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This is not an April Fools Joke. A month ago Gordon invited Jackass' Steve-O to his kitchen to attempt to make a delicious Southwestern Omelette. Instead, Steve-O brought his antics to Gordon's kitchen while trying to do his best to keep up with Gordon. Needless to say, Steve-O came ready to have some fun....knives, hot sauce and all! His final dish and crazy stories are something some of us can relate to.

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1 Nis 2020




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Tobie Roesner
Tobie Roesner 2 saatler önce
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inflames2112 2 saatler önce
Steve-o is hilarious 🤣 him and ramsay work so well together lol
風と火の鷲 3 saatler önce
Three Men in a Bottle
Three Men in a Bottle 8 saatler önce
Steve-O is like Octane from apex
FC666 16 saatler önce
Steve-O trying to plug the sauce while screaming in agony is one of the funniest things I've ever seen
FC666 16 saatler önce
"Dude, I'm dumber than ever!" That's our Steve-O
Feather Fellow
Feather Fellow 21 saatler önce
imagine going to gordon's show and breaking him in his own show lmao
Sinjin Reed
Sinjin Reed 23 saatler önce
Never cook with a daredevil.
Daniel Jones
Daniel Jones Gün önce
Good mix of celebrities
buttbuttwhat1 Gün önce
It’s touching how excited they are to be working together.
MedEighty Gün önce
Scallions? Cilantro? When did Gordon become so American?
George Soreass
George Soreass Gün önce
I think as Steve-O gets older, hes going to be a more common face on TV and media, as a story for people to learn from.
Rob Gün önce
How many people want to petition to see Ramsey staple his ass lol
Brandon Aun
Brandon Aun Gün önce
Their chemistry is off the charts
Ali Wajid
Ali Wajid Gün önce
steve o was the kind of baby who was too manly to drink breast milk.
Elijah LaLonde
Elijah LaLonde 2 gün önce
Steve’s voice be like marge Simpson
Life of a Bibliophile
Sad part is, Steve O probably won’t get another invite. Unless it’s under the condition he’s in a straightjacket.
Bound Boxing Blogs
Bound Boxing Blogs 2 gün önce
Steve-O i never season eggs only my eyes
Micheal Thomas
Micheal Thomas 2 gün önce
Gordon Ramsay is so punk rock!
Andreas Grünebaum
Andreas Grünebaum 2 gün önce
It takes some nuts of titan - well no pun intendet - to dare to cook like Steve-O did in presence of Gordon Ramsey...
drummerwolf8000 2 gün önce
Love how only like a third of the curse words were bleeped.
Kledjan Lico
Kledjan Lico 2 gün önce
damn i thought Chef Gordon was the only crazy person here i didn't know therre was two!!!!!!
David alvarez
David alvarez 2 gün önce
I don’t know how to cook but Gordon Ramsey and his fuck this fuck that make me a fan this guy is awesome.. Steve-O keep being crazy in a good way my man thank you both
YourFilipino TV
YourFilipino TV 2 gün önce
Jackass will always be a jackass.
Michael Antonio
Michael Antonio 3 gün önce
As an audiophile, it pains me to my core to listen to Steveo speak.
Būßbŷ 3 gün önce
steve-o has to have a personal medic with him 24/7 lmao
fleamine 3 gün önce
Steve-o...what happened to your voice? Sounds like you inhaled helium from a balloon..
fleamine 3 gün önce
Why My Voice Is So Messed Up | Steve-O (search term for youtube video)
John Rocha
John Rocha 4 gün önce
NonStop Steve-O!!!!! LMFAO!!!!!!!
Gift From God
Gift From God 4 gün önce
this was the nicest I ever seen and heard from Ramsay EVER
Micha S
Micha S 5 gün önce
Yo This is dope give us more 😂
David Lilley
David Lilley 5 gün önce
Whats up with Stevos voice ?
TTstone616 6 gün önce
This is why you should never STOP doing drugs kids... wait.. what?
