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Strawberry Smell - Episode 1 | Cilek Kokusu

Asli (Demet Ozdemir) is a young and beautiful girl who works at a pastry shop and loves making delicious cakes. While she is delivering a strawberry birthday cake to the customer, she is involved in a car accident and ruins her cake.

The person who is driving the car is Burak (Yusuf Cim), a famous womanizer belonging to a rich family. They start discussing from the moment they bump into each other and wish not to see each other again.

Since Asli could not deliver the birthday cake, she is fired as soon as she goes back to the pastry shop. She becomes so desperate and does not know how to a find a new job again.

At that time, her friend Gonca (Zeynep Tugce Bayat) who is working at the same pastry shop accepts the job offer that she has taken from a big hotel in Bodrum. She persuades Asli to go to Bodrum together so that they could earn enough money while working in the hotel during the high season.

Next day, Asli and her friend Gonca fly to Bodrum and unfortunately, find out that the hotel where they are going to work has been closed. While they are wondering where to stay, they find a 5-star hotel whose new owners are about to recruit new personnel.

So, Asli and Gonca decide to apply for a job in that hotel and stay there if they are hired. However, Asli does not know that the owner of the hotel is Burak whom she never wants to meet again. Their lives intersect once more.

In strawberry smell (Cilek Kokusu) tv series story, you will watch the lives of teenagers and see a relationship of opposite characters. Will Asli and Burak get along with each other very well? Will Asli forget her platonic love and start to fall in love with Burak? Will Burak find true love after he has gone out with many girls?

Production : Gold Film
Producer : Faruk Turgut
Director: Filiz Gülmez Pakman - Adnan Güler
Scenario: Aslı Zengin - Banu Zengin Tak


Demet Ozdemir as Asli
Yusuf Cim as Burak
Ekin Mert Daymaz as Volkan
Gozde Kaya as Cagla
Zeynep Tugce Bayat as Gonca
Mine Tugay as Elcin
Mahir Gunsiray as Nihat
Murat Basoglu as Sinan
Lacin Ceylan as Selda
Anil Celik as Erdem
Idil Sivritepe as Eda
Utku Ates as Baris



25 Haz 2021




Yük bağlantısı.....


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Volkan looks like sidharth Malhotra
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Demet is a great actress!!!!!!😍🎈🎞🎭
Melinda 1
Melinda 1 Aylar önce
Love you Demet 🥰 You are the Best 👑❤ Burak & Cay Cay 😊 love u ❤ Selam from Dubai 👋
vaigavjanaki. 7a Varsha
Gonça look like Leyla from Erkenci Kus
IQ Angel
IQ Angel Aylar önce
IQ Angel
IQ Angel Aylar önce
She looks different from erkenci kus
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Same house in black and white love drama asli's home
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Please suggest more dramas to me ...
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I love Turkish drama
Fusion  salon dimapur
I love Turkish language...it's so stylish and grace in its language itself❤❤❤
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wait what this is just ep 1 I really thought it’s a whole movie 😭😭😭
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Jun Zaydi Aylar önce
is he emre/pablo at yan baylish?
badria Aylar önce
Imiss you asli and buŕaķ🥺
Farsha Fs
Farsha Fs Aylar önce
after Erkenci kus, here for demet 🥰😍
Rafaela Batista
Rafaela Batista Aylar önce
I was looking for this dizi!!!!! So happy I found ❤️❤️❤️
Saaad Arhamm
Saaad Arhamm Aylar önce
How can i search the song play in mid of epi
jelizabeth warak
jelizabeth warak Aylar önce
Am so in love with your roles. Buruk name seems to be a crazy cheeky boy. Beautiful people with movies better acted then Filipino dramas. Superb all Turkish movies. I love Sol Yanim too. Serra and Selim.❤❤💯
Seesawww Aylar önce
Okay every Turkish shows is based on a rich man and poorer woman who maybe is adopted and is really long lost heiress ? 😂 doesn’t that get a bit repetitive for yall
prettygirl Aylar önce
im here for Sanem from "early bird" ❤👉🇵🇭
Queenie Anderson
Queenie Anderson Aylar önce
Volkan should have be the male lead, he's soo sweet n calm
Toyo’s Culinary506
If you are from early bird say hello 😩😩😩
Toyo’s Culinary506
I’m so in love with Turkish drama’s😩😩😩
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Thank u
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Nice beach 🏖
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OMG! I thought I was the only one 🤭
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Sabrina Sultana Aylar önce
Burak , Asli and Eda are famous turkish name i guess🤔
Zoey's garden
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I'm here bcos of demit özdemir ❤ from PH
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Ozlem Z Aylar önce
what in the can yaman is thissssssss
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David Catasciavone Aylar önce
Does anyone know what is the name of the song that starts at 52:13?
LOL Aylar önce
gülçin ergül - bir tanecik aşkım
Elizabeth Balangtad
I'm not into drama series but Since I discover Turkish drama I can say that I enjoy watching them,I always sleep late at night sometimes till 4am my eyes still awake😆First the Sol Yanim,Innocence,The Promise,Cam Tavanlar,Baht Oyunu,Ada Masali and finally this one😍😍
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Try kardeslerim .👍
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Thank you so much for doing this!!! This is my absolute favourite Turk series and COULDNT find it with English subtitles anywhere 🥺♥️
Chandni Vinod
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Any Malayalis🤩
Ann Stephen
Ann Stephen Aylar önce
A must watch drama
Ahmed Butt
Ahmed Butt Aylar önce
Love from Pakistan
merlyn antonio
merlyn antonio Aylar önce
Informative story about Turkish culture
Vecüsülü Cümu
Vecüsülü Cümu Aylar önce
I feel like among the Middle East countries Turkey vis the best 😍😍. No offense to others but just since I watch turkish drama I feel like that✌
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