Strawberry Pink Lemonade

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4 Ara 2021




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YouTube Aylar önce
the mint garnish is ✨ immaculate✨
Indian Scammer
Indian Scammer 18 gün önce
holy shit
can¡ Aylar önce
I wonder TRvid, how many notifications do you get every time you post?
NickTheUnthicc Aylar önce
Square torttle
Square torttle Aylar önce
@Senpai Kai in the words of a wise man “Woo yeah baby! That’s I’ve been waiting for, that’s what’s it’s all about!”
Damianos Play
Damianos Play Aylar önce
Bring back the dislikes
Drinking from the portion cup is such a linecook move
Git Geronimo
Git Geronimo Aylar önce
Delis are soooooo home-cook pretentious 😂
Aliya Sweeney
Aliya Sweeney Aylar önce
I came here to write the exact same comment. Line cooks just know.
Sausage Lady
Sausage Lady Aylar önce
@Ethan We use quart containers for beer where I work...after close of course
Cheese Crusaders
Cheese Crusaders Aylar önce
I’m a high school/secondary school culinary student an I wish to someday reach the point where I can drink out of a portion cup without getting yelled at by my teacher
AnandaBliss Aylar önce
Also me, from my previous life working in the restaurant industry. It’s just easier than going up to the bar for a glass and it’s a take along… but most importantly it’s a cup ain’t it? 😂
Ant's BBQ Cookout | BBQ & Fitness
The perfect addition to the lemon series 🤌
Mr. Rootbeer
Mr. Rootbeer Aylar önce
“These look wicked cool but they taste the same” I love how genuine you are
Loud silent Gamer
Loud silent Gamer Aylar önce
I know this sounds weird but add basil to the strawberry lemonade because in MY OPINION it tastes fantastic
SimplyElvi Aylar önce
@Ruskey what da dog doin
Ruskey Aylar önce
Its obviously gonna take good... Basil is similar to mint... I'd suggest adding mint instead tho!
Senpai Kai
Senpai Kai Aylar önce
oof, i'm with it fam
SimplyElvi Aylar önce
Not weird at all... tastes bomb🥳🥳
nikki Aylar önce
The way he drank it sounded exactly like drinking a potion in minecraft.
Thomas Aylar önce
I have to watch it again just to hear it
Sheep Aylar önce
I was gonna say the exact same thing. Glad I'm not the only one who heard it.
Iam Hshai
Iam Hshai Aylar önce
Lexerin22 Aylar önce
I really enjoy the content you put out. Keep up the good work!
Tyler Rock
Tyler Rock Aylar önce
God I LOVE drinking out of quart and pint containers. It's just so... refreshing
Richard Wolfgang
Richard Wolfgang Aylar önce
I love the combination of mint and orange leaves That taste and perfume 👌
Shmillsy Shmillsy
Shmillsy Shmillsy Aylar önce
I love how you used a much fancier glass this time compared to the last lemonade
Senpai Kai
Senpai Kai Aylar önce
TRvid money rollin in
JMS1089 Aylar önce
Mint is the most underrated herb ever
Horst Tristan von Wittenbach
Weed is.
Nolan Strout
Nolan Strout Aylar önce
@寿司sushi probably underrated to people with a less extensive knowledge of cooking/ingredients
寿司sushi Aylar önce
where in the world is mint underrated? bruh it’s used everywhere and grows fast af
Jacksirrom Aylar önce
when I was a chicken tender only toddler, the only green thing I'd eat was mint off the plant.
Oish Poishಥ‿ಥ
@Keng Yuan Chang i think sore muscles would be associated more with menthol
Yonevenknowswife Aylar önce
Thats looks fire! Making me thirsty 😋!!
Geek Knight
Geek Knight Aylar önce
Thanks for bringing a smile on me today senpai
My Sweet Living
My Sweet Living Aylar önce
I love it! Very refreshing 😊 i love the MSG joke
moho472 Aylar önce
I'm curious to see what would happen if you added MSG instead of salt
Sly Fawkes
Sly Fawkes Aylar önce
"And as much strawberry syrup as you want." "Ploop." * Intense Minecraft drinking sounds * "Huhuhu." - Senpai Kai, 2021
Valdis Tan
Valdis Tan Aylar önce
Man really wish I could add to watch later/add to a playlist to try this on a later date
Zaiah Phanlamoune
Zaiah Phanlamoune Aylar önce
What’s the pad he uses under his pan I always see it in his videos
P D 12 gün önce
@aikawa oh my he's kidding lol... it's just a piece of wood...he preheats the pot nd when it's still sizzling, brings it down on to the mat...this makes it look as if he cooks on it...
