Stephen A. sounds off following Tua Tagovailoa's injury | First Take 

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Stephen A. sounds off following Tua Tagovailoa's injury | First Take
Stephen A. Smith and Bart Scott discuss Miami Dolphins QB Tua Tagovailoa's injury vs. the Cincinnati Bengals in Week 4 of the NFL season.
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29 Kas 2023




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@rgwak Yıl önce
I like the part where the Miami coach said, "I would never put a player in harm's way." Dude, it's football. Every game is like being in a car crash.
Literally, could happen to anyone. Think he's just a bit scared of the repercussions that can happen if something serious or in the future will happen. If im that player I'm 1000% playing in the game because those are my guys. But you need to have better evaluations.. and guidelines that they the player or doctor have no control over. I.E. have the NFL know the situation and to take care of the kid.
Let's not be disingenuous about what is meant by this. I think everyone knows the inherent, initial harm that comes with playing football. This is in reference to nothing further that isn't necessary. Making sure any injuries or damages that have already occured aren't further exacerbated
@TheCruzan26 Yıl önce
Really? You know what he meant.
@hypemantv431 Yıl önce
I am a Bengals fan and after seeing Tua lock up like that I was furious. Couldn't even enjoy the rest of the game. I just hope Tua is able to recover and live a normal life.
same as an Eagles Fan. I picked the Bengals to win and wanted them to, I still believe they would've won whether Tua got hurt or not, but I couldn't even enjoy the game after. I don't think I'm gonna enjoy the NFL like I used to just last week. And I'm only 19, but man it's sickening what happened. I hope Tua doesn't play another Down this season just for his own Safety. his life matters more than a Week 5, 7, 13 Victory.
@newberryessex Yıl önce
Me too. I just couldn't watch anymore
@clarkkent2250 Yıl önce
@@thomassankara1391 Football players get knocked out everyday B.
@stevenclark7453 Yıl önce
Same bro
@@clarkkent2250 this is worse than being knocked out bro lol
@stevenramon1178 Yıl önce
When I watched the game last night I said to my wife exactly what Bart Scott said. I don't think I want to let our son play football anymore ,and how happy I was that it seems like he likes basketball more now. My prayers go out to Tua.
@themarkl0813 Yıl önce
Good. Tackle football should be banned for life
@fadethechannel Yıl önce
I think that’s a good choice. Especially when football culture rewards and celebrates big hits on players. Even in little league.
@Skyy301 Yıl önce
@@themarkl0813 not even the worst take at this point
@mfr50 Yıl önce
@@themarkl0813 wow very convinient really
Not the same thing. Far different between high school and Pro football
@00aggiegirl Yıl önce
Seeing that young man’s hands contort like that, horrifying truly horrifying. I pray that he can recover, and I pray that the Dolphins are held accountable for this negligence.
@OxygenSWAT Yıl önce
Dude was stumbling and shaking his head walking of Sunday. NFL just based on those images should have not let him back in. Dolphins saying it was his back should be ashamed, everybody else with the limited knowledge we have on the concussions, could see that he was some sort of concussed. The pressure of them being 3-0, Tua being doubted, all combined in to what has happened now....
@flyguy7825 Yıl önce
That could have been like you said his back and his ankle. Y'all are not doctors. Y'all don't know That man's body better than he does.
@themarkl0813 Yıl önce
@@flyguy7825 that's the point everyone is making, fool. The NFL had tonprotect tus from himself. You have no idea the pressure he had to be out there.
@df6148 Yıl önce
Exactly. Great points
@flyguy7825 Yıl önce
@@themarkl0813 Well, you don't know it if he was pressured. Y'all are just assuming that That's his body. It's his livelihood. I've been hurt before. I've been sick before and I've gotten up to go to work not because of any pressure. It's because I have pride and I want to go out there and earn my money So I can live my own life. And that's not the point everyone was making dummy. They were making the point that he shouldn't even been out there Thursday night and I'm saying well. It probably truly was his back and ankle, but I'm pretty sure he will address the media because everybody's speaking on him as if they know what's going on and he would probably know better than anybody.
@osio7528 Yıl önce
@@flyguy7825 🤡
I swear my heart stopped for a second when I saw Tua’s hands after that hit last night. There’s absolutely no reason why he was out there last night after what happened just 4 days prior. None.
@omensoffate Yıl önce
If your heart stopped you should get checked out for that
@@omensoffate lol true
@deboharris789 Yıl önce
Me being a good dolphins fan . I have a lot of faith in Tua . Not going to lie I shed some tears a little bit 💔
@chris40v17 Yıl önce
Ok your reaction is excessive..
