Stephen A. reacts to the Lakers’ loss to the Warriors: The Lakers have to play differently!

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Stephen A. reacts to the Lakers’ loss to the Warriors: The Lakers have to play differently!
Stephen A. Smith and Jay Williams react to the Los Angeles Lakers’ 121-114 loss to the Golden State Warriors on the NBA’s opening night. The crew also weighs in on their level of concern for Russell Westbrook.

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20 Eki 2021




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JJ skyflyer
JJ skyflyer 21 gün önce
Russell Westbrook has the same issues he is always had he is not going to change in with all of them getting older they're all going to do what they know how to do. If the only can have for the Lakers losing is because LeBron James isn't playing then that's a terrible team if one person out of your team causes your team to lose games then that's a terribly constructed
barlowbrian521 23 gün önce
Westbrook needs to pass before shooting a three pointer if Laker's want to win
carlito baltazar
carlito baltazar Aylar önce
LeBron is finished. He is like an old car that needs tune up and be calibrated. You can see that “check engine light” on everytime. Not even Anthony Davis, the so called AD is too soft like a tissue paper. Too brittle like a glass that you cannot rely on him when games really matters. He is as weak as PorZingis, always injured. Jeannie Buss , wake up for your own sake.
Malik Frank
Malik Frank Aylar önce
Russell Westbrook will be 76er
Hendrik Alspeer
Hendrik Alspeer Aylar önce
LA will not win the ring...so shut up🤣🤣🤣 warriors all the way
Martell Coleman
Martell Coleman Aylar önce
I disagree with Stephen.A you can play Westbrook at the 2 there's enough shooting around him.
Martell Coleman
Martell Coleman Aylar önce
he need to play athletic off the ball. its still early though.
browniebizzle Aylar önce
I miss Max
ChildOfJesus Aylar önce
This is what happens when you attempt to form a super team, but get everyone mixed up
miko foin
miko foin Aylar önce
Stop bringing up them Heat days. That was a decade ago. Lebron is too old to be piece mealing a team like this together. AD is going to have to be the Lakers best player.
Thé lakers havé 2 gréat players and a group of has been players plus Westbrook who never showed up when it mattered to most he certainly can’t now it’s an insult to the nba to expect the Lakers to win the championship LEBRON needs help to win a championship those has been players want LEBRON to make them win but LEBRON can’t
Corliss Thompson
Corliss Thompson Aylar önce
What kind of of mess is this steph didn't have a good game without clay and still loss. What's up
Marlon Toby
Marlon Toby Aylar önce
Based on that fight last night yall should be lol hahahaha
miko foin
miko foin Aylar önce
West is the worse player I don't know why the NBA STILL DEFENDING HIM
lintlickers Aylar önce
Dumb little teenage kids in the comments posting obvious brain dead door knob comments for attention and likes. kids these days should be medicated and locked in a closet.
Brandon Burnett
Brandon Burnett Aylar önce
Y'all can just say Russ is trash 😂😂
Imaballer Aylar önce
We need the Anthony Davis that use to carry the pelicans by himself
Tomas Bergines
Tomas Bergines Aylar önce
Maybe the Warriors are just good.
Cody Baxter
Cody Baxter Aylar önce
Kobe lookin down at the lakers from heaven shakin his head
Yo.boi_ Hood619
Yo.boi_ Hood619 Aylar önce
Ima be So hunnit when I say this as a Lakers fan: the Lakers are not coming out of the WCF with Russ on the team 🤷🏾‍♂️ why bc Russ isn’t going to be willing to compromise and sacrifice for the team. He can’t shoot and he is his own worst enemy. Hey Russ fans think of all the stars Russ has played with and left OKC bc of Russ being Russ 😭. Hey Russ fans, yo boy is a selfish player accept it stop being delusional.
YJM Aylar önce
"frank vogel a defensive minded coach" yeah sub roy hibbert at the very last 2 sec of conference finals game and let lebron penetrate for free. Chose to maximize perimeter defence over interior defence when lebron is playing the best years of his life.
duane Matthews
duane Matthews Aylar önce
Stephen A. is totally correct.. WestB is going to have to change his game to cut/slasher/rebounder, play off the ball more to get more touches instead of bringing the ball up..He would be the best big little man on the court doing damage on the interior.
naji rucker
naji rucker Aylar önce
This man sat up there and said Lakers should be worried but the Nets shouldn’t be 😑 tf
Grandpa Ed
Grandpa Ed Aylar önce
Jay Williams is awful. He has no room to talk about other players’ personal decisions. He made one: buy a motorcycle after being the 2nd player picked in the draft and counted on to be a franchise cornerstone. He has no cred after he destroyed the Bulls franchise in the following years….
