Strange Video Games I Played as a Kid

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These games almost gave me a nostalgic aneurysm
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And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D Hope you have as great a day as those conga line barbies

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14 Jul 2019

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RK’D Dakika önce
Speed 1.25x
c1ar3nce 21
c1ar3nce 21 16 dakika önce
thank goodness i got a ds and psp
Floome Saatler önce
Bubbles: has powers but can’t open a locked door
Azalea The RainLeafWing
Azalea The RainLeafWing 3 saatler önce
Hmm, that guy in the second Spongebob game didn't want a Krabby Patty? I guess you could say he was a little... *_crabby_*
Project Shark
Project Shark 3 saatler önce
Uhhh jaiden animations they making sponge bob battle for bikini Bottom rehydrated for the Nintendo Switch
Black Banana
Black Banana 4 saatler önce
Кто от диайвантед!? Не одного не будет...
Keoexmilk 6 saatler önce
Woman: *Walks inside the room* Jaiden: *Tries to get In* Door: I’m about to ends this man’s whole career
SHawn Bing
SHawn Bing 8 saatler önce
This amount of times I laughed 👇🏾
Alan Sanchez
Alan Sanchez 11 saatler önce
Jaiden at 4:20 you didn’t color all of spongebobs tie
EmilyBemilyBoo 11 saatler önce
Did you consider that the Powerpuff girls game might have been extremely difficult because you were using the wrong Gameboy?
tiptop oscar :3 :v
tiptop oscar :3 :v 12 saatler önce
Hey and you're already a girlfriend of jeins 7u7
The steve Bros
The steve Bros 13 saatler önce
This is so funny i cant drink my tea
Heather Moore
Heather Moore 13 saatler önce
That's a good plankton
xxxzombie xxx
xxxzombie xxx 14 saatler önce
Not being mean but why do you sound so blank and bord
Random Turtles
Random Turtles 14 saatler önce
omg i had the Barbie one for DS, watching if brought back so many memories. theres another game that i think is Barbie, and it was like a spy game or something, it was fun.
MixedGamer 14 saatler önce
Can you play Super Mario Dolor?
GoldenFox 911
GoldenFox 911 16 saatler önce
I keep watching 6:36 - 6:43 and can't stop laughing. Reminds me of school... ***MEGA WHEEZE***
Tony Lawrence
Tony Lawrence 17 saatler önce
You are a moth
Kymera Slayer
Kymera Slayer 18 saatler önce
Is that George Jetson
Quirkiness 19 saatler önce
Oh my god oh my god I loved the plug n play. I had a Nemo game and it was actually pretty detailed since it was 3D and It was pretty much a walkthrough if the movie and I was obsessed with it
Aubry Mayerhofer
Aubry Mayerhofer 20 saatler önce
Well I hadn't thought about that Barbie game in atleast a decade...
Gacha_Cookie111 20 saatler önce
5:40 HEKK I played that but I played it in like 2013 or something cos my parents were cheap XD just kidding
Starman Gaming
Starman Gaming 23 saatler önce
One of my first Nintendo games was a tie-in for the first Transformers movie. If anyone remembers that, leave a like. I remember having fun with the transforming, scanning and every last glitch in it, but looking back on it, they sucked super hard.
Darq Dragon
Darq Dragon Gün önce
7:38 Gotta admire her blood lust
LightBluly Gün önce
Pfft! Those games? I grew up with Y8 and Miniclip! I do have PS2 at the time but not a lot of games.
FerdyGames 21 saatler önce
I grew up with Minecraft Mario Kirby Pokemon Zelda and ncaa11/madden09
sweetsaraline Gün önce
also if you can plese make another viedio of this
sweetsaraline Gün önce
it migt be becase the guy locked the door behind him
Android Gamer
Android Gamer Gün önce
Love you jaiden ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Gacha Bee
Gacha Bee Gün önce
*f u tarrisa*
Creeper Gün önce
And they are making asdfmovie 12
Creeper Gün önce
And five night at Freddy is the best
Creeper Gün önce
Nentindo commit didn't add Wulaigi as a playable to smash.
RoNoob Guy
RoNoob Guy Gün önce
Battle for bikini bottom is actually a home console game.
ThundeRxd Gün önce
She's such a bad guy...ffs
blrogee ßœı
blrogee ßœı Gün önce
The barbie game was my childhood And Im a *boi*
Hailey darling
Hailey darling Gün önce
Your video game review was definitely most entertaining!
Happyzzz Gün önce
Is the key in that game a..... well
Spicy boi
Spicy boi Gün önce
I love to play splatoon 2
Iron_Armored Gün önce
This video is proof your content is improving and constantly adapting
Jacob Ramirez
Jacob Ramirez Gün önce