@tomnastyV2 Yıl önce
Bart always comes with it. Stephen A. needs him on the show
@ryanlebard3787 Yıl önce
Bart would definitely be one of those guys pressuring Tua to go out there …, he literally said he made his base line test simple on purpose …, which implies he would play after getting concussed cause he can pass the test easy
@tomnastyV2 Yıl önce
@@ryanlebard3787 ok so where you going with that comment
@ImtooFuturistic Yıl önce
No he doesn’t. His takes are terrible. He said Jameis Winston is a possible MVP candidate. 😂
@ryanlebard3787 Yıl önce
@@tomnastyV2 iam saying he would definitely one of the players pressuring Tua to come back…, and his tales are horrible he never comes with it
@tomnastyV2 Yıl önce
@@ryanlebard3787 every player would be you think any players are coming from Stephen A point? From a competitive point nobody is trying to lose
I agree with Bart on this. Prayers to Tua and his family.
@thomashauer6804 Yıl önce
if its about the bag...then the fault is with the money..how tf can you play 2 seasons as a NFL starting qb and dont get a decent bag
@AL-qj3pw Yıl önce
@@thomashauer6804 you don’t get it 😶
Tua is going to age 10 years in 5 years.
@thomashauer6804 Yıl önce
@@AL-qj3pw you Sound unable to explain yourself
@AL-qj3pw Yıl önce
@@thomashauer6804 Tua’s reasoning for playing again and getting another concussion wasn’t about “I need to go out there and play because it’s about the money” NO, he played because the so called “doctor” cleared him out to play again, not the money. I feel like it was one of those situations where the staff felt like he got hit hard but was able to play the following week because it’s just the nature of the sport. That being said, how many times have players sat out for weeks or even a season and still secure big checks? Literally happening with Deshaun Watson. The guy on the show put up words but it’s not factual. Tua’s might have career ending injury.
@chadanding8692 Yıl önce
A fatality in the NFL will end up looking exactly like what we saw live on Thursday night...prayers up for Tua 🙏
@terrystokes2948 Yıl önce
Bart Scott hit this out the park! When Tua stumbled, shook his head repeatedly, grabbing his head/facemask. I immediately went back to my last concussion, I did the same things! It was as if I could actually feel that pressure in my head, the foggyness, the spinning (of the field). EVERY football pIayer knows this is what a concussion looks like. I also lectured on traumatic brain/spinal cord injuries. When i heard he was playing 4 days later, i was angry and very concerned all day yesterday because I knew if he took another hit his symptoms would come back WORSE than on Sunday, even if the hit was LIGHTER than the hit on Sunday (Just like Bart said). SIS (Second Impact Syndrome) can result in death... basically it's getting two concussions close together which leads to swelling of the brain. Thank God this did not happen. This made me sick to my stomach because it did not have to happen. The desire to win a football game was more important that his health because EVERYONE on that field knew he had a concussion. And for those people (some were former players) who said it might be a back injury or spasm! Back spasm? When someone gets a back spasm the pain is sudden and intense, there ain't no walking, no moving around (except for writhing in pain), there is no standing up from wherever you are, it's impossible because you can't move, the pain is so intense. You could have offered me a million dollars to get up and walk around from the chair I was in the last time i had a sudden back spasm and you would have had to give that money to someone else! Nonsense!
Hey Mate how’s your day going have you heard of bitcoin and It’s current value…?
@kylekumar5846 Yıl önce
@@polomagilbert9610 chill bro
@deboharris789 Yıl önce
I have been a legit Dolphins fan for 7 years now . I am completely heartbroken for my guy Tua . When everyone out there talk down on him I never did !!! They have a lot to say about people, comparing him to his draft mates and Tua has a better winning record than Justin and Joe . Joe did his thing taking his team to the Super Bowl I give him props for that but WINNING is what Tua all about ! Tua won over my heart to be the Miami Dolphins QB1 . I have a lot of faith for him never doubted him. What I saw last night maneeeee I shed some tears. Wow ! Things happens so fast when that happen I didn’t care about the game no more . hoping for an fast recovery for him and I hate that this maybe messed up his whole career I am heartbroken 💔
I agree. The flexing of the hands was scary. I've seen it before with head injuries. They allowed this to happen by the reaction they had last week. The concussion checks were supposed to prevent this! This is a young man, and this could be a life-altering injury!! No one wants to see this!! This is why Giselle wants Tom to quit! Because these injuries happen in seconds, and there's no getting your brain back.
@CSJiGSaW08 Yıl önce
exactly. Also, NFL games should be every 2 weeks. This eliminates most injuries and all players are close to 100% health. This situation with Tua is not good... NFL will start loosing future players too early because of this..
