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25 Eyl 2021




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jasmine c
jasmine c Saatler önce
0:46 the music is EVERYTHING
roast tv
roast tv 5 saatler önce
Stranger things x Scooby doo
Cheletronik 9 saatler önce
Im getting major It chapter one vibes.
Jean-Pierre Martinez
Jean-Pierre Martinez 9 saatler önce
Luis Angel Adventures - The Just Dancer
It says 2022 but 2022 could even mean January or February
vic 12 saatler önce
or December 2022
Will Lowe
Will Lowe 16 saatler önce
I hope this is the final season. The first season was great! In fact that's all that was needed but, business is business and now we're here
Moonlight the emo bunny
I can't wait
Black Widow
Black Widow Gün önce
I want to move to Hawkins
NoobGod427 Gün önce
That clock is going to important. You don’t just focus on something random in a trailer without it being important
Tahara Adams
Tahara Adams Gün önce
This is giving me “24 families died in this house” and they still move in vibes
smjaie k sarju
smjaie k sarju Gün önce
Forget Scooby doo it's like Wanda vision
Asia Brown
Asia Brown Gün önce
-laughs in 1 more year to go-
Thomas Goldman
Thomas Goldman Gün önce
I love how Stranger Things isn't like regular shows and actually tops their last season :)
Deconverted Man
Deconverted Man Gün önce
omg they are way older wtf time the bleep also I cant wait also epic also OMG.
Michael Balchaitis
Workers are about to go on strike. So the release date will be pushed out further.
-ᴅᴀɴɴʏ 2 gün önce
so excited
Hasan Avcı
Hasan Avcı 2 gün önce
dangerouslyinlove7 2 gün önce
I just hope the Alexei didnt die so they can have a great friendship with murray and the rest
(2inch)Horndog 2 gün önce
I can't wait
Popa Darius
Popa Darius 2 gün önce
Ultra Dude
Ultra Dude 2 gün önce
Why 2022!?😢😭
Scott Moody
Scott Moody 2 gün önce
2022! WTF? It's been 2 years already!
Claire 094
Claire 094 2 gün önce
Name of the song please?
kewk :)
kewk :) 2 gün önce
Britton Thomas
Britton Thomas 2 gün önce
The house is in Rome GA
J Rich
J Rich 3 gün önce
So, whens season 4 coming out?
Kathy Woodberry Enchanted Homes
Not to be Impatient but 2022 why!!!!!!!!! First movie’s then games but now this come on now but this gonna be lit!!! Tho
Blackout 3 gün önce
Bro I just watched 3 seasons in like 3 days. I can't believe I never got into this
OliNotOliver 3 gün önce
That moment when a stranger things trailer gets less than 10 mil views: 😘😍😗☺😒🤪🤥🤫🤪🤪🤤🤪😜🤫😜🤪🥵🤢🥵🤕🥶🤒🥶😬🥶😬🥶🤨🥶🤐🤨😒😑🥴😑😴😐😴🤨🙄😷🤐😷🤐😒🤐🤨🙄🤨😷🤨🥴🤐😷🤐😷🤐😷🤐😷🤐😷🤐😷🤐🥴🤐😷😒🤨😴🤨🥶🤨😴🤨😴🤨🤨😴🤨😴🤨😷🤨🥶🤨😴🤨😴🤨🤨😴🤨😴🤨😴🤨🥶🤐🥶🤨🥶🤐
DKV ?:D 3 gün önce
Meh bohot excited hu just can't stop thinking about it hope jaldi se ajaye ye can't wait anymore Love from India🇮🇳
Ghost_afk 3 gün önce
Oh wow this is cool
Prince Nicholas Herrman
Need to stop blogging my life all over place and talking out loud. YOU probably wanted to know how I feel or what Im going through. This isnt normal one freaking bit and messed up. I was watching the Joe Rogan Show awhile back with Annie Jacobsen talking about psychics and controlled moths flying around in a lab (Truman Show). Watch me stumble across some Govt. warehouse by accident and I see the PSI Lab for first time and they had records of everything from since the day I was born. Why wasnt this passed to US Army or pig police department? I knew I wasnt paranoid. I find it hard to believe if 011 had parents and was adopted her parents didnt tell her. I dont care one bit about that military drama. Sometimes I wonder are YOU trying to get some of the characters to look like these people I know? I havent seen some of these people in awhile if thats suppose to be him I didnt know lol. Atleast 011 knows theres others like her and met Kali (008). I dont know how far Netflix is going to go with Stranger Things but you think 011 will ever turn around and maybe work for Power and Light? I said it already but I look at myself as 008 and 011s older brother looking down on them.
