Stranded 100 Hours on a Homemade Raft 

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This is all 100 hours of our homemade raft survival challenge combined into our first ever TRvid movie!
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13 Oca 2023




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@bredsheeran2897 9 gün önce
Tbh I’d prolly pay to see a 100 *day* version of this
@aye3678 6 aylar önce
Wish this was more than a 100 hours. So much fun watching I didn't want it to end.
@cangelosymosy 6 aylar önce
Me too…I really enjoyed this.
@brookeferguson3004 6 aylar önce
They did though 😂😂😂
@sajalmunankarmi3340 6 aylar önce
they didn’t tho 😂😂
@memewmialou4236 6 aylar önce
@nawpoh 6 aylar önce
@ArchelausFamily 3 aylar önce
At first I was just looking for a video to entertain me but I ended up finding out about your charity work in this video and I was absolutely floored when I looked into it. My daughter was just born this year and her name is Zoe so of course when I saw what it was promoting I started to tear up. The safety of our children in this world means everything to our family but to know there are more organizations out there pushing for the same values as us is so inspiring. You guys definitely helped them "reach every person" in your own way. Much love Dangie Bros, please keep doing what you do!
@madisoncoulter4617 3 aylar önce
Why soooooo long
@@madisoncoulter4617 btw good luck reading if your a little bit young Well if you dont know thats not long like even in 4th grade you wrote/will write if your still not 4th grade you will start writing essays which are a bit long but when you grop up to grade 8 or when you finish school writing will be easier like i feel nothing reading/writing
@infantallwin9193 3 aylar önce
Please send us 100 hours Blige so you have it right now ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤🎉🎉 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉😢😢😢😢
@connexus_official 3 aylar önce
who asked?
@anthonyadams9410 2 aylar önce
That music they play in this video is like the just right porridge it never gets old too.
@MarqueesThe_III 6 aylar önce
Huge props to your crew for making this challenge a reality!
@shadarionstarks780 6 aylar önce
@fallinninja678 6 aylar önce
@duder7309 6 aylar önce
i am a child
@duder7309 6 aylar önce
i also like it tho
this video made us learn that life is not only for fun but also to make us learn how to survive
@lilowey7109 10 aylar önce
What I love about this channel is that they don’t cut out ANYTHING. Like they weren’t afraid to show that they had problems with the raft, or that they had to get Jacob to be a counterweight. Props to you all .
@daemynireland2377 9 aylar önce
IF it is real they cut out 23 hours and 15 mins so they actually cut out more than they leave in.
@prapp1974 9 aylar önce
@@daemynireland2377 -🤓
@drcone4302 9 aylar önce
@@daemynireland2377 wdym if it is real how could they fake this
@caseywalls9239 8 aylar önce
​@@daemynireland2377 They said they livestreamed it
@etalandale7090 8 aylar önce
Damn, what a challenge. The production that you guys put into this video is insane.
@colbybecker4145 6 aylar önce
@bexartaylor5329 LOL, one buddy from now on dont tell anone your age, second that one word isnt really a bad word
@etalandale7090 8 aylar önce
I loved this entire thing, you guys manage to keep the charm of a small channel while also helping others in need and making interesting videos, you showed all the moments of this, from bad to good, and all of it felt professional and enjoyable, can't wait to see you guys do way more on this channel, new sub, and a new enthusiast, thank you for making such great content yu
@Hulksson_08 6 aylar önce
And they didn’t fall off
@marlenejones6266 6 aylar önce
Do you know where they are from? I don't have any idea.
@MaddyW-sq4wg 6 aylar önce
@@marlenejones6266 no, sorry....