@Jason-Austin Yıl önce
@@CSJiGSaW08 I don't think playing every 2 weeks is feasible, that would make the season over 8 months long.
@QuaDGaminG7663 Yıl önce
Bart was right on point! Many to blame and many chances this could have been prevented. Really hope they protect him better
@Dhawkman341 Yıl önce
Bart Scott Summed it up for everyone. That was explained perfectly and makes a ton of sense. Tia understands the potential dangers of playing but clearly the risk outweighs the reward. He’s still in his rookie contract and if he can stay healthy and produce numbers his and his Family’s lives will change forever when he gets that second deal. He’s probably been playing ball since he could walk and generational wealth is within his grasp. I pray he gets and stays healthy he’s seems to be a very likeable guy.
@justumuch4u Yıl önce
Bart Scott had outstanding commentary about the situation.
Bro i had a concussion even though mine was in the military . I can say blaming the concussed is wrong everything else is on point . When you have one that you hardly know left from right it take you a good month to be fully okay . So even if he said he was good somebody should’ve said nope . We gonna protect you now the media gonna say whatever we gonna let you sit this game out come back evaluate and see where you at but blaming Tua cause he didn’t wanna be scrutinized is dumb Wentz had one and he begged to go back and they said No man we not gonna let you kill yourself this strictly on the dolphins
I was just about to say that 👏
@MT-eo5vy Yıl önce
Kaylyn Alexander During the month of recovery what are the symptoms you feel?
@gdot21st16 Yıl önce
No he didn’t he’s no doctor how does he know hit his head in the same exact spot off the eye test
@3ojuco964 Yıl önce
I totally agree
@sashathomas6756 Yıl önce
As someone who went through multiple sports related concussions over a few months 20 years ago, the most overlooked part of concussions, in terms of injury and consequences, symptoms etc. are soft tissue, ie muscle and nerve damage at the top and base of the neck, which looks to me like what might be a significant part of his injury
As a diehard Dolphins fan, I was excited about this season! After what I witnessed regarding Tua and his injury, I don’t care if they make the playoffs or not! This incident just put a huge stain on the season!
You can’t blame Tua, the pressure of being a player and showing your toughness, the player will always say they’re ok. You can’t blame teammates for speaking up cause they won’t be on the team much longer, that’s called insubordination and out of favor. The blame is obvious, it’s the so called team doctors and upper team brass, the head coach and all coaches should be fired even though they:he answers to the brass, speak up and you’ll be protected. The doctors should loose their medical license, they take an oath. The organization and top brass should be fined up the wazzule. The nfl should let all teams know that this is the accountability.
This kind of back to back head trauma is going to have lifelong implications for Tua. The organization needs to be held accountable for letting him play.
@PrettySavage22 Yıl önce
Exactly! And thank god it did not paralyze him or worse. Yeah somebody has to lose their job at this point
@OnlyNolesknow Yıl önce
@@PrettySavage22 more than just somebody this was a group effort
@voltrono4166 Yıl önce
He's a grown man.. he could have sat out. and he was cleared by the NFL.
@OnlyNolesknow Yıl önce
You honestly believe that even though they "cleared" him that he should have been out there???
@jaykeyz2730 Yıl önce
@@voltrono4166 Just because youve been "cleared" doesnt mean your healthy..
@miami8089 Yıl önce
I think it was more of the whiplash that caused the concussion than the actual head hitting the ground. He got swung pretty fast. Like they're saying, it's a lot easier to get a second concussion within a few days of the previous one. It didn't look like he hit the ground that hard. But either way he shouldn't have been in the game in the first place. I hope he's going to be okay.
@thomashoad3433 Yıl önce
This is exactly it. Bart explained it perfectly: the concussion happens when the head has a sudden stop, but the brain keeps moving and crashes into the side of the skull. So when Tua was brought down against the Bills, you see his head whip back and forth. When his head hit the ground and had a sudden stop, his brain would have smashed against the back of his skull. Bauer was working on a piece of experimental equipment a few years ago that went around a player's neck and applied mild pressure so that there would be a larger blood barrier between the brain and skull, thus theoretically limiting the potential for concussions. This was tested in hockey and football players and unfortunately was not as effective as they hoped and never really caught on.
After watching Tua on Sunday, fall down, get up and down again, there were definitely cobwebs going on in his head!! They never should have cleared him to come back on the field. Prayers for his health🙏🏾🙏🏾
@Stretch1003 Yıl önce
Bart Scott is totally on point. Such a good discussion about the realities of the sport and what happened.
