and accurate!!! but it’s reaalllyyy fun to learn another languages :) you can do it hyunjin keep it up! 💖
e l l e .
e l l e . 4 aylar önce
That's it, I'm going to stan them 😤💗
Ava Rand
Ava Rand 7 aylar önce
I love that all the boys speak English with a slight Australian accent cause they hear Chan and Felix’s Australian accents all the time 🥺
Waimarie McLean
Waimarie McLean 2 aylar önce
@AW And when Changbin said "don't touch me"
Waimarie McLean
Waimarie McLean 2 aylar önce
@AW Han does for sure. That "COME ON" was 100% Aussie 😂
Peach_Unnie 3 aylar önce
Han and Binnie definitely do
AW 6 aylar önce
They really don’t
En- 5 aylar önce
5:34 Hyunjin's too cute plus his English is really good.I love Han's English, he's a natural. Stray kids are great at speaking English and are becoming better and better. 사랑해요 스트레이 키즈💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗
yashwant chavan
yashwant chavan 5 aylar önce
You made my day 💕 😂
Martha Portillo
Martha Portillo 3 aylar önce
There so adorable🤣💜
Sarah7 7 aylar önce
2:35 As a brit I just want to let you know Han sounds like those story readers from primary school if there are any British STAYs here. Also I feel like in Australia there's 2 diff types of accents. The british australian one and the american one. To me felx has an amrican australian accent and chan has british australian accent lmao
Caitlyn M
Caitlyn M 20 gün önce
I’m Aussie and I can definitely say that depending where you’re from in Australia the accent sounds different. It’s like different dialects, a lot of the time people tell me (other aussies too) that I sound kind of British when I speak or say certain words, I like to think it’s because I’m articulate haha but tbh I think it’s just from my family and where I grew up. Like when I hear Chan and Felix speak I go “wow they sound so Aussie, it’s so cute” but when I hear myself speak sometimes I’m just like “eww I sound so bogan” which isn’t a bad thing, it just catches me by surprise sometimes. (Btw a bogan is like a red neck ahaha) but yeah it’s definitely different depending on where you’re from.
Suzana Silva
Suzana Silva 2 aylar önce
@lizoo for me, chan has more strong accent than Felix
François D'aureville
François D'aureville 2 aylar önce
@lizoo australian accents sounds just like british and american accents mixed, when i listen to a british person and australian i see no difrence as a french person who has lived in both Australia and britain
mlrryie 4 aylar önce
he does!! Even when the teacher would put a video up of a story it would sound like this
lizoo 5 aylar önce
nah felix has an australian australian accent i swear i've never heard an australian kpop idol with such a strong aussie accent
Pingprach Phanathikhun
So funny I love them 😍
NO_ONE_SPECIAL 5 aylar önce
Omg secret secret is so amazing I love that song that's so beautiful😂😂
DumplingBoiGabe 4 aylar önce
💫SKZ_TOP💫 3 aylar önce
4:11 Блин это моё любимое как же я это обожаю😄😂🗿♥️
renjun's eyesight
renjun's eyesight 7 aylar önce
Hyunjin saying that korean is harder than english is literally me saying that portuguese is way so much harder than english and then I'd say "glad I'm brazilian"
Meanho's Jeansong
Meanho's Jeansong 4 aylar önce
And Arabic
Giulia Santoro
Giulia Santoro 5 aylar önce
Same, I honestly think English is way easier that Italian (especially about grammar rules) and I’m Italian. I don’t remember where I read this thing and if it’s true but some people says italian is one of the hardest languages to learn for the complex grammar
Meme Girl
Meme Girl 5 aylar önce
@renjun's eyesight Oh I see
renjun's eyesight
renjun's eyesight 5 aylar önce
@Meme Girl the others are not like "official" you know, it's just like slang that exist in some states of Brazil, it depends on where are you from
Meme Girl
Meme Girl 5 aylar önce
@renjun's eyesight 12/13 words just for "you"? As portuguese I only know tu, vós, vocês, você, te, lhe, si. What are the other ones?
Anahita Azimi
Anahita Azimi 3 aylar önce
"Same words but it has different meanings" God that's so true🤣
Lays Kun
Lays Kun 26 gün önce
"OMG Secret secret is so aMmazing! I love this song 👌 ThAts so beutiful✨"
Raiza 4 aylar önce
The whole lot of them picking up on aussie accent is prolly my favourite thing
Little Me
Little Me 3 aylar önce
Lmao how cute Hyunjin trying explain english is hard 🥹🥹
Kiara Fernandez
Kiara Fernandez 7 aylar önce
No but how is Hyunjin so good at speaking English when he only started about 2 yrs ago like I've been learning French for 3 yrs and I still can't converse as well as he could in converse in English.
oh no lee know
oh no lee know 4 aylar önce
@Dragonix Heli I mean, keep arguing all you want, but English is acknowledged as one of the hardest languages to learn by people who are much more qualified to give that judgment than you
Dragonix Heli
Dragonix Heli 4 aylar önce
@oh no lee know That's not true, looking objectively at languages, english is one of the easiest due to not that many exceptions and easy structure. French has way more exceptions to learn and a hard pronounciation on top and is objectively harder. Of course if you grew up spanish for example, french is easier because they share similiarities, same goes for many other languages with similiar structures but english is the easiest language. Also doesn't mean that english is easy as a whole, enough people struggle and it's hard to master any language but that doesn't change the fact that english has a clear structure and grammatic often times.
Anjali 4 aylar önce
Cuz he hears it all the time
oh no lee know
oh no lee know 4 aylar önce
@Aditi Jakhmola Yeah, but OP is an English speaker. French is one of the easiest languages for an English speaker to learn, so calling it one of the hardest is false That said, even though I'm a native English speaker, I found Mandarin easier than French - outside of having to learn characters. Words and sentence structure are much less tedious
Aditi Jakhmola
Aditi Jakhmola 4 aylar önce
@oh no lee know you can take an example of kpop only. Many korean idols speak Japanese more fluently than english
Cat Trash :3
Cat Trash :3 2 aylar önce
6:50 is my favorite Minho moment ever it's so fucking funny
hanaシ︎ 5 aylar önce
DespiteWhatever 2 aylar önce
"Felix you're an angel...angel!" ...facts ❤‍🔥
DeadBoi 4 aylar önce
Bro the fact that they know it so well and shit- it's beautiful 🤌🤌
i got this egg
i got this egg 5 aylar önce
Hyunjin tryna speak english is the most inocent thing ever 💖
Aurora 4 aylar önce
Gosh I feel like Hyunjin has such a good accent but he doesn't use it well😂(its sounds extra cute when he calls Felix lol
Megan Govier
Megan Govier 23 gün önce
They're hilarious 😭🤣🤣
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