MrDr01 3 gün önce
What? Are you ill??
ShoniMa 4 gün önce
Who gives a F about this show anymore?
DKV ?:D 3 gün önce
Everyone except you
MrDr01 3 gün önce
Millions of people
Mohammed Zahid
Mohammed Zahid 4 gün önce
Where is Mike, eleven and will
Yesterday Rhapsody
Yesterday Rhapsody 4 gün önce
they Released it when I Literally Just left The Stranger Things Fandom Bad Timing Netflix 😑
Nokocchi 4 gün önce
love the 50s outfits
Fedora Gaming YT
Fedora Gaming YT 4 gün önce
the description is 003 and 004 the same as 011, I feel like there’s more people with psychic powers
Dalibor 3 gün önce
you are stupid or what 003/004 is teaser.. 3th teaser of 4
JL Ishiyama
JL Ishiyama 4 gün önce
Que ganas de que digan ya la fecha de estreno 😭💖
18, Sumit Rajput
18, Sumit Rajput 4 gün önce
Refer to 1st teaser of hopper Hopper will be having a tough time working under Russians and facing demogorgon , but when the the teaser ends we hear a crawl of some creature that might be demogorgon Hint : Listen to background music when teaser ends
Kick in kardeşi
Kick in kardeşi 4 gün önce
. .
Gaming With Gio
Gaming With Gio 5 gün önce
I can’t wait for stranger things season 4
_doctorwhatag 5 gün önce
Трейлер очень атмосферный, надеюсь что сезон также будет атмосферный с интересным сюжетом
ExoticRyōshi 4 gün önce
Ben Magsamen
Ben Magsamen 5 gün önce
It vibes
Mad max
Mad max 5 gün önce
omg omg omg I'm becoming Dustin for a while I really can't wait for this season to come out and I think everyone got their hopes up in 2021 as we heard it will come out then, but our "DEAR PANDEMIC" postponed it ):'D
Tomás Chaparro
Tomás Chaparro 5 gün önce
I was in 6th grade when the show first came out, when season 4 is released I'll be in college...
Ant Steele
Ant Steele 5 gün önce
Lowkey fuming we got a Halloween without stranger things
haha haha
haha haha 6 gün önce
Lance Ashdown
Lance Ashdown 6 gün önce
I know that the pandemic messed everything up. But seriously, great shows like the Sopranos managed to produce a season per year. MUST it take them such a long time to produce a season of this show? The kids are going to be baked and middle-aged before they wrap things up!
Lance Ashdown
Lance Ashdown Gün önce
@MrDr01 , did you happen to notice the word "pandemic" in my original post?
MrDr01 2 gün önce
@Lance Ashdown it's like you're forgetting that a pandemic exists and child laws exist. Child actors can only work a limited time a week and need regular breaks, which can be weeks off filming at a single time.
Lance Ashdown
Lance Ashdown 2 gün önce
@MrDr01 , I think you misunderstand the difference between wrapping it up and airing--and also humorous exaggeration. Season 3 aired July 4, 2019. The show won't be released until 2022. I'm saying that even if it's released Jan 4, 2022, that's 2.5 years. My guess is that the season will air in the middle of the year. That would be 3 years!