@gregorois9038 Yıl önce
When an injury like this happens, I find it hard to stay positive or invested in the game. Last night reminded me of the Ryan Shazier injury where football immediately takes a back seat in my brain due to concern for the player involved. Shame on Miami and the NFL for letting him even have the choice to go in there.
Dude my excitement & enthusiasm for this football season is way down after seeing Tua’s injury last nite! I hope he’s doing better.😞
I had a neck injury that had me acting and moving EXACTLY like Tua did after the hit at Buffalo. Even so, if it were a neck injury, he should have been out. I lost my college wrestling career after that sophomore injury. I had what they THOUGHT were back to back concussions within 48 hours of each other. The kind where you hit so hard that you can't see for a good 5 or so seconds but aren't KOd. Turned out I was acting and moving funny over a slipped disk in the neck. College career ended with the fusion surgery of two vertebra.
@garrickrespress Yıl önce
Bart is spot on. I was thinking to myself, why would I allow my child to play this game? That is a challenging thought in the 🍑State but it looks crazy watching what happened to Tua. I'd be foolish to believe he is an anomaly.
@12knots Yıl önce
I very rarely watch Stephan A because he rants and yells about everything, he’s right about his team mates dropping the ball here. We all know these guys are tough and want to play no matter what but watching your QB stumbling around last Sunday should have raised awareness. A dangerous game that we love to watch can always be a risk for the players. The game won’t ever end but players need to take care of each other. Worrying about your team mate is not a sissy thing! Step up players!
@sflosi34 Yıl önce
I think this is the one time I agree with Steven A. Smith. He spoke the truth about taking player health and safety into consideration. He's right that someone needs to be held accountable for this.
@JT-dj5iy Yıl önce
I’m a patriots fan, my prayers for Tua. They didn’t follow up properly to protect Tua, on Sunday and yesterday. Very sad,
@brucelau2023 Yıl önce
Truly tho I must say Bart Scott had incredible commentary with this whole Tua situation , truly my upmost prayers for him 🫶🏻🫶🏻🫶🏻🙏🙏🙏
@BigBlack81 Yıl önce
Well said, Bart Scott. And further, Bart is seeing this the way the fans of today and TOMORROW should see it. Could we see a new generation of athletes going to OTHER sports than football specifically because other sports have better health and safety protocols at all levels? Keep treating players like Tua and the NFL will have bigger things to worry about down the road. Facts.
@oof6520 Yıl önce
The way he stumbled and fell walking off Sunday should've had him benched if not for a few weeks, but for the season, concussions are no joke. When his fingers spasmed the way it did last night he was out cold. Tell tale sign of head trauma. Bridgewater is a decent backup, he did pretty well when Brees was injured, was a tough loss last night. But my wishes for his speedy recovery.
@slimdude4450 Yıl önce
That man hit his head on the ground, got up woosy, and they said it was his back 😩 Miami didn't have Tua's best interest at heart.
@KrazyHorse966 Yıl önce
Bart Scott spoke str8 facts..."Sometimes a player needs to be protected from himself" 💯
@Dustinwhy8 Yıl önce
We’ve gotta make this game less violent. I can’t believe I’m saying that, but this is insane. That was the most terrifying KO I’ve ever witnessed.
@bearcats1224 Yıl önce
It is a really good point when he was talking about the parents' kids saying "why would we subject our children to this?"
@timebandit1266 Yıl önce
Bless Steven A for calling out those who should be absolutely ashamed of themselves for clearing Tua.
@dayonedad Yıl önce
Tua and Ryan Shazier plays were by far the scariest in game injuries I've witnessed. Tua shouldn't have been on the field.
@kevinellis8947 Yıl önce
Stephen A. this is one of the few times when I totally agree with you. I couldn't say it better myself; that was not a back injury that I witnessed on Sunday against Buffalo. That was a head injury. And then to allow this player to, not only get back in that game on Sunday, but to allow him to play again not 4 days later. Somebody definitely needs to be fired; and I sincerely hope that there's no permanent damage to Tagovailoa's brain. This was a terrible display of outright incompetence of the Dolphin's medical staff and coaching staff.
Bart Scott contributed the only reasonable, objective comments regarding this unfortunate situation. In his short football career, Tua has had more than his fair share of bad breaks. Hoping he regains his health with a 100% recovery , that's really what matters most.
@twx1979 Yıl önce
Miami Dolphin only see Tua as a product and only care for getting 100% wins. The whole organisation is at fault here
@basementvybz309 Yıl önce
You are 100% correct. Dolphins get the blame
@blackout9587 Yıl önce
Did u talk to the gm? Coach?