Matt Challenger
Matt Challenger 6 gün önce
Steve o still a crazy bastard 20 years after the making of jackass
Dylan Lefever
Dylan Lefever 6 gün önce
I think he likes pain
- MisterChief -
- MisterChief - 6 gün önce
He’s just slamming the door shut on Death
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SeppuKun 7 gün önce
I can't even balance my knife on my fingers without them bleeding
Brett Roberts
Brett Roberts 7 gün önce
Seeing Gordan Ramsey impressed by something destroys my brain
hiflyer358 7 gün önce
This reminds me of being pepper sprayed..... 10/10
WIll Abbott
WIll Abbott 8 gün önce
The Character Contrast here is amazing, and they're both from the same place. Magic.
Giancarlo Bello
Giancarlo Bello 8 gün önce
11:44 Steve-O turned into Steven Tyler from Aerosmith.
Nostalgia Gal66
Nostalgia Gal66 8 gün önce
Wtfff Steve is still up to crazy shit. Gordan is like wtf lol
Nostalgia Gal66
Nostalgia Gal66 8 gün önce
Lol SteveO and Ramsey.
Michael Undis
Michael Undis 8 gün önce
Stop rubbing it in 💀
Robert Boyd
Robert Boyd 8 gün önce
What type of hot sauce was that? Does anybody know
Joker 9 gün önce
God his voice does my head in 🤦‍♂️ .... steve-o that is
Dominic Nevins
Dominic Nevins 9 gün önce
Gordon to regular adults: *YOU F@CKING DONKEY!!!* Gordon to Steve-O: *Wut???*
I lost 1
I lost 1 9 gün önce
I love how Steve-O is doing a shameless promotion while thriving in heat
RiffsThatKill 10 gün önce
Ahhhhh ga ga ga ga ga ga ga
Brontay Brazzle
Brontay Brazzle 10 gün önce
Gordon:i thought those days were over Steve-O: no im dumb as ever 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 if this isnt a mood i dont know what is 🤣🤣🤣
Steven Schoonover
Steven Schoonover 10 gün önce
I just wanna know what brand Gordon's black t-shirts are. Look fresh
Dee Nutz
Dee Nutz 10 gün önce
What a moron. I’d laugh if he went permanently blind. 😂😂
MAYO NAZE 11 gün önce
Steve-o said the hot sauce looked good too
MAYO NAZE 11 gün önce
The next show Steve-O should butt chug that bottle of hot sauce.
TheAerosol718 11 gün önce
See? Steve's eyeball made me subscribe Gordon
Muhammad Abdullah
Muhammad Abdullah 11 gün önce
Something is happening to my eyes
Jicly 11 gün önce
Dude did Stevo relapse in this video or is his natural personality just equivalent to being on coke🔥
Tommy Wilson
Tommy Wilson 12 gün önce
Gordon and Steve-O have both been on Hot Ones. Eric Andre has been on Hot Ones. Steve-o has been on Eric Andre. We need a collab between Gordon and Eric Andre. If that happens, I can die happy
Butterflies in the sun
Thank you for adding subtitles. I’m so grateful that as a deaf person subtitles are added on TRvid and are working properly. All videos on TRvid should have functional and accurate subtitles, so that we can understand the video, it really means a lot to us. Thank you for supporting the deaf and hard of hearing community 🧘‍♀️🌞✨🌙 We are grateful ✌🏻 This is our only way of understanding what is being said. God bless 🦋
Fredy Pisacano
Fredy Pisacano 12 gün önce
This is scary a little 😳
chris moore
chris moore 12 gün önce
this is great, two of the coolest guys.
Brody Marsh
Brody Marsh 12 gün önce
Chef meets Jackass
FourLeafClover 13 gün önce
I would eat Steve-O's omlet no homo
babycakes420 13 gün önce
I love Steve O's laugh! It always makes me smile.
Hadi Abbas
Hadi Abbas 13 gün önce
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Lazy Tiger
Lazy Tiger 9 gün önce
MKUltra status: Activated
Nod Squad
Nod Squad 13 gün önce
best Gordon Ramsay video
Keir Mardy
Keir Mardy 13 gün önce
Ramsay going the way of all celeb chefs: turning into a fat bastard.
tibob69 13 gün önce
Anyone can explain wtf is wrong with his voice ? Did the jackass years messed up is vocal chord or something ?