@boonana230 6 aylar önce
Ye I agree with @etala
@danielgitlin3907 Aylar önce
Good Job guys the amount of effort you guys put into these videos is insane you guys are amazing.🎉🎉🎉
@ExplosiondeJovenes 5 aylar önce
Amazing job for the people who organised and dealt with the logistics of this all. Its awesome
@debbiehutchison1098 4 aylar önce
We need to get more then this much likes 3978
@remitsu9715 3 aylar önce
Wanted to watch something while i eat and this was surprisingly entertaining
@user-sx7yw4qw5i 4 aylar önce
I love the fact that these guys take so much time out of your life to do this really cool content for us
its their job 🤦🏽‍♂️
@MrfroggyBo 7 aylar önce
Truly a amazing video. For me this is the definition of hard work and determination
@rinkinkel 4 aylar önce
To me this is the definition of wastefulness and pollution.
@aimeemiller3606 Aylar önce
Good job guys. I hope you collected those anchors.
@Silencefortheallen 4 aylar önce
Absolutely love these videos. Perfection right here.
@safouatibrahim30 4 aylar önce
@jessicaecu 4 aylar önce
@haileyburrus1416 23 gün önce
Props to you guys I'm terrified of open water I would never do this. I want to get over my fear of open water but I don't think I would. Big props to you guys ❤
@ewuramaosei679 10 aylar önce
Chris sorta sounds and looks like Mr Beast
@lolly_lollipop 10 aylar önce
Yeah he does
@Scpfanx 10 aylar önce
Yea I saw that too
@JRWBPW 10 aylar önce
That’s what I was saying
@TitanxOG 10 aylar önce
Totally agreed
@sunnyo1889 10 aylar önce
yeah def
@msk19444 6 aylar önce
Thank you for all the hard work you put into the videos!🏋🏽
@kimberly.1989 3 aylar önce
what work everything was laid out for them,
@leilanimartinez5164 6 aylar önce
I love these videos we need more videos like this i appreciate how much effort you put in to these videos to keep us entertained
@cliffflock 3 aylar önce
This sure seems like a familiar theme.
@a_gamer_6997 2 gün önce
i just love how u guys actually are not afraid to show ur problems yall are incredible !! =))
@lindseyherod4064 24 gün önce
The raft is insane I’m amazed you actually made a huge house raft 😁❤️
@newavenger1534 10 aylar önce
I’m glad they made a whole movie. The five parts were good but this is better
@jitspanneels2613 10 aylar önce
Is there also new content or is it just the 5 videos
@clariceseidler1292 10 aylar önce
@hipsterroxx7238 10 aylar önce
I made the 69 views
@carterwalthall8951 10 aylar önce
Ya. I agree.
@zaydshamali 10 aylar önce
@@carterwalthall8951yeah I agree to
@user-sr7uy4jr4c 4 aylar önce
These guys make every man's childhood dreams come true
@ArsakaD1 3 aylar önce
copied comment
@amogus6557 3 aylar önce
@@ArsakaD1u do kno there is a chance for ppl to think and comment the same thing
@ArsakaD1 3 aylar önce
@@amogus6557 if is different then why is it the same with the comment i saw
@amogus6557 3 aylar önce
@@ArsakaD1 when did I say it was different also yet again there are a few million combined views so there is a chance there are duplicate comments, just like how a bunch of ppl on twitter and YT say ratio or bozo. 🙄🙄
@Nobro6569. 4 aylar önce
This is one of the best houses I have ever seen and this house is way cooler than a mansion and the dangle bros flag was just the best part because you at least need to put a flag,right?anyways I loved Angie bros and everyone thanks to Jeff and Chris because they did all this work for us.❤
@Nobro6569. 4 aylar önce
I meant Dangie not Angie sorry for the miss spelling😅
@williamh.mic.8712 11 gün önce
How did yall feel off the raft? I know going on the ocean for max 5 hours Id be a little wobbly upon solid ground, so
@blueslime5787 9 aylar önce
I loved this entire thing, you guys manage to keep the charm of a small channel while also helping others in need and making interesting videos, you showed all the moments of this, from bad to good, and all of it felt professional and enjoyable, can't wait to see you guys do way more on this channel, new sub, and a new enthusiast, thank you for making such great content
@allenjohnson6924 9 aylar önce
They cut out the entire part of them “going through the storm” so what are you talking abt they obviously had someone pick them up so they didn’t have to go through it or else they would’ve filmed it
@clarysagesrooh3634 2 aylar önce
..it doesnt really matter?...