@slayerde440 Yıl önce
Stop. He's not SO much better than Teddy that they are going to risk everything over it.
@xbotLife Yıl önce
Well of course he’s a product and gets paid very well for it.
@garyk2629 Yıl önce
@@xbotLife then Tua better decide soon if it's worth it to play football. Because his long-term health is at risk.
@rashadsmith6911 Yıl önce
Scott Bart is totally correct 💯. I seen Tua last night and said I won't let that happen to my son. He's playing golf ⛳⛳...
Being left handed myself I was living vicariously (shoutout to the homie in the comments)through him since college. Very sad to see him get hurt. He’s tough, I hope he comes back when he’s legit ready.
@SadDad01 Yıl önce
He's actually right handed 🤷‍♂️😄
@tBeNz0 Yıl önce
I also think the word you were looking for is "vicariously" not "precariously".
@joeys7519 Yıl önce
Absolutely absurd that he was let back in, everyone on that team should be ashamed of themselves for not interfering
It seems being 3-0 and the possibility of winning a 4th was more important than health issues. The medical staff as well as the coach should be held accountable.
@phillipayoung10 Yıl önce
Finally saw what happens and I did cringed. I do agree with Stephen A and the panel. Each coach and the NFL should step up and make these protocols more strict. My son is playing football and I'm glad he's on the sideline during the game and practice he gets to play on the field and get a couple of hits that's it. I pray that he doesn't make this a long committment, he does just want him to be careful😢😢
@bignii8307 Yıl önce
Been waiting onnis . Knowing what happen 4 days prior to the injury , watching the video of it gives me CHILLS through my whole body bruh . I can only imagine what he’s going through bruh 😓😓
Even as a hardcore boxing fan, that’s probably the worst “knockout” I’ve ever seen and I’ve seen fighters leave other fighters twitching on the canvas. Something about the brain sending signals to both his hands and fingers to coil up in that fashion after he’s completely unconscious just feels completely uncomfortable and wrong. I was pleasantly surprised he didn’t have to stay in the hospital over night and was able to leave with the rest of his team.
@shizza82 Yıl önce
Bart spoke 100% facts. I hope the NFL does something about this. It's absolutely ridiculous.
@P.G.1966 Yıl önce
The power of sports and the pressure to Winning is insane. Plus...as a former athlete...at the time...a player is usually so juiced...and hyped...the true pain comes the day after. By then...it's too late.
I saw the video of his injury against the Bills. Hearing he was playing against the Bengals I told my mom before the game "if he gets sacked this game it is going to be 100x worse. he should not be playing". And what happened? He was sacked and he was on the field in pain and frozen for 10 minutes before being carted away. Absolutely disgraceful he was playing that night not even a week after that concussion.
I have wobbled like that after a back injury. That being said I would not have played him with back and ankle issues.He was able to push through because of adrenaline but your back is involved in everything but with an ankle injury your playing without a base and back.
@axe2grind244 Yıl önce
And you immediately grabbed your back, not your head.
@SAVHILL Yıl önce
Everybody knew it was a concussion that Sunday that 3-0 start got them moving wreckless
@theu4803 Yıl önce
It wasn’t a concussion tho he was cleared several times.
@monkeymon327 Yıl önce
@@theu4803 he was cleared because they care about winning streak than his health🤡
@theu4803 Yıl önce
@@monkeymon327 before you call someone a clown you may want to do some research. He was cleared by a independent neurologist approved by the NFLPA and hired by the NFL. The neurologist who cleared him does not work for the dolphins for that exact reason. Winning and losing has no effect on the neurologist who cleared him.
@theu4803 Yıl önce
MM M he was cleared by a outside neurologist who has nothing to do with the dolphins. Without him being cleared he would not be able to play no matter what the team says. All you are doing is speculating with zero evidence or anything that points to him or the nfl being pressured. The nfl and NFLPA doesn’t play games when it comes to concussions. Amazon isn’t pressuring them to do anything.
@rahimjoseph211 Yıl önce
@andrewcoons8060 Yıl önce
The reason it was so severe was because of the previous concussion 4days prior that was said to not have been a concussion but a back injury! Whip lash can give you a concussion also
It's the team's job to save players from themselves because you know the players are going to want to go back on the field but it's their responsibility to make sure they don't and they cared more about the win than his health
@j4yYT Yıl önce
Prayers goes out to Tua
@jesselobo3213 Yıl önce
Bart Scott's input is invaluable, and I have come to respect his words immensely.