Josh 14 gün önce
Steveo is a savage
Dr. Burnquist Xoidel
Dr. Burnquist Xoidel 14 gün önce
Looks better to me
Big Shart
Big Shart 14 gün önce
Nobody: Absolutely nobody: Gordon Ramsey: S E A S O N I N G
Jason 14 gün önce
So good to see Steve O sober
Steven Lefevre
Steven Lefevre 14 gün önce
Ok Stevo, I’m getting your damn sauce 😂
Ninjanate07 14 gün önce
Its also available at AWOOOOA
TheDevils5 14 gün önce
The medical team watching Steve burn his eye: .___.
Andreas Grünebaum
Andreas Grünebaum 2 gün önce
When a studio is working with Steve-O I think the know what crazy (and dangerous) stuff to expect. I have a feeling that he will die to things like that one day in front of camera. But if he does oh hell he will went out doing stuff he loved with a passion. His stunds are stupid but simultaniously an art of it´s own. And you know what? for beeing in his 60´s if I am correct, despite his experiences with dozens of several drugs and doing dangerus stunts - litterally breaking allmost all of his bones - he looks quite well. I remember whatching Jack Ass as a young fellow about 25 years ago, laughing my ass of. There have been times much later I thought this stuff to be plain dumb, because it IS but man Steve-O is a living legend! I have a huge respect for him! Besides I absolutely don´t like Gorden Ramsey but I whached because of Steve-O! Oh and he did the same hot sauce stunt at his second appearence on hot ones, but he topped it of by even drinking the entire bottle of the hottest sauce of the show ( > 2,000,000 scoville ) his pain-tollerance is amazing!
joe rivera
joe rivera 5 gün önce
TheDevils5 11 gün önce
@StompySan lmao
StompySan 11 gün önce
Steve-O in the mirror after burning his eye: ___.
Harbingerofd00m 15 gün önce
Man, what a blast-from-the-past. Haven't seen Steve-O in anything in years.
Nathan Gray
Nathan Gray 13 saatler önce
check out his youtube channel. he’s still doing crazy shit
maribel mcd
maribel mcd 15 gün önce
K C 15 gün önce
thats why his throat is that bad
Billy Keener
Billy Keener 15 gün önce
Fucking Awesome
Finn Kiener
Finn Kiener 15 gün önce
steve-o: I like to be healthy the proceeds to pour hot sauce in his eyes and balance knives on his face
LOVE MVSTRMIND 15 gün önce
The way he goes “yeaaah” when he does the knife on the nose trick 😭😭😭
Jack B
Jack B 15 gün önce
Him cracking them eggs on his head man
M 15 gün önce
Don Chiba
Don Chiba 16 gün önce
Great video
Casey Taylor
Casey Taylor 16 gün önce
That made my eyes water steveo haha
Venom Lee
Venom Lee 16 gün önce
He didn’t actually put it in the eye lol
CatmanKelowna 16 gün önce
The Ganges River probably caught something from steve-o when he jumped into it
Benjamin Smith
Benjamin Smith 16 gün önce
Steve-O is like if an iguana just turned into a a person it would come out to be Steve-O
MrCoolSmoovie 16 gün önce
Alright so apparently Gordon Ramsey’s phone number is in the description? What should I say😳
Ahaviel Forde
Ahaviel Forde 16 gün önce
I feel like i needed this
Daniel Rodrigues
Daniel Rodrigues 16 gün önce
Gordon's omlete looks big enough to feed three.
Whiteguy Gaming
Whiteguy Gaming 16 gün önce
“ I do like to be healthy “ like we know that’s a lie!
Barry Mantz
Barry Mantz 16 gün önce
I love it when it looks like shit but tastst like heaven!
Thuta Aung
Thuta Aung 16 gün önce
what's wrong with his voice
Theresa Cook
Theresa Cook 17 gün önce
The disillusioned ocelot cellularly breathe because bone contrarily stain to a elegant mary. horrible, voiceless partridge
Jasmine ward
Jasmine ward 17 gün önce
I can't belive he put that sauce in his eye oh my
Gratin 17 gün önce
this man does not like hot sauce this man's whole life is hot sauce
Michael Brown
Michael Brown 17 gün önce
We need a part 2 or another video with you two!!
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