Sergio Cristancho
Sergio Cristancho Aylar önce
am a cyclist but take my dumb knowledge as a former college basketball player... Lakers is a Bust they could make some wins but they ain't a team to win it all they are no dinasty they are no champs anymore
Gerardo V.
Gerardo V. Aylar önce
Stephen A. Snitch is expendable!
Tamara Yisrael
Tamara Yisrael Aylar önce
This time A is right. Now AD needs to do more and make his free throw.
Rock Bacourt
Rock Bacourt Aylar önce
West is the worse player I don't know why the NBA STILL DEFENDING HIM
Amir Davis
Amir Davis Aylar önce
The only difference to what J said on Lebron going to Miami and Cleveland he was a completely different Lebron this Lebron is a lil but more fatigued than the LJs of old. So idk man. If he ends up having to carry the team again. There will be a repeat of last season.
gioyu comi
gioyu comi Aylar önce
Warriors fan here won’t get cocky because I know it’s the start of a long season but an epic win from my dubs last night
jstuckless Aylar önce
The guy that has made a living off of sensationalizing things is concerned... shocking.
Alexander Harris
Alexander Harris Aylar önce
This will essentially be the 2018 cavs all over again
lisa ngo
lisa ngo Aylar önce
Russ is a virus to the team. If u can't shoot the ball as a guard then u r worthless in the NBA
Yama Sultani
Yama Sultani Aylar önce
The woman at the analyst desk has no idea what they are talking about
Dominick Majeska
Dominick Majeska Aylar önce
We’ve been knowing Russ ain’t a good shooter, he never really has been lmfao. Stephen you are losing credibility without Max there lol
gioyu comi
gioyu comi Aylar önce
Bring Russ off the bench to minimize tunnel vision until all-star break.
gaylord mcgillicuddy
Start Rondo
trae pee
trae pee Aylar önce
russ can only dominate if he touched the ball all game.. even then it still ain’t guaranteed to win or be efficient.. u can’t put a ball dominant guard like that with lebron man I been tellin mfs this
SUPER KAT Aylar önce
LAL TRIO costing $120 mil should be ready to go and Not experimenting when LBJ is in 19th? Again, Vogel's over his head, but Fans will trust LBJ's vision. Gel Time is needed. AD falling throughout the game is just scary!
sokin jon
sokin jon Aylar önce
LBJ must go GM mode once again. Trade the brick layer for the flat earth expert
Mainemhya Aylar önce
The lakers are washed up 😩
The Lakers didn't lose because of Westbrook. AD got 33 and Lebron got 34. That should be more than enough to win on most nights. The Lakers lost because they gave up 38 to the Warriors in the 4th quarter. How often do teams win when they give up 38 in the fourth quarter?
Treyveon Moses
Treyveon Moses Aylar önce
Don't worry, it was the warriors they played. Bro we going to the finals this year. Can't wait to have klay back
sokin jon
sokin jon Aylar önce
Mister Clutch
Mister Clutch Aylar önce
J. Williams is smart 💪
A. Joel
A. Joel Aylar önce
Repent and turn to Jesus Christ before it’s too late. “Seek ye the Lord while he may be found” ✝️❤️
MambaBreezy24 Aylar önce
Usually some point guards develop perimeter shooting in the late stages of their careers. We saw this from Jason Kidd and at some instances Rajon Rondo. Russ seems to be doing the opposite.
Iluv Jollibee
Iluv Jollibee Aylar önce
Stephen A “relax relax relax here I come”
Ayinde nēdl (as in the haystack)
They're chemistry is done since their Vaxx fight
Pineapple Aylar önce
Good point SA. If Russ doesn’t have the ball as PG, it won’t work.