At some stage we have to face up to the fact that players get concussions... a lot. Players also get injured, a lot. Some players have short careers because of injury, Tua was injured before he even started in the league. Credit to the young man he fought back each time and kept getting injured. Some people are just not physically up to this violent sport. Sam Bradford anyone? IT does not mean the leaghue should do more to protect players dfrom themselves, absolutely they should but again if a player loses a £250k performance fee because someone decided they were not fit to play who compensates that? Anything that also depends on the players sanction to continue is going to be compromised with performance or appearance related compensation.
@LarRy-km1xl Yıl önce
The Dolphins admin, coaches and medical staff only care about winning and Tua’s health and well being is their means to the end (winning). If they cared for him, they would not have let him play yesterday. It’s outrageous that the couch fans knew he had a concussion and the trained med staff said it was his back. Come On Man!
@drewski818 Yıl önce
My question is and what I think it comes down to if people are going to be held accountable. Was he concussed or not during the Bills game? Based on my understanding the only way he could’ve been put back in is if he passed the concussion protocols. Him passing those protocols would mean he didn’t have a concussion right?? Are these protocol tests subjective or leave room for error? I mean this is a sports franchise. I’d imagine them and the NFL would pay top dollar for tests that definitively determine whether or not a player has a concussion.
@andrewjacks2716 Yıl önce
I don't always see eye to eye with Stephen A., but he's right on the money here. This whole situation was egregiously mishandled, and Tua's life and future were put into unnecessary jeopardy for no good reason. We all saw what the result was. Absolutely unacceptable.
@billyeddie5760 Yıl önce
As a fins fan, going from glory to tragedy is just another day at the office
he wasn't even walking straight after the head injury against the bills... major L to the dolphins medical staff for letting him play this game and not taking him out for the remaining of the bills game
@TzUuup Yıl önce
Oh but him coming out firing out bullets before the injury is nothing huh
@vincent8313 Yıl önce
@@TzUuup he was already injured to start off with, he shouldn’t of played till their week 5 game
@mlking213 Yıl önce
@@TzUuup that’s not how head injuries work kid. He seemed fine,they usually do but inside you’re injured and brains take a while to heal. Concussions are a bruise that heals slowly. You can seem fine and be at serious risk.
@@mlking213 Thanks Doctor. You should apply to the dolphins medical staff
@craigmills6275 Yıl önce
Somebody will be in big trouble for this. I hope tua makes a full recovery.
@Moskoe83 Yıl önce
I wouldn't be so sure about that.
The whole Dolphins organization
@bullymaguire921 Yıl önce
Wouldn’t be surprised if they played him Sunday
We all should APPLAUD 👏🏾 what Bart said
@Pokepullfamily Yıl önce
When I seen his fingers curl like that I prayed for him right away. That was so scary to see we hear it but seeing it hit way diff.
@happyevelyn Yıl önce
Concussion expert Chris Nowinski messaged before the game that Tua should not be playing - that it was outrageous, and if he suffers a 2nd one in this game, it will be terrible. A few hours later and we saw what happened. Disgraceful.. There'll be some heads roll because of this...
@tonye2400 Yıl önce
Stephen A nailed it with "be a human being". Forget about doctors and the training staff. Based on what we all witnessed on Sunday he should not have gone back in that game or played last night. It's scary to me that it isn't obvious
Hey Mate how’s your day going have you heard of bitcoin and It’s current value…?
I just keep thinking about Junior Seau, and those other players who took their lives do to CTE. As much as the Dolphins are my team, I hated seeing Tua go out like that. Winning a game should never be worth sacrificing a player. Hoping Tua won’t have any lasting repercussions from these injuries.
@kengy1991 Yıl önce
My wife and I decided several years ago that our son is not going to play tackle football. This is just let me know that we made the right decision. Bart Scott makes a great point.
@daveguy6347 Yıl önce
My ex-wife argued with me that our son should NEVER be allowed to play football in school when he gets older because of the danger and risks. I argued that there are risks and dangers in a lot of things you do; including and especially mental, and if he grows for that to become a dream of his to let him play. After seeing Tua last night, my viewpoint has become way harder to defend to even myself. I’m sure a lot of parents out there feel the same after seeing that.
@zeromagnum2811 Yıl önce
The fault in that was the dolphins letting him back in the Bills game and letting him play thursday. football has been going a long time and a small minority of players have had really bad long term injuries from it. Its not everyone. Sometimes it happens because in anything there is risk. Anytime anyone gets into a car there's a risk of some drunk fool running a light and killing someone. There's a risk in everything just about it. Living by what ifs isn't really the way to go either. But the situation in this case was he was obviously concussed. anyone that had watched football or pro wrestling long enough to see concussed people. that was a concussion and the Dolphins either lied about it to override protocol or were incompetent in diagnosing it. He wasn't recovered from the previous concussion so the second time the injury was worsened. But there are a large majority of guys that went 14 years or more with barely a scratch playing the game. What happened with Tua is more of one of the freak cases that happened because of that teams negligence.