@EllaHele 3 aylar önce
The raft looks pretty good
@yogurta7453 10 aylar önce
Is it just me or does the MRE food look so satisfying to eat
@heisenburger99.1 10 aylar önce
It is
@ScriptDogelol 10 aylar önce
the food is so dry, ive had one before
@diestorms1750 10 aylar önce
it is, but its not the best thing you've ever had
@yogurta7453 10 aylar önce
@@charlottefollon4168 lol
@appalachian1967 5 aylar önce
Anyone else laugh their ass off watching these dudes using the fishing poles upside down😅😂
@77kwrinkle 4 aylar önce
Thought i was the only one!
@user-qz7zs2cz7x 4 aylar önce
​@@77kwrinkleno you're not!
@greenbrocolli09 3 aylar önce
Love this video! ❤
@luxlifeosp326 3 aylar önce
Fantastic! Well done guys! Awesome cause too! 🥰
@heyitsporscha6034 3 aylar önce
I love how positive yall were throughout this
@Aiden.com_ 10 aylar önce
I would really love to see this happen again, but where its more like a week or something where they really have to survive off of their own smarts and really get to make use of the fishing and awesome raft they built! it might not feel like it for them, but I think it would be a waste only being on there for 5 days 😅
@Alkkuzz 10 aylar önce
I agree on the last part! Also, kinda dumb that they didnt catch any food themselves
@Azulalala 10 aylar önce
A month *
@adndragon9156 10 aylar önce
That would have to be done by at least professional’s as health for them could be a bigger issue.
@cr5977 7 aylar önce
But Chris is a girl now so it be super interesting 😂
@Alkkuzz 7 aylar önce
@@cr5977 idk if you're joking
This was awesome. I watch the whole entire video.
@patrickmarshall9118 6 aylar önce
Well done guys. Amazing work, live long and prosper. Be well.
@netflixbinger8753 Aylar önce
this is underrated, this was actually so entertaining
@rebron0154 3 aylar önce
That was crazy. It really felt like a video game.
@marlenejones6266 6 aylar önce
I just found these guys and im crazy about these guys. How did they ever get these ideas. The first i saw was the bicycle camper. That was hilarious. Are they really brothers? The fun things they do is great for video's and the fact they are working towards stopping human trafficking is about the best thing they could do. Im so impressed
@itsjenagain 20 gün önce
I like the Videos they make! Keep up the good work! Make more insane survivals! ❤
@sallysampson628 6 aylar önce
BRILLIANT GUYS!!! Well done! Great cause!! Fascinating to watch this!! More please!! 🙌🏻🙌🏻
@PreemieMom 4 aylar önce
@ChrunosDivine 3 aylar önce
Outstanding labor, long life, and prosperity. Good luck.
@BuddsOnVR 10 aylar önce
Just two guys enjoying a raft house!
@yozo2866 10 aylar önce
ÅH uhrn Æø Øl
@@yozo2866 tf
@Mr.PotatoEditz4 10 aylar önce
Chillin there having fun just let them be
@Mr.PotatoEditz4 10 aylar önce
@@Illumina69 huh
@laurelshugars2866 3 aylar önce
So cool. Such a unique fundraiser. You guys are a trip. Cool beans!! My only complaint? Did I really see you discard 4 anchored rope into the lake? (!!!😢). Other than that, well done lads!
@Bargisen1989 3 aylar önce
Only Rule: "We cannot leave this raft!" - Right before the 10:00 mark, he jumps off the raft. 😂
Już wiem od kogo się zainspirował ReZigiusz
@Jigger609 6 aylar önce
Nice and smooth editing it, vary nice! Also props for reaching the 100 hour mark!😁
Thank you supporting team for helping the dangle drops fix the boat/raft!