Lee Rogers
Lee Rogers Aylar önce
Differently, No! The offense Should be ran By Westbrook not LeBron. The Lakers had off season and pre- season to fix their losses. And don’t give me that old pre- season games Doesn’t matter 💩either. If You practice losing Games what does that make You? Though the Lakers are stacked doesn’t mean Jack 💩 when It comes to CRUNCH TIME. Why don’t you think Westbrook has a ton of triple doubles? It’s because He gets everyone involved. EVERYONE I tell ya! You don’t put this kinda talent on a team And expect to finish games without Him running Sh*t 💩. LeBron Philosophy is Pieces that makes a team. On the Contrary, It’s teamwork that win Games. With all this talent on the bench, it’s obvious who the Coach is. Besides most of us Know LeBron is chasing Michael. With what LBJ Has left He’ll need to win 3 straight to even surpass M.J. Personally I don’t see the Lakers Winning 3 straight to put LeBron’s in the driver’s Seat 💺. He’ll be 39 should He passes M.J. and 40 should He retire. I’m willing to bet if He doesn’t Do it by the time He’s 39, He’d be 40 + trying to Catch the goat 🐐.
Muzz Za
Muzz Za Aylar önce
Jay just completely contradicted himself 🤯
Caesar Aylar önce
Trade for Lillard
Caesar Aylar önce
Westbrick cannot fit with any team
rJ laB
rJ laB Aylar önce
I want Max!
TMJ Appah
TMJ Appah Aylar önce
Jay makes a point and sas yes , jay happy he say something sas like. Bro this is a debate
TMJ Appah
TMJ Appah Aylar önce
Jay is nodding his head in concession as soon as sas started speaking. Bro this is a debate
Fox More
Fox More Aylar önce
Grey1Fox Aylar önce
Oh jay williams. Just throw on Max next.
RikudouRay Aylar önce
AD and Rondo combo still effective. Man Russ can do it y'all gotta believe it.
Brian Honeycutt
Brian Honeycutt Aylar önce
I wonder if lakers just jad traded for two or even one really solid 3 and d guys how that woulda been.
Brian Honeycutt
Brian Honeycutt Aylar önce
Man I'd love to know what the Lakers plan to do. I never like pairing players who dont fit well together. I think starting games with AD at the 5 and staggering russ and lebron so they can both handle the ball more might help. But I wonder how russ will utilize his strengths with gwo other guys trying to get into the lane and one handling the ball a lot
trent noble
trent noble Aylar önce
Was better with Maxxx
locked In
locked In Aylar önce
My starting five. But wait. If Melo can come off the bench so can Westbrook. This is no doubt the winning squad starting line up after after allstar...understanding bring needs rest. Bron as point. START MELO AT THE FOUR. AD at center Then put bradley as the 2 and Ariza as the 3. West brook can carry the load till allstar. That's my guy. MELO IS A STAR. If we wanted to we could run the office through MELO..
Andrel Johnson
Andrel Johnson Aylar önce
For the Lakers to win a NBA Championship this season with Russell Westbrook, they must do these things: 🤠 1) Let Russell Westbrook get 35-40 minutes a game and be the undisputed point guard 👉 2) Lebron needs to conserve his minutes to help for the playoffs. He needs about 25-29 minutes a game 😎 3) Anthony Davis needs to become the leading scorer with about 30 points a game and 40 minutes playing time giving LeBron rest. 👍 4) Russell Westbrook and LeBron needs about 25-28 points a game 😬🤐🤫🤠 5) Russell Westbrook needs to play his style with rebounding and hustling defense 6) A.D. needs to get 12 rebounds per game 7) Dwight Howard needs to play great defense and at times go 17 rebounds and 17 points too 🤨🧐 8) Rajon Rondo should be point guard number 3 behind point forward LeBron averaging about 7 assists 😁 9) Role players need to diversify scoring nightly and shoot less threes for more quality mid-range 😑 10) The Lakers have to trust Russell Westbrook as point guard and so does Lebron 👉 11) Let Russell Westbrook be Russell Westbrook 🤡🤡 12) Forget about playoff seeding and focus more on playing any team . Welcome it‼️
hal warner
hal warner Aylar önce
Clearly Westbrook is not a good fit.
5starwindow Cleaning
Russ is a ball hog he holds the ball too long
Austin Lyons
Austin Lyons Aylar önce
why do they have so many views steve is buying them .... 😆
Jeffrey Jorge
Jeffrey Jorge Aylar önce
Naw they just have to start reading books All three iqs combine average about 65
Jeffrey Jorge
Jeffrey Jorge Aylar önce
Their basketball iq has not been shown in their game obviously if they played smart it would show in their stats
Jeffrey Jorge
Jeffrey Jorge Aylar önce
Excuse me i ment to say four
Adam Stewart
Adam Stewart Aylar önce
They need to make Russ the 6th man
Dante Saint
Dante Saint Aylar önce
Bruh its literally one game. They need a bit of time on the field to build some chemistry and coordination. Practice cant prepare a team for the real games when it comes to a fresh lineup.