@taliguevara567 Yıl önce
We love the game in great part because of the big hits, as a matter of fact the number one reason why football is a multibillion dollar industry and the most watched sport in the United States is because of the violent element in it. I for one am a huge football fan and have been since as far back as I have had the ability to reason but seeing Tua get injured the way he did i must admit was pretty disturbing, it gave me chills. The libertarian argument to the violent element within sports like football, boxing, mma, rugby etc is that human beings should be allowed to do whatever they want as long as they are not hurting others in the process unless those others are consenting adults. But if consenting adults want to participate in Gladiator games were they fight till death like in the days of Ancient Rome should they be allowed to do so? I personally would say “no” and I think most people would agree with me but when it comes to football or boxing which you can argue is a form of long term death those same people would tell you it’s okay. So I guess its a matter of degree. How much danger is too much danger? And who should decide how much danger is too much danger? Should it be the players, the coaches, the referees, the GMs, the fans, the owners, the politicians, the voters, the family members of the players ? Or a little bit of everyone? Well whatever the answer the truth of the matter is that this problem is not going anywhere. The only way you completely eradicate concussions and CTE from football is to completely prohibit any type of tackling and go with flag football or touch football or something along those lines and thats not going to happen, at least not in my lifetime. So we might as well get used to these type of injuries because the sad truth is that we’re going to be seeing them for the rest of our lives. GET WELL SOON TUA!
@johnmertens4360 Yıl önce
Stephan A. You could not have said it any better ...im totally in agreement with you regarding these two incidents...well said my brother ..
@poji222 Yıl önce
This just pisses me off!!! He should NOT have went back out there to play again on Sunday, or play again on Thursday! This is serious $hit! I was really shocked to see him back out there! And I am a Bills fan, but regardless of what team, where is the care for these players???!! Hope this opens the eyes of everyone ! I get it that every team wants to win games, but this is just not worth it!! Hope he's going to be ok 🙏💖
@warsteel1 Yıl önce
Well said Bart Scott..honestly at its 👌 👍
@chrisr3992 Yıl önce
I got a concussion in high school that put me out for 1 min on the practice field and I passed all the test right after. But I took myself out of practice and the game the rest of the week just to make sure I was ok. And to be honest for 5 years after that concussion I would have blackout moments randomly. Concussion need to be taken seriously by everyone even the players need to do a better job
@emoney824 Yıl önce
I knew he shouldn’t have played that’s y I didn’t play him in fantasy…prayers up for Tua 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾
No one cares about your fantasy team when a player has neurological issues
@4romdabooot Yıl önce
Bart Scott’s take was 110 percent right glad they have him on the show.
@leftyyyyktv Yıl önce
Stephen A and the media deserve a medal for this level of audacity. One day it's Tua's head is fine the NFL and Phins came to the conclusion he passed the protocol. It was a "mobility" injury. (Which even Stevie Wonder and my unborn son could see was a head injury) now it's this and everyone pointing at the Dolphins lol. I don't agree with how the Dolphins handled it but it's wild how these "expert analysts" couldn't see the potential of this happening in a game just 4 days after they played the BILLS, where he's now up against one of the best defensive ends in the league and their d line is allowing less than 90 rushing yards a game so you know the pressure is coming.. All they did was justify the Dolphins decision at the time now they're backtracking. Get mad at the protocols not the team
Concussed people alot of times will not remember the event .It is like time stopped for them .I have seen it. Do not blame or questions Tua .Support this great guy. Fins up.
@89medic Yıl önce
MIA needs to be super punished. The way they’ve moved the last year or 2 has been disgusting
@ajellis89 Yıl önce
@truuee9016 Yıl önce
The defender who tackled him didn't have to slam him so hard after the tackle, that should have been an unnecessary roughness foul. It would have been smart for the team to rest him given that they had only 4 days in between games, but if the doctors cleared him we can't really blame the team, and he wanted to play too. Let's just hope he recovers fully.
@champ2233killad Yıl önce
@@coachyvante2007 I mean both things can be true
@digitalsalsas Yıl önce
that was a clean sack and a good play. obviously unfortunate what happened , but it’s dumb to blame tupou
@truuee9016 Yıl önce
@@digitalsalsas He slammed him for no reason. Watch it again, it was clear in real time that slam was unnecessary.
