Stephen Colbert's D&D Adventure with Matthew Mercer (Red Nose Day 2019)

Critical Role
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Join our campaign to end child poverty by donating now at critrole.com/rednoseday
Critical Role Dungeon Master Matthew Mercer runs a special one-on-one D&D adventure for Stephen Colbert, shaped by your Red Nose Day donations! Join Matt as he leads Stephen through a special adventure in the Menagerie Coast in Wildemount.
Through your gracious donations to Red Nose Day, YOU chose Stephen's character class, his companion, the legendary weapon to be sought, and the villain that Stephen's character must face.
Special thanks to our friends at Red Nose Day and Tiltify for their endless support.
Featuring character art by our friend Babs Tarr: twitter.com/babsdraws
ABOUT RED NOSE DAY: Red Nose Day is a campaign with the mission to end child poverty by funding programs that keep children safe, healthy, and educated. Through the power of entertainment, Red Nose Day brings people together to laugh and have fun, all while raising life-changing cash for the children that need it the most. Since their debut in 2015, they have raised nearly $150 million and have positively impacted over 16 million children in America, and around the world. To learn more about Red Nose Day, please visit www.rednoseday.org.
Foreign language subtitles provided by Critical Role Translate: bit.ly/2Ib8aBk




23 May 2019




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Critical Role
Critical Role Yıl önce
If you enjoyed our adventure with Stephen Colbert, please consider donating or sharing our Red Nose Day campaign!
Creepy Magician
Creepy Magician 2 aylar önce
So when is Stephen Colbert going to make an appearance in the main campaign?
SoulTalk 5 aylar önce
Yas I did
Jason Firewalker
Jason Firewalker 7 aylar önce
"I fight to alleviate children's poverty." As he has been his whole life.
Majo Monster
Majo Monster 10 aylar önce
Dear Critical Role, do you think it would be possible to get Stephen Colbert as a guest on Critical Role ? It would be actually amazing if he used his bard character, but that is a detail.
Elheru42 10 aylar önce
We watched this at home as a family and all loved it. My sons still talk about this adventure every few days as an example of how a short mission can be enthralling and concise. They want more family friendly exciting short tales. Does anyone have any recommendations?
Christian Hahn
Christian Hahn 17 saatler önce
50:07 50:26 N E I N
Christian Hahn
Christian Hahn 17 saatler önce
47:25 as the cameraperson laughs at Eric getting swatted. 😂😂😂
PeTTs0n88 23 saatler önce
8:48 - "heal your bee friend" - HE HAS 1HP! :p
l thetuerkgamer
l thetuerkgamer Gün önce
14:00 Mercer making bee noises is the most hilarious thing I've seen
Anna-Maria Lazzarotto
I'd be really fun if Stephen Colbert was invited as a guest on CR to go on an adventure with the Mighty Nein. I think he would really enjoy it.
TheGamingWard 2 gün önce
Colbert looks legit giddy. And that damn voice for the sword 🤣
Ed Cliffe
Ed Cliffe 3 gün önce
It was fun to see how "into it" Stephen was when given the descriptions.
Hot KoolAid
Hot KoolAid 3 gün önce
Matt Mercer and Stephen Colbert playing D&D is one of my favourite things I've ever seen.
Ed Cliffe
Ed Cliffe 3 gün önce
These kids comin' up nowaday...
FreeDizKa 4 gün önce
God, it was divine. Very sorry Eric. Watch this channel with Russian subtitles, because the English do not know. Perhaps the translator will distort the translation. I love the theme of D&D, I would like to play with you guys.
Mooga Mooga
Mooga Mooga 4 gün önce
17:49 The delight... the sheer joyous DELIGHT on Stephen's face still makes me smile from ear to ear, even a year later. :)
beans malone
beans malone 5 gün önce
Did stephen talk about playing d@d when he was at epstein's pedophile island?
Mash709 5 gün önce
Matt loves his talking swords lol
crying orange
crying orange 6 gün önce
he farts at 32:21
JohnnyBigodes 6 gün önce
Isn't that the Witcher 3's music?