Fidel Tshivhasa
Fidel Tshivhasa Aylar önce
So Steph not playing well is 21pts, 10 Reb, 10 Assists. SMH
Deejay Mongiman
Deejay Mongiman Aylar önce
Lakers dont need Russ...trade him!
Nexxmove Films
Nexxmove Films Aylar önce
taketheyellowpill Aylar önce
warriors didnt even have klay if he was in the game they would blow out the lakers
taketheyellowpill Aylar önce
i like how stephen a makes fun of the cowboys
Mark Passell
Mark Passell Aylar önce
Bench matters
Ellie Wick
Ellie Wick Aylar önce
0:26 was SAS texting?
Calvin Jr
Calvin Jr Aylar önce
LeGM shoulda gone and got Hield
Kay Gee
Kay Gee Aylar önce
The lakers will be fine I just think Frank needs to learn how to rotate them guys better Because I really didn't like rondo egrindo and Westbrook in the game at the same time
J N’daywell
J N’daywell Aylar önce
Stephen A looks cute man lol and you are born to talking about basketball and sport. When it come to vaccine… its like your boss forces you to do the dirty job
vision63 Aylar önce
I'm not gonna tell him he's coming off the bench, you tell him. I'm not gonna tell him, you tell him. I know, let's get Mikey! He'll tell him anything!!
Charles Donaway III
Bring Max back fr tho, bro was so chill
Chikush Odiz
Chikush Odiz Aylar önce
Winless preseason and starting off with a lose to a less stellar warriors team 😂😂😂yall ain’t worried
Chikush Odiz
Chikush Odiz Aylar önce
Not worried the average age of this team is like 36 years old they can’t just change like that
SmashKing17 Aylar önce
Where's Max take
Son Goku
Son Goku Aylar önce
I love how no one’s talking about the nets tho LOL
Unapologetic Aylar önce
Westbrick dude got the shots he wanted still missed
Grant Wilson
Grant Wilson Aylar önce
Simple Solution for a $300million Problem: Similar to Simmons, I just wonder why both these guys haven’t taken 1-2 summers to put up 1000 corner threes a day to be able to knockdown 33% from the corner when they’re not on-ball.
Damian Aguilar
Damian Aguilar Aylar önce
Here's the key russ with the youg.shooters one center could be a better option with the second unit..
Tereman Barnes
Tereman Barnes Aylar önce
Kyrie to LA Westbrook reunites with KD and Harden
Damian Aguilar
Damian Aguilar Aylar önce
Russ can't be closing games he can't shoot..
Damian Aguilar
Damian Aguilar Aylar önce
It could work with russ if he handles the ball more for assist and attack the rim cause shooting is not going to work..
MR BP Aylar önce
Basketball gods wont allow a phony goat to succeed when he handpicks his entire team.. Gotta love seeing the Ls
84latinray Aylar önce
For Russ to be good Russ needs the ball to drive because he can't shoot
Dj illy
Dj illy Aylar önce
Sounds so easy right I like to see some of these journalists go out there and stick Jordan poole
IcEy_ DoniaYT
IcEy_ DoniaYT Aylar önce
I miss max
Adam Nunez
Adam Nunez Aylar önce
Smith kept saying Jay knows his basketball. Shot at Max
Phillip Riles
Phillip Riles Aylar önce
LeBron and Westbrook go together like oil and water. Their games do not complement each other and on top of that neither one especially Westbrook is a great shooter. If the Lakers are smart and if somehow Westbrook is humble enough and if he cares about winning as much as he says he does, then he’s going to need to become a 6th man. Let Rondo start and let Westbrook lead the 2nd unit.
Adam Nunez
Adam Nunez Aylar önce
You got rid of Max for This ?? 🤣🗑🗑
Roger Castillo
Roger Castillo Aylar önce
They replaced max with that guy, lmao
Wildfire Aylar önce
ESPN is a game of spot the white man these days.
El Capitano
El Capitano Aylar önce
I would pay good money to see Russ reaction, when someone would suggest, that he should come from the bench :))))
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