aikawa Aylar önce
@Senpai Kai thanks for answering this, i was just wondering myself cuz you use it quite often :D
Senpai Kai
Senpai Kai Aylar önce
magic pad. it's a magnetic heating element, there's a switch under my table
Travis Martin
Travis Martin Aylar önce
I've also always been so curious. Looks like a piece of wood that he heats to extreme temperatures which is able to do the last bit of cooking of a food. I'm guessing
Loop 2425
Loop 2425 Aylar önce
The things I would do to have a sip of that heaven juice
Sincere Grant
Sincere Grant Aylar önce
Looks good bro💯
Dr Dumpling
Dr Dumpling Aylar önce
Well said, Good head, Fred
You should try making Fritos, since they are one of the only chips in the world with only three ingredients.
Chase Aylar önce
Damn the lemon content been going crazy
Ahmet Gırcın
Ahmet Gırcın Aylar önce
Combine this with a little bit of gin and it'll be delicious
Senpai Kai
Senpai Kai Aylar önce
my man
Woozlewuzzleable Aylar önce
You forgot the secret ingredient, vodka.
DAVID09 Aylar önce
Man of Culture I see
wild ones
wild ones Aylar önce
My people
Jason Szeto
Jason Szeto Aylar önce
Rock girl
Rock girl Aylar önce
Looks good bro💯
BlueSotong Aylar önce
If you can put salt in caramel, why not MSG in Strawberry syrup? 🤔
AnandaBliss Aylar önce
😂 because you don’t need your sweetened drinks to have umami. The sea salt adds a nice balance to overly sweet foods like caramel or dark chocolate chip cookies.
DAVID09 Aylar önce
Senpai's laugh at the end sounds sus, guess he ditched the magic white powder for the other magic white powder👀👀
Senpai Kai
Senpai Kai Aylar önce
Vicente Mondragon
Vicente Mondragon Aylar önce
I think I'll add a little citric acid, looks soo good tho
squee Aylar önce
How does that heat up your pot?
I am Superman
I am Superman Aylar önce
Right?!? I need answers
Enrico Pucci
Enrico Pucci Aylar önce
Senpai idk if you said this before but what is that wooden thing you cook with
Gavin Weddington
Gavin Weddington Aylar önce
Wth is that wooden thing you cook everything on?! Is it magic!?
southern discomfort
he's not cooking on it, it's a wooden pad to put on the table so he can put the hot pan from the stove on it and not fuck up his bench top
Ashton Wyatt
Ashton Wyatt Aylar önce
Thank u for normalizing drinking out of any apparatus
Owen Hawkins
Owen Hawkins Aylar önce
Looks great
Christian 👊🥸
Christian 👊🥸 Aylar önce
idk if you made this already but can you make pocky sticks
Joehair J
Joehair J Aylar önce
What is that round wooden stove you use to heat up the pan
Dragon Balla
Dragon Balla Aylar önce
Now I’m thirsty 😂
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui Aylar önce
Looks good bro
Xaviera Marie
Xaviera Marie Aylar önce
Looks like tomato soup with ice in it hahaha
Matthew Snerbble
Matthew Snerbble Aylar önce
That’s the happiest I think I’ve ever seen u!
cat fat
cat fat Aylar önce
wait im confused… how does it cook?
Brandon Carter
Brandon Carter Aylar önce
I don't understand he lost me when he had two cups so is strawberry syrup different from the first cup that you made?
Horst Tristan von Wittenbach
A generous pinch of msg in this wouldn't hurt no one I suppose... 😁🤤
J.ZoE7 Aylar önce
I can drink any type of lemonade for the rest of my life, fresh is best but I'll take any.
matthew serratos
matthew serratos 29 gün önce
You should try chef John's fair style lemonade.
19x3 Aylar önce
Imma make this after school
Destined For Greatness
Nice 👍🏾!!!!!
AndrewPlayz Aylar önce
I loveeee frozen strawberries
Hudson Meacham
Hudson Meacham Aylar önce
what’s that thing he uses under the pot in every vid?