ThatWitch 7 gün önce
Matt's buzzing sounds so much like Spark the dragonfly from the Spyro games
Diego Beltran
Diego Beltran 7 gün önce
Now I’m actually interested because I never got into D & D.
Zethera Mueller
Zethera Mueller 7 gün önce
AD&D I think is just as good as 5e
Will M
Will M 7 gün önce
The look of amazement on Stephen's face as Matt describes the skin being blasted off the animal is priceless.
Andreas Nowack
Andreas Nowack 7 gün önce
What a nerdy talk do I enjoy here? A nice one!
Chad Harris
Chad Harris 8 gün önce
If the bee can be understood, he should be able to carry the rope too 😂
Gerald of Riveria
Gerald of Riveria 8 gün önce
It's honestly really cool seeing a 1st edition player coming back after all this time and noting all the differences between then and now
Gerald of Riveria
Gerald of Riveria 8 gün önce
I think this pretty much every time I see Matt dm but god is he good at it. I've only started very recently but I hope I can make my campaigns this engaging one day.
TheOneSwedishGuy 8 gün önce
F for Eric
IIToneAII 9 gün önce
*Conversational Buzz* is the best subtitle, lol 😄👍
Ryan Baker
Ryan Baker 9 gün önce
For a gamer of any type, this video is a treasure, save this in the archives please~
TheraRPG 10 gün önce
I rewatch this video when I need a pick-me up. You both look so happy doing this one-shot! :)
Alia Imam
Alia Imam 11 gün önce
Kaer morhen theme in the background at the start..i like it.
Joe McGain
Joe McGain 12 gün önce
You can tell Stephen is a veteran because he held his Cure Wounds until he needed it xD
Chantal Ophelia
Chantal Ophelia 12 gün önce
The sparkles in his eyes and the joy on Stephen's face! He missed playing DnD so much!
Perplexed Wolf
Perplexed Wolf 12 gün önce
RIP Eric!
Perplexed Wolf
Perplexed Wolf 12 gün önce
Anyone know a good video or way for me to learn
Perplexed Wolf
Perplexed Wolf 12 gün önce
Love Colbert smile as he begins the game
Perplexed Wolf
Perplexed Wolf 12 gün önce
That music reminds me of the witcher love it
James Steckel
James Steckel 13 gün önce
Matt made it 1 sentence into the lore introduction before saying "...kind of..." 10:35
Zer0cool 13 gün önce
Colbert always reminds me of a serial killer
Nick Blohm
Nick Blohm 13 gün önce
"he's a bee"
Dion Silverman
Dion Silverman 13 gün önce
His bee voice is really good.
kousetsuhana 14 gün önce
why am I legitimately upset about Eric :/ Matt is too convincing I blame his talent :(
Artoo DeckU
Artoo DeckU 14 gün önce
This was so wholesome.
Gamers Creed92
Gamers Creed92 14 gün önce
I would have named the Bee either "A" or "Knees"
Gamers Creed92
Gamers Creed92 13 gün önce
@Wayne Zimmerman I've seen all of Monty Python, watched it around 7 years ago so I get it. I just simply would have picked a different name, as much as I enjoy Monty Python I've never been as big a fan as some view it.
Wayne Zimmerman
Wayne Zimmerman 13 gün önce
A Bee named Eric is from the Monty Python skit: Fish License; because Stephen(like some of us) is somewhat old and remembers it fondly. But you can watch Monty Python's Flying Circus on Netflix; Season 2 Episode 10. I do like Bee's Knee though. 🙂
Rachel Evans
Rachel Evans 14 gün önce
need to see him, Trevor Noah , John Oliver, and John Stewart in a party
neon 15 gün önce
Holy crap. Colbert is such a likeable guy. Having a late night thats more witty and clever than the average without seeming snobby. And at the same time such a passionate guy about fantasy. he is like a child here enjoying some DnD since college. im sure with his show business career it wasnt exactly easy to find this opportunity to play. with the greatest DM of all time at that mr mercer. its crazy and awesome how since 2010 geeky things got into fashion again. but if mercer and his content wouldnt be famous on youtube colbert and mercer would have never met. god bless both of them. such a great session of two adults enjoying their passion of fantasy together.
unsane21 games
unsane21 games 15 gün önce
odesseus 15 gün önce
How have I missed this! Two of my favorite people! So much fun! Steve is rapt
Bonzai Badger
Bonzai Badger 16 gün önce
Notice how this session didn't have to do with any SJW topics and it was still great.