@danielhelbig1116 10 aylar önce
I’d watch a full series of this.
@pointrecall9331 10 aylar önce
fr bro
@gregadamaultman1377 10 aylar önce
@stacexx.0. 10 aylar önce
Fr fr
@qianli8086 10 aylar önce
fr bro
@Deleteduser650 10 aylar önce
There is a full series of this
@kyle722006 4 aylar önce
I am amazed at the accuracy with the grappling hook! I could never throw it and have it tied off to the raft a second later ;) lmao
@annachanYT 9 aylar önce
These people always go above and beyond when it comes to making videos like this
This was fun to watch and the charity part is awesome, but it wasn’t a survival challenge at all. This was nothing but your hands held by your crew giving you more supplies over and over again, even coming on your raft to fix it. Not only that, your fans got you bonus stuff.
@autumnmackey2451 9 aylar önce
You have worked real hard. This should help get more subscribers. Good luck!
@Whoneedscableanymore 3 aylar önce
Anyone else totally expecting to see 100 little fishies hiding directly under their last platform when they opened the anchor hatch?!? 😂
@WestCoastVibin 10 aylar önce
First video I've ever watched from you guys & you guys definitely made me become a subscriber with this gnarly video. I'm fersure going to check out more of your content. 👌🏻
@2if_GD 10 aylar önce
Same. This is my first time watching their content, and now I'm subbed with post notifications!
@eliasskabardonis5590 10 aylar önce
Me also
@mrjakegamez_ 10 aylar önce
Same it was one of the best videos I’ve watched in my life
@kono173 10 aylar önce
@No_one_asked43 9 aylar önce
Damn started watching this channel from when it was called chris and jeff. They've come a long way well done bros
@ArmyHayes 2 aylar önce
Does everyone not notice that this is basically the only time Jeff where’s is hatI frontwards😂
@mralmostpatkai9799 7 aylar önce
Didn't skipped a single part cause there was nothing to skip 👊😁 really motivated me
@user-lj8tj8rv4v Aylar önce
You make it look so easy! 😎
@luckaisgoated 10 aylar önce
Props to the cameraman for standing on the water to get some of those shots.
@AndreaBronniman 9 aylar önce
They were carrying around their own camera
@doglover9477 9 aylar önce
@@AndreaBronniman and they used a drone
@AndreaBronniman 9 aylar önce
@@doglover9477 yup
@oceanawoke8840 9 aylar önce
No, the cameraman was standing on water
@luckaisgoated 9 aylar önce
@@oceanawoke8840 i guess people dont know what a joke is, huh?
@evannamanku 4 aylar önce
I'd live in the raft tbh. Looks sick!
@jamespowell6744 6 aylar önce
I just found these guys, and I absolutely love watching them. 😊
@giuliat6068 6 aylar önce
@Creamedcloud 6 aylar önce
Same 😂
@kierajackson6308 6 aylar önce
Same this is there first video I've watched
@pythono 5 aylar önce
same here haha
No matter what I watch I usually loose interest after 15 minutes. I watched this video to the end and was captivated the entire time 😊
@CM-jv8mw 7 aylar önce
I love watching your vids!🤗🤗It makes my day and cheers me up when I'm sad I'm thankful for that!
@dawnkulish7857 Aylar önce
The house was awesome 👌
@tonypiccolo5156 10 aylar önce
I’m trying to leave to go to the gym but I can’t stop watching this video. I’m so glad you guys put it all in one much appreciated!! This deserves a subscribe!
@Phyllis-sl1lr 5 aylar önce
I like how they make this fun vid that I don’t even want to end😢🎉
@HRSEditz 4 aylar önce
the editing on this was INSANE!!!!!!!