Shushimi Aylar önce
My phone was muted and I didn't read the title. I deadass thought he was making a poke bowl for a sec 🤣
janet snakehole
janet snakehole Aylar önce
I love you and your videos
Timewaits4no1 Aylar önce
Looks pretty good, but you know he's single when all of his measuring, and drinking cups are Chinese take-out containers
Adrian Dupre
Adrian Dupre Aylar önce
What is he cooking this on!?
luxury Aylar önce
What’s that wooden plate under his pans?
SENPUMPED Aylar önce
How do you cook over wood???
Liam O'Prey
Liam O'Prey Aylar önce
What is that wooden thing you put your pot on?
Moon Aylar önce
What's that carpet thingy always was curious about how it works 🤨🤨
Modest Mind25
Modest Mind25 Aylar önce
Hope you added water or seltzer. That's an acid drop in the stomach my guy lol
Gabriel Newnum
Gabriel Newnum Aylar önce
I think they make powder you mix with water
PB Matthew
PB Matthew Aylar önce
It’s missing Alcohol 😂
Voqeu Aylar önce
Ain’t no way this guy put salt on a drink
AndrewPlayz Aylar önce
Just a little MSG never hurt anyone….
Fives 507
Fives 507 Aylar önce
Do u just heat the pan up real hot and then cook on it or does that pad u use heat up. I watch her shorts all the time n im still tryna figure it out.
Yannai Golan
Yannai Golan Aylar önce
How does the pot get to a boil when its not even on the stove?!!!?
FlyingThunderGod Aylar önce
So sweet wtf
Yogsen Forfoth
Yogsen Forfoth Aylar önce
What that mint do tho? 😂
MXNOTAUR 22 gün önce
the recipe?
Chopperz Aylar önce
do you own cups ?
James RedKettle
James RedKettle Aylar önce
I probably sound dumb but what is that wooden thing that makes heat?
NotABot Aylar önce
What is MSG and why is it his special ingredient?
Vidal VB 189
Vidal VB 189 Aylar önce
Shadic shlavic
Shadic shlavic Aylar önce
Bro what's that's wooden thing that you use?
Daniel Jones
Daniel Jones Aylar önce
Add some vodka and get the party started.
August Kipp
August Kipp Aylar önce
How do you add heat to what your cooking.
Evan Felicetti
Evan Felicetti Aylar önce
King 👑
Le Negociateur
Le Negociateur Aylar önce
Yo can u try making eggnog
ALT_Ronnie -
ALT_Ronnie - Aylar önce
Pink lemonade > regular lemonade
Timothy Ripley
Timothy Ripley Aylar önce
I do the same plus 2 shots of vodka
Arctic Abby
Arctic Abby Aylar önce
Clerics in Minecraft brewing potions:
hey yo
hey yo Aylar önce
I'm late but this is more like it!
Water Bottler
Water Bottler Aylar önce
Drinks hit different out the plastic container
Sammu Aylar önce
What burner is that
Akshara Macwan
Akshara Macwan Aylar önce
You sound like crush from NEMO when you say ‘duude’
Haksin Aylar önce
Hell yea
Ratryox Aylar önce
why the fuck are you drinking it out of a soup cup? 💀
Bomb Aylar önce
Forever livening out of quart containers Pulling things out of quart containers putting things into quart containers. eating out of quart containers washing quart containers using them every day for everything. Not a fan lol I do like your goblet though!
Anant Gill
Anant Gill Aylar önce
when will humans stop eating sugar bro
William Svensson, Ribbyskolan 81MAMU elev
nice cooking girl
SENPUMPED Aylar önce
Like no fire and the pot’s smoking
DeeDee Mega-doodoo
DeeDee Mega-doodoo Aylar önce
It needs booze
Vargasa Aylar önce
I got psyched the fuck out.
rreich Aylar önce
i maybe stupid but can someone tell me how theres heat in the pan when there is no stove or fire
Julie Francisco
Julie Francisco Aylar önce
bUsSiN REspEcfulLY
Jesse Horan
Jesse Horan Aylar önce
Ik you got all those containers are from restaurants you used to work at.
Toolbag Aylar önce
Wikterror 2807
Wikterror 2807 Aylar önce
In winter? Fuckkkk, why couldn't you show it in summer
Brandon Carter
Brandon Carter Aylar önce
Strawberry syrup?
Samuel Campbell
Samuel Campbell Aylar önce
Where’s the alcohol?
Poison Davis
Poison Davis Aylar önce
Do you own dishes?
lightwork Aylar önce
How u boil water on a wood surface without a fire
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