Cezar Romero
Cezar Romero 16 gün önce
Am I the only one who got REALLY sad for Eric?
Anna McGuiness
Anna McGuiness 16 gün önce
How can Mr. Mercer make such good panther noises with his mouth?
ichiro muramatsu
ichiro muramatsu 17 gün önce
F for eric
monblanc noland
monblanc noland 17 gün önce
Colbert correcting the whole stalagmite thing lol he's full on man never played this game ever put this looks super fun man
Ur_avrg_id10t 18 gün önce
Do you guys thought about playing with Henry Cavill
Astra 18 gün önce
Everyone is sleeping on Matt's bee impression
Zain 18 gün önce
I like how Stephen's eye sparkle as Mercer narrates.
FlowDaFlava 19 gün önce
Eric is a dope companion
No Way
No Way 19 gün önce
exalting blade reminds me of Journeyquest
Ulrich H.
Ulrich H. 21 gün önce
I really love how Mr. Colbert immeciately got sucked back into something he really enjoyed and has missed a lot. 😊
Pedro Henrique
Pedro Henrique 21 gün önce
i can hear the d2 soundtrack there
Connor Mcsweeney
Connor Mcsweeney 22 gün önce
11:19 you can see the exact moment that Stephen falls in love with Matt
Mr Apple
Mr Apple 22 gün önce
When Stephen said "Eric has 1 hit point" and then just stare in anguish. OMG that is heart breaking
Rydn 23 gün önce
Anyone else heard The Witcher OST in the background? Good times.
Brittany Porter
Brittany Porter 23 gün önce
Critical Role, when are you guys going to get Stephen Colbert to join the M9 on an episode.
Timothy Nguoi
Timothy Nguoi 23 gün önce
Never been to a dnd session, but even I can tell thats a very enthusiastic dm
Dan Z
Dan Z 25 gün önce
22:18 - "Eric grabs it.... he's a bee" .... I died
Zak D
Zak D 25 gün önce
Colbert would be an excellent DM
Jamie Sharp
Jamie Sharp 27 gün önce
Allan Henry is THE BEST Dungeon Master 🙏 trvid.com/video/video-IKJZbknXPw8.html
groofay 27 gün önce
Say what you want about his show, but seeing the genuine light in Colbert's eyes in this video is so damn heartwarming.
BraveFencer Musashiden
Grog gets a talking weapon: I will feast on your soul fool!!! Capo gets a talking weapon: Yo bro! I got your back! Let's do this! Woooo!!!
Erok Angulsmyth
Erok Angulsmyth 27 gün önce
I've watched this a few times now and every time, I'm enchanted by both people being absolutely stoked about playing D&D. What a great fucking game.
That_One_Dude 28 gün önce
Game actually starts at 10:30
Phoenix 28 gün önce
It's so entertaining to see matt so taken with someone's nerdity that predates his own
Jay Cook
Jay Cook 29 gün önce
This is actually beautiful
james 29 gün önce
This is awesome!
Bertine Faria
Bertine Faria 29 gün önce
Doesnt Colbert speak fluent elf irl or something?
peaches 29 gün önce
Colbert here got the deluxe DnD treatment
Distant Grey Dungeons and Dragons
Bloody brilliant!!
HereIsYourNighmare Aylar önce
The fact that they played some Witcher 3 music in this is everything,
DM Diaries
DM Diaries Aylar önce
Stephen: D20? Sorry, it’s been a while Matt: Don’t say it My brain: don’t say it Me: Me: IT’S BEEN A WHIIIIIIIIIILE
Malk Avian
Malk Avian Aylar önce
Oh Stephen, you adorable nugget
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