MrDr01 3 gün önce
They've already wrapped it up. Stop being so dramatic
dappapdap 6 gün önce
people still watch this show after season 3?
dappapdap 3 gün önce
@Dalibor why cartoons and im not the only one who really disliked season 3 lol
Dalibor 3 gün önce
@dappapdap season 3 is great if you dont like it then dont watch it, go watch some cartoons thats for you
Racc'd 4 gün önce
@dappapdap yeah we can both agree the part were they sung was stupid and didnt really fit into the show at all
dappapdap 4 gün önce
@Racc'd the story and the part were they sung
Racc'd 4 gün önce
@dappapdap what part did you hate the most
Jean-Pierre Martinez
Jess P
Jess P 6 gün önce
If this is about time travel, I wonder if this means that Stranger Things and The Umbrella Academy are in the same universe? Future crossover maybe? 👀
Trae varuso
Trae varuso 6 gün önce
Where tf is Mike tho?
YUKIRIX 6 gün önce
Ok 🥺 I am wating 😭
Dusty bunnnn
Sabrina Pickett
Sabrina Pickett 6 gün önce
They’re so ooooold ;-;
Dmacca™ 6 gün önce
Dude I cant wait for the next season SHEEESHHHH
DragonZaler 6 gün önce
Didn't anybody see the description? "003/004". What the hell does that mean?
Dalibor 3 gün önce
@Eli York Brown nope.. thats 3th teaser of 4 tears next and last teaser release in november thats leakers says
Eli York Brown
Eli York Brown 6 gün önce
As the day it comes out
Eli York Brown
Eli York Brown 6 gün önce
I think it might mean March 4th
Big Man
Big Man 6 gün önce
There are so many teasers you could just piece together the whole season at this point
Jorge Zeron
Jorge Zeron 6 gün önce
In season 1, we got the classic missing kid storyline mixed with Goonies, Stand by Me, and E.T In season 2, we had a typical possessed child story. In season 3 we got a slasher mixed with zombies. Now we're getting a haunted house. This show nows how to perfectly make a homage to 80s horror films while having fresh and original stories.
⌜ Butterfly Anna ⌟
YESSSSSSS still tells us nothing tho 😐
Boyfriend 7 gün önce
Wow it’s amazing I can’t wait to out the season 4 now! The mind flayer is back but more stronger than ever The revenge is beginning!
Майкл Мейер
I've been waiting for so long, it's finally near.ss4
Harish //
Harish // 7 gün önce
Please release the season 4 in the first quarter of 2022 because My excitement is getting down.
Liam Mcgurk
Liam Mcgurk 7 gün önce
Did dustin change from being funny to being serious:(
Indrid Cold
Indrid Cold 7 gün önce
Maybe Netflix will let us watch season 4 sometime before 2040.
zeamy 8 gün önce
Can the show fucking release already?
midari 7 gün önce
VeryGun Updates
VeryGun Updates 8 gün önce
How it feels walking in your grandma’s house at 3am
Stephen Franklin
Stephen Franklin 8 gün önce
Watching stranger things with my family, when the 4 best friends play together... My mom: look have some lesson they at least don't play with mobile while you and your friends always hang out with smart phones. Me: Mom, do you want me and my friends to play such game which comes true? Mom: 😐😐
jeje 8 gün önce
kibbyarts 9 gün önce
while it was guaranteed to never happen, id love to see it tie into dead by daylight. like nancy and steve go investigate this place and vanish. maybe that would lead to a series about dead by daylight, or maybe they're just gone and we never find out what happened to them
Riftwyd 9 gün önce
This doesn’t even feel like Stranger Things
Tyrell Bess
Tyrell Bess 9 gün önce
When dustin said Sherlock homes I reminded me about the Movie enola home
QE Elevators 2
QE Elevators 2 9 gün önce
The kid who used to go my to school is the sister wow. Her actual name is Livi.