The way you drew the SpongeBob characters look pretty decent to their actual counterparts from the show
Jacob Ramirez
Jacob Ramirez Gün önce
No reason why the enemies didn't attack is because you're playing the wrong version
Corb quaza
Corb quaza Gün önce
The gamecube version of Battle for bakini bottom is WAY better, and more fight filled
Bwacha HD
Bwacha HD Gün önce
The Bizarre Adventures of Bubbles
RaNdOmStUfF Gün önce
Is Jaiden the Spongebob animator?
Tony Navis
Tony Navis Gün önce
also jaiden can you write back
Tony Navis
Tony Navis Gün önce
i liked your vid im 9
shadow kid the gamer
I remember that I had that to from Jane and I had to plug in play Nickelodeon one and the only thing I remembered was just shooting as many patties at that guy's face I didn't even care about the points I just remembered just shooting a lot of patties and that guy's face no matter what 8:20
Dorito-chan :3
Dorito-chan :3 Gün önce
Lol lol that's me when i get mad in life in prison in roblox :the cops opening the door:me player I'm going to escape yay:door closes:me player noooo
play button
play button Gün önce
my first video game was mortal kombat 3 ultimate on nds (nintendo DS ) and it was nice really nice to play it again when 2 months ago we had to keep old stuff or sold some junk and i finally learned to do combos and fatailtes. I also played lego star wars complete edition on xbox 360 and disney infinity 1.0,2.0,and 3.0 on xbox one thank you to tell how it is to visit old games like yours so have a nice day and stay kind my friends
Ethan Canez
Ethan Canez Gün önce
Jaiden fight me in Pokemon go
גיא רזון
גיא רזון Gün önce
SpongeBob is amazing
Oudom Kosaketh
Oudom Kosaketh Gün önce
Thankyou summoning salt for letting know realize, maiden has a copy of kash dash.....and can become a speed runner to beat your record.
snow ball
snow ball Gün önce
game: * the door is locked! * jaiden: *let me in. LET ME INNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN*
Luke’s Golden Videos
When You Know Nobody is going to reply to you and you think this animation of Spongebob is legit. (JK LOL I DIDN’T WANT ANYBODY TO REPLY XD THESE ARE REALLY FLIPPIN’ GOOD)
FerdyGames 21 saatler önce
Here is your reply woo!
ღ 《 レクオビス 》 ღ
8:33 he looked scared to me
I had those plug and play games as a kid.
The Barbiter
The Barbiter Gün önce
DS games I played as a kid: 1. Transformers ROTF: Autobots version 2. Mario & Sonic at the Winter Olympic Games 3. Zelda: Spirit Tracks 4. A Tinkerbell game my sister had for her DS.
Youssef Ezzariani
me: *i really miss old games* Jaiden: *what the f@ck did you actually say?*
FerdyGames 21 saatler önce
The nostalgia goggles?
Elle P
Elle P 2 gün önce
Do they still sell plug n plays?
Elle P
Elle P Gün önce
I heckin loved those things but couldn't afford one myself 😕
Daily Complaints Animations Studios Vanessa Martino
who else misses the old Powerpuff girls
Марио Симеонов
Roseaddy5 Gaming
Roseaddy5 Gaming 2 gün önce
U posted this a month before my birthday :3
ChrisChaotic 2 gün önce
1:28 "meme"ery box
Bongoe Videos
Bongoe Videos 2 gün önce
Yojana Singh
Yojana Singh 2 gün önce
Is no one gonna talk about how great the Spongebob drawings are?
Hero’s Screen
Hero’s Screen 2 gün önce
The power buff girls.
Blanco 2 gün önce
well there is a wii version of battle of bikini bottom
Marko 2 gün önce
Game boi
Gamer Boy
Gamer Boy 2 gün önce
When maiden said die in a hole it sounded like dianna hole
Alexis Lau
Alexis Lau 2 gün önce
Dang that Patrick robot gave me nightmares ;-;
Koolyn Berina
Koolyn Berina 2 gün önce
1:16 Are you sure you want to reset this file? You started a new one literally yesterday and haven't done shi- xD
Domarama7 2 gün önce
6:48 is Teresa’s neck alright?
Flight Everyday
Flight Everyday 2 gün önce
Kitty Cat Roxx
Kitty Cat Roxx 2 gün önce
Jaiden: Oh no! I shot down the kid's balloon! How sad :((( Also Jaiden: *_LET THE CHILDREN PERISH_*
Star Rae
Star Rae 2 gün önce
I love how spongebob has her hair 😂
Venom The Pro Gamer
Venom The Pro Gamer 2 gün önce
Me playing super Mario 3D land was like. 1:31
Star Butterfly
Star Butterfly 2 gün önce
6:48 I was dying 🤣🤣🤣🤣 also I would also go out of my way to destroy the people lol 😂
Staar_ Shower
Staar_ Shower 2 gün önce
5:57 Intentional or unintentional spongebob reference? Hmm
keola morton
keola morton 2 gün önce
1th? We need to make this a thing
RETZ TonyPlayZ 21
RETZ TonyPlayZ 21 2 gün önce
How is water under water I bet you can’t answer this one
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