@GDBraden 2 aylar önce
Congrats on your boat build 😊 17:17
@xxmaple4xx 4 aylar önce
This is so good,I can’t wait until the boat gets bigger
@hasanimran1372 Aylar önce
Just watching them eat while you are eating is sooo good
@lindseywagner7510 10 aylar önce
I would love to have this amazing raft!
@urtiktokdances 6 aylar önce
think about it…. they had to edit about 100 HOURS into only 44 MINUTES! like that’s insane. Props to you guys!
@BlueCoolGuy 6 aylar önce
@kraosgodofwarfan2022 2 aylar önce
I'm glad Jeff is the main character to be on top of the raft
@emmettweaver865 7 aylar önce
Y’all Put in so much effort for our entertainment love it
@elizabethgarza2398 3 aylar önce
You guys gotta do this on the ocean waters. Of course safely but also challenging to.
@Drxpped. 8 aylar önce
No way he just casually caught that grapple
@FamilyFlippers 3 aylar önce
Not sure how this video came up, he does sound like Mr Beast, I never watch a video from start to finish. This was amazing. The entire time I was trying to figure out what lake it was, at the end it looked like Lake Havasu, the new Rivera marina. Awesome job guys!!
@chewkenghong-ke5jt 10 aylar önce
used to be a official for saling competition and being out on the sea not sailing but anchor and floating really made me sea sick! dunno how you guys do that! great fun to watch
@DFW_Spotter 7 aylar önce
This is the kinda stuff I’ve always dreamed of doing since I’m a kid
@breaddacat7935 6 aylar önce
@roblox_kid856 6 aylar önce
Great adventure you did!🤩🤩🤩🤩
@Cp77392 Aylar önce
So brave ❤
@sandrabaker5930 6 aylar önce
Great job, guys!!
@user-wx3ue3sm2q 16 gün önce
12:17 “don’t drop the bracket!” *drops the bracket* 🤣🤣gets me every time!!!!
@sierramorris2875 10 aylar önce
This was a great video and such a great fun raiser to do. I'd love to see another video like this if you ever do one.
@marlenejones6266 6 aylar önce
Its fund raiser
@HoraceStevens-wb9go 6 aylar önce
@roli4040 7 aylar önce
Cool challenge! Nicely prepared and well done
@SonicCGames 5 aylar önce
8:14 love how you can see Chris' pillow in the background
@KristofGillese 20 gün önce
These guys make my day 😊😊😊😊
@user-xh2jn1xh4p 6 aylar önce
you should do more survival videos! Their so interesting!
@GavinKoren Aylar önce
Jeff really said “it’s like an ocean”
@un4xpected136 10 aylar önce
Not only a mental test, a brother moment. Great video
@esquared2895 10 aylar önce
@corncorn8698 10 aylar önce
a fraternal chronological period.
@Chudzfan 3 aylar önce
Sry but isn’t this just copying me beasts raft video 🤨
@darrenhalstead7421 8 aylar önce
Good job guys completing your life goals.
@aryavk_ 8 aylar önce
I honestly completely forgot about their channel and then I watch it all the way to the end and find out Chris has a child.. Im so happy to hear that they finally have a mini dangie bro.
@Guinea7068 19 gün önce
8 months later, this brings back memories 😢
@sphinxxxxxxxxxxxxx 6 aylar önce
bro big shout out to your crew. they made everything more easy so you guys won't struggle
@Def_notbluez 3 aylar önce
Idk why I just love old videos and never the new ones 😆
@CamWade 10 aylar önce
Never seen you guys before, this just popped up on my feed. Definitely a banger video and definitely getting a sub from me 🔥100/10🙌🏻
@ww2coolguys 7 aylar önce
Me to bro me to😅
@YLIFU 6 aylar önce
This was an insane Video. Thank you.
@Extreme_sports503 4 aylar önce
If this wasn't fake then congratulations to you guys for completing this challenge!
What do u mean by fake
@SU-57_Enjoyer 3 aylar önce
@@jasieknietylkovlog2043 like they left the raft to sleep and they only went there to film
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