@alaska4joe Yıl önce
Bart had a good point about Miami putting the future of the NFL at risk
@johnd3258 Yıl önce
NFL and Miami have been disgraceful here at a point where they desperately need to be looking after player head injuries more than ever, so disappointing to see as a sports fan should never of been allowed to happen we could all see the stumbling on Sunday yet he plays Thursday
@h00ded0ne4 Yıl önce
My oldest is 11 and he's gotten bitten by football fever. We don't root for either team but he wanted to watch some of the game before bed. I was out of the room and heard him yell that the quarterback was sacked and broke his fingers........My wife was also watching and knew right away what had happened. She has always been adamant our kids will not be allowed to play football for this type of reason and witnessing that pretty much solidifies her stance.
@markcowan3802 Yıl önce
I wonder if his mom was watching and what her reaction was, brings tears to my eyes.
@Smittygamer7365 Yıl önce
“Will never put a player in a position to be in harm’s way. That’s not what I’m about at all.” -Mike McDaniel Last night determined that was a lie.
Stephen a deserves standing ovation for putting spotlight on this issue
I would love to see what Stephen A Smith would have done if he was coach. He speaks so loud from that high horse he is on.
@evan4158 Yıl önce
Bart Scott is spot on-"soft pressure- no one is directly going to say something..."-- as well as stating they know what they are signing up for- like the military, etc. this is a dangerous code of quiet that has long term and devastating consequences- the game has stop gap measures that are to stop this mentality- and the coach and medical team as well as the NFL blew through these measures--at this point--more than once. There is no set pace for a head injury recovery- some are minutes, days, weeks, months, years--every brain heals as fast as it is able-- the NFL, coaches, medical team--let this man down. (Tua- sorry bro- your "I'm OK" does not count- as you have a legit head injury-get better at your own pace.)
@paullittle9187 Yıl önce
I seem to remember Bart Scott making some reckless comments last year about Joe Burrow after the Bengals beat the Ravens handily in a game. He talked about the Ravens players placing a "red dot" on Burrow and doing things like bouncing his head off of the turf when they sacked/hit him the next time they played. Scott is an ex-Raven and seemed to think the Bengals had violated some unwritten code by showing the Ravens up. Am I the only one who remembers hearing those comments?
Right on Stephen A.!
@06SteveO Yıl önce
NEVER thought I’d say this but Stephen A is 110% correct.
@peterivers472 Yıl önce
I’m not really an avid NFL follower but do watch every now and then. With limited knowledge and knowing he had a hip injury in college, will Tua miss many weeks? If he was able to fly back that night and had all movements in extremities will he just be placed in concussion protocol?
@DD-sr9xm Yıl önce
SAS is right. The loophole to “gross mobile instability” is if it’s non-neurological, eg a back injury. So they said back injury. Then let him play 4 days later and a standard tackle causes “posturing” like we saw with his fingers?! Then, THEN, they put him on a plane the net morning risking brain hemorrhagimg? It’s really dangerous.
@RaymondGOAT Yıl önce
My people that watch combat sports knew what it was…I knew it was concussion…and clearly he shouldn’t have been out there…and yeah he got the knock of being injury prone but being real anybody…can get a concussion frfr…but like Bart said everyone knew the risk in that building…including the Tua…respect and I’ve seen plenty of concussion shid one of my friends in high school…was out of it and we never knew…until he hit head tryna make tackle and got up ran to the sideline and sat down and was looking off in tho space…
@justinhall9359 Yıl önce
My wife is a RN and when she seen his hands lock up she instantly told me that it’s called “posturing” and it’s associated with brain trauma… absolutely terrible…
@mizrahimjew9351 Yıl önce
Tua flew back on the plane with the team after being at the hospital?! He has back, head, and neck issues. The takeoff, landing, and the pressure at being thousands of feet in the air. I can't believe this negligent Dolphins organization.
@inthemoment8410 Yıl önce
That’s why they have been losing for so long
@hamster1385 Yıl önce
UC is one of the top medical centers in America, period. They cleared him for travel, I would have full trust in their opinion (in regards to him traveling home)
@RL-ww5ev Yıl önce
you a doctor now?
@osio7528 Yıl önce
@@hamster1385 🤡
@osio7528 Yıl önce
@@RL-ww5ev 🤡
@pasifikbwoy7278 Yıl önce
Thank you Stephen A standing up for the athlete
@omensoffate Yıl önce
He doesn’t care in fact he loves this for the content on the show haha
@OnlyNolesknow Yıl önce
@@omensoffate most likely but this story needs to be blown up how many more players are going to suffer this? I know it's a rough sport and I love it but I wouldn't be saying anything had he been held out of this game to make sure he was completely okay cause sometimes your adrenaline keeps you from feeling things
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