SowaSap 9 gün önce
L1V1NGFR34k 9 gün önce
Seems inspired by the haunted mansion movie
Minecraft Man
Minecraft Man 9 gün önce
0:26 why does it sound like coffin dance music ? 😂
Skylar Gray
Skylar Gray 9 gün önce
Has no one noticed that the description says 003 and 004? Are the 2 kids we see in the beginning of this teaser 003 and 004?
Caster Troy Luis
Caster Troy Luis 9 gün önce
Its third of 4 teasers
Caster Troy Luis
Caster Troy Luis 9 gün önce
No kid 003/004 means teaser 3, in easy way it says that this will be the third teaser and there will be fourth so yeah.
Entertainment Ke Liye
My Favorite Webseries 1 Stranger Things Movie 1 Maze Runner
Sam The Flayed
Sam The Flayed 9 gün önce
It's been almost 2 1/2 years since season 3 came out. Torment me no more!
Big Dick 69 lol
Big Dick 69 lol 9 gün önce
Should’ve ended after season 1 :/
Caster Troy Luis
Caster Troy Luis 9 gün önce
Why they should ended it?
Audrey’s Stuff
Audrey’s Stuff 9 gün önce
Excuse me no
Ryan Momtahan
Ryan Momtahan 9 gün önce
We saw eleven’s sister 008. Now I want to see her have a brother named 016
Socially Responsible Xenomorph
Is that the house from american horror story? It looks a lot like it.....
Adrien agreste
Adrien agreste 10 gün önce
Netflix: We are here to inform you that There will be 200 teasers than 50 trailers till stranger things 4 sneek peak then the episode Name reveal till We Put on the Official Announcement SOON!! JUST AN Eternity Left folks!
Caster Troy Luis
Caster Troy Luis 9 gün önce
Copied 😑
Nyeema Bailey
Nyeema Bailey 10 gün önce
Guilherme 10 gün önce
Isn't this the song on the prologue in battlefield 1?
Chris Su
Chris Su 10 gün önce
I really don't want this season to be released in December 2022
Chris Su
Chris Su 10 gün önce
CarsonM 10 gün önce
The dislikes are the demogorgons
micmic alonzo
micmic alonzo 10 gün önce
why this trailer gives me some horror vibes or something ?
Isaiah Rucker
Isaiah Rucker 10 gün önce
British Dustin is what I live for now.
Jefferson 10 gün önce
matthew pearce
matthew pearce 11 gün önce
Alll went downhill after Season one, overrated.
Ruksar Khan
Ruksar Khan 11 gün önce
Where is 11
Raantas 11 gün önce
Description of the first teaser : 001/004 second: 002/004 third : 003/004 Last one!: 004/004 here we go!
HorrorFan0524 11 gün önce
Still surprised that Robert Englund is in this series. Freddy Kruger. The Nightmare in the 80s
Alicem Gökdurna
Alicem Gökdurna 11 gün önce
what you want
alch3myau 11 gün önce
no one cares anymore. stop ruining what was once a good series.
Dalibor 3 gün önce
@alch3myau bro thats your opinion don't say no one if you have negative thought dont share it
alch3myau 9 gün önce
@Caster Troy Luis go find some older posts of mine to comment on, i like this game little kitty cat. (oh no you're just a kid :( this is youtube not tiktok m8)
Caster Troy Luis
Caster Troy Luis 9 gün önce
@alch3myau did i say that i hate the show? Cause u literally said " Dont hate the show" ???
alch3myau 9 gün önce
@Caster Troy Luis 40yr old kid that knows more than you about nostalgia. Dont hate the show, first 2 seasons were fine.
Caster Troy Luis
Caster Troy Luis 9 gün önce
@alch3myau why u hate the show, ohh i see ur a 10 year old kid that know's nothing about 80's nostalagia 😂
OliNotOliver 11 gün önce
Whats the name of the music used in the intro
Tristan 11 gün önce
why is this giving everyone Scooby Doo vibes
Aiswarya Pillai
Aiswarya Pillai 11 gün önce
I feel like max and Lucas is fighting, and they're gonna break up. omg nooo?..
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